SUBJECT CONTENT: Transgender, Chemical, Surgery


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. This author does not condone the use of illicit drugs or dangerous sex play. The mentions of these things are strictly for the titillation of the readers' mind.


I have known Susan since we were in the 3rd grade. Small town America allows for a real sense of community. As children we played all the usual kids' games going through the gambit of emotions such as girls have coodies and boys stink; to gee girls are neato or boys are dreamy. Susan made me feel both ways as we grew up and she felt the same way about me. After graduation from high school I proposed to Susan and she accepted with the caveat that we both graduate college first before marriage.

In college Susan and I lived together off campus. We had decided that we needed to experience life in the big city. We both are progressive in both our thinking; therefore we allowed ourselves to experiment with free thinking and what ever that may bring to our relationship. Naturally we took liberal philosophy classes. Those that pushed the ideas of social experimentation, this included the ideas expounded on the use of mind altering drugs such as DSL, X-BOT and of course the smoking of split rocks a must. These drug induced journeys that led us to truly enlightened sexual experiences. Sex had no boundaries. We did it everywhere, looking forward to taking chances that we would be found out or observed and caught doing it in public. The more risky the sex, the more enjoyment we got out of it. The idea that someone may have seen us naked having oral sex with one another was incredible. Susan would orgasm many times and I my dick was constantly hard.

By our junior year we had joined Greek societies. I joined Sigma Ho Epsilon fraternity and Susan was initiated into Mu Epsilon Nu sorority. These two houses complimented each other very well. Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll were the mottos for our new affiliations. Encouraged to sexually experiment with either gender was the norm. Both Susan and I didn't mind this in the least. The Greeks supplied us with the drugs and we gladly loved everyone; be it girl or boy, girl on girl, or boy on boy. The more we lived the free life of sex and drugs the more Susan and I loved each other. Sex with multiple partners, gang bangs and outlandish sexual play was wonderful. I loved giving oral to both women and men; I also loved receiving it up the ass, be it a hard, warm mans' penis shooting his cum in my waiting hole, or Susan with a strap on, big, cold and black, shoved up my ass, spreading my sphincter till it hurt bad.

Upon graduation, Susan and I were rather sexually experienced. We graduated with degrees in sexual behavior sciences thanks to the Greeks of SHE and MEN. It was made known that in our drug experiments, the boys of SHE were given female hormones and the girls of MEN were given testosterone. This allowed for the mixing of the sexes not only physically but mentally.

Susan and I went to Copenhagen for Christmas where we got married. We gave each other SRS as gifts to one another. I gave her a penile implant to go with her cunt and tiny tits and she gave me massive boob implants, electrolysis and a vaginaplasty between my scrotum and ass. WE ARE NOW BOTH PSEUDO-HEMOPHRODITES. We got name changes, both of us are now known as M/MS Chris T. Mas, PhD sex therapists extraordinaire.