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by Bistander

Chapter 14

Full Circle

The drive to Ms. Pioneer's house was taking longer than Evan expected. His father would say, "You dope, you're spending more time and gas than you're making cutting those lawns!" Fuck him; I'll ask Ms. Pioneer for a bunch of money. Style Pioneer, what kind of name was that? He didn't have any trouble understanding her, but he still expected her to be a foreigner. Maybe she'd be a sexy French woman who needed a massage?

Evan stopped trying to convince himself the job was something more than mowing some lady's grass and went back to thinking about what happened with Jayda. It had been more than great sex. In the past, sex had been about finally getting to shove his dick inside a girl, then wishing he could do it again as soon as it was over. He'd never fully appreciated it. Miss Tonya taught him some valuable lessons. At the time, he thought they were all about making the girl feel good, but now he knew that was only part of it.

Jayda's body, the sounds she made, the way she responded to his touch, the way she tasted, the pressure needed to enter her, his dick coursing through her tube, and the moment he released his orgasm on her, then held her, were all still very much with him. He'd given her a lay she wouldn't forget, and neither would he.

Evan had lied about knowing Alex for the same reason he always pretended not to notice Jayda and Alex's bodies. How could he remain in denial after fucking one of the softball sisters?

The pulsing jets of hot water pelted Jayda's ass while she massaged her pussy. It didn't hurt anymore, but she would remember that first few seconds of pain for a long time. She hadn't expected Evan to go all the way, and when she felt his thing on her back, it scared her. If she'd seen it, she probably would have chickened out. Good thing she hadn't looked because letting Evan fuck her had turned a great moment into something spectacular. His giant dick ripping through her didn't erase the miserable memory of the only other time she let a boy put his cock in her, but from now on she would consider Evan her first, and she would remember it for the rest of her life. Jayda smiled.

"Are you gonna tell me or do I have to come in there and beat it out of you?"

"I can't, it's embarrassing, and you'll tell Gloria." She wished Gloria could know and all those stuck up bitches at school, too, but Evan would be mad if she told.

"You know I won't tell, even though it would serve her right for saying we didn't have a chance with him."

"I told you, I didn't do—Nothing happened with him."

"Right," Alex said and stuck her head inside the shower curtain, "then why did you show up with that I just got off glow and tell me sex with a boy was like shoving a cucumber in your twat?"

"I didn't actually say that," Jayda said and turned off the water. "Give me a towel and stop staring at my crotch like you'll be able to tell if I had sex. You can't and I didn't."

"Here,” Alex said. “What happened then? Couldn't be more embarrassing than anything we've done together."

"That thing at the ballpark, that's not embarrassing because we didn't get caught, but if I tell you and you tell Gloria—”

"I swear," Alex said, "if I blab, you can tell her about that time I peed the bed."

"That must have been embarrassing." Jayda laughed while drying her legs. "Okay, you tell and I tell everyone at school that you peed the bed during a sleepover."


"Evan was there, and of course I wanted to, you know, but my mom and his mother were there. What chance did I have?"

"Yeah, what's the chance of Evan being interested?"

"Plenty,” Jayda said, “but I made up that cucumber thing so you'd think we did it. That's embarrassing, but what's more embarrassing is me touching myself and Evan catching me."


"Yes, yes he did, I think. I told you it was embarrassing. I didn't think he knew I was there and I had my hand on my crotch. That's why I was red when I got here. I took off without a bathing suit under my cover up. I wanted to get out of there, quick." It was a good story, and she thought Alex bought it.

That is embarrassing,” Alex said. “but it would have been more embarrassing if you had run into Mrs. Henderson in that open-knit tunic. I can't believe you walk here like that.”

"You know me,” Jayda said. “Let's go outside." Maybe she'd show Alex a few of Evan's tricks.

"Yeah, let's, I've been waiting for you and missing out on tanning time."

"Has Evan ever been here?"

"Here, like in my house or out front to pick Gloria up?"

"Obviously, I mean to pick Gloria up."

"Hey, you never know, he might be into skinny tomboy's with no tits."

"Not everybody can have huge tits like Gloria," Jayda said, "you got ass, though.”

Alex sighed. “But she's got tits and ass, and she's pretty. It's not fair.”

Yeah, but she doesn't get to have sex with Evan, Jayda thought. “So, Evan knows where you live?"

"Yes, of course. Why are you expecting him to come over?"

"No, I was just wondering.” There was only one reason Evan would lie; he was planning on doing more spying, and she was going to give him something to see. “Come on, get naked," Jayda said.

There hadn't been one cross street or driveway since Evan turned onto the arrow-straight, Beaver Dam Road. No wonder Ms. Pioneer told him, “You can't miss it. When you reach the woods on the right side of the road, start looking for the only driveway. If you see cotton growing on the right, you passed it.” She wasn't kidding, it had been miles of fields, then trees.

Evan turned onto the oyster shell driveway and went through the woods for two-hundred yards before he saw the house. It was a large house with a wide wraparound porch. He lived in a subdivision, so he didn't know, but Evan thought it was one of those old plantation houses.

He stopped when his passenger door was at the brick walkway which curved across the front lawn to the porch. In front of him, on the left side of the house, there were two gates. Beyond them, the driveway continued to what looked like an old barn that was now a four-car garage. Out his side of the car, through a narrow line of woods, he could see endless fields of some plant. He was no farmer in the dell, that's for sure, but he thought it was the cotton Ms. Pioneer mentioned.

Old movies he'd seen and things he'd learned in school, fanned his imagination and he pictured the fields filled with cotton. Then his porn brain brought Rhina in from the creek. The plantation owner would be doing bad things behind his wife's back, while his daughters had muscle-bound black man ramrodding their cunts.

The expensive luxury car didn't fit into his fantasy world. Ms. Pioneer probably wasn't a farmer, but according to Miss Tonya, she was an interesting woman, whatever that meant. He thought she had to be crazy to live in the middle of farmland if she wasn't a farmer. It's a huge house, did she live alone?

His car door closed with a thud, and several crows took flight. He followed the brick path and paused where it curved towards the stairs. The sun made it impossible to see if there was anybody inside watching him. He turned in a circle and acted like he was estimating the size of the job, then continued to the foot of the brick steps. The double doors with their oval smoked windows gave the house dark eyes that stared back at him. Some apprehension about meeting a new person for a job was to be expected. What Evan felt was beyond apprehension. The house probably had ghosts, he decided.

Evan jumped when one of the house's eyes pulled in, and a woman appeared. She walked to the edge of the porch, holding a phone to her ear, and gave him the universal one minute sign. Her toes curled over the end of the planks like a competition diver about to launch. All of his motor functions seized except for the ability to move his eyes up and down. He stopped them and looked straight ahead. "Interesting," was an understatement.

Ms. Style Pioneer was wearing a one-piece shorts outfit made out of gold spacesuit material. If her choice in clothes were the only thing, he could have gone with weird, but there was so much more. He tried to glance around idly, but his eyes continued to focus straight ahead. Her legs weren't shaped by obvious muscles, but they were appealing. Her thighs touched together from her knees up to the gap, where the spacesuit clung to her crotch like shiny gold skin. She didn't have a camel toe, it was a mountainous bulge of pussy. She had to know he was staring at it.

The woman pointed and bent her knees, indicating he should sit in one of the chairs on the porch. He took the first two steps in one stride, paused facing her, then passed her on the right. The tight material was stretched over her flat stomach and he noticed the outline of a loop, like a bellybutton ring. He also took mental snapshots of her softball sized tits and their bullet tip nipples. The right one was either deformed or pierced with a rod. Ms. Pioneer wasn't an albino, but she hadn't been exposed to the sun for some time. Her pale complexion was pronounced by her jet black hair and matching eyebrows. The thick brows, dark eyeliner, black mascara and bright red lips reminded him of a goth chick at school.

When she turned her back to him, he gobbled up the view of her rear end. The shorts weren't too short, but the gold fabric was jammed in the crack of her ass. It wasn't a big ass, but it was too big for her waist. She wasn't pretty, but she was sexy as hell in an odd way.

When she said goodbye, he stood up and waited for her to turn towards him, then said, "Hi, Ms. Pioneer, I'm Evan."

She said, "Yes, you are, just as Tonya described you," then she extended her hand. "Nice to meet you."

You too.” Her hand was small, but her grip was firm. It seemed weird shaking hands with her, and it lasted too long. Keep calm and make eye contact, he thought but dropped his eyes anyway. Nipple ring, belly button ring and the bulge at her groin were clear.

She said, "Just call me, Style," and finally let his hand go. He followed her to the railing, where she braced herself and leaned forward. "Look at this mess."

He got his eyes off the gold spacesuit wedged between her cheeks and looked at the yard. “It's not that bad.”

She lifted a foot until it touched her butt. "All the leaves and branches those storms blew down need to be cleaned up before the lawn can be cut. The back is worse. Honestly, nothing has been done since Fall."

"I can take care of all that for you."

The black lines of her eyebrows lifted. "You think you can handle it?"

"Yes, definitely," he said.

"Let's walk around, so you can see everything."

Don't stare, he warned himself, then watched her ass go down the steps. “Okay.”

Fifteen minutes later, Evan knew Ms. Style was interviewing him and he wanted her to hire him. "I can do anything you need done," he said.

"I've talked to some other people, but I like you best, so far, and Tonya's opinion of you was very favorable."

Thank you, Miss Tonya, he thought. Now the hard part. "So how much—"

"Rather than pay by the hour, I'd give you three hundred dollars for the initial clean up, then one hundred a week for the pool and lawn. I may ask you to do some odd jobs here and there, but we'd negotiate those at the time. You think you can do odd things?"

Be cool, don't be too excited. "I'm no Bob the Builder, but I'm pretty handy," he said.

She surprised him by taking his hands in hers. "I'm sure you are," she said. "Why don't you take another look around and make sure you don't have any more questions, then give me your decision. I'll be around back on the porch."

Instead of watching her walk to the gate, he went the other way and pretended to be evaluating the job, even though he knew his answer. It seemed too good to be true, even without the fringe benefits. He probably wouldn't ever take her up on the use of her pool, but she had a riding lawnmower. That meant he could mow the lawn and do the pool cleaning in two hours. That's fifty bucks an hour, sweet.

Evan tapped on the door, then started opening it. The largest dog he'd ever seen made him stop. "Ah," he croaked.

Style smiled and said, "Sit, Brutus." The dog sat at her feet and looked up at her like he wanted something. She rubbed his head and he seemed satisfied. "He's friendly, I promise."

"Good, that's good, because he's huge."

"Yes he is, but he's a pussy cat. Well, have you decided?"

"Yes," he said, "I'd like to do it."

"Good, I'm glad. When will you start?"

"Tomorrow, pretty early, if that's okay."

She straddled the dog and walked forward until his shoulders were against her crotch. "That's fine by me," she said and held the dog's ears while scratching the sides of his head.

"I might bring a friend to help me get the first big cleanup done quickly. I'll pay him."

"Okay, that's smart," she said. "You might need some help. I can be a slave driver."

The expression on her face made her choice of words seem less than coincidental. Evan glanced at the five person hot tub, and said, "See you tomorrow.”

She said, "I'm about to jump in there."

He didn't think it was an invitation to join her, so he said goodbye again, and headed to his car, suspecting Ms. Style was getting out of her clothes while he walked. Maybe I should think of something I forgot to ask?

A text from Deana surprised him. She wanted a ride home from Rebecca's house. That would give them a chance to talk, and that was a good thing, he thought. He had a thirty-minute drive to figure out what to say to her. That shouldn't be any harder than creating the opening paragraph for a novel.

Candy sat at her desk and stared at Sally's letter. When somebody dies, at some point you finally accept that they're gone forever, even if you still think about them. In a way, it had been like her sister died, but acceptance never came and she continued to grieve. Never had she stopped wondering where Sally was or under what circumstances she lived.

She placed her hand on the letter and closed her eyes, then summoned the image of her sister that she had always chosen when she missed her. The pregnant teenager's smile was radiant. Her thick red hair was tied back, her freckled cheeks glowed, and her huge breasts were heavy, resting on her bulging belly. They had both been so excited about Sally's baby and talked nonstop about raising it together. It was a devastating blow when Sally gave her baby away. Was that why Candy got pregnant herself? No, she was naive and careless, it wasn't intentional as Sally and Bobby had accused.

When Candy's breasts and belly were full, there wasn't any excitement and enthusiasm like there had been for Sally's baby. Reality set in, along with fear. It wasn't a doll, a baby doll she could toss aside when she was done playing mommy. All the fears Sally must have felt set in, but she didn't have Sally or Bobby's support. Hadn't they driven her to John, then turned on her?

The angry look on Sally's face when she said John wasn't a good person, came to Candy's mind. What were her exact words? “That man is a—”

The knock and the door opening were simultaneous, and Candy jumped. "You're supposed to wait until someone says come in."

"I know," Gloria said, "Deana tells me that same thing, but you have a lock, so I figured if you were doing something I wouldn't want to see, you'd—"

"Gloria." She forced the stern mother's face. "Your—”The word father stuck in her throat—“You know better."

"Sorry, Mom," Gloria said. "I know your doctor junk is important work and I'll remember to knock and wait."

"Don't be smart," she said, fighting a smirk. "What do you want?"

"After practice would it be okay if I go over to Alex's and spend the night?"

"Did she ask her mother?"

"Yes, she's cool with it and she's picking me up for practice, so Evan doesn't have to take me. Where is Evan?"

"Working. Maybe you should get a job?"

"No, I'm too young to work," Gloria said and kissed her. "I'll call you later."

Candy watched Gloria leave, then got up to closed the door behind her. She had everything she needed and was a carefree kid Hadn't she done the right thing marrying John?

It was a twenty-five-minute drive from Ms. Style's to Darlene's trailer park, and ten minutes after Jason dropped her off he was still trying to make sense of their conversation. Unfortunately, the fuckin' redhead was an enigma. He had no understanding of their relationship, if it could be called a relationship. How was he supposed to act next time he saw her? More important, could he trust her? Sure, his ace was Brutus, but Darlene had Becky. In other words, “She's got the jack, jack, jack...” Incest trumped bestiality any day, especially considering he'd let Brutus lick his balls clean. He was in over his head and needed help.

Becky was on the phone with Darlene when he got home. Her grin made him think he was in over his head with cinder blocks tied to his feet, and his sister wasn't going to be any help. He wondered how much Darlene was telling Becky and how would she react to it?

The drive back from Style's house seemed to take half as much time as the trip there, and Evan spent little of it thinking about Deana. Time alone wouldn't minimize the severity of what happened, but while Deana was at Rebecca's, his time had been flooded with events that diluted it. If he stacked lying about racing, his mother's behavior, the job with Style, what happened with Gloria and fucking Jayda on one side of the scale, and almost putting his dick in Deana on the other, it didn't seem like much.

When Rebecca's front door opened and Deana and Rebecca stepped out of the house, everything except what happened with Deana fell off, and the scale tipped over. He had to think of something to say before she reached the car.

Deana stopped and turned back to Rebecca. They exchanged some words, then they kissed. He couldn't see it, but it looked like more than a quickie goodbye kiss. The feeling in the pit of his stomach wasn't comfortable.

Hi,” Deana said and tossed a Walmart bag behind the seat. “Thanks for picking me up.” She closed her door.

Act like nothing happened, maybe that was best. “Don't you have more clothes than that? You've been here—”

What makes you think we wear clothes when we're together?”

He didn't need any help imagining them naked together. “Whatever.”

Can we go to Sonic for a sundae?” Deana asked. “Please.”

Eventually, they'd have to talk about what happened, but not now. “Sure.”

They were on the road that ran parallel to the railroad tracks, going towards the dirt road, where he first kissed Deana to make her feel better about kissing Rebecca. At that point, none of his old feelings had resurfaced yet, and everything was still status quo. The next two kisses were a bit more of a challenge, but they were still acting like every other brother and sister he knew. Then, he returned to the scene of the crime, and Rebecca got them to make out in front of her. Rebecca knowing made it more real, and it became more of a struggle to internalize his secret feelings. Their status quo sibling relationship was totally derailed the night of the workout. Was it still on the tracks before he'd gone into the shower with her? It couldn't wait. “Deana, we, I, ah—”

Damn, look at that,” Deana said.

The difference between spandex and leggings wasn't something Evan understood; to him, paisley leggings were just as hot as black tumbler pants. He was grateful Deana didn't wear either. The ass in the leggings had an attitude, and he expected the girl to make him wait while she crossed the street. He slowed to a crawl. She wasn't intentionally swinging her ass, but that wasn't required to make him stare. Up, down, over and back, it danced, and her cheeks slapped together like they were applauding.

Deana said, “I'd know that butt anywhere.”

Did girls check other girls' asses out? “You know her?”

Yeah, pull up there,” she said.

It would be better if he turned right and went over the railroad tracks rather than continue onto the dirt road, but he wanted to know whose ass his sister was checking out. The girl turned back as soon as his tires hit the dirt. Deana lowered her window and said, “Hey, girl.”

His pulse quickened. Rhina White smiled and put her crossed arms on Deana's door. “Deedee, how are you?”

Her tits rested on her arms, and the spaghetti string top gave his eyes full access to her chocolate cleavage, but not the dark chocolate Hersey kiss nipples he knew were there. He turned his head and leaned forward to make eye contact. Rhina's look of recognition was unsettling. “Evan...hey, how yah doin'?”

It wasn't possible she could have seen him, was it? He said, “Hi,” and searched his brain for the moment she could have potentially seen him watching her get fucked in the creek.

You know my brother?”

Mmhm.” Rhina nodded. “Deedee, you gonna play next year? I think we finally gonna have a team to take state.”

I am, and if you play, we got a good chance.”

Shooh, you bring them long legs and that killer spike, that's what we need.”

Right,” Deana said. “You need a lift?”

Nah, I live right over there.”

Okay,” Deana said. “See yah.”

Rhina smiled at him and said, “See ya 'round, Evan.”

Evan responded with a nod and put the car in reverse. So what if she knows, she was the one getting fucked in public. Why wouldn't I watch? It was the beating off he was worried about, not the watching. “Now you're offering my services to the tumblers, and the volleyball team?”

Like you wouldn't love to peek in the backseat at that. She's got a body, and that butt, wow.”

He thought about complementing Deana's bubble butt, but said, “Didn't notice her body. Do all girls check each other out?”

I wasn't checking her out,” Deana said. “How do you know her?”

I don't.”

The way she looked at you, seemed like she knew you.”

He decided to put off his talk with Deana until later. “Okay, I admit it, we had wild sex, but it was just one time.”

You wish.”

That was the truth. “Seen her around school and at your games.”

You rarely come to those.”

At Sonic, Evan ordered, then turned to Deana and took a deep breath. It was a risky diversion, but it seemed easier than having their talk. “Could you do me a favor?”

I guess,” Deana said. “What is it?”

Would you talk to Gloria about boys?”

Boys?” Deana's brow arched and her eye squinted. “I'm sure mom already handled that.”

Not that talk, jeez, I mean about—”

You embarrassed because she has a crush on you?”

No.” His sister was gloating. “She shouldn't still be getting in bed with me. Don't you think? And why is she having so many bad dreams?”

Deana took a few seconds, like she had a good answer, then said, “I don't know.”

You don't?”

I know you think she shouldn't ever grow up or be interested in boys, but it's too late for that, and I already told you, it's not a big deal. Let it play out, she'll get over you before you know it, then you'll be sad she doesn't pay attention to you.”

I guess.” Would Deana say that if she knew what happened that morning? “She's, um, she's growing up too fast.”

Happened awhile ago, you were ignoring it.”

Their order came, so he let it go and dug his hand into his pocket.

"Wow, you're loaded," Deana said.

"Yeah, not really, but Miss Tonya paid me today."

"That should make dad happy."

"Doubt it."

Deana put her sundae on the dashboard, turned sideways in her seat, then held the plastic dish in front of her. "Well, I'm happy for you and thanks for buying."

He hadn't remembered saying he was buying. Deana's lips pulled fudge off a scoop of ice cream, and he was glad she hadn't gotten a banana split. "Dee, we should talk."

"We should," Deana said. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to see Cindy?"

Why had he thought he could keep something from his mind reading sister? "How did you know? Did you tell mom?"

"No, but why don't you want her to know and why didn't you ask if I wanted to go?"

"I didn't think you'd want to hang out at the race shop, besides, you weren't around."

"Where was I?"

He waited for her pink tongue to stop licking the melting vanilla from the edge of the container before answering. "I don't remember."

"You remembered that I wasn't around and you know I would have wanted to see her. What's going on?"

Evan didn't want to lie to his sister, even if he thought he could get away with it. "It's a long story."

His sister tucked loose strands of hair behind her ear. "I got plenty of ice cream left."

He said, "You could be sisters."


They were both gorgeous, and that's what he wanted to tell Deana. "Cindy, you and Cindy. You remind me of her when you do that with your hair.”

"I know, it's kind of weird when I see her."

"When did you see her?"

"She came over, drove me to Rebecca's, now stop stalling. What's going on? Why can't mom know about it?"

"Same reason you can't know."

"Well it's too late for that, you know you're gonna tell me. I'll find out anyway."

"I know, you'll read my mind."

"I don't read your mind, but you suck at lying."

"You need to teach me how to do it better."

"First tell me what's going on with Cindy."

"If I have to," he said and sighed. "It's bad, really bad. You sure you want to know?"

"Tell me!"

"We're lovers. We've been hiding it all these years, but now we want to come out, to be married and lived together."

"Mm, you'd make a good couple, if it were true. Now give it to me, tell me the truth."

He wanted to scream, please don't ever ask me to give it to you. "It isn't something you want to be involved in. If you know, you might get in trouble, too."

"I'll take my chances," she said.

His sister nodded her head without saying a word the whole time he told her about racing. When he finished, she had a huge smile plastered on her face. "That's great,” she said. “Why wouldn't you want me to know that? You must be excited. How on earth did you keep it to yourself so long?"

By fucking Becky, Miss Tonya and Jayda, then almost both of my sisters. "I had to. If Cindy hadn't spoiled it, I'd still be keeping it a secret. Now you have to lie about knowing if I get caught."

"I have no problem lying, and I'll get away with it, but there's no way you can get away with this. Eventually he's gonna find out."

"As long as he doesn't know before I race, who cares."

"You'll care when you're grounded for life or dead."

"If I do good, he might change his mind."

"You're delusional, dad never changes his mind or admits he's wrong, even when he is. He's an asshole."

Evan stared at Deana until she said, "Sorry, I didn't mean that. It's just not right that he won't let you race."

His sister might not have meant to say what she said, but she meant it, and more, he felt it. "Did he do something to piss you off?"

"No, nothing, it's, I don't know, everything I guess. You know, you're the one who wants to race, now you have to lie and hide. That sucks."

He said, "Yeah," and ate his ice cream, waiting for the rest. Deana remained silent and avoided making eye contact. There had to be more.

When Deana finally looked up, she said, "You should talk to mom, get her on your side. You know she always took up for us. Remember how she used to—"

"That was before they got married." He hoped he hadn't sounded as angry as he felt. "What happened?"

"He thinks he owns her," she said. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't say things like that. I'm glad they got married, or she wouldn't be around anymore."

"Is she glad?" he asked. "You think she's happy?"

"She must be…right, or she'd leave. Why are we talking about this? What do we know about marriage?"

"You're right, it's none of our business.” That was a lie. Why wouldn't it be his business if someone he loved wasn't happy? "I really don't want to get mom in the middle of this."

"You know she's gonna find out anyway. She probably already knows something's going on. All she has to do is look at you. Why not let her decide if she wants to be in the middle of it. She'll be more upset if you lied to her."

"I guess, I don't know. I'm glad we got to talk."

"Me too," she said. "Let's go home, I need a nap."

"Mm, and why didn't you and Rebecca sleep?"

"Sorry, that's for us to know and for you to never find out."

What would be worse, knowing what they did or imagining it? Either way, it made him uncomfortable, like thinking about his father with Candy. “I'm sure it was a bunch of chick flicks and boring stuff, but I don't want to know.”

Evan had a great talk with Gloria, Deana and their mother; and everything was worked out, nothing to worry about. His ability to communicate was excellent, and everybody responded exactly as predicted. The conversations he had in his head always went so well, too bad they were home from Sonic, and he hadn't said one word to Deana.

When they reached the kitchen, their mother was coming out of her end of the house, walking towards him. Her white T-shirt was tucked into her faded Lee jeans, stretched tight over her breasts. The frayed thread where her thighs joined her hips opened with each step. "Look who I brought back, finally," he said. Deana would have to notice the way their mother was dressed.

"I thought you ran away for good,” Candy said. “Your brother was heart broken. Moped around here asking when you were coming back.”

"Right," Deana said and kissed Candy's cheek. "I'll be back in a sec, I gotta go before Evan takes a shower, and Evan, no offense, but you need a shower."

You weren't complaining while you ate that sundae I bought you.”

Deana laughed and walked away, swinging her Walmart bag around on her wrist.

"Did you finish at Tonya's?" his mother asked.

"I did, and got another job, too," Evan said. "How come you took off so fast? Didn't even tell me what an awesome job I did on her garden."

"Sorry, I had to run, but it did look good," Candy said. "Is the other job with Tonya's friend?"

"She told me about it, but I don't think their friends. Not sure how she knows Ms. Style, but I'm glad she does. I'm going to make three hundred bucks. I'll probably give Jason a hundred to help me, but it's still easy money for a day's work."

"Good, I'm glad," she said. "What are you doing for her?"

"Raking leaves and picking up sticks. Then she's gonna pay me a hundred a week to mow her grass and clean her pool."

"Is she rich?"

"I don't think so. Big house, pool, and a fancy car, but she didn't look rich."

"Didn't look rich," his mother said. "What does a rich person look like?"

"You know, clothes, jewelry and all that. Like Mrs. Flowers."

"You mean snooty?"

"I didn't say that."

What does she look like?"

Evan looked at his mother, wondering if it mattered, then said, "Hard to explain. Miss Tonya said, 'Interesting.' I guess that works. She's nice, friendly, but not like many people I know. Not in a bad way, just different, I guess."

"How old is she?"

"I don't know. Older than you, but not old. Want me to ask her?" Why didn't she ask Miss Tonya?

"No," Candy said. "I got some work to finish. You shower and don't worry about taking Gloria to practice."

"I didn't know I was taking her. Where is she?"

"She went with Alex. She's spending the night there."

Great! Why did his sisters take off when he needed to talk to them? "I hope they don't have a fight, too."

"It wasn't a fight, just girl stuff. They made up, Jayda's spending the night with Alex, too."

That couldn't be a good thing for him. "Great, I'm glad the softball sisters are getting along."

Was it Darlene influencing Becky or Becky influencing Darlene or were they both equally influential? Before Jason had spent time with Darlene, he would have given Becky the credit, but now he didn't know. Darlene knew his sister well, though. Becky had been turned on by whatever Darlene had told her, and she was making him nervous. Actually, he was scared because their mother was home and Becky got off on taking chances. If Jason were honest, he'd admit that he did too, but he was still in denial, thinking he had self-control.

One of Becky's talents was picking things up with her feet. She could retrieve a dime from the floor with her toes. During dinner, Jason found out what else she could do with them. His sister stretched her leg out under the table and put her foot on his lap. He glanced left at their mother, then across at Becky. His intention was to give her a look that said, don't you dare. Hadn't he fantasies about things like this for years? It wouldn't have mattered to Becky what message his face conveyed, her toes went to work. So much for self-control.

When her other foot touched his knee, he opened his legs and slumped down in his chair. His cock was out of the leg opening of his shorts, and he was getting hard. Becky had a foot on each side of his shaft, pulling up and down. She took a scoop of mash potatoes, then put her hand in her lap. If their mother left the table for a minute, he'd look and see what she was doing to herself, but for now, her flushed cheeks told him enough.

The act of eating, talking to his mother and having his cock stroked at the same time was better than watching Becky drink from the glass he'd put his balls in. When Becky bit her bottom lip and looked away from their mother, he knew his sister was crazy. She was getting off right in front of them. Wouldn't he do it if he could get away with it?

Evan toweled off his head, then brushed his hair. Fucking Jayda should have been what he was thinking about, but since he'd entered the bathroom, he could only think about one thing. Deana had been completely naked, wet with water running over her dark flesh. He'd stripped, gotten in the shower and held her. Her bubble-butt had been pressed against him while his fingers explored her breasts, pinching the silky nipples.

He looked down at his boner, then at the door knob. No sense pretending he forgot to lock it. Maybe Deana was over it, or she had more self-control than he had. He hung his towel up and remembered what he always forgot, his robe. Screw it, he thought, maybe this time she'll yank my towel off. He grabbed the towel, tied it around his waist and looked in the mirror at the ridge his hardon was creating, then he collected his dirty clothes.

After a few seconds of staring into the hamper, he reached in and grabbed the black panties, then threw his clothes in. He had no intention of indulging in his perverted fetish, but he was curious. They couldn't possibly cover his mother's ass. He looked for a tag, like he'd actually know what size his sisters wore. Gloria definitely didn't have any thongs, and he didn't think Deana did, either. Even if she did, the hamper had been empty except for the underwear, and there was more in her bag than one thong. Wouldn't she have emptied that bag? He threw them back, slammed the lid and told himself a sane person wouldn't have noticed underwear in the basket, then he took a deep breath and pulled the door open, expecting his mother to come around the corner.

Candy had locked both doors, and it wasn't to keep Gloria from seeing her naked, which was what she thought her daughter meant by, “...something I wouldn't want to see.” She sat at her desk and opened the view of the front porch and the driveway. Tonya was attracted to Evan, must have flirted with him, and might have let him catch her naked. She didn't have a problem with Tonya's angst for young men. She was happy that her friend got to enjoy what she liked, and she wasn't jealous, but she had been anxious all afternoon, waiting for this moment.

It had been days since Candy used the spy camera software. She had been resisting the urge to act like her former self. Tonya's enthusiasm over Evan's sweat covered muscles, her touch and Sally's letter had all worked against her. Her hand trembled on the mouse, then a whoosh of air from deep in her lungs fanned her fingers, they double clicked. How ironic, Sally was the only person in the world who wouldn't be shocked and disgusted by her voyeuristic behavior. Her big sister got mad the first few times she caught Candy being sneaky while she did the naughty things she liked to do. Then Sally stopped saying anything about it. Candy suspected Sally still knew she was watching, but she never complained. The exhibitionist and the little voyeur had a symbiotic sibling relationship.

When Evan came out of the shower hard, Candy was relieved he hadn't done it behind the curtain. There was still a chance he would jerk off, and she still believed watching was what kept her from acting, not what made her ache for her stepson. She loved watching him squirt; it took her back to the days she would spy on her big brother. She stared at Evan's stiff cock the whole time he dried off and brushed his hair, it never waned. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and she sighed. Then she watched him reach into the hamper. She had done the laundry earlier; the hamper was empty.

Candy's mind cramped with concern, yet her pussy was instantly drooling. It was Deana secret thong that he had in his hand. Why would she put something she was hiding in plain view? Did Deana know what Evan was doing with her underwear? More important, though, was if Evan knew Deana knew, then that could mean—Candy pulled her zipper up and shut down the spy software and the security program.

Deana's door was wide open. Evan decided it did matter if she had intentionally left him her thong. That meant she might know he had been shooting his cum her panties. All he needed to do was catch her off guard and see her face; then he'd know. Their father wasn't home, and their mother was finishing some work; so he ignored his inappropriate attire, came up with an excuse and walked into her room. “Dee, did you notice?”

His sister squished her lips to one side and looked him up and down, then said, “Um, you mean what you're wearing or that—”

No.” He cut her off before she could say what he hoped she wasn't going to say. “Mom, did you notice anything about mom?”

No, but it's hard not to notice you standing in my room without anything on.”

I'm wearing as much as you walk around the house in, but how could you not see it. Think about it.”

I'm pretty sure I can see it, and that makes what you're wearing a lot less than what I walk around in.”

Their problem was worse than that thong. “Dee, we—”

Evan,” Candy said as she entered Deana's room.

Shit, this is bad. He kept his back to her and said, “Mom, I was just—”

You're wearing a towel...only a towel,” his mother said. “I guess I didn't make my point yesterday? If your father ever caught you in your sister's room like that.”

I know, I know, he'd go nuts, but he's not here, and my sister gets away with it.”

Hey, don't make this about me,” Deana said.

"Good idea," Candy said. “You two have been getting along great; it's nice.”

Damn, even under the duress of parental intrusion his erection was unwavering. He needed to stop taking those herbs and shit. “I'm sorry, I wanted to ask Dee something before I forgot. Let me go, go get dressed.”

So what did you want to ask me?” Deana asked. She was gloating again.

He gave her the death stare and said, “See, I forgot already. That's why I wanted to do it fast before I went up stairs.” He cursed his choice of words before Deana had a chance to smirk at him. “I'm going.”

His mother didn't make room for him, and when he sidestepped her, she ran her fingernails across his lower back, just above the towel. A wild chill raced down through his tailbone, through his balls and up his hard dick. He avoided eye contact and got out of there before she had a chance to seriously embarrass him. So much for wishing she would yank his towel off.

For the rest of the evening, Becky continued tempting and teasing Jason right under their mother's nose. He sat on the living room floor to watch some TV, and Becky flung herself on the couch across from him. She flipped over and let her skirt fly open, then giggled shyly. When their mother went for a cup of tea, Becky yanked off her underwear and stuffed them under the couch cushion. His twisted brain imagined him walking across the room, opening her legs and ramming his cock into her. When his mother returned, her cup smashing on the floor, he'd keep on fucking his sister. “Sorry, Mom, she asked for it.”

Evan got ready to call Jason. He wanted to talk about sex, but Jason could never know about Becky because of their pact. Miss Tonya would impress his poor, sex deprived friend, but that was a secret that couldn't get out for many reasons. Just thinking about having sex with Jayda while both their mothers' were so close, made him hard, but that would almost be as bad as telling Jason about his wet dream with Gloria. He could already hear his twisted friend, “You might as well do Gloria, you know you want to...shooting off in her panties and on her leg.” Like Jason would have sex with Becky if there was any chance her tight little pussy could fit that thing in it. Jeez, what if Jason knew what happened with Deana and Gloria?

No, as much as it sucked not being able to talk to anybody about the life-altering events, he would have to keep his secrets intact.

It was all still feeling like a dream. Jason needed to talk to Evan. He needed to hear himself say it out loud and have somebody hear him say it. He wouldn't say anything about Becky because he'd rather that stay in the dream realm, but having sex with someone like Darlene needed to be shared. Evan could be trusted not to repeat it, but how would Evan feel if he knew he fucked the redhead? Evan had tried for a year to get something going with Darlene and hadn't gotten anywhere. All he had to do was let Darlene watch him fuck Becky, then drive to Mississippi to pick her up? Evan would drive to Mississippi for Darlene, but would he be willing to do Deana? Hell no. Did that make it okay to give up the secret and make Evan feel bad?

Jason left his mother and Becky and went to his bedroom. He grabbed his phone, jumped on his chair and rolled across the floor, then almost tipped over when a wheel caught on a pencil. His phone lit up with Evan's name before he could open his contact list. "What's up, Dude?"

"Wanna make a hundred bucks?" Evan asked.

"Depends," Jason said.


"I know you think I have no morals, but I do draw the line somewhere."

"I can't imagine where that line is, but don't worry, this won't be anywhere near it."

"Is there a dog involved?"

"Um, well, not really," Evan said. "You'll have to get up early, though."

What do we have to do?”

Pick up sticks and rake leaves.”

"You got bags?"

"No bagging, Dude. We rake 'em onto a tarp and dragged them into the woods. Easy money."

"What's the catch?" Jason asked.

"No catch," Evan said, "except getting up early, so don't spend half the night looking at porn."

"Not a problem," Jason said. "Are we splitting the hundred bucks?"

"No, you get a hundred."


"Yeah, it is," Evan said. "You can pay for your own pit pass now."

"No, I go for you, so you should—"

"No, you're coming so you can try and hook up with Becky's look-alike."

"Hmm, that's right. I forgot about her. You'll have to drag ticket girl off someplace if I'm gonna have a chance with BJ."

"Why don't you offer them a ride home, I'm sure they'll finger each other in your truck like Becky and Darlene."

"One of these days," Jason said. "One of these days."

"Yup, sure, see you at seven thirty."

"Okay, now I'm gonna get head from Becky. You should try it."

"If Becky wants to give me head, I'm down."

"Not Becky, one of your sisters."

"Whatever," Evan said. "Tell Becky I said hi, and be ready at seven-thirty. I'll come there, but let's take your truck. We might need it."

Jason looked at the call ended message, wishing he could call Evan back and tell him the truth, or at least part of the truth. His door opened, and Becky walked in, her hair now in pigtails. He said, “Close the door.”

She did, then asked, “What are you doing?”

I have a better question, what are you doing, trying to get me in trouble?”

What do you mean?”

I mean all that flashing—Teasing me, playing with yourself at dinner. Guys can't hide their excitement or control it like girls can.”

It's not my fault your dick is too big to keep it hidden from mom.”

It's your fault I got hard, though.”

That's what you get for going to Style's house without me,” Becky said.

Does that mean she doesn't care about me fucking Darlene? “You weren't here, and Darlene needed a ride,” he said. "I didn't know you'd care.”

Of course I care. She's my friend...my friend that you were banging.”

Are you mad that I—”

No, not that you did it, but because you did it without asking me if I wanted to go.”

Next time she wants a ride, I'll make sure I ask you,” he said. “It wasn't like she called me and asked me to come have sex with her, that just happened, somehow.”

Yeah, that's kind of the way things go with Darlene, they just happen.” Becky's pigtails bounced when she jumped on the bed. She folded her legs, tucked her feet under her, leaned forward and said, “Tell me about it.”

Huh, she didn't tell you?”

Not the details. I want a blow by blow. What was it like?”


Yeah, tell me, was it good?”

Jason wondered if Darlene might be testing his ability to keep a secret. “Is there such a thing as bad sex?”

Becky cocked her head side-to-side. “I guess, for the girl anyways. Was it better standing up, from behind?”

Better than what?” he asked.

Better than me sitting on you.”

It was exactly where Jason was afraid this conversation was going. Had he actually thought sex with his sister would be uncomplicated? It could have been if they kept it between themselves as a to your grave secret. Now that there was a third party involved, things weren't going to be simple. The fuckin' redhead was dangerous. “Um, I'm not sure what is worse, having sex with my sister or talking to my sister about having sex.”

Tell me!”

I can't compare the two,” he said. “They both just happened. They surprised me, and I didn't have time to think about it. I just did it, or you did it to me.”

You had to think about it after. How did it feel? Did you like shoving it in her more than it going up and down on you? Did she feel good?”

There couldn't be a good way to answer this question. “I decided that it's worse talking to my sister about sex, and I can't say which way was better. Either way, it was great.”

Fine,” Becky said. “We're gonna do it that way. You'll be able to think about it because it's not gonna be a surprise, then you can tell me how it feels.”

Was his sister in competition with Darlene or was she jealous? Competition was good for Jason, but jealousy was not. “We agreed we were going to make sure mom never caught us. What you were doing today. I swear you got me so horny I wanted to do it right in front of mom.”

Do you imagine that too? That would be bad, but I keep imagining it, except in my imagination she doesn't care. Do you ever think about mom, about you and—”

No, no, no I never think about any of that. We can't get stupid and get caught again. I'm sure it wouldn't turn out as you imagined it.”

Prob'ly not, but she's pretty, got a great body, and she's been single for a long time.”

Becky, you're twisted up in your head. What we did isn't something that people do. We're not in one of those cheesy pornos where the mother joins in.”

You watch those too? The acting is horrible, but it's hot thinking about it. I think mom is super sexy and I love to imagine her watching us with her hand in her panties.”

Will you stop that,” he said.

Why, you getting excited?”

No,” he lied.

I am, and I hope Darlene didn't wear you out,” Becky said and got up. “Come on.”

Come on, what?”

We're going in the living room. I told mom we were going to watch Jack Reacher. She had no interest in watching that and went to her room to read her book. You know that means she'll fall asleep.”

That doesn't mean she won't get up for a glass of water or something.”

We'll hear her door open. By the time she reaches the living room, well, you know how much time it takes her. Right? That's better than having her flinging your door open.”

Jason stared at his sister, wondering how many of his secrets she knew. “Are you sure you're not a boy?”

Becky lifted her skirt and exposed her pussy. “I'm pretty sure.”

Man, his sister had a sexy little pussy. “You think and act more like a guy.”

Okay, if you say so,” she said. “Bring that stuff you use to beat off with. We might need it.”

I don't beat off.”

Right.” Becky giggle like a girl her age then strutted like a hooker.

The frustration Evan felt about not getting to tell Jason about the amazing sex he'd been having was what made him go down to the playroom. After he'd been punching the heavy bag for a while, his mind started chewing on other things. Deana's words, “He's an asshole," kept coming up. His sister didn't say things like that about their father, and the more he kicked, the more he experienced the emotion she had been expressing. It felt like hate. Had he seen a part of Deana that she had kept from him or had he ignored it?

The long workout depleted Evan's physical strength, yet it did the opposite for his capacity to analyze, pick apart and draw conclusions. He delved into the events of the last few days to the point of reliving them without the surprise, shock or trauma. His heart was involved this time and he experienced more of the emotions that accompanied the significant moments. Sex with his best friend's sister, one of the softball moms, and one of the softball sisters were all monumental for a sixteen-year-old. Still, his mother and sisters rose above all that in his mind.

Evan's mother had engaged him in intimate, passionate, desire-provoking embraces that were almost impossible to walk away from. Pressing his dick head into Gloria's warm, wet flesh wasn't as significant as how it hurt when he watched her leave. If he could have fabricated the tiniest of excuses, he would have let her stay and taken his chances.

The pain he experienced when he had to leave Deana standing there, naked and hurting, was far greater than his fear of committing such a socially and morally unacceptable act. Now, as he replayed her words and pictured her face at Sonic, he hated himself for not having the courage to dig in deeper. The need he had felt to hold her, comfort her and protect her, had been squashed by the fear he had about what happened between them. Where was his courage? They were a part of each other, and they always shared a powerful love connection. Before puberty, it was easy to express their love. As they matured, they needed to find new ways to show their feelings. That's what was happening; they were growing up, and hormones had complicated things. That's all it was.

Now that Evan understood everything, he decided to tell Deana about it. They could agree that it wasn't anything that should hurt their relationship and everything could go back to normal. They'd figure out how to express themselves without falling into any traps.

Once he settled all that with Deana, he'd find out what was bothering her.

Jason followed Becky to the living room. He imagined how a bank robber felt on his way to the scene, knowing he was entering a dangerous situation, but there was still a chance to change his mind.

Becky was right, he knew how long it would take for his mother to appear behind the couch once he heard her door open. Their house wasn't large, but it was long. His mother's room was on one end. Her door opened facing down the hallway that divided the house. First, she'd have to walk past the bathroom on the right and the laundry room on the left; then she'd reached the living room on her right, which was completely opened to the hallway, opposite the kitchen. Sometimes she'd walk into the kitchen without noticing him in the living room, but it was still amazing she had never caught him with his cock in his hand. Except maybe that one time her door wasn't latched and he didn't hear her until the last second. The fact that he had HBO, Real Sex on the TV might have distracted her long enough for him to pull his shirt down over his dick.

Becky sat on the couch that ran along the edge of the living room; it's back facing the hallway. He stood in front of her looking through the kitchen, out the front window. If they went through with it, a peeping Tom would have an unobstructed view of what he and Evan had walked the neighborhood hoping to see, but never did.

"Remember, don't cum in me this time."

"Where then?"

"I'll turn around and sit like this."

"Should I do it all over your face like a porno?"

"No, if mom came I don't think she'd believe it was a new facial cream." She laughed and opened her wide mouth. "In here."

He shook his head. "We're going to hell, straight to hell."

"Nah, we're not hurting anybody, who cares."

Other than his mother, he couldn't think of anybody. Becky used two hands to apply the lube, pulling his cock towards her face. She made a fist around his thick knob and twisted it like a chalk cube on the end of the pool stick. His shaft jerked, and so did his groin. "Ah, that feels good."

"Don't go off before I get it hard enough."

"It takes a lot more than that to get me off."

"That's a good thing, for me."

"You're not normal, Becky, not at all, and that's good for me."

She smirked and continued pumping her hands up and down his cock. "Okay, it's ready.” Becky got up, turned around, bent over and pulled her skirt up around her stomach. “You like to see me bent over like this, don't you?”

She didn't have to say any more; he remembered the morning she was brushing her teeth. Things had gone full circle. Her ass pushed back; her cheeks parted, and there it was, his sister's pussy appeared like a target for his penis, just like that morning at the sink. The tight seal of her lips broke and gave him a glimpse at the moist inner pinkness where he'd need to stick his cock head. “Yes, yes I do,” he said, “you tease.”

Do it just like you did it with Darlene and tell me how it feels."

Everything had changed so quickly. He'd watched a girl he went to school with doing what he'd always thought of as his worst shortcoming. Darlene knew about him and Becky and didn't condemn it. He felt different and wasn't as concerned about the words used to describe what was happening. Incest and bestiality were only words for sex with other people's moral baggage attached to them. It was like a tree that falls in the woods, as long as it doesn't hit somebody, who cares. As long as nobody found out, it couldn't hurt them. "If we hear her door, the second we hear it, you go sit over there and I'll sit here, like we always do."

"I know," Becky said. "We won't get caught."

"No, we can't, that would spoil a great thing," he said. "You trust Darlene?"

"Don't worry about her," Becky said. "She's never going to tell, believe me."

He gathered his sister had something on the redhead that gave her confidence. Could it be worse than letting a dog fuck her?

Darlene's cunt had been a huge target bulging between her legs, open and raw from the thrashing Brutus gave it. Becky's pussy was a narrow slit separating the wedges of her labia. It didn't seem possible her body could accommodate his big prick and if he hadn't already been inside her, he wouldn't try. Becky reached back between her legs and guided his dick. He grasped the trunk of his cock, squeezed it and pulled back, then he pushed forward. The dome flattened out in her groove. He clamped down harder and made the top half of his cock rigid. Becky's fingers opened the way, and she shoved back. They both moaned as his bulbous head burrowed inside her body. He gave her more of him and his sister held firm, bracing herself on the back of the couch, then she pushed off, and he watched his shaft slide into her.

"Fuck," she said. "How much is that?"

He drew back. Becky's flesh clung to his rod and stretched out. "A lot," he said and pumped back into her. "Mm, that's good, so good." His hips went on autopilot.

"Give me more," Becky said, "give me all of it."

He held Becky by the hips and thrust forward. She grunted and hunched like a scolded dog. "Ah, sheeeit, is that all of it?"

"Not quite."

"Don't stop," she said. "I want as much as you gave Darlene."

Jason started fucking his sister again without telling her that was never going to happen. "Fuck, Becky, you're so tight. It's so fucking tight."

"Is it better, better than she was?"

Their rhythm was in sync, and it felt so good he couldn't even remember how Darlene felt, so he said, "You're great, you feel great. Better than anything."

"Yeah, oh, yeah, do me, do me, big brother, do me."

He was doing her, and it was the best sex he'd ever had, but he'd say that anytime he was ramming his cock in a girl's pussy. Darlene might have been deeper and taken it harder, but Becky was his little sister, his tight little sister, and he was pounding her from behind in their living room while their mother was twenty feet away. He wasn't going to last as long as he thought.

"Oh, God, this is my new favorite position. I feel it all the way through me, cutting through me."

"I'm, um, I'm gonna cum soon."

"Good," Becky said. "When you pull out, I'll turn around."

Did she mean, “Good,” I'm glad you're getting off, or thank God you're going to stop, you're killing me? "Does it hurt?"

"Hell yeah, but it hurt Darlene, too. She told me, said it was like you punched her in the stomach. I don't hurt like that, it's good, a good pain."

"Oh, yes, yes, get ready. I ah—Shh, was that—"

It was the floor they heard, and the next sound was their mother's door opening. Becky pulled her pussy off his dick, and the first glob of white cream hit her ass. The next stream landed on the couch cushion. He pulled his shorts up and his shirt down, then sat on his cum and let the rest pump out onto his stomach. Becky's cheeks were red, but she looked fine otherwise, sitting where their mother had been before. They both stared at the TV, pretending they didn't notice her going into the kitchen.

"Is it good?"

"Huh?" he said without turning towards his mother's voice.

"The movie, is it good?"

"Oh, yes, yes it's great."

"I'm going to bed," she said and rubbed the top of his head. "Good night."

"Good night, Mom," Becky said and smiled at him.

He said, "Good night," then waited for her door to close before taking a breath.

Becky turned to him and said, "Holy Shit, that was close."

"Phew, sure was. Think she suspected anything?"

His sister popped up from the chair and bounced over to him. "No, she couldn't have," then Becky was on him. Her folded legs were straddling his lap and her butt was on his knees. "Was it good?"

The pigtails and her eager beaver look made a grin bubble up from inside him. "It was the best, you're amazing."

She smiled, grabbed his ears and pressed her lips to his. The mouth that was so good at sucking the cum out of his balls took him straight from there, "Holy Shit, that was close," moment, to a place he'd never been, where he felt something he'd never felt. His insides twisted and caught fire. Becky pulled her mouth back and gasped. He said, "This isn't a good idea."

She looked at him for a few seconds, still holding the sides of his head, then she said, "I know," and started kissing him again.

He was instantly back in that new place. He reached under her skirt and grabbed her butt. His need to cum was already satisfied; now he wanted to explore his sister's fascinating body and get her off like she'd never gotten off before. He pulled her ass forward until the pointy cones of her tits reached his face. He nibbled them through her shirt. She yanked it off and tossed it aside. Her tits swelled and pushed the hard buds out. When he sucked them, they grew and stiffened even more.

Becky was pulling his hair, directing his head from nipple to nipple. Her torso was undulating and grinding her crotch on him. He squeezed her naked ass, lifted and pulled her up his body. "Mm-mm, it's so sexy." He kissed the chestnut fuzz that covered her mound. Her tiny pussy was hidden below the knot of her pubic bone, but he could smell her, stronger than he'd ever smelled her before. Was that what sex smelled like? His tongue reached between her legs and tasted the excitement leaking from her slit.

"Ah, JJ, don't let me scream."

He wanted her to scream and cum all over his face, so he shoved his tongue into her. She pushed up and bucked forward, punching him in the mouth with her pussy. He flicked and sucked her throbbing clit. His sister put one foot up on the back of the couch, bent her body and balanced precariously, thrashing her cunt on his mouth. Her juices smeared on his lips and coated his tongue as it plunged in and out of her hole. She was wild with need.

"Shh," he said against her clit, but that only made her louder. She pulled his hair and forced her quivering pussy down hard on his mouth, her cum spilling into it.

Becky collapse back onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him, pulling her heaving body against his. "Oh, wow, you're great. Thank you."

He held her without saying a word, knowing they had entered into a new world together where things weren't going to be easy. It was more likely somebody was going to get hit by a tree.

Evan stood outside Deana's door, listening, with his hand on the knob. There was no sound and there was no light coming from under the door, but he turned the knob anyway, then held it in the fully twisted position, without opening the door. Why would he enter her room while she was sleeping without knocking?

He closed the door and waited, then walked towards the bed. Deana's body jerked as he approached, but her eyes didn't open. She was on her side at the edge of the bed, facing him. Her black hair was spread out around her head on the pillow. He knew he should let her sleep, but he sat in the small space where her body curved. His fingertip swept strands of hair from her cheek, but he resisted the impulse to stroke his thumb across her eyebrow. Like Novocaine, the distractions of wanting sex, having sex and almost having sex faded and the pain returned. A queasiness settled in his stomach. He had gone full circle, and now he was twelve again, fighting the urge to kiss Deana. Almost putting his dick her was the least of his problems.

The smell of shampoo, body wash and lotion grew in strength. Inch by inch, his lips got closer, then they touched the silky cloak over her ear. He couldn't speak the words that would have expressed his true feelings, so he whispered, "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

"Evan," Deana said, her eyes bulging. "What are you doing, doing here?"

"Um, I, ah, I wanted to talk, talk to you." Had she been awake already?

Deana's eyes darted to the door several times. "You can't be here, in here. God, you should go."

"I'm sorry, I wanted to—"

"It's okay, but you have to go. Sorry, but dad."

"I'll go, I'll go. I didn't mean to upset you."

Deana's eyes opened wide with terror and both their heads turned towards the door. He jumped to his feet. "Did you hear something?"

"Just go," Deana said.

Deana's door squeaked as it closed, then the latch clicked. His senses were on full alert. He turned and walked toward his door.

"Evan," his father said, loud even in a whisper. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Dad, I'm going to bed." Think like Deana, he told himself. "I had to give Deana something."

"At midnight? You went in her room at midnight?"

"I, um, I returned her CD. I borrowed it and wanted to put it back in case she wanted it; then she wouldn't wake me up early tomorrow."

"Go to bed," his father said, "and Evan, stay out of your sister's room. Understand?"

"Yes, yes sir."

When Evan reached his room, the adrenaline rush ebbed, his pulse slowed and his brain shifted out of panic mode. The feeling he had for Deana and what had already happened between them, made him fearful about being in her room, but was it really so bad? He was her brother, and even though the lights were off and door was closed, his father didn't have cause to suspect any of the stuff Evan was worried about. He made a mental note to ask Jason tomorrow if he goes in Becky's room at night.