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by Bistander

Chapter 26

It’s Just a Sunday Drive

The afternoon was well underway, yet Evan was still on Deana's bed. She was still laying on top of him. Making love, twice, made them drowsy, but Evan needed to get to the race shop.

"Does Darlene remind you of anyone?" Deana asked.

A couple of times, when Evan had looked the redhead in the eyes, it stirred something in his brain. He'd always attributed it to lust, but Deana's question made him wonder. "No. You?"

His sister's expression didn't match her words. "Maybe, but I'm not sure."

Deana was keeping something to herself, but he didn't have time to get it out of her. "I gotta go. You wanna come?"

"Shit, again? I can't, not for a while, anyway."

"Funny," he said. "You told me you wanted to see Cindy."

"I do, but not today,” Deana said. “Rebecca's stopping by."

"You gonna tell her?" Evan asked.

"Of course," Deana said. "We don't keep secrets."

"Really," he said, wondering if his sister knew Rebecca had been down in the basement with him.

"Yeah, really," Deana said. "You know Darlene likes you, right?"

Evan rolled his eyes. "She doesn't. Wasn't that obvious by the way she acted today?"

"You weren't exactly friendly."

"Why bother?" he asked. "I tried that for a year. It got me nowhere."

"She said you weren't her type, but she was lying. Then she told me someone else had their eye on you, so she wouldn't."

"What? Who?" Evan panicked, wondering if he did something to tip Darlene off about him and Deana. “Who did she mean?”

"Gloria,” Deana said, “I'm pretty sure she meant Gloria."

Evan's guilty conscience liberated his tongue without engaging his brain. "Gloria, what does Darlene know about Gloria and me? Why would she think something like that? She's never seen me with Gloria."

"Relax. You're acting like something has happened," Deana said. “Has it?”

It!” he said, “no, it, hasn't happened. Nothing has happened, other than what I already told you. You're supposed to be handling that for me.”

"Yeah, I know,” Deana said. “You know Darlene probably has seen you and Gloria. She goes to the ballpark, but even if she hasn't, girls know these things just by talking to each other."

"That's ridiculous, she's my sister."

"And I'm not?” Deana laughed. “I don't think Darlene would care either way. You know she's right, Gloria is into you, and let's face it, she's perfect for you."

"Jeez, why would you say that? Even if she wasn't my sister, she's too young.”

"Stop saying that," Deana said. "The girl has been getting herself off for five years already. Oh, and you do know the softball sisters do more than play ball together, right?"

"How do you know?"

Deana rolled her eyes. "We're sisters. Don't you think we talk, share secrets?"

"But, ah, why do you think she's perfect for me?" How much had Gloria told Deana?

Duha.” Deana poked his forehead. "The girl is a clone of Candy when you first started popping boners for the babysitter."

"How do you know what I—"

"You think I just now started noticing that thing in your pants?” Deana shook her head. “Seriously."

"Even if I did see Gloria that way—I don't—it doesn't matter, she's still my sister. We can't—"

"Can't what?” Deana interrupted, again. “Do what you and Mom are doing? Oh, by the way, Rebecca saw you doing what you say you can't do with Gloria."

"What! Shit, no, that's not good,” Evan said. “Is that why you made me do it in the kitchen?”

Made you? Haha,” Deana said. “No, that had nothing to do with it. Stop changing the subject. Gloria—”

I would hurt.” He saw Deana's raised brow and knew he was in trouble.

"So, you have been thinking about it?”

No, of course not.”

Then why do you think it would hurt? Obviously, you've been thinking about it."

"No, but if I were, I assume it would hurt. She's not as old as you and you said it hurt you. It's her first time, ya know."

"Phew." Deana shook her head. "The girl has the body of an eighteen-year-old. Besides, it's possible Miss Tonya has some of the same stuff Rebecca's mother has hidden in her room. The softball sisters might have, Um, you know."

The only thing Evan wanted to think about less then Rebecca fucking Deana with a dildo was Jayda doing Gloria. Jayda, jeez, he thought, that girl is a wild card. She's had the jack, the card to bring him down. It was a miracle she hadn't already told Gloria that he fucked her. If Deana wouldn't flip out, he'd ask her for advice. It might be better to tell Gloria before Jayda could. "This conversation has gone on long enough," Evan said. "I'm going to see your clone."

"You're right about that,” Deana said. “Sometimes when I see Cindy, it freaks me out how much she looks like me."

Evan rolled Deana off to his side, sat up, and took a good look at his sister's naked body. “Mm, she acts like you, too.” Would Cindy's naked body take his breath away just like Deana's did? "Why couldn't you have been ugly?"

"Then you'd be ugly, too," Deana said and sat Indian style with her heels jammed into her crotch. "You know Gloria isn't going to grow out of it, right?"

"I never did," he mumbled and kissed Deana's cheek. "Later."

Now that Evan knew about Becky, Jason figured he should come clean about Darlene and going to Ms. Style's, but not until after whatever happened today. It seemed strange to Jason that Darlene needed a ride home; she could have asked Evan, but Jason didn't question the redhead. Instead, he jumped in his truck and started driving. Darlene may have had another one of her bizarre dreams.

When Jason saw Ms. Style's car in the driveway, it confused and excited him. If Darlene needed a ride, and Style was there, then it was more likely this was another setup. Hmm, what kind of weird, kinky fantasy has the fuckin' redhead worked up this time, he wondered?

Jason parked behind Style's car and got out of his Chevy S-10. The faint smell of cut grass lingered in the humid air. Evan couldn't have been gone very long, Jason thought. It made him feel good that Darlene would rather have him drive her home. She told him to come around back when he got there because she might be in the pool, so that's what he did, hoping she'd be tanning naked with Ms. Style.

The backyard was quiet, and nobody was at the pool, so Jason walked over to the screened in porch. “Hello, you in there?” he asked before opening the door an inch. In the shadows, he saw Darlene stand up.

Yeah, come in,” she said. “It's safe, Brutus is in the house.”

Immediately, his mind went to Ms. Style on her hands and knees, then Darlene's dark-red nipples brought it back. The girl's white T-shirt was old and worn thin. It was quite warm, yet her nipples were hard. He stepped in and pulled the screen door shut. Darlene's expression was one of determination or anger. He asked, “Where's—”

The fuckin' redhead grabbed both sides of his face. “I hope you're not in a hurry.”

No. Why?”

I'm incredibly horny,” Darlene said. “I hope Becky didn't wear you out this morning.”

Before he could respond, Darlene yanked his mouth to hers. The tone was immediately established by the kiss. She sucked and bit his lip. He reached around and grabbed her ass. It was bare under the shirt. He pushed his thigh between her legs and lifted it into her crotch. Kissing Darlene was like putting a can of hairspray in a campfire; it wouldn't take long for something to explode. He was hard and ready to shove his cock in her.

Ah, I feel it, I feel you,” Darlene said. “Let's get rid of these.” She shoved his shorts down. “Damn, I don't think I'll ever get used to how fat your dick is.”

He groaned when the fuckin' redhead cupped his balls and rolled them in her palms. His shorts and boxers fell to his ankles. He kicked them off, wondering what Ms. Style really thought about him fucking Darlene on the back porch.

They went back to making out with his cock sandwiched between them. Someone said, "I guess you started without me.”

Jason loosened his grip and let Darlene's feet touch the floor. When he looked over her shoulder toward the back door, at first, he thought it was Catwoman, but it was Ms. Style standing in the doorway. Catwoman wasn't that sexy. This lady was more than a freak.

The skintight, black leather would have been enough to take his breath away, but the top half of her tits were forced out through holes designed for them. Not only were her nipples pierced, but they were also connected with a chain. The leather top ended below her chest, exposing a set of six-pack-abs that made him embarrassed to remove his shirt. There was a gold loop in her bellybutton. He looked down her leather-clad legs, then back at Style's face. With her hair drawn back tight on her head, more of the woman's creamy white face was visible. Jason never forgot a face, but he often couldn't remember where he knew it from, and that was the case with Ms. Style Pioneer. He knew her from somewhere.

"You ready?" Style asked.

"Oh yes, I'm ready." Darlene gave him a quick kiss, then started making out with Style. His gut twisted. He was watching a submissive high school girl with a dominatrix Catwoman.

Darlene moved to the hot tub. The lid was closed. She hopped up and slid back. Style dragged her long, black fingernails down the tops of Darlene's thighs. She leaned back on her elbows and lifted her knees until her heels grabbed the edge. Style raked Darlene's inner thighs. They opened, and Jason stared at the succulent wedges of pussy, licking his lips. Catwoman started by Darlene's asshole and dragged a fingertip up to Darlene's red bush. The hot pink inner layer shined with Darlene's lust. Ms. Style pushed two fingers inside the girl's body. Darlene moaned softly.

"You horny slut, you're soaking wet," Style said and stuck her slippery fingers in front of Darlene's face. She held the woman's wrist and lowered her mouth on to them and sucked. “Mm, I am very horny.”

Jason didn't realize he had groaned until they turned toward him. Style smiled and said, "You can't get her off just staring at her twat. Get your face in there."

He knew he was good at going down on girls, Becky had told him so, but he was nervous about doing it with an audience. He got his face between Darlene's legs and shoved his tongue in the flooded gap. It didn't take long to forget about the audience. The redhead's pussy was a delicious, juicy aphrodisiac. Darlene put her feet on his shoulders, turned them inward toward his neck, and pulled him into her. He loved Darlene's dreams.

The hot, pungent tang of pussy engulfed Jason's tongue. He thrust it into Darlene several times, then sucked her right flap into his mouth. He licked and sucked it, then switched to the other side. The arches of Darlene's feet grabbed his neck and squeezed. He stretched his tongue out, reaching for her puckered ring. After a few loops around the dank anus, he smashed his lips into Darlene's pussy and dragged his face through her gushing slit. His nose bumped over the girl's plump clit. He sucked it hard and flicked it, working feverishly to make her scream.

Bent over, with his face stuffed between Darlene's legs, Jason closed his eyes and enjoyed her moans and groans and heaving undulations. The freak behind him was massaging his ass and tugging downward on his cock like she was milking a cow. He wished she'd get down between his legs and suck his balls. Darlene slammed her feet on the lid and thrust her pelvis in the air, offering him her asshole. He licked hard, poked and shoved his tongue at it. Darlene's tight ring opened for him, and Jason tongue fucked the expanding hole with abandon.

Ms. Style licking his asshole made Jason's eyes pop open. It felt wonderful, better than a dog's tongue, but it was hard to trust a woman in black leather with her tits chained together. Although, getting jerked off while someone tongue punched his asshole wasn't a bad thing. It wasn't like he had never let Becky finger him while she gave him a blowjob. Darlene gave him a look and used his hair to refocus him on her needs. Threesomes weren't as easy as they looked in porn.

The thrusts of Darlene's pelvis, her panting groans and the way she was twisting her nipples told Jason he had found a sweet spot. The girl was going to get off soon, so he fired away at her engorged clit. Darlene gave his hair a break long enough to punch the lid a few times, then she reclaimed the two fistfuls of hair. Her stomach muscles formed a ridge. The tendons from her spread legs to her crotch stretch guitar-string tight.

"Honey squirts," Style said from behind him. "Squirt that honey, baby."

Darlene moaned in a long continuous growl while her body jerked. Jason flinched but didn't close his eyes against the spray of cum. It burned and his scalp stung, but that didn't detract from the sight of Darlene's quivering orgasm.

When Jason stood up, the warm, erect points of Style's nipples poking into his shoulder blades and the cool chain and rings gave him goosebumps. "You definitely made her cum," Style said in his ear. "Now it's time to make her dreams come true."

The woman's fingernails spiked into his butt cheeks, then they dragged up his back, down his sides and around his stomach. She grabbed his cock and started jerking it. Darlene hooked her feet on the side of the hot tub and did a sit up. He held her hands while she got on her feet. The expression on Darlene's face wasn't a post-orgasm satisfied smile. It was more like one of Becky's sinister grins. Darlene kissed him and asked, “You ready to make my dream come true?”

Jason nodded cautiously while following the redhead down to the carpet. He had a right to be nervous, but it didn't matter because anything Darlene wanted, Jason knew he'd do it. She laid on her back and used his cock to guide him into position. He was disappointed and confused. She had just cum so hard it flew out of her, yet she wanted to sixty-nine. He wanted to get his aching cock inside that beautiful pussy and pound her until his orgasm shot into her body. “Ahhhh—” The girl sucked his balls halfway down her throat and Jason shut up.

Get down there and clean her up,” Ms. Style said and pushed down on the back of Jason's head.

Now, he was on his hands and knees with his ass in the air and his balls rolling around in Darlene's mouth. Catwoman was behind him, licking his butthole. His position might have been cause for concern, but considering he had entrusted his family jewels to a four-legged bitch while he jerked himself off, what did he have to worry about?

All Jason had to do now was lick Darlene's orgasm soaked pussy while she sucked his balls. So what if a woman he didn't know or understand was tongue fucking his butthole. Ms. Style was quite good at it, and when Darlene switched to his dick, Style pulled his balls back between his legs and licked them, too. What the fuck could be wrong with this?

"Do it," Darlene said. "Make my dream come true."

Maybe she wants to squirt her honey again, Jason thought and doubled his efforts. Darlene's cum made her pussy even more delicious. He sucked her clit and enjoyed the dual stimulation on his cock and balls.

Darlene tilted her head back, grabbed his hips, and used them to set the pace and depth of cock sliding into her face. The freaky Catwoman was alternating between sucking his balls and giving him a great rim job. Now, he wanted to fuck Darlene while Catwoman watched, but he was more likely to unload down her throat before that happened.

The cold wetness made Jason's sphincter jerk. Style said, "Relax, it's only lube.”


Don't worry, I'm a professional,” Style said. “You're going to love this."

He'd seen enough porn to know the possibilities. "Love what?"

Style didn't answer with words. Her thumb circled his puckered anus with increasing pressure. Her fingers massaged the slippery jelly into the swollen boner muscle between his asshole and balls. He didn't trust Catwoman, nor Darlene's dreams, but whatever the woman was doing in combination with the redhead's expert cock sucking skills, was heaven.

"Ahhh." Catwoman thrust a finger into him. He jerked and stuffed the mule to the limit of Darlene's esophagus, maybe further. Tongue fucking, finger fucking, what's the difference, Jason thought. It felt great.

He heard the sound of a zipper, a sigh, and the leather pants slapped down next to him. Darlene wanted him to fuck Ms. Style. That's great, Jason thought. He had always wanted to fuck an adult. He'd fantasized about many women, even his mother, but he never expected it to happen. This was going to put him two up on Evan.

"Oh, yes, make my dream come true,” Darlene said and sucked Jason's balls too hard. He groaned.

It could have been two fingers, except Ms. Style's cool, smooth flesh was pressed against his ass. His balls tried to yank upward, but the redhead's mouth was pulling them down. Instead of looking back, Jason pushed his face into Darlene's cunt and shoved his tongue deep inside her, pretending Ms. Style was wearing a strap-on. At this point, did it make a difference what Catwoman was putting in his exit only hole?

"JJ, oh, JJ," Darlene said, "you're making my dream come true."

His dick surged against the walls of Darlene's throat, and his asshole burned with a pleasurable sensation. He wanted to yell out, fuck me, but he gasped and said, "Oh, fuck." His insides spasmed with a climax that should have already gone off. Whatever the woman was ramming up his ass made his orgasm build up but not squirt out. The pressure was almost too much to bear. The head of his cock became super sensitive as it plunged into Darlene's gulping throat at the pace Ms. Style set. She doubled her efforts and plowed him like he was a seasoned queer taking it in the ass. It was torture, but he never wanted it to end. Every part of his body buzzed.

Darlene might have been gagging, choking or suffocating, Jason didn't know. He had the same confusing sensation he got the first time he jerked off and couldn't shoot cum. His cock swelled and Jason trembled, then jerked, stuffing the mule into Darlene's head. His balls let go, and the load of cum that had been hanging on the brink rushed through his bloated flesh. Jason imagined it was going straight into Darlene's stomach.

The orgasm was so powerful he collapsed on top of Darlene. Whatever Style had in him pulled out of his stinging rectum. He closed his eyes and panted, breathing in the pungent aroma coming from Darlene's flooded cunt. The fuckin' redhead had done it again.

When Jason finally opened his eyes, Style's leather pants were in her hand, hanging in front of her. She turned and walked towards the house. Her ass was freakishly white and sexy as hell. In Jason's mind, he heard her words again, don't worry, I'm a professional. He rested his forehead on Darlene's pubic bone.

"Thank you for making that dream come true," Darlene said. "I hope you'll be around for some of my other dreams."

After what had just happened, Jason should have been terrified of Darlene's dreams, but when he looked into those blue eyes, he smiled and said, “Me too.”

Gloria's head turned left toward her mother, back to her aunt, then back to the left. Candy saw her daughter's excitement mounting with each turn. It made her smile. For some reason, probably because Sally was there, it was more apparent how much Gloria was like her. Candy felt a sense of pride about creating that beautiful young lady and raising her to be who she was. It also frightened Candy that Gloria reminded her of herself when she was that age. Would her little girl struggle with the same things she had unsuccessfully fought her whole life?

Well, Mom,” Gloria said, vibrating with impatience, “can I?”

Candy turned to Sally, and they both grinned. “Aren't you scared someone might see you naked?”

Gloria shrugged. “Who's gonna see me besides ya'll?”

Okay, be a J-bird,” Candy said. “Just don't drown.”

Gloria rolled her eyes and turned toward the back door, grabbing the towel off the bar stool as she passed it. Sally sighed and shook her head. “God, she's you, you raised—”Her voice wavered with emotion—“raised a little you.”

Candy didn't respond until her big sister was pressed against her back, hugging her. “I know.” She held Sally's arms where they rested on her stomach. “It's scary.”

Sally turned her around and grasped her shoulders. “Candy, she's beautiful . . . beautiful.” Sally's eyes glistened, and her lower lip quivered. “Perfect, she's perfect. You did the right thing, baby, you really did. I'm so proud of you.”

If not for the tormented pain of a broken, regretful heart that was seared on Sally's face, Candy might have enjoyed the moment. Instead, empathy crushed her chest, and her stomach burned with rage. She clung to her sister. “Sally, I'm sorry, so sorry that you—”

No, Candy, no, don't do that,” Sally said. “I did what I did, what I had—needed to do, and I deal with that. You did what you needed to do, and it worked out for you. You have a daughter. It's obvious how close the two of you are and how much she loves you. Why aren't you happy? What's wrong?”

Candy kept her face stuffed in the crook of her sister's neck. Sally gave her a minute before she pushed Candy back to arm's length and held her by the shoulders. “Baby girl, what is it?”

Everything, Candy thought, every fuckin' thing! She couldn't look her sister in the eyes without crying. Everything was wrong. She was married to a man who treated her like the nanny. He didn't love her or the girl she was raising by herself. Who was she to raise a child when she was still acting like one? “Maybe you and Bobby were right,” Candy said.

No, we weren't right about that!” Sally shook her. “Keeping Gloria was the right thing for you, even if things didn't turn out the way you expected. Is it Evan?”

God, Sally, what's wrong with me?”

Is it because he reminds you of Bobby? Do you love him the way you loved Bobby?”

Um, ah, yes and no, not the way I loved Bobby. It's so confusing the way I feel about Evan. I love him, love him like a mother would, as best as I can, anyway, but it's like an addiction. He's my drug. I keep telling myself, and him, that we have to stop, but I can't say no to him. Sally, I let him fuck me in the kitchen this morning. Anybody could have caught us, but that never crossed my mind until after. Then we did it again.” She hung her head in shame, afraid to tell her sister the whole truth. “I'm supposed to be the adult, yet I'm acting like—”

Like you did with Bobby,” Sally said. “You're not—Are you?”

Candy fell backward onto the couch, pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged them. Her big sister saw right through her. Wasn't that why she came here? Candy nodded. Tears dropped on her knees. “I swear, I didn't plan it, or at least it didn't start out that way. I had stopped taking them because I wanted to have a baby with John. I thought it would—”

Damn it, Candy, you can't fix a marriage with a baby.” Sally reached down and grabbed her chin, forcing eye contact. “Listen to me, you have got to be careful. If he finds out—Shit, it's dangerous . . . he's dangerous.”

Her sister's tone had changed so drastically that it scared and confused Candy. She had never seen that expression on Sally's face. Did her sister know something she wasn't saying?

Sally continued, “You have always thrived on taking risks, even getting caught, but you can't do that with him, not like this. You should leave him if he makes you that unhappy. But if you're—fuck—Candy, I'll help you disappear. You have to leave if you're—”

Disappear?” Those helpless, hopeless, and trapped feelings twisted up Candy's insides. “No, no, I can't! I told you about Cindy, I can't do that to her. John is paying for her college, and her family, oh god, no. Cindy doesn't deserve to lose anything because of what I did, and I can't leave those kids with him. They don't deserve that, either.”

Cindy kissed you, first. It took two! You didn't force anyone to do something they didn't want to do. You didn't, ah, you didn't do anything wrong.”

I'm the grown-up,” she said. “Cindy was, um, I shouldn't have let it happen. I was wrong.”

You're in love with her, aren't you?”

The feelings Candy had for Cindy were the final straw. Her body jerked with spastic sobs. Sally held her. “I'm sorry, baby girl, I'm so sorry. I should have done something, found another way to fix it. Something, I shoulda done something to help you.”

Candy was sobbing too hard to hear what her big sister was saying. They sat together on the couch, hugging until they heard the sliding glass door open. Candy quickly wiped her face and put on a fake smile.

Aren't ya'll coming—” Gloria stopped when she saw them. “What’s wrong, Mom?”

Candy looked at Sally, shrugged and said, “Nothing. Why?”

You look like you were crying.”

Yeah, we were,” Sally said. “Talking about old times had us laughing so hard we were crying.”

Gloria considered that for a few seconds and said, “Oh, okay, then aren't you coming outside? Don't you want to swim, too?”

The longer Candy stared at the wet headed blonde with the towel wrapped around her chest, the bigger her smile got. “I don't have a bathing suit.”

So what, nobody is gonna see you,” Gloria said. “Right, Aunt Sally?”

Candy wasn't afraid of that, nor the prospect of being naked in front of her daughter, but she didn't want her sister to get undressed; she was too emotional and vulnerable for that. Sally might touch her, press that nude, voluptuous body against hers. She didn't trust herself, not even in front of her daughter. What a sad testament that was to her motherhood.

Come on, sis,” Sally said. “It'll be fun. We haven't skinny-dipped since that time—”

Don't you dare,” Candy said.

What, Mom, you've gone skinny-dipping before?” Gloria asked. “Tell me. I wanna hear about it, whatever it was.”

It's nothing,” Sally said. “Someone caught us, but it wasn't a big deal.”

Gloria tried to weasel details out of her aunt all the way out to the pool, but once Sally started undressing, the girl fell silent and stared. That was when Candy realized her daughter was going to see Sally's tattoo. Wouldn't a girl who went down on her sister's girlfriend in the kitchen put two and two together?

An hour after her brother got out from underneath her body, Deana was still curled up in bed with pillows surrounding her. It didn't make sense how bad a beautiful thing could make her feel. It reminded Deana of the song, “If it Makes You Happy,” by Sheryl Crow. Evan had fucked her into multiple orgasms, multiple times. They held each other, talking, kissing and feeling each other's emotions. She already missed him and wanted him again. There was something cosmic or spiritual about Evan's cock slamming into her. It was also dark, wickedly erotic, and deeply satisfying. Her father's own son, flesh of his flesh, had fucked the hell out of her. Her brother's creamy load of sperm seemed to extinguish the burning hate she had for their father. Was that the only reason she wanted Evan?

Deana didn't know the answer, but she did know that the sex had made her worthy of a shower before Rebecca got there, so she dragged herself out of bed and went to the bathroom. The other part of Deana's dis-ease was about Darlene. She let the redheaded vixen seduce her, and she enjoyed it immensely. Darlene took her, fucked her, and caused her to climax despite the fear of being caught. There was a plausible rationale behind letting Evan make love to her, but what happened with Darlene had been cut and dry cheating. Then again, hadn't doing Gloria been the same thing? Yes, Rebecca had been there yesterday, but what about the morning Gloria spent with her in bed? All of the same desires had been present, and if Gloria had tried to do more that morning than make out with her, Deana would have fallen victim to the young girl's wiles the same way she had succumb to Darlene's. God, I wish Evan had seen the similarities, Deana thought.

While she was drying off after the shower, Deana was frightened half to death when the door flew open. Gloria charged in, already unzipping. "Sorry, I gotta go!" She pulled her pants down on the way to the toilet.

"God, you scared the shit out of me," Deana said.

"You didn't lock the door." Gloria's pee was splashing before her cheeks reached the seat. "Wow, I was about to pop. Had to go since we left Aunt Sally's."

Deana smiled at Gloria. They were completely comfortable together, regardless of what was happening. Gloria wiped and pulled her pants up as she rose. Deana rolled and tucked the towel so it stayed wrapped around her chest. “You should have gone before you left.”

I did, but I guess the pool water soaked into me,” Gloria said. “Aunt Sally has an amazing pool and house.”

Deana could see how excited Gloria was, and it dawned on her that Gloria had never met any of her relatives. “Tell me about her. What was she like? Is she like Mom?”

Gloria nodded and shook her head as she scooted her butt back on the counter. Her feet dangled. Deana grabbed a hairbrush and stood facing Gloria. “It can't be both. Is she or isn't she?”

Gloria leaned forward. "Aunt Sally is really cool, like in my dreams. Probably the way Mom would be if, um, you know.”

Details, girl, I want details.”

"It has to be between you and me?” Gloria raised her hand with the pinky finger extended. “Sisters only?"

"Pinky promise," Deana said, and they locked fingers. "Now tell me."

I went skinny-dipping,” Gloria said.

The brush stopped mid-stroke. “Skinny-dipping? You, ah, Mom let you get naked at her . . . sister's house?”

It was my aunt's idea. She got Mom to agree, and that's not the best part.” Gloria paused for effect. “They did, too.”

Deana put the brush down, pursed her lips, and raised her left brow. “Did too, what? You're not saying—” Gloria was already nodding excitedly. “You, ah, you saw Mom naked?” Her sister kept nodding. “Oh, my, God. What, ah, what was, ah, shit, Mom naked, outside naked, wow.”

She's even sexier without anything on,” Gloria said.

Now Deana was nodding stupidly, knowing Gloria and Rebecca agreed, Candy was the sexiest mother on the planet. “So, is your aunt like Mom, or not?”

"No, yeah, I guess," Gloria said. "Aunt Sally isn't like anyone I've ever met, except I think they're a lot alike. It was weird, crazy-weird.”

Girl, you're not making sense.”

Can you picture Mom with red hair? Not red-red like dark red, but more strawberry than Mom's hair. Kinda like Darlene's, I guess.”

Deana gulped. "Tell me more."

She might have a few more freckles, or maybe they're just darker. They have the same boobs and butts, you know, that shape, that amazing shape. Aunt Sally's are bigger, though, and she's a little taller than Mom."


"Yeah, bigger." Gloria became more animated. "I swear, it's hard to describe. You ever seen a girl that makes you gasp? That's Aunt Sally." Gloria sighed. "When you see her, you'll understand what I'm telling you. I wish you could have been there. She's really nice. When I looked into her eyes, they're blue, crystal blue like shattered glass, I felt like I had seen them before. If that makes any sense."

Deana grinned and pulled Gloria close. "Guess what?"


Their noses touched. "I'm looking into a pair of blue, like shattered glass, amazing crystal blue eyes. You probably saw yourself." She kissed the tip of Gloria's nose. "Girl, you finally got to meet someone from your family. Your real family."

"Don't say that,” Gloria said. “You're my family, my real family."

"Take it easy. I'm not trying to get rid of you. God forbid, you're my sister, forever," Deana said. "What I meant was, you and Aunt Sally share the same genes."


"No, smartass, DNA,” Deana said and messed up Gloria's hair. “You'll learn about it in biology next year."

"I guess so, but it still seems weird seeing myself in a woman I just met for the first time in my life."

"Where does she live? What's her house like? What's she like other than blue eyes and huge boobs?"

Gloria's short, thick legs wrapped around Deana's hips. "Have you ever seen where Mom grew up?"

Deana thought they had gone there a long time ago, but childhood memories couldn't be trusted. "Maybe, but I don't remember."

"Mom took me there today. It's a trailer park. I saw her old house—trailer," Gloria said. "It looked sad and felt sad, too."

"Is that where your aunt lives?"

"No, she lives in a huge house with a giant pool. By herself. She's rich, I think."

Deana wasn't sure why Gloria mentioned the trailer park, but she was more interested in the wealthy woman with a body more incredible than Candy's. “What has she been doing all these years, and where?"

Gloria shrugged. "I don't know; I was nude in the backyard, swimming. It was amazing, I swear. Naked, standing around outside naked, jumping off the diving board."

"What were they doing while you ran around like a nudist?"

"Mostly they talked and watched me swim, but I was watching them more. I think Mom was crying about something. They said they were laughing, but it seemed tense for a while. When we were leaving, they hugged like crazy, kissed and hugged. Mom hardly talked on the way home. You know how she gets when she's thinking too much?"

Deana stepped back and looped Gloria's hair behind her ears. "Yeah, I do. What do you think it was about?"

"I don't know, Dee, but maybe it was serious,” Gloria said. “Aunt Sally has a tattoo; a tattoo of a heart with Mom's name written through it. It's pretty."

She tried to paint a picture, but it was beyond the reach of Deana's imagination. “Where is it?”

Gloria used her toes to open Deana's towel and pressed her fingertip into Deana's pubic mound. The implication of such a tattoo was enough to give Deana goosebumps. Her nipples stiffened. “Oh, um, I guess she really loves her sister as much as I love you.”

Gloria's dimples grew. “I love you, more.”

Good,” Deana said and cupped Gloria's face in her palms. “I need to ask you something. It's about what happened when we were in bed.”

I'm really sorry, Dee, I didn't mean to—”

Shh.” She put her mouth over Gloria's and gave her a long, passionate, testing kiss. “You didn't do anything wrong. You, me and Rebecca are all good. It's what you said about Evan.” Deana took a breath and asked the question she already knew the answer to.

Deana had spent another thirty minutes talking to Gloria, and they would have kept going if not for Rebecca's imminent arrival. Deana was nervous, but not as noticeably as she would have been if her mind wasn't busy chewing on the details of Gloria's story. The idea of Candy getting naked in her sister's backyard was wild, but doing it in front of her daughter made Deana want to run naked through the house. A woman with a body more amazing than Candy's wasn't something Deana could visualize. She had to meet this lady who had Candy tattooed on her groin. What if Gloria's vibe about the sisters was correct? That would give Deana a whole new appreciation for Candy.

Even though Deana had expected Gloria's answer, the matter-of-fact fashion in which she said, “Yeah, I meant sex, not sleep,” made Deana cringe. Gloria wanted Evan, but was it for the same reason she had wanted Evan to take her cherry? That would make Deana sad, but if Gloria really loved Evan, that gave Deana hope. If she couldn't love Evan that way, and he couldn't have Candy, then her brother should have Gloria, someone who truly loves him.

"Tell me, Dee, tell me what it was like," Rebecca said. "I know something happened, something unusual. Nice towel, by the way."

Deana turned toward the spunky girl in her doorway. "Nice spandex, by the way, and what makes you think something happened?"

Rebecca kicked Deana's door closed. "That redhead and her freaky hot friend were there."

"No, Ms. Style wasn't there," Deana said.

"Okay, but Darlene was, and she's, um, well she's Darlene."

"You sure you don't know her more than you say?" Deana asked with her brows raised. "She called you a wildcat and wants you next time. I mean wants you to come, ah, be there next time."

Rebecca tilted her head. "Why you getting all tongue twisted? What happened?"

"Nothing, nothing crazy," Deana said with a smirk. "Although, when I got there, she was swimming laps like someone on the swim team."

"Interesting," Rebecca said, “but why you stumbling over your words with that expression on your face.”

"Oh, she wasn't wearing anything . . . at all."

"Naked, she was naked? What did Evan do?"

"He didn't see her, but she didn't care if he did. She told me to ditch my bathing suit, too."

Fuck, you and Darlene got naked together,” Rebecca said. "Shit, that must have been hot. What did your brother say when he saw you?"

"Rebecca, no, I didn't do it. I'm not gonna let some girl from school see me naked in front of my brother."

"Darlene doesn't seem like the kinda girl who would have a problem with it or say anything," Rebecca said.

"Maybe I'm paranoid, but getting naked in front of my brother seemed like it would send the wrong message. Or, in this case, the right message. I wasn't gonna chance it."

"I guess," Rebecca said and sat on the end of the bed. “What else happened? Was it as good as or better than in the showers at school?”

Don't be like that,” Deana said.

Hey, you're the one who was checking her out, not me.”

Deana knew her girlfriend was playing, but her conscience made her touchy. “Only because you didn't have gym with her. Now let me tell you something more important than what Darlene did.” Shit, that didn't come out right, Deana thought and plowed on before Rebecca could talk. “You're not gonna believe this."

"Considering everything that has happened already this summer, I doubt there is anything I won't believe."

"Okay, let's see," Deana said. "Imagine a big fancy house with a beautiful inground pool. Not Ms. Style's; this is somewhere else. Now, picture Candy by the pool without anything on."

Rebecca's body did a little spastic shudder. "Mmm, after yesterday, that's easy."

"There is another woman there, too. She has a body like my mom's, except more in your face, bam, big tits, and ass."

Rebecca nodded slowly. "That's hard to imagine. What are they doing?"

They're watching Gloria swim. Maybe Gloria is more watching them watch her. She isn't wearing anything, either. Imagine the other woman has a heart tattoo with Candy's name written through it on her groin.”

Ah, please tell me this is a fantasy," Rebecca said.

Phew.” She didn't know if she could continue rolling it out the way Gloria had. "No, this is what Gloria told me when she came home from her aunt's house. Her aunt was the one to suggest they skinny-dip. More bizarre, Darlene had been talking to Gloria about skinny-dipping the other day at the mall. Candy's sister has her name tattooed here." She opened her towel and pointed to the spot Gloria had touched earlier.

Rebecca pressed her finger into the flesh just above Deana's slit. “God, Dee, your mother's sister, ah, has her name tattoo on her pussy.” She pulled her finger away, and the skin under it blanched. “You know what that means?”

Deana stared down at her lover's face, happy they had come to the same conclusion. “Mm, I don't know anything except what Gloria told me.”

Rebecca yanked the towel off. “I never get tired of seeing you naked.” She kissed Deana's belly button. “Did anything else happen with Darlene?”

Deana stroked Rebecca's hair. “Would you be mad if it did?”

"Only if you don't tell me about it," Rebecca said and dragged her fingertip through the groove between Deana's bald pussy lips.

She kissed me when we were leaving,” Deana said. “She said goodbye, grabbed my ass and kissed me in front of Evan.”

"You're joking."

"No, really, she grabbed two handfuls of my ass and kissed me. I mean a serious kiss. Now, are you mad?"

Tongue.” Rebecca opened and closed her mouth several times. "Darlene's tongue was in your mouth?”

She nodded.

How was it, I mean, what was it like kissing her?"

"Um, this might sound strange, but it was like kissing Gloria. I confirmed it before."

Gloria? I kissed Gloria; she's a good kisser,” Rebecca said. “Maybe Darlene taught her how to kiss girls?”

"I can't imagine that,” Deana said. “Does it bother you that I've kissed both of them?"

"Not if you still love me more and tell me everything," Rebecca said. “We're only young once, might as well enjoy it.”

Darlene touched me when I was in the pool.”

Oh, fuck,” Rebecca said. “Tell me more.”

She pulled my bottoms down and—”Deana pointed at her crotch—“fingered me while I was hanging on the edge of the pool, watching Evan mow the lawn. He kept getting closer and closer, but she didn't stop. She didn't care if we got caught.”

Holy shit!” Rebecca reached behind Deana and squeezed her ass. “Did he see you getting fucked by the redhead?”

No, it was close, but I came before he got there. You sure you're not upset?”

Not yet,” Rebecca said. “How did your brother handle seeing you and the redhead making out? Did he get a boner?”

"I guess,” Deana said. “When we got home, he fucked me in the kitchen."

Fuck!” Rebecca shoved her shorts and panties down her legs as she pushed herself further onto the bed. "In the kitchen? Please tell me it was on the table, again."

Deana got on her knees. "No, not the table.” She kissed the fleshy knob where Rebecca's slit crossed her pubic bone. “We fucked in my father's chair. I sat on his lap and fucked him. I made him cum in me, again. All of my brother's hot, creamy cum shot into my cunt."

Ah, fuck, you're killing me,” Rebecca said and laid down. “Are you trying to make me cum without doing any work?”

She rested her chin on Rebecca's pubic mound and stared up the gymnast's muscled body. "We fucked again in here. Right here on this bed. My brother's giant cock pounded my cunt. Oh, shit, he fucked me, and fucked me and filled me again with his cum."

Rebecca lifted her knees and grabbed Deana's head. “If you don't get me off I'm gonna kill you.”

She loved how excited Rebecca got when she talked about Evan. “Okay, no need for violence.” She blew a soft stream of air down the inside of Rebecca's thighs. When it reached the girl's inflamed labia, goosebumps raced up Rebecca's hairless groin and covered her stomach.

Oh, God, Dee, please, please . . . “

Deana smirked and smashed her mouth into Rebecca's crotch, driving her tongue deep inside her lover's dripping pussy hole. In its own bizarre, fucked up way, everything felt right again.

It was Friday night, the night before Evan was going to defy his father and make his dream come true. That was plenty to think about, but his mind was overflowing with much more than that. He was in the basement, doing what Cindy had admonished him for not doing enough of, working out. Deana was upstairs with the tumbler, and Candy was locked away in her room. She had been in a fog when he got home from Cindy's shop, and she wouldn't tell him why she had called Cindy. When Cindy had seen Candy's name light up on her phone, he wasn't sure she would answer it. She finally snatched it up and said hello. Her expression became very serious. That made him nervous, especially when Cindy started putting distance between them. His cousin didn't want him to hear what she was saying to his mother. That didn't bode well considering his mother rarely called Cindy. He figured it was about his undercover racing deal. Then the tone of Cindy's hushed voice turned. His cousin stopped whispering. When she said goodbye to Candy, Cindy was grinning, and she was giddy the rest of the afternoon. He wasn't satisfied with his cousin's explanation for why Candy didn't want to talk to him, and he didn't believe the call was about Gloria's birthday.

Evan punched, punched, punched, his knuckles raw, then he kicked the heavy bag. This was more than a workout. He was frustrated, confused and worried. Earlier, Deana wanted him to make love to her. She made him hold her and told him she loved him. His sister liked to say it was making love, but Deana had fucked him. She made him sit in their father's chair while she rode his cock. After, when they were cuddling in her bed, even though her pussy was still sore, Deana wanted it again. He intended to go slow, take it easy, and enjoy every aspect of his sister. She was beautiful inside and out. The combined love that they shared was so powerful it hurt. The warm, tight path his cock took into the center Deana's body made him gasp, and the expression on his sister's face reflected his feelings. Her eyes glistened. He waited until she told him without speaking that it was okay. Her feet slid up the backs of his thighs. His dick moved in long, slow, meaningful strokes.

Passion quickly pushed aside the post orgasm elation and love that had kept them in bed, talking, kissing and clinging to each other. He thrust into Deana's body, her resistance weakened, and her mood darkened. His sister was afraid of something, and that fear fueled some emotion that Evan couldn't identify. Maybe it was anger? He slammed into Deana, then tried to apologize, but his sister demanded more, so he fucked her hard, and Deana seemed grateful. When it was over, she wouldn't talk about what had happened. His sister was hurting; she needed help, but she wouldn't let him help her.

Evan punched the shit out of the heavy bag until his arms turned rubbery. Damn it, he loved the fuck out of that girl, and she knew it. Deana knew he would do anything for her, yet she wouldn't tell him what she needed. He flopped on the couch. Maybe Rebecca would come downstairs and let him put her in a handstand. The tumbler really was a wildcat and a wildcard. He liked her more every time he saw her, and it made him feel a little better knowing Deana had her as a friend and lover. Who did he have?

Courtesy of the workout, Evan's shirt reeked. He hoisted his body out of the old couch and started up the stairs. His mother stepped into the doorway. She was wearing gray, drawstring sweatpants and a midriff top. The sensually curved undersides of her breasts were exposed. He didn't think he would ever get used to how narrow her waist was in comparison to her hips and chest. “Did you and Cindy have a nice talk?” he asked and stopped climbing when their eyes were at the same level.

Candy nodded and inspected his skinned knuckles like a mother would. "You hurt yourself." She kissed the raw flesh.

That made him feel good. They could never have the relationship he grew up fantasizing about, that was obvious even to his teenage brain, but she loved him. She always had. Their affair might have to end, but his father could never stop them from loving each other. No matter what happened, they'd still have their love and memories. Candy's expression tightened his chest. His breaths became strained. She's gonna tell me my father is coming home tomorrow. “What?” He put his hands around her waist.

Honey, I'm always here for you,” she said. “I'm always pulling for you. I want the best for you.”

He nodded. “Mom, you know I'll always love you, love you as Mom, but these feelings, these other feelings, they're not gonna go away.”

"I know, and I'm sorry, so sorry. I shouldn't have put you in this position." Tears filled his mother's eyes. "I was pretending, pretending everything could stay the same, just like I did last time, but everything changed when I married your father." She squeezed his neck and pressed her forehead against his.

Evan brushed a tear from her cheek. "Why, why did you marry him?"

"Honey, I didn't know what else to do. I was confused, scared and mixed up. I was just a girl, and I didn't know how else to keep you and Deana and take care of my baby. I'm sorry."

Evan wrapped his arms around Candy. His love and anger crushed the air out of her. He stepped up, lifting Candy. Her feet dangled. The act of carrying her sparked an old memory, but it was like a flickering TV screen, not enough came through to give him a picture. He didn't do a deep scan for the memory because there were more important things to think about.

In the bathroom, Evan set Candy's butt on the counter and looked into her eyes. His mother's expression was eerily similar to the fear he'd seen in Deana's eyes. Could Deana and Candy feel the same? There were too many thoughts and emotions to sort through. Evan experienced a mental blue screen of death. When his brain rebooted, his dick was stiff, and he needed to use it. Wasn't that Deana's method of coping?

"I'm going to make love to you,” he said and reached for Candy's drawstring.

His mother grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “Yes, yes you are,” she said and helped him pull the string. “Let's take a shower, first.”

Late Saturday afternoon, there were only a few people in front of Evan and Jason on the ticket line. Evan turned his ear in the direction of the track. "Sounds like the packing truck is getting the track ready for hot laps."

There's hardly anybody here,” Jason said. “Why did we have to be so early?”

Evan sighed. “Most of the drivers are already here. I have to check out the track conditions and set things up so I don't get caught. Spy work and all that.”

Jason's nod lacked enthusiasm. "Yeah, right." They moved forward, and Jason nudged Evan. "Mm, mm, look at that, so suck-a-licious."

"Let me guess," Evan said without turning, “it's ticket-girl?”

"Yup and they look more yummy than last time," Jason said. “I hope BJ is here.”

Evan thought about Candy's massive tits and said, "Jeez, is that all you think about?"

Jason held his chin thoughtfully. "Yeah, I guess so. And you don't?"

Evan sighed as if it weren't true, but if not for the race tonight, he would be doing what he had done all day, thinking about Candy and trying to get her in bed, again. There were still a few things that Miss Tonya taught him that he hadn't done to Candy. Although, the previous night, and that morning, they had done quite a few. It had been the best sex of his life, and he hoped his mother saw it the same way.

They stepped in front of the ticket window, and KK glanced back to see if her mother was watching before grinning and saying, "Hey, how are ya?"

Great,” Evan said. “Two pit-passes, please.”

The lady behind KK picked up a clipboard and handed it to her. She slid it forward on the counter and playfully held the pen so Evan had to tug it free. After signing the release form required by the insurance company, Evan passed the clipboard to Jason. "Here, sign your life away."

Evan returned the clipboard with his money. Ticket-girl grabbed a wristband and ceremoniously attached it to his arm. Then she handed him one for Jason. "Enjoy the races.”

He said, “Thank you, we will,” and gestured towards the concession stand. KK glanced over her shoulder again before flashing five fingers twice and mouthing the word, bathrooms.

After getting two huge Cokes, Evan and Jason stood on the west side of the building between the women's room door and the front corner of the building. From there he could see the access gate for the pits. If Uncle JC was coming their way, they could circle the building and avoid him. They could also peek around the front and see the ticket booth.

Jason sucked on his straw, then asked, "You hoping to get some suck-a-licious tonight?"

Evan blew a long breath and scanned the area around them for the fiftieth time. "I might be busy with something else. You think?"

"I guess, but she's pretty into you and her friend—"

"Jason, the reason I'm waiting for her is so she can help me not get caught. I wish she'd hurry up. Shit, this is stupid. I wish I could just tell my uncle."

"Relax," Jason said. "You're totally freaking out. Once you get in that car, it'll all be worth it. Of course, there will be nineteen other drivers out there with you. You know, guys that race every weekend. On second thought, this is stupid."

"Ouch." Jason rubbed his shoulder. "No need for violence."

"You haven't seen anything yet," Evan said. "You're supposed to be helping me, not—Here she comes. It's about time."

"She's got Billy Go-Joe with her," Jason said, "and sweet honey pie, no bra."

"Jason, we're not here to get laid. I have to race. I'm racing a car for the first time, ever. Work with me, all right."

"Relax, dude, relax. You've won like a hundred go-kart races, and you've done hot laps for your cousin, how many times?"

"Easy for you to say," Evan said and faced the approaching girls. Jason was right, Billy Joe was something to look at, but the girl's pigtails were the only thing that said sweet pie. Her jiggling, peach sized tits, obscenely erect nipples, and cut-off jeans that had been turned into a skirt, all said, fuck me pie just like Becky. If the similarities didn't end with looks, then Evan had to assume there weren't any panties under that skirt.

"Hey, thanks for helping me out tonight,” Evan said. “Don't forget, I'm not here. My uncle can't know I'm here until after."

KK ran her hand over his chest. "Sure feels like you're here to me." Her green eyes sparkled.

"Funny," he said. "Just help me stay undercover until after I race."

"That sounds exciting," Billy Joe said.

"Cindy's your cousin. Why can't you race?" KK asked.

"It's a long story," Evan said. "For now, if anybody asks, I'm not here, and hang out between Cindy's pit and Dale's. I don't see why my uncle would go over there, but if he does, run and let me know."

Ticket girl tilted her head coyly to the right and said, "You're gonna owe me."

Great, Evan thought. “Let's go. You and Billy Joe lead the way to Dale's pit. If you see my uncle, double back and let us know.”

I'll walk with them,” Jason said. “I'll text you if we see anything. Then you can dive underneath a car or something.”

Drivers and crews throughout the pits were busy, so it wasn't difficult getting to Dale's hauler unnoticed. Jason, KK and Billy Joe were stationed one row over, hopefully paying attention. Evan was grateful for the alone time. He looked down into the cockpit of Dale's car. The steering wheel was on the seat, and the G-Force latch and link, five-point harness was neatly laid out, waiting to hold him straitjacket tight. He closed his eyes and imagined sliding down into the seat. The belts would come over his shoulders, around his waist and up between his legs. He'd connect the series of metal links on his lap, close the latch, and pull the belts tight around his hips and waist. Then he'd pull down on the straps until they crushed his shoulders. Usually, Cindy or Uncle JC would show up just before he pulled away from the hauler to give a few more tugs. It was like being buried in the sand with your arms and legs sticking out. Cindy called it, strapping down the butterflies. After she clicked the steering wheel into place and double checked everything, she'd say, "Now let's light this dragon's tail on fire," and she'd hit the starter switch.

Evan jerked when someone said, "So far so good." He turned around, and for a split second he thought it was Deana, but it was Cindy. "My dad is too busy shooting the shit and betting on the races to notice you're here."

"You scared me," he said. "I'm not sure this was such a good idea."

Cindy chuckled. "It's no different than it was the other day. Relax, you'll do fine."

He felt better with Cindy there, but she made him realize how much he wished Deana was there. “I know, I just wish things were different.”

Cindy gave him a hug. “It's going to work out, everything is going to work out.”

Now you sound like Deana.”

That's because we're both smart,” Cindy said.

Evan tried to disengage his tongue, but the thought was too spontaneous and heartfelt to be shut down. “I love you.”

Cindy peered into his eyes for an uncomfortably long few seconds. “I know you do. Now, relax, meditate and stay out of sight until after your race. And don't forget all the stuff we went over.”

Evan said, “I won't,” but his mind was on his cousin's response. He got the feeling Cindy knew he was thinking about Deana when he proclaimed his love.

Good. Hey, I got something to take care of. You stay right here.” Cindy started walking and said, “I love you, too . . . both of you.”

Candy left Deana, Rebecca, and Gloria in the middle of the crowded section of the grandstands and headed toward the white, two-story, cinder block building. The goal had been to blend in, not draw attention so she wouldn't be recognized. Candy was wearing a long, loose shirt that hung from her tits and swished around her middle. Her black pants were also non-form-fitting. Deana had put Candy's hair in a ponytail and fed it through the hole in the back of the baseball cap that covered her head. Candy thought she looked silly, but Deana had slapped her on the ass and said, "Damn, you're cute, and sexy at the same time."

It had been a long time since Candy had been at the racetrack. She was nervous. If Evan's uncle saw her, JC wouldn't believe she had come to watch Cindy race without Evan. He'd ask questions she couldn't answer. It had happened once before.

If John was out on a Saturday night, the track was one of the places Candy and Cindy rendezvoused. JC rarely spoke to John, but Candy wondered if that time he saw her and Cindy coming out of the hauler hadn't led to John catching them.

It would have been safer if they hadn't come, but Candy wasn't going to miss Evan's race, even though he told her not to come. Candy was concerned about the hopeful tone she'd heard in Cindy's voice when she called for information about Evan's race, and the best way to avoid him and JC. The expression on Cindy's face would tell Candy if she got the wrong idea. It hadn't been her intention to mislead the girl.

The metal staircase that led up to the announcer's booth made Candy emotional. She had met Cindy there on two occasions. Candy remembered them both like they happened yesterday. That should have been reason enough to avoid them after she peed, but Candy found herself standing under them. Her back was against the wall as if she needed it to hold her up. She looked toward the fence that separated the pits from the stands. That was the direction Cindy had always come from. It was comforting thinking about the tall, strong, beautiful girl walking toward her on those nights.

Candy hadn't had much comfort since she left Sally's house. Her sister said things that seemed to require questioning, but Candy refused to respond to the implied prompts. At the time, Gloria was elated that she was finally meeting her aunt, and she was thrilled about skinny dipping, so Candy avoided anything emotional after Gloria saw them crying. That was what Candy told herself, anyway. The truth was, pretending felt safer than considering the implications of Sally's suggestive hints.

The only time there had been peace was while Evan was making love to her. That was why Candy had taken him back to her room after they showered. It was selfish of her to ask him to get in his father's bed. At first, she thought he would leave, but once he was fucking her, the boy's other persona showed up. It was as if he reveled in the act, pounding her with revenge in his thrusts.

She asked him to spend the night with her, and the boy showed her things he couldn't have learned from Deana or any of the other high school girls he'd been with. It was like he had been trained in the art of pleasuring a woman. He got her off with his tongue, then flipped her over. It embarrassed her at first, but once he was licking her asshole and fingering her pussy, she loved it.

After they rested for a while, Evan offered her a massage, but it became clear it was designed to induce lust. It worked, and Evan took her on another journey that ended with a near blackout climax. After that, Evan finally pushed that hard, young cock back inside her body. He was loving and gentle, sliding in and out of her. It was as if the boy knew what she wanted, and he purposely stuffed his bloated cock as deep as it would go and held it there. Images of Sally's terrified face flashed through her mind while Evan's sperm blasted her cervix.

Then, she had the best night sleep she'd had in years, and, of course, Evan woke up horny. Sex in the morning was a beautiful way to start the day, but by eleven that morning, the things Sally hinted at were eating Candy's lunch, again.

The door above Candy opened. She looked up through the corrugated steel staircase. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. A girl descended to the platform two steps at a time, took the turn swinging on her outstretched arm, and bounced down the second set of steps. Cindy's stride was that of the energetic sixteen-year-old Candy had fallen in love with. The three years that had passed since their first kiss had only made Cindy more beautiful.

Candy tried to explain why she was there, but Cindy grabbed her and squeezed her with those powerful arms. "I gotta pee," Cindy said. "Stan talked my ear off up there. Come with me."

Cindy was amped up as she always was on race night, and she didn't give Candy a choice. Candy followed like a disobedient kid being dragged by the arm. A row of sinks greeted them when they cleared the L-shaped barrier wall. Candy thought she'd wait there, but Cindy caught her by surprise and steered her into the largest stall. "Cindy!"

"Relax," Cindy said while releasing the metal button with the letters Lee worn shiny. "We're both grown ups.” She shoved her pants and underwear down.

Candy stared at the dark skin and thick black tuft of pubic hair. Cindy squatted, hovering above the toilet. A torrent of piss splashed into the water below. I hadn't planned on this, Candy thought.

"I'm so glad you're here," Cindy said and wiped.

"Ah, yeah," Candy said.

Cindy pulled up her pants but didn't close them. Candy couldn't take her eyes off the blue bikini briefs in the V of the open zipper. “Cindy—”

The row of stalls shook when Candy's back crashed into the partition. The girl's luscious red lips and tongue tasted like mint. Candy inhaled and the familiar smells flattened her resistance. Cindy's fingertips sank into her ass cheeks. Their groins smashed together.

Oh, fuck, Candy thought, this is why I avoid Cindy at all cost. "No, no, Cindy, please." Candy gasped. "I can't." She tried to move, but the girl was an immovable force.

"Why not?" Cindy challenged and grabbed Candy's crotch. "You feel it too. I know you do."

Candy did feel it. She had never stopped feeling it, wanting it, needing it, or loving this tenacious girl. Thank God, Candy thought when Cindy released her pussy. "Cindy, baby, you don't understand."

"Yes, I do," Cindy said and shoved her hand down the front of Candy's pants. "You want this as much as I do, and I hate that—"

"Stop, oh, God, please, stop." Don't stop, was what Candy wanted to say, and Cindy knew it. The girl's long finger sliced into Candy's wetness. She held onto Cindy's shoulders, arched her body and put her foot up on the toilet paper dispenser. They stared into each other's eyes as Cindy's fingers pushed inside her. "Ahhh, Cindy, I do hate it."

"I know you do," Cindy said and rotated her hand violently, smashing Candy's clit each time her fingers plunged inside her body.

For over a year, Candy avoided Cindy, lied to her and suffered through the forced separation, but once Cindy's lips had touched hers, the floodgates of their love and passion fell open. It wasn't Cindy's fault that she was married to John. Cindy didn't deserve to be punished because of her bad choices. Candy fell back in time and let the Cindy take away her pain. Neither she nor Cindy noticed, but certainly the women coming and going knew what was happening.

Three orgasms later, Cindy pressed her fingertips to Candy's lips and put her lips on top of them. They kissed, sucked, and shared the taste of Candy's cream. If she hadn't been there for Evan's race, Candy would have dragged Cindy out to the SUV and made love to her until Cindy had to race. "Ah, dammit, Cindy." Candy paused. "I swear, you, ah, I love you."

"I know,” Cindy said, “and I love you, so why don't you leave him?"

"It's not that easy. John's my husband, I can't just—"

Does it have anything to do with me?” Cindy asked. “If it does, forget it. I don't care if he pays for—”

No, Cindy, it's not like that.” It was like that, but it was worse than that, too.

"Then what?" Cindy demanded. “You hate him.” Candy felt the rosy post orgasm color drain from her face. "You hate him as much as I do. You know the truth and you—"

Stop, stop, not now. It's complicated, and this isn't the time or place to talk about it. Tonight is about Evan, about being here for him." Candy didn't ever want to face the truth if it was what she was starting to believe it was.

"Okay, but this isn't over.” Cindy held Candy's face. “When is he coming back?”

Not for at least a week.”

We're going to finish this."

Candy tried to nod, but the back of her head was pressed against the wall. The girl's eyes were fierce with the same dark, intense anger Candy had seen in Deana's eyes. This can't be happening, Candy told herself, but it was happening. She wanted to puke. The pretend world she lived in was unraveling. She held Cindy like she would have held Gloria if somebody had hurt her. This nineteen-year-old girl knew the same hopeless, helpless terror that came when someone had the power to control you. Sally must have known Candy needed to figure it out on her own, so she only hinted at the truth.

In the pits, Harry patted Evan on the back and said, "We only got a few minutes, so I'll wish you luck now, even though you don't need it."

"Thank you, and thanks for all the pointers," Evan said. "I know they'll help."

"Be careful and listen to Cindy, and keep your visor down at all times."

Evan nodded and turned around. The silhouettes of Jason, KK and Billy Joe between the two haulers made his emotions heavy. It was one of the most important moments of his life, and his biggest fans weren't there. Candy had always cheered louder than the other mothers, and he always tried to make her proud. It would be great if Candy, Deana, and Gloria could be here, but they're not, he told himself, shook off the sadness and headed toward the fans who were there.

In the shadow of the trailer, Evan's eyes tried to adjust. The dirty blonde bangs and pigtails jutting from the sides of the girl's head made Billy Joe look exactly like Becky. They also shared a mouth that seemed too big for their face, and nipples that screamed for a bra. He raised his brows to Jason as a sign of approval, wondering if BJ shared Becky's propensity for risky sex. Probably no chance for it with the overprotective KK as her friend.

Ticket girl stepped in front of him and asked, "You excited or scared?"

KK knew about racing. She understood the highs and lows, the wild spikes of adrenaline and the crushing blow from a bad race. Evan was glad she was there. "Both,” he said and asked, “KK, what does that stand for?”

She gave him a smug grin. "How do you know my parents didn't name me, KK?"

"Nobody knows," Billy Joe said and bumped shoulders with KK. "Right?"

"That's right," KK said.

Evan gave her a suspicious look, pointing at the red dirt stains on KK's knees. "Did you fall down?"

She stood on one foot, lifted her leg, and looked at her knee. "No, I was kneeling," she said. "I was fixing Billy Joe's hair. I'm good at doing hair."

"I'll keep that in mind," he said. "Hey, make sure you don't yell my name when I race."

KK smirked and said, "But I like yelling out names."

The flirty ticket-girl had taken on another persona, and it struck Evan that she was probably good at a few things other than fixing hair. “I'll keep that in mind, too.”

She leaned in and pushed up on her toes. "Keep the shiny side up," she said and kissed him. "BJ, give him a big fat good luck kiss."

That's weird, Evan thought but bent down for the Becky sized girl. Billy Joe's fingers combed through his hair, around to the back of his neck, and she pulled his face to hers. To prove she shared more than appearance with Becky, BJ shoved her tongue into his mouth. The girl's sensual mouth tasted like bubble gum and made him want more. "Okay, that's good," KK said.

"Wow, thanks," he said and shot Jason a look.

"She kisses good, doesn't she?" KK asked.

"Very good,” Evan said. “Hey, I gotta strap in. See you after."

There is no drivers-start-your-engines at the local dirt track; just a rumbling line of cars waiting. Evan bumped the accelerator, blowing a dust cloud. The butterflies couldn't be held at bay with a harness. The line of cars started to move. He pushed the shifter forward. The car lurched.

The lines of cars were moving. Nobody knew Evan was a rookie, which meant they wouldn't give him space or cut him any slack trying to avoid a wreck. It scared him to think that they all thought he was Dale. All the guys respected Dale, and they ran him hard because he won a lot of races.

From the high-side of turn two, the cars flowed on to the back straightaway. There weren't any stands back there in what was referred to as no man's land. The retainer wall was a shorter version of the front straightaway wall without a catch fence. It hadn't happened yet, that Evan knew of, but if a car went over the wall, it would roll down the hill that was behind the track.

Evan felt every pebble, clump of dirt and divot under his tires. He started to zigzag like everyone else as they drove toward turn three. The track surface wasn't the way it had been during hot laps. The tacky red clay was gone. Dale's car fishtailed when Evan used some horsepower to clean his tires.

From the middle of turns three and four, Evan looked above the menacing concrete, through the chain link fence, and up the grass hill, but he couldn't distinguish one person from another. He turned his attention to the front straightaway. The bright lights from the grandstands reflected off the glossy dirt surface. It looked like greased asphalt and felt harder than pavement. Evan punched the accelerator. The car shot forward. He jumped on the brake pedal. His head jerked forward. This wasn't a go-cart race in broad daylight, and he wouldn't see Candy jumping and screaming for him. He knew the two girls, Jason and Cindy were up there. That would have to do.

On the front straightaway, driving toward the pit end of the track, the lights mounted on top of poles made the glare terrible, but Evan knew under race conditions the dust would be so thick that the glare wouldn't be an issue.

Evan tried to remember if the flagman had given them the next lap signal, but in his excitement, he hadn't paid attention. How was he supposed to do it at full speed? This is the super stock division race, Evan reminded himself. Compared to the super late models it would appear they were barely moving.

In turn one, the bump that had upset his car during hot laps didn't have anything left to give. Qualifying and the previous races had ground it out. The dirt berm that grew throughout the night was already large enough to get a nice rim-ride, but it wouldn't be enough to keep him out of the concrete if he got on it too hard. Evan looked up at all the people lining the pit fence. It was the other drivers, pit crews, families, and friends. Harry would be up there and maybe Uncle JC.

Cindy said, "If you can hear me, shake, shake, shake your booty." He loved the sound of her voice. Right, left, right he whipped the steering wheel. "Good," she said. Too bad he couldn't talk to her. "One more lap and it's go-time. Remember, it's just a Sunday drive. Hey, Deana said go fast and don't crash. She loves you."

Evan smiled, picturing his sister at home with Rebecca, talking to Cindy on the phone. It made him feel good, knowing she was thinking about him. The guy next to Evan gave him the thumbs up. He didn't return it because his hands wouldn't release the steering wheel. He pulled up close to the car in front. Shit, this is getting real.

Evan, next time around the dragon's tail will be on fire,” Cindy said.

From on top of the grass hill, Jason had seen Evan looking, so he waved, but Evan didn't take his hands off the wheel. Cindy said he couldn't tell one person from another from inside the car. Next time around, the green flag would wave. Cindy looked calm, but Jason figured nobody other than Evan was as nervous as he was.

The lead cars were entering the back straight away, but in twentieth place, Evan was all the way back in turn one. Billy Joe grabbed Jason's right hand, KK grabbed his left. The pressure was building. The pitch of the engines had changed, and the two-by-two line of cars was jammed together, touching bumpers.

The announcers squawked something from a speaker above their heads about Dale winning last week. Jason strained his ears but couldn't understand the guy. He spoke in Billy Joe's ear, "What did he say?"

"Not sure, maybe something about a driver change," she said and squeezed his hand. "Here they come."

The two lead cars reached turn three side-by-side. The flagman held the green flag straight up. Jason held his breath.

It's just a Sunday drive. Evan wasn't thinking about any of the pointers he'd received or anything else. He approached turn three with one foot on the brake and the other on the launch pedal, applying pressure to both. The engine groaned, pushing against the brake pads. He had to watch the cars in turn four, the one directly in front of him and still see the flagman out of the corner of his eye. It was like holding a lit M-80; any second it would blow his hand off, but he couldn't throw it yet. There wasn't time to think. Evan had to rely on instinct.

A flash of movement in Evan's peripheral vision, the roar of engines and Cindy yelling, "Green, green, green," all happened in the blink of an eye. It was go time.

A Sunday drive it wasn't. Dale's car was fast and normally started closer to the front. Evan reached turn four with such a run that he either had to jam on the brakes or dive out of line. If he wanted to be careful, he should slow down and wait, not drive up to the wall and take a shot. Cindy's favorite expression was, be smart, not careful because being careful doesn't win races. Evan held his foot on the floor. The ten-foot concrete wall closed in as he screamed onto the front stretch, three wide. He took Dale's car all the way up to the wall and drove into the dark cloud of swirling dirt that chased the pack of cars.

Evan was wide open, rocketing past cars. Then, like a lighthouse on a foggy night, there was a dim yellow light flashing in the dust storm. Cindy shouted, "Yellow, yellow, yellow," and a car appeared in front of him. It was stuffed head-on into the wall in turn one. Shit, nowhere to go. There were cars to the left, concrete on his right, and no way to stop before—Whether it was instinct or dumb luck, nobody could be sure, but Evan veered right and skidded up the pit entrance road.

"Come around, go left and come around. Get back on the track," Cindy said. "Great move, great move."

Evan turned left and drove behind all those people lining the fence. Harry was there, waving him around toward the entrance lane above turn two. Cindy said, "Complete restart. Get back in line for a complete restart."

Jason finally took a breath. "Mother fucker." All the girls looked at him. "Sorry, but that was close." Billy Joe's arms came around from behind him and hugged his waist.

After a few slow loops around the track, the wadded up car was hauled off. It was time to do it again. No laps had been counted; it was a complete restart. Evan was still in last place, but there was one less car on the track. Twenty laps, he thought, and only eighteen cars to pass. Evan laughed, feeling like someone had removed one feather from the ton on his back. The second time will be better, right?

Evan watched the flagman. On green, he planned to get another jump on the cars ahead of him. As long as one didn't come up and slam him into the wall, he knew he could get around at least three or four. The flag cut through the air. The roar of engines and dust rose. Evan launched out of turn four and shot down the front straightaway into the fog. Pebbles clinked off his helmet. The bright lights above the pits weren't glaring anymore. They were more like stars obscured by clouds.

This time, the lead cars made it through turn one. Evan passed three cars on the straightaway and dove down to the bottom of the track. Dale's blue and gold number sixteen stuck. Evan leaned hard to his left and stiffened his back and arms. The centrifugal force made his helmet as heavy as an anvil. He thought his head might unhook from his neck and fly out the window. The car reached turn two. Evan eased into the gas, entered the back straightaway in the middle lane and floored it. He was pushed back in the seat.

After what felt like a second, Evan slammed on the brake and was thrown forward against the belts. His neck and arm strained as he rounded turns three and four, again. The flag stand flashed above his head as Evan blasted by a slower car. Then he hammered the brake, turned left and found a groove that held his car through the curve, and the backstretch was there again.

Evan had found a rhythm, and he rode it for two laps. It was a Sunday drive. Nobody would fault him if he stayed in that comfortable flow, following the lead pack, and Cindy might have even been saying that in his ear, but Evan pushed harder, searching for more speed. He made mental notes and hit his marks, aiming for the perfect arch through the turns. His ribs pressed against the seat support and his head grew painfully heavy from the increasing centrifugal force.

His stomach told him what happened a split second after the tires lost grip. He was in a four-wheel slide, pushing up the hill. The steering wheel was as useful as a deflated life preserver. All that seemed logical demanded he smash the brake pedal, but experience told Evan that was the express train headed toward the sound of metal crunching and the smell of concrete dust. He hit the accelerator. The rear wheels spun, and the ass end of the car took the lead. The right rear hooked up on the berm and catapulted him onto the backstretch. He came up to speed and got back in front of the guy who got past while he was sliding. There wasn't a worse feeling than giving back a hard-earned position.

When a reasonable person has a brush with calamity, it inspires a more cautious approach, but Evan was a race car driver. The adrenaline rush heightened his sense of focus, and he barreled off into turn three with a new degree of invincibility. He would know better next time he got to turn one.

Another crash put the race under caution and took two more cars off Evan's pass list. The restart had him in the middle of the pack. Now there were cars behind him, trying to jump him on green. Evan was nervous, yet excited about another opportunity to pick up a few more spots. Cindy said restarts were like shooting fish in a barrel.

"Green, green, green," Cindy shouted. Evan ran up fast on the black number five, jumped to the outside and made the pass. The orange double zero got out of line and blocked Evan, so he cut left and got inside the guy. He had a great angle into one. Cindy said, "Easy, you passed two more." Wasn't that the point of racing, passing everyone on the track?

Once the cars spread out and some were a lap down, it got hard to keep track of your position. Evan didn't know where he stood, and Cindy was telling him, so he assumed any car in front of him had to be passed. He pushed harder through turns three and four without much thought, but the spook Evan got earlier in turn one made him overthink it. He wasn't getting the charge necessary to get by cars on the backstretch, so he held his breath, used less brake and set sail into one. His guts leaped as the back end broke loose. Going against logic, he turned right to go left, feathered the throttle and seesawed the steering wheel. When he exited turn two, Dale's number sixteen was high on the track with an excellent run on the two cars ahead.

Side-by-side, like two grannies on the interstate, the two cars went toward three. Evan raced after them. He had the speed and position to do what he had seen his cousin do a hundred times. He would cut left, dive down the high banking and use his momentum to stuff his car in below the double-wide cars. Cindy yelled, "Don't, don't, don't do it!"

It was too late. With two wheels in the loose dirt and two on the track, Evan made it three wide. Foolish, maybe, but his gut said to do it, you've got them. His car wiggled coming out of four, then launched down the front stretch.

Jason didn't know if Evan did something great or not, but his sexy bookends were hopping up and down, and the announcer was squawking excitedly on the PA. He turned to Cindy and asked, "Was that a good move?"

Cindy said, "He's in fifth place now," then keyed the radio, "Seven to go."

Jason didn't know if that was a yes or a no, but he knew his best friend wasn't sticking to the plan. Evan was supposed to take it easy and get some experience without tearing up Dale's car. Although, after seeing how Evan raced go-karts, Jason shouldn't have been surprised.

Evan's arms and neck were sore, but he didn't know it yet. One car went off with a flat, and he passed one that was smoking, forcing him to use his last tear off. The flagman looked mad holding up his fist. Five to go.

The dust got thicker when Evan came up on a clump of cars. Two were side-by-side, and a third was behind them, trying to get around. Now, Evan really wished he had saved some tear offs. The flag stand flew by again. Four laps to go, Evan thought and hoped Cindy would tell him what position he was in. The three-car traffic jam would be impossible to get through or around, but Evan felt like he was in the catbird seat, waiting for one of them to make a mistake, then he'd pounce.

Jason's arms encompassed both girls. He pulled them close, and the three of them bounced as one, yelling. Cindy was stiff, on her tiptoes, staring intensely. "He's in fourth, fourth," she said. "Shit, he's fourth."

Jason couldn't tell if she was proud, shocked or angry.

When Billy Joe's hand wandered down to his butt, Jason smiled. His balls tingled, and his dick gained mass. KK was into the race with almost the same knowledge and passion as Cindy, but he didn't try and sneak BJ off someplace. He didn't take his eyes off the circling cars because he wanted to see Evan win.

Evan was hooked up. His number sixteen went through turn four like it was on rails. The flagman waved two flags, the white one and a blue and white striped flag. The first told Evan there was one lap to go, and the other warned him of a lap down car ahead. It meant something else, too, but Evan didn't make the connection. His mind was plotting how he could pass more cars. A lap down car was what Cindy called a pick car, and it could be his wild card. When the three cars ahead of him came up on the pick car, one or two of them might get stuck behind it. If he played his cards right, he could follow one car around the other three. He'd seen Cindy do it.

Two wide, with one following patiently. The three cars hit turn one and found the lap down car. Evan entered the turn after them and hung it all out, trying to carry extra speed through the corner. He'd have one chance, a one in a million chance to get it done. Harry's last words to him were, “We don't wanna carry it home in a basket."

Door handle to door handle, the first two cars launched out of turn two, each hoping to take advantage of the pick car. The lap down car was low, so the guy on the outside had the position. He pinched the other guy down so he'd have to lift when they reached the slower car. The third car lurking behind had the same idea Evan had, but he was too close to get a run. Evan wasn't. He had come off turn two with a ton of speed.

Evan finally realized the blue and white flag was only displayed when the leaders came up on a lap car. Shit, that meant he was fourth. The three cars in front of him were racing for the win on the last lap. That meant anything could happen.

The lap down car headed for turn three. It stayed in the racing groove. The two-wide group, which was first and second place, were gonna get to the turn at the same time as the slow car. It would block the inside car, and the outside car would go around. The third place car, if the guy were smart, would follow the outside car. Evan charged down the back straightaway at full speed. If a hole miraculously opened up, he'd plug it. If not, he'd get on the brakes and follow the leaders. The only risk was if a door opened, then slammed shut on Dale's car.

The lead car took the outside around the slower car. The guy he had pinched down got into the back of the lap car. It washed out, collecting the leader. The third car in the lead group plowed into the two cars that were sliding up the hill. All three of them hit the wall in the center of the turn. Evan had never lifted and came into turn three on fire. He hit his marks and caught the only car that had survived the melee. He'd slingshot out of four, go high and get the guy on the way to the checkered flag.

"Don't, don't pass," Cindy screamed. "Don't fuckin' pass."

The black and white checkers started fanning the dirty air. Evan got off the gas, and the number seven shot ahead of him. Evan got second, the first losing position.

"Evan," Cindy said, "get to the pits. Unbuckle on the way and get the fuck out of that car, quick."

Jason broke away from the two screaming girls and grabbed Cindy. "Why, why didn't you—"

"He's not in that car. How can he win if he's not in there," Cindy said. "Let go of me. "

Cindy's demeanor scared Jason and, "Oh," was all he said.

"Stay here," Cindy told Jason. "KK, come with me. I need you to help get Evan back to the stands."

Evan rolled up the hill into the pits and use the six thousand RPM horn to clear spectators from his path. Cindy's harsh tone had knocked him off cloud nine, and the extent of his blunder hit him. The race winner has to stop on the front straightaway for the victory picture in front of the fans. From there, it was straight to tech, where they would find out it wasn't just an illegal driver change, but also an illegal communication device had been used.

Harry was waiting for him to scramble out of the car so he could take it to tech for the post-race inspection. All positions that paid money were required to report. They hadn't considered this possibility. Harry jumped in and zoomed away leaving Evan alone with his thoughts.

He unzipped what felt like his Superman suit. He had never sweat so much in his life. He couldn't wait for Cindy to get there to share his victorious moment the way he had with her so many times. Then they would talk about the race.

Cindy rushed into the pit ahead of KK and punched Evan in the chest so hard he thought she cracked his sternum. "You jackass," she said, then hugged him. He was aware of KK's excited chatter, but he couldn't understand her. Cindy let him go, and KK hugged him. He took advantage of the frenzy and lifted KK by her butt. Cindy gave him a look, but KK didn't care.

Cindy interrupted his groping. "Jackass, I told you to ride in the back and get some laps under your belt. So what did you do?"

"You said if I had opportunities, I should take them, so.” He held up his hands and shrugged. “I didn't know, I lost track of my position."

"Opportunities? Three wide, half on the track, leaning on the side of Bill Davis's car. You call that opportunities?"

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I had a run and I—"

"Relax, you did a hell of a job. Took some chances, but you'll learn after a few crashes."

"You were great, great, super great," KK said. Her exuberance could have been confused with a climax.

"I had a lot of lucky breaks," Evan said.

"Not as many as you think," Cindy informed him. "You're a good driver. You got some serious potential, but if your father finds out, we're in trouble."

"You think Uncle JC knows?"

"Stan was blabbing about a rumored driver change,” KK said. “I think he said someone else was racing Dale's car."

Cindy said, "Naah, my dad doesn't pay attention to the PA system during the super stock races."

"If he did," Evan said, "he'd already be over here."

After a few minutes, Harry returned. “We're good. Nobody asked where Dale was. I left the car there with Bruce. He'll bring it back. I'll see if I can pick up your money later, if not Dale will give it to you when he gets it next week.”

Money,” Evan said.

Yeah, second pays two fifty,” Harry said. “Give it to your old man to put towards getting you a car before next weekend."

The PA system squeaked, then Stan came through, "Super late-model drivers, get your cars to the line, now."

"Shit," Cindy said. "I gotta go. We'll talk later." She hustled off.

"Yeah, if I'm still alive," he yelled after her.

"You ready?" KK asked. "We should get back before Jason—Come on, we should go."

"Why don't you go out on pit road and come back in the front gate,” Harry said. “Less chance of runnin' into your uncle that way."

"Great idea," Evan said. "Thanks for everything, really."

"You deserved a chance to show your talent," Harry said. "I hope it works out for you."

"Thanks, and don't tell Dale about that three wide thing. Okay?"

Harry laughed. "Oh, he's gonna be hearin' 'bout it. Bill Davis will still be bitchin' next week."


"We should hurry," KK said, tugging on his arm.

At the main entrance, Evan and KK bypassed the latecomers in line. He held up his arm, displaying the plastic bracelet, while KK waved to her mother who returned a warning scowl that Evan supposed was for him.

Once they were on the walkway behind the hill that acted as the grandstands, Evan spotted Jason at the far end. He was above turn four at the back edge of the grass. Billy Joe was glued to him. Evan heard the scuff of a shoe behind him. Someone grabbed his shoulders and jumped on his back. Even though he knew the smell of her hair and the feel of the girl's body, Evan's senses reeled, trying to understand how she could be there.

Unlike that day out in front of the school, Evan didn't threaten to dump Deana in a trash can. “What the hell!” He bounced her higher, and her face came over his right shoulder. Deana kissed his cheek.

You killed it, brother, you killed it, big time,” Deana said. “I wish you had won. You deserved to win.”

Evan stopped and unloaded his sister. KK kept going. When he spun around to face Deana, Evan had to fight back tears. Candy, Gloria, and Rebecca were ten feet away, walking quickly toward him. “Holy, shit, I can't believe this. I can't believe ya'll are here.”

Gloria launched herself at him. He caught her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him like she wasn't too big and too old to be in that position. He avoided the ass grab that would have happened naturally if there wasn't a bunch of strangers around.

Candy had tears in her eyes. He grabbed her and crushed Gloria between them. “Ah, Mom, oh, I'm so happy you're here. Thank you.”

Candy pressed her lips to his ear. “I love you, I wouldn't have missed it.”

Because he was still feeling paranoid about getting caught, Evan thought he needed to get these four excited, gorgeous women out of the open area. After all, they were blocking the main walkway behind the grandstands. “We should go down there.” He pointed to where Jason, KK and Billy Joe were standing at the top of turn four, beyond the end of the grandstands. “Cindy's race is going to start soon.”

Hey, I'm here, too,” Rebecca said and gave him a big kiss, slipping him the tongue and groping his ass. “You scared the shit outta us more than once.”

Gloria asked, “Who was that girl you were with?”

A huge grin was unavoidable. “She works here and was helping me stay under the radar. You got nothing to worry about.”

Good,” Gloria said.

They started walking. Rebecca put her arm around Gloria's shoulders and said something Evan couldn't hear. They continued on ahead of him. For several reasons, Evan wasn't comfortable with the tumbler talking privately with Gloria.

Candy, Deana, and Evan trailed behind Rebecca and Gloria. Evan put his arm around Candy's waist. She reached across the front of her body and held his hand. Neither of them gave it a thought, but it appeared they were a couple, not mother and son.

At the top of turn four, KK was between Jason and Billy Joe. Jason grabbed Evan, shook him, hugged him and shook him again. “That was awesome, but you owe me a new pair of underwear for making me shit myself. Did Cindy kick your ass? She was pretty hot when she left here.”

Evan laughed and rubbed his chest. “Yeah, there might be some bruising tomorrow. Sorry 'bout your draws, I was just doing my thing.” He lowered his voice and asked, “What's going on here?”

Jason tipped his head to the side, in ticket girl's direction and gave Evan his best, please get rid of her expression. Evan shrugged, knowing the only way Jason would have a chance with BJ, would be to introduce ticket-girl to his three favorite words—threesome, but Jason was on his own. Evan was more interested in watching Cindy destroy the competition than fucking with that crazy chick while Jason tried to find someplace to fool around with Billy Joe. “Good luck with that. I'm going over there to watch the race.”

Cindy's race started, and Evan watched with the same level of interest he had for his own race, and not just because he could learn from his cousin. He loved Cindy, and earlier, even in the hustle and bustle of helping him, he felt her conflicting emotions. Racing was in the girl's blood, it made her happy, got her excited, and it had defined her for the past four years. How could she give that up?

Ten laps went by without a caution. Cindy hadn't even picked off one of the six cars that were ahead of her on green. That rarely happened. Evan shouted directions at his cousin as if he had the one-way radio in his hand. Cindy drove in too hard and gave up three positions. “Fuck! What the fuck is she doing?”

Nobody responded because even though Evan was screaming, the roar of twenty super late models was deafening. He had never seen Cindy make so many mental errors in one race. The track champion was driving like a rookie. In Evan's mind, he told Cindy what she would have told him, get your head out of your asshole and drive the fuckin' car.

On lap fifteen, the yellow flag flew. Evan screamed. Cindy had spun out without any help. She simply over-drove turn three and spun into turn four. Her car came to rest in front of them. Evan charged down the hill toward the fence. He wanted to yell at her, but Cindy fired up the engine and drove off before he got there. He couldn't remember the last time Cindy caused a caution. Evan assumed Cindy was sad about giving up her passion.

He started back up the slope. Some of the race fans might have been surprised that the track champion had spun unassisted, but it was meaningless to most of them. Although, Candy's grave expression seemed appropriate. Evan figured his mother was sad for him because she understood how badly he wanted Cindy to do well in her last year of racing.

When offered a chance to get a ride home with Candy and the girls, Jason took it. He said it was because he didn't want to be there until after midnight while Evan talked racing with Cindy, but Evan suspected something else. Jason hadn't been able to liberate Billy from ticket girl, so Evan suspected his friend wanted to go home for the next best thing, Becky. Although, in Evan's opinion, based on his experience with Becky, he'd rather be with her.

Evan said goodbye to everyone and started for the pits. KK and Billy Joe went with him, but he outpaced them, hoping they'd get the hint. There was as much activity in the pits as there had been earlier. Crews were rolling up air hoses, collecting tools, stashing extra tires, stowing gear and preparing to load and strap down race cars, but the work lacked the pre-race energy and excitement. The exception to that, of course, was around those who had done well in their races.

Bear, Uncle JC, and a few other guys were standing around Cindy's car when Evan approached. His uncle waved and pointed toward the hauler as if Cindy had left instructions. Evan nodded and went around to the front, side door to the Cindy zone. He didn't knock, and his cousin wasn't surprised to see him. Her red and black race suit was peeled down to her waist. It appeared she sweat as much as he had, and her white T-shirt was soaked. He could clearly see the hard tips and dark rings of her nipples. Cindy didn't notice or didn't care that he was staring.

Where is everybody?” Cindy asked. “Did anyone come with you?”

Anyone?” Evan shook his head, wondering who she meant because anyone sounded very specific.

Cand—Your mother, is she still here?”

No,” he said. “I sent Jason home with her and the girls.”

Oh, okay,” Cindy said and wiggled her suit down past her hips.

When he realized his cousin's pants were going down with her suit, he didn't shy away from the lacy blue panties. “What happened? I've never seen you drive like that. Is it because of everything I put you through?”

Cindy shook her head lethargically, laid the race suit over a folding chair, and stood in front of him in her underwear and see-through shirt. “No, it was just a bad night. My head wasn't in it.”

What's going on?” Evan asked. “You sad because it's your last year?”

Sad,” Cindy said and put her hands on Evan's shoulders. “Yeah, I guess I am, but I'm happy for you. You did great and impressed the people who knew it was you. I'm proud of you.”

The hug caught Evan so off guard that it took him a few seconds before his arms slipped around Cindy's waist. One of his hands inadvertently ended up under the back of Cindy's T-shirt. The intimate embrace with the pantie wearing cousin should have been troublesome for Evan, but the warm, moist skin, seductive curve of her lower back, the strength of her arms and the smell of sweat were all so familiar. In Evan's mind, he might as well have been hugging Deana after exhausting sex. It wasn't just in his mind, though. His soul and spirit agreed. Cindy and Deana didn't just look alike, they felt the same.

Cindy, tell me, tell me what's wrong,” Evan said and kissed his cousin's ear. The role reversal made him uncomfortable. Cindy was his idol. “Please, the truth, I want to hear the truth.”

Cindy trembled in his arms then jerked. He tried to push back to see if it had been a sob, but she held on with all her might. “Don't, Evan, just give me a minute.”

At that moment, Evan couldn't dissociate Deana from Cindy. Apart from the wild chemically induced euphoria of orgasm, he loved them the same. It made him hurt because Cindy was in pain, then he was fighting back tears. “Whatever you need, Cindy, anything.”

Evan, I'm going to do everything I can to help you race,” Cindy said while she was breaking away from him. “We've got at least a week before he gets back, I'll talk to my dad.”

He stared at Cindy, wondering how she knew when his father was coming home and he didn't. “I don't want to cause you any trouble. My father—”

Don't worry about him, or me, I'll help you. I want to help you. You deserve it. There's no reason why—”

No, Cindy, no, I can't let you,” Evan said. “I already got Candy in trouble. I'm not gonna do that to you. It's not worth it.”

What do you mean, got her in trouble? What happened? Did he do something to her?”

Nothing, it was nothing.” Fuck, why did I open my mouth? “I shouldn't have involved her. You know how my dad is.”

Cindy's face was bright red and her fists clenched. He diverted his eyes to the erect nipples bulging under her shirt. She opened her mouth to speak, but instead closed her eyes and took one of those deep, calming breaths she was always telling him about.

Hey, what's going on?” he asked.

Ah, shit, I'm just emotional,” Cindy said, “you know, girl stuff.”

If that were true, it was the last thing Evan wanted to hear about, but he knew his cousin was lying just like Deana had lied. For a second, he considered how humiliating his next move might be, but made it anyway. He saw the surprise on Cindy's face when he grabbed her neck and pulled her lips to his mouth. Cindy's lips parted for his tongue, then Evan got his hands on her butt. She grunted when he pulled her groin into the thrust of his hips. Cindy lifted a leg and hooked her thigh on his hip. He held it and looped his other arm around her lower back. Her body arched, and he hunched. Cindy moaned into his mouth. His cousin's secret felt a lot like Deana's, and neither of them was going to let him in without a fight.

The men climbing in and out of the hauler might have been the only reason Cindy and Evan stopped. They stared at each other, both breathing heavy. Cindy was the first to speak. “Why did you do that?”

His cousin's monotone voice conveyed the same lack of concern as her expression. She didn't regret what had just happened. “For the same reason you did it to me, last time.” He had answered without answering. Deana would be proud of him. “I'm going to help load up. We need to talk more.”

Cindy nodded and stood there with her panties crammed into her pussy groove. “Have you met Candy's sister yet?”

Evan was surprised that Cindy had knowledge of something his mother didn't want anyone to know. “No, but mom's mini-me told me things that are hard to believe.”

Believe them,” Cindy said. “Thanks for being here for me. I appreciate it. Now get, so I can git dressed.”

On the way to her father's pits stall, KK pushed Billy Joe between two car haulers. "Tell me what happened while I was gone."

"Nothing, KK, nothing," Billy Joe said.

"That mischievous look you had when I came back, said something did happen. I don't know how you could have done anything right there where I left you, but you did something."

"No, KK, you told me to act right."

"Billy,” KK shook the girl, “tell me what happened."

"I swear, I don't know why, but—"

"Because you're easy, that's why."

"This was all your idea," Billy Joe said and shoved her hands into her pockets. "Nothing really happened." She hung her head.

"Tell me."

"It kinda just happened like before I knew it." BJ twisted her hips like she wanted to screw herself into the ground. "He's cute, and we were just goofing around."

KK put her fingertip on the flesh that had been exposed when Billy shoved her hands into the pockets of her skirt. She traced the frayed rim. "If you keep pushing your hands in like that you're gonna show your pussy."

Billy Joe put her hand on top of KK's, on her stomach, and glanced around. "His thing is enormous."

"You looked at it?" KK stiffened. "I told you to go slow, so they don't think you're easy, and you're already—"

"No, stop, stop, stop yelling at me. I didn't look, didn't see it. Jeez, we were right there the whole time. What do you think I—"

"I think you're a horny slut, but that's beside the point. How could you know without seeing it? Did you touch it?"

"I wish you wouldn't be mean to me," Billy Joe said. "I can't help what I am."

"I know, I'm sorry, your mom's messed up, and your dad ran off, but that doesn't mean you have to give Jason a hand job the second time you meet him."

"Fuck you," Billy Joe said and turned toward the chain-link fence behind them. She reached over her head, hooked her fingers in the links and hung there, staring into the trees outside the pit area.

Ticket-girl pressed against Billy's outstretched body, pinning her to the fence. "What's wrong, Billy?"

"You're jealous, so you're being mean to me."

"Maybe, but I don't want anyone to take advantage of you. I'm looking out for you."

"I guess." Billy Joe let go of the fence. "Thank you."

KK reached below the skirt and grabbed the front of Billy's thighs. "This skirt is too sexy to wear to the track.” Her hands slid inward and came up the inside of the other girl's legs.

"That's all my mother had washed."

"Mmmm, you're so soft," KK said. "I would have loaned you something."

"Okay, next time."

"What happened, Billy? Tell me about it."

"I was behind him like you are now, but I wasn't touching him the way you're touching me."

"That's good,” KK said and squeezed Billy's warm, fleshy inner thighs.

I was just being friendly, playful, and I stuck my hands in his pockets. That's how I know, I bumped into it. I thought I got him hard just by being there."

"You're such a sexy little thing; you probably did."

"No, maybe, but he jumped when I touched it. It was through the pocket material. I don't think he had on underwear. He didn't say anything, so I tried to grab it."

"A pocket-puppet handjob," KK said.

"No, it wasn't like that, I swear. We were just goofing around. I was curious," Billy Joe said. "It started growing and growing, pushing out the pocket hole. I kept my hand there."

"How big was it?"

"I don't know, but bigger than it should be. It wouldn't stop growing. I was touching the top of it, but only through the material."

"Shit, that sounds unbelievable." KK lifted the front of BJ's skirt.

"Ah, KK, you know I wouldn't lie to you. Never."

"Ooh, you slut, you're soaked.” She grabbed Billy's crotch, forcing two fingers into the swollen pussy lips. “You wanted him.”

KK, you know I'd never do anything without you.”

Right,” KK said and brought her wet fingers up to the other girl's mouth. “If I wasn't here, Jason's giant cock would have been in your mouth.” Her middle and ring fingers went inside BJ's mouth and pressed down on her tongue.

Mm, mm, no,” Billy Joe mumbled.

Maybe that wouldn't be enough for you,” KK said. “I saw the way you made out with Evan before. Do you want him instead?”

Billy Joe shook her head while sucking and licking the fingers stuffed in her mouth. KK pulled the skirt up above Billy's hips. “Or, maybe it's both.” She pressed her thumb against the girl's anus. “You want one in each of your holes? Jason in your pussy?” KK fingered BJ. “And Evan up your ass?”

Billy Joe slurped and gagged on the fingers plunging her throat and lifted her right leg, turned her knee out and stuffed the tip of her flip-flop into the fence. The unlubricated asshole denied the other girl's thumb while her pussy hole ate up two fingers. “You slut,” KK hissed in Billy's ear. “That's what you want, dick, dick, and more dick. I can get Evan to fuck the shit out of that tight little cunt while Jason breaks this virgin asshole. Though That's probably not enough for you. You want me to get you some random racetrack guy to plug your suck hole with his cock, too? I could do that for you, and watch them use you like the cock hungry slut you are. They could all shoot their hot cum in you at the same time.”

"Ah, ah, oh, Katie, oh, Katie, you're so good to me."

"Somebody has to treat you right," KK said and kissed the back of Billy Joe's neck. "Come on, let's go home. You're spending the night with me.”

"Mm, Katie Kay, I love you."

I know you do,” KK said and held Billy Joe's hand. “Come on, walk with me.”

When Evan arrived home, about an hour after Candy and the girls, the house was dark and quiet. He wanted to talk to his mother about Cindy, but first, he went straight into the shower to get the funk off.

After washing his hair twice and scrubbing every inch of his body, Evan toweled off, hopped into a pair of boxers, pulled a T-shirt over his head and went to Candy's room. If she were already asleep, he would get naked and join her. They could talk about Cindy in the morning. If Candy happened to still be up, well, they could always talk about Cindy in the morning. Evan didn't knock, didn't even consider it, he just walked in.

Evan approached the right side of the king-size bed, his father's side, and found two motionless bodies. A golden blonde mess of hair covered the pillow directly in front of him. On the other side of the bed, facing away from him, there was Candy, her strawberry-blonde hair neat on the pillow. He sighed and lifted the covers. Gloria's nightshirt was bunched around her waist, exposing her white panties. At least she keeps her clothes on when she sneaks into Mom's bed, he thought. Oh well, the little stowaway beat him to it. He removed his shirt, smiled and got in bed behind his sister. Gloria grumbled and rolled on her back. "Huh, Evan, what are you doing here?"

"Shh, I was looking for you," he said. "What are you doing here?"

"Mm, Deana and Rebecca went to bed together, you weren't home, and I was lonely, so I came in here."

"You think Mom will mind all the company."

Gloria smirked and said, "She won't." She turned on her side and wiggled until her back was pressed into the contour of his body. "I'm glad you came looking for me."

He pressed his face into her hair and kissed Gloria's ear. "Mm, you smell nice."

"I showered in here and used Mom's shampoo and body wash."

The twisted thought of Candy and Gloria showering together flashed in Evan's mind. He dismissed it and put his arm over his sister. She hugged it to her chest and kissed his hand. "This is nice," she said.

"Yes, it is," Evan said. "Good night."

"Yeah, good night."

After a minute, he said, “Stop fidgeting.”