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Deep Inside The Park

Dedicated to LUCY P who asked for something special involving panties. Enjoy : )


It was half term, I was 13, and had no home work to do, plus I hadn't had any 'relief' for 2 days!!

Since it was a nice day, I decided to go out and play in the park. Taking advantage of the fresh spring sunshine, I wore my favourite T-shirt, with navy blue shorts - the kind which have a zipper in the front. For some reason I couldn't find my friends, so rather than go back home, I headed over to the woods, hoping to find a nice quiet spot where I could pull my cock out and have a wank.

As luck would have it, I ran into Ray and another boy ( thinking about it, they were probably there for the same reason LOL) and when he asked me if I wanted to go deeper into the woods, I agreed without hesitation, hoping that we would find something interesting to do.

Ray was wearing a dark coloured shirt, with some nice cut-off denim shorts, and whenever I looked at him I found myself thinking back to our last game, and how nice it felt when he touched my penis. I also remembered how large his cock was, and found myself dreaming of him pushing it into my mouth!

I knew he was looking at me, and wondered if he was having similar thoughts. As we walked along a little used trail into the woods he asked me, " hey, did you like what we were doing in that game? I kind of got the impression you wanted me to pull your shorts down and feel you up?"

I could feel the excitement start to build within me when I heard his words, and answered "it felt really nice, and when I saw Tony in his pants I just wanted to show you mine. I know it is dirty... but there is this thing which really turned me on."

Walking more slowly, he drew me off the path and into a little grassy spot, bordered by bushes. "Why don't you tell me what it is?"

I protested, " oh no, not here, I'm not saying naughty things with your friend listening,. "

Ray answered, "well come over there and whisper it to me, so he can't hear."

We walked a few feet away, and I blushed as I told him, "I love being undressed, especially when I have to show my underpants to someone."

He told me "that's not crazy, you look so cute in your little white panties! In fact, I want to touch you right now " and he caressed my bum before moving his hand around the front of my shorts and briefly squeezing my little testicles, making me feel instantly horny. Then he took my hand and led me back to his friend, who he introduced as Brian.

He made me lie down on the grass between them, then they knelt beside me. Bryan was wearing a nice pair of silky white sports shorts, and because he was kneeling with his legs apart, I got a tantalising glimpse of his apple green underpants when I looked up his shorts!

Ray then told Brian, "this is the boy I was telling you about, the friend of my brother. He likes being spanked, particularly with his shorts down, in fact he is a total slut who will let you get into his knickers in five minutes flat," and with that he rolled me over onto my front so that I lay face down on the grass.

Taking the hint I lifted my bum up, and was rewarded by a hard slap on my rear. This was followed by a few more, sounding quite loud as they landed on the blue shorts stretched tightly over my bum, and generating a nice tingling feeling between my legs.

Ray then asked Brian if he wanted a go, and I felt my boy-cock begin to grow inside my shorts as Brian smacked my lean buttocks sharply, while Ray ran his hand up my leg. Although I was enjoying it, I felt a sense of panic when I heard him say, "why don't we pull his shorts down and spank him in his underpants?" There was no way I could let them do that, because they would see what I was wearing under my shorts, and my secret would be out!

I started to struggle, but they rolled me over onto my back so they could get access to the fastener on my shorts. Then, while Brian held me down, Ray unzipped my shorts and pulled them open, revealing the soft feminine panties I wore underneath!

Both boys froze, their eyes glued to the triangle of pink material showing through the opening in my shorts. Ray exclaimed "look, he is wearing girls panties! Let's strip him so we can see them properly."

My face went deep red with shame. Not realising that I might end up in this position, I had slipped on a pair of my sisters pink lace panties this morning. Now my secret was out, and there was nothing I could do. I tried to resist, but their superior strength overwhelmed me, and my clothing was pulled off piece by piece, until they had stripped me completely down to my flimsy pink knickers! They were my favourite pair, made of a beautiful pink stretch lace material, in a bikini style, which barely concealed any of my slim teenage body, and certainly revealed most of my cock and balls through the holes in the delicate lace pattern.

Unsure whether to run away or cry, I was heartened to see both boys looking at me with an expression of lust! This was confirmed by the fact that both of them were now sporting full erections, which were almost bursting out of their shorts. Ray was the first to speak, "you look amazing! Do you often wear girls knickers?" and he put his hand on my secret place, exploring my awakening body through the soft pink lace which was all that protected my modesty.

I nodded, "yes, they feel so nice I prefer them, does that make me a naughty girl?" and I parted my legs, my young penis starting to rise inside my panties as Brian began to rub my testicles through the gusset.

Needless to say, it wasn't long before the boys aroused my eager penis to full erection, and when Brian slid his hand inside I felt such a wave of emotion it was all I could do to stop myself cumming on the spot. Instead, I took hold of his silky white shorts and started to drag them down. He helped me take them off, then knelt by me with his long stiff prick poking out of the top of his stylish green briefs.

Now I turned my attention to Ray, unbuttoning his denim shorts and quickly pulling them down, together with his pale blue nylon underpants, so that I could get to his swollen cock. I wanted to be such a naughty girl; to give myself to both boys, to feel their hands ravishing my body, tearing my lacy panties off and raping me savagely with their stiff cocks until they filled me with their hot cum.

I think they felt the same way, because they suddenly pushed me over, so that I was kneeling on all fours between them. I pushed my panty clad bum out, and felt a sudden sting as Ray slapped it hard. This only served to ignite the fire in my belly and raised me to an even greater height of arousal. Reaching forward, I took hold of Brian's swollen shaft and guided it into my mouth, enthusiastically sucking his hard penis while Ray spanked my tender buttocks until they glowed even pinker than my panties! Each slap pushing me forward, and thrusting Brian's penis deeper into my mouth.

Then came the magic moment; Ray pulled the gusset of my lacy panties to one side, easing his finger inside and stroking the entrance to my anus. This always drives me wild, and as he wriggled his fingertip inside my sex-hole I felt my orgasm start to erupt. I sucked hard on Brian's cock, feeling his salty spunk flooding my mouth as I pushed backwards against Ray's finger, forcing it deep into my anus. The combined stimulation triggered my climax, and I flooded my pink knickers with hot boy-cream, sending it spurting out through the holes in the pink lace.

After Brian had stopped spunking in my mouth, I let his cock slip out. But not before I had thoroughly licked it clean, from the dripping head, right down to his hairy balls. When I had finished, he moved behind me, and between them the two boys completely removed my boy-cream filled knickers, throwing them into the branches of a tree, so that they hung above us like a flag, celebrating our union of lust.

Now I lay stark naked in front of them, with my boy-cunt open and waiting to be filled.

I closed my eyes, as I felt Ray's long hard penis pushing against the ring of my anus, forcing it to stretch opened wider, until it could accommodate the full width of his teenage cock. It hurt a little as he pushed the head through, then he slid deep into my bum. He fucked me slowly at first, pulling his shaft almost fully out before thrusting it back up my bum again. My whole body felt as though it was on fire, with every nerve ending seemingly connected directly to that stiff rod thrusting in and out of my willing boy-cunt!

I had never been fucked like that before, I could feel his testicles slapping against my bum with every stroke, and his gorgeous cock filling every inch of my rectum. Part of me wanted this to go on forever, but, just as he brought me to a peak of pleasure, I felt his rod jerking inside me, squirting hot teen sperm inside my trembling body. He held me tight while his penis slowly softened, then I heard a sucking sound as he pulled out of me, his softening cock wet and shiny with his juices.

Thinking that was it, I rolled over onto my back, and was faced by Brian, kneeling naked beside me, slowly stroking his rigid prick, which had already recovered from my sucking off.

Exhausted and still shaky, I was too weak to resist as he pulled my legs apart, then between them they raised my knees towards my chest. He looked at my exposed anus for a moment, watching Ray's spunk start to dribble out, then he pushed the whole length of his penis into my bum. Fortunately it was still lubricated by Ray's semen, so it didn't hurt as he drove his full erection deep into me. Despite my state, the new stimulation caused my own penis to rise again until it stood, stiff and throbbing, slapping against my belly with each stroke, as Brian's cock penetrated me.

Ray knelt down beside me, his hand gripping my stiff rod, masturbating me to my second orgasm while his friend fucked my bum. I came first, spraying load of watery spunk over my chest and belly. Then I felt Brian ejaculate, filling me with his hot creamy sperm. Ray was so turned on by watching us have sex that his hand was now wrapped round his own shaft, furiously wanking himself off as he watched us fucking. He finished by ejaculating his teen spunk all over my face and hair!

Despite the frenzied way in which they had just ravished my naked body, the boys were gentle as they cleaned the sticky boy-cream off me. Then they watched, as I recovered my little pink knickers from the tree and pulled them back on, followed by my shorts. When I was fully dressed again, we left. And as we walked back out of the park, Ray asked me "do you often wear your sisters knickers?" when I admitted that I did, he went on, "well... have you ever worn anything else of hers... you know, like her stockings, or one of her miniskirts?"

Sensing that more than just a casual interest lay behind the question, I confessed "I occasionally borrow her clothes, but I couldn't wear them outside, in case they got dirty and she noticed. We could do something at your house though. Would you like to see me wearing one of her revealing miniskirts, or tie me to the bed, in just my bra and knickers so you can fuck me and cum all over me?"


Well, readers; the answer is in your hands, if you would like to know what happened next, let me know : )