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I’m Madison, Chapter 9.  The Morning After


I felt heat against my body.  My eyes snapped awake.  I wasn’t alone in my bed!  What the Hell?


Oh!  I realized that I was still with Bill.  We’d fallen asleep after he’d fucked my mouth, then ass, then pulled out and shot his load on my face.  He must be tired.  He’d came in or on me 3 times last night.  My ass was sore, but it was a good sore!  


I slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom.  It was around 5 AM.  I looked in the mirror.  My make-up was ruined with Bill’s cum, not to mention the sweat from our exertions.  I wasn’t wearing panties, just the short chemise I’d worn along with the thigh high hose. My wig I’d left on the bedpost, so my hair hung limply around my face. I carefully washed my face, taking the make-up and cum off.  I shaved my face after that, then took off the lingerie.  I stepped into my shower for a quick refresher, thinking I’d rejoin Bill.


As I soaped up, my thoughts kept creeping back to last night.  Oh it was good.  Bill was so manly and hot, in control the entire time.  I kept thinking back to that initial penetration, to the way I felt when he was above me.  It really was the best experience I’d ever had.  That last round was really hot, too.  The way he’d grabbed my head and pushed me down to his cock, then held my head steady while he fucked my face.  So assertive!  I’d kept gagging, which he seemed to enjoy.  I needed to work on that though.  It wasn’t as pleasant for me.  Then he’d had me kneel on the bed and put my face on the pillow, my ass high in the air, then...


something hot and hard entered my ass.  


Wait, this wasn’t a flash-back.


This was Bill in the shower, fucking me standing up!  


I hadn’t even heard or felt him enter!


Oh God, it felt good.  I leaned forward a bit, placing my hands against the wall, as Bill thrust up into me.  He held me by my waist with his left arm and kissed my neck as he fucked me once again.  I gasped at every thrust of his hard cock into my ass.


He nibbled my ear as he continued fucking me, the hot water splaying on our bodies, then started whispering, “You like that?”


“Yes,” I gasped.


“You like my cock in your ass?” he growled again.


“Oh, yes,” I gasped again.


He reached around and started stroking my cock.  Within minutes I was cumming on the shower wall.  Bill was still hammering away.  After a few more minutes he started slowing down.  I hadn’t felt him cum, so I was bit confused...


“Do you want to suck it again?” he whispered in my ear.


To be honest, the answer was...not really.  It had been a while since I’d prepped my ass.  The thought of putting his lube, cum, and (again, to be honest) crap-covered cock in my mouth was frankly quite gross.


“I’d rather clean it, first” I whispered back.  


“OK” he said in my ear, slipping out of my hole.  


I turned around and grabbed the liquid strawberry scented soap from the stand, squirting some on my hand and building up some lather.  I applied the lather to his cock, the water hitting his back and running down the front.  He was so sexy!  I started stroking it, cleaning it with my hands.  After a minute, I knelt and rinsed my hands with the water falling from his back.  I grabbed a washcloth and gently cleaned his cock.  Once I thought it was clean, he turned and rinsed it off, then I went through the process one last time, paying attention to its ridges and slit.  I took my time performing this very intimate service for him.  I knew I’d be sucking it in a few minutes, and besides, I really enjoyed watching it bob up and down.


Finally it was clean.  He turned around and let the water rinse it off again.  While his back was turned to me, I leaned in and pressed my face to his ass crack, and kissed his hole.  I don’t know why.  I just really wanted to.  He moaned, so I kept going, kissing and licking it for a few minutes.  Finally he turned around, presented his hard cock to my face, and I took his beautiful member into my mouth.  Sucking him deeper than I did last night, I concentrated on relaxing my throat, hoping I could eventually deep throat.  


“You’re a pretty little cocksucker.  You know that, right?” Bill asked.  


I didn’t answer.  I couldn’t, really.


“I know a nice place at the lake with rental cabins.  Why don’t we spend next weekend together?”


I thought about Amy’s group sex invitation.  I really wanted to go, but this was too good to pass up.  I nodded, and Bill smiled down at me.  He was so gorgeous with his wet hair and body, he muscled chest glistening, and of course his cock in my mouth.  He placed his hands on my hand and started to fuck my face in earnest.  All I could do was to keep my lips wrapped around his big, hard manhood.  I was in heaven.  Once again, Bill was aggressive without being hurtful, although I found myself gagging a little once again.


Finally, after what seemed like seconds (or was it hours?), Bill grunted and I feel his semen coat the back of my throat.  Sucking the last drops of semen out of his cock, I felt Bill withdraw and say, “I gotta go to work.”


Well, I knew it had to end sometime.  Bill helped me to my feet and I kissed him gently.  We finished showering and Bill got dressed to leave while I put on a robe.  I kissed him good bye at the door and went back to sleep.


When I woke up a few hours later, I felt so great!  I spent the next few hours primping myself, just to look nice.  After I cleaned out my bottom and shaved my body, I spent a good hour in my fluffy white robe doing my nails, coloring them a glossy red.  I spent 2 hours working on my make-up.  I put my hair up for the day in a small pony tail, which left a couple of long locks going down the side of my face.  Just when I finished, the phone rang.




“This is Amy.  How did last night go?”


“Perfect,” I purred into the phone.


“Really!  Tell me everything!” Amy exclaimed.


We spoke for a few minutes, then Amy agreed to come over to get all the details.  She arrived in a blue and silver-gray sun dress that showed off her boobs a little while accentuating her tiny waist.  She was wearing cute little silver thongs and her nails were painted a glossy red.  We covered everything, from the first kiss, to him paying for dinner, to my aggressiveness in asking for him to come in.  


Finally I told her about his invitation.


“I’m sorry.  I told him yes,” I told her.


“Well,” Amy said, “I really can’t blame you.  He sounds awesome.  Did he really call you a ‘pretty little cocksucker’?”


“Yes,” I replied.


“Hmmm. Maybe you’ll be spending some time as his bitch this weekend.  He sounds assertive and masterful, in a good way.  How did you feel when he said that?”


“I don’t know,” I answered truthfully.  “Part of me was offended, but part of me, most of me, really liked it.”


“I can tell,” Amy said, archer her eyebrow. My cock had gotten erect, and was tenting my robe.


I laughed about it, “OK, maybe I really, really liked it.  I don’t know, I just liked being on my knees for him.”


“What about me?  Did you enjoy it giving oral to me?”


“Yes, but I’ve always liked licking pussy.”


“Hmmm.  I think you’re a pretty natural bottom.  You like giving pleasure.  It turns you on and enables you to get off.”


I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that.  It was true, but what did it say about me?  I asked Amy what her thoughts were.


“It’s not a put-down to say you’re a bottom.  You protect yourself when you need to.  You stood up to me.  You stood up to James.  You’re not a pushover, but you like it on your knees.  You like when someone calls you a pretty little cocksucker.  You’re not a sissy, but you are a bit of a slut, and I mean that in a good way!”


I laughed, “Yeah, we are sluts together, aren’t we?”


“Yes we are.  Now, are you all tired out from Bill, or do you think you have some energy for me?” she asked with a wicked grin.


“I think I can go another round or two.”


“You’re not...dirty down there, are you?” Amy asked apprehensively.


“No.  He only blew me.  I was the one with a cock in my ass” I replied.


“And you loved it, didn’t you, you filthy whore?” Amy asked mischievously.


“I did,” I answered proudly.  “He has a nice, big cock, and it filled me so good!”


She laughed, “I think I’m jealous!”


“Are you?” I asked, laughing with her. “Do you want a big hard cock in your ass?”


“Yeah,” she said, and I could tell she was slowly turning serious.


I undid my robe’s sash.  “What about this one?”


“That will be perfect,” she said, smiling widely as she stood.  She unzipped her dress and let it fall to floor.  I likewise stood and let my robe fall off.  Soon, she was kneeling in front of me, sucking my cock and kissing my balls.  What a nice sight.  She was really good at keeping eye contact.  Soon, though, I was giving her subtle hints to stop.  I’d already cum twice since yesterday evening, and wasn’t twenty years old anymore!


“Turn around,” I growled lightly.  She did so, and put her face on the floor, her ass in the air.  I noticed that we were right by my front door, and wondered briefly if Doris was spying on me.  Well, if she was, I wanted to give her a good audio show!


I knelt behind Amy, looking at her gorgeous ass sticking in the air, her pussy and asshole so beautifully exposed.  I ran my finger down her crack, lightly touching both, before ending up with my middle finger lightly touching her clitoris.  Rubbing it gently, I let a long strand of saliva drip from my mouth onto her exposed asshole.  Amy moaned, and it was my turn to ask questions.


“You like that?”


“Yeah,” she moaned.


“You like my hot spit on your ass?”


“Yeah,” she moaned louder.


“You want my tongue on your ass?”


“Yeah, lick my ass, you ass licker,” she growled.


Just like that, I was kissing and licking my second ass of the day.  Amy was wonderfully vocal, telling me how much she liked it as I loosened her up.  First one finger, then two.  Carefully adding lots of lube and all the while tonguing her ass, then clit, then ass again.  We progressed to inserting anal beads in her ass, and continued rimming.  Finally, she was relaxed enough for my cock.


I knelt behind her and tease her asshole with my cockhead.  “You like that, don’t you?”


“Yeah, but I’ll like it better when you stop teasing me and fuck me!” she panted.


Feeling proud that I’d made her ready, and feeling especially sexy, and told her, “Tell me how much you want my cock.”


“I want it sooo much.  Please fuck me,” she groaned.


“Louder, my little slut.”


“Please fuck me!” she said louder, but not loud enough.


“Louder, slut.  Tell me where you want me to fuck you!”


“In my ASS!” she yelled, “Fuck me in my slutty ass!!!”


And I entered her ass for the first time, groaning as I pushed my cock all the way in and waited a few moments for her to get used to it.


“That’s really good!” she said back to me. “Who taught you how to fuck ass?”


I laughed, my cock straining at her hole, “Ummmm, I think you did!”


I started thrusting now, occasionally looking down at how my cock filled her ass.  Amy was moaning.  She was actually moaning louder than she did when I fucked her pussy.  After a while, I’m not sure how long, but Amy had had several orgasms, I felt my balls tightening.  


“I’m gonna cum,” I growled.


“Yeah,” Amy gasped, “cum in my ass.”


That was all the encouragement I needed, and I felt myself exploding in her ass.  After a few moments, I finally finished and leaned against her, gasping for air myself.  I pulled out of her ass, taking a quick peek at it gaping open, but already starting to close.  


Amy rolled over on her back, laying on the floor in front of my front door.  I was sweating from fucking her.  She was sweating from being fucked.  I thought, as I looked down at her, that I was living the best of both worlds now.  I had my man.  I had my woman.  I had friends that liked me for me.  Best of all, I liked me, which I couldn’t have said a year ago.  


I didn’t know if this would last for long, but it didn’t matter.  As Amy and I cleaned up and she left my place, I really felt blessed.  


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