by Stephanie Silver


Chapter 7 - Jedry Brothers

This story wouldn't be complete without discussing the Jedry brothers. Of course by now you know Katon Jedry, Jenna's roommate. Landlord, if you prefer. Can you still be a landlord if you don't charge any rent and live with your non-rent-paying tenant? Sounds more like a roommate, doesn't it? Except that it's Katon's apartment they live in, so it seems like that should give him some extra entitlement. Even if that extra entitlement is just to be called something other than roommate. I'm sure I don't know the answer.

Anyway, the Jedry brothers.

First, if Jed, now Jenna, is an oxyMormon, then the Jedry brothers are what I will call quasi-Mormons. Did you know there are also jack-Mormons? Poor Jack. I have no idea what he did to get this particular label attached to his name. It means a Mormon who doesn't practice his religion as well as he should.

This is completely off the topic, other than I seem to be discussing Jacks, but, do you suppose Jack the Ripper ever bristled at that nickname? "I'm a skilled artisan, wielding a knife with the same precision a surgeon uses. I don't 'rip'."

Sorry, back to what I was saying. Yes, jack-Mormons. They're Mormons who don't follow the rules the way they should. And in Mormon-majority Utah, following the rules the way you should means following them the way your neighbors think you should. But in order to be a jack-Mormon, you first have to be a Mormon. If you're not a Mormon and you do those same things, or fail to do the expected things, then you're just a non-Mormon and not a jack-Mormon. And being a non-Mormon, nobody really expects you to know any better.

Of course being a non-Mormon makes you eligible to be converted, so you might also become someone's missionary project. An investigator, if you go to church or visit with the missionaries. Provided, that is, that you're not so wicked that saving you appears to be hopeless. Being a jack-Mormon makes you eligible to be reactivated, which some might say is a greater good than conversion, although others might just as strongly argue the reverse. Either way someone out there is going to try to stop you from sinning.

The Jedry brothers were quasi-Mormons. Their mother, Catherine Jedry, and thus the only member of the family whose first name didn't start with the letter K - although it does start with the same sound - was baptized in 1993, a few months before Jed found himself attending the Mayville Ward after being chased out of Provo following the Joey Mullins incident.

Okay, you're right. He wasn't actually "chased" out of Provo. Encouraged... How does Abraham put it, in the LDS Pearl of Great Price? Yes, that very same Father Abraham you're thinking of. He said, "I, Abraham, saw that it was needful for me to obtain another place of residence."

In the place where Abraham was living at the time, in the land of the Chaldeans, it seems they were in the habit of practicing human sacrifice, and apparently Abraham was on the short list of people soon to be sacrificed. So you can understand his interest in finding a new place to live. You also have to admit it puts a new light on that whole sacrifice of his son Isaac thing.

"Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in."

That line actually comes from the Godfather, but you can just imagine Abraham uttering it.

And now, I'm totally lost. What was I talking about? Oh, the Jedry brothers. Oh, and... if you're only reading this for the sex, this looks like it's going to be one of those sexless chapters. So if you need to get up and use the facilities, this would be a good time to do that. But, hey, if something happens and a little bit of sex manages to slip in to this chapter, don't blame me when you miss it.

Okay, so Catherine Jedry was baptized in 1993, before Jed moved to Mayville, so that makes her a Mormon. Her husband Ken Jedry, was a hard-working father of three rambunctious teenage boys, but since he never saw the need to get baptized or even attend the church his wife was so fond of, that makes him a non-Mormon. Their three sons, Kyle, Kelly and Katon were compelled to attend church regularly with their mother - Ken Jedry had ways of compelling them - but since they were never baptized, that makes them quasi-Mormons.

Okay, it's my own term, one you'll probably never hear anywhere else. So just don't go into your local LDS ward house and start using it and expecting people there to understand you. "A quasi-Mormon? What the hell's that?"

Except they wouldn't use the word hell in that context. "A quasi-Mormon? What the fitch is that?"

Fitch, as near as I can tell, means the same as fuck, but only in the expletive sense of the word. Despite being a stand-in for the F-bomb, it's still not a word you would hear used in polite company. And even in less than polite circumstances, you wouldn't use it to mean the act of copulation. You wouldn't go to the zoo and say, "Hey, look! Those two zebras over there are fitching." Although you might say, "Hey, look at those fitchin' zebras over there." Which on the surface might appear to have the same meaning, but carries a totally different nuance. Even if the fitchin' zebras happened to be actually fitchin' as you said it.

So now you know how to swear like a Mormon.

Getting back to the Jedrys. Ken and Catherine are still happily married. She continues to attend her church meetings regularly, which makes her an active Mormon, and she has a wonderful testimony. At least I imagine she has a wonderful testimony, or else why would she still be attending church so regularly? Can you say that someone like that attends church religiously? Or is that just being redundant?

Ken still hasn't seen fit to be baptized, and continues to be a project for the local missionaries. "Some day," they assert, "he'll give in." Who knows? Maybe he will. He's a good person, with many of the attributes you'd expect from a good Mormon, other than the part about not being baptized.

His three sons, however.... They're a different story.

Okay, let me do Kyle first. He'll be easy. Dead.

Dead!? What the fitch?

Okay, maybe not as easy as I thought. What is it with you and details? I could get this story told lickety-split if you weren't always asking for details. By the way, I admire the way you threw that fitch in there. It shows you've been paying attention.

The other day someone asked me to quickly summarize this story for them. You know, like in twenty-five words or less. Twenty-five words? I can barely tell you my name in twenty-five words. But I tried. I think I condensed it down to three sentences. No, I'm not going to try to reproduce it here. You're stuck with the long version, 'cause you keep asking for details.

Kyle, you recall, was the gayest of the three boys. Is gayest a word? Most gay? Least heterosexual? The one most committed to a gay lifestyle. How's that? He left Mayville that summer Jed and Lucas first met, and went down to Louisiana for a while. He later moved to Wyoming - Wyoming of all places! Why oh why Wyoming? Of all the places in all the world, why would you ever choose Wyoming as the place you wanted to be gay in? San Francisco I can understand, but not Wyoming. Anyway, there he got beaten up outside a bar for, of course, being gay. He started using drugs; contracted AIDS, and died when he was in his early twenties, a victim of his own lifestyle choices.

"Who me, Officer? I didn't beat him up. He's a victim of his own lifestyle choices."

Kelly's a little more interesting. Possibly even a little sadder. As if being dead before you're even old enough to become a menace to society isn't sad enough.

In some ways, you'd say that Kelly turned out to be the normal, decent one. He's the Jedry brother most likely to get baptized, let me put it that way. Kelly's life, to me, is summarized in an old, old song by Harry Chapin - Taxi. In the song, a taxi driver named Harry meets his old girlfriend, Sue. They reminisce sadly, both realizing their dreams have never quite come to fruition. At the end of the song, Sue walks away in silence and Harry comments, "It's strange how you never know. We'd both gotten what we'd asked for such a long, long time ago. See, she was gonna be an actress, and I was gonna learn to fly. She took off to find the footlights; I took off for the sky. And now she's acting happy inside her handsome home. And me, I'm flying in my taxi, taking tips and getting stoned."

I'm sure Kelly's perfectly happy with his life. He settled down, got a job, got married, bought a nice house, has a couple of kids, a garden in the back, two cars, one of which he parks outside because the two-car garage is full of junk and only fits one. Everything a man could want. But when you talk to him, it's like something's missing. He reminds me of Sue from the song: acting happy inside his handsome home.

Okay, those folks who decided to slip out and go to the bathroom can't say I didn't warn them. Let me just tell you a little about Kelly. Things he'd probably rather keep quiet.

In his spare time, when he thinks no one is watching, Kelly Jedry likes to write smutty stories under a pseudonym and then send them to an on-line story publisher. I think he has about half-dozen stories out there, if you wanted to go find them and read them. I hope you like gay erotica.

Gay erotica? Kelly? Yes, I'm afraid so. Kelly Jedry, father of two and devoted husband, is like the literary inverse example of Jedidiah King in this story. If I was one of those story telling geniuses, I'd probably have written Kelly Jedry's character on purpose that way, so that seventh grade English teachers could challenge their students to explain the symmetries and parallels between Kelly's life and Jed's. Except this is the kind of story you'd never find in a seventh grade English class, because of all the smut, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Anyway... so, yeah, Kelly is a lot like Jed, I think. Except Kelly keeps the darker parts of his sexuality secret, while Jed finally accepts the darker parts of his sexuality as his destiny. Her destiny. The tricky thing about writing a transgender story is knowing when to use male pronouns and when to use female pronouns. I'm sure I don't have an intelligent system for doing it.

Kelly likes to keep his activities secret, but he has to tell someone, and that someone is his little brother, Katon. And Katon, fortunately for you with your never-ending thirst for details, doesn't mind sharing.

Okay, remember how Jed was walking down the street that day in Salt Lake, when Joey Mullins drove past and changed his destiny? Kelly Jedry liked doing the same thing. Except not in Salt Lake, since that obviously would have been a little inconvenient. He did it in East Tennessee. Whenever the mood got to him, he'd patronize the closest adult video arcade, watch a short movie there, and, hopefully, get off. I know this is disgusting and aberrant behavior in which none of my readers would ever engage, but it happens. Even amongst devoted husbands and fathers of two.

But there's more.

But wait! There's more. Johnny, tell my readers what other acts of moral turpitude Kelly commits when his wife thinks he's at work.

Sorry. I felt like pretending to be a game show host there for a minute.

Well, okay... you see... this same video arcade where Kelly likes to go on those occasions when he feels... let's say an excess of sexual energy, has... Frankly, it has thin walls that are in need of repair in a few strategic locations. Better known as glory holes.

At this point I feel it is very important to remind you that Kelly Jedry is a completely fictitious name. I would never presume to use the real names of the people I write about. Names and a few places and a couple of strategic descriptions always get changed to protect the innocent. Or not so innocent, in this case. So, Mrs. Jedry, if you're reading this, and wondering if I'm talking about your husband, the answer is no, you're probably safe. But if your last name isn't Jedry and your husband's name isn't Kelly, then, yeah, I might mean him.

I know. Normally all that disclaimer stuff is supposed to go in some kind of preface. Like anyone goes around reading prefaces. You all just want to get to the details. I did write a preface for this story, you know. Maybe you even read it. But mostly I just warned that this story would contain religious topics. And see, it did. Not only do you know about jack-Mormons and quasi-Mormons now, but you know how to swear like them too.

So, yes, glory holes. Sit down, unzip - or whatever - and take a peek in the booth next door and see what's going on there. And - I hope I'm not shocking anyone with this very brief education on the ways of glory holes - but every now and then, the guy in the next booth - and, yes, it could just as easily be a gal in the next booth and not a guy, but, seriously, tell me, when's the last time you ever saw a gal at the video arcade? So, it's a guy. And sometimes guy number two is interested in more than just being looked at by guy number one, and... Wasn't there a US congressman from Idaho who got in trouble recently for his "wide stance" in the stall and somehow unwittingly signaling the person in the stall next door to his that he was interested in some type of sexual activity? I mean, that was in an airport, and this is a video arcade, but I suspect similar signaling rules still apply.

No, I can only teach you how to swear like a Mormon. I can't teach you how to signal your desires and wishes to the fellow on the other side of a glory hole.

So one day Kelly was taking in a movie at the video arcade, minding his own business, of course, although it's possible he may have had his pants undone and was playing with himself, when the guy in the booth next to him suddenly thrust his cock through the opening.

"Oh, come on!" you say. "He just stuck it through? Kelly didn't give him some kind of signal?"

Well, maybe. It's possible he might have done something to let the guy in the next booth know he might be interested in more than just watching a movie. Maybe, like the congressman, he may have unwittingly given some kind of signal. Kelly claims he was there purely for research purposes. If the last cock you sucked was fifteen years ago in high school, it's hard to write a good erotic description of a blow job. At least from the point of view of the giver.

He started off just wanting to give the guy a hand job, of course. With STDs and stuff, you can't be too careful. But the guy was huge. Not HUGE - all in caps - but huge. Perhaps with an exclamation point. Huge! Bigger than average, at any rate. We're going to go with seven inches in length here and above-average girth.

"And gorgeous," Kelly would tell Katon later. "I've never seen a better cock than that one."

When he was out doing his research like that, Kelly tried to be frugal with his video tokens. He didn't want to get caught with all of them in the machine when he suddenly felt like it was time to change booths. Or to just go for a short walk. And after giving guy number two a short hand job, Kelly felt it was time for one of those short walks.

Looking through a glory hole, you can see, obviously, what a person is wearing. At least from the waist down. So Kelly went out, and started looking around for a guy wearing blue plaid shorts. There was a guy in black shorts, and another one in white plaid shorts, which briefly confused him because they were like the exact inverse of the shorts he was looking for. There was even one guy in long-legged Levis. But finally he saw the guy in the blue plaid shorts. He seemed like a nice enough guy to Kelly. A little older - probably in his mid-fifties, with short white hair, a bit of a bald spot, a heavy stomach, but not too bad. "I guess what I was looking for," Kelly admitted later, "was someone I'd be willing to do in the parking lot if we both decided to go that far." And yes, this guy met that description.

Back in the booth, Kelly inserted some tokens, and waited. He'd made eye contact with Blue Plaid, trying to let him know that if he went back, Kelly would be willing to service him.

"How do you say that with eye contact?" you ask. I imagine you asking because I had to ask when Katon told me.

Katon shrugged. "I don't know. You'd have to ask Kelly. But a second after he got sat down and got his pants undone, he was there, and he already had his cock sticking through the wall and into Kelly's booth. He hadn't even finished putting in tokens to start the video."

All seven magnificent inches.

Kelly continued where he'd left off before, with the hand job. But slowly his face got closer. Was he really going to suck a stranger's dick? Hell, he thought, he'd be willing do it later in the parking lot if things went that far, so why not? Kelly opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the massive piece of flesh and started sucking.

Only Kelly could tell you how much he liked it and he's not talking. It wasn't the first dick he'd ever sucked, of course. In high school he'd sucked everyone's dick when he and his two brothers had gotten together with Jed and Lucas. It wasn't the biggest, either. That honor most likely belongs to his brother Kyle. So mostly he just sucked. I'm not sure, in that situation, what else you can do. He tried playing with the guy's balls a little, but the hole wasn't really big enough to do much more than that. It was fun, but there's just something about the glory hole experience that just makes it less than satisfying. It's like this detached penis there and nothing more. It's just sex. But then, that's all some guys want. It's all Kelly wanted.

The blow job ended before guy number two could cum, but Kelly managed to give him his email address in case he wanted to get together some other time. It ended when Kelly came while he was sucking Blue Plaid off. He was just so horny he couldn't help it. He was only jerking off a little, barely touching himself. But it had been so long. So long since he'd last tasted a cock. So long since he'd last had sex. (Kelly and his wife quit having regular sex shortly after their second child was born.) So long since he'd made himself cum. Like almost everything else in Kelly's dark, secret sex life, that too was something he wasn't allowed to do. His wife thought it was disgusting.

Poor Kelly.

That brings me to Katon. Katon is a self-proclaimed sex addict. I think you already knew that. Or guessed it. That's the quick summary. But there's more to life than sex, even for Katon.

Always a little on the pudgy side, he remains so. But it's a cute pudgy. And I guess the fact that Katon accepts his sexuality and even embraces it as part of who he is, is what makes him so easy to like. It's what makes him attractive. You don't have to be a sex addict like him to enjoy his company. He's friendly, witty, and extremely intelligent. He went to college. For one year. Not quite one year. Got good grades. In some classes. Got terrible grades in other classes. Which is kind of the best way to describe Katon's non-sex life. He succeeds magnificently in some areas, but lacks motivation in others. If he could just find the right job, he'd be fine.

Landscaping turned out to be the right job. As a worker, he probably lacked the motivation to do it for very long. It's tough work, out in the sun and weather all day, every day. But something about working with the earth, making it blossom, strikes a chord in him. He takes pride in seeing a bare patch of ground take shape, changing and becoming a thing of beauty. If you asked him to, he'd happily take you around and show you different landscaping jobs he's worked on. It's a source of special pride to him to see an area he's worked on grow and mature over time.

But, it's hard work - Katon's nemesis. Fortunately his boss saw something in him. He detected that spark of interest and pride in Katon's work. Coupled with his intellect, and an uncanny grasp for learning the Spanish he'd had taken all through high school, Katon made a great foreman. Being a foreman was still hard work, but not as hard as being a regular worker. As a foreman, he could sit down and watch every one else work once in a while. He only needed to be there to lead them. Once they were busy, he found it was often best if he just stayed out of the way. And being able to speak in the native tongue of the majority of his workers made him invaluable to his employer.

After hours, Katon has a very active social life. Bisexual, he doesn't much care who he's with, as long as it involves sex. And with his pleasant, easy-going personality, he never seems to lack for willing partners. And even if it doesn't involve sex, Katon is just one of those people who make you feel that they genuinely like you. No matter who you are. He has a warm smile and shares it with everyone.

So, he's not making a lot of money. Compared to Kelly, he's only moderately successful, financially. But when it comes to being happy and content, Katon doesn't have to act.

When I asked Katon to tell me, as a sex addict, what was the wildest sex he ever had, he leaned back in his chair - which was not a simple thing to do since it wasn't actually a reclining chair - and gave the matter some thought. He immediately discounted everything that didn't involve three or more people. "That's just normal sex," he said. That left threesomes and group sex. The group stuff, he admitted, was pretty wild sometimes, but it generally settled into little more than a bunch of couples with the occasional threesome. There'd been a few gangbangs and a couple of bukkakes, of course, but he figured those were more the girls' stories than his. So that left threesomes.

Talking with Katon about sex is a truly amazing experience. There's no doubt how much he loves the subject. It shows in the way he talks and the way his face takes on an expression of pure bliss as he remembers every detail. And of course it shows in the way his pants start tenting up in the front. Someone like Kelly's wife would find that "completely disgusting" and would leave in a huff saying something like, "What a disgusting pervert!" But I would just describe him as having a very active libido.

Katon had two favorite threesome experiences. The first was with a girl named Heidi and her friend Charlotte. "Heidi had medium size tits," he said. "Charlotte was stacked."

Ever the diligent reporter, gathering those precious details I know my readers cherish, I asked, "How did you meet them?"

He paused, recalling how he'd met the two girls. Then, with a leer, he leaned forward and said, "Wouldn't this story be more fun if we were both naked when I told it?"

"Probably," I said, "but I'm not going to." Jenna had warned me that with Katon you have to be firm.

He sat back and sighed. "Mind if I take mine out then? Talking about sex makes me horny."

I nodded. "If it helps." And, yes, he does have a nice one, precisely as advertised.

Katon started masturbating while he finished telling me the story. Heidi was a girlfriend of sorts. He had a few of them - girlfriends of sorts. Girls he could call whenever he needed or wanted sex, and they would help him out. Heidi, according to Katon, was a "freak". "A sex addict just like me," he said.

He met her at a group sex party once, and they'd gotten together a half-dozen or so times after that."She had cute tits," he said. "And she liked sucking my cock."

The threesome started as a phone call between Charlotte and Heidi when they were looking for something fun and kinky to do together. "Do you want to try a threesome?" Heidi asked Charlotte. Of course no one needed to ask Katon if he was interested or not. Charlotte said okay and an hour later Katon was knocking on their door with a bulge in his pants.

The girls started off by both sucking his dick at the same time. "You've never had a blow job until you've had one from two girls at once," he said with a wistful sigh, the hand gripping and stroking his cock slowing slightly as he did.

But things got even hotter when Heidi started sucking his dick while she and Charlotte were connected together using a double dildo. "There's something incredible about watching two girls fuck each other like that," he said. "I started cumming almost as soon as their butts touched."

"So they did each other doggy style? I asked. It seemed obvious.

"Oh yeah. Doggy style while Heidi, the one with the littler tits, sucked my dick. And I could kind of see Charlotte's big ones bouncing around each time they humped together."

He looked as if he might cum again just remembering it. His stroking hand paused again, and for a moment I thought he was climaxing, but the moment passed without the expected eruption, and he soon resumed stroking. "Did you get to fuck either of them?" I asked.

"When they got done fucking each other, I was completely hard again, so then I fucked both of them at the same time. I kept taking turns from one pussy to the other and back again. It was incredible. Charlotte was a little loose, but Heidi is one of the tightest I've ever had."

"And did you cum again?"

"Yeah. Since I'd already cum once, I was able to last a long time, though. While I was fucking both of them, they got on top of each other and started kissing and stuff, and that was pretty hot. Rubbing their pussies together and stuff. Both of them as wet as could be. I timed it so my cock was in Charlotte when I came the second time. I like sharing it."

I told you he didn't mind sharing.

Katon's other threesome was with a married couple. They were swingers, and he, the husband, was bisexual. "Everyone got to be in the middle that night," he beamed. And then he looked at me, "Are you sure you don't want to take your clothes off? I'd love to see your tits."


"I'll bet you got real cute ones," he grinned.

I grinned back. "Probably. But no."

"Wanna suck my dick?" He was almost pleading.

I pretended to think about it. "No."

"God, you're just like Jenna. I could never get her to do anything either. I sure wouldna minded seeing her tits when she lived here."

"I'll bet."

"I did once, you know," he said with another grin. "Not very big, but cute. I'll bet yours are cuter. I know they're bigger."

I let the statement go without comment for a moment, then tapped my notebook with my pencil. "So everyone got to be in the middle at least once?"

There's something about a threesome that's just different from one-on-one sex. I mean other than the obvious fact that there are more people involved in it. There's just an electricity or something in the air. Everyone is looking at each other, and everyone knows that before long they're all going to be naked and horny and doing things to each other. But meanwhile, everyone's trying to act like there's nothing unusual going on. It's that air of excitement and anticipation that Katon likes the most.

Well, other than the sex itself, I guess.

Mrs. X was Chinese, with rather small breasts. "She almost didn't have any," said Katon. "Even dressed, she wasn't very big. And then I found out she was wearing a padded bra. It was almost like doing a boy."

"But she wasn't a boy," I verified.

"Nope. Not at all. I'm not all that into Oriental women. Too much pussy hair on most of them," he said. "But she had hers totally shaved bald, so it was nice."

"So who got to be in the middle first?" I asked.

She did. They started on the couch, the three of them, making out, kissing a little, and touching a lot. And then they started touching each other's private parts through their clothes. And then clothes started getting in the way, so they started taking them off. Pretty soon she was in her underwear, and ready to suck someone's dick. Since Katon was a guest, she started with his, while Mr. X licked her pussy from behind.

Then they changed positions, so that Mr. X could get sucked while Katon licked her pussy. Pretty soon Mr. X was sucking Katon's dick while he licked her pussy. And then he was sucking Mr. X while he licked Mrs. X's pussy. And then.... I could tell Katon was concentrating to finish the story before he came.

And then Mrs. X was sucking her husband while Katon fucked her. And then she was sucking Katon while her husband fucked her. And then he was licking her while Mr. X fucked him. And then Mr. X wanted to be fucked. "Everything we did it was like we had to do it all three ways or something before we could go on to the next step," he said.

"What did Mr. X look like?" I asked.

"Blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian. I think he was British."

I shifted in my seat, and stared at Katon's shiny cock. The room was getting awfully warm, I thought.

They started out with her in the middle, with Katon in her pussy and Mr. X in her ass. Then she wanted to feel Katon in her ass, so they turned around. Only this time Katon ended up in the middle with Mr. X in his ass. "Each time he would thrust into me, it would make me thrust into her," he said. "It was almost like he was fucking her still, only he was using me and my cock to do it."

That's when the two men came, with Katon cumming first, and his orgasm causing Mr. X to cum too. "It was too damn sexy for everyone," grinned Katon, who had timed his own orgasm to match the story he was telling.

I stared at the puddle of semen he'd created, and thought about Derek, my live-in boyfriend back in Utah. I was going to be having some serious phone sex with him later, I knew. And jumping his bones just as soon as I got back to Salt Lake.

It took me a moment to realize my gaze had gone glassy. When I came back to my senses, Katon was grinning at me. "Want to bat clean up?"

"No." But I had to laugh. Katon's such a cutie.