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Amy's World

By Serena Lawhead

Chapter 1 : In trouble for the last time.

Caroline entered the classroom dressed in a white satin blouse with short black skirt and started to prepare for the first class she would be teaching, History. Caroline had several classes she taught, aside from history she also taught math, English and Home Economics. The previous week her step-son Alex got in serious trouble, Alex who was 17 coming up to 18 was in a number of classes that Caroline taught and although he was skinny and short for his age, had very little facial hair and he was a trouble maker and a heavy metal nut, since his father died two years previously Caroline had found him impossible to control. Alex always expected to get preferential treatment when in his step-mother's classes, and in all but the most severe cases he did get away with it as Caroline knew it would do no good.

The bell rang and all the students filtered into the classroom, and typically Alex was nowhere to be seen. About ten minutes after everybody was settled Alex casually walked through the door and sat down at the back of the class. He looked as he usually did, his clothes were dirty and scuffed from fighting and his long blond hair was unwashed and stringy. By this time the class was already in session, "Nice of you to join us Alex!" Caroline said frostily. 'God I really hate these history classes' Alex thought and spent most of the class doodling in his exercise book until he heard Caroline speaking to him.

"Alex!" Caroline shouted, "I told everyone to come to the front to get your assignments, that includes you!".

Alex walked to the front of the class, on the way he squeezed the bum of one of the female students and smiled, "You fucking pervert!" the girl shouted and gave him a vicious kick to the shin. Limping up to the front Alex went to complain to Caroline, "Did you that she - kicked me, put her on detention!"

"Alex, I didn't see a thing. I can hardly give someone a detention just because you say she kicked you." Caroline said with a small smile


"Besides, you have obviously been fighting again so you could have limped in here!" Caroline finished, "Here is your assignment, now go and sit down."

Alex scowled at the girl on his way back to his chair. 'fucking bitch, she can't get away with kicking me!' he thought.

In the staff room at mid day Caroline sat down and made herself a coffee and waited for her friend Denise to come in. After a minute Denise came in and joined her. "How was the horror in class?" Denise asked.

"Like usual, causing trouble. He grabbed the bum of a female student this time, although she did give him a vicious kick to the shin!" Caroline said with a smile.

"I suppose you had to discipline the girl!" Denise said.

"I didn't see a thing" Caroline said with a smile, "and I can't discipline someone for what I didn't see!"

Denise chuckled at this and picked up a paper to read.

"I just don't know what to do with him, I'm at my wit's end!" Caroline said with desperation, "He's 18 soon and if he gets in serious trouble then he will end up in jail!".

"I think I may have a solution!" Denise said, "take a look at this paper"

Caroline picked up the news paper and saw the story on the front - SLAVE SISSY OF HERTFORDSHIRE, with her interest gained she began to read. "Herfordshire woman, Suzanne Cole was fed-up with her husbands ways and decided to feminize him ......... Suzanne's husband, once Eddie now lives as her maid and servant and goes by the name of Edele".

"What do you think?" Denise asked.

"Sounds interesting, and there is a contact address here for the person who helped feminize Eddie. I think I will make a call!" Caroline said.

The rest of the day went without incident, Caroline and Denise finished work early as they had no more classes from three o'clock onwards. Travelling into the Cambridge city centre they headed for the address given on the contact advert in the paper.

"Is this the place?" Caroline pondered, noticing that the address given was a fetish shop.

"Must be, this is the address" Denise said, "well, lets go in!"

Upon entering the shop Caroline saw a young woman tending the counter who was identified by her name badge as 'Melissa' "Hi, we'd like to see Jessica please" Caroline said.

"Mistress Jessica is upstairs, I will just check if she will see you. What is it about?" Melissa asked.

"I saw Jessica's Ad in the paper with the article about Edele and I have come about my step-son." Caroline said.

"I understand, please wait here." with that Melissa disappeared upstairs.

Moments later Melissa came down again, "Mistress Jessica will see you now, please go up."

Caroline and Denise climbed the stairs and entered Jessica's study. Jessica rose from her seat and walked over to the two women and gave them firm handshakes, "Welcome, I'm Jessica. I hear you read of my work in the paper."

"Yes, it was what gave me the idea of coming to you in the first place. I am having a problem with my step-son, two years ago his father died and ever since I have had major problems controlling him."

"And you suspect that being feminized will sort him out?" Jessica finished.

"I hope!" Caroline said.

"Are you sure you want to feminize him?" Jessica asked, "There will be no turning back once you do"

"Yes, I want to do it!" Caroline said decisively.

"Ok then, what did you have in mind?"

"Nothing drastic, I have no need for a maid or anything. I just want to curb his tendencies, and the best way to do that it seems is to turn him into a girl." Caroline explained.

"Ok, how about using a tape with subliminal messages?" Jessica suggested.

"No, he might not go for that." Caroline said.

"How about putting subliminal messages on a video tape?" Jessica continued.

"Possibly" Caroline replied.

He has been asking for that new Metallica concert video." Denise said.

"That's possible, if I got the video could you add subliminal messages Jessica?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, using my computer and video editing equipment I can do it." Jessica said.

"If I can give you the video tomorrow morning, how long will it take you to add the subliminals." Caroline asked.

"I could have them done by six o'clock" Jessica said.

"Great, I'll drop the video in tomorrow morning!" Caroline said.

"Right, shall we work out what the tape is going to instruct then?" Jessica asked.

Later when Caroline and Denise left they started to talk, "You know, it will be good to see that good for nothing son of yours changed." Denise said.

"Yes, it will." Caroline said with a smile, "I can't wait till my step-son becomes my daughter!"

"It's a pity I will be on holiday and unable to see Alex's progress!" Denise said, "By the way, where are you going to get the video tonight?"

"I have a few places to try." Caroline said.

Chapter 2 : A new look.

The following morning Caroline stopped by Jessica's shop on the way to work. Entering the shop she found Jessica doing a stock check, she was wearing a black mini skirt with a black leather jacket and 3" black patent leather pumps "Hi, Jessica I have the video" Caroline said, handing the video to Jessica.

"Perfect, I will have it ready by this afternoon. Is there anything else you would like added to the subliminals before I process the tape?" Jessica asked.

"Yes, I no longer want him listening to heavy metal. I want him listening to classical music or pop music, the type that teen age girls usually listen to. I also want him to choose his female name himself, with a few guide lines of course." Caroline said, "We could do further instructions on classical tapes too."

"Yes, that is a good idea." Jessica replied.

"I have to go now, I will be by at six to pick up the video." Caroline said and then left.

That morning Alex turned up at school with a bleeding nose and a black eye, when Caroline saw this she pulled him to one side "You've been bloody fighting again haven't you!"

"It wasn't my fault!" Alex exclaimed.

"Tell it to someone who cares!" Caroline hissed, "You're grounded!" she finished and stalked off.

Tuesday passed like quickly for Caroline but Alex was getting in more and more trouble and finally Caroline had to see the principal about him, Walking into the principals office she saw her waiting.

"Mrs. Conroy, Caroline, I'm sorry to pull you away from your class" the principal said, "but the situation with your step-son is getting worse, and if he does not sort himself out soon I will have no choice but to expel him!"

"Please don't do that, I have undergone steps to make sure that Alex never misbehaves again" Caroline said.

"Could you tell me what you plan?" the principal said.

"Of course, but I would prefer if you did not say anything of this to anyone." Caroline said, " for if this is to work, Alex can't know of my plan."

"You have my assurance that this conversation will not pass beyond this room" she said.

Caroline outlined her plan and how she came up with the idea.

"Sounds good, a punishment he deserves to be sure!" the principal said, "I can get the register changed when he chooses a new name."

"Thank-you, I will let you know what the name is and when to adjust the register by phone in two Saturday's time." Caroline said.

"You seem to have this all worked out so I will leave it up to your judgement." she said.

"Just one more thing, could you get someone to cover my last two classes this afternoon?" Caroline asked, "I need to get a few things for Alex."

"No problem, history and math isn't it?" the principal asked.

"Yes, that's right." Caroline said.

"Thank-you for coming to see me"

"No problem, and thank-you for the help" with that Caroline left.

When Caroline had finished her classes she travelled into the city to do some shopping for Alex's up and coming change of image. First she bought a set of makeup containing foundation that sets as a powder that she thought would be the right shade, concealer, a reddish pink lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and nail varnish and assorted accessories for hair. Next she stopped by a clothing shop and bought a selection of blouses, a black and white patterned jacket and matching hat.

Once she finished her shopping she walked to Jessica's shop to pick up the altered video. Entering the shop she saw Jessica tending the till, "Where is Melissa today?"

"Oh, she has the flu so I have to look after the shop for now." Jessica said, "Oh, here is the altered video and the other tapes we discussed. The video will get the ball rolling, after that get Alex to listen to each of these tapes in succession when you think he is ready."

"Thanks, here is the money for them." Caroline handed Jessica the money, "By the way, could you get a course of hormones as well?"

"No problem, what strength do you want?" Jessica asked.

"Quite strong, I would like a fairly quick change." Caroline explained.

"Fine, I'll have them by Saturday" Jessica said.

"Thanks, well I better get going. Bye." Caroline finished and left.

When Caroline got home she found to her surprise that Alex was actually home, "Decided to obey me for once did you?" she asked knowing that that was not the case

"Yeah mom, whatever you say" Alex said.

"Anyway, I thought you may be a little bored with being grounded so I borrowed a video for you to watch." Caroline handed him the Metallica video.

"Great! I've been wanting to watch this!" Alex said without thinking was wrong and put in the tape.

Walking upstairs Caroline went into Alex's room and placed the blouses in his wardrobe and placed her other purchases in her room. Caroline sat down on her bed and decided to watch some TV while the tape did it's job.

Downstairs Alex had become hypnotised by the video and was hearing only the subliminals.

"You no longer like heavy metal, in fact you can't stand the sound of it, when these instructions finished you will go to your room and destroy all your posters and heavy metal possessions. All you will listen to or like now is classical music or pop music, the kind of pop music the average girl between her teens and mid twenties would listen to. You will always keep your hair clean but brushed in a slightly feminine or girlish way. You will always keep yourself clean shaven. You will never fight and you will pay attention when at school, you will be presentable at all times and never cause trouble of any kind. You will always wear blouses to school from now on. You will find a selection of blouses in your wardrobe, you will not question how they came to be in there, you will accept them as part of your wardrobe and life from now on."

Coming downstairs Caroline walked into the lounge, "Hi honey, enjoy the video?"

"It was ok, thanks for borrowing it mom." Alex left the lounge and went upstairs to his room.

'God, I can't believe I ever listened to this crap!' Alex thought to himself and took down all his heavy metal posters and chucked them in the bin along with his heavy metal music and video collection.

Caroline appeared in Alex's doorway, "Everything ok?"

"Yeah, fine mom. I'm just going to have a bath." Alex said and exited his room.

The following morning when dressing for school Alex noticed a selection of what appeared to be shirts in his wardrobe, upon further inspection he found them to be blouses. Alex could not work out where they had come from, shrugging he pulled one out to wear thinking nothing was out of the ordinary. When he came downstairs he was wearing black trousers with light blue blouse, his hair clean and brushed into a slightly feminine way.

"You look nice and smart this morning dear." Caroline noticed.

"Thanks mom, I better be off to school. I don't want to be late." Alex said, grabbing a couple of slices of toast from the table.

After his first two classes Alex ran into his friend Brian, "Want to cut class and go check out the new Iron Maiden CD?" then noticing how smart Alex was looking spoke again, "Your step-mother make you clean yourself up eh!"

"Nah, I've decided to sort my life out. I tidied myself up and I am now working harder at my school work. But thanks for the offer, to tell you the truth I don't really like that music any more!" Alex finished.

"Well, suit yourself." and Brian walked off.

The rest of the week Alex's school work continued to improve as he started to pay attention in class and catch up on work he missed, all of his teachers had remarked about this. Brian and the rest of his friends had more or less abandoned him when he carried on turning them down so he could study. As a result of his new image and better personality people were finding him slightly more agreeable and likeable, but there was something about him that some people thought odd. The way his hair was brushed and a few even noticed that he was wearing blouses but said nothing anyway.

Chapter 3 : The first weekend.

On Friday evening when Alex was having a bath Caroline placed the jacket and hat in his wardrobe and the rest in his desk drawer. Picking up his walkman and headphones Caroline pulled a tape out of her pocket and walked to the bathroom, "Honey, while you are in the bath why don't you have a listen to this tape to see what you think of it" the door opened and Alex poked his head out, "Sure mom, I'll have a listen."

Walking downstairs Caroline smiled to herself.

Placing the tape in his walkman Alex started to relax in the bath and pressed play, to his surprise Alex found the classical music on the tape quite agreeable. Ten minutes into the tape Alex once more went into a trance.

"From now on at weekends you will always wear full make-up when outside the house but during the week you would not dream of going out without at least foundation on, however if your make-up is not neat you will redo it until it is. When going out you will always get ready early to give you time to make yourself up. Your new cosmetics are in your top desk drawer. At all times you will keep your body clear of hair and moisturized. You also have a new jacket and hat that you like to wear when going 'out', these are located in your wardrobe. As with the blouses you will accept their presence and think twice about using them. Whenever your Caroline says 'change over' you will return to this state and leave when told so."

The subliminal messages finished and the music returned. Unaware that he had been in a trance Alex relaxed to the music. After a few minutes he felt an urge to strip the hair from his body, picking up a bottle of his step-mothers hair removing cream he covered his body and waited for the cream to work. Using the shower head to wash off the cream he watched his body hair wash down the drain. 'why the hell did I just do that?' Alex thought, he shrugged and decided not to worry about it.

When Alex came downstairs Caroline met him, knowing full well the changes that had come upon him. "I have decided that due to all your hard work at school this week, I am going to reward you by taking you for a meal." Caroline said.

"Great, can't wait" Alex said.

'Neither can I, I'll have to get some film for my camera.' Caroline thought, "Were going at eight"

On the Saturday Alex spent most of the day studying and doing his assignments, however when half past six came he put down his work and started to get ready. Alex went to the bathroom and grabbed a portable mirror and went to his desk, after clearing a space he placed the mirror on the desk and pulled open his desk drawer. "funny, where did these come from?" he said to himself, shrugging he pulled them out and started work. After using the concealer on a few spots he had he put on the foundation, seeing how clear and flawless his face looked after the application of foundation gave Alex a buzz and he smiled to himself. Next he picked up the mascara and did his eye lashes, noticing afterwards that it was 'volumising mascara', his lashes were now long and black. Feeling pleased so far with his progress he plucked his eyebrows into an arch and applied his eyeshadow and then picked up the lipstick and applied it. Finally he applied blusher. Alex took a good look in the mirror, and all he saw looking back was a young woman. Detaching himself from the mirror Alex put away all his cosmetics and pulled out his nail varnish and carefully painted his finger nails a deep dark red.

Waiting for the nail varnish to dry Alex tuned in to a classical music radio station and relaxed. "This is weird, I don't ever remember wearing make-up or blouses before now but it just seems to be the normal thing to do!" he said to himself. Caroline lurking outside the door began to chuckle to herself as she walked off.

At ten to eight Caroline called up to Alex, "Are you ready yet?"

"Almost, I just need a few more minutes!" Alex called out. opening his wardrobe he pulled out a clean pair of smart unworn trousers and a black tee, as an afterthought he also grabbed a jacket and hat that he did not recognize but as with so many other things he just shrugged and carried on.

Alex came into the lounge, "I'm ready mom!"

Caroline observed her 17 year old step son, for all accounts he looked like a sissy, from shoulders upwards he looked like a teen-age girl. But from there down, he looked just like a boy. Picking up her camera Caroline took a few pictures of her sissified step-son.

"Just a few books for the photo albums" Caroline said with a smile, "Lets go!"

Caroline entered the city center about twenty five past eight, while waiting at the traffic lights she turned to Alex "It's time to Change Over", Alex entered a trance "Alex, you will remain in this trance until I say 'Were Here' do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand" Alex replied in a monotone voice.

Pulling up outside Jessica's shop Caroline locked the car and walked to the door and rang the bell. After five minutes Melissa answered the door, "Mistress Caroline, how may I help you?"

"I am sorry it is so late, but I have come by to pick up a package of hormones for my sissified step-son." Caroline said.

"Don't worry about it, please come in." Melissa said and fully opened the door, "here is the package. Is there anything else you want?"

Walking over to the shoes Caroline picked out a pair of black patient leather ankle boots with a two inch block heel and a flattened toe, "Can I also have a pair of these is size 11½"

"Of course, please wait here." Melissa got the shoes, put them in a bag and handed them to Caroline.

Caroline payed for her purchases and left, "good luck with your step-son!" Melissa called out and closed the door.

Climbing back into the car Caroline drove to the restaurant. "Were Here" Caroline said and Alex came to.

"Already, I must have dozed off. How do I look?" he asked.

"Beautiful!" Caroline responded.

Blushing, Alex climbed out of the car. Entering the restaurant Caroline spoke to the Maitre'd, "I have a table booked for half past eight for me and my son".

As the Maitre'd showed Caroline and Alex to their table he started smiling, having noticed Caroline refer to what almost looked like a teen-age girl as her son. Upon leaving them he gave Alex a small pat on the bum as a joke, feeling this Alex once again blushed furiously.

Just before the meal Caroline pulled out a small bottle marked as vitamin c that she had taken from the package. "Here take these vitamins, I want you to take one every day. They will keep you healthy." then as an afterthought she added, "Change Over"

Alex entered the trance, "Alex you will let no one else use your vitamins under any circumstances what so ever! You will also take the changes coming over you for granted. Wake up."

Thinking nothing odd, Alex took the bottle and swallowed a hormone capsule. Caroline smiled at this, 'YES! my plan is working.' she thought to herself.

Chapter 4 : A new self image.

On the Monday morning Alex was wearing a black blouse with his hair tied back in a pony tail, and foundation carefully applied. "You're looking nice this morning!" Caroline said.

"Thanks, I try my best!" Alex said.

At school many people noticed how clear and clean Alex's skin looked and commented on it, of course no-one suspected he was using foundation because it never occurred to them that a boy might use it. Although a fair number of people noticed his slightly arching eyebrows and changing figure and had a bit of a laugh about this.

On Wednesday there was no mistaking how feminine Alex looked, he was wearing an old multicolored jumper that he used to hate, his hair was in pig tails and as well as foundation he was wearing his lipstick. Most people who had noticed the changes coming over Alex just noted the change, shrugged and carried on with their life. A few groups, Alex's old friends among them viciously teased him. Seeing this and Alex getting upset, Caroline took him into a room off the corridor,

"Change Over" Caroline said.

Instantly Alex entered the trance, "Alex, from now on you will not care what other people think of what you look like or do and will not get upset over it. You will just act as if the people who are teasing you are not here. Wake up." Alex awoke.

"I noticed the teasing, how are you feeling?" Caroline asked.

"Fine, it's their problem if they can't accept me!" Alex said.

By the end of the week everyone had gotten used to Alex's new looks and any teasing that occurred mostly dried up. Alex's school work was still improving, he was now getting high scores in his classes. Alex's skin had also become soft and his body shape was slowly changing, he now had a bosom of an average size for a girl his age that would need a bra within the next week or so.

Once more on the Friday night when Alex was having a bath Caroline gave him another tape to listen to.

Placing the tape in his walkman Alex pressed play, Ten minutes into the tape Alex once more went into the trance.

"On Saturday you will announce you want to change your name to a female one, you will not like any names that have a male equivalent. You will also throw away your male shoes, in your wardrobe you will find a new pair of shoes. You will wear only female shoes. As usual you will not question the appearance of them. You will revel in your increasing femininity and changes in body, you will be proud of your new figure when it develops and will want to show it off when it is appropriate. Now, think of your reaction to an attractive female, thinks of how a sexy woman turns you on, you now feel no attraction towards females at all as you now see them as the same sex as you. You are now attracted to males only, all the reactions and attractions you associated with women you will now feel towards men, having a man in your arms makes you feel safe and wanted. When aroused you will never again get an erection, instead your nipples will become hard and sensitive. But you will only be this way after you see your new poster when your room is redecorated. All your movements and gestures will be totally feminine and your voice from now on will be feminine also. And finally, you will be aware that the vitamins you have been taking are female hormones and you will be grateful for your mother help."

At breakfast on Saturday Alex spoke to his step-mother, "Mom, I have come to a decision I want to change my name."

"Oh really, what did you have in mind?" Caroline asked as she was curious about what he would choose.

"I want to be called Amy from now on, Alex doesn't exist anymore really!" Alex said.

"Very well, we can get your name changed by deed-poll this week and I can get the registers changed at school as well." Caroline said.

"Thanks mom, can we do some shopping today, buy me some new clothes and redecorate my room?" Amy asked.

"Well, we still have a large amount of the life insurance settlement from your father so I don't see why not, I'm sure he'd approve!" Caroline finished, 'but I'm sure he wouldn't though' Caroline thought.

Thanking her mother Amy finished her breakfast and went upstairs to clean out her room. All the traditional male trappings were thrown out, most Alex's clothes were bagged up to be given to a charity shop. Amy just kept a pair of trousers that barely fit her changing frame to wear to the shops.

After travelling for half an hour they reached the Cambridge city centre and parked. "There are so many shops, I don't know where to go first!" Amy stated.

Entering a clothing store that caters towards young women Amy's eyes opened wide at the sheer choice of clothing available, she sprang to life immediately. Amy picked out five outfits, a short black dress with flowers down the left side and shoe-string straps; tight denim jeans, denim jacket and purple satin blouse; a denim mini-skirt and a block colored jumper; a beige jumper and white mini-skirt; and finally a lime green mini dress with a plunging neckline and a front zip. I have got to try these on mom, come on come on.

Smiling Caroline said to herself, "yes, she is much better as a girl than as a boy!".

Amy tried on the black dress first, she emerged with a big smile oh her face "I just love this dress, how does it look on me?" she asked enthusiastically.

"You look really sweet in that dress, it really suits you!" Caroline said.

"Great! I'll try on the next outfit" with that remark Amy disappeared back into the changing room. Amy tried on the other outfits one after the other, Caroline decided that they were all good choices and suited her well.

When Amy was ready to pay Caroline stopped her, "Hold on young lady, you can't live with just this small selection of clothes, come with me.", Amy followed her step-mother. Amy ended up with several more skirts of varying lengths, numerous tee's jumpers and cardigans as well as several pairs of shoes. After one more stop to get several sets of underwear, from bra's to panties and everything in-between, at the last moment Caroline remembered to pick up a handbag, purse and a clutch bag for Amy, they then went to the checkout and payed.

After putting Amy's new clothes in the car Caroline took Amy to another shop, "Where are we going now mom?" she asked.

"Were going to get you some more make-up, you will need more than that small collection of yours." Caroline said, as they entered another store.

"Hello ladies, how may I help you?" the clerk said.

"Yes, were her to purchase some new make-up for my daughter. She is turning 18 soon and needs a new look." Caroline said.

"Of course, I know just the colours that will suit her." the clerk finished and disappeared under the counter and reappeared with a selection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes amongst others. After an hour of trying on the various shades Amy left the store with a fairly large selection.

"Just one more thing, you need your ears pierced. You also need some pretty earrings to wear afterwards as well as necklaces and bracelets." Caroline said and headed for a store frequented by teen-age girls for jewelry that also did ear piercing. After spending an hour in the store, Amy left with a jewelry box and a large selection of jewelry. "Right, we have enough to get you started. Lets see what we can find for your room!".

After a 10 minute drive Caroline and Amy arrived at a DIY and housing store

While looking at colors for Amy's room she picked out some bright colors that Caroline did not like, "Change Over" Caroline whispered in Amy's ear, hearing this Amy entered a trance. "Amy, from now on all your tastes will be totally feminine. You will only choose feminine colours for the decoration of your bedroom, this means pastels and pinks. NO bold or bright colours. This taste will also affect your sense of style, you will no longer wear slacks or shorts, in fact you detest them unless they are form fitting and cling to your legs. The way loose slacks and shorts feel on you makes you feel sick and nauseous. Wake up"

Amy blinked for a moment, "What was I thinking, that is a revolting color I would much rather have my room in these colors." she said picking out a pastel pink and a creamy white. When they left they had allot of stuff for Amy's room.

That evening when Amy was relaxing in front of the TV in her pajama bottoms and a crop top Caroline came in, "I thought we might do your room tomorrow if you like?"

Amy smiled at her mom, "Sure mom, that would be great!"

By the end of the weekend Amy's room appeared just like that of the average teen-age girl's, perhaps more feminine than most but not too frilly. The walls were painted a pastel pink with creamy white ceiling. Gone were all the male clothing from her room, in her Wardrobe now exclusively hung her skirts; blouses; dresses and night wear. Instead of male underwear in her drawers were panties; bras and all other types of lingerie and feminine underwear. Gone from his top drawer were all the male oriented magazines, it now just contains his cosmetics. The top of his desk was now covered with a lace cover, on top of this was a new desktop mirror, various pots containing various brushes and applicators of her make-up and hair as well as her new jewelry box. Amy's bed had light pastel blue sheets and covers with frilly pink pillows.

When Amy came into her bedroom on Sunday night to go to bed she saw a rag doll on the pillows 'where did that come from?' Amy wondered for a moment when she first saw it and then accepted it as if it had always been there. Also where once there had been a large poster of a naked woman opposite the bed, there was now a large poster of a well muscled man in his underwear. This was Caroline's addition to the room and a bit of a joke on Amy, Amy who still assumed that her sexual preference would be towards women saw the poster, her pulse quickened and she felt an irresistible urge to play with herself. Lying on the bed Amy saw her nipples had become hard and sensitive, but strangely no matter how aroused Amy got she could not raise an erection so instead she played with her nipples. Coming to a shuddering climax Amy came , after this happened Amy realized that she was now drawn towards men as she was once drawn towards women.

Chapter 5 : A new friend.

On the Monday morning when Amy started to get ready for school she sat down at her desk to apply her make-up, deciding on minimal makeup Amy applied a layer of foundation and a light pink lipstick only. Amy pulled a pair of white cotton panties up her legs and tucked her male equipment away and out of sight, next she put on her new bra and fastened it after a few tries, finally came a pair of tan colored tights. Walking over to her wardrobe Amy pulled out and put on the short white skirt that came to two inches above knee level, next came the beige jumper. Amy once more sat at her desk and styled her hair and set it with gel.

When Amy appeared at the breakfast table Caroline was pleasantly surprised with Amy's look. "You look very nice this morning, here let me take a photo of you." Caroline picked up a polleroid camera and took a few snaps.

"Aw mom, it's too early for that!" Amy complained, "Any way, you know I don't like my picture being taken!"

'well we will have to see about that won't we!' Caroline thought, "Change Over" once more the trance came over Amy, "Amy, from now on you will love to have your picture taken and to be shot on video. You will pose in nearly any way suggested, but you will NEVER remove your clothes for a photo unless I tell you to. Wake up."

"Now, how about one more photo before you go?" Caroline said.

"Great!" Amy exclaimed.

"Now give me a sexy look!" Caroline said with a smile.

Amy struck a 'sexy' pose and put on a 'come hither' look for the photo, "Marvelous!"

"Thanks mom, anyway I better get to school, see you later." Amy left the house.

Caroline picked up a couple of the photos, "Denise will love these!" she said to herself.

When Amy arrived at school heads turned, everyone noticed Amy's shapely legs and she got several jealous glances from some of the real girls. Smiling, Amy causally walked down the hallway enjoying the glances she was getting. Amy received very little teasing about the way she looked as everyone had gotten used to her changing image and increasingly girlish image.

At lunch time Caroline met Denise in the staff room as usual, "Welcome back off holiday Denise!" she said upon seeing her friend.

"Thanks, how is Alex I have been dying to find out!" Denise asked.

"Her name is Amy now, and as for how she looks, see for your self!" Caroline handed Denise a selection of photo's.

"Oh my, she has changed hasn't she!" Denis exclaimed.

"Yes, I have had her on a course of hormones for the last week. I chose a high dosage because I wanted the changes to occur quickly." Caroline explained.

"Nice, how is her school work?" Denise enquired.

"Amy is getting excellent grades now, much better than Alex ever was!" Caroline said.

"What other changes have you made?" Denise continued.

"If you were to see Amy's room you would not see any trace of Alex left, she is also attracted to boys now!" Caroline said.

"Did this happen automatically?" Denis asked.

"No, I have to admit I am responsible for that. I just don't want a lesbian for a daughter!" Caroline shrugged, "anyway that is something I wanted to talk to you about, how old are your two daughters now?"

"Stefi is 18 and Jami is 19, why?" Denise enquired.

"Do you think you could get them to spend some time with Amy and perhaps take her out to a club next weekend on her 18th, besides she needs some friends to spend time with!" Caroline finished.

"I don't see why not, tell you what lets get together for a drink on Tuesday at a pub, we can introduce them there." Denise said.

"Perfect, I'm sure they will get on well!" Caroline said.

At dinner that evening Caroline started to speak to Amy, "On Tuesday I am going for a drink with Denise down at 'The Old Post Office' near the high street."

"That's the new pub that opened recently isn't it?" Amy asked.

"Yes, I would like you to come along and meet Denise's to daughters Stefi and Jami." Caroline finished.

"I'd love to, I could do with some friends near my own age!" Amy said.

"That's just what I said to Denise!" both step-mother and step-daughter laughed.

When school finished on Tuesday and Amy got home she excitedly rushed upstairs to get ready for the evening ahead. "What's the hurry, we have four hours yet!" Caroline called after her.

"I know mom, but I want to look my best for when we go out!" Amy called back, walking into the bathroom Amy began to run a bath and put in moisturizing bath foam.

In the kitchen Caroline was preparing dinner, 'Amazing' she thought to herself, 'I would never have guessed the mental change would work so well, there must have been some suppressed transvestite tendencies there already!'

An hour later when dinner was ready Amy appeared wearing only a cotton night dress, having just gotten out of the bath. During dinner Caroline started conversation, "What are you going to wear tonight?"

"I thought I would wear my skin tight denim jeans, purple satin blouse and denim jacket along with a pair of leather ankle boots." Amy said in-between bites.

"You'll look smashing!" Caroline said in an encouraging voice.

After they had finished dinner there was two and a half hours left to go, "Well, let's get ready then!" Caroline stated, "We can wash up tomorrow."

After putting the washing up in the kitchen Amy and Caroline went off to get ready. Two hours later both women were ready to go out, half an hour ahead of schedule. 'I wonder what the original Alex would think of his change' Caroline thought, 'Why not find out at some point?'

"Hey Amy, how about some more photo's?" Caroline said to her.

"Great, just let me strike a pose mom." Amy said.

After taking a few snaps with her ordinary camera Caroline spoke, "We better get going, grab your handbag and lets go!"

Arriving at 'The Old Post Office' pub Caroline and Amy found Denise and her daughters and joined them, "Hi Denise, Hi girls"

"Hello Caroline" Stefi and Jami said.

"Amy, this is Stefi and Jami" Denis said.

Amy sat down next to the girls, "Hi, how's it going?", gradually the three girls got into conversation and became oblivious to their mothers.

Caroline started to talk to Denise, "I was right! They are getting on well."

By the end of the evening Amy had become good friends with Stefi and Jami and they had agreed to go to a club in the Cambridge city center on Saturday.

When Caroline and Amy got home they walked through to the lounge, "Thanks for helping me out during my changes mom!" Amy leaned over and gave her step-mother a hug and a quick kiss.

"You have certainly changed for the better, did you tell Stefi and Jami that you used to be a boy?" Caroline asked.

"Thanks, but no, I thought that may not be a good idea just yet." Amy said.

"That was probably a good idea." Caroline said, "which reminds me, when you go to the club I want you to be careful. When you get out I will pick you up, remember you are still male down there so don't let anything go too far."

"Don't worry I'll be careful mom!" Amy said, "Anyway, I think I will hit the sack now. Good night"

On Wednesday Amy dressed in a black mini skirt with gold detailing and a silver blouse made of crushed velvet. Her make-up was tastefully applied. When Amy got to school she found Brian and his friends blocking her locker, "Hey, look who it is, it's Alex the sissy!", Brian's friend laughed at this remark.

"Out of my way shit head!" Amy growled and pushed her way to her locker, "And my name is Amy NOT Alex."

"OK, Amy" Brian said in a patronizing voice, "Why don't we have some fun!", Brian's friends were laughing hard at this.

Brian started to grope Amy's breasts, "Hey these are real!" he exclaimed, "the sissy has real breasts!"

Just as Brian was about to move his hand elsewhere his face suddenly showed great pain and he doubled over. Standing behind him was a girl with black hair dressed in jeans and a tee and an Irish accent, "Back off shit for brains unless you want more!" she said coldly. Surprised at such a vicious attack Brian and the others left the two girls alone.

"What an ass hole!" she said, "How are you feeling, the names Rae."

"Fine now, thanks Rae I don't know what would have happened if you had not come along!" Amy said looking relieved.

"The names Amy" Amy said.

"Hi, I'm fairly new here. I heard a rumor that you're male." Rae said.

"It's true, well I was male. I'm more or less a member of the 'fairer' sex now!" Amy said, "You're not going to hold it against me are you?"

"Nah, my uncle had a sex change last year so I'm pretty broad minded." Rae said.

"Which is your first class?" Amy asked

Rae checked her time table "History, just my luck!"

"Me too, looks like were in the same class. Don't worry, I'll fill you in on what has been happening later." Amy said.

"Thanks, lets go." Rae and Amy left for class.

In the class room Caroline noticed Amy coming in with another girl who she recognized as the new student. During class Amy and Rae sat together, "The teacher is my step-mother" Amy quietly said to Rae.

"Really, that could be useful." She whispered back.

"I don't get any preferential treatment if that is what you mean." Amy finished and returned to work. After class Amy and Rae walked over to Caroline, "Hi mom, this is Rae she's new here."

"Hi Rae, pleased to meet you. I hope you managed to follow the class ok." Caroline said.

"It was a little confusing, but Amy has offered to help me catch up." Rae said.

"That was very kind, how did you two meet anyway?" Caroline asked.

"I had been trapped by Brian and the others, I suspect they may have been drinking as they usually don't go this far. They pinned me to the locker and Brian started to 'touch' me until Rae helped me out." Amy explained.

"Thank-you for helping Amy Rae, it has been tough for Amy recently." Caroline said cryptically.

"Yes I know, with all the teasing about her change. Amy has told my about it." Rae said, "It's no problem, as I told Amy my uncle had a sex change last year so I have no problems with her having been a boy."

"If only more people were as broad minded, huh mom!" Amy said.

"Indeed, anyway you better get to your next classes. It's been a pleasure meeting you Rae." Caroline finished.

Leaving the class room the two girls compared their schedules and found they weren't together in any classes till after lunch, "See you at lunch Rae, and thanks again for your help."

At lunch time Amy met up with Rae, "Hey Rae, how did your last two classes go?"

"Great, how about you, any trouble?" Rae asked.

"Nope, it's only really Brian and the others that cause trouble" Amy said, "Believe it or not, but I used to hang with them. That is probably what has made them so vicious towards me for some reason."

"I can't believe it!" Rae said.

"No, it's true. That is why I have had a hard time these last two weeks, because no one liked me much." Amy said.

"Well you have a new friend!" Rae said warmly.

The rest of the day passed quickly, Amy and Rae met at the end of school and started to walk together. After chatting for a few moments Amy found out that Rae lived just around the corner from her. When she got home Amy found her step-mother making dinner, "Hi mom, I'm home."

"Hi honey, I'm just preparing dinner." Caroline called through, "So you have a new friend, you obviously told her about yourself"

"Mom, she had heard rumors and asked me if they were true, if I denied them it would have been worse later on when she found they were true!" Amy replied.

"Well, there is that. Anyway you were lucky that Rae is so understanding." Caroline said.

"I know." Amy finished, walking through to the lounge Amy picked up the phone and called Stefi.

"Hi Stef, it's Amy"

"Yeah, I was wondering if you and Jami would mind if my friend Rae comes clubbing with us on Saturday?" Amy said, "Yeah, I'll wait a mo."

After a few moments amy heard Stefi pick up the phone again, "Yeah, that's great. Trust me, you'll like her!"

"Bye" Amy put down the phone.

The following morning Amy called at Rae's house on the way to school. She was wearing another of her outfits she chose at the weekend, a denim mini skirt with block colored jumper black tights and black pumps. While waiting outside Amy started adjusting one of her pumps that had started to come loose when Rae appeared.

"Looking nice Amy, jeez I still can't believe you were ever a boy!" she said.

"I know, it seems a life time ago, but it has only been two weeks. And my mom has been so supporting and helpful!" Amy said.

Starting the walk to school they continued their conversation, "How did you develop so fast?"

"My mom got me a course of female hormones, one strong enough to rapidly make the changes for me!" Amy explained.

"You're lucky to have such an understanding step-mom." Rae said seriously.

"OK, enough talk of my change." Amy said decisively, "Me and a couple of friends are going to a club of Saturday evening, want to come?"

"Sure, if it's OK. Special occasion?" Rae asked.

"It's my 18th birthday and I cleared it with them last night, I'm sure you'll get on well with them. Just one thing though, they do not know about me having been male and I am not ready for them to know yet." Amy said.

"Sure, no prob." Rae finished as they arrived at school.

The rest of the week flew by for Amy and Rae who were both looking forward to Saturday night.

Chapter 6 : Amy's birthday outing.

On the Saturday morning Rae called round at Amy's, "Hi Rae, come on in. Go up to Amy's room if you like, she should be awake by now." Caroline said.

Walking into Amy's room Rae was slightly surprised at the decor, expecting something less feminine. "Hey, sleepy" Rae said waking Amy, "Nice poster!" she continued with a big grin.

"Oh, hi Rae. What time is it?" Amy asked.

"It's gone ten" Rae replied, "your choice of poster?" she asked, still smiling.

"Nah, mom put it up, but I like it!" Amy said sleepily getting out of bed.

"So you....." Rae started.

"Fancy men, yes I do" Amy finished.

"Cool, by the way nice baby-doll" Rae said as Amy got up.

"You're not teasing me are you?" Amy scowled.

"Hey, lighten up, I was serious. I really do like it." Rae said, "Besides, were both...... girls here."

"That's right, and don't you forget it young lady!" Amy joked with a large grin, waggling her finger at Rae in mock anger.

"I am afraid we will have to go shopping for an outfit for me to wear to the club, what are you wearing?" Rae asked.

"You will have to wait until later, now I really must get dressed." Amy said walking to her wardrobe, "Hey, look away or you'll see my dress!" Amy said, once Rae had turned Amy picked out a dark blue mini skirt and a white tee with a pink satin heart on the front. "Ok you can look now" amy said throwing the tee and skirt on the bed. After fixing her make-up Amy removed her baby-doll and put her underwear on and pulled on her tee and mini skirt. Rummaging in a draw she found a hair scrunchie and put her hair in a pony tail. Grabbing a pair of shoes from under her desk she turned to Rae, "Ok, lets go."

After leaving the house, Amy and Rae headed into town. "I like your tee and mini skirt Amy, where did you get them from?".

"From Miss-Selfridges in Cambridge." Amy said.

"Cool, it suits you!"

Amy and Rae headed for a little-known shop called 'Occasions' that had fairly descent clothes. But finding nothing of any use they looked elsewhere. In the next shop Rae found an outfit that she was instantly drawn to, it was a purple leather skirt with matching crop top. "Hey Amy, come and have a look at this!" Rae called out.

"Nice, why don't you try it on?" Amy said.

"Why not, if it fits and looks good I think I may buy it!" Rae said disappearing into the changing room.

When Rae emerged Amy gave a small round of applause, "It suits you perfectly, you have to wear it to the club!"

"Thanks, I think I will!" Rae said. After she had changed out of the outfit she payed and the two girls went back to Amy's place. On the way Amy an Rae ran into Stefi and Jami.

"Stefi, Jami Hi" Amy called out, "Tonight still on?"

"Definitely!" Jami said, "do you have an outfit to go in?"

"Yep, by the way this is Rae" Amy introduced, "Rae this is Stefi and Jami", Rae greeted Stefi and Jami.

"Well it's good to meet you Rae, but I'm afraid we must rush off. We have to get a present to our nan before she goes on holiday!" Stefi said, "We'll see you two later at Amy's place.

Walking back to her house Amy started to talk to Rae, "So, how did you come to move here?"

"Well, until we moved here I lived in Ireland, my family is of Irish descent. All of my ancestors are of Irish birth. We had to move here when my father got a promotion." Rae explained.

When they got to Amy's house the two girls spent their time reading magazines, watching TV and listening to music while they waited for the time to get ready for the club. Three hours before the appointed time Rae rushed home to grab her make-up kit and came back to Amy's place.

Once Rae had returned the two girls started to get ready, sitting in front of Amy's large mirror they both applied their make-up and fixed their hair. "OK, now I demand to see your outfit!" Rae said smiling.

"OK OK, I'll just get it." Amy said laughing, walking over to her wardrobe she pulled out the lime green mini dress with a plunging neckline and a front zip that she bought with her other clothing.

"Jesus Christ! that is one bright dress, let me get my sun glasses!" Rae joked.

"Rae, please be serious, what do you think?" Amy pleaded.

"Seriously, I think it is great and you will look stunning in it!" Rae said.

Satisfied, Amy finished fixing her hair and picked up her dress and put it on. Puling the zip up slowly Amy relished the feeling of the material securely hugging her body and clinging to her every curve Amy finished the outfit with a pair of lime mules. Rae followed suit and put on her leather mini skirt and halter top with a pair of black ankle boots, finally she attached a metal bangle to her right arm. Just as they finished getting ready they heard the doorbell ring, knowing that Caroline was currently out Amy and Rae made their way downstairs and opened the door. On the other side were Stefi and Jami wearing hipsters and crop tops, Jami's top was red and Stefi's was blue.

"Wow, nice outfits. Did you intend to show us up or was it by accident?" Stefi asked with a smile.

"Purely by accident I assure you!" Rae said, "Amy didn't even let me see her outfit until it was time to get dressed!"

All four girls laughed and made their way to the train station. On the train the four girls attracted the attention of four young men who appeared to be in their age group.

The four girls leaned close to each other, "I don't trust them" said Jami quietly.

"I agree" said Amy and Rae together.

"Then I suggest we play it safe, we say we are meeting our boyfriends and call a cab at the other end." Stefi suggested.

"Agreed" they all said together.

"Going anywhere special ladies?" the first man, "My name is Adam, this is Simon, James and David."

"Were on our way to see our boyfriends" said Jami.

"Really, where are you meeting them?" Adam said slyly.

"Were meeting them at a local karate tournament" Rae added sounding proud.

"Yes," added Stefi, catching on, "Their team is competing for the local cup!"

"But they do get jealous easily" Amy added, "The last person he heard of hitting on me ended up with a fractured rib and both legs broken. It was a shame because it was me who hit on him!"

"Who told him?" Simon asked.

"I'm afraid I did" Rae said, "you see I just can't keep a secret, I never have been able to!"

The faces of the four men went pale and they spoke up, "I'm sorry but we must get off at this stop, we'll see you around perhaps." with that the four men rushed off the train.

After the train pulled out of the station the four girls burst into laughter, "Oh my god, I can't believe they were stupid enough to fall for that!" Amy exclaimed.

"Tell me about it, it was all I could do to keep a strait face!" Stefi added.

"We were lucky" Jami added seriously, "not all men are as dumb!"

"Not all men are as spooky as those four!" Rae added.

"Well, if we are to carry on going out clubbing together I have a suggestion" Amy said.

"Were listening" Jami said.

"Why don't we take self defense classes, that will give anyone who gives us trouble a surprise!" Amy said.

"That is a very good idea" Stefi said.

"Anyway, were here now. Lets call that taxi." Rae said, "but let's keep that idea in mind."

After the four girls started dancing and having a good time it wasn't long before they attracted the attention of the male population. "Ladies, can we buy you a drink?" shouted a man above the noise, three others were with him.

Amy gave the others a quick glance, "Why not!" she shouted back, then all eight people moved to the bar.

"I haven't seen you around here before, celebrating anything in particular or just out for a good time?"

"We came out to celebrate her 18th birthday" Stefi said, pointing to Amy.

Then spontaneously the four men burst into a chorus of 'Happy Birthday' much to Amy's surprise. Then just as a slow song started, "Amy, would you like to dance?"

"I'd love to!" Amy replied and took the man's hands and followed him onto the dance floor where all the various couples were slow dancing. Amy saw out of the corner of her eye the others walking onto the dance floor with the other three men.

Amy felt warm and safe being held close to the man, "By the way, my name is Seth." he whispered.

"That's an unusual name." Amy replied.

"My parents are unusual people!" Seth said, "You know, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met!"

"And you're very handsome" Amy replied, smiling with pleasure as Seth began to kiss the base of her neck sending shivers down her spine. Amy moved closer to Seth, feeling slightly aroused Amy started to kiss Seth on the lips which gradually became deeper. Soon the two were locked in a passionate embrace. 'This is so much better that when I used to kiss girls!' Amy thought dreamily.

Amy was brought back to reality when Rae tapped her on the shoulder, "Hey it's time to go, our lift will be here soon!" she said.

Reluctantly Amy separated herself from Seth, "Can I have your number?" Seth whispered.

"I'm not sure..." Amy said, pausing.

"Then let me give you mine" Seth said pulling a pen and paper out of his pocket and noted down his number, "call me!" Seth whispered.

Leaving the club, Amy felt like she was walking on clouds. "Have a good time in there?" smirked Rae

"The best!" Amy said, "Seth was such a nice kisser!"

"Well, I see you got his number, do you think you will call him back?" Stefi asked.

"I might!" Amy said mysteriously.

"Well, you would be a fool not to, he's a real catch!" Jami said, just as Caroline pulled up in her car.

On the way back Caroline spoke to the girls, "How was your day then?"

"Well, there were four really creepy guys on the train so we got a taxi to the club." Stefi said.

After Stefi and Jami had been dropped off and Caroline had gotten all the nights details out of the girls, Amy whispered something to Rae she then spoke to Caroline "Mom, is it ok if Rae crashed at our place tonight?"

"I don't see why not, anyway I have a surprise for you when you get home." Caroline said.

When they got into the house Caroline handed a package to Amy, "Happy birthday Amy!"

Inside the package was a long burgundy dress with thin shoulder straps and a slit up the left hand side. "Mom, I love it!" Amy cried and gave Caroline a hug and a kiss.

Later, when it was time to get ready for bed Rae turned to talk to Amy, "Well, it's certainly been a fun day. I still can't believe that the most gorgeous guy in the place picked you!" Rae said with a smile.

"I know, isn't it great!" Amy said excitedly.

"Hey, I better pop back to mine to get something to sleep in!" Rae said.

"Don't worry, you can wear these" Amy said, fishing out a pair of plaid shorts and top.

"Nice, what are you wearing?" Rae said.

"These" Amy said pulling out a pair of panties a bra and a night shirt made of the same fabric.

"Cool, we'll match!" Rae said, giggling.

After they were changed and Amy had fixed her hair in pig tails Amy came up with an idea, "Hey, lets get my mom to take our photo's with us dressed like this!"

"Great lets go!" Rae said jumping up.

Five minutes later Amy and Rae were posing before Caroline's camera and giggling for most of the time.

When Sunday came, Amy spent most of it bringing Rae up to date with what she had missed in history class and giving her help with the rest of her work where necessary. "Thanks for your help with the school work, I may just pass the exams yet!"

"No problem, hey isn't it the school dance on Friday?" Amy asked.

"I thinks so, yes it is this Friday as it is the last Friday before the exams. You could wear your new dress!" Rae suggested.

"Good idea, are you going?" Amy enquired.

"Sure, I know just the dress I can order from my mother's club catalogue!" Rae said.

"Let's show everybody up and do our make-up very glamourous!" Amy said smiling.

"It's a done deal!" Rae said laughing, "were going to turn heads for sure!"

Chapter 7 : The school dance.

The week passed too slow for the liking of Amy and Rae, they were so hyped up about the dance it was all they could do to focus on their school work. When Friday came Amy and Rae rushed home to get ready for the dance.

Once Amy was ready she headed over to Rae's house. Amy was wearing the dress her step-mother had bought her as well as a pair of strappy sandals with a 3" heel, her make-up was glamourously done and brought out all of Amy's best features. Knocking on the door Amy saw Rae appear wearing a black chiffon miniskirt with side slit and a black low cut velvet jacked over a lilac blouse, her legs were encased in black nylons with a pair of black patent leather sling backs on her feet. "You look fantastic!" they both said and the same time, and began laughing together.

When Amy and Rae walked through the doors of the main hall where the dance was being held, heads turned and the two girls got some VERY jealous glances from the other girls. This made Amy feel fantastic, walking down to the drinks table with Rae, Amy smiled seductively at a couple of the young men that were staring at her.

Rae started talking to Amy quietly, "Well this is a change, from the looks of some of the boys I would say that some have forgotten what is between your legs!"

Grinning, Amy replied "I think you may be right. Look even Dane Manny is watching me, he's going out with Chelsea Corin the most popular girl in school!"

"Yeah, she's a real bitch!" Rae replied.

"What do you say we ruin her night?" Amy said evilly.

"How so?" Rae asked curiously.

"Well, Dane's hormones are obviously controlling him. So I may take advantage of that!" Amy replied and headed to where he and Chelsea were slow dancing, "Excuse me Dane, would you dance with me?" Amy asked sweetly.

"No he won't you......." Chelsea started to say coldly.

"It would be my pleasure" Dane replied, moving away from Chelsea.

"I can't believe it!" Chelsea exclaimed, "he's actually dancing with that, that, that.... SISSY!"

Silently Rae appeared beside Chelsea, "Well, all his hormones let him see at the moment is an attractive young woman to be conquered!"

"Well, hormones or not Dane still loves me and is faithful to me!" Chelsea replied frostily walking over to Amy and Dane, "Excuse me, but this is my date. Find your own." she said pulling Dane away.

"Bye" Amy said, making her voice sound full of longing and grabbed hold of Dane once more and gave him a deep, wet kiss but keeping her eye's on Chelsea the whole time.

Seeing the glint in Amy's eye's as she released Dane almost made Chelsea go for Amy. Walking away Amy heard an argument start between Dane and Chelsea. Turning she saw Chelsea storming out of the hall with Dane following her.

When Amy and Rae back to the drinks table they were giggling, "You are so bad!" Rae said hysterically.

"I just couldn't resist, she is such a stuck up cow someone had to do it!" Amy replied, "Lets dance!"

In the two weeks that passed since the dance Amy and Rae had passed most of their exams. Amy had also told Stefi and Jami about her secret and to her releif they were totaly suportive of her.

Caroline was on the phone to Denise and the topic of the conversation went to Amy, "So, how is Amy doing?" Denis asked.

"Fine, she passed all her exams. Amy is going to have her sex change operation in two weeks, we used the remainder of her fathers life insurance settlement to pay for it. After that Amy and Rae are planning to go to college and study beauty therapy and buisiness management." Caroline said.

"Buisiness management?" Denis enquired.

"Yes, she and Rae want to open a beauty salon!" Caroline said, "I tell you what though, I am so glad I decided to feminize Andrew!"

After a few minutes Caroline put the phone down, "I'm glad you dcided to as well mom!" Amy said from the doorway.

"AMY!" Caroline was startled at Amy's appearance, "I didn't mean for you to overhear that!"

"Don't worry mom, I have suspected it for a while now." Amy said.

"You knew, how?" Caroline asked.

"Oh come on, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. But don't worry, I really am glad you did it." Amy said, "If I had remained as Andrew I would have had no future!"

"Oh Amy, I'm so glad you feel that way. I was afraid that you would hate me if you found out!" Caroline said, embracing her daughter.

"Just one thing though, please remove the trigger phrase for further instuctions!" Amy said.

"Of course, Change Over" Amy for the last time entered the trance. "Amy, you will no longer enter a trance when the trigger phrase 'change over' is used. Further more, the restrictions set on your tastes in colors and clothes are removed as well as the compulsions to wear make-up. Wake up."

Chapter 8 : The operation.

Three weeks later Amy was lying in a hospital bed after recovering from her sex change surgery when Rae, Stefi and jami came into the ward. "Hey Amy, you're looking well!" Stefi exclaimed.

"So you're male bits are?" Rae started.

"Gone, removed. And good ridance to them!" Amy smiled, "but seriously, thankyou for being there for me, if it wasn't for you three I don't know what I would have done!"

"So, are you happy now?" Jami asked smiling.

"Yes, I am very happy now. I am complete and there is absolutely no trace of maleness left. I am now and forever female." Amy said warmly.

The three girls embraced Amy, "Hey, ow ow ow ow, I'm not fully healed yet!"

"Sorry Amy, we just got a little carried away!" Rae said grinning.

"So, what now?" Jami asked.

"Well, me and Rae are planning to go to college to study beauty therapy and buisiness management. We are hoping to open a beauty salon!" Amy said.

"Hey, me and Stefi are studying hairdressing at the moment. Why don't we make it a four way partnership." Jami said.

Rae and Amy looked at each other, smiled and said together "Done!"

The End.

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