RIPPING MY PANTIES OFF - by whitebriefs




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DEEP INSIDE THE PARK 2 - Ripping My Panties Off

This one is dedicated to my friend Lacey, the naughtiest girl I know.   
There so much we could do together, honey : )

Thank you all for your encouraging feedback and emails. It's nice to know that someone out there reads these, since they take me such a long time to write!

Some of you have been asking what happened next, after the incidents described in the last chapter.

Well a week or so later, I met Peter's brother again, this time in his bedroom, and this time he got me so excited that I let him take my panties off, and push his big stiff cock right up my bum!

You want to know how that happened? Then let me describe the whole experience to you!


One afternoon at school, Ray stopped me in the corridor, and pushed a piece of paper into my hand, before rushing off. Finding a quiet corner, I looked at the paper, wondering what it meant. As my eyes scanned the note I felt the colour rush to my face. It read ' loved having you in the park last week. My friends want to meet you, they like boys in panties so come over to my house after school, and make sure you are wearing your sisters knickers, I want them to see my little girl slut!? '

Was he serious? Could I trust him not to betray my secret? I debated whether to go not, but in the end the thought of what might happen at his house was just too attractive. So after going home to pinch some of my sister's clothes, then change into a pair of her best black lace panties, I caught the bus over to his house.

When I got there, I found, as I had expected, that his parents were out, and he led me straight upstairs to his bedroom, where his friends were waiting for me expectantly.

They were both from his class, and quite good looking, Eric had a muscular development, which went with his really short hair, whereas Robin had shoulder length dark hair, with lovely brown eyes and a tall, slim body which just cried out to be touched - something I was looking forward to trying!

Ray introduced me to them, "this is my kid brother's friend, the one I told you about. A total slut who just loves hard cocks, and showing her panties!" To prove his point, he told me to stand in front of the bed they were all sitting on.

Then he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them open, showing the boys what I was wearing underneath. I saw their mouths open when they realised I was wearing girls underwear under my jeans. An interesting bulge developed in the front of Robin's trousers, making me suddenly feel rather wanton.

I wanted to see these boys with their hard cocks pointing towards me, so I said softly to Ray, " would you like to see me wearing the rest of my sisters school stuff as well?" and I showed him the contents of the bag I had brought with me.

He took a quick look, gulped, and told me I could use the bathroom to change in. I hurried off, leaving the boys talking excitedly amongst themselves as Ray told them what was in my bag.

After a few minutes, I came back, standing in the doorway of the room for effect. It was everything I had hoped for, and Ray instantly grabbed my hand pulling me over to the bed. I posed in front of the three boys, wearing my sisters school uniform of white top, little pleated mini skirt, and tiny black panties!

It was some time before any of them spoke, but the look on their faces ignited a lust within me. I sat down on Ray's lap, putting my arms round his neck and rubbing my bottom against the hardening object inside his trousers. Then I kissed him, and as my lips touched his, I felt his hand sliding up my skirt.

I parted my thighs to let him know I wasn't objecting, enjoying the sensation as he caressed my inner thigh before working up to that precious place between my legs.

Knowing that it would turn them on, I opened my legs further so that the other two boys could see Ray's hand stroking the gusset of my black panties. Then I got up, moving over to Robin, snuggling on his lap while I kissed him firmly. My hand reached down, the outspread fingers carefully locating the long hard ridge in the front of his black school trousers.

As I touched his hardness, he responded by putting his hand up my mini skirt to touch my boy-cock through my knickers, sending a delicious tingle through my body.

Not wanting to leave Eric out, I moved over to him after a couple of minutes. This time I sat down on the bed next to him, pushing my tongue into his mouth as I felt him lift the front my skirt up, revealing the bulge in my lacy knickers. In return, my thumb and forefinger located his zipper, easing it down so that I could insert my hand inside his charcoal trousers. I felt the warmth of his erection through his tight cotton underpants, and wanted to see more.

So I knelt on the bed beside him, aware that my pleated mini skirt had ridden up, so that it barely concealed my bum.

Robin and Ray moved behind me, and I felt one of them lift my skirt up over my waist, completely exposing the delicate lace panties stretched over my curvy buttocks. They have always been my favourite style, I just loved the way my body showed through the holes in the finely detailed floral lace pattern. They even had scalloped lace trim round the thighs, instead of just plain elastic, and there was a small embroidered rose on the front of the waistband.

I wiggled my bum at them as I continued to fondle Eric's cock hoping they would get the hint!

Then to my delight, I felt a sharp slap on my panty clad cheeks. This was followed by second and third in quick succession, as Ray ' punished ' me for being such a dirty girl.

Robin joined in, spanking my exposed bum until the skin showing through the holes showed pink against the black lacy material of my knickers.

By now I was so excited my cock was rigid, and I tore at the front of Eric's trousers, pulling them open then reaching into his blue-and-white striped underpants to pull out his erect penis.

Taking it into my mouth, I greedily sucked and licked at his juicy shaft, the taste of sweet teenage boy-meat fuelling my desire to have one of their cocks inside my boy-pussy. Urgently I took hold of Eric's trousers, trying to pull them down so I could get better access to his throbbing shaft. He helped me by lifting his hips off the bed, and I managed to pull his trousers and underpants down to his knees, freeing his beautiful cock. It stood up proudly in front of me, about 5 inches long and straight as a poker. Underneath, hung two large testicles, covered in fine dark hair, and just right for sucking

I just had time to take one of his balls into my mouth, gently running my tongue over it, before I was dragged away by Ray and Robin.

They threw me on to the bed, where I lay on my back with my legs apart and knees raised, giving the boys a good view up my skirt. I smiled, "do you like peeking up my skirt and looking at my knickers then? I bet you like lacy ones, can you see my stiff prick through the holes? I can't wait to see yours! "

That did it, the three boys leaped upon me, and began to strip me forcibly, tearing off my miniskirt, then ripping off the buttons on my blouse (which I had to pay for later!) So that I was left lying on the bed with just my sexy little black panties on, and my stiff penis trying to burst out of the front!

The boys then removed their own clothes, piling their school uniforms on the floor before clustering around me again.

I was now surrounded by three handsome teenage boys wearing just their underpants. Ray was wearing a pair of dark blue Y-fronts, with his barely concealed organ reaching up almost to the waistband, whereas Robin had a small pair of cute white cotton briefs on, the front tenting out with his teenage erection.

Eric had a rather nice pair of blue and white striped nylon underpants which showed a nice outline of his thin, hard prick.

I reached over to Robin, rolling over onto my side so I could tug his little white briefs down and get my first look at his juicy cock. As soon as I saw it I wanted it in my mouth, it was like a long pink sausage, with the foreskin already retracted and two smooth hairless balls hanging in their wrinkled sack between his legs. He hardly even had any pubic hair, just some fine golden ones above his cock.

As I took his penis into my mouth, beginning to suck enthusiastically on it, I felt a hand go down the front of my knickers, searching for my young cock. Fingers closed round it, and I moaned with pleasure as one of the boys started to wank me. Feeling the spunk start to rise up from my balls, I let Robin's penis slip out of my mouth. Taking hold of it, I pointed towards me face and began to masturbate him rapidly until he ejaculated all over my face and hair!

A stream of white fluid squirted out of his 14-year-old penis, getting me just to the left of my nose. The next stream of schoolboy cum went all over my hair, and was followed by a third which splashed over my cheek. By the time he had finished cumming my face looked as though it was covered in whipped cream, running down my neck and onto my chest.

Robin then pulled my throbbing penis out of my lacy knickers and wanked me off making me shoot my creamy girl-sperm all over my belly, where it lay in sticky pools until one of the boys began to massage it into my skin.

I was so excited I didn't want it to stop, so I rolled over onto my belly, presenting my panty-clad bum to the boys, hoping and longing to feel something long and hard inside my boy-cunt.

Eric moved between my legs, and I felt something hard rubbing up and down the cleft in my bum. But the gusset of my knickers prevented him from slipping into me.

Frustrated, the two boys grabbed the back of my knickers and pulled; there was a ripping sound, and my little lacy knickers were torn from my naked body, exposing my sex-hole.

Eric positioned himself between my open legs and I happily felt the head of his penis pushing against my puckered rosebud. I tried to relax my muscles, and finally his stiff teen cock slid into my anus! It felt so big as he pushed it up my bum, and he touched something inside me which made my own penis grow to erection again.

I braced myself against the bed, as he thrust his shaft in and out of my waiting boy-cunt, and wanting it to go on forever. But he was so excited about fucking a boy in panties that he barely lasted two minutes before panting and groaning as he filled me with his sperm. As he pulled out, the last few drops splattered over my buttocks, and he rubbed it all around the entrance to my sex-hole.

Ray took me next, raping my tight anus with his big teen cock, fucking me hard and fast until I saw stars in front of my eyes. Luckily Eric's cum lubricated me well enough so that it didn't hurt too much. I could feel my cock swinging between my legs with every stroke, as Ray thrust in and out of me.

When he cried out that he was about to climax, I squeezed his shaft with my cunt muscles, milking every last drop of white schoolboy spunk before I let his penis slip out of my bum.

Now it was Robin's turn, and he rolled me over onto my back before moving between my parted thighs and inserting his eager boy-cock into my rather pink and sore anus.

I lifted my knees up to help him, enjoying the wonderful sensation as his rigid teen boy prick entered my body, jerking in and out as he panted his way towards a second climax.

Ray had already recovered, and now knelt by my side wanking himself off to a second climax. I turned my head towards him, just in time to catch the fountain of spunk which sprayed all over my face and hair, adding to the previous load which had started to dry! Then I felt Robin's thin body shake as he came.

Unlike the other two boys, he didn't impregnate my body with his sperm. Instead, he pulled out and pointed his penis at me, ejaculating a thick stream of milky white sperm all over my cock and balls.

Then he bent forward to kiss me, and as his tongue darted into my mouth, he reached between our naked bodies. His hand closed round my erect penis, still covered in his slimy cum, and he swiftly masturbated me to my second full orgasm, making me add my load to the copious quantities of teenage sperm already coating my writhing naked body.

When they had all three finished ravishing my body, the boys fetched some towels and helped clean the boy-juice off me.

After taking one look at my tattered black panties, Ray went and got me a pair of blue underpants belonging to Peter, which I borrowed to get home in. Naturally that didn't help me with my sister, I still had to replace them to prevent her from finding out what I been up to. LOL

Of course when I brought them back, I couldn't resist showing them to Peter, who promptly tied me to his bed then stripped me, before doing unmentionable things to me? But that will have to wait until the next chapter!
Let me know if you want me to write it : )