My Master


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Feeding on fever
Down on all fours
Show you what all that
Howl is for ” -TOTR

                       For Dogsboy & Mizu


     Lying on the rug, I leisurely lick my balls. Yes, I can do that! I’m a dog, a Doberman Pinscher to be precise, going by the name of Tarzan. I raise a hind leg behind my neck and I have access to the entire area. It’s quite practical. You must be envious?

I think it’s the case for my young teenaged Master. Sometimes, he gets naked and rolls into a ball, bending in two, trying to reach his crotch. I watch him crane his head between his thighs. His lips almost touch the tip of his dick, but his acrobatic maneuver fails every time… Thank god he has hands that boy! And he makes good use of them, I tell ya. Four times a day, they are fondling his balls and tugging on that big prick of his.
Nothing to worry about, I guess all boys do the same? Me, I only know this teenager, my Master. I believe his parents named him Nick. But they often refer to him as ‘Pothead’ or ‘Lazy-assed bum’. He’s a fifteen-year-old human with long arms and hairy legs. His face’s full of unsightly red dots. Maybe, if he’d cut his greasy black bangs once in a while the blemishes would fade away? Then again, I don’t think Nick gives a shit. All that interests him is sleeping, eating pizza, watching the image box and rubbing the plump thing dangling between his legs…

I follow him everywhere inside the house. He follows me everywhere outside the house. It’s quite funny to see him fish out a little plastic bag and pick up the steaming pile of shit that I just dumped on the sidewalk! Only for that, I owe him all my loyalty. It’s not easy though. I tend to forget that his sneakers are not my chew toy and I tear them to pieces. Nick grabs my snout. He growls then spanks my rump hard. We don’t get near each other for a moment. Eventually, I forgive him for beating me.

Sometimes, at night, when Nick plays with his dick, he calls me, “Hey Tarzan, c’mere boy, lick the nice bone!” I'm happy to lap up the seven inches of swollen meat with my rugged tongue. A sweet nectar seeps from the slit of the bulbous tip and runs down the shaft. A real treat!

One time, he turned around and presented me his backside. I got to sniff the musky odors of his anus and lick it as much as I wanted! Nick laughed the whole time. The party stopped abruptly when I climbed on his back, driven by the impulsive urge to procreate. He got offended and rejected me, “What the fuck you doin’, faggot dog!?”

Can you believe that? What a tease.

I sulked in the corner, exasperated by another coitus interruptus. The story of my life! I’m not even allowed to get near the lovely poodle bitches in the neighborhood. Nick yanks on my leash as soon as I spot a hot female. It’s frustrating in the end… At least, after he spilled his seed on his belly, he let me eat the delicious puddles, a meager consolation.


   Today, my Master is in charge of babysitting his little cousin Simon during one of his rare visits. I adore the rambunctious six-year-old imp. He pets my back and never gets tired of throwing the tennis ball that I bring to him. His blue eyes are like gems in the middle of his angelic face. His golden hair shines like the sun.

The two boys decide to wrestle on the floor. I pounce on the playful duo afraid they might not have noticed me. We all roll on the carpet, pawing at each other. A jolly good time!

After a while, the heat becomes unbearable. Nick suggests that we should take our clothes off (which doesn’t apply to me, of course). Simon removes his shorts and tiny underpants. He fidgets on the same spot, cupping his genitals coyly. Meanwhile, Nick sheds his smelly jeans and boxers. He starts tickling the naked child again and again. Simon squeals really loud, running in circles to flee the frisky fingers.

I chase the small boy too, my wet nose right on his cute little buns. Simon stumbles. Nick jumps on the defenseless prey and pins him down under his chest, continuing to tickle him. I bounce on his back. We did it! We got him! Simon’s short legs flail all about in the air. He giggles madly and I bark because the high-pitched cackling hurts my ears.

In the middle of the game, Nick dives on Simon’s groin and kisses it all over. The tyke evidently enjoys that. I see his pink dickie standing up. Nick slips the small erection into his mouth and suckles it gently. While my Master slurps on his cocktail weenie, Simon makes all kinds of silly grimaces. He also goes 'oooooh' and 'aaaahh'. I attempt to sneak my muzzle in there. Nick pushes it away. He leans over to Simon’s ear and whispers with a wide smile, “Do it to me, now…”
For an instant, the tyke inspects the jutting pole of my Master. His inquisitive little eyes sparkle. He grabs the bloated organ and gives a few licks to the head. Mouth wide open, he engulfs a portion. The large piece of flesh stretches his thin lips. It’s much too big for a wee one like him! Somehow, Simon manages to suck the beefy sausage, bobbing his head up and down. The aroma of cock and saliva ignites me. I frolic around the naughty couple, my glistening red dick out of its hairy sheath.
   "I want to play the game with Tarzan!" Simon announces enthusiastically.

Sure! Go ahead! Whenever you want kiddo!
The urchin crawls towards me at full speed. His blond head disappears under my furry abdomen. I feel the moist heat of his mouth around my cock as he starts sucking. Oh yeah baby! If I could speak human I'd praise him, "Yes, that’s it! Suck it Simon! You’re doing grrrrreat! Oh yeah buddy, suck my juicy doggy dick!"
However, I can only whine and offer some encouraging yapping. My eyes glaze over. My brain melts from the delights of the voluptuous mouth. Simon’s lips slide faster and faster. For a moment, I stay still, whining. The dainty body of the six-year-old boy fits perfectly between my four legs. Then, all of a sudden, the kid starts slamming his mouth on my veiny prick right down to the balls! Holy fire hydrant! That feels sooooo good! He goes at it ravenously, siphoning my engorged pisser.

My Master winks. He kneels nearby, fondles his cock and admires his rascally cousin sucking my doggy dick. Since I’m used to humping fluffy pillows, the little kid’s steady stimulation makes me overheat in a flash. I yip to indicate it’s about to blow. Too late, three quick jets of semen explode straight to the back of his throat! Simon raises his head, mouth full of spunk, looking frantically around like a lost puppy.

   "What are you waiting for? Swallow!" Nick strongly suggests.

The little boy gulps down my load. He throws us a slimy grin. I can see his teeny gleaming white teeth. Without a doubt, he likes the creamy dollops as much as me!

Nick stands up, towering over his cousin. “Watch this!” he says to him. For the next minute, my Master grunts and tugs on his big wiener furiously. Simon looks up at the jerking fist. I prefer to back away. That prick is about to blow! It throbs. It flares. It twitches. The thick white sauce gushes out from the end! “Ohhh shiiit yeah!” Nick cries out.

Simon is surprised by the volleys of discharge. But he just sits there on his heels, chortling, receiving the abundant semen across the face. I leap on the kid to lick up the mess right away, getting slimed as well by the spurts of my Master.

We have so much fun when Simon is here!


   When Nick takes me out for a walk, we always head for the park where there are little boys. They kick a ball or just hang out on the benches. Some of them come to pet me. My Master asks them to go in the bushes. There, they play together with their pants down.
Today it’s cloudy and rainy, so there’s no one in the park. Luckily, near the train tracks, we meet Donny, a skinny kid dressed in a blue tracksuit. I estimate he’s around eleven in human years. The brown hair on top of his head is spiked up. His ears are big and funny. He talks to my Master like he’s much older, chin up, eyes staring straight at him.

Bored out of my mind, I interrupt the conversation, smelling Donny’s cotton pants. He crouches, tells me that I am pretty. The kid’s wise. Doberman Pinschers are the most beautiful breed indeed! I spring around him wagging my tail. He grabs my collar and sticks his pointy nose in front of my muzzle.
   "That’s a nice doggie! Who’s a good doggie? You are, yes you are!" he says with a babyish raspy voice.

That kid is definitely nice. I lick his face and savor his little boy flavor. It’s like all the others. Nick lets him hold my leash. They chatter while we go back home. I'm happy because my Master has made a new friend. He gets so lonely sometimes.
In Nick’s room, the boys sit on the bed. They put the little white sticks between their lips and puff out the green smoke making my head woozy. I barely have time to eat a few kibbles in my bowl that I find them naked when I get back to the bedroom. The horny lads touch each other’s hard dicks and lean over for a quick taste. Donny doesn’t have any hair over his rigid little penis. His balls are smooth too and quite appetizing. I sit next to the bed, watching them play together, moderately interested, wondering where I buried my Sunday bone in the backyard.

Some negotiations occurred while I was daydreaming. "I'll give you a pack of smokes,” Nick says. “I'll go easy. I swear!"

Donny shakes his head. “It hurt when my brother did it.”

   “C’mon. Don’t be a fuckin’ wuss. Two packs of smokes and five bucks?” Nick ups the ante.

The kid chews a fingernail, remains silent for an instant. “Okay,” he says, turning around, bare ass up in the air.

My Master smiles grandly. He scoots behind the boy and spreads his buttocks. The sight of Donny’s pucker awakens my sense. I poke my snout in there but Nick jumps ahead before I have the chance to get a good whiff. My Master grips his rod and presses the tip against the boy’s anus again and again. There’s no way that fat prick’s gonna be able to enter a hole so small!

Suddenly, it pops in. I see half of my Master’s cock sink into the little boy’s butt. Nick mounts the child. He immediately begins the coupling. Donny whimpers and laments, “Owww fuck! It hurts baaad. Owww!”

    “Just wait a bit, it’s gonna feel good.” Nick says, clutching the kid’s hips and swaying back and forth. It is rather odd to see them fucking together like beasts. Isn’t doggy style reserved for me?

From where I am, I have a good view of Nick’s thick white cock going in and out of the distended hole. I lick the kid’s feet then nip the calves of my Master to inform him that I'd like to play too. He frowns and pushes me away. Donny squeals a lot and bites his bottom lip. “Aww, my butt! Take it out, dammit!”

   “Don’t move! I’ll put some lube on.” my Master proposes.

When he pulls out, I stretch my front legs on the kid’s back and dig my nails in the tender skin. My hips get jiggy, darting my red rocket between his cheeks. Donny laughs. "Man, yer stupid mutt wants to fuck me too!"
I find the entrance to the dilated passage and shove in deeply. Donny freezes. "Aaarrghh shiiiit, UNGHHH! He’s in my butt!"

The little boy wriggles trying to get me to quit. I hook my front legs under his armpits and hold on for dear life, hoping he will forgive me for being a bit rough. Donny squirms a while then resigns himself. Anyway, my knot has begun to swell. I’m not getting out soon! My pelvis humps at a frenzied pace as I am carried away by the passion of rutting.

We squeal together while I pump my dick into his moist rectum. Donny cringes and complains again, "Owww, it hurts! Get him off! Get him off, pleeze!"

My Master examines the feverish coupling, visibly amused. “Fuck him Tarzan! That’s a good dog!” he chuckles.
I must say copulating with an eleven-year-old boy is very enjoyable! His tight little hole strangles my dick. With my tongue hanging low and my tail raised high, I just go crazy breeding that hot human ass. The pleasure soars. My hips buck at a delirious pace, driving my fuckbone into his skinny butt. When the realization that I’m gonna cum hits me, I yip and cry out. My jingling balls contract painfully. The knot inflates like a balloon.

Fortunately for Donny, I don’t get stuck in his hole. My seed squirts inside him. My dick slips out of the gaping opening to spit the rest on his butt.

The scene must have turned on my Master because he flips Donny on his back and grabs his ankles. Within seconds, he has crammed his hard-on deep inside the kid’s upturned butt. On top of the kid, he bounces up and down so fast that Donny wraps his arms around him. “Unngh! Ungghhh! Shit! Slow down! Unnnnnnnngghhh!” he grumbles.

For a while, I observe the boys have fun. Nick rams his big cock faster and harder. Donny looks so small under my Master’s lanky frame. I clean my dick hearing the mattress squeak. The rutting is so intense that it draws my attention. Nick is really nailing the little boy. His balls are slapping against the small buttocks. “OHHHH YEAHH! OHH FUCK!” he sings.

Donny wails every time the big cock hits bottom. His little toes are all curled up. When he’s not squealing, he’s yelling, “AWWW FUCK! FUCK!”

Nick shakes the little boy another ten minutes like this. He groans and looks up at the ceiling. “Orrhhh, I’m gonna cum in yer ass!” he cries out. I see his body shiver with every spurt of seed he shoots inside Donny.

After they are done playing, Donny jumps in his sports pants so fast that he forgets his underwear on the carpet. Wiping his eyes, he takes Nick’s gifts and dashes away faster than a gust of wind.

I run after him, barking, begging him to come back. Like all the other visitors before, Donny doesn’t turn around.

I hope he changes his mind.

Because my Master and I, we really love to play with children…

THE END     

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