by Stephanie Silver


Chapter 13 - Back to Mayville

Something did come up just then, but the streets of Provo was definitely not the right place to take care of it. Although Jenna assured Lucas she would take care of it just as soon as they found a place where she could.

Meanwhile there was no question they would go back to live in Mayville. Utah was a nice place to visit, according to Jenna, but she didn't want to live there. Neither did Lucas. Mayville, on the other hand, was home. For both of them now.

"I got a job there," said Lucas.

"At the studio? I knew that."

"No, a real job. One that pays a lot."

Jenna was intrigued. "Tell me."

Lucas told her about the position he'd just accepted with a company in Knoxville as their IT database manager. "The best thing is I can work from home most of the time. I probably only have to go in once a week or so."

"That's great," said Jenna. "And I could go back to working at Burke's."

"No!" Lucas was adamant. "I know what he has you do there, and I don't want you doing it anymore."

Jenna looked sheepish. "It was just... I needed to do something," she said.

"Well now you can do me," he said.

"Can we do that other thing? That thing that was always going to be just between you and me?"

Lucas grinned. "I can do it to you. The question is, can you can do it to me?"

"I'll try," she said lovingly.

That conversation took place far away from the ears of Jenna's parents, of course. They knew, or at least suspected, what was going on between Lucas and their daughter, but there was no point bringing it out in the open.

The trip back to Mayville had to wait a couple days. It was New Year's Day and there was a very important football game the following day for the entire King family - the Sugar Bowl, with Utah and Alabama. Utah was 12-0 at that point and a win, however unlikely, would potentially give them a claim to the national championship. Despite what others might say on the subject. There was no way Jenna could miss that. Not when she had the chance to watch it with her family, the ones who had raised her to love Utah football.

The question, then, was what to do with Lucas until after the game. Sending him to live in a hotel seemed awfully inconsiderate, but Jenna wasn't sure how her parents would react to letting him stay with them. "For sure we won't be sleeping in the same room," she warned him with a kiss. "We can live in sin once we get to Mayville, if we want, but ain't no way my dad's letting us do it here."

And so for two days, despite finally being a couple again, Lucas and Jenna continued to practice abstinence. From one another, that is. Just as they'd done since that warm summer day in June when Jenna had asked Lucas to meet her at Jo & Lou's for a drink. Just as they'd been doing for the last twelve years since Jed's high school graduation.

After the talk in the car, Jenna had woken her parents, asking them if it was okay if Lucas slept on the couch downstairs. "You can't send him to a hotel," she said. "Not on New Years'. And it's too cold for him to sleep in his car."

Brother King relented, realizing that Jenna was right. Whatever his personal feelings were about Lucas, they didn't trump the need to be charitable.

And for that matter, having Lucas stay with them for those two days did a lot to soften his opinion on Lucas. Dads are like that, I guess. They can be hard-nosed and stubborn when it comes to protecting their little girls from men who might try to take advantage of them. But eventually, one comes along who is somehow different from the others. He fits in. He belongs. He becomes part of the family. To the point where a father might actually forget which one is his flesh and blood, and which one is... well, I was going to say child by marriage, but in this case there wasn't going to be a marriage, so... I'm left not knowing how else to describe it. I think you know what I mean.

For two days, Lucas was there for breakfast, helping with the dishes, eating dinner with them, and generally acting like a regular member of the family. And it was pretty clear - Sister King could see it more easily than Brother King could, but once she explained it to her husband, he knew she was right - Jenna, their daughter, was in love. And probably always had been. She acted different with Lucas than she did with anyone else. She flittered. That's how her mom described it. She just seemed happier. No less trouble-free than before, but somehow better able to handle all those troubles.

Begrudgingly, Brother King had to admit that, in the long run, this Lucas fellow was probably a good thing for her. "Take good care of her, Lucas," he said just before they left. "She means a lot to us."

"I will," promised Lucas.

And he did.

Wally was there for the game. Of course. Like Lucas, he was an honorary member of the family, too. "I think we're going to be seeing a lot of Wally," warned Jenna to Lucas on New Years' Day.

"Why is that?" asked Lucas, who had been trying to learn just exactly what kind of relationship Jenna had with him. She'd confessed that the kiss had been her idea, and that in reality, her relationship with Wally was quite platonic.

"He's not even gay," she assured him.

"Yeah, well, then why isn't he married? You said he was 27. Didn't Brigham Young say you were a menace to society if you were 25 and still not married?"

"I don't know," said Jenna. "I think he just hasn't found the right one yet. He's kind of over-critical when it comes to women. Some guys are like that. Some guys it just takes longer."

"Either that or he's gay," repeated Lucas. "And why was he touching your ass if you two are having a platonic relationship?"

Jenna laughed. "Um, that was my idea, too. He apologized as soon as he did it. I'll bet he's even confessed to the bishop already."

"So why are we going to be seeing more of him?" repeated Lucas.

"It's easier to show you than to tell you," she said. "Come with me."

A half-hour later they were in the Yorkman's basement, ready to hear Wally play his guitar. Eventually Jenna began to accompany him on the drums, and Lucas joined in on a borrowed guitar. Jenna was right; the kid knew how to play a guitar.

Of all those who had auditioned for the role, he wasn't the most talented. But he was good. Good enough to keep up. Good enough to lead now and then. If it was a song he felt comfortable with. More important, he wasn't as eccentric as Jeffrey Wayne or Neil Desmond. And he didn't have any strange skin diseases that made people worry about touching him. Nor did he suffer from gender confusion. Not that gender confusion was all that bad, but one person suffering from it - Jenna - was all they really needed.

The job, they told him, was his. If he was willing to relocate to Mayville. There was no problem with votes. They'd actually called Katon and Christina, finding them together - to no one's surprise - and let them listen in for a while. Both admitted they'd prefer to make their final decision after actually meeting him, but trusted Jenna's and Lucas's opinion enough to agree over the phone.

So, let's see.... After the game, the next day, everyone was wearing their "13-0" red and white t-shirts - Brother King's idea - as Lucas and Jenna got ready to leave to go back to Mayville. "Lucas starts his new job on Monday," Jenna told her parents, so we're going to take turns driving, and maybe stay one night in a hotel."

They decided to take Jenna's car, since it was more reliable. Jenna's father agreed to have Lucas's car transported back the next week. "I'll just load it on with another shipment going that way," he assured.

Her parents, I'm sure, didn't want to think about what was going to happen at the hotel. But if I know my readers, they have. Do I really have to say it? Yes, Jenna and Lucas had... A really, really nice shower. And one of those coin-operated beds. The ones that jiggle when you put money in them. Is that for massage purposes? And there was an ice machine just a few doors down, so they were all set to get in bed and watch TV.

And, wouldn't you know it, Godfather III was on TV that night. "It's just like high school," giggled Jenna. She was still wearing her "13-0" t-shirt, which was long enough to cover her panties, but not much else.

"You are wearing panties, aren't you?" asked Lucas.

"Yes," said Jenna, quickly flipping the t-shirt up to reveal pink lace panties and then back down again.

"Wait a minute," said Lucas. "Show me that again. I have to see something."

Jenna climbed onto the bed beside him and gave him a kiss, opening her mouth so that their tongues touched. "Yeah, right," she teased. "I'm going to let some boy I just met look at my panties."

But Lucas was already pulling her t-shirt higher, caressing her lace-clad ass. "I just need to see something," he coaxed.

Jenna sat back, pulling her t-shirt back down, hiding herself from him. "Well you still respect me in the morning?" she asked coyly.

"I just want to see," he repeated.

Shyly, slowly, Jenna pulled her t-shirt up, revealing her panties to Lucas, but staying just out of his reach.

Lucas was confused. "How come there's not a bulge?" he asked.

Jenna let the t-shirt fall back down. "You mean one of these?" she asked, reaching over to caress the bulge in Lucas's jeans.


"'Cause I'm a girl," she said coyly. "Girls don't have bulges like that."

"No, seriously," he said. "Where is it? You said you still had one."

Jenna grinned as she began unbuttoning Lucas's pants. "Well aren't you an inquisitive little creature? So interested in finding out where I keep my girly parts. "It's there," she assured as she pulled Lucas's cock out where she could hold it and caress it. "It's just hiding until it's ready."

"Mine's not hiding," he stated. "It's ready now."

"How long's it been since I last had this thing in my mouth?" asked Jenna as she snuggled up beside him, bringing her face right next to his cock as she continued stroking.

"Eleven years, six months, two weeks and one day," he said.

She kissed the tip lightly. "Really?"

"Something like that," he said.

Jenna was silent as she slowly kissed and licked the shaft of Lucas's cock, gently massaging and kissing his balls. "Eleven years, five months, and one day," she corrected just as she opened her mouth to swallow the tip inside.

Lucas groaned, "Oh god!"

He let her enjoy what she was doing for several minutes before drawing her up for another passionate kiss. "That's eleven years and five months too long," he said. "It should be in your mouth every single day."

"I'd like that," she said before moving back down to suck him some more. "I think it should be even more often than that."

"That can be arranged," he promised. "Now are you going to let me see what a transgirl keeps inside her panties?"

Before he could pull them aside, Jenna slipped off of him and stood up. "Do you want to see the girls first?" she asked.

"Yeah, show me the girls," he laughed.

Jenna smiled shyly and then took off her t-shirt, pulling it smoothly over her head and then shaking her long hair out, letting it cascade around her bare shoulders. "They got bigger since last time you saw them," she said.

Lucas stared. "You're not kidding," he said. The two swollen mounds he'd seen five months earlier at the hotel had matured into plump little breasts, each about the size of a small lemon, and capped with dark brown nipples. "Do you like having tits? he asked as he started to caress them.

"I love it," she said, closing her eyes.

"Luke?" she said at length, using the shortened version of his name that he hadn't heard since Jed had been in high school."


"Last time you did this - played with my tits - you almost made me cum. Will you do it again? Only this time do it until I cum?"

Lucas said he'd be happy to, and just like the time before, in June, in a cheap hotel outside of Mayville, it took five minutes of fondling, caressing, kissing and sucking before Jenna was ready to cum. Girly-gasm, as she called it - an incredible body spasm that she insisted felt more incredible than any orgasm she'd ever had as a male. And this time, fortunately, Lucas gave her all the time she needed.

When it was over, after she'd cuddled in Lucas's arms for the same amount of time it had taken her to reach that incredible climax, she said, "Now let's do you."

She started sucking his cock again, but after a few minutes, Lucas stopped her. "No, that's now how I want to do it. "I want you to take your panties off."

Jenna turned over and started removing her panties, but Lucas stopped her again. "No, stand up and take them off. Turn around. Show me your butt. Like you're a show girl. Make me really horny for you first."

Jenna stood and did as Lucas directed, giving him a show as she slowly stripped off the rest of her clothing. Jed had had a slight exhibitionist streak in him, and he knew Jenna was the same way. "Now walk around the room naked," he said. "And let me look at you."

Jenna walked slowly back and forth, feeling Lucas's eyes on her, and growing hotter and hotter by the minute. "You know I want to fuck the hell out of you right now," she said at one point.

"Good, 'cause I want to fuck the hell out of you, too," he said. "Come over here and take my clothes off for me."

Jenna helped him undress and then stood still while he closely examined her penis - or clitty, as she insisted on calling it. It was smaller than he remembered Jed's being, and struggling to maintain an erection - something he never remembered Jed having trouble doing. "It's the hormones," she explained.

"Do you still cum?" he asked, continuing to fondle her.

"Sometimes," she said. "That's why I wanted you to give me a girlygasm. If I cum through my clitty, only a little bit comes out anymore."

Lucas leaned in and kissed Jenna's throbbing prick. "Want to know something?"


"I think I might like you better this way?"

"Really? Why? I thought you liked big ones." She moved closer, and Lucas could tell she was getting aroused.

"I do," he said. "But not on you. I don't know. On you it just seems more natural this way or something. Like this is the way you were always meant to be."

"Like I should have been born a girl?" she asked, echoing thoughts that had plagued her for nearly half her life.

"Something like that."

She moved closer and let him take her swollen clitty into his mouth. "How would you feel if I had it surgically turned inside out and turned it into a vagina? Think you'd like that?"

"To be honest? No. Are you thinking about doing that?" His answer came between sucks.

She groaned and slowly thrust her hips into Lucas's mouth. "Maybe. I think every t-girl has to consider that, if it's something she wants to do. Eventually."

"No, I'd like it if you were always like this. Mostly girl, but with a little reminder of the boy you used to be."

"Lucas, I'm... going to cum," she moaned. Lucas kept on sucking, finally getting rewarded with a few drops of thin, watery semen.

"How was it? she asked as they cuddled some more, Jenna stroking and fondling Lucas's still stiff member.

"Watery," he admitted. "And not very much of it."

"I'm sorry," she said.

"It's okay. It's the way you are. I'm not complaining." He turned and kissed her softly. "Just promise me you won't run away again. Okay?"

"I promise," she said.

"Promise? Really?"


"Cross your heart and hope to die? Stick a needle in your eye?"

"Yes, but... don't stick a needle in my eye. Okay? That might hurt."

"It hurt when you left me," he said quietly. "Both times."

They were silent as she continued to stroke him, measuring his length with her hand. "Lucas?"


"Will you fuck me?"

"I thought you'd never ask," he said, rolling over on top of her and kissing her again. "Missionary or doggy style?"

"Start off doggy style, then switch to me on top once I get used to it."

With that Jenna crawled on to her knees and waited as Lucas got into position behind her. She cried into the pillow as he slid into her. "Are you okay?" he asked when he had the first two inches inside.

"Yes, just keep going. It's just been a long time. It's starting to feel better."

In a few minutes he was fully inside her and starting to fuck in and out. "Oh god, yes, fuck me so good," she moaned loudly. Her breasts were swaying back and forth with each stroke, a feeling she positively adored.

After fucking her that way for a couple of minutes, they changed positions so that Jenna could get on top. She liked the way her titties bounced and swayed with each movement, nearly as much as Lucas enjoyed seeing it. "I want to cum again," she told him.

"Can you?"

"No." She leaned down and kissed him passionately. "But don't quit trying."

A few moments later Lucas was grunting as he pumped his load into what counted as Jenna's pussy. "Oh fuck yeah, Jenna, I'm cummmming." he groaned.

By that time the movie they had planned to watch was half over. Neither of them cared. It was enough just to be together. Jenna lay in Lucas's arms, happier than she could remember being in a long, long time. "This is nice," she told him. "This is the way it should always be."

"It sure is," agreed Lucas.

* * * * *

It was a beautiful spring day in early April. A Sunday. The NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament was just winding down. Lucas was excited. His favorite team, the North Carolina Tarheels, had just beaten Villanova the day before and were one game away from claiming a national championship. With plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, Sunday seemed like a nice day to go for a ride.

"Where are we going?" asked Jenna as she climbed onto the back of Lucas's motorcycle and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her breasts into his back.

"Just around," said Lucas. "We'll see."

Their route meandered through the back roads of Mayville, up the hills and down again, following the twisting, turning roads with no seemingly particular direction. Eventually they turned onto Rupert Road and Lucas slowed as they came to the old house they'd worked at fixing up in high school. It was a route Jenna loved. Someone else lived there now, but seeing it always brought back memories to her. Lucas slowed even more and then and pulled over to a stop, shutting off the engine.

"We had fun here, didn't we Lucas?" she said, still hugging him.

"We sure did."

Neither said much for a while, as the memories flowed over and through them. Suddenly Jenna noticed the blue and white For Sale sign in the front yard. "Lucas, it's for sale!" she said excitedly.

"No, it's not," said Lucas. "Look closer."

Jenna looked closer and frowned when she noticed the orange SOLD sticker on the sign. "We should have bought it," she said, disappointed.

Lucas didn't respond, just smiled.

"What?" asked Jenna, noticing his smile. Lucas's smile only broadened.

"Get out!" she exclaimed. "You bought it? You're the SOLD sticker?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied.

She hugged him tighter. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Jenna. Welcome home."