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by Bistander

Chapter 25

There's Something About Her

Candy's train had gone off the tracks, and once again, it had been voyeurism that caused the derailment. Although, the spy equipment hadn't been necessary. Candy had used her sneaky-peeky eyes from the doorway leading into the kitchen to watch Rebecca and Gloria. Once they finished, she went into the room, and the smell of their orgasms lingered in the air. Her daughter's climax had been like the ones Candy remembered from when she was that age. Those were better than any she'd had since. It was wonderful to be young and experience pleasure so fulfilling that it stays with you for the rest of your life.

The manner in which Gloria had handled Rebecca confirmed Candy's suspicions about the softball sisters. She was thrilled for Gloria and proud of her. The girl was open-minded and willing to explore her sexuality, despite the religious, homophobic climate she'd been raised in.

Although, Candy was concerned about jealousy. When she was a girl, after her brother, Bobby, had finally come for her, there had been a few trying times. Sally said she was willing to share, but her feelings were hurt, more than once, because Bobby played favorites.

If Rebecca knew about Deana and Evan, the encounter with Gloria might have been motivated by that. Then again, Candy had caught Rebecca staring, and a few times, flirting. What teenage girl would try and hook up with their best friend's mother? Rebecca was a wild thing, for sure.

Candy poured her coffee and moved to the spot where she had been when Evan manhandled her tits the day before. It was the same area they had been in their first time in the kitchen. The memory of thread snapping and buttons hitting the floor made her smirk. Evan wasn't a boy anymore.

All those massages in front of that sink. Over the years, the boy's hands grew stronger, braver, and more sensual. Evan pushed the envelope, daring her to rebuke him, hoping she wouldn't notice his erections. When she didn't resist his wandering fingers, he challenged her and pressed his groin against her backside. His young, stiff erection made her pussy moist. Early on, the way her body reacted to Evan's touch ashamed her, but never enough to make her stop fantasizing about the boy while his father fucked her.

It couldn't have turned out any other way than this, Candy thought, and put her coffee cup on the table then sat down. The night before, she set out to delete the video she captured of Evan and her, but after watching it, she couldn't. It was too meaningful, so Candy decided to copy it to a thumb drive and hide it in a secret place. That would give her something to fall back on if she was tempted again, and ensure a safe ending to this dangerous affair. She'd always have it to remind her of Evan's love and the beautiful passion they shared.

Before copying the file and deleting it from the computer, Candy thought she'd watch it one time. It was funny seeing Evan's expression when she chose the exact spot and pose that Deana had. Then a flaw in her plan arose, and she paused the video to study Evan's face. She watched it through, then restarted it. The third time, Candy cut a small segment and played it in a loop. At least fifty times she watched Evan bounce her body on his cock, shooting his sperm into her.

Candy sipped her coffee and pulled the hood of her robe over her head. She wasn't cold, but it gave her a sense of comfort. The positive reminder of what she and Evan shared had become a remorseful reminder of what she didn't want to give up.

If someone asked him, Evan would have claimed he wasn't disappointed, but he was in denial. Several times during the night, he had awoken and checked to see if Gloria was there. Each time, he sighed and hugged his pillow before going back to sleep. It would have been comforting to hold her. Isn't that what he wanted to do when he went back to her room last night? Instead, he wiped off the evidence of their pleasure and went to his room, disgusted with himself.

One thing Evan wasn't afraid to admit was that he couldn't be trusted alone with Gloria anymore. For weeks, his sister had been the one making advances, and Evan had been rejecting her. Well, not entirely, but at least once it reached a certain point. Now, since he had sex with Gloria's mother, Evan saw his sister differently. Worse than that, his love for her had changed. There was still that love a boy has for his kid sister; a sense that she needed his nurturing and protection, but his new feelings had become dominant. Evan was already thinking about Gloria being in high school with him, and it disturbed him, but he didn't understand his feelings, yet.

When Evan turned into the kitchen, he saw Candy sitting at the table. His mother looked like a monk with the thick terrycloth hood pulled over her head. She was leaning over a steaming cup of coffee with her hands wrapped around it. Evan went to her. His mouth opened, but nothing came out, so he stood there while his mind and his emotions tried to decide what to call the woman in front of him.

There wasn't a name that wouldn't get stuck in Evan's throat. Years of training required him to address her as his mother, but that would be Evan's brain speaking. Candy, Candy, Candy, flowed freely from Evan's heart. He didn't feel like a boy anymore, and this woman didn't need a son. She needed a real man to love her, protect her, and treat her the way she deserved, like a goddess.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed. The woman who had been, Mom, was gone. He leaned forward and tugged the hood off her head. The smell of shampoo was pungent on her damp hair. His heart fluttered in anticipation. Once their lips touched, kissing Candy seemed like the most natural thing he could have done. She pushed up. He moved aside and let the chair slide back. Candy got on her feet.

She watched him untie the robe. He let the cords fall to her sides. A slice of his mother's nudity appeared in the gap. He followed it down through her cleavage, across her smooth belly and strawberry bush, and on to her inner thighs. “You know,” she said, solemnly, “this is when I'm supposed to tell you we can't do this anymore?”

He said, “I know,” and gently tugged. The terrycloth slipped over the edges of Candy's melons. Large brown rings swelled. Their centers erected. He put his hands on her waist. The warm, sensual nature of her skin made him smile.

Candy said, “Good, it's good that you know.”

He moved his hands up her sides, around her breasts and outward across her shoulders. They watched the robe fall in slow motion. It piled up around Candy's bare feet. Her naked body took Evan's breath away. He imagined it always would.

The fullness of Candy's ass overflowed his hands and enraged his desire. He backed his mother up until her butt hit the edge of the table. She leaned side-to-side, walking her ass backward. Her feet touched his thighs, rubbing up and down, grabbing at his shorts until his boner sprang free. Candy reached for it. He sighed when her soft palm slipped over the dense knob. She whispered, “Oh, baby, make my dreams come true.”

Evan dipped down and let his mother guide the dome of his cock to her pussy. He stared at her face. She smiled when the wet, slippery heat of her labia made him tremble. He looked down and saw Candy coating his purple flesh with her readiness. She took her time. His anticipation soared. It was magnificent and scary waiting while the woman he called Mom, got him in position so he could fuck her. Then it happened; right in front of Evan's eyes, a part of him vanished inside Candy's body. He stopped and stared when his groin was pressed against her crotch. It was still a magical thing to be entirely inside of a woman he had wanted since she was his babysitter. “Oh, Mom, I love you, Mom, I love you so much it hurts.”

Candy tightened her legs around his ass and pulled herself up. “I know, honey, I know.” She pressed her hands to his cheeks, and said, “And I love you more than you'll ever know.”

He closed his eyes and opened his mouth for her tongue. Candy's fingers combed through his hair. Their love set Evan's pace. He moved through his mother in long, slow, meaningful thrusts. She laid back. He went with her because she had his lip between her teeth. Her clinging legs moved to his back. “Oh, Evan, God, you make me feel so good, so right.”

The same urgency Evan felt the first time they made love swelled in his groin, but it wasn't motivated by the fear that she might make him stop. He held his mother's shoulders to keep her from sliding across the table. There was purpose in his thrusts. Candy's fingertips dug into his shoulders. “Oh, baby, sweet baby, you make me . . . ah.”

Her legs crushed his upper body to hers, but the machine-like hammering of his hips continued until his balls stopped swinging and slapping into the cushioned groove of Candy's ass. They snapped upward and sent a spasm through his groin. There was no turning back and no reason to pull out. Even if he thought his mother could get pregnant, he would still squirt his load as deep inside her body as possible. That had been his childhood fantasy; give Candy a baby that they made together. Evan grunted and rammed his cock with all his might. He pulled down on his mother's shoulders, locking their bodies together, and enjoyed the jerking swells that rushed through the length of his dick. “Ah, ah, I, I love you.”

The orgasmic elation faded, but Evan kept his cock inside Candy. He lifted her to a sitting position. The smile on his mother's glowing face was nervous. She said, “You always used to want candy for breakfast.” She raked her fingernails down his back, around his sides, and across his stomach. His penis lurched and slid out of her. He held his breath while she kissed his nipples. Her damp hair hung flat, messy and more strawberry than he remembered. He looped it behind her ears and examined her face. Candy didn't just look younger; she was that young when he didn't have to think of her as his mother. Maybe Gloria wasn't becoming more like her mother as much as Candy was turning into Gloria?

We should talk,” Candy said and turned the chair out from the table. “Sit.”

He picked up her robe. “Okay, but you better wear this if you want me to listen.” He wrapped his mother up.

You do know . . . um, understand that we can't keep doing that, right?”

Evan nodded reluctantly. He wasn't a fool.

There's something you have to know.”

Not comfortable with his mother's tone, Evan asked, “What?”

I need your help. You can't count on me to always be the one to say no.” She got up, let her robe open and stepped forward. He forced his eyes away from her glorious tits and looked up. Candy brushed his hair back and traced the rims of his ears with her thumbs. “Evan, I'm more like you than you think.”

He nodded incoherently. Candy slid her inner thigh up the outside of his leg, straddled him and sat on his lap. “I haven't been—I don't always make good decisions. I've made some terrible choices.”

Don't worry,” he said and grabbed her ass. “I'm good at following rules, um, and doing the right thing.”

We have to be smart, careful, and we have to stop this.”

Mmhmm.” Candy's fingernails moving over his skin made him quiver. The only smart thing on his mind was making love to Candy, again. “Careful, yeah, I'm good at that, too.” He leaned his mother back and captured an erect nipple with his mouth.

This is serious,” Candy said and pulled her tit free. “Is that—Are you getting hard again?”

I can't help it,” he said, “you're the sexiest, most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and I, um, I've always wanted this. Can't this be our new last time? Just one more last time?”

Candy reached behind her, under her ass and found his growing erection. “You're supposed to be helping me.” She worked the thickening trunk of his cock in her fist. “Don't you see how dangerous this is?”

The smooth, warm grasp of his mother's hand expedited the stiffening of Evan's dick. “Of course,” he said and mauled the glorious mounds of ass meat in his hands. He lifted her until his face was sandwiched between her tits. She used the head of his dick to spread her pussy lips.

You know at some point you won't be able to get hard again like this?”

Evan smiled and put his hands on her neck. “I know.” He tightened his grip and nibbled on her chin.

Since you know everything, I guess I don't need to tell you—” Candy slammed her crotch down. “Ahhh, that you should take advantage of it while it lasts.” She twisted and humped. “Oh, fuck, that's good . . . so good.”

When Candy lifted up, her fuck tube sucked on the head of his cock. She dropped her pussy in time with his upward thrusts. Her ass cheeks slapped his thighs like giant hands, applauding the incestuous act.

Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, Evan, fuck me good.”

His mother's potty mouth lit Evan's fuse. He spread his legs, wrapped his arms around her back and leaned forward so he could get the deepest penetration possible. His mother's clit crashed into his groin each time he drove into her. The hiss of her gasps, the clawing fingertips, and the flooding of her convulsing pussy all signaled Evan that he had granted his mother's request, but that didn't mean he planned to stop fucking her good. He picked Candy up and bounced her climaxing body on his cock like he wanted to shove his balls inside her. Tears of joy filled his eyes. One last time, he slammed Candy down and held her tight, spilling his creamy load into her. “Oh, fuck, I love you, love you, love you.”

I know.” She panted and squeezed him with her arms and legs. “You told your mother you were going to marry me, and she knew that I loved you, too.” Her words were more vibration in her chest than sounds. “I figured you would grow out of it.”

He shook his head and loosened his hold so that Candy could put her feet on the floor. “I didn't.” He felt dazed. “I'll never grow out of it.”

I'm sorry, so sorry,” Candy said. “We'll talk more later. I promise.”

Evan didn't understand why she was crying, but it made him angry. “But, Mom?”

Later, I promise,” Candy said and closed her robe. “Later.” She walked toward her room.

He knew his mother didn't want him to follow her, and that was okay because he didn't want to spoil what they had just shared with the anger and hate he felt. His mother knew that Candy loved him, too. Why the fuck did Candy marry his father?

After a restless night in bed with the two sisters, Rebecca had woken up thinking about what she did with Gloria. Rebecca didn't regret it, but she wished she had gotten Deana's permission. That wouldn't have been difficult. Deana had kissed Gloria, and based on the expression on Deana's face when she admitted it, her kid sister's sexual prowess had surprised Deana. That might have been why Deana wouldn't kiss Gloria in front of Evan; it would have given them away. That's what happened when Evan kissed Gloria; they rocketed into a full-scale passion. When she saw Evan's hands on Gloria's ass, grinding his sister on his erection, Rebecca thought they might end up fucking. She couldn't imagine anything more erotic than watching a brother fuck his sister. That was why she had gone to Gloria's room after Deana fell asleep. Rebecca was disappointed that Evan wasn't doing his little sister, but Gloria's Candy-like ass working, dry humping her brother, and Evan's hand down Gloria's pants, fingering her, got Rebecca so aroused that twenty minutes later she couldn't resist Gloria.

Realistically, Gloria was the closest to being with Candy that Rebecca would ever get. Candy had been the first woman she had ever had naughty thoughts about. There was something alluring, provocative, and secretive about that woman. Rebecca had always sensed Candy wasn't who she presented herself to be. She saw signs that Deana wasn't able to perceive because Candy was a mother figure. Rebecca imagined the lady had a bad side, and now, after going for a drink, she knew it was a fact.

Rebecca returned to Deana's room without the drink she had gone for. Her mouth was still dry, but her crotch was dripping. She bit off a third of a piece of purple bubble gum and walked over to the bed. Deana and Gloria were on their sides, facing away from her. The girl needs a bed as big as Evan's, Rebecca thought, if they were ever going to sleep three in it again. She lifted the covers. Mm, mm, that butt. Deana's naked ass made her want to take a bite out of it. She got in bed behind Deana. They all had to sleep on their sides, in a three-way spoon.

The years of fantasizing about Candy hadn't been Rebecca's motivation or justification for doing Gloria. Envy had motivated her, and Deana falling asleep gave her the shred of justification required. If Deana hadn't fallen asleep it never would've happened, Rebecca told herself. Evan had secretly rubbed his cock against her ass, kissed her better than she had imagined, then, later, he turned her upside down to see if he could fuck her in that position. At least that's what Rebecca thought. How could she not have fallen into temptation? Besides, Rebecca told herself, Gloria needed her. The poor girl had been fingered, had a load shot on her, and was left alone. Under those circumstances, there wasn't any other way it could have turned out. Now, how would she make Deana see it that way?

Deana's arm was over her sister's body. Rebecca followed it. Now both of them had their hand on Gloria's chest. Fuck, Rebecca thought, right when I didn't think I could get any more excited, this happens.

Gloria's nipple wasn't asleep. It responded immediately and grew to the size of an M&M. Rebecca helped Deana's fingers make it bigger. Gloria murmured. Deana's hand started helping itself to her kid sister's tit. Rebecca gently massaged Gloria's belly and groin. “That's not me you're touching,” she whispered in Deana's ear and traced the rim with her tongue.

Ah, I know,” Deana said. “Does it bother you?”

Not if you don't mind that I brought your naked sister to bed with us.”

Why did you do that?” Deana asked.

She needed someone, and you fell asleep.” Rebecca pushed her leg forward, working it between Deana's.

Deana squeezed Rebecca's thigh between hers. “Why?”

She was lonely and upset because you wouldn't kiss her last night,” Rebecca said and blew puffs of air across the earlobe poking through Deana's hair.

Oh, okay. Did you fool around with her?”

Mm-hmm.” Rebecca nodded. “You mad?”

Got more gum?” Deana asked.

Rebecca reached for the hunk of purple gum and held it in front of Deana's mouth. She bit off a piece and said, “Thank you.”

Rebecca smiled and popped the last bit into her mouth. “So you're not mad?”

I didn't say that.”

It was all my fault,” Gloria said and twisted until she was on her back, teetering on the edge of the bed. The covers were just below her proud breasts.“I'm sorry, I started it.”

Rebecca inched her hand down. The soft, kinky hair tickled her palm. The young girl had a bodacious mound. Rebecca slowly closed her hand, grasping Gloria's pubic bone. Her middle finger flexed and wiggled between the tightly sealed swells of labia. She winked at Gloria from behind Deana. “It was me, too,” Rebecca said. “You were sleeping, and we met over ice cream, you know, all that kissing earlier, well one thing led to another.”

Why were you upset?” Deana asked Gloria.

Ah, I, um, I felt left out.”

That's all?” Deana asked.

Mm, yeah.”

Rebecca poked Deana in the back and rubbed Gloria's clit with her other hand. Deana squinted an eye at Gloria and said, “Tell me the truth. We agreed we wouldn't keep secrets.”

Um, I wanted to sleep with Evan, but he wouldn't let me,” Gloria said. Her cheeks were rosy. “I was horny after what we did. Can I have some gum?”

There isn't anymore unless you want some ABC gum,” Rebecca said and flopped over Deana's body. They made out for thirty seconds while Gloria got half of Rebecca's wad of bubble gum. “Dee, have you been teaching this girl how to kiss? She does it a lot like you.”

Does she,” Deana said. “Let's see.”

Deana rolled and lifted up. Gloria wiggle-wormed over. Deana lowered her body on top of her sister's. Gloria wrapped her short, thick legs around Deana's waist and hooked her feet on the globes of Deana's ass. Rebecca stared with her mouth hanging open, listening to the sound of lustful breathing. Deana was humping her little sister, grinding her mound on Gloria's crotch. Rebecca laid her hand on Deana's ass, turned it sideways and pushed it down between the flexing glutes. Deana worked her butt up and down, rubbing her asshole on Rebecca's wrist. Rebecca found Gloria's wet pussy, opened the youthful swells of labia, and stuffed two fingers into the girl's body. Gloria moaned into Deana's mouth and spread her legs. Rebecca pumped the full length of her fingers into Deana's sister. The girl wasn't a virgin. Rebecca practically came thinking about Evan's enormous cock in Gloria's young cunt.

Gloria's legs wrapped around Deana's waist, again, and clamped down. Deana did a push-up and watched her sister climax. Rebecca circled Deana's asshole with Gloria slippery juices. Deana relaxed and welcomed the intrusion. “Ah, yes, yes, fuck me.”

Rebecca got on her hands and knees and stuffed her face into the deep gorge of ass cheeks. She tongue punched her girlfriend's butt-hole while her fingers coursed through the flooded groove between Deana's pussy lips. Deana moaned and pushed her ass up at Rebecca's face. Rebecca stuffed her thumb into Deana's pussy hole and groped her pubic bone, repeatedly crushing her clit. She tongue fucked the tangy, puckered ring at the same time. The pungent smells of Gloria's orgasm and Deana's ass made Rebecca wild with lust. She shoved most of her tongue into the dank tube and punched at Deana's cunt, ramming her thumb deep and slamming the engorged bud.

Holy shit,” Gloria said, “she's getting off. You're making her cum. Wow, she's really cumming hard. This is insane. Fuckin' insane!”

Deana was out of her mind in orgasm, but she still perceived Gloria's excitement. Her little sister was getting off on watching her get off. She planted her mouth on Gloria's and shoved her tongue in. Gloria sucked it hard and stared into her eyes while they climaxed together.

Rebecca collapsed on her side. “Shit, that was fuckin' hot.”

Deana rolled off of Gloria. “Thank you. That was incredible.” She inched backward until she was against her girlfriend, then she pulled Gloria close. “I need more sleep.”

Me too,” Gloria and Rebecca said. With their arms and legs intertwined, the three girls settled down and closed their eyes. Gloria was the first one to nod off with a grin on her face.

Hours later, after Gloria left the room, Rebecca was still spooning Deana. She nuzzled her face into the crook of Deana's neck. “We're good, right?”

Deana shifted her body until it was touching as much of her naked girlfriend as possible. “Mm, we're good, very good, and if you keep doing that we'll be—”

Wait, let me tell you something before I devour you,” Rebecca said and moved so Deana could roll on her back. “Damn, you're so beautiful.”

Thank you,” Deana said and kissed Rebecca's nose. “I don't know how you can be so cute when you're such a sexy, wild thing. What did you do?”

What?” Rebecca said. “I didn't do anything, um, well, you know that little thing that happened last night, but I didn't do anything this morning.”

Then why are you looking at me like that?” Deana asked. “Tell me. Did you do something with Evan?”

I'm hurt,” Rebecca said with a pout. “You know me better than that.”

Seriously? You fucked my little sister last night and brought her back to bed, then you—”

Okay, okay, you're right, but this has nothing to do with me, and, no I didn't do anything with your brother,” Rebecca said. “Now, Evan on the other hand.”

Will you get to the point?”

Rebecca put her hand on Deana's stomach. “You know how some women with big tits and asses look better with their clothes on.”

She nodded at Rebecca, nervous about where this was going. “Your mother, Candy, she's not one of them. Fuck, she's all that and more.”

Rebecca, shit, what, how do you know? What did you do?”

It wasn't me. I went for a drink of water, and they were in the kitchen.”

Deana sat straight up. “They? Who is they? What did you see? Why was my mother naked? Did you do something with Candy?”

Stop, Dee, calm down. You're acting like me. It was Evan, Candy, and Evan, and I can see why you said it hurt. I had no idea he was that big. It's giant. He could be a porn star.”

Her mouth opened, but instead of speaking Deana fell backward. Her head sank into the pillow. “You jealous?” Rebecca asked.

No, not really,” Deana said. “I mean a little, but I knew it happened, and I was happy for her . . . them. Now, it's, I don't know, weird, crazy, you know, having your brother and your mother—Shit, she's married to my father, and he would kill them.”

Rebecca gave her a tender kiss. “Dee, I know it has to bother you a little. Evan and you, he was your first, and that makes it special. It's okay if you feel bad. It doesn't upset me.”

It does, but I knew it was a one-time thing, you know that. We couldn't have any kind of real relationship even if I wasn't in love with you. He's my brother. It couldn't have ever turned into anything.”

She laid there for a few minutes, staring at the adorable vixen, evaluating her feelings. Her reaction to Rebecca's voyeuring was out of balance if compared to what Rebecca did with Gloria. That should have been more disturbing. Was she in love with Evan now, too? Candy needed a lover, and she was truly happy for her mother. The woman had always been there for them, and her husband was too much of an evil prick to give Candy the love she deserved. So why did it hurt when Rebecca said Evan's name? Damn, my father has fucked up my mind. I'm in love with my best friend and my brother, plus I have a girl crush on Candy.

Reb, tell me all about it . . . every detail.”

The next day, Gloria stood on the edge of the gravel parking lot at the ballpark, tightening each side of her butt, alternately, the way she'd seen black girls do it on YouTube. If she could work it the way Darlene did or make it dance, then having so much ass at her age wouldn't be such a bad thing. The rest of Gloria's attention, thanks to Deana's phone, was on Candy Crush. It wasn't like Deana would need it, she and Rebecca would probably spend most of the day fooling around. That thought made Gloria even more annoyed about the current situation. It was bad enough that the softball sisters talked her into playing summer ball, but making her their lookout while they fooled around behind the dirt pile, that sucked.

Someone behind Gloria said, “I knew it was you.”

Gloria didn't know the voice. She whirled around, afraid it was an adult. Darlene was approaching. That girl has a crazy way of walking, Gloria thought, crazy, fuckin' hot. Darlene's tits bounced freely under the faded American Eagle T-shirt. It took balls to go out in public without a bra when you had a chest like Darlene's. Gloria might have had the courage, but her mother wouldn't allow it. Besides, her friends would give her shit about trying to show off her boobs, or they'd more likely make fun of her for being so big.

Darlene grinned. “I was on D-field, and I knew that was your ass.”

Great,” Gloria said, “my ass is so big it can be seen from across the ballpark.”

No,” Darlene said and slapped Gloria on the butt. “Damn, I meant with an ass like you've got, I'd recognize it anywhere, even in those lame softballs shorts.”


What are you doing over here, anyway?” Darlene asked.

Gloria looked down at Deana's phone, hoping her face wouldn't betray her. “Ah, playing a game.”

Darlene cocked her head. “Can't you play it over there?” She pointed at the field where Gloria's team was getting ready to practice.

Um, yeah, but, I, I don't want to start practice early.”

You sure? Seems more like you're doing something else,” Darlene said.

Shit, I suck at lying.”

It takes practice,” Darlene said. “Watch your face in the mirror, and it gets easier.”

You lie a lot?” Gloria asked.

Mostly to myself,” Darlene said with a laugh. “Don't worry; I won't lie to you.”

Thanks,” Gloria said, wondering if the bodacious redhead was telling the truth.

You want to take a peek?” Darlene asked.

Gloria thought she'd been busted staring at Darlene's nipples. “Huh, what da ya mean?”

You know what I mean, have a look over there,” Darlene said. “See what your friends are up to.”

Gloria tried to seem surprised and said, “I don't want to—” She realized she had just admitted they were back there, so she added, “We'll have to be careful. They would kill me.”

Darlene raised her hands. “Say no more; I'm good at sneaking, too. I guess that kinda goes along with lying.”

We'll have to go around that way so the gravel doesn't crunch.”

So, you're good at sneaking a peek?” Darlene asked.

Mm, I guess I am.”

Once the two spies worked their way around the end of the parking lot on the grass, they started into the woods twenty feet from the giant mound of dirt. Gloria held her finger to her lips. “Shh.”

Darlene smiled and followed Gloria as she skillfully and knowingly snaked through the bushes. The sound of panting breaths and whimpers signaled Gloria. She held up a hand. Darlene stopped behind her. Using sign language, Gloria told Darlene they had to get on their hands and knees.

When Darlene got on all fours, Gloria took a moment to admire the way the older girl's large tits changed shape, hanging under her body. The two girls inched forward between a cluster of trees. A wall of Kudzu, 'The vine that ate the South', separated them from the illicit act. This is going to be better than sitting on Jayda's face, Gloria thought. She was hiding in the woods with Darlene, the girl whose naked body she had secretly lusted for in the dressing room. Her labia was getting slippery. She wanted to get out of her shorts the way she had the last time she spied on Alex and Jayda.

Gloria held her breath and pulled a vine wrapped limb out of the way. A two-foot-wide window opened into the clearing behind the dirt pile. Gloria's insides released a liberal flow of lubricating juices. Darlene's shoulder and hip touched Gloria's. She chanced a glance to the right even though her sweat-beaded, flushed face would broadcast her feelings.

Darlene smiled with her lower lip between her teeth; then she turned back to the action. Alex's body was severely arched so only her head touched the tree that kept her from falling backward. Her feet were far apart, knees bent and her crotch was shoved out. Jayda sat facing Alex. Her legs were straight out, one on each side of the tree Alex was braced against. Two ball gloves and Alex's shorts separated Jayda's crotch from the tree trunk. She was rotating her pelvis, humping the objects. Alex was undulating, grinding her cunt on Jayda's eager mouth.

Gloria knew from experience that they were both close. She also knew her pussy was on fire, so she moved her knees further apart. Ah, thank god I didn't wear panties, she thought when the cool, damp air wafted through the leg holes. It startled her when Darlene's lips touched her ear. “Mm, thank you for sharing this with me.”

The soft touch and wisps of breath made Gloria moan. “Mmmmah.” Please kiss me, she pleaded with her eyes, but Darlene had returned her attention to Jayda, who was finger fucking the shit out of Alex, with her mouth locked on the girl's clit. Gloria wiggled, then, in frustration, grabbed her crotch and yanked the material away from her messy pussy. Darlene looked directly into her eyes. There is something different about Darlene, Gloria thought. She saw another dimension that hadn't appeared at the mall. It might have been a more vulnerable side. Whatever it is, she thought, it's deep, and it makes me want to hug her.

Alex bucked wildly, and Jayda had her hand stuffed in her own shorts, getting herself off. Gloria knew they were going to finish any second, then collect themselves and climb over the pile of dirt. That meant she had to get back to her spot or they would know she hadn't been watching out for them, or worse, they would realize she spied on them with Darlene. She jerked her head twice, motioning to Darlene. The redhead nodded and knee-walked backward.

A few feet before they reached the parking lot, Darlene stopped Gloria. “You have interesting friends.”

Gloria couldn't decipher Darlene's tone. “Um, yeah, I guess.”

Don't worry,” Darlene said and held Gloria's hands, “I'm not judging them . . . or you.”

Oh.” What is she doing then, Gloria wondered? Her palms were clammy. “You won't say anything, will you?”

Darlene answered her question with a kiss. Gloria had never used drugs or alcohol, but she suspected getting high or intoxicated would be like making out with Darlene, and that was what she was doing.

No, I won't say anything,” Darlene said. “Your secrets are safe with me.”

Gloria was upset that they weren't kissing anymore, yet relieved because she would have been in trouble with her friends and coach if Darlene hadn't stopped. It was scary to think she would have let the redhead strip her naked and fuck her even though they were in danger of being seen.

We better get back before your friends see you weren't watching—” Darlene giggled. “Well, I suppose you were, but not the way they expected.”

While they hurry back around the grassy edges of the parking lot, Darlene said, “Tell me about you and Evan.”

Huh, what do you mean?” Gloria said as the blood drained from her face. “He's my brother.”

Darlene pursed her lips. “I told you your secrets are safe with me. You like him. ”

Gloria wanted to trust Darlene, but she hardly knew her, and the redhead admitted to being a good liar. “Why do you think that?”

I'm a girl, and you know how easy it is for girls to spot jealousy in other girls. It showed every time his name was mentioned at the mall.”

Ah, he's my brother.”

You keep saying that,” Darlene said. “So what?”

They stopped where Gloria had been earlier, directly across from the dirt pile. Darlene was so close that her tits touched Gloria's. She thought the redhead was going to start making out with her right there where they would be seen.

I told you I wouldn't lie to you,” Darlene said. “You can trust me with your secrets, and I can tell you have lots of them.”

She sighed. “It wouldn't matter, I'm too young for him.”

Age doesn't matter,” Darlene said. “They used to marry off girls as soon as they got their period. As long as you're not being forced to do something, and you want to, then go for it. That's my thinking, anyway.”

Tell Evan that,” Gloria said and wished she hadn't. “I mean if he wasn't my brother.”

Stepbrother,” Darlene said. “Oh, here comes your friends. Hey, you should come with Dee Friday. We can talk more . . . and maybe try not wearing your new bathing suit.”

Yeah, um, okay, but I'm not sure my sister will let me go skinny—Oh shit, no, I can't,” Gloria said. “I'm going to meet my aunt. I've never met her before.”


She can't be that disappointed, Gloria thought, but she had never seen Darlene look unsure of herself. Some of the red had drained from Darlene's freckles. “Maybe I can get out of it,” Gloria said.

No, you should go,” Darlene said. “I'd like to hear about it, her.” She put her foot up on the bumper of a car and laid Gloria's forearm on the top of her thigh. “Call me . . . after.”

Gloria nodded and watched Darlene write. There was something about the blue ink forming a phone number on her skin that seemed more sensual and sexual than it should have. At that moment, she would have let Darlene write all over her body. She mumbled, “I will, I'll call.” Darlene added a smiley face after the last two numbers, 69.

The sound of gravel under sneakers increased, but Gloria continued to stare into the older girl's blue eyes. They were haunting and challenging, yet warm and familiar. There's so much more to Darlene than meets the eye, Gloria thought. She needed to know who this girl really was, and why she felt this way. It was as if in a matter of minutes, she loved the redhead like a sister.

Call me,” Darlene said and kissed Gloria before turning and walking off in the direction she had initially come from. It had been quick, but Darlene's lips on hers had a lasting effect.

Who's that,” Jayda asked.

Gloria continued to watch the high, ass waving steps and bouncing red hair. “Darlene, it was Darlene.” It was surreal.

Alex bumped Gloria and said, “Snap out of it. She's a senior, isn't she? How do you know her?”

I don't know, Gloria thought, but said, “She's friends with my sister. Ya'll took forever. Come on. Coach is gonna be pissed.”

Jayda and Alex both said, “It's her fault,” and pointed at each other.

Thursday, for the third day in a row, Evan was at the race shop. Cindy and cars made life without sex almost bearable. His mother had been staying busy. He assumed to avoid him. They still hadn't talked more. Rebecca had spent the night or Deana had been at Rebecca's house, so there hadn't been an appropriate opportunity to convince her that once wasn't enough. Well, it had been three times, but Evan counted it all as their first time. Gloria had been around plenty, but he'd intentionally avoided being alone with her. He didn't want anything to happen, especially if it was because of too many supplements and no Candy. He loved Gloria too much to do that to her. It was bad enough he had fingered her and blew a load on her stomach, then refused to let her come upstairs. Her sad eyes had almost broken him, but it was for her own good. Gloria deserved to find a boy she could fall in love with and have a relationship with. Better yet, he thought, a girlfriend. He imagined that would be easier than seeing Gloria with a boy.

Cindy handed Evan a screwdriver and said, “How are things at home without your father being there? Any problems?”

How could he answer that without sounding like he hoped another airliner would go missing? “Everything is great . . . fine, no problems.”

You like being the man of the house?”

The question could have been benign, but Cindy's tone wasn't. “Um, how do you mean?”

You know, your dad isn't home, it's an expression, unless—”

No, I get it,” he said. “It's not, um, not any different than when he's there.” It's easier to fuck his wife, and not be grounded, Evan thought. “Ca—Mom is in charge, anyway.”

I'm sure,” Cindy said.

Evan felt like his cousin knew something she wasn't saying. “You been talking to her again?”

I told you a thousand times, I'm sorry.” She squeezed his upper arms. “I knew how proud she would be of you, and I felt guilty, so I wanted at least one of your parents to know.”

Except she took up for me and—”

She always has, Evan, more than you know. She cares about you and wants your dreams to come true as much as you do.”

His head hung. “I guess.” He wanted—No, he needed a hug.

Don't ever forget that, Evan.” Cindy's grip became painfully tight. “No matter what happens, remember, Candy was always there for you.”

Evan got the hug he needed. It squeezed two tears from his eyes. He caught them with the backs of his hands before embracing Cindy with the same, until we die strength she was applying. Cindy's words were close to his ear and too low to be sure of, but Evan thought she said, “Take care of her.” He didn't ask what she meant. As the man of the house, he should know what to do. That was a tall order.

Cindy put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back two feet. Deana might as well have been staring at him. His cousin pressed her mouth firmly on his dry lips. Her eyes were closed, so he did the same. Cindy tilted her head so her lips pulled his dry lips apart. He tried to moisten them. His tongue crashed into Cindy's; then it was in her mouth.

When Evan opened his eyes, Cindy's were already open. It had only lasted a few seconds, but it would be a long time before he forgot that kiss, if ever.

Now, get your head in there,” Cindy pointed, “and put that screwdriver on the idle screw so we can get this bitch ready to win.”

They weren't going to talk about what had just happened, Evan knew that, but would they ever do it again? Cousin kissing was definitely better than sister fucking.

Friday, Deana knew her brother was annoyed when they left for Ms. Style's, but she didn't know if it was because she'd been avoiding him, or if he didn't want her in that part of his life. The first, she could talk to him about, but the latter, Evan would have to deal with that. Darlene invited her, and Ms. Style sounded thrilled to have her there. She told Deana that she had already invited her through Evan, but he hadn't bothered to mention it. The way Ms. Style put it, Rebecca could come too, any day of the week.

A chance to swim and tan was great, but Deana was more interested in Ms. Style. The woman fascinated her, as did the dynamics of Darlene's relationship with Style. On the drive home from the mall, Ms. Style had flipped back and forth between authority figure and best friend. There was something about the woman that Deana wouldn't soon forget, and there seemed to be so much more under the surface that needed further investigation. The same was true for Darlene. That girl was a huge mystery.

I'm going to get started right away,” Evan said when the car came to a stop. “You go swim or whatever you and Darlene have planned.”

Deana turned away from the farmhouse and the isolation that surrounded it. When she looked at Evan, she saw the vast open area in the distance behind him. This is the middle of nowhere, she thought. “We don't have anything planned. I'm not even sure she'll be here. Ms. Style invited me. Thanks for bringing me, finally.”

I told you, I didn't feel comfortable bringing somebody with me to hang out in the pool, not yet. Jason hasn't been here, except the time he helped me work, and I told him he couldn't go in the pool.”

Darlene was here.”

Only once,” Evan said and opened his door. “You're here now, let's go.”

They met in front of the car. The breeze hit Deana's front and sealed the thin fabric to her skin; it contoured to her every curve. “Hey, Evan, I'm sorry. It's hard for me, too, I swear, but it's better if we don't—”

I understand, don't worry, I do, I get it.”

Good,” Deana said and gave Evan a peck on the cheek. “Then you're mad because I'm here? You don't want to share her?”

Darlene? Jeez, no, Darlene isn't anything to me. She's not interested, and I'm okay with that, now.”

What then?” she asked. “You're annoyed about something.”

Am not,” he said.

Is it Mom?”

No, yeah, it's everything,” he said. “Racing tomorrow night, I wish it could be different. With Uncle JC there, it's too risky for you and Mom to come. If he saw you, he'd wanna know where I was. That's a bummer.”

Deana gave her brother a long hug, wishing she hadn't. His touch was enough to break her will. “I understand, and I'm sorry, but things will get better, you'll see.”

That's just something people say to make you feel better,” he said. “I'm gonna go get the lawnmower and stuff. Follow me; I'll show you where the pool is.”

After Evan went into the barn-garage thing, Deana started up the grassy slope toward the pool. Somebody was already swimming, and Ms. Style's car wasn't in the driveway, so Deana assumed it was Darlene. There wasn't any reason to be nervous, yet Darlene's sudden interest in being friends was unsettling. She wished Rebecca had skipped gymnastics and come with her.

Deana closed the gate behind her, walked across the patio, and put her towel and lotion on a luxurious, cushioned lounge chair. She moved closer to the pool. There was no mistaking the redhead swimming rhythmically down the length of the pool, but it seemed out of character for Darlene to be such a proficient swimmer. Deana watched Darlene reverse directions like a professional. Then she realized it wasn't a tiny bathing suit the redhead was wearing. Naked, Deana thought, that's something I would expect from Darlene. She stared at the pale flesh slicing through the water. It was mesmerizing. Deana removed her sundress and sat on the edge with her feet in the water. It was too cold to get in, or at least that was Deana's excuse for staring at the redhead's butt. It wasn't like in the locker room at school where she had to sneak a peek tactfully. She'd enjoy it now, so she wouldn't gawk later when Darlene realized she was there. Was that possible?

A lawnmower starting made Deana turn her head. She couldn't see where her brother was, so she went back to watching. Darlene must have also heard the noise. The redhead surfaced, pushed hair off her face and looked around. She seemed surprised for a second then said, “Oh, Dee,” and ducked under and thrust herself through the water like a torpedo.

Deana considered how she should respond to Darlene's nudity. The redhead made three slow, frog kicks that seemed like erotic, sexual gestures to Deana. Her mouth became dry. Darlene popped up at the end of Deana's outstretched legs. She had Deana's feet in her hands.

Even your feet are pretty,” Darlene said.

Deana waited for Darlene to let go. When it didn't happen, she said, “Thank you.” Awkward wasn't a strong enough word to describe what it was like to have a girl she had secretly checked out in the showers staring straight up her legs at her crotch.

My toes are ugly, short and fat, and two are crooked,” Darlene said. “Yours are long and sexy like your fingers.”

Deana's heart raced with excitement and fear. Darlene's cheek was smooth and cool on the side of her foot. A bolt of energy vibrated up Deana's leg when her inner calf met Darlene's cheek. She felt the blood draining from her face. Her pussy lips tingled. If I don't do something soon, Darlene is going to see it, Deana thought and cursed the yellow material covering her excitement. She said, “You're a great swimmer,” and when the words replayed in her mind, she thought it sounded stupid.

Darlene grinned, moved forward and stood on an underwater ledge. Deana's legs had to open to accommodate Darlene's shoulders. The redhead draped her arms over the tops of Deana's thighs. She closed her legs until they tightened around Darlene's torso. Darlene held them under her arms and laughed. “God, Dee, if you could see your face. You look terrified.”

I, um, I'm not, but, ah—”

Relax,” Darlene said. “I know you've never had a naked girl between your legs, that's why I'm fucking with you. You have nothing to worry about.”

Deana wanted to defend herself, but she let out a nervous chuckle and asked, “Do you always swim naked when you're expecting someone?”

You and your brother?” Darlene shook her head and remained in position with her tits pressed into Deana's belly and groin. “You've seen me naked tons already in gym, and Evan saw me in that.” She pointed to a tiny floral bikini hanging on a chair. “What's the difference?”

Deana thought of a thousand things that were different, worse different. She could also imagine the expression that must have been on Evan's face when he saw Darlene in almost nothing. It was probably on par with her expression when she walked into Candy's room and got a full frontal view. “My brother saw you in that?” Deana asked. “He must have, um, I can't even imagine,” she said, thinking about the boner Evan must have popped. “He has a hard time looking at you in school clothes.”

Darlene let the comment pass, and her smile vanished. “Come on, get that off and get in.” She sank under then surfaced to Deana's left.

Deana got up, stepped back and watched the other girl plant her hands on the edge and pushed the top half of her body out of the pool. Deana's jaw dropped at the sight of tits jostling. Bright pink and red nipples swelled. Darlene brought a foot out of the pool, and in what seemed like slow motion, she stood. Unlike in gym class, Deana didn't divert her eyes. The thick curly red bush glistened with droplets of water. Darlene took a wider stance and tilted forward, shook her head and threw her hair back as she straightened up. While her eyes faced the sky, Deana stared at the swollen wedges of labia bulging between the redhead's legs. Darlene caught her looking.

You'll love skinny dipping. I'd never wear a bathing suit again if it were possible,” Darlene said. “Mm, the feel of cool water caressing your flesh is amazing.”

Deana said, “Darlene, ah, Evan?”

I don't care if he sees me naked.”

Yeah, but—“She turned her hands up in a questioning gesture and widened her eyes—“ he's my brother, you know.”

You're twins . . . you've probably slept with him—”Deana's heart jerked to a stop until her brain caught up with the rest of Darlene's words—“when you were kids.”

Yeah, but we're not kids anymore. I don't think Evan wants to see me naked.”

If I were your brother, I'd be trying to see you all the time. Mm, mm, and if I had a brother.” Darlene raised her brows several times.

The conversation Deana had with Evan in his car came to her mind. “You ever worry about that, you know?”

Darlene knew precisely what she meant, and crossed her arms. Her tits were forced upward, bulging from under her forearms. “Mmhm, I guess, but not like worry about it. I'm open to, um, anything, so if it happened, oh well.”

Oh well, I might be fucking my brother, Deana thought. Darlene was the kind of person she could be honest with. The redhead was also someone Deana could imagine cheating on Rebecca with, and that bothered her. “Yeah, okay, I can see that,” she said. “If you don't know, then oh well.” What if you intentionally fuck your brother?

Or,” Darlene started, then change the subject back to swimming. “Let's get in, and for Evan's sake I'll put that on.”

Deana watched like an old pervert while the other girl got her bottoms on. She licked her lips and stepped forward. “I'll tie that for you.”

Good, thanks.” Darlene let go of the strings when Deana grabbed them. “You got a boyfriend for the summer?”

Shit, Deana thought, this is the first real test. “No, not any boyfriend.” She tried the words out in her head; I have a girlfriend, then she said, “My father doesn't let me date.”

What a waste,” Darlene said and shoved Deana into the pool. She screeched until her head disappeared under the water. Darlene dove.

Ah, it's cold,” Deana said and squeegeed the water off her face.

I know, that's why I was helping you,” Darlene said. “It's always better to just do it, all at once.”

I know,” Deana said and swam across the pool on her back. Darlene resumed her exercise or ass building or whatever she considered it. Deana thought about joining in but decided to float on a raft instead. The rays of the sun quickly warmed her skin. The distant sound of the lawnmower made her consider taking off her top. Actually, she wanted to be naked. The idea of being nude outside was exhilarating under any circumstances, but in a stranger's backyard, with a classmate, and the potential for getting caught by her brother, that was intoxicating. She rolled the top of her bikini bottoms under, making them extra narrow around her hips. The crotch patch taunted her pussy lips.

Each time Darlene's head turned in Deana's direction, she wondered if the redhead could see her staring.

After a while, Deana's skin itched under the influence of the sun's heat. She lifted her head and looked down her body. A peek under the edge of her bikini showed that her groin was noticeably lighter than her stomach. She challenged the world of appropriateness and pushed the front of her suit down. The hot rays beat on her bald mound and labia. It was a silly, cheap thrill, but it turned Deana on.

Darlene kept turning laps, while the lawnmower's noise drew closer. Deana's pussy remained exposed. No wonder Rebecca is an exhibitionist, Deana thought. The top of Evan's head could be seen. He was moving across the hill that led up to the pool. It would take him at least ten passes before he reached the patio. Deana flipped off the float and crossed back to the other side after Darlene passed. She laid her forearms on the smooth border and rested her chin on them. The sound of the redhead's kicks continued. Deana closed her eyes and thought about the girl who didn't know who her parents were or if she had any siblings. Would that be worse than having my father and knowing my mother is dead, Deana wondered?

There was something about Darlene. The redhead had never been someone Deana imagined she'd be friends with, yet in two short encounters with her, Deana saw things differently. Darlene was more than likable. She had a grave, mysterious nature that drew Deana in and made her want to know more.

For the second time since Deana arrived, Darlene startled her. The redhead's chest pressed against her back and she whispered in Deana's ear, “Really, no boyfriend at all?”

Deana nodded, thinking it was the perfect opportunity to be honest about Rebecca.

Darlene's hands moved to Deana's waist. “That's sad. You have so much to offer.”

Deana sucked in her stomach, determined not to panic this time. She didn't want Darlene to laugh at her again. “So do you,” she said. “I know Evan thinks a lot of you.”

Darlene's palms rested on the knobs of Deana's hipbones before sliding down the front of her thighs. Darlene pulled Deana against her. “I know, but he's not my type.”

Deana chose to keep playing along until—Until what, she asked herself? “That's a shame,” Deana said. “He's a real catch.” She wanted to ask Darlene what her type was, but she was afraid of the answer.

I'm sure he is.” Darlene's hands inched inward. A fire raced to Deana's crotch ahead of them. She knew the place for a laugh, and, I'm just playing, had passed. Darlene's arms squeezed her sides, and her wrists cut across Deana's pubic bone. The redhead's fingers stretched out around her thighs, and her lips touched Deana's ear. She said, “I think somebody else has their eye on him, so even if he were my type I wouldn't.” Every syllable sent a chill down Deana's spine.

How far will she go, Deana wondered? Evan's head was visible again. Each time he crossed the lawn, he got closer to the fence. In a few minutes, he'd be close enough to see her with Darlene glued to her back, breathing in her ear. Deana thought about pointing out her approaching brother, but she had an overwhelming desire to be kissed by the redhead. She moved her body like a wave. Her butt pushed into the curve of Darlene's groin.

Ahh.” The sound surprised Deana. It had come from her throat when Darlene's grip tightened. Her hands were at the very top of Deana's inner thighs. She moved her legs further apart. “Mmm.” The plump, moist lips on her neck caused Deana to make another noise she hadn't expected. It sounded very much like someone enjoying what was happening and asking for more.

Darlene's teeth grabbed at Deana's neck, and she squeezed Deana's crotch. Deana turned her knees out and spread her legs. Fingers pushed under her top and shoved it up above her tits. She groaned lustfully when the sultry seductress pinched her nipple. Darlene fumbled with her other hand, trying to get a finger under the crotch material of Deana's bottoms. Then she changed tactics and shoved her whole hand in the front of Deana's bathing suit. A finger quickly found her pussy and slid between her pussy lips. She had become so aroused that her clit was already swollen and extra sensitive. Darlene bit the back of her neck rolled her nipples roughly and fingered her. Deana mumbled, “Mm, ah, Evan is right there.”

Darlene stopped for a moment before pushing Deana's bikini down and whispering, “He could watch.”

Deana shook her head and said, “No,” while undulating on Darlene's hand. Her brother could easily see their heads above the edge of the pool if he looked. Her face would tell him what was happening. If the mower went silent, he would hear her panting moans. The redhead was fucking her senseless, and she didn't want it to stop.

When Deana's arousal built to the brink of climax, Darlene drew in a huge breath and plunged under the water. Deana stammered her disapproval until her legs were forced open by the other girl's body. Deana looked down at the distorted face ascending toward her crotch. A cry of pleasure rang out when a mouth overlapped her pubic bone, clit and half of her pussy channel. Darlene dragged her tongue through the flesh groove. Her mouth closed, forming a seal around Deana's bud, then she expelled a jet of water on to her clit. The previously suspended orgasm took off like nothing had interrupted it until the blasting stream halted and Darlene's tongue took over. It turned Deana into a quivering ragdoll. Evan or God himself could show up, and she would be helpless to stop cumming.

Darlene's rush to the surface forced Deana back from the side of the pool. Darlene gasped for oxygen while grabbing Deana's throat with both hands. Finally, Deana thought, I'm going to know what kissing that oh so desirable mouth feels like. She had imagined kissing Darlene many times.

The engine noise stopped. Their eyes widened. Deana saw her brother turned towards the gate, so she ducked under, hastily pulling her bottoms up and surfacing a few feet to the left.

Evan closed the gate and walked towards her. Deana put her feet on the ledge and stood until her shoulders were level with the edge of the pool. Darlene passed by under the water, yanking Deana's bikini bottoms down again, then she went back to swimming.

I'm almost done,” Evan said. “When I put the mower and stuff away, I'll be back with the chemicals, and I'll need to clean and treat the pool.”

Deana pressed her body to the side of the pool, hoping Evan wouldn't be able to see her fixing her bottoms. She looked up and smiled because her brother's eyes were following Darlene's ass the whole time he spoke. “Can't you swim for a little while, first?” Deana asked.

No-can-do,” Evan said. “I got things to do with Cindy.”

Come on, just for a little while?”

He made a chin gesture at Darlene while shaking his head. “Believe me, I'd like to, but the pool takes time, and Dale is coming by with the car I'm driving. I need to be there. You'll still have time to lay out while I do my thing.” He crouched in front of her. “Why not do some nude sunbathing with Darlene?”

She shook her head vehemently. “No! Are you crazy? What do you think she'd think when you get a boner?”

She wouldn't know it was for you.”

No.” Deana swatted him. “It's too weird. Brothers and sisters don't do stuff like that together.”

I'm sure some do,” Evan said, “but okay, you'll be the one with tan lines.”

That's nothing new.” She huffed. “It's not like I get to go out naked, ever.”

Rebecca's,” he said. “Come on. I know that little freak must get naked in her backyard.”

She waved her brother off and swam backward, nearly T-boning Darlene. Evan walked off, and Deana climbed back onto the float, thinking about what might happen if they did what her brother wanted. Darlene had presented herself as someone who would do it, and not be judgmental, but was she being honest?

Evan finished stowing the riding mower, the push mower, and the weed whacker; then he looked at his watch. There was still plenty of time to get to Cindy's shop before Dale was scheduled to arrive. What a dilemma. Should he give up an opportunity to watch two nearly nude girls, or go hang out with his cousin, hoping she'd kiss him again?

It had been an easy decision for Evan. Now he was done cleaning and treating the pool, ready to get to Cindy's. Deana's concern had been a moot point. She and Darlene had their eyes closed the whole time he was staring at them from the other side of the pool with a hardon.

I'm done,” Evan said.

Deana shielded her eyes with her hand and squinted, looking up at him. “Already?”

It's been,” he looked at his watch, “thirty-five minutes, and Darlene's pink. She might need you to rub her down with sunscreen.”

Deana sighed. “You'd like that.”

Mmmm, I might like that,” Darlene said. “Too bad your brother is in such a rush.”

Yeah, too bad,” Deana said. “Hey, thanks for the invite. I had a great time.” She picked up her sundress and pulled it over her head.

Darlene stood, stepped over the chair Deana had been laying on and said, “Me too. We should do it again, soon.”

We should,” Deana said.

Bring the wildcat next time,” Darlene said.


She means Rebecca,” Evan said. “It was good seeing you, Darlene. Come on Dee.”

Darlene smiled and said, “Thanks for bringing her,” then she grabbed Deana.

Evan's mouth hung open while Darlene gave his sister a kiss that made his toes curl. Holy fuck, he thought, that's the kind of threesome I had in mind. His sister looked dazed when Darlene pulled away.

Bye,” Darlene said.

Goodbye,” Deana said and started towards the gate. Evan followed without taking his eyes off that fuckin' redhead. He knew what her kisses were like, and he wanted one, too.

Once they were in the car, Evan asked, “What was that? Why did she do that?”

I don't know,” Deana said, “but it was one hell of a kiss.”

Did you give her any reason, um, you know, to think you wanted a kiss?”

No, we swam, talked about school, and laid there doing what you saw us do. That girl is unpredictable. Still can't believe she took Gloria to get a bathing suit and invited me over. I hardly know her.”

What do you think now, you like her?”

I've always liked her,” Deana said. “I admire her. She's been through a lot.”

I mean really like her.”

Oh, you mean the making out with her kind of like,” Deana said. “Did that make you jealous?”

After a long pause, Evan nodded. “I guess so.”

Of her or me?”

Maybe both,” he said. “You jealous about Mom and me?”

Yeah, I think so,” Deana said.

He laughed and asked, “Of her or me?”

Maybe both,” Deana said.

Evan hadn't heard a hint of sarcasm in his sister's voice, but he assumed she was joking. “We should have a threesome.”

You think Mom would go for that?”

Jeez, I meant Darlene.”

I don't know,” Deana said. “That's risky. You think we could trust her not to tell anybody?”

No, I don't trust her,” Evan said. “There's something about her. I can't say what, but something. She has secrets, or motives . . . bad motives, maybe.”

Secrets,” Deana said with her eye squinted and the other brow raised. “Like who doesn't?”

I know, but I think ours is one that has to be kept. It's bad enough the tumbler knows.”

So, you haven't told Jason about us?” Deana asked.

Nooooh, nobody, I haven't told anybody.”

I trust Rebecca with my life,” Deana said. “She'd never tell.”

Good, that's good.”

Deana unlatched her seat belt, lifted her butt and reached under her dress. “I gotta get this thing off. It's riding up my ass.”

He watched the road with one eye and his sister with the other. There was something about seeing a girl getting undressed in the car that made him hard. His sister pulled the bikini down her legs like she was doing a striptease, then magically got the top off and pulled it out the armhole of her dress. He stopped at a red light and took a good look. Deana's bright-pink nipple sacks were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. She turned on the seat and put her feet in his lap. His sister might as well have been naked as far as Evan was concerned. He thought about the last time she'd wanted her feet rubbed. Things had changed since then, and he made sure the arch of his sister's foot was on the bulge going down his pants leg.

Nobody has feet as nice as yours.”

She smiled at him and rocked her foot on his hardon. “Mm, nobody gives a foot massage like you,” Deana said.

Neither of them said anything for the rest of the ride. Evan had done his best work, hoping it got his sister so horny she'd change her mind. That would be worth missing a one-in-a-million chance of another cousin kiss.

Deana pulled her feet away and turned in her seat when they reached their driveway. Evan put the car in park and opened his door. Deana said, “I thought you were in a hurry?”

I am, but I have time to grab a drink.”

His sister stuck her flip-flops on, grabbed her stuff and got out of the car. He followed her, enjoying the way her cheeks showed through the dress when it pressed against them. Jeez, what a bubble-butt, he thought and straightened his bent cock. Deana started up the porch steps, then paused to lean forward. His sister’s ass and the beautiful swollen pussy between her legs were revealed. “Don't tease,” he said.

Deana stopped with her hand on the doorknob and said, “I don't tease.”

In the kitchen, Deana hung her towel over the back of a chair and threw her bikini on the table. “What do you want?” she asked.

Since Evan thought he been busted taking in everything he could through the thin material, he said, “All of it.”

To drink, what do you want to drink? Coke?”

He pulled out his father's chair, sat with a sigh, staring at the place Deana's ass had been when he ate her out.

Hello,” Deana said.

When he turned his head, the refrigerator light behind his sister made her dress more transparent. The erotic, sensual view of her pussy gave him a déjà vu feeling. “What?”

Coke?” She asked and played with the front of her dress. “Or did you want something else?”

Don't tease,” he said.

Deana put the glasses on the counter and walked toward him. He had never seen her body move like that. She had womanly curves and a face so beautiful that it could distract him from her incredible body. His sister ran her fingers through his hair. Her nails sent a tremor down his back. It made his balls dance. His cock jumped, pushing against his jeans. He watched Deana grasp the material at her hip and slowly lift, revealing more smooth dark flesh. Her leg moved in a mesmerizing flow over his lap. He caught a glimpse of her bald mound. His sister straddled him. She said, “I told you, I don't tease.”

He placed his hands on her legs and lifted the dress to her hips. Her groin and crotch were fully exposed. “Mm.” The crowns of his sister's tits became visible through the dress. He kissed and nibbled on them.

Ah, that feels good, but,” Deana lifted her dress over her head and tossed it, “that's better.”

He pressed his sister's tits together. Deana's nipples plumped. He sucked on them. Deana moaned softly while pulling his zipper down. He wanted to make love to her in every room of the house, but not when he wasn't sure if Candy would come home. “Dee?”

She straightened and looked down at his erection. “Oh, Evan, make love to me.”

Not here,” he said. “Let's go upstairs.”

No,” she said and grabbed his dick. “Right here, I want to do it here.”

They had to be careful. “But—” The hot, liquid embrace of Deana's pussy lips on his cock head made him stammer. “Um, you, ah, remember, remember last time?” he asked. “I don't think I'd be able to stop if Mom came home again.”

Deana seductively rolled her pelvis. “Ooh, wouldn't you like that?” Deana tugged his jeans. “She might wanna join us. You'd love that.”

The idea of Deana being with their mother did something to Evan's mind. He lifted up and allowed her to pulled his pants down. Then it occurred to him that if he was with Candy, his sister might have a hard time seeing the woman as her mother, too. It's not natural to call your brother's lover, Mom. Was that what troubled him? “Dee, ah, Mom, are you serious?”

Not Mom,” Deana said, “but Candy, yeah.” She lowered her crotch and wiggled around until the dome of his dick was in position.

You're kidding, right?” Maybe he just didn't want to share his sister with Candy.

Deana put the tip of her nose on his. “Evan, you do know I like girls?”

Yeah, but—Oh, fuck.” His sister had dropped her body and taken all of him at once. Her eyes widened and glistened with tears. Everything in the world around them vanished. Their hearts, souls, and bodies were once again joined as one. He couldn't fathom anything more satisfying, or another way to feel more love. He didn't want to share his sister with anybody.

Oh, shit,” Deana said. “Darlene was right.”


Oh, nothing,” she said. “Damn, that feels good.”

Isn't it better?”

She pushed his legs apart and settled her butt between them, forcing every bit of him inside her body. The head of his cock had opened his sister as far as it could reach. “Evan, ah, I love you, mm, love you so much, and this is good, it feels so good, but only with you. I could never let another guy do this to me. Girls excite me, and Candy, oh, she's turned me on for way longer than I knew or would admit, but everything is so different now.”

Okay, so Deana wants Candy, he thought, but I'll keep making love to her as long as she'll let me. So what if she's a lesbian. “I, ah, your eyes, mm, they're amazing.” Something that dark shouldn't be so pretty. He held her hips and leaned her forward until her back rested against the edge of the table, then tried to push more of himself into his sister.

Deana didn't speak, but her fingernails dug into his shoulders, and she lifted her feet off the floor. He wrapped his arms around her ass and lifted her.

Deana clung to him with her arms and legs. He rested her butt on the table and inched back, drawing his cock out. When the tightness of her sphincter tugged the ridge on his mushroom, he thrust back into her.

Oh, fuck, Evan, you fill me, you fuckin' fill all of me.” She supported herself on her elbows. “I wanna watch it.”

They both stared at Deana's crotch while Evan moved back. Blue veins bulged from the rigid flesh. It glistened with the evidence of Deana's excitement. He watched his sister's eyes and shoved forward. His groin slapped her crotch, and her eyes registered fascination and pain. “God, Dee, oh, you, ah, I feel so much of you.”

She reached for his neck and pulled herself up. “I know.” She kissed him. “I need you, need to feel you, need all of you.”

Evan felt like he could scream, cry and laugh at the same time. His sister's breath huffed in his ear as he humped her with growing purpose and determination. “Can I?”

Yes, oh, yes, cum in me, please let me feel you cumming in me.”

He thrust, and Deana's heels dug into his ass, encouraging him to fuck harder and faster. His sister's ass cheeks squeaked on the wood, and the table legs scraped the tile. “Fuck, oh, fuck, Dee, I love you, love you, fuckin' love you.”

Mm, mm, I, ah, I feel it,” Deana said and pressed her lips to his. “I feel you growing. Don't look away. Love the fuck out of me, but don't look away.” She held his lower lip with her teeth and stared into his soul with eyes as black as coal.

His balls were drawn up against his body, and his dick was as stiff and swollen as it could be. Deana's pussy tube spasmed rhythmically and flooded with warm, creamy liquid. He kept on thrusting. There probably would never be anything that made him feel so complete, more loved and more satisfied than looking into Deana's eyes while she came. He shoved in until her pubic bone forced his balls out of their tucked and ready position, then he picked Deana up and let her rest on his cock. She bit down on his lip when the first burst of orgasm blasted her cervix.

Oh, God, my God, I feel it, feel you squirting deep, so deep inside me.”

He tasted the metallic blood in his mouth, and his lip thumped, but Evan smiled. With a strength that nobody would expect from such a beautiful girl, Deana crushed the air from his chest. He squeezed her ass and kept her crotch locked to his groin, pumping all of his cum inside his sister's body. She trembled and gasped in his ear. “Don't ever stop . . . please don't stop loving the fuck out of me,” Deana said.

Never,” Evan said and kept holding her even though his legs were quivering.

When Deana's strength waned, and his senses returned, Evan sat on their father's chair. He was still stiff enough to remain inside his sister. “That wasn't us being careful. More like dangerous and stupid.”

Deana sighed, her body limp in his arms. “I know, but I needed it, needed it to be that way, just that one time.”


I can explain, not now, not yet.”

His cock slipped out of Deana's pussy. “Okay.”

Evan, will you carry me to my room? I like it when you carry me and put me in my bed.”

They passed Gloria's empty room, and Evan smiled at the mess. He pushed Deana's door open with his foot and saw her room wasn't much better. When he bent over and laid Deana on her bed, her pleasant smile made him grin. He kissed her and asked, “Did it hurt as much as last time?”

It hurt,” she said and kissed him, “but it feels so good with you inside me. I love you.”

A surge of emotions made his chest hurt and his eyes burn. “I love you more,” he said and pressed his mouth to his sister's.

Deana responded with one of her passionate kisses. Her arms tightened around his neck. He crawled further onto the bed, dragging Deana along. She pressed her heels into the backs of his thighs and moved them up. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her pelvis rotated. He could feel the heat from Deana's crotch on his groin. “I need to go. Is it okay if I leave now?”

No, not yet,” Deana said. “Hold me, cuddle with me, just for a little while.”

Five minutes later, Evan was still kissing Deana, but they weren't cuddling. “If I don't go, um, go soon—”

Can you, already?” Deana asked.

I thought it hurt.”

I told you,” Deana said, “I love how it hurts when you're inside me.”

Evan wanted to ask questions; he wanted to know if this meant things had changed, but his sister's stare silenced his thoughts. Deana's face flushed and her eyes widened when he thrust into her body. She cried out, “Oh, mm, oh, Evan.”

He hunched and crushed Deana's clit under his pubic bone. She wrapped her long legs around his butt and held him there. There wasn't anything left to give her; Deana had all of his love. “Ah, Dee, oh, shit, I swear, mm, I love you. I love the fuck out of you.”

After a minute, Deana loosened her hold, and he gently humped her until his sister's undulating body grew more demanding. She was tight, and her pussy tube clamped down in waves, but Evan was determined to last. He wanted to pay attention so he could see and feel everything. There wasn't anything more incredible than sex, except making love to someone like Deana. There was something special about his sister. When she climaxed, her defenses were low, and her soul was more open to him. He'd caught glimpses of the darkness and pain she hid deep inside, but his pleasure had always interfered with his ability to understand what his sister was afraid of.

Mm, mm, mmmhmm, oh, Evan, yes, oh yess, fill me, fill me again.”

Evan's cock moved faster, sliding through the beginning of Deana's orgasmic release. He loved his sister more completely than any other person, and he wanted to satisfy her from that loving force, but anger, hate, and lust raged in him. His body hunched and hammered away, slamming his cock into Deana, and she moaned and clawed at him with the same fuck the shit out of me attitude. Whatever it was that Deana held back, it scared him, too.

Ah, ah, Dee, oh, Dee, I'm—“ The cum launching from his dick into his sister's body changed everything. Deana's face and eyes lit up with joy, pleasure, and love. His body arched and stiffened. Deana's insides spasmed on his cock while he jerked and pushed out the white, creamy fluid.

He rolled over with Deana, so he didn't have to hold himself up. The weight of his sister's limp, sweaty body was comforting. “Jeez, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to—”

Shh, don't say anything,” Deana said.


No, don't; just hold me, hold me and don't let me go.”

Evan knew it wouldn't be worth it. If he pushed, it would only spoil the moment; Deana wouldn't talk. Eventually, she'd tell him her secrets, or he'd fuck them out of her.