Cross dress climax. I became women

Mac lived in a cottage by the bike trail we took into the woods. Mike and I would stop by for fresh cold lemonade when Mac was outdoors, weathered lanky Black man with gray hair, a jock over 50 been a military man for many years now retired. I would see him working in yard on the edge of the woods that he was caretaker. I was drawn to older men and was attracted to him and stopped by sometimes to hear stories of the places he had been in the world. I had a mixture of fascination my sexual attraction rose in his presence. Mike and I would regularly Jack each other the Sexual attraction to a man was new to me. Mike and I were underage at 14 years and Mac was cautious. Yet he had a habit of sitting up on his workbench with his right leg cocked in a way that reveled most of his balls and dick peeking through his baggy shorts. I set in away that allowed me to look and Mac knew it but Mike was not attracted to him

I recollect a crossing from One Island to another while on a vacation trip with my older sisters on a two-hour sailing boat that was the local ferry in between some islands. I was about eight years old. There was a group of six black dockworkers crossing as well. The man that appeared to be leader was a strong, wiry but silent type that exuded power and animal magnetism. I sat close by and watched them for the time we sailed across. I was strongly attracted to this man.

I was tall, skinny and feminine, yet was star on cross-country track and popular. Though there were Gay Guys and naked jocks in the shower. I was not sexually attracted. Being an intense Scorpio I would often ware women's underwear, watch porn and jack off every night before I could get to sleep.

Being 14 Mike and I are not invited to the gay parties. And so when my Mum was away on business we crashed a fancy dress party. With Mike sisters help and make up skill we borrowed his mums old dress, wig and snuck in late when the party was in full swing. The good make up job made us look older and the part.

The tequila margaritas got us bussed. In the dimly lit room I danced. The guy's did not waste time showing their dicks up against me and groping was nice but got board, being groped did not get my dick turned on. I walked out looking for Mike and thinking of going home when I saw Mac on the back porch siping a beer, the guys he was talking with stepped inside. I was buzzed with margaritas Mac did not recognize me with my dress and heavy make up. After a few pleasantries. I asked Mac why he was not dancing. He said the dolls were all dancing and had not found anyone to dance with. I said I would dance if he wanted to.

Mac danced was a natural, grace and rythem and though it was awkward dancing in a dress I managed well. Mac moved slow and took awhile before I felt his body pressure increase as he pulled me closer. Mac waited till we moved deeper in the shadows and pulled me in an embrace.  The beat had slowed, his body pressed in, my dick was up, and we swayed to the tempo in tight embrace. The lights were dim it was hard to see, buried his face in my neck he nuzzled my face. I moved underneath him. His knee pushed between my thighs. I lifted my face up, he bent into me. He buzzed my cheek; I lifted my lips to his. He kissed me lightly and I opened my mouth. I had practiced by watching movies. He locked me in a deep kiss; his passion took my breath away. I felt his deep hunger, a passion and thirst that had not been fed for a long time, my dick sprung up, I did no longer care and crushed into him. He kissed and I kissed back. My dick was leaking I did not want wet panties. I told Mac I needed fresh air and led him out to the path I knew well to wards the stream and the secluded swimming hole...

 He traced his finger along my jaw line and than my lips. He replaced his finger with his lips.  The kiss started slowly. Sweetness was savored as lips parted and tongue met.  Urgency was felt as Mac pulled me closer.  I wanted to feel every part of Mac's body as his hands moved from my hair down my side and up my back.  He undid my dress and slipped it off my shoulders and captured a nipple in his tongue He sucked and kissed each nipple and began to suckle it.  His tongue flicked over the peak and I pushed closer. I pushed up towards him as he assaulted each nipple.  I could feel him and I was very wet. His legs pushed against my hip. He nuzzled my ear. Mac breathing was heavy and excited.

" He was kissing me, his hand was caressing my balls my ass. He sucked my tongue I went deep we both had a great hunger and a passion that left me breathless. Mac moved with grace he was strong and lifted me on to a flat ledge beside him by the creek. I was hot, my dick was up and straining and ready to shoot. I broke free

 I reached and sprung his dick loose and unbuttoned his pants. His dick was long and droopy a narrow shaft with a round head. I dropped and pulled the rubbery head into my mouth. I sucked it deep and played with it like I was sucking loli pop. I popped it out and sucked it back in. Tasted his precum.

Mac captured my hands and pulled it above my head and licked and sucked my body and leaned into my crotch with his free hand inside my panties he pulled my dick out. I began shaking as his hand and finger found my moist dick, I was wet and ready.  Mac let my hands go. I wrapped my hands around his shoulders and hugged him with hunger and passion I had not known. He kissed my neck, my navel and between my thighs, he licked my balls.  Mac knelt with his lips and tongue lapping the juices that were leaking out of me. I jumped as tongue attacked the little hole in my dick. I was throbbing and convulsing. The feeling became unbearable I trembled, he caressed my dick, he moved slowly, he pulled my panties off and removed my top as he sucked my naked body. I was in a daze. I had fantasized this moment now it was happening. We were naked, hot and sweaty. Mac was on top and his dick was pumping between my hot and sweaty thighs. I wrapped my thighs tightly around his dick and maneuvered my ass to wards the pumping head. My Sphincter could not grab it, it kept slipping out. I slipped a tube of coconut Paste into my ass and rubbed his dick with it. I arched and my ass tightened around his fingers.  He found my sweet spot and began to massage me there I maneuvered his dick and positioned it and curved my ass up to suck it in. He rolled his jacket and stuck it under my ass was up in the air, a better angle. He put his dick in. It hurt. I was wreathing. He sensed the pain. He stopped moving and I relaxed. I wanted him inside me but the pain was bad. He went down and wrapped my dick inside his mouth. He fingered and lubricated my ass.

I am small framed and very tight hole and instinctively tightened, I did not like to fuck it hurt the last time when I tried. He got back on top. My ass was higher in the air. He put his dick back in. It hurt, I was scared. He asked me to relax; he stopped moving and applied even pressure. It still hurt. He asked me to breathe and pushed as hard as I could like I was trying to shit. His dick popped in. I stopped sweating. He just stayed inside. I got comfortable. He slowly started moving. The rhythm took over I was drifting in and out of a waves of pleasure.

 I was Mac's pussy. Something I had wanted and had little idea how intensely pleasurable a dick deep inside with an Older Man. A dick the right size moving in a lazy rhythm, it made me happy. Mac drove deep but with slow short strokes. Mac was naked, it was warm night and our bodies sweaty moved easy, I tingled, sensual waves were washed over, the arousal kept rising, something I never experienced. My dick was oozing precome and spreading over our naked bodies. My ass sucked and swelled. The arousal kept building. I wonted to be consumed by him. I was floating in and out of in waves, the climax built. Mac was deep inside I wonted more. I exploded with violence that I had not expected, my climax was explosive I tried to push him off my body. I was trashing and trying to get rid of him off me. My legs were over his shoulder. I was gasping. Mac was deep inside me and had me in an iron embrace. I was helpless and gasping for air. Mac stopped moving, I fell back exhausted. The feelings subsided; He lay there with his dick in me.

I came back up, He licked the come off my body and took my dick in his mouth, and his tongue probed my crack. He licked under my balls, his tongued my ass. My ass was up in the air he face was crushing it as he tongue moved deep inside and caressed my sore sphincter. My energy was sapped. I surrendered; tomorrow I was going to be sore.

It was almost daylight when we walked out of the bushes, my secret place by the stream. He wanted to drive me home but I would not let him. I kept my age and identity. I could not remember getting home and woke up at Mikes tapping on the window late in the afternoon. Mike had come looking for me at the party since I had been gone long. His instinct guided him to our secret place in the bushes above the stream. He got to see me being fucked. Mike said I looked like a rag doll underneath a driving Mac.