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Charley's Queen

Part Two

Written By: Angyl

And Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road now and forever
A Wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

After the two bois did some more serious making out, they fell asleep, snuggling in each other's arms.

   Kris awoke in the morning, well more like the afternoon. He looked over and Charley was still passed out. Kris smiled and slowly rolled out of bed. He hopped in the shower and cleaned himself up. He smiled at the turn of events from the previous night. He had got what he wanted and now he intended to keep it. He knew Charley did not have a boyfriend, he had researched it. The only downside was the fact that everyone was telling Kris that Charley was bisexual. He was sitting there and pondered this situation, when Charley came in the room.

  "Good morning sexy." Charley said.

"Oh...huh...hey hun." Kris replied, breaking his stupor.

Charley leaned down to kiss Kris, but he was stopped by a hand. Charley was shocked by this. He looked at Kris puzzled. Kris had a look of we need to talk. Charley turned and walked out of the bathroom. He had seen that look before and decided to beat a hasty retreat before anything bad happened. Thankfully he was quick and out the door before anything bad occurred. He was heartbroken. He found a guy he was attracted to, and okay so he was a queen, it only made it all the hotter for him.

Kris came out of the bathroom, and looked for Charley. He was nowhere to be found. Kris wandered and sat on the couch. It had been a great night for him, and probably for Charley as well. Damn his ignorance and paranoid thoughts. Kris broke down in tears. He knew he had probably fucked up something that would or could have been great.

Charley wandered and ended up at Ricky's place. Ricky was a really great friend whom Charley knew he could turn to. He rang the bell and waited. Eventually a groggy Ricky answered the door.

"What the fuck dude...is like 6 am?" He stated.

"Sorry dude...I needed a friend." Charley replied.

Ricky moved out of the way and let Charley in. He followed charley into the living room.

Charley sat in his usual spot. Ricky sat across from him. He waited for Charley to speak. He looked at his friend. Charley could not hold back and broke down. The tears would not stop. Ricky moved to take his friend in his arms. He held him until he finally stopped crying.

"Man what the fuck happened last night?" Ricky asked.

Charley was not sure how to tell his friend. In all the years they had known each other he had never let on that he was in fact bisexual, but truly liked guys more. He was not sure if Ricky would take it well or kick him to the curb. He knew he would have to tell his friend everything. He only hoped Ricky was understanding and not an arrogant jerk.

"First over man you need to know I am bisexual, and I really prefer guys."

He waited for a reaction or something from Ricky. Then when he saw none he related the tale of the previous night. Then he looked at Ricky.

"Fuck dude I know you are bi, does not mean shit to me...you need to get your shit together..you like this guy well then go after him."

"You know? How the fuck do you know?"

"You talk in your sleep dumbass."

Charley let out a chuckle. Ricky gave him a hug, and then looked at him.

"Now as for this guy...go after him...fuck!!"

Charley knew Kris would again be at the club. Shit what would Kris think? I mean he had walked out.

Back at Kris, Kris was wandering around. He was in no mood to get into gear for the nights show. All he thought about was Charley and how good he made him feel. All the guys he had dated in the past turned out to be pricks, but Charley was different. Kris grudgingly began to get ready. He was a queen and did not want to disappoint anyone. He knew it was early but he would take his time to get ready. He wanted to be at the club by four if he was gonna do a show.

Kris let himself into the club hours later and began to set up. This was to be his final show. He had long ago planned to step down and had over the reins to someone else. He mind continued to wander back to the previous night. He had to clear his head or he would not be in a good way to perform. He focused himself for the show.

Charley had passed out at Ricky's. Now he was back at the club. It was almost ten; the show did not start for another half hour. He wandered in and down to the bar. He grabbed himself a rye and coke. He took a seat near but out of the way of the stage. He watched everyone in the bar. Then his eyes turned to the stage. The lights had gone down signaling the start of the show. Then he heard the voice.

"Hellloooo Darlings!!"

Krissy sauntered onto the stage. Loud applause rose from the crowd. She curtsied and bow for her fans. Then she got serious.

"Well my darlings tonight is a special night for me...this is my last show for you all."

Boo's erupted from the crowd. Krissy gave a stance.

"Come now babies...it is time for another girl to win your hearts."

Charley was shocked to find out she was stepping down. However he was more into the guy behind the makeup, so it did not matter. He half listened to the show and all the performers. He really wanted to be with Kris more than anything in his life. He was lost in thought and soon the show was over. He looked up and saw Krissy chatting up some people. He had to do it, he need Krissy in his life. Slowly he wandered over. He stood off to the side until Krissy saw him. She turned back to the group and then she came over.

"Well isn't this a surprise." She said.

"Look I am sorry for this morning...I freaked out." Charley replied.

"It is not your fault hun...I panicked...not used to having a bi guy liking me."

"Can we go somewhere and talk?"

Krissy motioned to a room off to the side. It was the stage room and in back was a smaller office area. Krissy walked over and talked to some guy and then came back.

"We can use the back office."

Charley followed Krissy into the back office. I sat on the only thing available, a dingy old sofa. Krissy took off her wig, and shoes.

"Fuck that feels so much better." He said with a sigh.

He wandered over and sat next to Charley and looked at him. Then he sighed again.

"Look Charley I am sorry about this morning...I guess I am not comfortable with you being bisexual and not gay."

Charley looked at Kris and looked at the ground.

"Look all I know is that last night was the best thing that ever happened to me...yeah I am bi...you know...I really prefer cock...and well if you cannot deal with that then maybe I should just go!!" Charley stated.

He was up and about to head out the door when Kris grabbed his arm. Charley turned; Kris had tears in his eyes. Charley pulled him to him and hugged him. Kris felt the wave of tears he had been holding back flow. Charley pulled Kris to him and held tight. When the tears finally stopped, Kris was in shambles but did not really care.

"I am so sorry...I can be a stubborn bitch at times." He said.

"Is all good...I think I may have done the same thing myself were I in your shoes." Charley replied.

To hell with the makeup, Kris leaned in and gave Charley a deep passionate kiss. Charley returned the kiss with equal passion. This was going to be the start of a brand new life.

"So you want to start over?" He asked.

"Yes...I would love that very much." Kris replied.

Kris did not even bother looking in the mirror. He knew he looked like crap. He went and changed out of his drag gear, and cleaned his face as best he could. He wanted to take Charley and go home. He knew he would get in shit for leaving, but he honestly did not care at that point in time. He took Charley by the hand and they headed out. Only Charley stopped him before he opened the door.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked.

"Yeah sure hun anything." Kris replied.

"Ummm...you think every once in a while you could get dolled up for me." He said with a wink.

Kris burst out laugh and nodded. He opened the door and out into the night they went, hand in hand down the side walk. Ignorng the calls from the club manager to come back.

The End