Tara's First Formal

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One year has past since Tara and Tina moved in with Kerri. Tara is part owner of the dance shop and Tina is still employed there while she studies at college. All three have become lovers but also enjoy dating others.

Kerri is three months post-op. Before completely transitioning she was Brian one last time to sign the shop over to Kerri making her official owner. Three months ago she sold part of the shop to Tara.

Tara is one year into her transition. She has been on hormones since moving in with Kerri and telling her family who she truly is. She has had breast implants giving her a nice C cup. She is getting near having her surgery to make her Tara in mind and body.

Tina, the only genetic female of the three is studying psychiatry, she wants to specialize in Gender Dysphoria. She loves Tara and Kerri dearly. She enjoys making love to either or both women nearly every night. All three women are bisexual and will date men to satisfy their need for cocks but will not date other women.

Tara has dated many men, about half knowing what she has under her panties. Recently she has been seeing one guy, Jason, on a regular basis. He knows about the relationship between the three women and has on one occasion been included in their love making.


Tara was in her room getting ready for her date with Jason. Tina was there, sitting in just her bra, panties and stockings talking with her while she got ready. Tara had decided to wear her metallic pick halter top, black lacy halter bra with matching thong and garter belt. Her black mini skirt with two silver zippers in the front, black sheer silky stockings and her 4" leather stiletto knee high boots. She always felt so sexy in this outfit. Jason was taking her out for a nice dinner and a movie. She was looking forward to her date and spending time with Jason to talk and just be together, but she was more excited about what would happen after the movie.

Tara loves cock. She loves sucking and fucking them and she loves Jason's. Jason's cock was about 81/2" long and almost 3" thick. She loves how much Jason could cum in her mouth and loved how filled up she felt when he fucked her. She wanted that cock tonight and was even thinking about suggesting to cancel the movie and get him back to her room.

She was sitting at her vanity putting on her make up, a little dark as it would be evening. "You look great", Tina told her. "Thanks. This is my favorite outfit and I know Jason just loves it", replied Tara.
"So, what are you two doing tonight?"
"Jason is taking me to dinner and a movie."
"What are you going to see?"
"Who cares, I'm not really interested in a movie tonight anyway. I may suggest blowing it off", Tara said with a sly grin.
"Have something else in mind do we?"
"Mmmmm hmmmmm."
The two women giggled. "So what are you up
to tonight?" Tara asked. "I'm not sure. No plans really. When Kerri gets home I may see if she wants to rent a DVD and get some take out, curl up on the couch and just have a quiet evening."

"Yeah, right. Once you two curl up on the couch it will be anything but quiet. Maybe I should have Jason bring me back to his place instead of here."
"Why, don't you want us to join you?"
"Not tonight, that cock is all mine."
Tina and Tara smiled at each other. Tara asked Tina "would you put my hair in a French braid for me?" "Sure", replied Tina and she walked behind Tara and started braiding her long hair. Tara, having finished applying her makeup watched in the mirror as her hair was fixed the way she liked it. She always thought she looked so pretty with her hair braided like this./P

The two women heard the front door open and Kerri call out to them that she was home. "We're in my room", called out Tara. Kerri walked in, give them both a loving kiss on the lips. She saw Tara's outfit and Tina braiding her hair and asked, "hot date with Jason tonight?"
"When is he coming to pick you up?"
"He should be here any minute."
"What are you doing tonight Kerri?", asked Tina.
"No plans, why?"
"Want to rent a DVD and get some take out?"
"Sure, sounds like a plan. Let me just throw on a skirt and change my shoes and we can go."

Kerri was still in her leotard, tights and dance shoes from work. She had just closed the door to Tara's room and was heading down to hers when there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it", she called out and answered it. Tina and Tara could here Kerri talking, "Hi Jason, come on in." They kissed each other on the cheek and Kerri said, "she's in her room with Tina, go on in. Jason walked past Kerri who was closing the door. She followed behind Jason so that she could go to her room.

Jason knocked on Tara's door and walked in. Tina, still standing behind Tara in her bra, panties and stockings had just finished Tara's hair. Tara stood up, walked over to Jason and kissed him deeply and passionately. Tara reached down and grabbed Jason's cock through his pants and told him, "I'm so fucking horny, let's just stay here in my room." "That sounds tempting", Jason replied, "but I want to take you out so because I need to ask you something." "Well, do we have to go to the movies then?" At this point Tina quietly slipped out of the room and went to her own room to through on a skirt and top.

"No, we don't have to go to the movies if you don't want to", said Jason. "Good, because I want you to fuck me every way possible." "Well, let's go then so we can finish dinner quickly." They walked out of the room as Kerri was coming out of hers. "Have fun you two", she said to them. "We will." They left the apartment and go into Jason's car and headed to the restaurant.

Tina came out of her room dressed, throwing her purse over her shoulder. "What did you want to get for take out?" asked Kerri.
"I was in the mood for Chinese, is that ok?"
"What movie?"
"A porn!" Kerri smiled at Tina's choice and said "let's go then."

They got into Kerri's car and headed to the adult video store and went in. All three women loved coming into this shop, especially as a trio. The had so much fun looking at all the toys and talking about how they would use it on each other. On occasions they would even buy a toy or two. Today though they just wanted to get a DVD.

Kerri selected a lesbian video and Tina picked a transsexual. Since finding out that Kerri and Tara were transsexuals, she has been so horny for them. Just watching them on DVD got her panties soaked. Kerri smiled knowing what effect the video would have on Tina and was looking forward to a night of pure nasty sex. They paid for their rentals and headed to the Chinese restaurant.

Tara and Jason got to the restaurant and gave their name. The table was not quite ready so they went to the bar for a drink. "So, what do you need to ask me?" "Let's wait until we have a table and have our food. I don't want any interruptions." "Hmmm, this sounds serious", Tara teased. They didn't have to wait very long for a table. They sat down, placed their orders and finished their drinks waiting.

The waitress brought out their food and as soon as she walked away Tara asked, "ok, so what is it that you need to ask me?" "Well, the company that I work for is having I client party next month. Employees have to be there and we can bring dates. I was wondering if you would like to go with me, it's a black tie affair which means I have to wear a tux and you'll need a gown."
"I would love to go with you. Oh wow, a gown. Oh I can't wait to go out shopping with Tina tomorrow."
"Well that's good that you're going with Tina because I needed to ask a favor."
"Well, Rick needs a date and I was hoping that Tina would go with him." Rick was Jason's roommate and co-worker. Rick knew that Tara was transsexual. He was straight and desired genetic women in his bed. He treated Tara with the up most respect and never though of her as anything but a woman and Jason's girlfriend. Rick had met Tina a couple of times at her apartment. He had told Jason many times that he would love to go out with her but never asked her. Jason took it upon himself to see if she would go with Rick to the party.
"I can ask her tonight, I'm sure she would love too, Rick is cute", Tara said this last with a sly smile.

They finished their dinner chatting about the party and Tara wondering what she would wear. She had has always wanted to buy a beautiful gown but never had a reason to so could see spending the money. She had never been to a formal before and could not wait to go. She was glad for an excuse for Tina to go and knew that she could convince her to go.

They finished their dinner and got into the car. Tara knew what was going to happening at her apartment with Tina and Kerri and after the evening she had, she didn't want to share Jason, although before he asked her she had been thinking about it. They agree to go to Jason's place as Rick would be out.

Tara was so happy about being asked to the party and so horny that she couldn't wait to get to Jason's apartment. As soon as they got onto the main road she leaned over, unzipped Jason's pants and pulled his huge cock out. She immediately dove on it and fucked it with her mouth determined to get his cum in her mouth as quickly as possible. She did not have to wait long, she was expert in making a guy cum, having lots of practice with Kerri before she had her surgery. She was soon drinking down her desert and was looking forward to the next course.

Kerri and Tina got home, put the food on the counter and went into their bedrooms to get undressed. Tina took off her top and skirt and slipped into a silk short robe and mule slippers. Kerri took off her skirt, leotard and tight and slipped into a pink chemise and matching sheer robe. She stepped into her mule slippers and went into the kitchen to get her dinner. Tina was already there dishing out two plates.

Kerri went into the lounge and called out, "which DVD do you want to watch first?" "Put in the lesbian one while we eat", replied Tina. Kerri smiled and put the disc into the player. The disc loaded up and sat at the main menu waiting for Kerri to press play. Tina brought the plates into the lounge and put them on the coffee table. She went back to the kitchen and grabbed two glassed and a bottle of wine. She poured the wine, sat on the sofa, Kerri pressed play and the video started.

Tara and Jason were in his bedroom, she had stripped Jason naked as soon as he closed the door. She was on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth and he was fucking her face hard. She was moaning with pleasure sucking on his cock again, two fingers up his ass fucking him as hard as he was fucking her mouth. She was so horny now, her "pussy" was twitching, wanting to be filled by this monster cock that her mouth was getting all the attention from.

She pull her mouth off of his cock, grabbing hold of it she looked up at him with so much lust and simply said "fuck me". She climbed up on the bed, laid on her back, hiked her skirt up, pulled her panties off and again said "FUCK ME". Jason had seen her like this before and knew that she would not stop until she was satisfied. He knew that once they finished here and he brought her home, depending on how Tina and Kerri felt, she would be fucking them. If they were too tired from their love making then she would be fucking her toys.

What Jason didn't know was that she was beyond just pussy licking and toy fucking. She wanted cock and cum and lots of it. The last time she was like this as soon as Jason left she went out to a gay bar near where she lives and fucked and sucked as many guys as she could. That night she had fucked four guys at once. The total count for the night was ten guys before she was satisfied. Tonight she felt it would take more.

Jason climbed onto the bed, lubed his cock with some gel he had next to the bed and fucked her "pussy" hard and fast just as she likes it. He didn't slow down or stop at all. He knew that she just wanted to fuck, not make love tonight. Sweat beads began to form on his body, he was grunting and moaning with the effort. He wanted to cum and she wanted him to cum in her.

Tara loved having his cock in her "pussy", she felt filled to the brim. She wanted his cum in her and she wanted it now. She talked nasty too him, knowing that it turned him on even more when she did so. "Fuck my hot 'pussy' Baby. Mmmm, yes, do it. I love being your fucking slut. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck my hot wet cunt." This brought Jason over the edge. He came quickly. Tara felt the warm sticky fluid shooting into her and loved it. She moaned loudly with the first shot. Tara worked Jason's cock with her muscled, milking all of the sweet cum from him that she could.

Jason fell off to the side of Tara and the lay there together kissing and cuddling. After about a half hour Tara nudged Jason and said that it was time for her to go home. She wanted to ask Tina about going to the party before she went to bed. Jason grudgingly got up and got dressed. They got into Jason's car and he drove her home.

Kerri and Tina finished their dinner and finished watching the first DVD. They were both pretty aroused from it and by the end of the video were rubbing their pussies. "Ready for the second one?" Tina asked. "Mmmm hmmm." Tina swapped discs and when the menu loaded she hit play. The video opened with a gorgeous brunette. If they hadn't seen her on the cover of the DVD case, they would not have guessed right away that she was a shemale.

As the video went on, Tina slipped out of her bra and panties and was lying on the sofa in just her stockings, rubbing her pussy and tits. Kerri had lifted the hem of her chemise and was rubbing her pussy. She loved the feel of satin against her tits and was eagerly rubbing them through the material. They were both moaning and just barely watching the video.

Tina, pussy dripping by now, rolled onto her side and kissed Kerri passionately. Kerri returned the kiss and reached between Tina's legs and started rubbing her clit with her fingers. Tina moaned into Kerri's mouth and proceeded to do the same to Kerri. Tina wastes no more time and got down on her knees between Kerri's legs. "I miss your cock right now but I love your pussy so much", Tina told Kerri and tongue fucked her clit like and animal./P

Kerri moaned loudly at the tongue thrashing her clit was taking. She did not quite agree with Tina in that she didn't miss her penis at all. She loved being a complete woman, loves having a vagina and loves the multiple orgasms she experienced now. Woman's orgasms may take longer than men's but the are much stronger and longer, she loved this fact. She knew that she had made the right decision about having the surgery and was glad that she could never go back to being a man.

Tina turned herself so that her pussy was over Kerri's mouth. Kerri did not hesitate but lifted her head and dove right in with her tongue. While she loved sucking cock, she could never get enough of a hot wet pussy. She lapped at Tina's pussy and clit like it was her last meal. The two women were moaning and grunting like animals in heat. Both seemed to be trying to get into each others bodies.

Tina was so hot from watching the DVD that she had picked out and from the tongue lapping Kerri was giving her that she came first. She pressed her pussy into Kerri's face practically smothering her. Kerri continued to lick and suck Tina's clit building her orgasm even stronger. Tina was grunting and screaming into Kerri's pussy, licking with everything she had. She brought Kerri to orgasm shortly after her own started.

They laid on the sofa catching their breath after their orgasms subsided. "That was incredible", Kerri gasped. "Tina smiled and said, "I'm not through with you yet." Kerri said, "no more, please", but Tina knew that she didn't truly mean it. Tina got up off of the sofa and said "wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

Tina came back to the lounge with a double headed dildo. She told Kerri to lie on the floor. Kerri slid off of the sofa very happily wanting to be fucked by Tina with her large beautiful toy. Kerri spread her legs wide and Tina lay down between her legs. She slowly worked one end of the dildo in Kerri's sopping pussy. She took her time wanting Kerri's orgasm to build slowly.

When she had half of the dildo in Kerri's pussy Tina laid down on her back and slowly worked the other end into her own pussy. She got the other half of the toy in her and could feel her clit rubbing against Kerri's. This was always such a turn on for Tina. Once their clits touch the both started fucking each other and themselves on the large dildo. They brought each other to several orgasms before they had to stop from sheer exhaustion.

They lay on the floor recovering for a few minutes when they heard a car door close, then another. "Tara's home", Kerri said. They both got off the dildo and sat on the sofa, Jason had seen them both naked many times so they didn't worry about getting dressed. After a few minutes they could hear Tara say, "Goodnight, thanks for this evening and I'll call you tomorrow and let you know what she says." She closed the door and walked into the lounge seeing the two naked women on the sofa.

"My, you two had a busy night didn't you", Tara commented. "I'm glad that you're still up Tina, I need to ask you something. Jason has asked me to go to his companies formal and I said yes."
"So you want me to take you shopping for a dress?"
"Yes, but that's not was I need to ask you. His roommate Rick needs a date and wanted to go with you. I told Jason I'd ask you."
"Why doesn't Rick ask me himself?"
"He's shy I guess. So will you?"
"If Rick asks me, yes."
"Great, I'll tell Jason tomorrow. Right now I've got to change and go find me some more cock."

Tina and Kerri giggled, they knew that wouldn't be seeing Tara until the morning. "I've created a monster", said Kerri. Tina put on her black lace front closure bra, black lace thong panties, black lace garter belt and black back seamed fishnet stockings. Over this she wore a sheer white blouse tide just below her breasts, pleated mini skirt, lace ankle socks and 3" black patented pumps. She put her hair in pig tails and walked out to the lounge. "What do you think?" she asked Kerri and Tina. Tina smiled and said "you look like a slut." "Good, that's the look I was going for, don't wait up."

Dress Shopping

Tara woke up around nine in the morning. She got home at about four after her night out. She had found several guys to be with and at one stage was fucking three at once. Her panties were wet and sticky from all the cum dripping out of her. She grabbed a fresh pair and stepped into the shower. She finished her shower, dried off and did her hair. She knew that she was going to have a busy day shopping.

She went into the kitchen and Kerri had already brewed a pot of coffee. Kerri was sitting at the table in her pink chemise and matching panties sipping her coffee. "Well, what time did you finally get in this morning?" she asked Tara.
"Around four."
"Did you find what you were looking for?"
"Mmmm hmmm, and I had a blast too."
Kerri laughed, "I've created such a slut."

Tara called Jason and told him that Tina would go with Rick as long as Rick asked her. Just as she said this Tina came into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She too was just wearing panties. She sleepily grabbed a mug and poured herself a coffee. Jason asked, "is Tina there?"
"Yes, she just came into the kitchen."
"Put her on and I'll get Rick."
"Rick would like to ask you something", Tara said to Tina.

Tina grabbed the phone and said "hello." "Jason went to get him, he'll be on in a minute", Tara told Tina. "Hello, Tina?" Tina heard Rick's voice as on the other end.
"I uhm... I was wondering if you would uhm... like to go with me to my companies formal party."
"Sure, I'd love too."
"It's something that they do every year and it is highly recommended that we have dates... wait, did you say sure?"
Tina giggled, "yes, I would love to go with you. How formal is it?"
"Black tie formal."
"Well then you are in luck because Tara has to go dress shopping today and asked me to join her."
"Great, so I'll see you on the 28th then."
"Ok, see you then."

Tina hung up the phone, "well, you ready to go shopping?" she asked Tara. "Definitely." They both finished their coffee, showered and got dressed. Tara put on a sheer white blouse with a satin camisole under it, white lace bra with matching panties, nude pantyhose, black denim mini skirt and 4" black patent heels. She knew that she would be doing a lot of walking, but also knew that this is the size heel that she would be wearing and wanted to find the right length dress so that there would be minimal alterations. Tina wore a powder blue bra, matching panties, tan thigh high stockings, powder blue sung dress matching 2" heels.

They got into Tina's car and headed to the shopping mall. There were a couple of formal dress shops there and they knew of a few more else where in town if they couldn't find anything at the mall. They got to the mall, parked the car, grabbed their purses and headed to the first store. The store had some beautiful dresses, but not quite what Tina and Tara were looking for. This shop seemed to attend to older tastes.

They went to the next shop and found that it was more to their tastes. There were many dresses that both girls adored. The saleswoman, a young lady in her twenties wearing a business like black dress, black hose and 2" heels, asked if she could help them. Tara told her, "we've both been invited to a formal affair, black tie, and we each need a dress."
"Is this an evening party?"
"I take it you both want a long dress."
"What sizes are you?"
"We are both size six."
"Well ladies, if you will follow me I think I can help you."

They walked to the back of the shop where there were several racks of evening gowns. She pulled out six gowns, three each to try on. She handed Tina a royal blue gown with a single should strap. The strap was solid in the front and then separated into three spaghetti straps in the back. It was form fitting and had small rhinestones throughout the dress. The second gown was a red strapless gown with lace up back and rhinestones through out, very formfitting. The third was fuchsia with spaghetti shoulder straps which criss-crossed down the back, formfitting and wave patterns made from rhinestones.

To Tara she handed a melon colored formfitting gown. It had fan patterns all around, the front came to a point just above the breasts with spaghetti straps that went around the neck and down low with an open back. The next gown was a strapless sating in periwinkle. It was cut to emphasise the bust. Had a dusting of rhinestones that started over the right breast cup and trailed between the breasts, under the left breast and down the left side, coming back in slightly to outline both sides of the slit. The third gown was white, formfitting. It had a single strap over the left shoulder and rhinestones of varying sized front and back that went from the shoulder down to just about the hem like strings.

The saleswoman directed Tina and Tara to the changing rooms. Tina pretty much knew which gown she wanted and put it aside as soon as she closed the door, she wanted to try that one on last. Tara hung her gowns up and immediately started taking off her blouse, camisole and skirt. She tried on the melon gown first. When she was adjusted she stepped out for Tina's and the saleswoman's opinions. She liked the gown but wasn't too sure that it fit her right. Tina slipped into the red strapless gown. She adjusted everything and stepped out. Tina agreed with Tara in that the gown she had on was beautiful but just wasn't here. Tara told Tina the same about the gown she had on.

Tara grabbed the white gown and slipped it on. It fit her perfect, accenting her figure beautifully. She loved this gown and hoped that Tina would agree that she looked nice in it. Tina tried on the red strapless gown. They stepped out of the changing rooms and Tina gasped when she saw Tara. "Oh my God, that dress is so you. You look beautiful in it." "Thanks, I was hoping you would say that as I really like this dress", replied Tara, "that dress that you have on however, just isn't you." "Good, I was hoping you would say that", said Tina. She went back into the changing room, Tara waiting outside, and put on the royal blue gown. When she stepped out Tara said, "now that is you, that dress is gorgeous." The sales woman agreed that they both made the right choices.

They went back into the changing rooms and put their own clothes back on. The saleswoman suggested gloves, she grabbed two pairs of opera gloves, one in royal blue and one in white. Tina and Tara both loved the idea as neither dress had sleaves. As they were making their purchases Tina asked the saleswoman where they could get shoes to match. She directed them to a shop at the other end of the mall telling them that the shop tended to have a large stock for formal foot wear. They thanked the sales woman for her help and headed to the shoe store.

Having the gowns with them made it easy to find the proper shoes. They told the saleswoman that they were looking for formal sandals, Tina wanted 3" heels and Tara wanted no lower than 4". They both showed the saleswoman their gowns and she brought them out several pairs to try on in their sizes. For Tina she brought out two pair in royal blue leather and two pair in white satin. The satin shoes could be died to match the gown. For Tara she brought out a silver and pewter pair in leather and a pair in white satin.

Tara decided on the silver which matched the rhinestones of the gown beautifully. The shoes were very delicate with straps that wrapped around the ankle and stiletto heels. Tara couldn't wait to see how they looked with the gown. The saleswoman assured her that they would look great and if she wasn't happy after trying them with the gown she could bring then back.

Tina chose one of the royal blue sling back sandals. Each strap over the top of the foot was lined in rhinestones along with the strap that went around the heel. She loved how dainty the heel of the shoe looked and new that they would look fabulous with her gown.

They paid for their shoes and the saleswoman wished them a good time at the party. They bought they purchased out to the car so that they wouldn't have to carry then around everywhere. Once back in the mall they went to one of the sit down restaurants and had lunch. They chatted about the party and both were a bit excited. Tina had been to her senior prom so she had been to a formal before and really enjoyed it. Tara had never been to any type of formal and was looking forward to it. "If Jason rents a stretch limo I'm going to thank him for the evening on the way to the party, sorry if I put you on the spot then but I've always wanted to have sex in a limo and this may be my only chance", Tara told Tina while they were eating. Tina laughed and said "don't worry, I may give Rick a surprise then too, if he's a good boy." Both woman laughed at this and finished their lunch. Outside the restaurant Tara asked, "where to now?" "The lingerie shop, you aren't going to wear your old panties with your new gown are you? Besides you need some silk stockings to really make the outfit." "Ok then, lead the way", said Tara.

They entered the lingerie shop and went right to the panties section. Tina picked out a satin thong in royal blue with rhinestones in the same pattern as her gown. Tara found a satin thong in white with the same pattern. By this time a saleswoman approached them and asked, "may I help you ladies?" "Yes", replied Tina, "we each need a garter belt to match these panties and silk stockings." "Certainly, right this way ladies." The saleswoman picked out two garter belts, one in royal blue and one in white, both matched the thongs perfectly. She then brought them to the hosiery section and asked "what sizes?"

"B", said Tina. "And you?" asked the woman looking at Tara. "B also." "Colors?" "royal blue it you have them, otherwise off black", Tina told her. "White", said Tara. The saleswoman grabbed a package of blue stockings and a pair of white, "is there anything else?" "Yes, another pair each, just in case." They brought their items up to the register, "is there anything else?" "No thanks", replied Tara. "Would you ladies care to apply for our store credit card? You get great benefits like monthly coupons and notices of up and coming sales", asked the saleswoman. "No thanks, not today", Tina said.

They paid for their items and headed back into the mall. Next stop, accessories. They went to the accessories shop and found earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces to go with their gowns. They also found matching clutch purses which is what the had really gone in there for. By the time all of their purchases have been made it was after five. Tara called Kerri and asked her what she was doing for dinner. Kerri told her that she had no plans as she was waiting to see what they wanted to do. Tara suggested coming the mall and they could have dinner there and then catch a movie. Tara and Kerri hung up. Tina And Tara put the rest of their purchases in the car and then went to the restaurant to wait for Kerri.

The three had a nice dinner and enjoyed the movie. When they got home it was still a bit early and neither woman was sleepy. Kerri wanted to see the gowns that Tina and Tara had bought for the party. Since Tara was dieing to see if her shoes went well with her gown they both agreed to give Kerri a fashion show.

They grabbed their bags and went to their rooms. While they were getting changed Kerri poured three glasses of wine. Tara wanted to save her new thong and stockings for the night of the party. She put on a pair of white control top pantyhose. She slipped into her shoes and slid her gloves on.

Tina put her new thong, garter belt and stockings away and pulled out a pair of off black stockings, pink panties and matching garter belt. She slipped into her lingerie and stockings, slid her gown down her body and zipped up the back. She slid on her shoes and gloves and went to the lounge room.

Tara was happy with how well her shoes went with her gown. She saw the look on Kerri's face and knew that she looked great. Tina came out of her room and look just as good in her gown. They were both extremely happy with the choices that they made. Kerri handed both women a glass of white wine and told them both how great they looked giving them both a kiss on the lips.

Tara and Tina went back into their rooms to change out of their dresses. They put their gowns back in the garment backs with the shoes and hung them in their closets. Tara came out in just her pantyhose and Tina in just her stockings, garter belt and panties. "Well, it looks like I'm over dressed here", Kerri said. She took off her blouse, skirt and bra and sat back on the sofa in just her garter belt, stockings and panties. They all sat together and drank their wine talking about their day shopping.

Getting Ready

Tara woke early, anxious to start her day. She and Tina had an early appointment at the salon. The had booked in a full day of pampering and Tara was looking forward to it. She has been to the salon many times, having her hair and nails done but never had a facial, pedicure or makeup. This was all a new experience for her and she was extremely excited about it all.

She was the first one up and so put on a pot of coffee. She noticed that it was six in the morning and decided to let Tina sleep in a little longer as their appointment didn't start until nine. While the coffee was brewing she went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. The warm water running down her body helped to relax her, but at the same time it woke her up.

She stepped out of the shower and grabbed two towels. She wrapped one around her body and one around her hair. She went into the kitchen and pout herself a mug of coffee. Tina was up, sitting at the table drinking her coffee. Tara could see that she was still half asleep, holding her coffee mug like it was a life preserver.

"Good morning Sunshine", Tara called over to her. Tina just grunted.
"Are you ready for today? I am", said Tara.
"I haven't even woken up yet, how can I be ready?"
"Well, why don't you take a shower to wake yourself?"
"I will, just let me finish my coffee. What are you doing up so early anyway, out appointment isn't until nine?"
"I couldn't sleep anymore, I'm too excited about today and tonight."
"Well, why don't you finish what you need to in the bathroom and then I'll jump in."

Tara grabbed her coffee and went back into the bathroom. She unwrapped her hair and began drying it. She wasn't going to style it much as she was getting it done at the salon anyway. She decided that she would just pull it back and wear it in a pony tail to the salon. When she was done drying her hair, she dried body and dusted it with power.

She headed to her bedroom and as she walked down the hallway she called out to Tina, "bathroom's free." "Thanks." Tara unwrapped the towel from her body and sat at her vanity. She put on a light application of makeup as she knew it would all be washed off anyway. When she finished with her makeup she went to her lingerie draw and pulled out a pair of maroon velvet thong panties and matching bra. She found her garter belt that went with the bra and panties and put it on. She grabbed a pair of black sheer stockings, slid them on and attached them to the garter straps.

In her closet she pulled out her purple silk blouse and a short black skirt. She got dressed and then slipped into her purple pumps with 3" heels. She checked herself in the mirror and was satisfied with how she looked. She went back out to the kitchen, coffee mug in hand and saw Kerri sitting at the table.

"What's got you up so early?"
"You two. I could hear you both down in my room."
"I didn't think we were making that much noise."
"You were, I was teasing you. Just woke up to use the toilet and I heard you and Tina out here talking."
"You ready for today?"
"Very, I've never done this before."
"Well, just remember to relax and enjoy it, this is one of the big benefits of being a woman, pampering yourself shamelessly."

The women arrived at the salon fifteen minutes early. The receptionist told them that Shelly and Marcia would be with them momentarily. She showed them to the women's work stations and told them they could wait there. She then asked them if they would like a coffee. "Yes please, cappuccino, one sugar", said Tina. "I'll have the same", said Tara.

Tina and Tara were sipping their coffees when Shelly and Marcia came out from the back. Shelly went over to Tina and said "Good morning. What are we doing today?" Tina explained about the formal that she and Tara were attending and also described the dress, "we really want to stand out tonight", Tina told Shelly. "I know just want to do", Shelly said, "just relax and leave everything to us."

Tara was thoroughly enjoying herself, she had never been pampered like this in her life. They had their hair washed, cut and styled. They had manicures and pedicures, facials and makeup, leg underarm, bikini and eyebrow waxing. When Shelly and Marcia had finished, they had Tina and Tara look in the mirror. The women loved that had been done, they both felt so sexy and knew that their dates were going to love what they so. They paid for the work and tubes of lipstick and headed home to finish getting ready.

When they arrived at home Kerri was not there. They were happy about that as with the guys, they wanted Kerri to see the whole package now, not just stages. They had an hour and a half before Jason and Rick were due to pick them up. Just enough time to get dressed. They went right into their rooms and stripped out of the clothes they wore to the salon.

Tina, completely naked, walked over to her dresser and pulled out the lingerie she bought for this night. She wrapped the garter belt around her waist and clipped it in the back. She then grabbed her hosiery gloves and slipped the stockings on. The feel of the silk stockings on her freshly waxed legs was overwhelming her, she let out a moan as she felt the material on the smoothest legs she ever had. She attached them to the garter belt and then slipped her panties on. She tucked her clitty between her legs and then adjusted the panties. She looked in the mirror and was satisfied with the look. She sprayed herself with perfume getting her neck, cleavage, back of her legs and panties.

She walked over to her closet and took out her gown. She stepped into it, slid it up her body and slipped the shoulder strap over her arm. She zipped up the back of the dress and then adjusted her boobs. She stepped into her shoes and did up the straps around her ankles. She slid her gloves over her hands and up her arm just past her elbow. She stepped back and looked in the full-length mirror she had on her closet door, she was absolutely beautiful. She put the extra pair of stockings in the clutch purse along with her lipstick and went to see how Tina was doing.

Tina wrapped her new garter belt around her waist and clipped it behind her. She rolled her stockings up her legs careful not to run them with her nails. She attached the clips to her stockings and then slid her panties on. She spritzed herself with perfume, a little behind the ears, some on the neck and some on the back of her knees and a little on her new panties. She was feeling extremely sexy and would have loved to masturbate but didn't want to stain her new panties, not just yet. She was looking at herself in the full-length mirror thinking how sexy she felt in her lingerie. She pulled away from the mirror knowing that if she continues she would masturbate.

She opened her closet door and pulled out her gown laying it on the bed. She opened the garment, took out her shoes and put the at the foot. She took the gown out of the garment back, slipped it off the hanger and unzipped the back. She stepped into the gown, put the strap over her shoulder and zipped it up. She was just putting her shoes on when she heard a knock. "How are you doing in there? Need any help?" asked Tara. "Come in Hon, let's see how you look", replied Tina.

Tara walked into Tina's room, "Oh wow, you look great. Jason is going to bust when he sees you", Tina told Tara. "Thanks. Do you need any help?" "I'm all set, just need to put my gloves on. Can you hand them to me?" Tara handed Tina her gloves. She slipped them on and stood up. "Well?" "You are beautiful, and that dress is so sexy on you", Tara said. Tina grabbed her clutch purse, put her lipstick and extra stockings in and closed it. "Are we ready?", she asked Tara. "Yup, let's see if Kerri's home."

They grabbed their wraps and went out to the lounge to show Kerri and to wait for their dates. Kerri was in the kitchen and when she heard their heels clicking down the hallway she came out to the lounge. "You girls are gorgeous", she told them. "Turn around and let me see all of you." They both turned, modelling their outfits for Kerri. "Absolutely gorgeous, the guys don't know how lucky they are." Just then they heard a knock on the door. Kerri opened it and let Jason and Rick in.

Both guys had on black tuxedos. Their ties and cumber buns matched their dates dresses. They put wrist corsages on the girls and kissed them on their cheeks so as not to smudge their lipstick. "Ready to go?" Jason asked. "Wait", cried Kerri, "we need pictures." She ran and got her camera, snapped several photos of each couple and several group photos. When she finished snapping pictures the guys offered their arms to their dates and headed to the door.

Kerri opened the door for them and when Jason and Tara stepped out she squealed upon seeing the stretch limo that Jason and Rick had hired. Tina laughed knowing what was in store for the ride to the party. The driver was waiting by the car with the door open and the red carpet laid out. He helped the women in and when the guys got in he closed the door, rolled up the carpet, put it in the trunk and got in the drivers seat.

He explained about the limo, what options it had, like the phone, TV and DVD player. He also told them that there was wine and champagne in the fridge. He started the car and as he pulled out onto the road Tara put the divider up and locked it. She kissed Jason. "Thank you so much for tonight." "But we haven't even gotten to the party yet", replied Jason.
"I know, but I've never been to a formal before and so far it's everything I've imagined. You are really making the special for me and I want to show you how much I appreciate it."

With that said she leaned forward and kissed Jason with such passion. She reached down and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his cock. Before he could say anything she had her mouth around it and was smearing her lipstick all over it. Rick's mouth dropped open as he watched Tara giving Jason a blow job. Tina smiled and before Rick realized what was happening she had her mouth around his cock as well.

Tara and Tina sucked their dates cocks and fucked them with their mouths wanting them to cum quickly. While the ride would take a bit of time they knew they would have to freshen their makeup before they got to the party. Jason exploded quickly in Tara's mouth. She swallowed most of it, not wanting to waste his delicious seed. As she finished clean Jason off, she heard Rick releasing in Tina's mouth.

Tina licked and sucked Rick clean. She sat up, smiled and winked at Tara. Tara leaned forward and licked the cum off of Tina's lips that had leaked out. Tina did the same to Tara and then ended in a passionate kiss. The sat back in their seats and fixed their lipstick. When they were finished it looked just as it did when Shelly and Marcia had done it at the salon.

The Party

They arrived at the party and the driver pulled up at the front door. He helped the women out of the car and told Jason he would return at midnight to bring them home. They entered the hall and found the table with the seating cards, found their cards and then looked for their table. Tara was relieved to find that she and Tina would be sitting at the same table, she had become a little concerned when she realized that it was assigned seating.

They went to their table and then Tara and Tina excused themselves to the ladies room. They each went into a stall and did what they needed. Tara was the first out, she went to the large mirror and freshened up her make up. Tina came out a moment late and did the same. "I think the guys are happy now", Tina said. "I know I am, that was great in the limo. I'm surprised that you gave Rick a blow job.", replied Tara.
"What else was I supposed to do, just sit there an watch you two?"
"I think the guys really got turned on when we licked the cum off of each other."
"I'll say, I could see a bulge starting to form again in Rick's pants as we were getting out of the limo." They both giggled, grabbed their purses and went back out to their table.

The evening was wonderful. They all had a fantastic dinner with choices of steak, chicken or fish. The company had hired a live rock band and a D.J. so the music never stopped. Tara and Tina danced all night, sometimes, mostly slow dances, with the guys and sometimes with each other. The company sponsored an open bar so the drink glasses were never empty for long.

The party began to wind down about midnight. Coffee was served then, the CEOs gave their finally speeches and announcements of the night and the last half hour was spent with every one saying good night and trying to get to the parking lot.

There were several limos in front of the door. Jason had found theirs in the middle of the line. The driver was waiting there for them with the door open and a red carpet laid out for them to walk on. Tara giggled slightly when she saw the carpet, she felt like a princess walking on it.

They got into the limo, the driver closing the door behind them. He got into the drivers seat and slowly manoeuvred the car out of the line and onto the street. As soon as the door was closed Tara was all over Jason. She pushed him back into the seat and kissed him like a wild animal.

Tina watched as Tara attacked Jason. Feeling horny herself she turned and started kissing Rick. Tina reached down between Rick's legs and started rubbing his crotch through his pants. He was hard and very aroused. The whole ride to Tara and Tina's the limo was filled with moans, slurps and sexual lust.

They got to the house and the driver got out of the car and opened the door after again rolling out the red carpet. He offered his hand helping the women out of the car. Tara and Tina each kissed the driver and said thank you to him. Jason paid him his fee and thanked him for his services.

The two couples walked up to the door and Tara unlocked it. They stepped in and Tina closed the door. Once they were all inside Tina and Tara turned to their dates and continued kissing them. "Come with me so that I can thank you for a wonderful evening", Tara said grabbing Jason's hand and leading him to the sofa. Tina followed with Rick in tow.

Tara sat Jason down and got between his legs. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down, briefs and all. Once the clothes were off Tara wasted no time in taking Jason's cock in her mouth. Tara and Jason both moaned at the oral stimulation she was giving him.

Tina didn't waste time pulling Ricks pants down, she simply unzipped them, opened them up and pulled his cock out. Before it was completely out of his briefs Tina had Ricks cock in her mouth. She sucked him like it was a cherry Popsicle. She wanted to taste his cum again.

Tara was licking and sucking Jason's cock bringing him to the edge several times. While she wanted his cum in her mouth, she wanted as much as she could get from him so she kept waiting letting it build up. Her technique paid off, when she finally allowed Jason to cum her mouth was filled to overflowing.

Tina watched as Jason filled Tara's mouth with his cum, having finished Rick off a few minutes earlier. When Tara finished clean off Jason's cock Tina knelt down beside her and kissed her, tasting Jason.

They kissed each other passionately, rubbing each other's breasts and giving the guys a sexy show. Tara stood up and then pulled Tina up. Tara turned around lifted her hair a bit. Tina reached out and unzipped Tara's dress. They turned and Tara did the same for Tina. Slowly the women let the dresses slide down their bodies. When they were standing in just their garter belts, panties, stockings and heels they stepped into each other's arms and kissed again.

Tara and Tina kissed, rubbing their bare breasts together. Their hands were all over each other's bodies. Tara laid Tina down on the floor and began nibbling her ear. This brought moans and squeals of pleasure to Tina's lips. Tara then began massaging Tina's breasts while still nibbling her ears. Tina was in ecstasy.

Kerri, hearing the noise in the lounge came out of her room. She was wearing a purple velvet bra with matching thong panties and garter belt with purple stockings and 4" pumps. Jason was the first too see her and he just smiled at her. By this time both he and Rick were completely naked. Rick looked to see what Jason was smiling at and saw Kerri. He tried to cover himself with his pants but Kerri said, "don't bother."

Tara had kissed her way down Tina's body and was between her legs. She was kissing and licking Tina's pussy through her satin thong. Tina was writhing around on the floor, eyes closed moaning loudly. Tara, continuing her pussy licking was also rubbing her hands up and down Tina's silk covered legs.

Rick and Jason were sitting on the sofa stroking their stiffening cocks. Kerri walked over to Jason and kissed him forcing her tongue deep into his mouth. While they kissed she gave his cock a few strokes. She walked over and did the same to Rick.

When she finished kissing Jason and Rick, Kerri walked over to stand above Tina and Tara. She removed her panties and squatted down over Tina's face. Tara, having her eyes closed, didn't see Kerri at first, but she could smell the hot pussy just above her nose. She opened her eyes seeing the gorgeous pussy and knowing who it belonged too. She moaned seeing it and stuck her tongue out to lick the swollen clit before her.

Kerri let out a sigh when she felt Tina's tongue. Tara had since removed Tina's panties and was licking and sucking her clit. Jason and Rick had gotten up from the sofa, their cocks once again hard. Rick walked up to Kerri and put his cock right in front of her mouth. Kerri devoured the stiff cock before her greedily.

Jason got behind Tara and slid her panties off. He turned her to her side and lay down between her legs spreading them. He took Tara's boy clit into his mouth, something he has only done one other time. Tara gasped at the feel of Jason's hot mouth and then moaned as he began to bob his head up and down on her clitty.

Rick pulled his cock out of Kerri's mouth and got behind her. He gently pushed her forward so that she was bent at the waist. He got on his knees and licked her pussy with Tina. Tina and Rick licked Kerri's pussy and each other tongues for a few moments, driving Kerri crazy.

Rick stood up a bit and pushed his hard cock in Kerri's soaked pussy while Tina was still licking her clit. He slowly pushed his cock in Kerri and she moaned with pleasure. Once his cock was as far in Kerri's pussy as possible he pulled out and began fucking her hard and fast. Tina was till licking Kerri's clit and was now also licking Ricks cock while his balls slapped her in the forehead.

Jason continued to suck on Tina's clitty like a pro. Tara the first Transsexual he ever dated having only dated GGs (Genetic Girls). The first time he sucked on her clitty was because he was curious and because she insisted that he do it or she wouldn't suck his cock anymore. He wasn't sure he liked it the first time and was not interested in trying again previously. Tara was satisfied that he at least tried and never bothered him about it again.

Jason was starting to find that he did lick sucking on Tara's clitty. He was sucking and stroking it, developing a rhythm that Tara enjoyed. He was wondering to himself when Tara would cum and if he'd be able to swallow it or if he'd want to spit it out when suddenly Tara began cumming in his mouth. Jason was caught off guard and had to quickly swallow the first shot so he wouldn't choke.

Several more streams of cum shot into his mouth and he found that he liked it. He swallowed all of it and even sucked Tara's clitty lick a lollipop milking all of the cum out of it. When he finished he let her clitty plop out of his mouth. Tara continued sucking and licking Tina's pussy.

Jason got behind Tara and turned her onto her knees. She knew what was coming and stopped licking Tina's pussy long enough to say to Jason, "Mmmmm, yes, fuck me Baby, now." Jason did not hesitate, he pulled the condom out of his pants pocket, he kept one with him when he was on a date with Tara because he bought the lubricated kind. He slipped the condom on and pushed his cock into her boy pussy.

Tara moaned into Tina's pussy which in turn caused Tina to moan in pleasure from the vibrations on her clit. Tina was still licking Kerri's pussy and Ricks cock driving them both closer to orgasm. Tara was licking Tina's pussy now to the rhythm of Jason's fucking.

Rick stroked his cock in and out of Kerri's pussy a few more times and then stiffened. He shot his load deep in her pussy. This orgasm was his strongest yet of the night, being his third. He pumped his cock in and out a few more times milking as much cum into Kerri as possible. He pulled out as his cock began to soften. Tina performed the job of cleaning all the cum out of Kerri's pussy with her tongue. She licked and sucked it all out, drinking down every last drop.

Kerri felt her start to build as Rick was cumming in her. She knew it would be soon and once Rick pulled out and Tina began cleaning her out, it was over. She came in Tina's mouth, pushing what cum Tina hadn't gotten yet into her mouth. Tina drank it all down like it was the fountain of youth and gave her eternal life and youth.

Jason fucked Tara's boy pussy hard. He was pushing her into Tina's pussy which caused Tara to not only lick her clit, but tongue fuck Tina as well. This was driving Tina crazy. She was moaning and screaming into Kerri's pussy while her hips were bucking and swaying all over the floor trying to driver Tara's tongue deeper.

Jason came in Tara's pussy. She could feel the movement of Jason's cock shooting the cum into the condom but she was always disappointed when he had to wear one as she couldn't feel the cum inside her. As Jason began to cum, he pushed hard into Tara. This caused Tara to clamp her mouth tight on Tina's pussy.

Tina came in Tara's mouth, scream from her orgasm. She actually squirted in Tara's mouth, something that she does only rarely. Tara drank down all of Tina's girl juice and loved it. Tina was licked clean and then the all fell into heaps on the floor, catching their breathes.

When the had all started to calm down a bit, Tara crawled over to Jason and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you for this evening", she said to him. Jason kissed her back and said, "you're welcome." Tina did the same with Rick. Tara said to Jason, "thank you also for what you did earlier, it was a nice surprise." Jason smiled. Tara asked, "did you like it?" Jason said that he did. "Would you do it to me again?", she asked. He assured her that he would.

They lay there together cuddling for a bit. After a few minuted Kerri got up and said "right, who wants a glass of wine?"