By Angyl

Kincaid raced down the stairs. He locked the front door. He had the whole day to himself before anyone would get home. He had faked being sick so he would not have to go to school. He raced back upstairs and pulled a box out from the back of his closet. He opened and carefully pulled out a red and black silk teddy, black garter and lace panties. He shucked his male clothes and slipped into his teddy and panties. He went to his dresser and reached way in the back of his sock drawer and pulled out a pair of black stockings. He slipped them on and fastened them to the garter. He went over to his sister's room and found his favorite pair of her high heeled shoes. He slipped them on and went to the full length mirror. He loved what he saw.

Kincaid was only 16. He was 5'10. He had long black hair and brown eyes. He weighed about 145lbs. His body was completely devoid of hair, well he shaved, and really the only hair he had on his body other than the hair on his head, was his pubes. His cock was about 8" hard. Kincaid had an affinity for women's clothing, moreover he like the lingerie. This with the fact that he was gay, made his life partly hell.

Kincaid turned from the mirror and went back to his room. He pulled back the mattress on his bed and reached in. He pulled out a box. He sat in front of his mirror and began to apply makeup. Once he was finished, he turned his attention to hair. He pulled it back into a ponytail. He was done. He returned to his sister's room and looked at himself in the mirror. He was impressed with what he saw. He turned and checked everything. He ran his hands down his body and over his crotch. Yep he was happy with what he saw. He returned to his room and set up his cam and computer. He loved filming himself getting off in his sexy outfit. He got on the bed and started the camera. He ran his hands down and over his body, down to his now hard cock. He began to rub himself. He felt close to ejaculation. He got on his knees and pulled his cock out ready to begin stroking it.

"What the fuck man?" Someone at the door exclaimed.

Kincaid looked up to see his best friend Alex standing at the door. He completely forgot he had a key to the house.

"Shit...fucking goddamit!!"

Kincaid jumped off the bed. Alex had come into the room and was now standing there in front of him.

"Like I said...what the fuck man?"

"I...ahh...f-fuck" Kincaid stuttered.

"Dude I knew you were a fucking freak but this is beyond it."

Alex was a slight bit taller and more built than Kincaid. He was about 6'2 and weighed 200lbs, and that was all muscle. He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He too was smooth except for the trail and his pubes. He was 17 years old.

He stood there staring at Kincaid. He was almost angry with him for this shit. Alex had met Kincaid back in 5th grade, and they were best friends. He knew Kincaid was gay, but this was beyond fathoming. Mind you Alex had his little secret that he had not even told Kincaid. He was bisexual, and had for the last year been slightly attracted to him. Seeing him now was actually making him aroused. He walked over to Kincaid and slowly ran his hands down. He was impressed by the sexiness Kincaid was showing. This stunned Kincaid.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing much...I like what I see man."

Alex's hand was now down under the teddy and rubbing Kincaid's cock. It did not take long for Kincaid to get hard again. Alex led him to the bed. He lay him down and looked at him once again.

" are one hot momma!!" He exclaimed.

"Dude I got a cock...and as far as I knew, you were not like that." Kincaid replied.

"Yeah sorry man should have told you I was bi...but was not sure."

Kincaid got a smile on his face. He let Alex explore him. Alex again found his way down under the teddy, and was rubbing him through his lace panties.

"Shit man I am so turned on seeing you like this."

He pulled the panties down and released Kincaid's cock. He slowly began working it in his hand. Kincaid moaned. Alex moved and crawled in beside his friend. He leaned down and took his cock in his mouth. He moved so his crotch was right next to Kincaid's face. As he sucked him off, Kincaid began massaging him through his jeans. Then he undid the belt and zipper, and pulled down. Alex lifted and allowed Kincaid to get his jeans and boxers down. Staring Kincaid in the eye was 9" of beautiful cock. He opened moth and took it in. The two 69'd for a while and then Alex pulled off of Kincaid and looked at him.

"You know...I would not mind fucking you...with you dressed like this."

"Dude I would love it more than you know!!" Kincaid exclaimed as he pulled off Alex's cock.

One of the fantasies Kincaid always had, was getting fucked while wearing his outfit. To have it done by his best friend was immeasurable. He moved off the bed and walked over to his desk. He pulled out his lube, and went back to the bed. He crawled back on and looked at Alex.

"You want me doggy style or looking at you?"

"I wanna look at your beautiful face babe."

Alex had called him babe. This made Kincaid blush. He lifted and allowed Alex to pull his panties off. He lifted them to his nose and sniffed them. Kincaid lifted his legs and rested them on Alex's shoulders. He handed the lube to Alex, and felt him lube his boi pussy up. Then he felt Alex's cock begin to push in. He reached down and pulled his ass cheeks further apart, and Alex continued to push in. Kincaid began to moan as Alex's cock pushed in. He felt pubes as Alex buried himself deep into his pussy.

"Oh...yeah...fuck me good!!"

Alex leaned in and ran his hands over Kincaid as he fucked his friend. He bent down and kissed him. Kincaid returned the kiss. He reached down and took his cock and began to stroke it. Alex moved up and was really giving it to him. Kincaid shot his load from the pure pleasure of being fucked. He ran his hands over Alex as he was being fuck. Alex's Breathing was getting quicker.

"Shit gonna come babe!!"

He plowed in a few more times before filling Kincaid with his juice. He left his cock in as he leaned down and kissed him again. Kincaid felt his cock slip out. He was totally satisfied. Alex moved and lied down next to him. Turning on his side, he smiled at Kincaid.

"Babe that was fucking awesome...maybe you can dress up for me again...and umm...fuck me?"

Kincaid was not sure he heard right, but if he had he was definitely for it.

"I would wear this outfit for you anytime."

Alex smiled at him, and took him in his arms. Kincaid snuggled into him.

"You know like this I kind of have a girl and a boi in one...I like it."

"Yeah...and you would want more?"

"Oh yeah babe...whenever I could have you."

"Well you could have me anytime you wanted if we were dating...hahahaha."

Alex looked down at Kincaid, who had looked up at him. He smiled down at him.

"Oh well I would have to think about that one...never dated a would be my first."

"I understand."

Kincaid more than anything wanted a boyfriend that accepted him. He felt dejection when Alex kind of turned him down. He pulled away from Alex and off the bed.

"I am gonna go clean up...I am leaking everywhere." He said and took off to his bathroom.

He left Alex lying in bed. He closed the door, and looked in the mirror. He still looked good. He was a bit sweaty, but he liked what he saw. He began to cry. Another bad point in his life had occurred. He washed the makeup off and took his teddy, and other stuff off. He would wash it as soon as Alex left. He jumped in the shower, and cleaned himself. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist. He left the bathroom and saw Alex was not longer in bed, and his clothes were gone. He bent down and grabbed his panties. He took them along with his stuff and placed then on the bed. Hands wrapped around him and pulled him close.

" look hot as a guy too." Alex said.

Kincaid tried to pull away, but Alex turned him and looked at him.

"The answer is yes."

"Are you sure? I mean I am a guy."

"Yeah I am...I really want you Kincaid if you will have me."

Kincaid nodded. Alex leaned down and kissed him. He pulled Kincaid to him.

"You know I think I am really gonna like this." He said.

Well it was the truth. Kincaid and Alex grew closer each day. Kincaid always put on his Teddy and stuff when Alex was over. They took turns fucking each other. As Alex had said it was kind of like having a girl and a boi all in one.

The End


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