About the author, Bistander:

I started writing because my regular life fell apart. I was already paralyzed, but the wheels came off the train because of a woman and I had to start over. Unfortunately, I grew up with a severe learning disability that went untreated, so not only do I have a lot to learn, there's a limit to how much I can do. I hope you won't hold any of that against me, nor will you excuse poor writing because of it. I welcome and am motivated by your feed back.

About the story: This is one of the first stories I wrote, almost ten years ago, back when I knew less about writing. I'm re-posting it here because the free site it was originally on, Sexstories, pulled chapters 1 and 3. That alone is a good reason to support this site--They don't censor stories!

If you have already read this, I only cleaned the chapters up and combined 3 chapters into 2. I still haven't written more or a different ending. Eventually I'll get around to cleaning up the other chapters and bringing them here, but for now you'll have to go read the old version if you can't wait. Please, leave comments.

My Neighbor's Incest

By BiStander

Part 1

The Attic

"Mom, it's going to be soooh hot up there," I said. "Can't I do it tonight?"

"Joe, stop complaining and go find that box. It won't be that bad," my mother said.

There was no changing her mind, so I put a chair under the attic door, got on it and lifted the panel out of the way, then I grabbed the edges and pulled myself in. It wasn't as hot as I expected, but it was still plenty hot. "I'm melting."

"Call me when you find it," my mother said. "I'll be in the kitchen."

By the time I reached the far end of the attic, where mother told me to look, I was sweating. There it was, a box labeled arts and crafts. Arts and craps, as far as I was concerned. I started to pick it up, but realized I could see my neighbor's house through the vents. How had I never noticed this before? I got close to the vents and looked between them. To my delight, I could see over their fence into the backyard. I pushed one of the slats up, for a better view.

The Davis's have a swimming pool. I've heard them splashing and laughing, but never been invited over. That darn fence. My heart jerked, then pounded at the sight. Mrs. Davis was lying on a lounge chair, face down. She's a gorgeous woman who has given me boners when she's in regular clothes. Now, her ass is barely covered by her bikini bottoms. I wish I had my spy glasses. Even without them, it's clear there isn't a top to her bikini.

My teenage cock responded immediately. How long would I have before my mother started calling me? I freed my rod and started stroking, hoping Mrs. Davis would flip over and show me her beautiful breast. I jerked with the speed only a kid can manage. My balls expanded as they readied themselves to blast my sperm. I wanted to wait and see if she would get up, but my cock shot a stream of cum onto the vents and floor, then Mrs. Davis turned over and sat up.

There they were, her massive tits. She had huge nipples that stuck straight out. Without giving it any thought, I was stroking again, using my own cum as lubrication. I couldn't believe I had tried to get out of coming into this hot attic, into heaven. My neighbor stood up and her melons swung from side to side. She was so beautiful with clothes on, but this was too much. I shot another load.

I had once came six times looking at a playboy magazine, would Mrs. Davis make me break that record. The woman on the other side of the fence did the unimaginable, and my cum slicked fist started moving up and down my cock again. She slid her bottoms down, lifted them with her foot and laid them neatly on a table. My heart raced. I had never seen a woman's triangle of hair in real life. I increased the speed of my strokes while Mrs. Davis turned, bent over and pointed her ass in my direction. She got back on the chair, on her hands and knees. She stayed that way long enough for me to imagine being behind her and jamming my dick into her hole. Oh, what it would be like to finally stick my cock inside a real woman instead of my hand?

I beat my cock like a madman. Her beautiful round ass was demanding I give it more cum. My third orgasm started to boil inside my balls, but before I could launch it, my mother yell my name. Between gasps of air, I yelled back, "I'm coming," but I stayed right there until I was actually cumming. The volume was diminished, but my third orgasm still hit the vents.

If my mother wasn't waiting for me to hand that stupid box down to her, I could have stayed in the heat all day, jerking off to Mrs. Davis. I said, "Here I come, Mom," then packed my cock in my shorts and grabbed the box.

"What took you so long," my mother asked?

"Nothing, I was just looking around," I said, and handed the box down to her. While I lowered myself from the attic, I realized a bulge or wet spot from my dripping cock might be in my mother's face. Hopefully she wouldn't notice.

Time pasted so slow. No matter how hard I tried to think about something else, my thoughts kept going back to my naked neighbor. She could still been right on the other side of that fence. I walked around outside until my mother was gone, then I prayed Mrs. Davis was still outside naked. This time I brought my spy glasses. I'd have to act fast if I saw my mother's car.

Jackpot, I thought when I saw my neighbor. She was on her back now. Her jugs were hanging off to each side, her knees were up, slightly parted. I zoomed in and focused the binoculars right between her legs. I was so close I could count her pubic hairs. She was so beautiful and sexy, I could hardly believe she was naked. My cock was rock hard. I moved up and down her body, taking it all in, but I couldn't beat off and not shake the binoculars, not without vomiting. I'd just watch her for now.

Mrs. Davis turned her head toward the house like she heard something, then I saw the older of her two daughters, Jasmine. I knew Jasmine, but not really. She's the extremely hot, almost sixteen, new girl, and all the guys like her. As a thirteen year old nerd, I say hi when I see her in the driveway and she mostly ignores me.

Jasmine didn't seem to notice that her mother was nude, or she didn't care. I started to wonder what kind of people we lived next door to. I have never seen either of my parents naked in the house and I knew my mother would never be caught dead outside naked, even if we had a fence and a moat.

Jasmine and her mother talked while she got a chair for herself and unfolded it. I already thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw Mrs. Davis, but when Jasmine started lifting her shirt, I could hardly comprehend it. Her tits were freakishly large for a fifteen year old, but they didn't swing or hang like her mother's. They stood firm, their puffy cone shaped red nipples popping out. Then she slowly lowered her tight shorts, wiggling her round butt to get them past it. Her ass cheeks popped out and bounced. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

My cock couldn't take anymore. I grabbed it and watched Jasmine lie down on her back, next to her mother, then I put the binoculars down and jerked myself like an animal in heat. Two beautiful nude women, mother and daughter, on display for me. Wow, this was going to be a hell of a summer.

For the next few days, I checked on the Davis's every chance I got, but had been very disappointed. They either weren't home or they weren't outside when my parents were gone. It had also been getting progressively hotter in the attic. I was considering giving up, but late one afternoon, my mother had to go to the store. One last try, I decided and rushed into the attic. I needed to see somebody without their clothes.

At first, I thought it was Jasmine, but once I looked closer, I realized it was her little sister, Susan. She's only eleven, so I, of course, never paid her much attention, for the same reason Jasmine didn't pay me any. However, my thinking suddenly changed. Susan got naked. She had a sweet little butt and bumps on her chest. She was showing signs that maybe she'd turn out like her big sister.

I had questioned my neighbor's morals last week when Mrs. Davis and Jasmine were outside together, nude, but today Mrs. Davis and her eleven year old daughter were doing the same thing. That family isn't anything like mine, or any I knew around here. Maybe that's normal in California where they came from, but here in Florida, I'm pretty sure that's not normal. I didn't mind, that's for sure.

I looked closely at Susan through the binoculars. She didn't have a bush or curves like her sister, but her bald slit excited me very much. Her tits weren't really tits yet, just big nipples sticking out of her little lumps, like dark red cherries.

Susan lifted her legs and put a foot on each side of the chair, like she was going to get up, but she didn't. She stayed right there with her legs open, the sun beating down on her puffy pussy lips, which were slightly separated. Wow, I was more excited watching Susan than her mother. Maybe because I actually had a chance with her?

The sound of a car made me look up front. Good, it's not my mother. It was Mr. Davis. I was disappointed because I figured the girls would cover up and go in the house. I didn't think Mr. Daviswould approve of them sitting around nude in the yard. I watched closely to see how they reacted to the sound of the car door. They just continue talking or whatever they were doing. Susan flipped over on her stomach. Her butt was very sexy for such a young girl, but I zoomed in on Mrs. Davis's nipples, which were rock hard.

Finally Mrs. Davis looked toward the back door. It opened and Mr. Davis came out. Now my young world was turned completely upside down and inside out. I would probably never be the same. Mr. Davis walked toward his wife with nothing on and a huge hose of a cock hanging between his legs. I had never seen a man's dick before, but I was pretty sure they shouldn't be that big. I couldn't even imagine something that big hanging between my legs. It was the size of my arm and it was soft. How big would it be if it got hard?

I guess they're nudist, a whole family of nudists. He approached his wife and daughter. Susan looked over and might have said hello, then she put her head down. I wondered what she thought about herfather's meat log hanging there in front of her eyes. Suddenly, that thought was completely eradicated.

Mrs. Davis reached for her husband's cock, lifted it toward her face, and opened her mouth for his dick head. My god, she's going to give him head, I thought. I had heard about blow jobs, but never seen one, especially in the backyard while your daughter is there.

I didn't bother jerking off. I glued my eyes to Mrs. Davis's mouth, it was wrapped around that cock. With each suck, he grew until it was standing straight out. Mrs. Davis had to sit up higher to line her face up with it. He grabbed her head on each side and started rocking his body back and forth, shoving a little more of his giant pipe into her mouth. I couldn't believe how much fit. It must have been going down her throat. I zoomed in so I could see her lips sliding up and down. Her mouth and her cheeks puffed out with each forward thrust of his hips. In and out he went while she jerked whatever didn't fit, and with her other hand she rubbed her enormous tits. Mr. Davis was face fucking his wife, his giant balls slapping against her chin. I wondered if he was going to send his cum down her throat or if he would pull it out and splatter her face.

I was so engrossed in the blow job that I completely forgot Susan was there, but I was suddenly reminded. I dropped the binoculars for the wide view. There she was, kneeling, her face right next to Mrs. Davis's. What the fuck was going to happen now? I put the binoculars back to my eyes. Mrs. Davis took her husband's dick out of her mouth and with her hand wrapped around the shaft she positioned it in front of Susan's face. Susan's tongue shot out and licked her father's dick. My balls erupted in my shorts. In my wildest fantasies I couldn't have come up with anything more erotic. How could I have? I'm only thirteen and have only seen playboy a couple of times.

Susan's mouth really had to stretched to fit him inside, but she looked like she knew what she was doing. How many times had she worked that fat cock head in and out between her teeth? She wrapped her lips around it and sucked hard. The head popped out of her mouth and she licked it like it was her favorite ice pop.

Mr. Davis started jerking his shaft and pushed the head back in Susan's mouth. Mrs. Davis was rubbing his balls and ass crack. Then he pulled back and thrust forward. Susan's face got splattered. He repeated the forward thrust, but this time he aimed at Mrs. Davis's open mouth. She gulped and swallowed the fluid as it landed. Mr. Davis squeezed the base of his enormous rod and slid his hand up toward the top. Susan placed her mouth on the head and sucked the last drops of cum from her daddy's dick. She licked her lips and smiled up at him, then she swallowed hard.

That night, I tossed and turned with the images of that day flashing through my mind. I masturbated three times, but that didn't help. I stayed horny for days.

One day, when my parents weren't home, I thought I'd go up to my secrete spot, even though I didn't think the neighbors were home. I looked through the vent, expecting to be disappointed as I had been the last three times. Surprise, Jasmine was in the pool, floating on her back. Of course, she was wearing nothing. No surprise there.

I focused the spy glasses. Just the crests of her tits and her nipples were sticking out of the water. Like ice burgs, most of their mass submerged. Her light brown pubic hair glistened in the sun light when she arched, pushing her pussy mound out of the water. I watched her for a long time with sweat running down my face. My cock was hard and my balls pulsed, but I didn't want to miss a thing. Jasmine is gorgeous. I'd jerk off after, hopefully I haven't run out of cum yet. Is there a limit to how many times I can cum?

Jasmine walked up the three steps at the low end of the pool. Water ran down her tanned flesh and flickered. Her nipples erected to what had to be their full size. My lips puckered. What would it be like to suck them deep into my mouth?

She walked past the towel lying on the table and went to the edge of the patio. What is she doing? I refocused and watched her arch backwards with her hands on her ass. She pushed her hips forward, and to my delight, a powerful stream of piss flowed out from between her legs. The sight of a hot chick taking a piss right on the ground like a nasty bitch made my lust explode.

When she finished watering the grass, she laid down on a lounge chair. I zoomed in on her beautiful round ass. Please spread your legs enough so I can see your but hole. I zoomed in until I could see the fuzzy hairs on her cheeks, then I jumped when something blocked my view. I moved the binoculars and saw what it was. Their dog was standing between her ass and my pleasure. I put the binoculars back to my eyes and watched their German Sheppard. Seems like he was just a puppy and now he's large enough to spoil my view.

Jasmine swatted at the dog when he poked his nose in her butt groove. He stopped, but didn't get out of the way. I laughed when he sniffed her ass crack again. She'd have to swat me more than once, too. What a lucky dog.

When the dog did it again, she didn't swat him. What I wouldn't give to put my nose in her crack. Jasmine rolled to her side. I saw her lips move and wondered what she said to the dog. She rolled the rest of the way on her back, then turned sideways on the chair. Her elbows supported her in a half sit up and she opened her legs. The dog immediately got his head between them and started licking her.

I didn't know anything about these things, but if I had to guess, I'd say this wasn't his first time. His long red cock was out of its sheath, bobbing under his body. Jasmine lifted her pussy in the air and he got his front feet up on the chair. My dick throbbed with need, but I couldn't look away for one second. This couldn't really be happening.

The dog started humping, stabbing his pointy prick at Jasmine's pussy. She moved around, adjusting the height and angle of her body, but he still couldn't hit the hole. She stopped him and got on her knees next to the chair. The dog knew exactly what to do. He licked her crack a few times, then he mounted her. She reached back between her legs. I supposed she was trying to help the dog find her hole, then I was sure. The frantic, jerky thrusts stopped and his fucking motion became smooth and fast. He hit the target, he was inside Jasmine's pussy. I wanted to be that dog more than anything I had ever wanted.

I had seen two dogs fucking on my front lawn once and it gave me a small thrill, but a dog fucking the hottest girl I knew, that was the most exciting thing I would ever see. He slammed into Jasmine at light speed. I zoomed in close on the dogs hammering ass just in time to see him finishing up. He was filling her cunt with his cum. Then his enormous red dick slid out of her, clear fluid running down her thighs. The dog licked her hole like he was cleaning her up, then he laid down and licked his cock and balls. Man, that is the luckiest fucker in the world.

Jasmine collapse on the chair, and I freed my dick from my shorts and immediatelysent a huge load of semen on the wall. So much for running out, I thought.

After I got out of the attic, I washed my face and neck with cold water and flopped on my bed. I was so young and I had already seen a girl getting fucked silly by her dog and her sister eating her father's load like it was candy. There was a good possibility I would never see anything more exciting.

Could something more exciting happen at night, I wondered?
My parents finally had someplace to go--together--at night. I had been looking forward to this for what seemed like months, but it hadn't even been weeks since I was last in the attic. Everybody was home next door, so I wouldn't get to see Jasmine having sex with her dog, but I'd settle for any view of her incredible body.

It had been a hot day, so the attic was still pretty warm, but better than during the day. The neighbor's backyard was well lit, but nobody was outside. I sat down for what might be a long wait.

After what felt like a long time, Jasmine finally came out the backdoor, nude. I wondered if any of them wear clothes at home? I hoped not, and got my cock in hand for the show. The most perfect body walked slowly across the patio. Her firm heart shaped ass swayed from side to side. One cheek would dip and the other would rise, then they switched. I was sure I could hear her ass cheeks yelling, fuck me, fuck me! I thought back to all the times I had gotten a thrill watching that goddess walk down her driveway or down the hallway at school. I hadn't even come close in my imagination of how beautiful she was under her clothes. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined I would get to see her naked.

The illuminated pool and my spy glasses overcame the night. Jasmine was floating on her back. Her nipples were like periscopes for her tit submarines. I stared through my spy glasses for about ten minutes while Jasmine swam around. Her legs opening and closing when she propelled herself like a frog. She ran her hand over her mound, up her stomach to her chest. She fondled each tit. My balls hurt. I needed to cum so bad.

I put the binoculars down so I could give myself a good jerking. I was so horny I felt like I could launch my cum all the way to Jasmine. My breathing quickened with each stroke, then my hand paused. Mr. Davis had come outside, his freakishly large cock in his hand. He was slowly stroking his dick, admiring his daughter from a distance. His cock had to be at least twelve inches, I thought.

When Jasmine started climbing out of the pool, Mr. Davis went inside. I imagined he was going to fuck his hot wife while pretending he was doing his daughter's tight body. He probably wanted to fuck Jasmine everyday, but knew he would ruin her fuck hole for life with that cock of his.

Jasmine's skin sparkled in the spot lights as she climbed up the ladder. It was like watching an erotic swimsuit commercial, minus the swimsuit. Cool air hit her body and the whole top of both tits extended into incredible cones. It was like her whole tit stretched out, screaming to be sucked deep into my warm mouth.

I followed her to the picnic table. She put one foot up on the bench, turned her knee out and started pissing. One hand went to her ass and the other to her pussy mound, pulling up. The powerful stream of pee arched out in front of her. She moved the hand on her ass between her legs and caused piss to splash on her inner thighs and run down her legs.

While my hand was jack-hammering on my cock, Jasmine got on top of the table, laid back, opened her legs and gave me a line of sight right to her pussy. Then she pushed a finger between her lips, slid it up and down, opening herself up. I had to stop jerking myself and give my full attention to Jasmine. She shoved a finger inside her body and started pumping it in and out. Her knees came up to her chest. She grabbed her left cheek, pulled herself open and fingered her hole wildly. I imagined she was longing for her dog's dick or maybe even wishing her father's torturous cock was splitting her open. I continued to watch. Two then three, maybe even four fingers frantically plunged her body. Her eyes closed, her legs flopped open and her body tightened and relaxed, over and over. Her fingers kept on pounding her through what I imagined was many orgasms.

When Jasmine's beautiful body went limp, only her breasts heaving, I lowered the binoculars and grabbed my throbbing cock. I pulled back on it and pretended it was sliding inside Jasmine's pussy. She would have been disappointed because it only took three strokes and my balls splattered the vents. Jasmine continued to bask in the glory of her climax while I milked my dick.

Mr. Davis came out the backdoor. Jasmine didn't seem to notice him walking toward her. I tried to imagine beating off on our picnic table while my parents were home and not noticing that my mother was approaching after I got off. It didn't work, I couldn't even pretend something like that would happen.

Jasmine had just pissed and fingered herself silly where they would most likely have lunch one day soon. Yet, she doesn't care that her father is walking towards her. I noticed his massive cock stiffening as it swung between his legs. My mind spun with excitement, thinking about the possibilities.

Shit, a car turned into the driveway. I ran and jumped down from the attic. My parents would be inside any minute.

That night, I tossed and turned all night, again. I kept dreaming about Jasmine being fucked hard, then I'd suddenly wake up, wondering if that's what happened. I needed to know! Would Mr. Davis feed Jasmine his cock and fill her head with a drowning load of cum? Maybe he would even get between her legs and split her teenage hole in two, drilling her spread pussy with that thing? Could he possibly consider fucking his own daughter?

How could I get more information? An idea popped into the devious part of my young brain, the part that believed anything was possible. It wasn't likely, but there might be away to know more, and possibly even get more! It could easily blow up in my face, though, if I even had the balls to try it?