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My Neighbor's Incest

By BiStander

Part 4

What happened in Pennsylvania?

The day after I did my neighborly duties and protected Mrs. Davis from the sun, someone knocked on my front door. It was a long shot, but my hopes rose while I hurried to see who it was. When I opened the door, it wasn't Mrs. Davis; it was her daughter, Susan. She said, "I'm back," and pranced from side to side, like she had to pee. "Joe, you're not going to believe what happened while we were at my aunt's house!"

You're not going to believe what happened here, either, I thought. Too bad I can't tell you. I motioned for silence, indicating that my mother was in the next room. Susan's expression showed her disappointment. I knew how she felt, except hers would be relieved once we got outside. I wasn't ever gonna get to tell her my story. Chris had made it very clear, no matter what, our moment in the sun, had to be between me and her, only!

At her regular volume, Susan said, "I need to go unpack and talk to my mom." Then she whispered, "When they leave, meet me in my backyard."

My dick had gotten hard. I wondered if it was in anticipation of hearing about what happened or seeing Susan. I suspected the latter because I had wanted to kiss her the second I saw her. Even though I had fucked her sister in every hole, and had incredible sex with her mother, the time I spent in the attic with Susan, was special to me. Maybe it was the intimacy of it or the long conversation we had, or perhaps it was just the thought of that beautiful hole my finger had penetrated, but not my cock. No dick had ever been in there. Well, not before her trip. What if that was her big news?

Susan smiled shyly, squeezed my arm and turned to go. I watched her bounce down the three steps and walk toward her house. She still had those thin legs, but at the top of her thighs was that bulging butt. It seemed older. Maybe it got bigger. It flared out like a fifteen-year-old girl's ass stuck on a twelve-year-old. It was probably my imagination because her ass couldn't have matured much in a week, but Mrs. Davis's youngest daughter had a sexy ass.

I waited in the living room, looking out the front window. I hoped my mother wouldn't get suspicious, wondering what I was doing. I could hardly wait for Susan's parents to leave. My imagination was going wild. There were so many things that might have happened with Susan, Jasmine and Mr. Davis while they were away. Did Susan finally have proof that her father used that massive tool in Jasmine's pussy? Susan and Jasmine could have given him a blowjob like I had seen Susan and her mom do.

"Since when do you and Susan have a thing together?"

It took a second before I realized my mother said something and longer to comprehend it. Shoot, did she notice the hard-on I had when I closed the door. "Mom, what makes you say that? We don't have a thing, whatever that means."

"Well, I have never seen you talk to her before, and now she's calling on you at the front door. Seemed curious, that's all."

I wanted to say, I swear, I didn't finger her in the attic, but instead, I spent ten minutes minimizing and explaining how Susan and I were just friends. I also told her I was interested in Susan's sister, Jasmine. Mother gave me a stern warning that I shouldn't use Susan, or mislead her, to get to her sister. I received the advice wholeheartedly, nodding my head while the Davis's car backed out of their driveway. Excitement flooded my balls. I told my mother I'd be outside, which was the truth, but I didn't mention that I'd be next door where I had fucked two of my neighbors.

Susan was by the pool when I entered the backyard. She was wearing the same shorts and T-shirt I'd seen at my house. I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't naked, but also glad. If anything happened, I wanted to undress her or at least watch the clothing fall from her body like that day in the attic. She motioned for me to lock the gate. When I did, my penis seemed to smile. The gate had been locked when I shot my sperm into Mrs. Davis's glorious hole.

As I walked by the chair we had done it on, I asked Susan, “How old is your mother?”

Susan gave me a curious look and said, "She's thirty-one Why?"

It wasn't like it mattered. Mrs. Davis was old enough to be my mother, but I wondered how much of an older woman she was. "No reason. I was just curious," I said and quickly did the math. Thirty-one minus thirteen was eighteen. I had sex with a woman eighteen years older than me. Then I thought, Jasmine is fifteen, that means her mother conceived her when she was fifteen. I wondered how old my mother was when she started fucking.

Susan sat on a towel next to the pool with her legs crossed like an Indian, just like that first day in my room. Trying not to be obvious, I looked at her crotch, hoping for a peek into the leg opening. It probably became obvious once I was staring at the soft, pale skin. It was so close to her pussy lip that the slightest shift of the material would let me see her slit. I soaked in the view then focused my attention on Susan's face. We made eye contact, and I felt a strange connection to her. Susan seemed to be staring deep into my soul.

"Tell me, what am I not going to believe?" I asked.

"Where should I start?” Susan said with a deep sigh. “There are two things, and you have to promise, really promise, you will never tell anyone, not even Jasmine. She knows, but she can't know that you know. Do you promise?"

How many secrets am I supposed to keep? I glanced down. My eyes found Susan's crotch, again, but this time her pussy was in view. The puffy mounds of flesh were slightly parted. My mouth watered and my balls started to tingle.

"Well, do you promise?" she said.

I mentally shook off the image of Susan's slick, pink slit and stared at her face. "Of course, I promise. Now tell me, I can't wait."

"Okay, you better not tell anyone, I'm very serious."

Susan had already told me about her parent's lifestyle, and she knew I had seen what happened to her in the backyard, so this had to be huge, I thought. Or Susan was just acting her age and making a big deal out of nothing. “I'll never tell, I swear.”

"Alright, you know my aunt lives on a lake, in a very remote part of Pennsylvania, right?”

I nodded.

It's a summer vacation spot. People don't live there during the winter, but it's great during the summer. She has a huge yard and boat. It's fun, you know. So, me and Jasmine left her house to go down to the recreation center where the beach is. We were gonna walk, but we changed our mind. We wanted to take the boat, so we went back to tell my aunt and dad. We had only been gone five minutes, but we didn't see them where they had been, so Jasmine went inside. After a few seconds, she was motioning for me to be quiet and follow her."

When Susan paused for air I said, “And.”

"Jasmine put her finger to my lips to make sure I didn't say anything. She pulled me by the arm. I followed her toward the back where the bedrooms are. As soon as we got to the hallway, I heard my aunt's voice, but not her normal voice, the one I'm used to. And, she was talking dirty!"

The images that flooded my mind put a tent in my shorts. I shifted, trying to allow my cock to rise so it wasn't poking straight out. Susan's crotch was still exposed, and I was pretty sure there was moisture I hadn't seen before. She watched me adjust my dick and gave me a smirk that made me think I might get to fill her tender body. What if her father had already done that? Was that where this story was going? No, there was no way I wanted to imagine Mr. Davis's arm-sized dick inside Susan. I canceled out the thought by remembering how tight she had been on my finger. He wouldn't fit. “Keep going,” I said.

"Aunt Jane said, 'I missed this huge cock of yours. Let me taste it. It's so good to suck my baby brother again.'" Susan's face brightened. "We were both peeking in the door. I was sitting down, and Jasmine was standing behind me. We saw my dad in front of my aunt with his dick pointing straight at her face. She had her hand wrapped around it, taking it in and out of her mouth. It reminded me of that time I told you about when I was seven and saw Jasmine sucking our father."


"My aunt was sucking so loud and taking a ton of it down her throat. You wouldn't have believed it. Even my mom can't get more than half in her mouth. Aunt Jane was taking almost all of it. I almost gasped out loud when she tilted her head back and gulped all of it down her throat. My dad said, 'That's it Jane, take all of my cock like when we were kids.' Then he grabbed her ears and started rocking fast. It looked like he was trying to choke her. I could see her throat expanding as it went down. It was like when a snake eats a big rat. Then after a minute or two, he started groaning loud. Finally, he held it down her throat, his ass jerking, pumping a little bit in and out. He said, 'That's it big sister, eat my cum like you always did.'"

Phew.” I blew out and dragged my forearm across my forehead.

Susan continued, "Joe, I noticed a strong girl smell. When I turned my head, Jasmine's crotch was right there by my face. There was a big wet spot on her bathing suit. I could smell her stuff. It was strong! I've smelled mine on my fingers, but hers was so strong I couldn't believe it. That's when I noticed it wasn't just her bathing suit, the juice was on her thighs, too. She caught me looking at her and motioned for us to go."

"Susan, did he fuck her. Did you watch him fuck his sister?" I was panting.

"Let me finish. I'll tell you everything, in order,” Susan said. “All the way to the canoe I went crazy talking to Jasmine about how unbelievable it was. Even knowing everything we already knew, neither of us imagined our dad doing his sister. Not behind our mother's back. We agreed not to say anything, to anybody, until we had time to think about it more. We kept going over it in the boat, though."

When Susan paused, I wanted to grab her and shake the rest of the story out of her, or maybe I wanted to jump on her and fuck her. My cock and balls were throbbing.

"After a few minutes of paddling towards the rec center, I looked back at my sister because I felt like I was doing all the work. Sure enough, she has her tits out, she's feeling herself up with one hand and has the other in her bottoms. Not rowing, at all! I told her if she didn't help we would never get there.”

Seriously? What did she say?”

She told me she couldn't help it; she needed to get off, again. I said, again, is that what happened in the hallway? You were getting off, and stuff was running out of you? She said, 'Yeah, doesn't that ever happen to you?' Then she pointed out a grass field surrounded by trees and told me to head for it."

In my excited state, I tried to rush Susan along. “What did she do? What happened next?”

"Don't rush me and pay attention. You know me and Jasmine don't get along, right?”

Right,” I said.

This part is going to blow you away. We got out of the boat, and she ordered me to take off my bathing suit. She was already taking hers off. Joe, her pussy was completely bald, really, like mine, bald. She shaved it. I looked around to see who might be able to see us, but she didn't seem to care. She spread a towel on the grass and told me to sit down."

"When I was sitting, Jasmine asked me if I had ever gotten off so hard that stuff squirted out of me. I told her how I got wet on your hand that time in the attic, but that was it."

I flashed back to that day in the attic. My hand was between Susan's legs, and her body went stiff. It released, then it stiffened again, and her pussy soaked my fingers. I wasn't going to make it to the end of her story without messing my shorts.

"Jasmine sat right in front of me. Then she spread my legs like this.” I watched Susan straighten her legs and open them until they formed a V. “She put her legs over mine, straight out, too. Like if you put your legs like mine, except put your knees over my knees. That's how we were sitting."

I gave her a questioning look. “Huh?”

Ah, let me show you." Susan got up, took her shorts off, then she sat in front of me with her legs over mine. The sun hit her skin and revealed a fine layer of peach fuzz that I had never noticed. The wetness between her partially open lips glistened. I had a scary thought about holding her down and fucking her, but I mentally slapped myself.

"Jasmine pointed out this spot right here,” Susan said and spread her pussy lips. “She told me to touch it. She said, 'That's your clit. It's what makes you get off.' I told her I knew that already, but I never got as wet as she had outside my aunt's door. Jasmine licked her fingers and started circling her clit. It's a big bump on her. She leaned back and opened her legs, even more, rubbing fast. The longer she went, the wetter her thing got. Joe, she was moaning. Her stomach started convulsing, and her legs stretched. Every muscle was bulging. She jerked up and down, like this.” Susan thrashed her pelvis. “My sister squirted all over me. I thought she pissed, you know how she is, but it was too slimy and clear."

"When Jasmine finished getting off, she put her wet fingers up to my mouth and told me to taste it. I didn't want to, but she shoved them in my mouth. It was sweet, not nasty. I kept sucking on them. Joe, don't get the wrong idea about me. I'm not, you know, I like boys."

I couldn't speak. My balls were going to unload in my shorts while my brain painted pictures of Jasmine's perfect cunt squirting girl cum on Susan. I wanted to taste it, too! "Ah, well, um, what happened?"

Susan sighed and touched herself. "My sister told me to try it. She wanted me to see if it would happen to me. Maybe I should have been embarrassed, but I was too excited. I started fingering myself the way she showed me. She watched me while sliding a finger in and out of her hole. It was only a minute before I felt an orgasm building in me. I worked my fingers faster while picturing my dad's giant cock vanishing down Aunt Jane's throat, and Jasmine's hole spraying me with cum. I thought of the wonderful taste in my mouth. Then, pow, my body stiffened the way in did in your attic, but nothing squirted out. I got super wet, but nothing shot out of me."

It was as if I had been right there in the field, waiting for Susan's pussy to squirt. I gasped when I realized I wasn't breathing. My mouth salivated while I stared at the dew drops of excitement on Susan's hairless slices of labia. I needed to know how she tasted.

"Wait, there's more,” Susan said. “Jasmine looked frustrated because nothing happened. She said, 'Let me help, I know you can do it, you're my sister.' At first, I was happy to hear her say that because she's never nice to me, but when she approached, it was strange. She eased me back and put her face down there.” Susan pointed at her pussy. “It scared me. I didn't want to turn into a lezbo, but as soon as her tongue touched me, oh, Joe, I forgot everything. A warm glow started between my legs and ran through my whole body. Jasmine's tongue worked into me, then it went up to my clit and back down to my hole. She spent a lot of time thrusting it in and out of my body and flicking it across my clit. She licked it, and licked it and sucked on it. Mm, I felt something deep, way up inside me, like nothing I've ever felt."

I was staring at Susan's crotch, imagining my tongue sliding up her smooth, tightly sealed pussy lips, opening them and punching my rolled tongue into her tiny opening.

"You listening?” Susan asked.

Yeah, I am. Please, keep going.”

I thought about telling Jasmine something was happening, but I freaked. I popped up into a sitting position, grabbed my sister's head and shoved her mouth into me. I remember throwing myself back, I think, then maybe I blacked out for a few seconds. The next thing I remember was my whole body shivering. It went from my head into my stomach, and down my legs. My toes curled!"

I thought it was over, but Susan continued, "Jasmine laid over me and kissed me. She French kissed me. I tasted that same sweet stuff that was on her fingers. Joe, you better not tell anyone. I'm not like that, but I couldn't help it. Before I knew it, I was making out with my sister! We were sucking tongues and kissing all over each other. Jasmine shoved her tits in my face. I don't know why, but I started sucking on her nipples. I mean licking and sucking, taking turns with each one. I wished they were mine. Jasmine's tits are amazing."

"After a few minutes of sucking her nipples, she knelt over my face and told me to do her as she did me. I swear, I didn't want to, but something had taken me over. I started shoving my tongue between her legs. She went crazy, rocking her hips, rotating, and rubbing it on my face. I tried to do what she had done to me and found her clit. It's big and fat. I sucked it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. Finally, after a few minutes of licking, Jasmine went nuts and covered my face with her stuff! It was unbelievable how much of it poured into my mouth. She licked my face clean, savoring her own taste with that crazy look she gets."

Susan looked me squarely in the eyes and said, "You better not tell anyone, especially not any of my friends. I don't want any of them to think anything bad. I'm not like that, you know, it was crazy what happened."

I didn't know what to say. Susan ate her own sister's pussy. I would have cum if I were watching. My cock was painfully hard and needed to be satisfied. If Susan didn't offer to help, I was going to have to go home and beat off.

"You wanna try it?" Susan asked. I got a huge smile, thinking about how good it was going to feel inside Susan's tight body. She said, "No, not that. You want to lick me, try and make me squirt?"

I answered Susan's question by moving my face toward her crotch, admiring her smooth mound of flesh. It was covered with that fine, blond hair that could only be seen because of the bright sunlight. She was already wet. I took a deep breath. The pleasant scent that had lingered on my finger, hours after I'd put it inside her, was more powerful. For a few seconds, I carefully inspect what I had only seen from a distance. It was a beautiful sight. Those thin slices of flesh, clinging together, were the only thing keeping me away from the entrance to her body. I had to get in there.

Susan drew her knees up, and her lips parted. The pink inner flesh unfolded and the aroma intensified. My balls jerked. "Shit, I can't hold it!"

I quickly got to my knees, shoved my shorts down, and launched streams of ball juice. It splattered Susan's stomach and flat chest. A big clump drooled down and hung from one of her stiff tit caps. Three days worth of cum wasted on a premature nut burst! “Ah, oh, shit. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. You, ah, the story and your—“

Susan started laughing. "Wow, that's a lot!"

I tried to ignore the embarrassing moment like it didn't happen, hiding my face between her legs. Susan's laughter was replaced by a long sigh. My tongue traced the line between the two mounds of baby fat. I used the tip of my tongue, ever so gently, and followed the groove, but didn't cause her flesh to separate. I left a trail of spit all the way up to her peach fuzz. On the second trip up the length of her sealed lips, I used the flat surface of my tongue to wet both plump mounds.

The third time, I pressed my tongue just above her asshole and slowly moved up, licking both outer lips. When I was halfway up her pussy, I applied more pressure. Susan's seal split and my tongue sank in. The flavor filled my mouth. I stiffened my tongue to a point and pushed harder, flicking the nub at the top of her channel. Susan groaned and spread her legs further. Her pussy opened under my mouth.

I burrowed into her, forcing my rolled tongue deeper and deeper. I knew for sure nothing more substantial than a carrot had ever been in there. It was too tight. Susan grabbed my hair and directed my licking at her little bump. She held me right where she wanted me. I tried to do everything Susan told me Jasmine had done.

While circling, crisscrossing and flicking her clit, I poked a finger at her tiny hole. It opened and allowed the tip of my middle finger to slide in. Susan jerked when my knuckle pushed through the narrow ring. I felt her hole grab my finger tightly and squeeze it.

I increased the speed of my tongue and my finger. Susan's sounds of pleasure increased, and so did the amount of moisture. The assault on her sensitive nub caused her hips to thrash, so I put both hands under her ass. I palmed each firm butt cheek and held on tight, trying to control her movement.

It felt good to be in control of this young girl's impending orgasm. I rode her bucking pelvis with my face. I slurped and plunged my mouth tool into her hole; then I went back to devouring her swollen bud. Susan's loud panting let me know it was almost time. I squeezed her ass as hard as I could and smashed her cunt onto my face. Susan's muscles tighten in my grip, and her thighs created a vise, crushing my head.

Susan's leg vise released, tightened, and released, then she jerked her knees up to her chest, pushed my head away and sprayed my face with her girl cum. I opened my mouth, trying to get as much as I could, then I went back to her open hole. When I sucked, Susan's legs shot straight out, her stomach tightened, and more fluid rushed into my mouth. She grabbed my hair and pulled hard. Her legs tightened on my head, again, and her breaths were short and fast. It felt like she was trying to crush my skull.

"That's all, ah, enough!” Susan yanked my hair to get my face away from her pussy. “I can't take anymore."

I sat up and gave her a deep, wet kiss. My tongue explored her mouth; then hers dove into mine. She licked my lips and smiled with a look of exhaustion. "Did you like it?" Susan asked.

My rock hard cock told the truth, but I said, "It was alright," minimizing the total exhilaration I had experienced.

Susan swatted me and said, "It was awesome, and you know it."

I looked down at the throbbing cock, at her crotch, and into her eyes, silently pleading.

"No, not that. I still have something to tell you, and my parents will be back soon, anyway."

"Susan, I will not be able to hear a word you say. My little brain is hurting."

She processed what I said and smiled. "Okay, what if I give you a blowjob, for now? Then I have to tell you something else. It's important."

I was seriously disappointed, but how could I be after a sexy little girl had offered to blow me. I knew how good her mouth felt on my dick from the night with Jasmine. Plus, this time I wouldn't be distracted by Jasmine sitting on my face or pissing on me. I kissed Susan before saying, "I guess that will be okay."

The girl didn't hesitate. She got on her stomach, supported herself on her elbows, and put her mouth around my pulsing dick head. I leaned back on my elbows and admired her round ass. It was bigger than last time I saw it. It was more mature and sexier. I gasped for air when Susan plunged my cock knob into her throat. She pulled her head back, sucking hard all the way up my shaft. There was a popping sound as her lips came off, and I groaned. If she did that two more times, that was going to be it for me. She stopped sucking and licked around the ridge of my dome, then followed a thick vein down my shaft. When she reached my nut sack, she kissed it and smiled at me. She sucked one nut into her mouth, then the other. I thought my heart might stop while her young mouth worked my balls over, rolling them and batting them with her tongue.

When Susan stopped sucking my balls in and out of her mouth, I wanted to scream for more. She moved so she could lay her head on my stomach, facing my dick. Her tongue licked the tip, poked at the slit and circled the head. I hunched and shoved my cock between her lips. Two inches of my dick went into Susan's mouth, but I needed more. I placed my hand on the back of her head and thrust my cock. She slurped, and I gave her more, pushing her head down. My balls were ready. I picked up the pace, humping her face. It was my turn to cum in her mouth. I sat up, jerked, and held her face on my squirting cock. My balls pumped fluid inside her mouth.

The girl didn't struggle, gag or spit. She sucked hard, swallowing every drop. She's unbelievable. It was going to be fantastic having her as my neighbor. Maybe even my girlfriend. Wait a second, she's too young for me, I reminded myself. My friends at school would rag me for having a twelve-year-old girlfriend. I'd be fourteen when school started.

Susan sat up and kissed me deeply, filling my mouth with cum. We swapped the fluid as our tongues delved in and out. I wasn't thrilled to be tasting my own cum, but under those conditions, I wasn't going to complain. "Wow, where did you learn all of that?" I asked.

"That's part of what I still have to tell you. Jasmine taught me a few other things while we were gone. Can you believe that? Jasmine was nice to me."

I was concerned. Knowing Jasmine, there was no telling what might have happened. "Whose dick did she use to teach you?"

Susan smiled at the memory or because she sensed my jealousy. "It's kind of a long story, but we don't have that much time before they get back, so let me try and hurry. As soon as you hear the car, you have to go, so get dressed now."

It was the last thing I wanted to do, but I got my shorts up.

"That night, after the day we did our crazy boat ride thing, Jasmine came into the room we were sharing. She wanted to talk about our father and aunt. More so, what we should do about it. She was concerned because our parent stopped doing the swinging thing for a reason. Jasmine said they were trying to have another baby, and—"

Baby?” I interrupted. "A baby...you mean get pregnant?" Was that why Mrs. Davis told me she couldn't let me fuck her pussy?

Susan looked at me like I was stupid. "Yeah, pregnant. How else would they have a baby?” She started putting her clothes on. “Let me finish. Me and Jasmine talked about dad doing his sister, and how they had been doing that since they were kids. I asked Jasmine if he had ever fucked her."

What did she say?”

"Her exact words were, 'Are you kidding. You think I wouldn't tell you about something like that? I tried, little sister. I've wanted to feel that huge cock inside me for a long time. I know dad wants to fuck me. I can see it in his eyes, but he hasn't because of mom. This thing with Aunt Jane, it might work out to my advantage.' She had a sinister look in her eyes.”

What did she mean?” I asked, thinking about Jasmine's pussy getting stuff by her dad's giant dick.

I'm not sure, but I asked her when she first had sex, and who it was if it wasn't our father."

I waited and watched Susan sit Indian style in front of me. "Joe, she told me so much.” She put her hands on my knees. “Listen..."

In Pennsylvania, Jasmine looked sternly at Susan, took her by the arm and said, "You have got to promise not to tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. I mean it. It has to stay between us. Promise me?"

I promise,” Susan said.

Jasmine's expression was somber. "Susan, I don't know how far back you can remember. You were probably too young, but I haven't been normal for a long time. You know I was only six or seven when I started touching myself. I couldn't get off, not good, but the more I did it, the hornier I got. My body changed so early. My chest started growing when I was nine, and my ass has been, you know, for as long as I can remember. I use to stand on the bathroom counter and look at it. I would shake it around like I saw the girls doing on the music videos. I was so young when boys started noticing me. They would do stuff for me if I did certain things."

"Susan, you remember, Jason? He cut the grass when we lived in California.”

Susan nodded. “I think so.”

I was too horny. I used to play with myself whenever and wherever. When I was ten, Jason caught me playing with myself in the backyard. I had my pants off, my legs spread wide open, and he walked right up to me. I opened my eyes, and he was looking right at me."

"It was so embarrassing. I didn't know what to do or say, but he did. Jason took his dick out and stuffed it in my face. I did what I had seen mom and dad doing. I gave him a blowjob, and he came in my mouth in the backyard while mom was in the house. It made me feel good to make him cum."

"Susan, I have never talked to you about any of this because I didn't want you to turn out like me.”

But, Jasmine, I like—”

No, wait, let me finish,” Jasmine said. “After what you pulled with that boy next door, I know you're already like me. You need to know that from the time I made Jason cum in my mouth, not caring who saw us, it changed me. I have never stopped thinking about sex from that day til now. It's an obsession. I think I'm some kind of nymphomaniac."

Is that bad,” Susan asked.

"You remember that shed we had, the one we used as a dollhouse? I hid behind it every week, waiting for Jason. I sucked him off every time he mowed the lawn, thinking about having sex with him. One week, he took my pants off. I was embarrassed because I was still bald down there. Jason didn't care. He liked it that way. He laid me on the dirt and licked between my legs. The feeling it gave me set my insides on fire. I was scared shit when I knew he was going to fuck me, but I didn't try and stop him. Susan, it hurt like hell when he started trying to shove it in me. My hole had never had anything except my finger in it. I wanted to scream, but it was too late. He forced my legs further apart and shoved it into me. I thought he was splitting me in two. Then my cherry popped. I seemed to stretch out, and it started to feel good like I had dreamed it would. My first orgasm with a cock inside me was wonderful. Even though all the blood scared me, I felt like a big girl when Jason took his satisfied body off of mine. After that, I was totally different. I never stopped wanting dick. None of my friends were like me. They didn't even know what sex was, but I couldn't get enough."

"Susan, I was known as worse than the easy girls. I was considered a slut. I'd cry at night and promise myself I'd start acting right, but the next day I'd blow three guys in the boy's room or fuck half the football team at a party. I just couldn't stop. It was like a curse. I felt like I'd go crazy if I didn't have sex! I was happy we were leaving California. I could leave my reputation behind."

"Since we moved, I have tried hard not to get a bad reputation. That's why I ended up letting Buster fuck me. I needed a dick, but I didn't want to end up fucking everyone in my school. Now, that boy, Joe, is going to tell everyone what happened. You have got to make sure he keeps it between us. I enjoyed fucking him, he was really good, and he has a great dick, but it can't get around that I fuck dogs and boys from my neighborhood. I have got to figure out how to get dad to fuck me. That big cock will keep me satisfied, forever!"

Susan grabbed my arm and brought my mind back from Pennsylvania. "Joe, Jasmine told me all that because she wants me to make sure you don't go telling anyone. You see why this has to stay between us? She's not the evil sister I thought she was. She cares about me."

I nodded my agreement and Susan kept talking. “When Jasmine was telling me about, Jason, I was holding my crotch. I knew I wanted it. I was picturing a dick going inside me. Jasmine placed her hand on mine, and before I knew what was happening, I was about to let her fingers inside me. Then my father came in the room. I'm sure he knew what we were doing, but he didn't say anything. He just sat on the bed next to Jasmine."

Susan jumped up. "That's them. You have to go. I'll finish telling you what happened tomorrow. Get out of here. Oh, my mom told me to tell you thanks for doing hers too.”


The lawn, she wants you to do it again this week."

I agreed while Susan shoved me toward the gate.

It was 2 AM when I looked at the clock, again. I had to get some sleep, but I couldn't stop thinking. I heard Susan's words playing over and over in my head, “...pregnant, Jasmine's pussy was shaved, I knew I wanted it, I enjoyed fucking him, he was really good, he has a great dick..."

I thought about their father walking in on his two sexy daughters, right as one was about to finger her younger sister. Surely a man who has been fucking his sister would have been very excited to see that. I couldn't believe he hadn't had his way with at least one of them.

What if I fucked Susan and she turned out like Jasmine? I thought about Susan's hole squeezing my tongue and imagined how good it would be around my dick. It had been a powerful feeling when I was in control of her orgasm. I made her cum on my face. I wondered if I could satisfy Jasmine's needs. Mrs. Davis wanted me again. That was what she was saying when she told Susan to ask me to do it again this week.

Fuck, in four days school started again and everything could change. My mother and father were on my ass about not wanting to play sports my first year in high school. I hadn't talked to my friends since the first time I went in the attic. Maybe I had Jasmine's curse.

I needed to fuck something. It was a good thing we didn't have a dog. I'd fuck a tree knot right now! Shit, there was no maybe about it, I had Jasmine's curse.

I focused my thoughts on Susan, picturing my head resting on her stomach, the aroma drifting up to my nose, her abdomen slowly rising and falling. Finally, sleep found me.