By JB Chan

Hi, I'm John, I'm an 11th grade student and this is my story, among many others, of my first love. I always considered myself as bisexual since 9th, the class where I started to feel real sexual desires for girls but also for boys. I had the confirmation of my sexual orientation after some "tries" in a summer camp, but that's another story...

I've never had any girlfriend or boyfriend and I've never been in love, until today. School has started since two months; a new student has just arrived and since my eyes met his, to beat, my heart stopped. His name is Bruce.


I just can't believe how beautiful he is: a tall guy with an athletic and well developed body, wrapped with a brown tanned skin. But what makes me crave for him are his eyes. Two deep dark passionate eyes that changed my world. In my dreams, I could see those eyes everywhere. Followed by his face, his shoulder-length dark hair, his muscular shoulders, his big chest, his flat belly, his uncut cock with his balls, his firm round butt, his legs and finally his feet (it may not look romantic but I like his feet, especially with me giving him a foot massage).


In class I always sit next to him. We became good friends the very first day he arrived. But as we got to know each other, I learned that he was straight. And that to my great despair he was dressing and acting a bit "gayish" only for style. Like in all the movies about situations like this, I just couldn't tell I love him. Nor could I tell him how much I'd crave to kiss him, his eyes locked in mine, our bodies tenderly hugging each other's, our mouths locked together. Above all that, he didn't have a clue about my feelings for him. But he still has no girlfriend, so I keep telling myself I have a chance.

I can't tell him now anyway, he doesn't know me enough to understand what I feel.


I keep thinking at him all the time, he took control of my heart. So I try to "free myself" by writing erotic stories of him (I hide them in a locked drawer, no one knows they're there), and by dreaming of him at night. I often masturbate and caress myself imagining that Bruce's there, touching me with the hands that are shaking mine every morning at school. Oh... his hands...on my face, on my shoulders, on my butt, on my cock...anywhere on my body. I'm all his but doesn't know it; he doesn't know a fucking thing about it!! But I'm not going to kill myself because of that, I know it'll make him sad, but what can I do? Everything is okay between him and me; we could love each other, go out for romantic nights and have sex together; if only I wasn't a boy! Physically I'm a boy but my feelings are like those of a girl loving the boy of her dreams. I don't want to change my sex and become a girl with a vagina and breasts with an operation. It won't be "me" but an updated version of me and I don't want that. I want him to have me, possess me and own me like I am.

Oh Bruce...I love you so much...


It's been three months since we became friends and we're closer than ever. I still didn't tell him anything even if he suspects something. Sometimes when we talk, he locks his eyes in mine, my heart jump, conversation stops for a second, we broke the contact and we continue to talk like if nothing happened. It's some kind of deep connection, like if we were far beyond being friends but not close enough to be lovers, sigh...


This morning at school, Anastasia (a friend) said she was giving a "Bal Masque" at her house next Saturday night. It's a French party where all guests have to disguise so no one can recognize them. I am never invited to those parties but Bruce is, and he gave me a call to tell me that he was going. He asked me if I was going, I answered that I had too much homework to do (in fact I was too desperate to go). By the tone of his voice I knew that he was disappointed but added "I'll have all the girls for myself then". I felt my heart go to pieces. Not showing it, I just wished him to have fun. I hang the phone down and this is exactly how I felt, down. I went to my stereo to listen any song that could cheer me up. I pushed play and heard Evanescence's "Going Under". Bursting into tears, I cried for two hours before coming back to reality. At this moment, a flash past trough my eyes and last month events came back to me...

Everything became clear, like the sun after the storm; an idea came and rescued me with her light. I knew what to do!


I called Bruce, preparing mentally to what I was about to do:


-Bruce, it's John. How you doin' man?

-I'm fine, but you? `Cause you didn't look well last time at the phone.

-Just had some personal problems but it's okay now.

-Glad to hear that.

-Bruce, you know about the part...

-You're coming?

-Sorry but no.

-Ah too bad... so why did you call?

-There's my cousin who wants to go the party with you. Could you pick her up on Saturday?

-Your cousin wants me is she?

-I'd say quite pretty but you know...I'm not good at describing people.

-If you say "quite pretty" man, that's enough for me. What's her name?



After the longest week of my life, Saturday night finally arrived. I went in the bathroom at to prepare everything for Bruce's coming. I had a lot to do!

I first took a shower, taking my time with my hair (which had to look smooth). After stepping out and drying, I sprayed shaving foam on my body and started to shave my whole body. I was extra careful with my crotch and spent a lot of time with my back (it's hard to do even with a mirror). After that I went to my mother's room for the clothes and makeup. I was already dressed when my mom entered my room. She asked me what I was doing, I answered that I was going to Anastasia's party. I was really surprised when she asked me if I wanted help with the makeup. When she was done, I was a little princess! I thanked her, telling her she'd been a great help (not that she really knew for what).

After she left, I trained my voice to be as feminine and sensual as possible and also on how to walk and act like a woman. It was easy since I've been doing theatre with school for five years; my skills were going to be useful tonight!

It's, Bruce just rang the bell of the door (never late for anything like he always does!).One last glance at the mirror, and I realize John has disappeared under this dress to let his cousin Luna take care of his best friend...


Bruce was standing in front of me, dressed in James Bond's white smoking. He looked so cool like that! When he looked at the "girl" he had in front of him, his mouth fell open and his eyes went round like if he had never saw a girl before.


-L...Luna?! You're Luna?

-Yah big boy, it's me. What's with that face? You expected something else, didn't you?

-Oh yeah...I really...really expected something else. what you have enough?

-It's...way better than what your cousin told me.

-He said I was "quite pretty", right? He always does.

-"Quite pretty"...but how come I've never saw or heard of you before?

-I don't live here. I just came for holidays and...sigh...tonight is my last night.

-Your last mean you're leaving tomorrow!?

-Yeah, I've a plane to catch... (I started to walk toward him) but the good thing is that we have one full night to know each other... better (I whispered, locking my lustful eyes in his and my arms around his waist).

-Ooooh... yah. (He pulled me closer) I think I really want to know you better...

-Yes, I can feel it...

-Ah, err...what's your disguise?

-I'm "a young horny girl craving for young horny boy"...



Not letting him the time to end, I pulled him closer and locked my lips on his. My tongue darted out, to meet his. He hesitated a bit but he soon was responding, his hands caressing my back and neck. We kissed like if there was no tomorrow, our passions out of control. When we broke the kiss, we were panting, both looking lustfully at the other.



-Yes, I am...sorry to cut but we have to go or we'll be late.

-Too was starting to become interesting...sigh...

-Don't worry; you'll have more...later.

-I'll be patient then...where's John? I want to say him goodbye.

-He's not home. He wanted us to be alone so we can get to know each other, so he left.



-Okay, I'll see him on Monday then.


He gave me his arm and we went to Anastasia's house. The party had just started when we arrived. We first went to the bar for a couple of drinks and to greet some friends. Since I was Luna, I couldn't say hello to anyone so I stayed with Bruce. Each time he presented me one of his friends, I slapped his ass; each time I did, his face turned red and his friend would glance jealously at him, wondering how he found me. After a few drinks, we were both feeling dizzy and the atmosphere started to heat up. I heard my favorite song and asked him if he wanted to dance, but he answered he wasn't in the mood. I pulled him on the dance floor and started to dance, trying to make him dance along. After a few songs, he was dancing and, oh god, I've never knew he was so good! Each of his moves was in rhythm with the music and he was leading me! After he started to be "in the mood", a small crowd gathered around us. They were all cheering us, encouraging us to dance more and more. At the end of the song, half of the school was looking at us. We didn't even notice them. Bruce had drown his face right next mine and his lips were coming even closer of mine. I hugged him tight and he locked his lips on mine. The crowd exploded and clapped their hands. Another song started and we were still kissing, lost in our little world, the crowd still around us. When we broke, the song had just ended. Our eyes locked together, no one was moving, expecting the other to move. That's when we heard a slow dance. We hugged each other closer; my head on his shoulder our hands around our waists and we started to dance. I felt Bruce's cock pulse from under its pants, calling for my help. Mine wasn't in better shape, but I forced myself to not do anything now.

Time seemed to slow down. Locked into each other's gaze, we completely lost track of time and continued to dance in the "slow dance position" for hours. We even forgot the other dancers around us. We were alone.


That was the last song. Staring at each other, non one tries to move, wanting to make most of this unique moment. Then in perfect harmony, our faces went closer and closer until our lips touched and locked together. I felt his hands feel my back and my neck. His tongue entered my mouth, me responding with the passion and love I earned during my months of frustrations. And he was responding with a tongue and hands, both full of lust for a "young horny girl". We broke the kiss, hugging each other close. Our hearts were pulsing at the same rhythm. The rhythm of love.

I could feel my lover's cock jerk in his pants, calling for help from the depths of lust she's been thrown into. Mine was hot as hell and almost ready to explode. We kissed again. His arms were crushing me; it made me choke but how little did I care about it. Only wanting to be in his arms, his tongue in mouth and me, responding with all the love I was capable of. We broke again but lust was upon us. And we knew that only one thing could chase it...


After a few "goodbye" and "see-ya Monday", we went directly to my house to finish what we started by Anastasia's. At the door he stopped.



-What's the matter?

-Where are we going to do it? There's no guestroom in this house and everybody must be asleep in their rooms. So there's no room and no bed left...

-In John's. Told ya he wanted us to know each other so he left his room for us.

-You mean...that he planned all that?!


-The more I know about him, the more he surprises me. Remember me to kiss him Monday.

-I'm sure he'll be pleased (I grinned)...shall we?


As soon as the door's room was closed, we jumped on each other, kissing hard. We started to undress, tossing the clothes everywhere in the room. I was soon in bra and knickers (which were resistant enough to hide my boner) and he was in underwear. I set his cock free and kneeled to admire it.

I was looking at my biggest desire: An 8 inch thick cock, jerking at only 1 inch from my face. His balls were swollen with lust and, to my great surprise, all this was absolutely hairless! I stood up, took his cock in my hand and guided him to the king sized bed by his rode. I pushed him down and sat on him. I bent down and kissed him on the lips again. He tied me to him with his arms; his dick was boiling on my ass crack trough the knickers. Lust was controlling our minds. I broke and started to get down, until I reached his underarm. I started to lick it, tasting the salty taste of his magnificent body until he was clean then went to the other. On my way, I was stopped by another kiss, our juices mixing together with this sweaty nectar of his. The taste was just thrilling! I moved to the other, licked it clean too and kissed him with passion. Our sweet liquids mixing with aphrodisiac tastes, sending us shivers all over our slimy bodies. His cock was bar of metal in fusion on my covered ass. Oh god, I definitely needed this man in me!

We broke again. And I licked my way down, leaving a trail of saliva on his mouth, on his chin, neck, chest muscles, nipples, belly, bellybutton, pubic area and stopped at his rode. I placed my hand at the base and stared at my lover, who was staring back at me, urging me to go further. I peeled his cock to reveal the head, oozing with precum. My tongue darted out and licked it clean. I then went to lick the whole length; it made him moan. After my tongue worked on his base, I went to the balls. My tongue licked the left then the right; I took each ball in my mouth, wiggling and teasing them with a loud noise of suction. Letting the balls fall of my mouth, I went to his cock and took it in my mouth. Bruce groaned and placed his hands on my head to bring me closer: "' go...good...Lunaaaa..."


Eager to please him more, I took more in my wanting mouth, slurping the precum oozing from his piss slit. Allowing more of his cock inside me, I began to deep throat him. His hands on my head were pushing me down, forcing his dick to go deeper and deeper in me. He only stopped when I had his 8 inch down my throat which I was more than pleased to receive. Oh fuck I'm in ecstasy! He roared like a lion and muttered: "You're...aaaahh...yeeeeess...oh Lunaaaa...huuuummm... stoooop...or I' shooot..."

I quickly withdrew and kissed him, letting him some rest. He tasted his own precum, exploring my mouth deeper to find more. I broke again and told him I had unfinished business down there. I followed my trail of saliva to his crotch, like a snail. I gave his cock a couple of licks but continued until I reached his anus. His pink-dark hole was opening and closing just in front of me. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I went closer and smelled no fecal odors at all, only sweat and lust. I licked around it, tasting his sweat mixed with precum, sending him shivers all over his spine. I then asked him to move on all fours.


I sat behind him, his hole near me. I placed my tongue at the beginning of his ass cheeks and licked until I reached his hole again. I teased him by licking only around but never touching it. After a few moans he wiggled his ass and begged me to go further. I placed my hands on his hips and brought him closer. I licked his ass, making him groan and moan; he begged me to enter him. His sphincters muscles grasped my tongue tightly when I entered. After a few minutes of tongue fucking, his arms gave out. His head fell on the bed, his ass in the air, my tongue still inside. It gave me more access to his lovely hole, so I went deeper. He soon tensed again; he was near climax. I stopped, not wanting him to shoot this soon. He rolled on his back, panting, his eyes staring at me. Oh god he looked sooo gorgeous like this! I definitely needed this man in me!

But there was one thing to do before...


I hugged him tight and kissed him, my heart pulsing like a galloping horse to what I was about to reveal him:

-Bruce...I've got something to tell ya and it's...about me. I...

-It's about your pussy, right?

-Yes,'d you know? I asked, caught by surprise.

-Those knickers you wear can hide hard-on of being seen, but not of being felt.

-...When...did you...guessed? I asked slowly.

-When we danced. But don't be sad, I won't reject you. Cross-dress always turned me on and, it's not really like I'm gay if I fuck a man dressed in woman. Don't you agree, John?


I felt a sudden cold in my whole body. He knew! He knew all along who I was!

My head fell on his chest and I began to cry:


-So sorry...sob...I'm sooo sorry...Bruce. I just wished there...sob...has been an...sob...another way to tell you...but I...I...

-Shhhhh... (He put his finger on my lips); it's okay now. I understand what you feel for me. You love me of all your soul and there's nothing wrong about being in love.


He kissed me and continued:


-You showed how much you love me and in fact I...kinda fancy you a bit since I read your know...those in your drawer.

-What!? Bruce...I...I...

-Don't say more, I'm here now. That's what you wanted, right?


I sat on his chest, his hands on my chest and mine on his arms. He unbuttoned my brand and started to fondle my "breasts". I began to hump him, letting lust regain control of our minds again. He twisted my nipples until they were hard, then he brought me closer of him. We rolled and he sat on me. He lifted my legs up and removed my knickers, letting my shaved 7 inch cock stand proud.


-Oh looks so cool!

-I shaved it for you.

-You did? You shouldn't have...

-I know. I love you.

-I love you too. But do you love me enough for a 69?

-Why do you ask?


We went into position. I was on top. Taking each other's cock in our mouth, we started to suck. We moaned at the pleasure given by the other: I started to deep throat him while he went on fondling my balls and licking my ass. Taking all his cock in my waiting mouth, I teased his balls and probed his ass with my fingers while he tongue-fucked me ass. Oh fuck, he's good! I was already feeling my orgasm building in my loins; I responded by rocking my ass back and forth on his tongue. I teased him faster and faster as I felt my climax coming. As I was about to shoot, I withdrew to warn him. He pushed me on my back and took my cock deep in his mouth; his hands fondling my balls at the same time.

Time stopped. I could only feel him, working on my cock, and my orgasm, coming from the most primitive parts of my soul. Small waves of pleasure were hitting me, growing bigger and bigger as he was swallowing more and more of my pole. When he finally took it all the way in his throat, it sent me over the edge. Everything became white, sparks flew. And like a tsunami, the biggest wave of all fell on me. My body twisted, jerked, convulsed of pleasure so big my climax was. No sound came out of my mouth when I spurted in his hot mouth, hitting his tongue, his palate and his throat. Five spurts of cum came out, he swallowed three of them and kept the rest in his mouth, obviously enjoying the taste. I couldn't move a muscle so intense it has been. He continued to suck me until my cock soften and became limp. Then he locked his eyes in mine and kissed me; my cum still in his mouth. He shared it with me, our juices mixing together. His tongue explored my mouth and I was responding with all the passion I was capable of. My arms hugged him close of me; his still hard cock pulsing and jerking with lust on my limp one.


-Bruce...fuck me please!

-You're sure that's what you want?

- Since my eyes met yours, to beat my heart stopped;

Since my eyes met yours, to dart out, my tongue never did;

Since my eyes met yours, to harden for someone else, my cock never did:

And since my eyes met yours, to open for someone else, my ass never hopped.

Soooooooh yes, I definitely want it!


I rolled on my back, he lifted my legs up and I opened my arms to greet him. He placed his cock at my ass and put my legs on his shoulders. Our eyes were locked together. His cockhead went in me very slowly, my ass slowly engulfing this marvelous mushroom of his. And then, the head was in and I was already hard again! He slid another inch in me, his lips coming closer of mine each time he was sliding an inch in. He continued to enter me and he had soon half of his rod in me. I was in ecstasy! The sensations were just killing me! If my legs hadn't been on his shoulders, they would have given out this instant. Another inch went in, sending shivers trough our little teeny bodies. He suddenly pushed with great force one last time and he was in! My breath was cut; I couldn't articulate a single thing so gooood it was! I could feel his balls up my ass, his cock pulsing inside. It sent me sensations of fullness, of being filled beyond anything I've ever felt. He bent down and kissed me. We stayed like this for more than ten minutes, enjoying this unique moment like if there was no tomorrow. He was letting my ass adapt to his cock but he was also holding back of cuming. I removed my legs from his shoulders and placed them around his waist, pulling him closer and deeper. His mouth was still on mine when he started to slid back and forth, my ass clutching on his love rod. I began to trust back, meeting each of his stokes. His cock in me, his tongue in my mouth and my body close to his; everything was sooo perfect! I felt like a woman making love to her prince charming. And I was loving it! He removed his cock of me until he had only his head inside. Then he put it all the way in with one long stroke. I screamed of pleasure, begging him to do it again. So he did, with more power at each stroke. He pinned me down, made us pant and almost cum each time he trusted in. Suddenly he changed rhythm, trusting with faster and shorter strokes, his balls spanking my ass. "BRUUUUCE! YES, YES, YEEEEESSssss... FUCK ME BRUCE! FUCK MEEEEeeeee!"


My orgasm was starting to build deep somewhere in my loins. My legs tightened around his waist. He went deeper and faster at each stroke, our tongues playing together and our hands hugging each other's body. That was just too good!

A small wave of pleasure hit my mind, announcing the coming of the biggest climax of all. Another came, then another and dozens of others hit me at the same time; leaving me breathless. I felt my whole body tense, bracing for impact.


-BRUCE...I'M...GOING TOOOO...TO SHOOOOT...aaaaaahhhh...



He stroked one last time and sent us over the edge. Sparks and flashes past trough my eyes, sending convulsing waves of pleasure to my body. My ass closed on his cock, my balls tensed and I erupted all over our chests. That was too much for my lover. I felt him tense and he exploded in me, sending his hot jism deep in me. Our mouth were locked together while torrents of cum were flowing out of our cocks.

Waves of the climaxes subsided until we felt only peace and quiet. His cock still hard in me, our slimy bodies slipping on each other's and our eyes locked together. Then I heard four words, four words of an incredible power, four words which were going to change my life forever. He broke the kiss and with his eyes still in mine, he said:


-I love you John...

-And I love you Bruce...


We kissed again and fell asleep into the other's arms.


When I woke up, he was already awake, hugging me close. He looked at me and warmed me with his wonderful smile. He kissed me and I responded passionately.


-Had a good night?

-A wonderful one, honey. All thanks to you.

-John...I have something to ask you. Will Luna come back?

-She'll always be here...for special events.

-Well, I can't wait to see her again; I really want to thank her for all she has done for us.


He had a little laugh and added, hugging me closer:


-I love you babe.

-You love Luna or me? `Cause we both love you.

-I love you both, guys.

-Kiss us then.


And we kissed for an eternity; an eternity of love...

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