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My Neighbor's Incest

By BiStander

Part 5

First Day of School

"OK, Mom, I'll take care of that right after I do the lawn," I said. "And yes, I know tomorrow is the first day of school. How could I forget?"

I was excited and a little nervous about my first day of high school, but that wasn't what kept me up at night. It had been three days of intense mental masturbation since Susan left me hanging in her backyard. I had been thinking about Jasmine's obsession with sex; how it had manifested out of a preteen sexual encounter with the lawn guy. I had imagined every conceivable thing that could have transpired the night in Pennsylvania after their father walked in on Susan and Jasmine. But mostly, my mind had been consumed with Susan's words, "I knew I wanted it, I was picturing a dick going inside me." Would it be me, I wondered and hoped.

That day in Susan's backyard, everything changed between us. At least it had for me. When I looked into her eyes that day, I saw something extraordinary. We made a connection that went beyond lust. Maybe it was love. Although, at fourteen, did I know what that was? How could I when my emotions were clouded by raw sex? My parents were right, once you have sex everything is different. They told me about that, and I hated it when they were right.

Despite all my thinking, dreaming, and obsessing about Susan for the past three days, I had only managed to steal a few quick, but passionate kisses. One of us always had to rush to some requirement, being dragged here and there by parents, for school supplies, new shoes, and even a birthday party. It was my fourteenth birthday party, but I would have skipped it for just twenty minutes alone with Susan.

Tomorrow, when school started, I wasn't even sure I could have what was potentially a relationship with Susan. I'll be in ninth grade Susan will still be just twelve years old. My parents would balk for sure, what about my friends? If they knew the whole story, they would approve, but they could never find out. Not that any of them would believe even one bit of what would surely sound like nonsense, but if they did believe me, my telling would ruin everything!

Back and forth, I mowed the front yard, wishing summer break could last two more weeks? My balls rejoiced as a quick breeze blew up the leg of my shorts. I enjoyed the feel of my nuggets swinging free. I had never gone commando outside the house, and my balls were enjoying their new liberty. They were extra sensitive because two days ago I shaved them. It felt strange but good.

As soon as I finished the front yard, then I had to do my neighbor's. I had only seen Mrs. Davis coming and going with Susan and Jasmine as they ran from place to place like I had been doing, but I wondered if it had been a secret message when she said, "Do hers too." No, she wouldn't take a chance telling her daughter to pass that on to me. Susan might get suspicious. Why would she even want me again at all? Her husband had a cock that most guys would do anything to have, so why would Chris risk so much for a fourteen-year-old boy? Even if she did want me, I had resolved to be faithful to Susan. I didn't even know if I had a reason to be, but I figured if there were going to be something between us, it would be less complicated if I wasn't fucking her mother.

I was feeling pretty down knowing that I wasn't going to see Susan and tomorrow school started. It seemed like our relationship had gone backward. We started out with a passion that generally would come well into a relationship. She had shared her deepest secrets with me. Shoot, I had accidentally unloaded my balls on her backside in my attic. The first time we were together, Susan's pussy covered my hand with her little girl nectar. Then that day in her backyard, wow. Now, I'll be lucky to get a kiss until who knows when.

My balls were already tingling, and at the sight of Jasmine approaching in a tiny bikini, my cock stirred. I feared that without underwear my dick would straighten and come out of my shorts leg in front of Jasmine. I didn't care if she saw what in her words was a nice cock, but in my front yard, for all to see, that didn't seem like something that would make me proud. No Mom, that wasn't an erection.

"Joe, my mother wants you to do the backyard also. The electric mower is out. Just put it in the shed when you're done. Mom said, thanks in advance." Watching Jasmine's luscious lips as she spoke those words, made me think about Jasmine eating out her little sister in that grassy field. My erection launched toward the sky.

Jasmine glanced down, and her nipples popped up. "Could you hurry?” she asked. “My friend Stacy is coming over to get one last day of tanning in before school starts?"

When she turned and headed in the direction of her backyard, I glued my eyes to her ass. It was dripping honey, and I imagined my tongue between her cheeks. I fucked that. I was inside that gorgeous body, and I can never tell anyone. Who would believe me anyway? My daydream was interrupted when Jasmine looked back and caught me staring. She pointed at the tent in my shorts and rubbed her index fingers, in a shame on you, naughty boy, gesture. I was embarrassed, to say the least.

I took my shirt off and restarted the mower. My muscles aren't huge rippling weight lifter's muscles, but I am strong and have a six pack, so maybe that would distract passers bye from the erection in my shorts. I could hope, anyway. Knowing that Jasmine might be laying out while I finished up her yard, was exciting. The Davis's don't have much grass back there, so I wondered why Jasmine didn't do it herself if she was in a hurry?

The electric lawnmower was there, but not Jasmine. That was probably better. I didn't need to contend with the barrage of lustful thoughts Jasmine's body would bring on. I told myself, hurry up and finish, then do what Mom told you to do.

As I came around the pool, I noticed Jasmine standing behind the shed with her hand inside her bikini bottoms. My mind flashed back to Susan's story of Jasmine and Jason. I forgot what I was doing and released the power lever. The electric hum stopped, and I headed toward Jasmine. Without a word, she dropped to her knees in front of me and lowered my shorts until the waistband was hooked under my balls. I stepped forward and pushed my cock at her face. Jasmine took the swelling head into her mouth and grabbed my balls.

The skill of her mouth surpassed any, I supposed. Not that I had more than one to compare it with. I watched her suck the head, then pull it from her mouth. She looked up at me; her expression that of a child looking for approval. I couldn't break away even though I knew this wasn't what I should be doing if I loved Susan.

Jasmine's tongue guided my dick head into her wide mouth. I hunched, and the tight entrance of her throat closed. She gagged and pulled back. After a quick gasp, Jasmine plunged my dick down her throat, again.

I grabbed her head and thrust into her face. When I hit bottom, I held it there. Jasmine's bulging eyes were turned up, pleading, but I continued ramming her mouth. At that moment, I understood Jasmine; she needed to satisfy me. She had to have my cum in her mouth to feel like a good little girl.

After several more violent plunges down Jasmine's throat, my balls pulled up tight, prepared to shoot. I was about to empty three days worth of pent-up frustration. My groin met Jasmine's hot, wet lips, and I held my cock in her gulping throat until the last second, then I pulled out. The head of my dick rested on her plump lower lip. My legs trembled and my balls jerked, sending a blast of cum into Jasmine's mouth. She grasped the shaft and milked it. Squirt after squirt I came on her tongue. Cum leaked from the corners of Jasmine's mouth. She tilted her head back, revealed the white fluid, smirked, and swallowed hard. It took two gulps to get it all down. She licked all the way around her mouth while looking up at me. Damn it; that girl is sexy, I thought.

Susan's story played in my mind while I took Jasmine by the shoulders and eased her to the ground. We were about to reenact the first time she got fucked! I stood over her. My lust raged. I reached down and grabbed her bottoms. Jasmine knew what I was doing, and without making a sound, she raised her ass so that I could remove her bathing suit. Her bald pussy looked so young. The magnitude of her beauty struck me. I took a deep breath and pushed her legs apart. She was a perfect female specimen.

I wanted to take my time and be gentle, the way I had with Susan, but once I was between Jasmine's legs, the aroma drove me mad. I plunged my face into her crotch. My tongue dug in, and I drank her sweet pussy juice. Susan tasted similar, but Jasmine's sharp nectar enraged me. I sucked it into my mouth. I had to fuck her, now. I got on top of Jasmine and forced her legs further apart. The head of my dick found the deepest part of her slippery groove. I was so ready to slam it to the hilt, but Jasmine's eyes were pleading. The girl had taken on a new persona.

I pushed a little harder, and I heard Jasmine for the first time, "Fuck me, Jason. I want you to fuck me, please."

That was all I needed to hear. My cock head punched through her tightness, and I didn't stop until my body slammed into hers. Jasmine's wonderful pussy tube held my cock. Waves of extreme pleasure raced through my balls. My whole being was consumed by the glorious sensation. It felt so good that I'd cum if I moved and then it would be over, but I never wanted it to end.

The bell on the back of the house rang, indicating someone was at the front door. Jasmine started pushing me off her. "Shit, that's Stacy. You have to go!"

I climbed to my feet. My bobbing erection shined with Jasmine's juices. She must have seen the pitiful expression on my face. "Joe, I'm sorry. Stacy can't know about this side of me. Please keep this our secret. Don't tell anybody, especially not Susan. It'll be better that way . . . for her."

Jasmine's words did nothing to ease my disappointment. “Okay.” I pulled my shorts up and asked, “What about the lawn?”

Jasmine got her bathing suit on. "Don't worry. I'll finish it."

Before I reached the back gate, Jasmine said, "Joe, be gentle with her."

I scratched my head and left the yard, wondering what the fuck just happened. Jasmine had used me to act out her childhood experience of losing her virginity; then before it was over, she threw me out and left me as fuckin' horny as I'd been three days earlier when Susan ran me off. I walked my throbbing dick back toward my house, happy to see my mother's car was gone. That meant the attic was open for my viewing pleasure. Not knowing where my mom went should have concerned me, but I'd worry about that when the time came. Now, I was going to enjoy the view, and empty my balls again.

The fact that Stacy would be in a bikini might make up for her terrible timing. I waited, sweating my ass off, for the two girls to come outside. When they did, I knew it was worth any discomfort I had suffered. Not that Jasmine's beauty could be diminished by the high school senior, but if they were in a beauty contest, Stacy and Jasmine would surely be competing for first place.

Jasmine is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen but in her own way. She's like a hot blonde California beach chick, with a golden brown tan, firm, grapefruit shaped tits, giant nipples, and a glorious ass. It was the kind of ass that made a guy's head turn regardless of who saw him staring.

Stacy was in the same category of gorgeous, but her beauty contrasted Jasmine's. Her hair was black, and her skin was naturally dark. Her ample breasts sat high on her chest, she had muscled abs, and her athletic ass flexed with each step.

Besides the goddess status that the girls shared, Stacy seemed an unlikely companion for Jasmine. One of my friend's older brothers dated Stacy, so I know she is not the kind of girl Jasmine is. Stacy is an honor student, noted for her performance in sports, and the kind of girl every mom wants their boy to date. Maybe Jasmine was trying to pair up with someone who could help change her reputation or maybe be a good influence? That would explain why Jasmine didn't want Stacy to see her spread eagle in the yard, getting fucked by the lawn boy.

After a few minutes of conversation, which I wish I could have heard, Jasmine got up and stood next to Stacy's chair. Seemingly without warning, Jasmine removed the barely-there bikini top, freeing her jugs. They swung in the sun. Stacy looked at Jasmine, but I couldn't tell from her expression if she was alarmed, shocked, or fine with Jasmine's exhibitionism. Then Stacy got up and stood inches away from her half naked friend. She looked directly at Jasmine. I thought their tits might have been touching. Fuck, what I wouldn't do for a supersonic microphone.

Jasmine's fists were pressed into her sides, and her hips shifted right. It could have been a defensive posture. Had Stacy admonished her for being topless? Jasmine's lips were moving. Was it possible she could be trying to coerce the prudish beauty out of her top? I could imagine my neighbor telling Stacy how private the yard was and how good it felt to tan naked. Come on Jasmine, I thought, do your thing, get her out of that bathing suit. Of course, nobody can see you back there.

My heart raced and my mouth dried. They were toe to toe, and Jasmine put her hands on Stacy's shoulders. Their tits had to be pressed together. Oh, the power in Jasmine's gaze must have frozen that poor goodie two shoes in place. She didn't resist when Jasmine reached around, held her neck and drew her forward. Their lips touched. Stacy's hands moved between their bodies. She must be pushing away, I thought, but Jasmine's fingers intertwined with Stacy's and pulled the girl's arms out to their sides. They got closer; then Jasmine started kissing Stacy passionately. My life couldn't get any better.

The kiss suddenly broke, but the two girls didn't move. I imagined Jasmine's prevailing stare, drawing her friend back. Their lips embraced once again. Passion seemed to be erasing any fear Stacy might have had. Her hands were free, and she wasn't resisting. The girl wrapped her arms around Jasmine. Their mouths were smashed together.

Jasmine took a step back, and Stacy's top fell from her neck and hung below her tits. Stacy looked down at her naked breasts for a second before crossing her arm over them. Jasmine reached behind Stacy and pulled her friend in. Their tits crushed together. Jasmine's seductive lips found Stacy's mouth, and the make-out session resumed without resistance.

Two drop dead gorgeous teenage girls, locked in a passionate kiss. It was the most beautifully erotic sexual encounter I could imagine. I was breathing so hard I got dizzy and had to steady myself. If I didn't calm down, I might black out and miss whatever happened next.

When Jasmine finally stepped back again, my eyes focused on what was protruding from Stacy's body. Her tits were not only much larger than I expected, but their shape was unbelievable. She had the type of tits that I referred to as ski slope tits. They hung down but curved around at the bottom, and the nipples mocked gravity as they pointed practically towards the sky! They screamed out for a mouth to take them in.

Jasmine's hands were rejected two times, but the third time she landed them, cupping those wonderful flesh mounds. She gently lifted Stacy's tits, slowly moved around their sides then worked her hands forward toward the nipples. Stacy reacted with a jerk and tried to turn her upper body away from her friend's seductive embrace. Jasmine countered by taking the girl's hand and placing it on her tit. Stacy seemed to be subdued by the interaction with another female's breast, so Jasmine put her hand on Stacy's and helped her fondle the tit.

Without releasing Jasmine's tit, Stacy moved in for an aggressive kiss. The passion quickly advanced, and Jasmine grabbed one of Stacy's tits. The two girls kissed wildly and felt each other up.

I held out as long as possible, but when Jasmine's mouth cautiously approached Stacy's upturned nipple, my cock erupted. I moaned and thrust my groin forward, spraying a huge stream of cum on the vent. Stacy's face seemed to scream for help when Jasmine's mouth sealed around the top of her tit, but her body submitted, arching and shoving her chest out. Jasmine's sucked, stretching the pointy crown. She let it go and moved on to the next tit. A hand wandered down Stacy's stomach. It groped the hairy mound, then found its way between Stacy's legs. The girl fought off her friend's advances, but clearly her heart wasn't in it. After two passive swats, Stacy yielded and opened her legs, granting Jasmine full access. My dick stayed hard.

Stacy appeared mesmerized by Jasmine's sexual powers. Her arms hung limply at her sides while the bikini bottoms cleared her hips. Even against her dark skin, Stacy's black triangle of pubic hair stood out like an arrowhead, pointing the way to her pussy. Jasmine knelt, taking the bottoms the rest of the way down, and planted a kiss just above Stacy's bush. The girl's eyes locked with Jasmine's, watching as she kissed her way up the center of her body. Their lips joined again. Stacy shook her feet free of the bikini.

While making out with the passion of new lovers, Jasmine guided Stacy's body down on a chair. Once the girl was sitting, Jasmine stopped kissing and stood in front of the stunned prude. Jasmine wiggled out of her skimpy bottoms. Maybe she was shocked that Jasmine was bald or possibly overwhelmed by reality, I didn't know, but Stacy stared straight ahead at the other girl's pussy. It was only inches away from her face.

Jasmine bent at the waist, took hold of Stacy's shoulders and turned her on the lounge chair. Stacy lifted her legs as her body rotated and put her feet up. Jasmine kissed the dazed girl while laying her down. With some cum and spit on my hand, I stroked my dick back to a full erection. Jasmine straddled the chair, then leaned over until her hanging tits rested on Stacy's chest. She kissed Stacy gently on the forehead before inching down. Her stiff nipples dragged over her friend's dark skin while she kissed her way southward. I thought I could see Stacy's lips saying no, over and over, and she might have started to sit up once or twice, but Jasmine's mouth still made it to that mound of black curly hair.

When Jasmine's hands were spreading Stacy's legs, her head turned violently, side to side. Jasmine's tongue penetrated the tightly sealed pussy lips. Stacy stopped moving and stared down her body. It was strange, but I was proud to know Jasmine. In a matter of minutes, she had undressed a beautiful girl in her backyard, and now she was eating her out. I also felt a connection with Stacy because I too had my world rocked by that California girl.

Shit, my mother turned into the driveway. Fuck it! I kept devouring the scene with my eyes and punishing my sore cock. There was no way I was going to miss this. I'd rather be caught masturbating by my mother than miss Jasmine making love to a girl every guy wanted, but none could get in her pants.

Jasmine's face was stuffed into Stacy's crotch, and her glorious round ass was pushed up in my direction. What I wouldn't give to lay my swollen cock between those cheeks while she devoured Stacy's pussy. When the girl was about to get off, I'd drive my dick up Jasmine's ass and force her face into the climaxing pussy.

Stacy's bent knees started waving, clapping her thighs on Jasmine's head. Then she stiffened, and her ass lifted off the chair, slamming her cunt into Jasmine's face. My fifteen-year-old neighbor had just thoroughly corrupted a beautiful high school senior. What else was Jasmine capable of?

I heard the downstairs door close right as Jasmine stood over Stacy. She walked forward until her dripping crotch was positioned above the other girl's face. Stacy's lust must have far surpassed any reservations she had because her head rose to meet the descending pussy. The girl who had resisted when Jasmine tried to kiss her, was now eager to get her mouth on another girl's crotch. I wailed on my abused cock, hoping to send another load on the attic floor and vent slats before—

"Joe, what are you doing up there?" my mother asked. Stacy's mouth reached Jasmine's spread pussy lips, and I yelled, "Oh, I, ah, ah . . . ” My body stiffened, and another stream of creamy white ball juice flew. “I'll be right down, Mom." It didn't seem right talking to my mother while having an orgasm. Surely she had noticed my gasping broken speech, but I didn't care. I was as vexed by Jasmine as Stacy. If my mother found a way to climb up, I wouldn't stop milking my prick.

I stalled long enough to see Jasmine turn around and lower her ass towards Stacy's face. They were in the 69 position. Jasmine turned and appeared to look right at me. If Susan had told her sister, that meant Jasmine might have been putting on a show, hoping I'd be watching.

Jasmine's ass approached Stacy's face. I had been in that same position, being treated to a wonderful view of that perfect butt. Mm, what a tasty treat, I thought and licked my lips. Stacy must have been more terrified than I had been that night when Jasmine squatted on my face.

My mother yelled, "You're letting the hot air down here, and you still haven't done what I told you to do. Get down here, now!"

As much as I could have watched them all day, I knew I better come up with a good story and get out of the attic. Tomorrow was the first day of school, and I had plenty to do to prepare.

The first day of school, I stared into space, daydreaming about what I had witnessed yesterday. I pictured Jasmine's sucking lips. I imagined how it felt when my dick slid into her pussy, and the horrible disappointment when I suddenly had to pull out and go home horny. Was that why I missed Susan so much? For almost a week we had hardly seen each other. I needed to hear the rest of the story about what happened at her aunt's house. I missed her lips on mine, the way she touched my body, and her sweet face. The urgent need to fuck her was gone. Now I longed to lay with her, hold her, kiss her and eventually be inside her. Had I fallen in love with that twelve-year-old girl? If I had, I needed to figure out what to do about it.

Friday afternoon had finally arrived. The first week of school had dragged along incredibly slow. Despite the steroid injection sex with Jasmine had given my confidence, being a freshman still sucked. Last year, in my third year of middle school, I had been like a senior; I was on top. The teachers knew me; I knew the cool places to hang out, knew all the ways to beat the system, and had developed a rapport with the girls. Now, everything was new. I had to learn the system again. The girls didn't seem to know freshmen guys were alive. Even the freshmen girls who I knew last year were now all about older boys.

There had only been two bright spots during my week. The first came Wednesday when I saw Jasmine walking across the cafeteria. I was with my friends; she smiled and waved. Talk about a confidence booster. They all stared at her, and I was reminded how much it sucked to get an erection at school.

The second redeeming moment came Thursday, on garbage night. Normally, taking the cans to the street is something I don't enjoy, but I met Susan outside. We hid behind my dad's car and made out for as long as we could without raising suspicion. I laid her on the ground and got on top. We kissed passionately while I dry humped her. My throbbing cock ground against her crotch. It felt wonderful being between her legs. Her body responded, shifting so the ridge in my pants went where she needed it. I wanted to make love to her right there in the driveway.

Susan had more sense or self-control. She said, "Joe, we'll get together again, soon, but I have to go inside. Homework, I have homework," then she got up and tugged the moist material out of her crack. “Don't forget, we made a deal, and you still have to do your part."

I hadn't forgotten what I promised Susan in exchange for her help with Jasmine, and seeing a girl get fucked by her dog wasn't something you passed on, but things had changed between Susan and I. It surprised me that she still wanted to do it after hearing what motivated Jasmine. Susan deserved better. Shit, Jasmine had deserved better, and I wanted to be Susan's first. What a conflict.

Later that night in the shower, my balls were throbbing. I couldn't stop thinking about Susan's body under mine, being between her legs, and holding her. She showed me she also had needs by pushing her pelvis up against my grinding erection. I thrust my dick through my soapy fist, pretending it was her tight pussy. I imagined I was finally making love to Susan.

Saturday morning, while watching cartoons, I noticed Susan, Jasmine, and their dad leaving. My heart sank. I thought Susan and I were finally going to spend time together. I closed my eyes.

After a few minutes, the phone startled me. My mother came into the room and said, "Joe, that was Mrs. Davis. She needs you to come over and help her with a dresser."

Did Chris mean, help undress her? "OK, Mom,” I said. “I'll be right back."

I walked the twenty yards to my neighbor's front door, wondering what she needed that could have been explained to my mother that quickly. When I pressed the doorbell, it dawned on me that I was still wearing a pair of shorts that weren't appropriate for being out in public. They barely covered my hanging testicles. Too late now, I thought, she'll think I'm crazy if she sees me running home after ringing. Besides, it's not like—The door opened and wow; Mrs. Davis was beautiful. The woman standing in the doorway reduced me to a first grader meeting their new teacher for the first time. The sight of her massive tits, no bra, and her womanly curves was overwhelming. That woman birthed Susan and Jasmine, I thought with amazement. "Good morning, Mrs. Davis. You need me, needed help?"

"Joe, you know you can call me Chris,” she said. “I prefer it, especially when nobody else is around. Mrs. Davis, makes me feel old." She smiled and motioned me in.

"If I called you granny, you still wouldn't look old." I immediately wished I had kept my mouth shut.

"Let's hope you won't be calling me that for a while." She closed the door behind me.

Was she telling me not to fuck her daughters or just not to get them pregnant? I didn't have a clue, so I nodded and turned to the wall of picture frames. I spotted Susan in a dress, fixed up like a beauty queen. Wow, I'd never seen her in a dress. It was very attractive. To make conversation I asked, "Is this Susan?" Then I noticed Jasmine in a similar dress. She didn't look like the hot, dripping sex, girl I was used to seeing. The girl was more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

Mrs. Davis, said, "Yes, and that's Jasmine. They were both in pageants that year, and got first place in their age groups."

For the next few minutes, Mrs. Davis pointed to different pictures, explaining when and who it was. She filled me in on detailed stories about their lives. I tried to pay close attention, wanting to learn about Susan's life, but I was terribly distracted by Mrs. Davis's womanliness. I kept reminding myself of my resolve, but the lady was uncomfortably close to me. Her voice on my ear, the smell of perfume, the occasional bump of her body against mine, and her tremendous breasts touching my back while she pointed at pictures on the wall made me nervous. It didn't matter what we had already done because this incredible lady was a married woman. She was my neighbor, Susan's mother, and let's face it, I'm just a kid.

I looked down, and, to my shock, my hardon was outside of my too short, shorts. It was standing straight up on the wrong side of the material. Before I could react, two hard nipples pressed into my back. Mrs. Davis's hands came around my sides. One hand pressed into my stomach; the other sent sparks through my throbbing erection. "What is this, young man?” Mrs. Davis whispered in my ear. “You seem to have something sticking out down here."

Her words tickled my ear, and my hormones raged. I forgot the promised I made myself and reached behind me. With an ass cheek in each hand, I pulled her warm body tight against mine. The mature woman responded by kissing my neck and ear and stroking my dick. My heart raced, and my sex drive soared. I needed her and wanted to make her feel good. I would eat her pussy and give her pleasure.

Mrs. Davis shoved her groin against my ass and said, "Young man, I need you to satisfy me. Take me in there." She pointed.

In the living room, we stood in front of the couch. My fingers trembled trying to unzip her jeans. Once that was done, I enjoyed watching the woman work the tight pants over her ample hips. She wiggled side to side. Her panties went along for the ride. I sucked in a long breath when her pubic mound came into view. She had dirty blonde hair, trimmed to perfection.

I held the bottom of her shirt and slowly raised it. Chris lifted her arms when the shirt reached her chest. Her tits got caught up. I lifted them with the T-shirt. They broke free and dropped. I watched them bounced before they settled on her body. Their enormous size surprised me even though I had seen them many times. I took a long look at the massive melons and the giant nipples. They hung but didn't sag. I lifted a tit in each hand, feeling their weight, then I kissed each nipple before sucking hard like a nursing baby. The sweet aroma drifting up from between Mrs. Davis's legs was a huge turn on. I wanted to taste Susan's mother and make her cum.

The woman kissed me and took my tongue into her mouth. She sucked it like she was giving my tongue a blow job and guided me down to the carpet. She laid on her back. I knelt between her legs, looking up and down her body. I couldn't believe this was real. She was a grown-up, and the mother of a girl I wanted as my girlfriend, and I was between her legs. That was a scary thought. I ignored the facts and moved my face toward her womanhood.

Each of Davis women looked a little different between their legs, but their smell was surely kin, and all three gave me the same weak in my knees feeling. I took a huge breath and planted my lips on her pussy. There was so much more of momma Davis to contend with. I sucked in a mouthful of pussy lip and stroked it with my tongue, then I moved to the other side and did the same. I shook my head, using my mouth to open her folds. I pushed my tongue into the pink inner flesh. My taste buds were coated with her juiciness and exploded with delight.

I pressed my face into the deep, fleshy channel and thrust my tongue out. It easily sank inside her body. The pungent drink made me dizzy. Her fluids smeared all over my lips, nose, and chin. I pumped, tongue fucking the woman with all the strength my mouth had to offer.

Susan's clit had been tiny, and Jasmine's had been fairly large, but when I found Mrs. Davis's, it shocked me. The woman had a giant clit. I sucked it into my mouth and beat it with the tip of my tongue like it was a mini speed bag. With each flick and suck the bud grew and Mrs. Davis sounded more pleased. I glanced over her pubic mound and saw she was squeezing the hell out of her tits. Who knew you could treat them so rough without hurting her?

The woman's slippery pussy juices spilled over and ran into the groove between her ass cheeks. I coated my finger and circled the ring of puckered flesh. Mrs. Davis lifted her knees until her ankles were touching my rib cage. I teased the center of her anus, and she pushed her butt off the floor. I saw that as a sign and shoved my slimed finger into her asshole. Mrs. Davis's ass rose even further. I angled my thrust upward, and she bounced on my probing finger, hitting her clit on my mouth.

It was hard to believe I was finger fucking a woman's ass while eating her out. I humped my erection on the carpet and attacked her clit forcefully. Mrs. Davis cried out and thrust her pelvis higher, arching her body. I caught up to her pussy with my mouth and stuffed two fingers back up her ass. She bucked, sending them even further up her anal tube. The inside of her body was burning hot. I squeezed her engorged clit between my lips and ground it with my tongue. I wanted to give Susan and Jasmine's mother a great orgasm.

Mrs. Davis lost any composure she might have had, crying out my name and obscenities. The overflow from her pussy soaked her ass crack and my fingers. They slid in and out with less resistance and greater speed. It felt like I could easily jam two more fingers in her. I got as much of my tongue in her pussy hole as I could. She humped my face and fingers, grinding her clit on my upper lip and nose.

Since I knew very little about female orgasms, I hoped Mrs. Davis would tell me when to stop. She was moaning, groaning and squeaking while I gasped for air. The woman was punishing my face as much as I was her asshole, then the puckered ring clamped down on my fingers and Mrs. Davis let out a long, continuous screech. I shoved my face deep into her erupting pussy and drank her cum. She slammed her legs on my head and squeezed it. When her thighs released me, she flopped back to the floor. "Son, shit, I don't know how, but you're good. Your tongue, wow, very good.” Mrs. Davis sat up with a grin on her face. “I haven't gotten off like that for a long time."

She kissed me the whole time we got to our feet. It was incredibly hot and when it stopped, Chris was pulling down my shorts. I stepped out of them and watched her slide down my body. From her knees, she looked up at me. I stared into her eyes. She took my balls in her hand and said, "Son, these are some lovely balls. They're swollen and full of cum. Let me take care of that for you."

Chris looped her fingers around my sack, above my balls, pulled down and licked like a kid with a lollipop. I gasped when my most sensitive parts got sucked into her hot mouth. I had no words to describe how intense it was. The woman sucked my nuts in and out, squeezing them with her lips. At the same time, her hand ran up and down my dick. I couldn't wait for her to suck my cock, but I also didn't want her to stop pleasuring my balls.

Finally, Mrs. Davis took my cock head between her succulent lips. My heart raced. She worked her way down the shaft. Inch by inch, her lips moved down my rod. She sucked hard and pulled her face back. My cock sprang free and slapped my stomach; then it bounced like a just used diving board. Mrs. Davis looked past my erection, with a fond smile, and said, "It reminds me of Jack's cock. I was about your age when he first fucked me, thirteen. For two years I had been sucking his cock, but when I turned thirteen, I finally let him take my virginity." The woman sighed. "I remember his cock penetrating me like it was yesterday. All my friends said I was nuts dating someone so old, but I loved him. I loved getting fucked by his big cock, whenever and wherever we could. We fucked like crazy for two years before he knocked me up with Jasmine. I hated all the problems it caused with my family, but I loved having his baby inside me. "

I had no idea why Mrs. Davis would tell me about her husband fucking her. It made me uncomfortable and crazy with lust. A grown woman had just compared my dick to her husband's monster cock. What should I say?

Before I had a chance to speak, Chris took the full length of my cock into her mouth and throat. Her head bobbed, jerking me off with her mouth. My swollen balls boiled with cum. I was going to fill my neighbor's beautiful face with a huge load.

Mrs. Davis had a different idea. She stopped sucking and guided me to the floor, face down. Being flat on my stomach made me nervous. Chris massaged her way up my thighs to my ass muscles. I felt her warm breath as she spread my cheeks. “Aaaah.” She poked my asshole with her tongue. My body jerked. She licked the sensitive flesh. I hunched. It was like nothing I had ever felt. It seemed wrong, but I wanted her to shove her tongue up my ass. I humped the floor, ready to cum. The pleasure was inconceivable.

Once again, Mrs. Davis denied me the climax I was approaching. She abruptly stopped eating out my asshole, rolled me over, and told me to sit up. I did while she got on the couch. Her ass was at the edge, her legs were spread wide, and her hand was on her crotch. "Son, can you jerk off for me? I want to see you beat off and shoot your cum. Shoot it right here. Can you do that, honey, cum on me?"

I wouldn't have been comfortable masturbating in front of anybody, but the fact that Mrs. Davis kept calling me son and honey, like my mother would, made it more awkward.

Once my hand was stroking, the gorgeous woman in front of me fingered herself. That made it easier to think of her as Chris. I got on my knees between her spread legs and pumped my hardon. She opened her thick, womanly flaps and worked on her inflamed clit. The faster I stroked, the faster Mrs. Davis's fingers worked.

She said, "Come closer."

I leaned in until my cock head was about two inches from her pussy. Chris opened it wide, exposing the pink meat. Her pussy hole looked like it needed my cock in it. That's where I wanted to shove it, deep inside her body. I wanted to cum with her flesh wrapped around me the way I had last time, but I knew better this time.

The juicy hole started flowing. My balls jerked and pumped out the first burst of cum. It was a bullseye, a direct hit on the center of her oozing hole. The next stream blasted her clit. She eagerly smeared my jizz up and down her inflamed groove with one hand. The other hand grabbed my jerking cock and pulled. "Shove it in me. Take me, son. I need you inside me."

I shoved every inch into the flooded hole. "Oh, Mrs. Davis, oh, yeah." Even though the woman's fuck hole was flowing, it still clung to my sensitive flesh like a million tiny fingers. My cock felt right at home inside Mrs. Davis like her pussy was made for it.

I humped as hard and as fast as I could. My lover raised her legs up high, giving me the deepest penetration possible. I fucked like a jackrabbit, slapping my body against hers until my balls emptied again. This time my cum squirted inside Mrs. Davis's body. I fell forward and laid there in her arms, enjoying her smooth skin.

Chris sighed. "Joe, you just fucked the hell out of me, surely, now you can stop calling me Mrs. Davis."

I smiled. “Yeah, I'll try and remember.” I started kissing her as if she wasn't an adult.

"I'm sorry if things got a little strange,” Chris said. “Sometimes I get a little kinky. You got me so excited; I lost it.”

That's okay,” I said.

Remember, this has to stay between us! No matter what happens in the future, this is our secret, only ours." She kissed me, and said, "You better go before your mother thinks I'm molesting you. And don't forget what I told you, be careful with that thing, you could hurt a girl if you're not careful."

On the way back to my house, I thought about the last thing Chris said. Was it a message or just a comment? Jasmine seemed to know I wanted to do it with Susan but did their mother know, too?

The rest of the afternoon I thought about what had taken place. If Susan was right about her mother, then I had dumped my sperm, again, into a woman who was trying to get pregnant. If Mrs. Davis knew about me and Susan, then her calling me son while I fucked her was way more than a little kinky. The woman wanted to feel like she was fucking her son. Who was I to judge? I had blackmailed Jasmine into sex, and I had fucked the mother of the girl whose virginity I wanted to take. What the fuck happened to my normal life?