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I’m at a water park, ten years old. I walk by the changing area, a man is there. Olive skinned and black hair. He pulls off his shirt, revealing  broad hairy chest. When he pulls down his pants I can’t help but look. His soft cock is hanging between his legs, out of a black bush. He’s uncut like me. He sees me looking, makes no attempt to cover up or rush changing. When I get to the urinal I have to wait a second to pee. My little dick is hard as a rock.


Eleven now, changing at the same water park. I get a little thrill out of being naked. A kid around my age is changing next to me. We both get hard peeking at each other. By the time we’re full mast we’re openly starring at each others dicks. People are around, we can’t do anything further.


Later that year I’m at a rest room at a park. A young Philippino man is at the urinal next to me. He’s on the phone talking business with someone. I notice he pulls back his foreskin when he pees, I try the same and notice the stream sprays less. When he’s shaking off his dick I get hard. He looks over at me, still on the phone as I’m confusedly stroking my dick. He smiles and strokes his own which is rapidly filling up. I shoot for the first time, three weak spurts of watery cum. He tucks his own hard on under his belt and walks off, patting me once on the shoulder as he walks away.


Twelve now. Me and my babysitter are playing some video game and we were talking about

something, i don’t remember what anymore but it comes up that I’m uncut. He says he’d never seen an uncut guys piece before and asks me if I’ll show him. I agree but say I only will if he shows me his too.

i was hard as a rock by the time i whipped it out. i don’t know for sure but back then i must have capped out at four inches. i loved the feeling of him looking at my dick so i gave him probably a good 20 seconds. when i put it away he was a little hesitant to show me his but i told him he had to cause he told me he would.

it seems like 10 inches but I’m sure now it was smaller than that, maybe even seven or so. Still above average for an adult. He has pubes and I remember wanting to feel them.

He tells me he is horny now and has to get off, I tell him I do too. He asks where he can do it and I say right here is fine. My parents come home then and ruined the moment, but my babysitter isn’t about to let that stop him. He tells me to grab a clean sock and put it in my pocket and he’ll take us for a ride so we could still get off. He tells my parents he promised to take me to get ice cream at the thriftys if i was good and tells them he’d have me right back. we ended up driving around the town jerking off in the car.

After a few minutes he asks if id ever had a hand job, I tell him i’d never done anything before and he goes quite for a minute and then asks the question again. I just said no this time and he asks if i want one. I say yes and he reaches over and grabs my piece.

it was amazing, having his huge rough hands on me. i don’t know how i don’t know how

long it takes exactly but don’t think i last more then 15 seconds before I am writhing and gasping. I have to pull his hand off my dick it gets so sensitive.

My sitter asks if i’d return the favor and I say sure. I lean over and jerk him off. He lasts longer then me but not by a lot. A minute or two after i start he asks me to put the sock on his cock and I do. I don’t get why until he cums. I know that the bleachy smelling stuff he unloads in my sock must be cum like I shot at the urinal.

Back at home I fish the sock he used to soak up his cum out of my pocket. I huff the strong sent of his load. Jerking myself I taste it, I cum quickly.


Days later, he’s watching me again. My parents won’t be home till midnight so he’s staying over. In my room, were sitting on the floor, jerking off together. I no longer remember how we got there. He asks me if I’ll blow him. I say no. He asks again twice and each time I say no. He asks a final time and I shrug shaking my head no. He guides my head to his dick. I suck him. I’m noisy and not very good at it. I stop after a while and he asks if I want him to blow me. This I say yes to. He sucks me till I cum, maybe thirty seconds. I watch him swallow my load. I roll over and say I’m done. I hear the soft brushing sound of a cut dude jerking off. I don’t sleep for a long time.


I’m doing my parents laundry. I see a cum stain on my dads boxers. My chest flutters and my dick thickens. I taste the dried stain, its bitter and definitely cum.


My sitter is back a week later. I’m curious to taste his load and want to suck him till he finishes. He’s making a point not to let things get sexual. I can tell he’s guilty and uncomfortable. When he says it’s time for bed he doesn’t go in with me, so I flat out say I’ll blow him. He doesn’t answer. I say I owe him from the other night and he tells me I don’t owe him anything, that’s not how it works.

I tell him I want to and he’s almost immediately fishing his rod out. I’m on my knees in front of him, sucking. When he cums I try to swallow it. It’s gross and I gag a bit, but I like it too. I still end up going to bed alone.


I’m home alone with my dad. He says he’s gonna shower. I sneak out behind the house. When he comes out of the shower I see him naked. His cock is a carbon copy of mine, just a little bigger. I shoot in my pants without touching myself. I sneak back in the house, guilty and still turned on.


I’m at my friends house. He shows me some porn he saw the other day. We’re both hard. We both want to jerk off. He tells me I can go in his room to rub one out and he’ll take the computer.

I cum listening to him jerking in the other room.


Me and my sitter are sucking and jerking each other every time he watches me. He asks me if he can try fucking me one night. He can’t get it in. I try after and have no problems. I’m fuck him like a rabbit and cum in his ass. It feels amazing.


My friend is staying over at my house. We’re here alone. I make a bed on the floor for us. We strip down to out boxers. We’re both rock hard. Trying to cover up our arousal. When the lights are off he reaches over and slips his hand into my boxers. He jerks me for a moment before I reach over and do the same to him.

Still in the darkness I pull the covers back and lower his waistband. His cock is smaller like mine and cut. I suck him. He cums quickly, he’s louder than my sitter when he shoots. I swallow his load easy. He watches me finish myself off after.


I’m watching my dad through the window again. He’s jerking off. Hard he’s got maybe an inch or two on me. My boxers are already wet with a load I stroked out when he first started. I watch the way he strokes his uncut cock and when he shoots I nearly cum a second time. I see the way his face grimaces as he cums. He wipes up with his shirt and throws it on his desk and then goes into the shower.

I sneak into his room. I taste his fresh load on his shirt. My head spins. I stroke out my own load in the shirt. Our cum mixes together.


Time passes. My sitter and I continue to fuck around over the next year, and whenever me and my friend get alone time we jerk and blow each other. I get sick one day and stay home from school and jerk off thirteen times, by the end I’m shooting blanks.


Sixteen. We’re moving, I’m in the moving van with my dad. My cock gets hard, I don’t know why. I try to discreetly rub it, but my dad notices. He says to take care of that when I get home. I’m still hard and continue to occasionally grab at it. I notice he’s hard too. Nothing happens.


Seventeen. I wake up suddenly while I’m sleeping on the floor in at my cousins house where I’ve been living. My cuz’s breathing is heavy and ragged, and I see he is on my laptop. It’s propped on his chest, gently rocking back and forth as he strokes himself. I can see the blanket covering him rise and fall rapidly.

I don’t know if I’d ever gotten so hard so quick as I do now. I move my hand down quietly, slip it under the waistband and tug my foreskin over my cock head with my thumb and forefinger. Cuz gasps out just as I got to myself, his jerking becomes violent and halting, his eyes roll back in his head. Seeing my cousin orgasm sends me over edge even though I’d just begun and I shoot too.


For the next couple months this becomes a regular thing, cuz starts jerking, I go along with him and try and cum at the same time. I try to be quiet but as I soon found out I wasn’t hiding my end of it as well as I thought.


One night we were about to go to bed and B asks me how long i take to go to sleep, i tell him ten/twenty minutes. He asks if I’d put on my headphones while he jerked off ‘cause he doesn’t want to wait that long. I tell him I wanted to jerk it too and why should he go first. Mostly joking but also kinda baiting him to see if he’ll offer to do it together. He doesn’t quite but tells me we can just jerk off with the lights off under the covers. We do. It’s exciting to finally be able to be a bit more open. His little brother shares that room too so we can’t go crazy but it’s still nice to be a tiny bit less covert and to know my cuz knows i was jerking off while he is.


We are house-sitting for our uncle one day. We’re pretty buzzed, not drunk but w young and don’t know better, even a little bit of alcohol feels like a lot. My cuz is asking me questions, like how far i’d gone with a girl, if I’d ever thought about jerking it with him, what i’d thought about doing with other guys, porn I’d watched, TV stars I’d crushed on, stuff like that.

I’ve gotten hard at this point and he is too. We aren’t doing a ton to hide it. My cuz confesses to me that when he was jerking off the day and that my uncles dog came over and licked him some. I tease him about it, tell him he was getting desperate if he’s been without a girlfriend so long he let that happen. I feel pretty bold at this point considering what he’d told me and I ask him if he’d ever thought of getting a bj from me.

He says no and I tell him I’d be down to try if he was. He just nods and pulls his dick out. He is cut, seems to be as hung as my sitter was and has thick, dark black pubes. I jerk him off a bit, but lost the nerve to suck him. I pull out my own dick, I’m hard as a rock at this point. Jerk myself at the same time. My cuz asks me if I’m going to suck him, just says “You going to?” his voice literally brakes. I don’t move and he says it again and I lean over and suck his dick. I don’t go down on him for very long at all before he is whimpering and about to bust. I know how he sounds when he was about to cum so I got off his piece and let him finish himself. I grab my own cock in finish in a couple strokes.

Over the next year we jerk off together every few days, pretty soon he was rubbing me off too. He'd tease me a lot about being uncut, but I think he was curious about it. He would rub his thumb on my hoodie and would look and my dick pretty intensely when he'd skin it back. We still jerked off under the covers every night on top of all that. Me and my cuz try a little more with oral but he was rarely down even for me to do it and i only got him to blow me once.


One day I’m watching my uncle’s dog alone. I have to jack off a little bit and am about to go down stairs to the computer room when my uncles golden retriever comes in the room. I remember what my cousin said about the dog loving pre-cum and I start to get leaky myself. I unzip my jeans and whip out my uncut dick and start jerking it, wondering how to spur tuck into action, but much to my surprise I have to do nothing, the pup comes right up and starts licking my cock head. I almost tell him to stop but it felt so good and I end up just pulling back my foreskin and letting him go at it. At some point while tuck gives me head he geta aroused himself and starta humping my leg, his little dog dick slamming into my shin.

This is when I realize our encounter is a little lop sided, I’m getting tons of attention while the poor pup is doing all the work and he gets nothing. So I call tucker onto the couch and he goes back to going to town on my dick. I reach over and jack him off. I find that my thumb and index and middle fingers grabbing him gently works best, he doesn’t seem to like the fist method much. This goes on for a while and is great, I feel really close to my furry friend and am enjoying his hot tongue.

At one point i am suddenly overcome with a need to please tucker, I don’t know why, but I feel like my hand isn’t enough and didn't think he appreciate me going down on him. I think back to my sitter trying to fuck me and not being able to. So I drop my pants and get down on all fours. I’m no pro at anal but I know lube was important so I wet my hole with some spit, the dog seems to know what’s up too cause he licks my hole wildly for a bit before he starts panting. After a second he leaps up and mounts me, I’m really glad I’m still wearing a shirt at this point cause it hurts having him claw my back. I’m ready and that’s not going to stop me. Tucker slams down painfully around my anus a couple quick times and then enters me. At first the pain is almost non-existent. I enjoy the rhythmic humping of his dick in me, after some time though the pain really increases for some reason getting more and more intense. At some point he starts hitting my prostate cause when the pain peeks so does the pleasure. But then he abruptly stops. We sit there for a while with him in me and then he slips out and his doggy cum slides down my leg. I stand up on my knees and then jack myself off to completion, having on of the best orgasms of my life.


Another  night after my sister came over for some drinks, she left when the dog started getting too friendly. I didn’t feel like getting licked off but wanted to relieve him so I strip off my clothes and get down on all fours again, he slides right in my ass after some licking and pounds me right in the prostate. I’m immediately hard and without touching myself cum in minutes. this time isn’t as painful and tuck falls out early and cums on my leg.


I go up to visit my cousin a couple months ago. We're in our late twenties now, he’s got dad bod, I’ve fared better but my age shows in my face far more than his. After he got married and started having kids my cuz moved up north where it was cheaper. I went up for his wife’s birthday, I’ve known her since we were kids and actually introduced them. The flight came in past midnight, and he picked me up. The plan was to get a few beers and he’d drop me off and my hotel, and that we’d meet up the next day.

Neither of us are the kinds of guys who can only have a few beers. We end up waddling back to my hotel room wasted. Sun is coming up. We talk about everything, about his new job welding, the married life, how it was him being a father. I update him on how work was, that I’d enlisted in the reserves, that I was still chronically single.

My cuz takes a piss in the restroom, and I walk in as he is walking out. He grabbed my junk as I moved past him and I froze up- this little grab was a call back to horsing around when we worked together, and more than that, it was a reminder of what we used to do. It’d had been years since he’d done that. Since I’d done it.

He doesn’t move his hand away.

I ask him “Do you still think about it?” and he nods. He looks grave. Myself, I don’t know if I’ve ever looked at him the way I was just then. Looking for confirmation that this is what he wants. That maybe he still jerks off thinking of what we did like I do to this day. I can’t see it in him but I reach out and grab his buldge.

We get hard under our jeans, rubbing each other through the denim. I reach to unbuckle myself and he quickly moves to do the same to his own pants. We have our dicks out and I feel already on the edge. I’ve wanted this for years. He surprises me by dropping to his knees and starts sucking me, even though I could hardly get him to try it before.

It feels amazing, just, god he’s not even that good at it, but I feel how hot and soft his mouth is on my dick. His tongue running under my hood.

After a minute I stop him. “Bed” is all I can get out. I push him back on it and go down on him, kneeling on the floor. I’ve never had problems getting hard drunk but B is notorious for it, he is still managing to sport a pretty good semi.

Then he asks me to fuck him.

I am hard as a rock already but hearing that you’d think my dick should have made a ringing sound it snaps so much to attention. I Literally haven’t even fantasized about this before, not in my wildest dreams would he bottom. I know this sounds too porn story to be true, no lube, no fingering him, so far as I know it being his first time, but I can only tell you what happened. Maybe it’s the fact that he is loose and drunk from the booze. Maybe it’s cause I’m preing a lot and always have, but I stand up and start slipping in him. His tight ass hole pulls my hoodie back and my head passes his sphincter. He is breathing heavy, his face is scrunched up, but he is pretty quiet overall. I give him as long as I can to adjust, which I know isn’t long enough and start pushing my whole length in. I’ve got over five inches totally hard, never have really measured it but I know it’ a bit bigger than my remote. My legs are shaking, and I’m already sweating when I bottom out. I’ve got my cousin on his back in front of me, my dick buried in his ass, and I start fucking him like an animal. I dont think I last a minute- if it was his first fuck it wasn’t a great one, he barely starts getting hard again by the time I cum.

I shoot in him, moaning, panting, it lubes me up and each thrust after feels amazing. I get a huge rush knowing my load is in my cuz's ass and he's stroking to having me inside him.

He keeps saying wait as he jerks him self, so I don’t pull out. I’m still in my cousin, throbbing, feeling his hole clench around my dick as he reaches orgasm. But as I’m standing over him watching him stroke the guilt starts setting in, I’ve already shot and am coming back to reality. This is my cousin, he’s married to my best friend and his kids are like nephews to me. What the fuck am I doing screwing around with him. He shoots on his belly. I pull out and tell him I’ll be right back. I hit the shower real quick. I come back to find him in his underwear on my bed.

I grab my sweats out of my bag and plop down next to him.

“Thanks man” he says.

“Fuck that dude, thank you, I needed that.” My rote response.

And we’re quiet for maybe thirty seconds.

I say, “We can’t do this again.” and he responds, “yeah we shouldn’t”.


Of course these aren’t all of my memories. A lot of my experiences are worked in my stories and I’m sure I’ll have more stories that don’t quite fit anywhere else that will be put out in a similar fashion to this. I appreciate feed back, suggestions, and request. My e-mail is Absolutely do not send me pictures of anything illegal.