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So it might be a little heavy now time you're really frisky....

Quite a while ago, in my late teens, I always used to dress up as a woman for Holloween. There was no concious or subconcious thought about it. Really. It's just that that turned out to be my thing and my girl friends (not girlfriends) got a kick out of it.

At that age I was actually pretty passible. Smooth legs & face with makeup and all. Fishnet stockings over nude stockings to cover the hair on my legs. Nice soft water filled double balloons for breasts with the balloon knots positioned as nipples in a bra. A close shave with a light foundation and, if ya didn't know me..... Scary, huh?

Well, it was never really done for kink back then. I was horny, of course, but young and niave, too and at that age, regular sex was still such a novelty!
If fact the kinkiest thing that ever DID happen was when I was in drag was making out with a girl I didn't know in a dark smokey bar, she thought I was a girl. I can't say she was startled when I told her; whether it was the booze or her openess, she just had a nice sexy go with the flow attitude.
Now, looking back, I realize the potential of how far I could have taken it. To say that one particular fantasy stirs my libido to epic proportions would be an understatement.

It starts.....
One of my dear friends back then was a girl named Erica. Now what was special about our friendship was that, at 12 or 13 we learned about sex together practiced a little and helped each other fill in the blanks.

So this story invloves Erica, both of us then 16 or 17, bringing me to her cousins party were we didn't really know anyone. Still, it was a party full of drunk & horny teenagers.

We decided to that if the lights stayed dim and no one raised any eyebrows, I'd go thru the night as Kristin, one of Erica's close friends.

As the night & party progressed, all of us were getting the buzz on and as is inevitable, everyone was hitting on someone.
Erica and I were getting some looks from a couple of guys that seemed to be the cute athletic type and after a while the four of us were chatting up a storm. Erica with Adam and I with Joe. I was spinning with fear and anxiousness of what I thought could happen teen libido crushed all that, quickly!

The four of us strolled around the outside of the house looking for a place to sit down and a little privacy. I couldn't count the times Joe's hand brushed my ass while we walked until at last we found a wide bench shaded from the outside lights, on the back side of what look to be a lawnmower shed. It was the perfect "make-out" spot. Dark but you could see if you needed to.

I was a little freaked waiting for joe to try to kiss me but as it was, Erica had other plans. As is her nature, she decided to put on a little show for the guys. On the bench it was Adam, Erica, Me and Joe. With the mewl of a cat, Erica planted her lips on mine and guided her tongue in my mouth as she cupped one of my big soft "breasts". Definitely NOT what 16 year old guys are expecting.....I think I HEARD their jeans stretching but, after all at 16, this was probably going to be the best night of their lives!

The boys were hovering over us by now and practicly panting and everything seemed to be going very smoothly and I was just starting to relax and enjoy myself. That is until Adam tried to slide a hand over Erica's blouse to cop a feel to which Erica responded staring right into my eyes, "sorry guys, I have a serious boyfriend so I am only allowed to fool around with Kristin. BUT, Kristin has always wanted to be 'the center of attention'"!

I almost choked! She kissed me again, whispered relax and took each of my arms by the wrist and guided one around Adam's waist and the other around Joe.

I regained my breath just in time to feel Joe's tongue slide between my lips and into my mouth. Adam, not wanting to be left out, started kissing and nibbling my neck and with Erica's guidance, softly cupping first my left breast then my right. I guess I should've thought of it first but being pretty occupied.....Erica talked and pulled them both off of me ( I later found out she was worried about the fake tits) and setting up something safer to cotinue with, had them both stand side by side in front of me still sitting on the bench. No longer was I looking for instruction. I was being pleasantly mauled by two hot young guys.....I reached both their belts at the same time and fumbled for half a sec before they took care of everything for me and I was soon staring, right at eye level, at two beautiful, young, hot, thick, smooth cocks. I was just about to engulf my first cock ever when Erica took charge once again. Telling me to sit on my hands, she told the boys they had to take what they wanted....take a hold of my head and fuck their fat cocks into my mouth.That was all they needed to hear. First Adam grabbed my head and slid his cock right into me about half way but by the third or fourth stroke it was in my throat and my nose was pressed firmly against his groin with every new thrust. Here I was, not sure I wanted this at all at the beginning of the night, getting my thoat fucked by two guys taking turns. Oh yes, it was only about 20 thrusts before Joe needed his turn. Now They were trading off, passing my mouth off to eachother every 30 seconds or so. My face is getting fucked. My throat is getting fucked. My lips and mouth getting used thoroughly by two young boys. I can barely think as cock is getting fucked into my mouth. I wasn't even sure I liked it or hated it until I felt Erica's hand cup my raging hard cock under my skirt.The two boys were oblivious as Erica brought out a tube of KY and all but filled my ass with it before rubbing it around my tight little asshole. Having to shout to get their attention she asked Joe if he wanted to fuck my wet "pussy". I guess she was banking on the fact that the horny teens wouldn't inspect me too closely being.....horny teens!

She knelt beneath me and pulling my cock and balls forward, she held it there and told Joe that, so he wouldn't hurt my tight little pussy going too fast, she would guide his cock into my hot wet hole.

This was the moment of truth. Yes, I was so crazy hard and horny but a cock in my ass? Then I felt it....First a little pressure against my asshole. Then she wiggled his cock around until the head popped in! It took all I had to keep from biting Adams cock off but I held my breath and felt Joe's hot thick cock slide, slowley to the hilt, up my tight ass. I must say Erica took really good care of me because it didn't take long before each boy was fucking me to the same beat, pounding me from both ends. Harder and harder the boys fucked me like I was a little whore and I loved it. Right then, I WAS a girl.....a girl getting taken....pushed, pulled, bent and fucked full of cock.
Then as if it could get any better, Erica slid her warm wet mouth over my cock! It was all too wonderful and I knew I wouldn't last. But I need not have worried because all of a sudden I felt all three cocks swell even larger! The one in my mouth bulged and shivvered, and from way down in its balls started shooting jet after jet of sweet hot cum against my throat then out in my mouth against my tongue just coating my mouth all over. As the cock in my mouth slowed its torrent and sat there on my tongue, Joe laid flat out against me buried to the hilt! I had the best feeling in my life, my mouth full of cock and cum, my ass being so full of cock and that cock jumping and spasming and shooting hot cum....feeling each jet explode against my insides over and over while his body lie still.

I have never felt like this before and as my cum started to build it felt like it was being forced through my cock at a firehose pace! Thank god the boys were barely concious and too drained to notice Erica gag at first, from how heavy the pressure of the blasts and huge amount of cum that filled her mouth.

It seems that I woke up about 5-10 minutes later to the boys gone and Erica stroking my hair as my head lay in her lap. I felt so perfectly sore, perfectly peaceful and not a little sticky. But what was best feeling of all was that I had been taken, tossed, turned, fucked full of cum and used. Used to milk cum from two young boys.

All the stress from every decision I've ever made, every responsibilty I had, every expectation I've ever had to live up to, was taken from me. Fucked right out of me that night. It was the perfect night. I was a perfect fuck-toy. A hot, appreciative fuck-toy and I LOVED it!

I have to say, that I don't think I'll ever feel like I've thanked Erica enough for that night.



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