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by Bistander

Chapter 27

An Ultimate Threesome

After the exhausting night of racing, Evan had gone to his mother's room, hoping to find her awake. He had high expectations based on the previous night in her bed, but it was more than the sexual bliss that he hoped to recapture. It wasn't anything Evan could explain, but his night with Candy had transformed him. They made love; he poured every ounce of himself into pleasuring her. They went to sleep, woke beside each other, and made love again. His mother's countenance showed inexplicable satisfaction and adoration for him. Fuck you, Dad, Evan thought, I'm finally doing something better than you. He felt good about himself for the first time since—Maybe since Sandra died. Evan was finally acting like a man. Did that make him a grown up?

Evan had experienced a childlike sense of disappointment when he first saw Gloria had beaten him to Candy's bed, but he couldn't fault his sister for taking advantage of the situation. She had no idea her mother was having an affair with him. Gloria could never know that. That was why Evan had slipped under the covers behind his sister. What else was he supposed to do once Gloria realized he was in their mother's room in the middle of the night?

Once he was in bed with Gloria between him and Candy, Evan's mind was as fidgety as his sister's body. He thought about all those times he had pretended to be the daddy, but there was a problem with that fantasy, now. Sure, he was in bed with Candy and her daughter, but Evan couldn't play daddy with Gloria's body pressed into the contour of his. She had wiggled herself halfway out of her shirt. It was bunched up below her chest. The girl's ass felt too much like Candy's, and that made him feel things that weren't okay toward his sister, let alone a daughter. It certainly didn't help that Candy's mini-me had used her mother's body wash and shampoo.

Within fifteen minutes of not sleeping, Evan regretted the brazen act of getting in the bed. The thoughts going through his mind weren't things he wanted to add to his resume of debaucherous secrets. Those had been piling up, and it was getting difficult to keep them straight. Jason couldn't know he fucked Becky, his mother couldn't know he fucked her best friend, Miss Tonya, and Miss Tonya couldn't know he fucked her daughter, Jayda. Gloria couldn't know about that, either. Deana couldn't know how much he wanted to fuck Rebecca. Candy couldn't know what had already happened with Gloria, and certainly not what he wanted to do to her. At least Deana knew about Candy, and Rebecca knew about him and Deana, but that wasn't any consolation when Evan considered what loomed on the horizon. How could he go back to being a grounded, sexless teenage boy who hopelessly pursued love and validation from his father?

Evan lifted his head off the pillow he shared with Gloria and peeked under the covers. Their mother was naked! Candy had let Gloria shower in her bathroom, then got in bed with her daughter, naked, and—No, he rejected that thought as he had the idea of them showering together. Gloria left and came back after Candy had fallen asleep. That's what happened, he told himself. His mother stripped after she sent Gloria to her room because Candy knew he would come to her when he got home. Then she fell asleep, and Gloria hijacked his spot.

Mm, either way, Candy was nude in bed with her daughter. Evan's mind went to the videos Jason made him watch. They were stupid porn movies. Two people would be fucking on the same couch or bed or on the other side of the counter while someone else was there without noticing. Unbelievable, yes, but hadn't they turned him on? He gently moved his leg over his sister's body. The smooth, warm curve of Gloria's waist was a perfect fit for his thigh.

There was one Step Siblings Caught clip where the daughter was on the couch, leaning against her mother, while her brother fucked her from behind. It was impossible that the woman would stare straight ahead like she couldn't see what was happening in plain sight, yet he had watched it several times and jerked off. It was the sister, played by, Gina Valentina, that hooked him. She had the most erotic, fuck me expressions Evan had ever seen, and she reminded him of Deana. That was something that Evan would do, fuck Deana even if Candy was there watching. His cock swelled with the thought of their mother walking in while he pounded Deana's pussy. Did he want Candy to know they were lovers?

Evan hunched and pushed the bulge in his boxers into the cushions of Gloria's ass cheeks. A little wiggling and shifting got his bent cock into position. It straightened, emerging from the dick flaps. She grunted, bent her knee, and pulled the top leg forward. His cock straightened, sliding up the inside of her bottom thigh until it touched his sister's pussy, then it jerked, pushing against the plumpness of the girl's labia. Candy was right there, inches away from them, and his cock was in position to fuck her daughter. The heat emanating from Gloria's slit enraged the animalistic instinct to thrust until his cock was lodged inside the girl's body.

Obviously, Evan wouldn't do that to Gloria while she slept, even if Candy wasn't there, but what harm was there fantasizing about it? He sniffed his sister's hair and gently slid the head of his cock across Gloria's crotch. Why not play out the fake porn scene, pretending he was fucking his sister while their mother talked to them without knowing? It wasn't like Gloria hadn't rubbed on him while he slept and made him cum on her thigh. She wouldn't mind waking up with her pussy lips crusted over with his orgasm. After all, it was the closest thing to the ultimate threesome he would ever have.

This is stupid, Evan thought. Even if his sister were awake and asked him to shoot a load on her, he wouldn't do it. As excited as he was, there was no telling how far his load would go. Candy might be the one to wake up crusty. Jeez, I gotta get the hell out of here.

The night before, Candy had showered and climbed into bed. If she liked to drink, she would have drank herself stupid and passed out, but she had never used alcohol to hide from her problems. For that, Candy planned to let Evan fuck her brains out. The boy's attention, his enthusiasm, and sexual prowess made it easy for her to forget there was anything beyond the orgasms. Once they were exhausted, she would have made Evan spend the night, again. In the morning, after another thorough pounding, Candy would deal with reality.

Instead of Evan coming to her bed, it had been Gloria. John didn't allow that anymore, so in his absence, Candy wouldn't send her daughter away, regardless of nudity. It was unusual, but it didn't make Candy uncomfortable, and she didn't think her daughter would give it a second thought. That was until Evan showed up. Being in bed with her daughter and stepson was awkward, at best, and potentially disastrous, yet Candy pretended to be asleep.

Candy thought about Sally, Bobby and her laying in bed for hours on a Sunday morning, cuddling, talking, and eventually making love. She wondered what it would have been like to have a mother who took care of her, loved her, and made her comfortable enough to share a bed. Would the same thing that happened between Sally and Candy have happened with their mother?

While Gloria wiggled herself close to Evan, Candy created mental images of the way things could have turned out in the past and might in the future. She went to sleep hopeful, feeling loved and safe with Evan and Gloria sharing her bed.

Deana laid on her back, searching the ceiling for patterns the way she would the puffy clouds while sunbathing. At that moment, her life didn't seem any more real than the angel she'd found in the many layers of old paint. It was as if she had woken up walking a tightwire, exhilarated by the canyon below, confident in her ability, and sure she'd reach the other side. Then suddenly she realized she wasn't a circus performer. She was halfway across the distance, terrified to look down, move forward or go back. It would be best to stay right there and enjoy the view until the wind blew. How did I get here, Deana asked the imaginary figure on the ceiling?

A few weeks ago, I was a typical high school girl. Now, I'm a lesbian who fucked my twin brother, had a threesome with my sister and girlfriend, and I want to—Shit, he's coming back soon. Nothing will ever go back to the way it used to be, but everything, including the new fantasies she was having, had to stop before their father got home.

Deana looked at the naked gymnast laying next to her. Rebecca rarely got to spend the night when her father was home. So much for staying in bed together, all day. Evan had to stop looking at her the way he did. Her father would pick up on that. She wouldn't be able to shave her kitty anymore. What would he do if he found out she wasn't a virgin? And what about Candy?

That was the thing that made Deana want to step off the wire or get a gun. How could Candy go back to playing step-mommy? The woman had been liberated from that bondage. She was happy, looked beautiful, and her eyes were full of joy again. Deana had her best friend back; the way things had been before the nightmare started. Candy deserved to have a lover, and there wasn't anybody she'd rather see their mother with than—

Girl, what's burning up your mind?” Rebecca asked. “Sorry, didn't mean to make you piss yourself.”

Deana lifted her head and looked down. “Nope, no piss, you didn't scare me that bad, but close.”

Rebecca turned, slipping her thigh across Deana's stomach. “Mm, you're so sexy in the morning.”

What about the rest of the day?” Deana asked. Rebecca kissed her neck and nibble her ear. “Mm, Reb, I love you.”

Enough to tell me what's bothering you?” Rebecca asked. “You thinking about what's gonna happen?”

You know me,” Deana said, “I can't help worrying about what's gonna happen when he comes back from China.”

We'll figure it out,” Rebecca said. “Let's enjoy every minute until then, okay?” Deana nodded, but her girlfriend saw right through the fake smile. “What else? There's something else on your mind.”

They shared everything except her one secret so Deana couldn't keep this new one from Rebecca. “Remember when I told you my mother said she had been with another woman?”

Oh my God,” Rebecca popped up, “you hooked up with Candy.”

She blew out while shaking her head. Rebecca propped her head on her folded arm and stared at her. “I figured, but it was fun to imagine it for a second. Not that I could imagine being with a woman like Candy.”

Deana said, “You're incredible.”

Thank you,” Rebecca said. “So, what about Candy? We couldn't figure out who she might have been with, and you thought she made it up to make you feel better.”

Not anymore.”

Rebecca flipped on top of Deana and sat on her stomach with her knees tucked into Deana's armpits. “What happened?”

Deana thought Rebecca was going to grab her neck and choke the words out. “Okay, easy does it. Remember last night when you and Gloria went back to the car for our sweatshirts, and I went to the bathroom?”


This is strictly confidential. Evan can never hear about this.”

Of course!” Rebecca said.

Candy was with someone in the bathroom.”

Rebecca bounced. “You mean with someone, as in, ah, with them?”

Yeah.” Deana saw her girlfriend's deviant sexual brain whirling with ideas. “That's not a good thing. I heard my mother getting fucked by another woman in a bathroom stall . . . at the racetrack. It's bizarre.”

The tips of Rebecca's perky tits expanded. “And me catching my mother fucking our friend's mother with a strap-on isn't?”

Deana shook her head, trying to clear the image of Mrs. Stevens humping Ann's mother with the massive, black dildo. “Reb, it was Cindy, my cousin, Cindy.”

Fuck, fuck, oh fuck,” Rebecca's powerful legs crushed down on Deana's sides. “Cindy? Wait, you said in a stall. How do you know it was them? Did you wait for them to come out?”

No, shit, no, that would have been even more embarrassing. You should have heard it. It was definitely Candy. I thought it was Cindy, but later I saw her shoes, and I was sure. Actually, I was sure as soon as I saw them look at each other.”

And you wait until now to tell me? What the fuck?”

I needed time to process it,” Deana said. “You didn't tell me about your mother until we needed one of her dildos.”

I guess,” Rebecca said. “What did you hear? Did they say anything other than, ahh, ahh, oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me?”

Deana sighed. “And you wonder why I didn't tell you last night? Candy and Cindy, wow, it's still hard for me to believe, but it makes sense now.”

How does your cousin hooking up with your mother make sense?”

No, I mean the way things used to be,” Deana said. “Cindy used to call all the time, show up at Evan's stuff and my games, and hang out at the house. I saw the way they acted and looked at each other, but I thought I was nuts. There wasn't any way that could have been happening. Then all of a sudden it stopped. I figured it had something to do with my aunt and my father. They had a fight or something. Family shit, you know, it's stupid.”

They had a thing together?” Rebecca asked. “How long ago?”

A couple of years ago, and I'd say they had more than a thing,” Deana said.

You realize what that means?” Rebecca asked. “You, um, a couple years ago, Cindy was the age you are now. You must look exactly the way she did then. You almost do now.”

Deana knew what her friend was thinking, but she said, “So?”

Don't play dumb. Look at you,” Rebecca said and circled one of Deana's expanding nipples with her fingertip. “You're excited just thinking about it. What if your mom is into you, too?”

Will you stop that,” Deana said. “This is serious. If they were having an affair that suddenly ended, that might mean they got caught. Now if it started up again.” She stopped speaking because thinking what her father might do was bad enough. “Evan can't find out about this. Cindy is his idol and Candy—”

Is his lover,” Rebecca finished.

Deana opened her legs when Rebecca backed up. Her girlfriend's butt settled between them. Their crotches were inches apart. She touched the wet spot Rebecca left on her stomach and said, “Seriously?”

Rebecca ran the tip of her finger up Deana's pussy lips. “Look who's talking, You're dripping.” She sucked on her finger. The crooked smirk on the tumbler's face told Deana where this was going, but Rebecca surprised her. “Tell me every detail with the sound effects while I get myself off.” She pushed her finger between their pussies and stroked her clit.

Deana thought about the stall rocking and the panting moans. Her cheeks were aflame, and goosebumps raced across her belly. She cupped her tits and pinched the nipples. “Okay, but what about—” Rebecca shoved a finger inside her pussy. “Ah, okay, you're gonna multitask.”

You could say that,” Rebecca said and stroked both of their clits. “Or you could say, I'm gonna make your cunt explode with pleasure while I fuck myself silly.”

I love it when you talk dirty,” Deana said. “I heard, no, no, we can't. Then the whole row of stalls shook, and Candy whimpered, ahhhh.”

Mm, tell me more,” Rebecca said and slipped two fingers into Deana's body.

She closed her eyes and recounted the vivid memories, “Yes, ah, yes, we can. No, ah, oh, please, please stop . . .”

Under the influence of Rebecca's knowing fingers and tongue, the sounds of the reenactment became Deana's own moans and cries.

In the dim light of Candy's room, it would have been easy to mistake strawberry-blonde hair for golden-blonde, but not while the morning sun blared in Evan's bedroom window. The strands in his face may have been washed with Candy's shampoo, but they definitely belong to Gloria. So much for getting himself away from danger, he thought. It amazed him that the girl could climb the creaky stairs, open and close the door, get into the bed, and crawl up against him without waking him.

Gloria wiggled her butt and tightened her hold on his arm, the one pressed between her tits. It made Evan smile. There was no denying it felt good to wake up with someone he loved in his bed. Although considering it wasn't Candy or Deana, it would have been better if at least one of them were wearing something. His sister's ass was smashed up against his groin. He nuzzled his face through her hair and kissed Gloria's ear. "What did I tell you about getting in bed with me?"

"Mmm, I love waking up with you holding me like this."

"Um, you're naked," he said.

"So are you."

"It's my room."

"You got in Mom's bed when she was naked."

He was glad his sister couldn't see the smirk on his face. "That's because you were there, I didn't know she wasn't wearing anything."

"What's the problem then? You wanted to be in bed with me last night, and now you are." She humped until his erection was in an ass cheek sandwich. "Unless you were actually there to get in bed with Mom?"

Instead of trying to sound convincing, Evan freed his arm, grabbed Gloria's chin and turn her head toward him. It only took a few seconds to realize the girl kissed with the same loving passion as her mother. Gloria twisted her upper body. He made room, and she rolled on her back without releasing his tongue from her mouth. He turned until his chest rested on her left tit. The nipple was hard. Gloria shoved her leg over as he rotated his lower body. Her smooth, thick thigh was between his legs. His cock and balls slid across the soft skin.

He pulled his mouth away from Gloria's. "Stop that."

Gloria smirked and kept struggling to get her leg out from under him. When she did, she used it to shove him over. Evan settled into the last place he needed to be. There wasn't any place on the planet where he felt less in control of his senses than between a girl's legs. Gloria looped them around his and shackled their legs together. He loved it when Candy did that to give him more leverage when thrusting into her.

His sister's glistening blue eyes communicated her intentions. She nodded. He shook his head, remembering the look on Candy's face when she told him not to overlook what was in front of him for something out there. At the time, he thought or hoped Candy meant he could have her, but now he doubted that. Who else could his mother have been referring to?

The strength of a horny, young girl's pelvis is hard to comprehend. Gloria arched her back, pushing it into the mattress, and shoved the weight of his resistance upward. The moist lips of her pussy kissed the tip of his prick. She pulled her knees up, and he sank in. The hot, slippery flesh lapped at his cock head. He was in the perfect position. One thrust and his unyielding stiffness would slice through his sister's virginity.

With grave certainty, Gloria nodded again. She wanted him to have her, and he wanted her like never before. She whispered, “Do it,” and her short fingers clutched his ass, pulling him into her.

Evan shook his head violently. "No." He flipped over, but his sister clung to him. "No, no, we can't." He grabbed Gloria's butt and pulled her off his dick.

Gloria's palms slapped down on his chest. “Why not?” She pushed up. Her breasts fell together, swung and changed shape. He bit his lip and watched the nipples grow. How many times had he stared at Gloria's chest, wondering how big those nipples were and how they would feel in his mouth? “You know you want to,” Gloria said, “and so do I.”

At that moment, Evan knew what he had been telling himself about Gloria was a lie. Yes, she had always been special to him, but it was more than the big brother, little sister thing, and it wasn't that she had morphed into the babysitter he had fallen in love with years ago. “That's not how it works,” Evan said.

I'm pretty sure this is exactly how it works,” Gloria said and pushed her crotch against the head of his dick.

No, you don't just do it.” He placed his hands below her breasts and pushed them together. Gloria leaned over. The silky skin grazed his face. He sucked the large, brown ring into his mouth and licked around it. Gloria pressed her tit onto his face. He sucked in as much of it as he could get. She pulled back. He increased the suction. The flesh orb elongated. He held the hard center with his teeth. Gloria tugged it free. He tightened his stomach muscles against the wetness of her grinding pussy.

Gloria pulled her knees up the sides of his body and sat up on his chest. He admired the beauty of the round undersides of her tits. Gloria pushed them together. “Are they as nice as Mom's?”

Mm, even though I've never seen Mom naked, ah, sitting on my chest, I'd have to say, hell yeah.” He glanced down at his chest. His sister's swollen pussy lips were pressed out, and when she leaned forward, her mound piled up above her pubic bone. He stared.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh, um, nothing.” He held Gloria's hips. “There's nothing wrong." He kissed the hill of golden fuzz. It tickled his nose. He squeezed the globes of her ass. His sister knew what he wanted. She lifted up, arched her back and gave it to him. The moist, spongy flesh landed on his face. His sister's young lust was seeping. He flipped his head side-to-side, opening her. Gloria sucked in a hissing burst of air. The taste made him quiver. She shoved her pelvis forward, smashing her pussy on his thrusting tongue. The girl's juices coated his lips and enraging his desire. He plunged his tongue inside his sister's body and pulled her down to get more, drinking in her readiness.

Gloria leaned back, planted her hands on the bed and rode his face. He licked from her clit to her ass groove. It was obvious his sister had done this before, but he planned to make it her best.

From nose to chin, Evan was slick with his sister's excitement. The pace of her humping groin matched the short, sharp pitch of her moans and groans. Her incredibly oversized clit was a hard pussy cock, snapping over his tongue. He picked her up, turned her around, and tossed her face down beside him.

What, ah, why did you stop?”

Because Miss Tonya taught me how to make you remember this forever, Evan thought. He needed to thank that woman for the afternoon of sex education. It had helped him more than once. “I'm looking at the sexiest ass I've ever seen,” he said. Her amazing pussy bulged between her legs like a bullseye, mocking him.

Gloria strained, twisting her neck to look back at him. “Are we going to do it now?”

He looked up and down the girl's naked body. She was perfect, head to toe. His heart was pounding. He would never be able to look at his sister again and not imagine her naked in his bed.

Well?” Gloria asked.

Evan placed his hands on the back of her knees, turned his thumbs to the insides of her legs and his fingers to the outside. “Relax.” He moved up, pausing every few inches to squeeze her thigh muscles. The whole time he stared at the girl's pussy, imagining how it would feel to slide into her from behind. How ironic was it that he was seeing Gloria the same way he'd seen her mother that night when he first snuck into her room? The only thing missing was those fuckin' red panties.

When he reached the smiley face creases, Evan pushed Gloria's ass cheeks together and upward. "Jeez." He kissed the crests of each globe and grabbed the right one with his teeth. Gloria squirmed and tightened her glutes. He sucked and nibbled the wad of flesh until his sister squeaked, then he pressed his face into the glorious ass cleavage, burrowing down until the tip of his tongue was circling her tender anus. She did an inchworm impersonation, shoving upward. Her cheeks spread. He grabbed her pussy bone and rubbed her clit in rhythm with his thrusting tongue. His sister moaned and slapped her hands on the mattress.

He stroked his thumb through the deep pussy groove, challenging the narrow opening. Gloria bucked, forcing him into her. He moved his face away and pumped her crotch, thumb fucking her while grinding her erect clit with his index and middle fingers. His sister humped, making him go deeper and deeper inside her body. Her ass cheeks shook and bounced with her thrashing. It sounded and looked like the most erotic thing he had ever seen, but it felt like something even more wonderful.

Evan grabbed Gloria's hips and turned her over in one rough motion. Her head popped up. He lowered his face between her legs and pressed his lips to the hood at the top of her slit, peering over her curly bush to meet Gloria's eyes. She smiled her approval, and he used his tongue to expose the nerve center of her pleasure. His sister sucked in a huge breath and dropped her head. He inhaled with increasing speed, letting the air slice across the girl's clit. Gloria whimpered and grabbed his head. He flicked the tip of his tongue, and she pulled his hair.

The cries of pleasure grew, but his sister's thighs muffled the sound. Evan stuffed his long, thick finger into her tight pussy tube and pumped it. Gloria's legs opened and closed several times before clamping down on his head. He licked harder and fingered her faster. She bucked violently then crushed his ears and shoved her pelvis upward. He couldn't hear a thing, but he was proud of his work. His sister was going to remember the first time he went down on her forever.

Gloria released Evan's head, rolled on her side, and curled up. He laid behind her and pulled her close. “You're shivering,” he said.

Mm, ah, no, I shiver when it's good,” she said. “That was great. I'm trembling.”

He crossed his arms under her tits, hugging her tight. “That's good, right?”

Ah, no, that was amazing. . . the best ever.”

Evan had to restrain himself, or he would have crushed his sister in his arms. He slipped his thigh over her hip and into the curve of her waist the way it had been in Candy's bed. Gloria hunched, rubbing her butt on his boner. He realized he had started something that even his father's return wouldn't be able to stop. “Mm, baby.”

Gloria sighed heavily. “You know, you can still call me your baby girl?”

Thank you, I love you . . . really.”

I love you, more.”

He kissed his way up her neck and whispered in her ear, “That's not possible.”

Does this mean—” Gloria reached between them and grabbed his cock.—“now we're gonna do it?” She pulled her middle forward, forced his stiffness down, and shoved her ass back. He was lodged in the gap at the tops of her thighs. The pulsating purple dome of his cock was pressed into the hot, slippery wedges of her pussy.

No, we can't do it, not now.”

How come?”

He gave three short, fast thrusts into the press of his sister's legs and started shooting the load of cum that had been threatening all morning. The slimy fluid coated her labia, ass groove and the tops of her thighs. She rocked back and forth. He shoved the length of cock through the lubricated channel and sent a few squirts onto the sheet in front of his sister. “Sorry, I couldn't help it. You're too much for me.”

She turned on her back and pulled his leg over her stomach. His waning erection pressed against her hip. She batted her eyes. “Really?”

He stared at the girl with the satisfied, lazy smile and deep dimples, and his chest tightened. It was terrible; he had it bad, a bad case of loving another girl he couldn't walk hand and hand with or kiss in front of anybody. “Yeah, really.” He kissed her. “You know we have a problem, right?”


I am never going to be able to keep my hands off you.”

Gloria grinned and placed his hand on her tit. “That's not a problem.”

He played with her nipple, then slid his hand down to her belly, just above the mound of blonde hair. She rolled toward him. They kissed, she pushed him back and threw her leg over his stomach, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck. He held her thigh and stared at the ceiling. If he had to choose between Deana, Candy, and Gloria, who would he pick?

They slipped into a post-climax snooze. Even without the crusty evidence matting Gloria's pubic hair and staining the sheet, it wouldn't have taken a genius to know what the two naked teenagers had been up to.

Sunday morning, after race-night, Jason awoke from what he thought was a dream and rubbed crust from his eyes. A spark of reality flickered, and the dull grogginess of sleep instantly vanished. It wasn't a dream. Fuck, I sure opened Pandora's box, again.

The night before, everything about the night at the races made him desperately horny mentally and physically. Billy Joe wanted him, and he had been so close, yet denied at the worst time. That was enough to make him want to scream, cry and kick his feet. Then he rode home in the backseat with whatever pheromones were emanating from Rebecca and Gloria. He hadn't seen anything specific, but there was something funny going on. Every time they went under a streetlight, he saw an expression on Rebecca's face that suggested she had just pulled it from between Gloria's legs. The thought of the tumbler with Evan's little sister made him ready to fuck anything that stood still long enough to get his dick in it.

Jason went in through the kitchen and stopped in the hallway, glancing over the back of the couch into the living room. He was happy to see Becky was still up. She was sitting on the floor, facing the TV, with her knees drawn up against her chest and her t-shirt stretched over her legs. The pigtails sprouting from the sides of her head made her look like a kid, but his sister was re-watching one of her favorite scenes from Californication. Madeline was fucking and punching Hank. Jason sighed and thought, Becky and Madeline have a lot in common, no wonder that's her favorite character.

Becky turned her head and motioned for him to come to her. He said, "I need a shower," and continued down the hall. Once the many layers of grunge were washed away, Jason planned to do everything to Becky that he didn't get to do to BJ, and more.

Before Jason was finished undressing, Becky opened the bathroom door. Her legs were covered to mid-thigh with multicolored, striped stockings. "God, your filthy, and you smell."

He said, "No Shit, that's why I'm taking a shower. Wanna help me wash?"

Becky tipped her head to the side, quizzically. Her pigtails wagged with the shake of her head. "Nah, but as soon as you're done, I gotta show you something. I'll be in the living room. Hurry up."

What?” Jason asked. She didn't answer, but the expression on his sister's face suggested it would be fun. "Where's Mom?"

She gave him an odd smirk and said, "She's sleeping, but put something on anyway."

"Yeah, I'm not you, I don't walk around naked," he said.

Pfft, right.” She left.

Jason got in the shower and started washing before the water got warm. He had fully embraced the taboo and planned to fuck Becky as often as possible, regardless of what Evan thought about it. They were two exceptionally horny teenagers, living together, so it was perfect, as long as they never got caught.

What does Becky have going on in her twisted up mind, Jason wondered? Maybe his sister would be waiting for him on her hands and knees? Her long T-shirt would be up around her waist, and she wouldn't have on underwear, as always. He could take her from behind the way Ms. Style took him. If Becky had known Darlene's plan, she would deserve it, but there was no way in hell the mule would fit in his sister's dime-sized butt hole. That was fine. Jason loved the girl's tight as fuck pussy. He could do Becky and imagine it was Billy Joe. KK would be screaming, "Stop, stop, stop fucking her," but he'd keep on pumping.

When Jason got out of the shower, he saw a bathrobe hanging on the doorknob. It seemed strange, but he put it on anyway. Becky must know something he didn't. It was possible their mother had gotten up to make sure he was home. Mm, the way I feel, he thought, maybe I should walk out there with this boner waving around?

Becky was on the right side of the room, halfway between the couch and TV. She shushed him with a finger. That was when Jason realized their mother was sleeping on the couch. Her feet were on the floor, but her body had fallen to the left. She looked comfortable with her head sunk into the pillow that was on the armrest. This wasn't unusual; he had seen his mother asleep in that position dozens of times. Becky motioned with excitement. His sister was sitting Indian style, and he could see the youthful swells of her bald pussy lips.

He reached Becky in three long strides. She tugged on his hands, pulling him down to the carpet. He was nervous and intrigued. “What are we—” Becky pointed, and Jason shut up. That was unusual.

Their mother's folded right arm was tucked in front of her on the couch. Her right breast rested on it. The left one had followed the right toward the sofa, but the top half had fallen out of the bathrobe. The flickering shades of TV light illuminated the elongated brown cone. Their mother always wore a bra, except—The night Jason walked into the bathroom flooded his mind. His mother was on the toilet, her bare legs widely spread. He stared between them at the thick bush of brown pubic hair. She slammed her thighs together but didn't cross her arms over her chest. His mother's tits had always reminded him of women in those 1950's style bras, but seeing them that night gave him a greater appreciation for her elongated nipples. He had never gotten over it, and had fantasized about them and tried to catch her off guard again, but never had. Tonight was his opportunity to fill his brain with fodder for future jerk sessions.

Becky ducked lower and pointed again. Jason looked between the woman's knees. Holy shit, he thought, Mom is naked under that disheveled robe. What has gotten into her? His cock rose from between his outstretched legs, lifting the robe. He tossed the flaps aside and grabbed his dick without taking his eyes off his mother's pussy. Fucking his sister would have to wait. Jason fisted the top of his erection and milked the purple knob from the fleshy sheath.

Becky's thin legs passed through his line of sight. He kept pulling on his meat. His sister gently sat next to their mother. His apprehension grew. The first person their mother would see if she opened her eyes would be him, yet his hand kept moving. Becky licked her lips, pointing at their mother's crotch. He shook his head and watched his sister ease the terrycloth to the side. He shook his head with more emphasis, but Becky continued peeling the material back. Their mother's left leg was uncovered from knee to hip, and he could see her butt cheek. He increased the tempo, imagining his cock was sliding in and out of his mother's body.

As much as Jason didn't want to get caught, he wished his mother already knew. He wanted to fuck Becky anytime and anywhere without the fear of being discovered. He had already been imagining their mother with her ear to the bedroom door and her hand in her panties. Eventually, Mary would peek in and watch them, and one day she would ask him to fuck her, too. He would get to lick those amazing nipples, feel them grow and suck them all the way into his throat. Would his mother get off on having her tits sucked the way Becky did?

Becky made a backhanded jerking motion, aiming an imaginary dick at the brown triangle between their mother's legs. He considered the implied proposition. His sister hadn't awoken when he shot a load of cum on her. The thought of emptying his balls on their sleeping mother made Jason's cock surge with a greater stiffness, but he mouthed the word, no. Becky stood, turned toward their mother, put a foot on the couch, arched her body and started stroking her clit with two fingers.

He didn't know whether to run, cum and run or wait to see if his sister actually got herself off without waking their mother. Becky grinned and seductively swished her hips on the way over to where he sat. Good, he thought, now we can go in the bedroom, and I can pound her tiny pussy. His sister had something else in mind.

Becky stood over his legs, pushed him back against the recliner, and lifted her shirt. The plump, bald wedges of glistening labia made him lick his lips. She held his head and thrust her crotch. He opened his mouth, and his sister smashed her drenched pussy on it. She pumped her groin, grinding her clit across his nose and lips. He plunged his tongue up into the girl's incredibly narrow tube. Her sculpted buns were a perfect match for his hands. He used them to help bash her cunt on his mouth. The tangy juices coated his chin, lips, and tongue.

Before Jason could finish getting Becky off, his sister pulled her crotch away and slowly bent her knees, dragging her wet crotch down his chest and stomach. He turned his head and stared at his mother's face. This is insane, he thought and tried to stop Becky, but the hot, slick inner flesh encased the tip of his dick. His squatting sister applied more pressure while her fist steadied his cock. He knew as soon as his plum popped through the mouth of Becky's pussy tube, she would grunt and moan. It was the most ridiculously dangerous thing they had ever done, and if it weren't also the most intoxicating, he would have carried Becky out of the room. He tried to imagine what to do if his mother opened her eyes, but all he could think of was the expression she'd have on her face. In his mind, Mary Barnes would sit up in shock, then reach for her pussy. The woman would finger herself while encouraging him to fuck his sister harder. That's how it happened in porn movies.

Becky squeezed the base, rotated her pelvis, grinding the head on her slippery wetness, and worked his bulbous knob into the dish of deep labia. The foreboding Jason got from staring at his mother combined with his wickedly aroused state made him impatient and he shoved upward. The timing couldn't have been worse for his sister whose own perverse needs had her slamming her crotch down at the same time. The girl's eighty-five-pound body wasn't prepared to receive all of his giant log of cock in one thrust. His dick head crashed into the limit of her pussy tube, and the air rushed out of Becky in a pained whimper. Her tit's changed shapes, pushing their amazing points out beyond what Jason had imagined they were capable of. His eyes rushed from the lip between Becky's teeth and her teary eyes, to their mother and back. He opened his outstretched legs, allowing his sister's tiny butt to sink between them. She leaned back, and they both looked at her impaled pussy. The stretched hole had forced his excess skin to bunch up around the trunk of his cock. He lifted Becky and turned back to his mother. His sister dropped herself on his pole. It might have been the stupidest thing he could do, but fucking his sister right in front of their mother, even if she were sleeping, was the closest he would ever get to the ultimate threesome. Too bad he couldn't facetime Evan now.

With her arms wrapped around Jason's neck and her knees dug into his ribs, Becky bounced her pussy on the top of his cock. The sounds of sex increased, which should have elevated his anxiety, but Jason's hands were on his sister's waist, helping her fuck him harder. Was getting caught the best way to accomplish what he had wanted for longer than he knew? If so, then he should lay Becky on her back with her head below their mother's face, get between her legs, push up and pound his sister with his face inches from Mary's.

Jason threw the covers off, disgusted. Last night, under the influence of lust, fucking his sister in front of their mother was as right as going to church, but when he had to shove Becky off his cock and cum was flying on the carpet it quickly seemed as insane as it was. I'm not living in a porn movie. Mary Barnes isn't going to jump on my dick and make it an incestuous threesome. No, she'd probably cry, again, and he wouldn't be able to look at her for months. Shit, he was afraid to face her now. Last night, he left Becky in the living room to wake their mother, so he didn't know if she was somehow subconsciously aware or smelled sex or stepped in some jizz when she got up to go to her room?

He needed to get Becky to take those impulse control meds their mother told her about before she got him sent to live with his father, who he didn't even know. Maybe that's why mom got rid of him, he might have been a pervert who—Wait a second, Jason thought, it wasn't a spur of the moment thing. She had waited for him. Becky had that planned out. It was a setup, not an impulse control issue. The girl didn't care if they got caught.

A conversation with his moral compass was what Jason needed. Evan would blast him with, this isn't a porn movie, then they could come up with a plan to get Billy Joe away from KK. Once he had a girlfriend, a real girlfriend, not his sister or the crazy redhead who made him—Shit, I forgot about that. I really need to talk to Evan. He needs to know about Ms. Style. But first, where is Becky, Jason wondered?

It was later than Candy had stayed in bed for years. She was on her back with her hands on her stomach. The covers were pulled up to her chin, her knees were up, tenting the sheet. She was staring at the ceiling. The phone vibrated, again. If it were an emergency, they would leave a message, and if it was the person who had called earlier, Candy couldn't answer. That conversation would have to wait until—She didn't know when or if she'd have the fortitude for that conversation.

Candy had blamed the camera for her nefarious behavior, but spying was a childhood fetish, an itch that could be scratched and put to rest. It might have advanced the timeline, but it hadn't made her commit adultery with her stepson. That would have happened eventually, regardless. The boy had a boner for her since he was ten, and he needed it to happen. Evan was looking for the same thing Candy was, validation and power. As fleeting as it would be, they felt victorious. Evan was a better lover than his father, and now he knew it. That didn't make him a man, but it could get him out from under the crushing weight of his father's critical controlling long enough to set Evan on his way to finding himself. If not, Evan would end up like her, in a loveless relationship, always trying to be something she wasn't, hoping one day she'd find a way to get free.

What Candy let happen the night before, with Cindy, was worse than the camera, Tonya, Sally, and Evan combined. Cindy represented everything Candy couldn't live without. The girl loved her just because. There weren't any strings attached. Neither of them wanted anything other than each other's love. Candy could be herself, be the teenage girl she felt like, and Cindy didn't want her to pretend she was somebody else. Candy felt pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough, good enough, and most of all, she felt safe with Cindy. The race car driving teenager was everything Sandra had been. It was as if the woman had been reincarnated into Cindy.

It had been to support Evan, but going to the races had been as smart as a sober alcoholic spending the night in a bar. Candy got drunk, and now the physical addiction was conspiring with the mental obsession that had never stopped during their forced separation. Cindy was correct; Candy did love her. No, she needed Cindy and loved her with the kind of love that makes you do stupid things. Wasn't that why they had gotten caught?

The powerful feelings they shared had challenged Candy's limited self-control, but the longer the affair continued, the more difficult it became to resist the girl who reminded her of Sandra and looked like Deana. Every single day Deana was there, but Cindy wasn't. The younger version of Cindy was flirtatious and lacked modesty, parading around in towels, t-shirts, and underwear. Deana also shared Cindy's affectionate nature; she was generous with hugs and kisses.

Candy closed her eyes and thought about the day that changed everything. Deana had been extra playful that morning before leaving for school. They made eye contact, and Candy felt as if Deana was looking down inside her soul, seeing the things she felt for Cindy. At that moment, there hadn't been a distinction between the two girls. Deana's expression changed. She moved her face close, touching the tip of her nose to Candy's, and put her hands on Candy's waist. The girl's eyes were black pools. The force of conflicting emotions weakened Candy's knees. Deana could have knocked her over with a puff of air. Then as if she sensed that, Deana slid her hands around Candy's back and downward. Their lips were touching. Candy could feel the girl's long fingers clutching her ass, but she wasn't sure if they were actually inside her sweatpants. Deana's kiss dazed her.

It wasn't until Deana was halfway out the back door that Candy came back to herself, realizing it hadn't been Cindy. An inappropriate heat flamed between her legs. Candy went to her room, stripped, and laid on the bed until she saw the intense, dark eyes peering over the curly mound of her strawberry hair. Cindy used her lips, sliding them up and down to open Candy's burning flesh. Her tongue snaked through the deep folds and darted inside Candy's pussy. She moaned wildly when Cindy exposed her thick bud and sucked it. Candy's knees fell open submissively while she manhandled her own tits. Cindy inserted two fingers, ramming them deep to find that special spot. The orgasms came in building waves of intensity. Then the door opened like a hunter's trap snapping shut on Candy's ankle.

The bed shifted, and Evan opened his eyes. Gloria had gotten up. He watched his sister walk across the room. His grin was unavoidable. The girl's ass confounded his senses the same way Darlene's did. The cheek opposite the leg that was going forward tightened and punched upward. When it dropped and fanned out, that smiley-face crease formed at the top of her thigh. With each step, her legs went from one degree of amazing to another. Gloria stopped with her feet together in front of the mirror on the back of the closet door. Her thighs were pressed together, except for a heart-shaped gap below Gloria's crotch. He licked his lips and thought about the dozens of times he stared at Candy's ass while she washed dishes, picturing his mother naked. He imagined moving his face up her legs and into her ass cleavage, feeling the cushions on his cheeks. His nose would part the smooth skin until the weight of her ass was pressed on his face, then he would thrust his tongue out.

Gloria turned around, twisted her body and looked at her butt in the mirror. Blonde, I've just been fucked looking hair covered her shoulders and draped the top of her chest, tickling the edges of the soft-brown rings. They were plump, rising from the girl's round melons. She spotted him. "You're staring,” she said.

The new perspective dazed Evan. "I can't help it, you're, um, incredible."

Thank you." She poked the purple spot on her butt. “You, ah, that's not gonna go away for a while.”

Are you planning on showing anyone else your ass?”

No, but, um,” she looked in the mirror again, “no, but my bathing suit might not cover that.”

He thought about the bathing suits his sister's and Rebecca were wearing. “Hmm, you might be right,” he said. “Sorry. Were you gonna wear it soon?”

Never mind. My, ah,” she pointed, “is crunchy. I need a shower. You should come, too.”

That wouldn't be smart,” he said. “Everybody is home.”

Gloria flipped her hair and marched to the door. He marveled at the subtle bounce of her tits. She stopped with her hand on the doorknob. He said, “Clothes, you're not, you can't just—Put something on, first.”

She pulled the door open. “Nah.”

The girl's smirk would have been right at home on the tumbler's face. “Gloria, be smart!”

She closed the door behind her. Evan listened to her footfall and the downstairs door opening and closing.

Some mornings you wake up in a dozy, languid state where your first thought drifts, collecting others; the whole time your brain is being tugged downward, and your thinking becomes impregnated with fantasies until REM sleep swallows the thought process. Dreams engulf the original reality, spinning it into something else. Not being tired enough for deep, forgetful sleep, your brain is abruptly tossed back into the groggy place it started, but now conscious thoughts are infected with REM-based ideas and the feelings spawned in the dream world. Each time the cycle begins again, your thoughts are more deluded by fantasies, and you seed them with ideas in an effort to control the events that happen in the safety of the sleepy pretend world.

Mary Barnes had been trapped for an hour in that dazed, listless state, desperately searching for the truth. The night before, she had fallen asleep on the couch. That wasn't unlike her, but there had been something uncharacteristic about last night, and that was the subject matter looping through the thought, fantasy, dream cycle. Every time her brain snapped back to reality, she was more uncertain about what happened.

Becky had been gentle when she woke Mary and helped her sit up. The pain in her neck had been horrendous. Her daughter saw it and leaned in, rubbing her shoulders. That was when Mary realized her robe was askew, exposing her from her chest to her crotch. Why didn't her daughter point that out?

That was where the lines blurred. Becky seemed too close. Maybe their noses were touching? Warm, moist air rushed over Mary's cheek, whisked across her short hairs and tickled her ear. What was Becky saying while her hands massaged and her lips teased my earlobe, Mary wondered?

She tried to remember what she did when she knew her robe was open, but Becky's knees came to her mind. They were on the couch at her sides. The girl was straddling her lap, holding her neck and whispering in her ear. Was that possible, or were those just the thoughts she had fed her brain so she could dream about something that could never happen?

Once again, Mary stumbled into a partial sleep, and Becky was kissing her. The girl's hands were inside the robe and her fingers were rolling Mary's nipple. The smell of sex was strong in the air. Their tongues fought for dominance, and she groped lustfully at her daughter's naked ass.

Mary jerked awake and sat up. The covers fell away from her chest, and she saw that she was naked. Dammit, that's what this is all about. The previous night, a thought had come to her. It challenged her sense of right and wrong, but instead of rejecting the idea, Mary entertained it for a second. Suddenly it was as if she were a kid being dared. She left her room without pajamas under her bathrobe. A rush of nervous excitement thrilled her when she sat on the couch, naked under her robe, and watched TV with her daughter. That explained why she had slept nude and dreamed about crazy things. Mothers don't sleep naked, that's what her husband told her. Asshole, Mary thought, and she curled up with a pillow between her legs, imagining the way it might have turned out last night if she hadn't come to her senses.

Teenagers aren't known for being smart, but Evan knew standing naked outside the bathroom door with his boxers and a t-shirt in his hand, was inarguably over in the stupid column. He pictured the expression on Candy's face the day she announced she was going to walk to her room naked. Not one person in that house acted the same as they had before his father left for China. Things would have to change drastically when he returned.

As expected, Evan wasn't disappointed when he turned the knob. He put his clothes on the counter and went to the toilet. “I thought boys did that in the shower,” Gloria said, poking her head between the curtain and the wall.

He smiled at the girl with lathered hair and said, “Only if I'm already in there when I realize I have to go.”

Gloria blushed and said, “Yeah, me too.”

That surprised and excited him. He shook three times and went to the other side of the curtain. Gloria met him in the middle of the tub. The shower beat against her back. Soap suds slid down her chest, between her tits, over her belly and into the triangle of wet, foamy hair. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back under the streams. When she reached over her shoulders and used her hands to expedite the rinsing process, her tits rose and separated. Just like her mother, he thought, his sister had cleavage designed for titty fucking. He collected her breasts and squeezed. The flesh orbs squirted away from his gripping fingertips. He was hard before Gloria's eyes opened.

They switched positions. He got wet, then stepped forward. Gloria coated his chest with Dove body wash and started washing him. The young girl's hands moved with mature, sensual passion. Evan trembled when his sister lathered his balls and dick. Her short fingers didn't reach all the way around the trunk of his rigid cock. He held Gloria's neck and tipped her head back. They silently stared into each other's eyes. He moved his hands down her sides, into the curve of her back, over the globes of her ass and up through the luscious groove. Gloria's stomach met his bowed erection. He lifted her and pinned her to the wall. Chill bumps from the cool tile covered her chest. “Ooh.” She wrapped her slippery legs around his waist.

The tip of Evan's prick had parted the two swells of labia, slid through the channel of flesh and burrowed into the back of her pussy. He placed his lips on Gloria's. She whispered into his mouth, “It's okay, you can do it.”

All Evan had to do was lower his sister on the cock head that was stuffed into her crotch. He shifted and dropped her two inches. His erection slid across her asshole and settled in the groove between her cheeks. “No, not now,” he said. “Your first time should be special, perfect, something you'll remember forever. This isn't that.” He put her down.

Gloria wrapped both hands around his cock and stared at it. She didn't have to say it scared her; the message was written on her face. He hunched. Gloria stroked. He drew back and thrust again. His sister pumped her fists while staring with growing fascination. He kept on humping. She leaned back on the wall and slid down until her breasts were in the right spot. He watched his sister shove him between her tits and pushed them together. It was impossible to say if it felt as good as it had when he fantasized about it, but it looked better than he'd ever imagined. The purple knob emerged from Gloria's cleavage, then it vanished. Gloria smiled at him. He reached down and helped her crush her tits around his cock, then he fucked them urgently. Once he came, he might be able to stop thinking about making love to his baby girl.

Hot, creamy fluid struck her neck, and she made the mistake of looking down. He jerked and shot again. Gloria looked up with cum dangling from her nose. She grinned and tipped her head. Like makeup, a dick in a girl's mouth added years to her appearance. He couldn't believe it; Gloria eagerly bobbed on his squirting cock, sucking in every drop and swallowing. How the hell did she learn that from the softball sisters?

When he became painfully sensitive, he pulled Gloria up. She got on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck and shoved her tongue into his mouth. Evan didn't care that her lips and tongue were covered with his orgasm.

How come you don't want to?” Gloria asked.

Lie, Evan told himself, but the truth spilled out, “I do, believe me, I do.”


I told you, it has to be special.” He turned the water off and opened the shower curtain. “I want to make it special, really special for you.”

The realization that it was just a matter of time changed Gloria's expression. “When?”

He wrapped a towel around his sister's shoulders and started drying her. “After I get your birthday present.” Shit, what am I going to get her?

Gloria hugged him with more strength than he thought she had. He ducked down, got his arms under her butt, and lifted her until she was looking down at him, combing her fingers through his wet hair. The expression on Gloria's face and the powerful emotions crushing Evan's chest altered his perspective. He wanted to carry her naked body to her room, lay her down on the bed and finally give his sister what she had been trying to get for weeks. He needed help.

Once they were out of the bathroom, Evan sent the smitten girl to her room and quickly retreated to his. That hadn't been easy. Gloria wanted to go with him, and he wanted to take her. The residual of emotions from the shower would have made it easy to spend the rest of the day in bed with her. If oral sex and a shower made him feel that way, he wondered what would happen if they made love?

That wasn't a hard question to answer. It would be precisely the way it had been after he made love to Candy, except justifying it would be easier. The girl wasn't married to his father, and she wasn't his twin sister. No, Evan thought, it's even worse than that. Gloria doesn't have a girlfriend, and she wanted it at least as much as he did. It would be like Stacey and him; they fucked every chance they got, except Gloria lived with him. He was fucked.

Jason wouldn't be able to help him, but Evan needed to talk to someone who would understand if he told the truth, which he wouldn't. Evan planned on calling Jason after he got dressed and asked Deana for help, but his phone lit up with his friend's name before he started downstairs. He pressed accept, and Jason said, “Evan, I need your help.”

Jeez, he thought, I'm the one who needs help. “With what?”

"Would you do Ms. Style?" Jason asked.

"Um, did I not mentioned that she's incredibly sexy in a fuck me kind of way?"

"Yeah, several times,” Jason said. “So you would do her if you got a chance?"

"Of course," Evan said.

"Good," Jason said. "You ever get the feeling you met her before or at least seen her somewhere?"

He shook his head and said, “No.”

You sure?” Jason asked.

"Yes, and you've never met her, so why are you asking?”

"Hey, don't get mad, but I have, more than once," Jason said.


"Yeah, I've been to her house. Darlene—"

"Oh jeez," Evan said. "If Darlene is involved this has got to be good."

"I'm not making this up," Jason said.

"I know," he said. "Tell me about it."

Jason started by recapping some of the stuff from his original encounter with Darlene and Becky but quickly jumped to Ms. Style's house. Evan listened and nodded without asking any questions. After what he saw Darlene do to Deana, he knew Jason's story was entirely plausible, except for one thing. "Where was Becky? How come she wasn't there?" He couldn't imagine that freak not being involved.

"Don't tell her any of this," Jason said. "She knows I went there, Darlene called her to get me there the first time, but she didn't get invited."

"Yeah, but if you really had a threesome with her and Darlene, why wouldn't Becky get invited?"

Jason sighed. "Dude, does anybody understand why the redhead does anything?"

Evan pictured Darlene in that tiny bikini making out with his sister. "No, I guess not," he said. "So Ms. Style just watched you fucked Darlene and didn't do anything?"

"Um, yeah,” Jason said. “Like I said, the first time she role played Darlene's mother and coached me."

"Nothing else?" Evan asked. “The second time, dressed as Catwoman, come on, I know there's more. Why else would you call asking me for help?”

"Ah, that's kind of another thing," Jason said. "So you're not mad that I was with Darlene or went to Style's without you?"

"Jeez, why would I be? That's the ultimate threesome," Evan said. "I can't believe you kept it from me this long.”

I told you I had a threesome with Becky and Darlene, but you didn't believe me.”

That time you told me about it like it was a joke,” Evan said. “It wasn't like when you finally told me about you and Becky. Why did you wait so long to tell me about that? It's not like we keep shit from each other."

"Sorry, man, banging your sister isn't something you just say over lunch,” Jason said. “Besides, whenever I suggested you hook up with Deana you always made me feel like it was absolutely not something I should even think about. Why would I tell you?"

Yeah, I guess,” he said, feeling guilty. “Sorry. So what do you need help with?”

First, let me ask you something,” Jason said.


If you were with Darlene and someone in a Catwoman costume started licking and poking your ass, what would you do?” Jason asked.

Fuck, even if Darlene wasn't there, if Ms. Style wanted to lick or anything else my ass I'd be jerking my dick while she did it. She gives me a boner the second I lay eyes on her in her normal clothes. I'm not sure what would happen if she came out in black leather with her nipples sticking out through tit holes.”

Good, that's good,” Jason said. “I'm glad you agree because at first when she started licking my asshole, it felt a little gay.”

And letting a dog lick your balls is?”

Never mind that,” Jason said. “I'm going to send you a link, but I gotta find it first.”

"Whatever,” he said and tried to unburden. "Don't be mad, but I fucked Becky. She made me fuck her, I swear, I didn't want to, but you know how your sister is."

"Of course, course I do, but why wouldn't you tell me that?"

"We had a deal about our sisters,” Evan said. “I felt like a dick after the first time and worse when she got me again. That girl has some special freak powers.”

"Relax, I understand how she is, and I don't care if you keep doing her. Me and Becky don't have any strings attached. It's not like we're dating. We just like sex, and we live together, so we fuck . . . a lot."

Aren't you afraid your mother might catch you?" He heard Jason blowing out a long breath, and he could picture his friend dragging both hands across his face. “She caught you?”

No, no she didn't,” Jason said, “but Becky is—Oh fuck, she doesn't seem to care if we get caught. Really, I think she wants us to."

Ooh, what happened when you got home last night?”

Jason went into great detail about what happened when he got home the night before. Evan listened without making a sound until—"She wanted you to shoot a load on your mother's pussy? What did you do?”

"I fucked her," Jason said.

Evan's heart raced. "You fucked your mother while she was sleeping?"

"No! I fucked Becky, we fucked on the floor right in front of my mother. If she woke up. If she had woken up, I don't know what would have happened."

At least I didn't fuck Gloria in Mom's bed, Evan thought, but his false pride was pointed out by the massive boner in his pants. He had wanted to fuck Gloria next to their sleeping mother more than anything. "Wow, can you imagine fucking her while your mother watched?"


Jason's tone made Evan realize how his words must have sounded. "Oh, sorry, I was just—"

"You were just thinking about fucking your sister in front of Candy, that's what you were doing. Don't lie."

"Which one?" Evan asked.

"Does it matter?"

Oh yeah, it did, Evan thought. Fucking Candy's daughter in front of the girl's mother would be a very different thing than fucking his twin sister in front of their stepmother. "No, I guess not," he said. "Becky doesn't care, you're right about that. I think she gets off on it. She tried to fuck me while you were taking a shower. I told her you would catch us, and I knew from the look on her face that was what she wanted."

"I'm sure,” Jason said. “That was the night she got you to watch us. I think she wanted both of us to do her.”

"That might be true, but there is some other threesome she's been hinting at," he said, imagining Jason's mother and Becky getting it on. Maybe that was the threesome she wanted to have with him. “I can't imagine who she means, but she said it wasn't you and me.”

Jason sighed heavily, again. “I just hope she isn't thinking about our mother and us.”

I'm not, not doing your mother with you.” He had to draw the line somewhere, didn't he?

That's not what I meant,” Jason said. “Becky might want to get caught because she thinks the ultimate threesome might be possible.”

Would you fuck your mother?”

Have you seen my mother?”

He thought about Mary's logic-defying cone-shaped tit's, the fantastic nipples, and that thick, old school porn bush between her legs. “Okay, if you were fucking your mom, too, would you tell your sister?"

"Which one?" Jason asked.

"You only have one."

"I know, but we're talking about you,” Jason said. “Aren't we? Which one?"

Before he knew what he was going to say, Evan felt a sense of relief. “Both.”

"You fucked both your sisters!”

He moved the phone away from his ear and rubbed it. “No." Evan's sense of false pride returned. "Candy and Deana. I didn't, ah, wouldn't do it with Gloria." He didn't even believe that lie anymore, but it hadn't happened, so it felt right to keep pretending.

"Mother fucker, Candy and Deana, fuck, are you serious? You better not be pulling my dick."

He didn't want to see it, but an image of Jason's massive cock being stroked popped into his mind. "No, I don't think I want to do that for you."

"Shut up," Jason said. "God, Deana, and Candy? You lucky fuck. Tell me. I told you all my shit, I want to hear what happened. How long have you been keeping this from me."

It might have been camaraderie among sister fuckers or a sense of relief after holding secrets at bay for weeks, Evan wasn't sure, but it felt good to talk about it. It gave him a hard-on to hear the words coming out of his mouth, “I was fucking Candy in the kitchen and Rebecca saw us.”

Ten minutes later, Jason finally interrupted, “Rebecca knows everything, Deana knows about Candy, but Candy doesn't know about Deana, and Gloria can't know about either. And I thought I had a problem trying to keep my mother from finding out about Becky. How the hell are you going to keep hiding all of that, and what happens when your father gets back?”

I knew you couldn't help with all this,” Evan said, “but I didn't need you to remind me of how much worse it's gonna get.”

Sorry,” Jason said. “Hey, why don't you come over here and let my mother catch you fucking Becky? That might soften the blow if she catches me doing her.”

Evan thought about the expression on Mary's face when he was leaving after Becky rode his dick with her bedroom door open. “I get this feeling, it's kind ah the same thing I feel about Candy, but I sense your mother wouldn't be surprised if she saw Becky and me together.”

I'm not saying I'm willing to find out, but I got the same feeling about Becky and me.”

Not to sound like a chick, but let's not keep secrets anymore,” Evan said. “It's not like either one of us could do anything worse, so no sense keeping it to ourselves.”

Does that mean when you have a threesome with Candy you'll tell me?”

I wish,” Evan said. “Hey, if you can, try and find out who your sister has in mind for the threesome she mentioned. I can't imagine it's Darlene, but if it is, would that mess with you?”

No, but if you get a shot at anything with Ms. Style, do it, please.”

Evan suspected his friend was keeping something from him, but he said, “I gotta go find a birthday present. We'll talk later.”

When Evan got off the phone with Jason, he felt better. Hearing Jason's stories reminded Evan that he wasn't the only person on the planet doing what he did. That didn't get him into a mob mentality that allowed him free reign, but it was bad enough that Evan was grateful Gloria was going to Jayda's house. Out of sight might not get the girl out of his heart or mind, but at least she wouldn't be accessible to him. For a few seconds, Evan considered what it would be like if he didn't have to hide any of his lovers from the others. It was an amazing, yet terrifying thought.

In Jayda's driveway, Evan realized his little sister was more dangerous than his twin sister. She laid a kiss on him that flustered him enough to forget they were in public. Miss Tonya, Jayda or anybody else could have seen them. Gloria didn't seem to care who knew about them, and that should have been a reason to shut the whole thing down before letting Gloria out of the car. He should have told her what happened earlier was a big mistake, and they could never do anything like that again. Evan sat stupidly, watching the girl's mini badonkadonk until she went inside the house, then he drove home telling himself the powerful emotions would subside with time. Maybe that would have been true if he hadn't seen Candy five minutes later. It was impossible to look at one and not think about the other. It was going to be pure hell living with Gloria and not being able to touch Candy.

Evan went straight to Deana's room, opened the door without knocking and said, “I need your help.”

His sister didn't school him on the proper protocol for entering her room. She turned slowly on the desk chair and asked, “With what?”

If he were smart, Evan would have said, with a plan for how not to make love to Gloria, but he was a teenager, so he said, “With a birthday present.” Then he asked, “What's wrong?”


He looked around at the mess. “Where's Rebecca?”

She went home,” Deana said. “Why?”

I thought she lived here now. Is that what's bothering you, you're sad because she left?”

Mm, maybe a little, but I was thinking, that's all, just thinking.”

Well, I got just the thing to cheer you up,” he said. “Get dressed. We're going shopping, and I'll buy you ice cream.”

Rebecca's birthday?”

Oh, yeah, that too, but I have to get something for Gloria.”

Deana's brow rose. “You know, you should be more careful.”


She smirked. “Or at least keep the noise down.”

You heard us?”

I heard her,” Deana said, nodding eagerly. “Oh, yeah, you must have really been—”

No, I didn't, we didn't,”

Oh, yes, I saw the look on her face.” Deana's cheeks flushed. “Yes you did, you made her scream.”

Jeez, I had no idea.”

I guess it's hard to hear when someone has their legs wrapped around your head.”

Evan shook his head, fighting back a grin. “You spied on us. Did Gloria see you?”

No, and I wasn't spying. I was concerned. It sounded like—” Deana lost it, cracking up. “Damn, that girl is wild.”

You seem pretty happy about this,” he said. “Aren't you jealous?”

Would you be jealous if you peeked in and saw me going down on Candy's mini-me?”

Aheeeh, that's not something I'm even prepared to imagine,” he said. “Think about the perfect gift . . . gifts while you're getting ready. I'll be back.”

The bedroom door opened, but this time it wasn't John. Candy kept her eyes closed and mentally prepared herself to tell Evan that it had to stop. She couldn't let him fuck her into a drunken stupor anymore. It was time to face the facts and deal with them. She inhaled, parted her raised knees and looked between them toward the door. Cindy was closing it behind her. Her adrenaline surged, preparing Candy for fight or flight. She popped up on her elbows, opened her mouth and watched the gorgeous race car driver walk toward her. Cindy's pink sundress was as uncharacteristic as the stern expression on her brooding face.

Cindy, we—”

Shh,” Cindy hissed from the foot of the bed. Candy tried to speak again, but she had no mental defense against the gorgeous girl holding her finger to her lips. Cindy worked her arms free, and Candy watched the dress fall in slow motion. The lean, dark-skinned girl's naked body still took her breath away. Cindy leaned forward and climbed up Candy's body like a big sexy cat. “Candy, don't say anything."

Cindy got under the covers and joined her body with Candy's. The women's legs and arms intertwined in a tangle of passionate love. Candy let everything go except her feelings for Cindy. Wasn't that what teenagers in love were supposed to do?

Despite Deana's desire to start at the belk's end of the mall, Evan parked by Target. That was when he realized he had been mindlessly rolling his sister's toes. It reminded him of that day toward the end of the school year. Deana had been talking to him about Darlene, the girl he had wanted so bad it hurt while faking a cramp so he would massage her foot. Evan had been terrified Deana would feel the boner he was pretending had nothing to do with her. Things had changed so much, and stayed exactly the same, too. He still didn't understand the redhead and wanted to fuck her more than ever after seeing her make out with Deana and knowing Jason fucked her and his sister together. Note to self, he thought, keep Darlene away from Gloria.

They got out of the car, and Evan got butterflies in his stomach. It was the first time they had been in public since the paradigm shift. In the early days at school, when they realize they weren't like other brothers and sisters, there had been a painful awkwardness. After a few humiliating events, where he was called out for what other kids said was, “Treating your sister like a girlfriend,” Evan disciplined himself to stifle the desire to hold Deana's hand, hug her and spend most of his free time with her. At least in public. Now, here they were about to embark on a trip through the mall.

They met at the back of the car. Deana grabbed Evan's hand. "Why did you park so far away? You should carry me. The pavement is burning my feet through these flip-flops."

Evan turned to face Deana and grabbed her other hand. They stood a few feet apart with their arms extended like a sagging rope bridge. Deana's silky black hair floated up behind her on a breeze. He didn't have to imagine what the cones under her tank top felt like or how good it was to have those long, dark legs wrapped around him. He wished Deana hadn't worn those bubble-butt-fitting khaki shorts. Other guys were going to stare at her. "You nervous?" he asked.

She nodded. "A little."

"Me too." He turned his back to Deana. "Jump on."

Deana did, and he reached back and used her butt to shove her up. She giggled and tightened her legs around his waist. "Giddyup."

Evan refused to make the horse sound and galloped the way he did when they were kids, but he carried Deana to the door, hoping none of their friends from school would see them. "You been thinking about what I should get them?" he asked.

"I have," Deana said and pressed her lips to his ear. "I know how hard that was for you. Thank you."

There wasn't anything in Target that Deana wanted to know about, so they were quickly in the center of the mall. "How much money do you want to spend?" Deana asked.

"Why, what's on your mind?"

"I probably shouldn't say what's on my mind, not here, but I know what you should get them."

He tilted his head to the side, faking curiosity for the latter part of his sister's comment. "Them?"

"Yeah, it'll be perfect for both of them. Come on." She pulled him along. He realized he was fucked when they went back to school. Holding hands would be the least of his concerns.

Deana parked her sweet ass on a bench. He sat next to her. Her eyes were bright with excitement. "Here's what I think, a ring, get them rings."

"What, ah, are you kidding?"

"Relax," Deana said. "You don't have to spend a lot. It doesn't have to be real gold and silver."

"Gold and silver? Isn't that like if, ah, you know, a ring, that's serious. Gloria—"

"She's planning on marrying you anyway, but here's what I'm saying." Deana looked at him. "Close your mouth and listen to me. A triple band ring is perfect. For Gloria, one band will represent you, one Gloria and the third me or mom. You and Gloria can decide that."

He should have expected something like this from Deana. "Rebecca, what is Rebecca gonna think if I buy her a ring?"

"She'll love it," Deana said and slapped his thigh. "A three tone triple roll ring. You, me, and her, gold, white gold, and silver. We'll have to check a few stores. How much you got? They cost anywhere from twenty-something to hundreds."

"You've been thinking about this for a while?"

"Not really," she said. "I had the idea a long time ago, but we were little and didn't have money. When you asked me today, I got online and investigated before we left the house, plus, I think about stuff like this in my spare time."

This girl is perfect in so many ways, he thought, too bad I can't marry her. "You're the best. Let's go look. I got plenty of money."

While they were walking toward the first shop, Deana said, "You should get Mom one, too. A band for you, Gloria, and her."

"Oh yeah, that be great," he said. "Dad comes back and sees Candy wearing a ring I bought her. How is that gonna go over?"

"Fuck Dad," Deana said. "Make it a toe ring and every time she puts it on she can think about you. It'll be like your secret sign of what you had."

Evan wasn't sure how to respond to what Deana obviously had been thinking about for more than a few hours. "Maybe Mom can get my name tattooed on her inner thigh? It's not like he'd ever see it." Evan's face burned as if an oven door had been opened. "Shit, I, ah, I shouldn't have—"

"Yes, yes you should," Deana said. "Can't you see how happy she is? Mom is like a new woman. No, she's like a teenager again. I can't remember the last time I've seen that smile and glow on her face. God, she's never been so alive and sexy." Deana's olive complexion had turned crimson.

"Dee, are you okay? I mean, what's going on?" He stopped her. "Tell me, you can tell me anything."

"I'm sorry. It's nothing. I guess I've been stressing about things having to go back. I love having Rebecca sleepover, and you know, everything is going to change when he gets home. It'll be hard knowing what we had, and having to live the way it was before."

Evan thought about how many things the word before represented. "Listen, let's live like we're dying, pretend it's never gonna end, and enjoy it until the minute he steps in the house."

"Can we do it on the table, again, the way you and Mom did it?"

"Jeez, I guess the tumbler gave you a blow-by-blow."

"More like a,” Deana humped the air, “thrust-by-thrust."

"Shh.” He looked around. “Come on. I don't want to be here all day, and I'm gonna get Mom one, too. When I see it, I'll think of you, me, and Mom."

"Damn, now that would be one hell of a threesome," Deana said. “You think she would go for it?”

Ah, jeez, please don't put images like that in my head,” he said. “You and Candy, that would be enough to give me a heart attack.”

"Yeah, me too,” Deana said. “Hey, you think she knows about us?"

"I don't see how she could," Evan said. "Can you imagine Mom catching us? Have you ever thought about that?"

"I guess I have."

"I have, and call me crazy, but I feel like she wouldn't say anything. She might even want to watch."

Deana jerked and shook herself from her shoulders down to her fingers. "Please, don't say things like that. Between you and Rebecca, you're gonna turn me into a pervert."

Evan was sure that had already happened, but he didn't say anything.

Hours, and many orgasms later, Candy held on to Cindy as if she were a life preserver. She stroked Cindy's black brows with her thumb. "You shouldn't have come, the kids—"

"Don't worry, Gloria's at Jayda's, and Evan and Deana are at the mall."

"How did you know?"

"I spoke to my clone," Cindy said and kissed Candy's chin, cheeks, and her closed eyelids. "I love you so much."

"I know," Candy said, "I can feel it, and I feel the same way but—"

"No, don't,” Cindy said with her finger pressed to Candy's lips. “Can't we just enjoy this for now? Let me hold you, and we'll worry about the buts later."

"Okay," Candy said and turned over so her back was to Cindy who draped it with her lanky limbs. All of John's six-six and two-hundred-sixty pounds didn't make her feel protected the way Cindy did. The girl's fingernails gently ran up and down Candy's wrist and forearm. She sighed and happily let Cindy caress her into a deep sleep.

It took too long and too many stores to finally decide that the rings in the first shop they had been in, were the best and the least expensive. The sales lady asked what sizes, and Evan found out how much thought his sister had actually put into this. She produced three rings from her pocket. One was Rebecca's, one was Gloria's, and the third was a toe ring from Candy's jewelry stash.

"I didn't know Mom wore toe rings," Evan said.

Deana's expression turned mischievous. "I bet there are other things about Candy that you don't know.”

Evan sensed Deana knew something she wasn't going to tell him, so he checked their surrounding and cupped his sister's left butt cheek. Deana stiffened, but she couldn't do anything else without revealing to the woman just on the other side of the glass counter that he was feeling up her ass. He made it as uncomfortable for his sister as he could get away with.

After paying the cashier, Deana said, "Wow, not only do you get to see Darlene in a bikini, but you make the big bucks at Ms. Style's house, too."

"Hey, I work hard and compared to you and Rebecca in a bathing suit—” He stopped because he realized it had to be obvious to anyone that they were related. “Oh, never mind.”

"Whatever," Deana said.

Outside the jewelry shop, Evan said, "Come over here," and led Deana away from the foot traffic.

"What?" Deana asked.

"I wanna get you something, um, something for you to wear with Rebecca," he said. "You know, something sexy. Maybe you'll even think about me while you're doing whatever it is you do.”

"You talking like Victoria's Secret?"

"That's what I mean,” he said. “I'll hang out in the record store while you pick something out.”

"I need your opinion," Deana said. “Come with me.”

I'm not comfortable standing around with my sister while you hold up panties.”

But groping my ass in front of that lady is okay?”

It was actually behind her, sort of,” he said. “She couldn't see my hand through your body.” It had been a huge turn on for him, but also red-flagged the fact that touching, kissing, and making sexual innuendos had become the norm around Deana. That had to stop.

Whatever,” Deana said. “I'll go find some stuff to try on. Meet me in fifteen minutes.”

Once Deana was out of sight, Evan slipped out of the record shop and headed back to the jewelry store. His sister wasn't the only one who could plan ahead. He had carefully watched Deana try on rings, so he knew which one fit the ring finger on her right hand. Telling the sales lady he needed whatever size, this ring is, might reveal who it was for, but he didn't have a choice.

The same, pleasant, thirtysomething woman greeted Evan with a big smile. "Did you forget something?" she asked

Evan explained that instead of the tri-color three band ring, he wanted two gold bands and one silver. What he didn't tell her was that the gold represented his twin sister and him, and the silver was for their mother, Sandra.

The woman's expression was quizzical. "It must be for the girl who was with you before."

Evan nodded, and asked, "How much will it cost with real gold and silver?"

"Is that your sister?"

His cheeks warmed. "Yes." She knows we're lovers, Evan thought. If a stranger recognized his guilty expression, how was he going to be in the same room with his father and Deana? Fuck, what about Candy? I fucked his wife.

"She's a beautiful girl," the lady said. "Sweet, a real sweetheart, too."

Oh good, Evan thought, she understands why I had sex with Deana. Who wouldn't? "She, um, we've always been close,” he said and hoping to shut down the conversation he added, “since our mother died."

It hadn't worked. The lady, who turned out to be the manager, wanted to know more. Evan told her how their mother died and how close he was with his sister because of the tragedy. It hadn't been his intention, but sympathy went a long way. She worked with Evan on configuring the best ring at a price he could afford. The bad news was, it had to be custom made and would take a few days.

A burst of panic rushed through Candy when she opened her eyes, remembering Cindy was in bed with her. It was three-fifteen. She had spent most of the day in bed. What if the kids came home and saw us, Candy thought. Then she realized Cindy wasn't there. It felt wrong. She lifted her head. The sheet of paper under her phone scared her. She sat up, leaned against a pile of pillows and unfolded the page.

"Candy, I know you are trying to protect me, but it's too late for that. I already know too much. Talk to Sally. It's time for you to face it, too. Do it for us. I'm not going away. I love you.

X's and O's


Candy didn't move, but in her mind, she was screaming, crying and kicking her feet. Pieces of the puzzle were snapping together, but she still couldn't see the whole picture. Sally hadn't reacted the way Candy expected when she told her Cindy was her lover. At the time, Candy hadn't given it much thought, but now Cindy was telling her to talk to Sally about the truth—What the hell is going on? Cindy was five when Sally disappeared.

On the way to Victoria's Secret, Evan was disappointed he couldn't give Deana a ring today, but once he entered the lingerie store, an awkward, embarrassment made him forget about it. Every person turned and thought, look at this pervert checking out women's underwear.

The truth was, the two stereotypical mall employees behind the counter continued looking at their phones. The other women shoppers didn't even notice Evan. He told himself, act like you're supposed to be here and walk straight to the back. Nobody will know you're about to see your sister in the sexy underwear you want her to wear while she's fucking her girlfriend.

Two of the eight change room doors were closed. He stood in the middle of the open area between them and cleared his throat.


Thank God. He casually leaned to the side and dip down, looking under the door Deana wasn't behind. No feet, good, he thought. "Yeah, it's me. You ready?”

"Ready for what?" Deana asked.

Ah, to show me what you picked out?”

The door inched open, Deana peeked out and whispered, "Anyone out there?"

"No, you're good."

Evan spun around to see if anyone could see them and turned back to stare at Deana. His sister didn't need a bra, and she wasn't wearing one. The tiny panties were a rosy pink like the silky caps of Deana's tits. Her body always diminished Evan's mental capacity, but in a public setting, it turned him into a moron. Sounds, not words, came out of his mouth, and he rushed forward, frantically checking over his shoulders.

"Shh." Deana glanced behind him, grinned and pulled Evan into the six by six room. "You like them?" She latched the door.

"Jeez, yeah, fuck, they're, you're hot," he said. "Rebecca will tear those off so fast—"

"She won't have to." Deana lifted her right foot to the bench and leaned back on the wall, pushing her crotch at him. "They're crotchless."

Bald slices of swollen labia bulged in the gap of the parted crotch section. Deana seductively pushed her hand down her stomach, over her groin, around the curve of her prominent bone, and between her legs. She teased the succulent groove. He stepped closer. Deana poked the tip of her finger in and stroked through the slippery inner flesh.

"Dee, um, you better stop or—”

"Shh." She pressed that finger to his lips.

The scent of his sister's delicious sex drifted up. He inhaled and sucked the finger in, circling it with his tongue. "Mm." Deana purred and unbuttoned his jeans.

"I thought, ah, I think—" Deana's hand slid down over his stiffness and cupped his balls. He asked, "What are we doing?" but he meant, how are we going to do this without getting caught?

"You're gonna fuck me," Deana said. "I've always wanted to do it in a fitting room . . . with you, that is."

Let me guess,” he said, “you and the tumbler already have?”

Deana held his lip with her teeth, nodding, and extracted his cock and balls. She worked the head between her soaking wet pussy lips. The fear of discovery spurred Evan on. He dipped down and shoved his groin forward and upward. Amazingly, he had the perfect angle and landed a direct hit. The air rushed out of his sister from the punching force of his dick. She clung to his neck, pulling herself up. He waited for her stuffed pussy to lubricate and loosen its tight hold. Deana lifted her thigh to his hip. He cradled her ass and picked her up. She fastened her arms and legs around his body. They looked into each other's eyes, acknowledging the lunacy of the brazen act, and Deana nodded. He hunched while lowering her. Her crotch smashed into his groin. There wasn't any more to give her, but he pulled her down and pushed upward, anyway.

Ah, Evan, promise me that no matter what, if I need this, you'll be willing to do it?”

He smiled and gently bounced her, watching his sister's face respond to the deep penetration. “No matter what, what does that mean?”

Exactly that,” Deana said. “Even if I marry Rebecca, or anyone else, promise you'll always be willing to make me feel this way. I never feel more complete than when you're in me. It's like we're one person more than two. I never want to lose this.”

They were always going to be lovers to some degree. He like that, and it made him feel good to hear his sister say what he felt. “Yes, I promise, no matter what.”

He pressed Deana's back against the mirrored wall and pushed into her body. The quivering fist of his sister's pussy tube held his cock. He thrust faster, and Deana bit him hard on his shoulder, muffling her panting moans. The mirror creaked and squeaked under Deana's skin. He couldn't wait to cum deep inside his sister, again.

"Look at me,” Deana said. “Watch, watch me. Don't look away."

The need to cum with his sister made Evan pump with urgent thrusts. Deana's face glistened with perspiration and glowed with climatic joy. It seemed majestic. “Oh, ah, oh, ahh.” His cock swelled to its greatest girth. He squeezed Deana's ass and gave her all of himself. Her black eyes changed when his fluid poured into the center of Deana's body. She crushed him with her legs and arms. Just like with Gloria, he had to temper his strength, or he would have broken Deana's ribs with the force of his love. “Oh, Dee, oh, God, you're—Shit, I don't have words to describe this.”

I know,” Deana said, “I saw it in your eyes. Some magic happens, and it's beyond anything I understand.”

They kissed while the orgasmic euphoria waned, and even after his cock finally slipped out of Deana's body, she was still holding on with all four limbs.

The clattering clank of a stall door jolted their lips apart and spiked their adrenaline. Deana released him. Evan stepped back. She responded to the panic on his face. “Relax,” she whispered and removed the panties. “You go first. I'll get dressed.”

Evan imagined wearing a red thong on his head would draw less attention than exiting the change room with a girl nobody could mistake as anyone other than his sister. He put his eye to the gap and tried to see outside, then he unfastened the latch as silently as possible. The coast was clear, but if the person who was trying something on came out while he waited—

Just go,” Deana said and pushed him.

While he waited for Deana, Evan watched the bare feet in the other occupied room as they stepped into a very skimpy pair of black panties. What if that was someone they knew? He eased over and backed out of the L-shaped entrance. It was better to be thought of as a pervert looking at women's underwear than the guy waiting outside the fitting rooms for his sister.

Too many hours in bed and lack of food made Candy's head spin when she tried to stand, so she sat on the edge of the bed until the fuzzy, black spots stopped floating, then she got up on rubbery legs and turned in a circle. The room had never felt so desolate. She hated her bedroom and never wanted to spend another night there without someone who loved her. Bile burned her esophagus. She retched and fell to her knees.

A distorted carpet pattern was pressed into Candy's forehead when she finally rose. She wiped her puffy eyes and pushed herself up, sitting on the backs of her calves. Her knees stung. A tiny speck of light flickered just inside the office doorway, under her husband's desk. She pounded the floor and screamed, “Fuck, fuck, you mother fucker!” then vomited on the white carpet.

Deana emerged from the change room area with a huge, satisfied smile plastered on her face. “I'm getting these,” she said and held up a hanger with black panties and a bra. “You wanna pay or put these back?” She held out her other hand filled with the stuff she wasn't getting.

Neither,” he said. “I thought you were getting the, um, the ones you wore while we.” He raised his brows. Putting back something she had sex in seemed more like a Becky move.

No, I already have those. Rebecca got them for me. Give me some money, I'll go pay. Here, used panties are more your thing anyway.”

Evan glared at his sister and pulled some bills from his pocket. Deana grinned, grabbed the cash and spun toward the counter. He casually meandered through the racks, looking for the proper place to put the stuff Deana wasn't getting. It would earn him the humiliating moment of the year, but it was too much to resist. Evan pressed the rosy pink underwear to his nose.

After Candy sent a message to Deana, she stood and shoved her chair in. It smashed into the desk and flipped over. When she had spoken to Sally, her sister told her to relax, but Candy was still shaking. How could her sister fix this fuck up of hers? It would ruin Cindy's future, destroy Evan's chance of racing, and potentially get her tossed out on the street without her daughter, and that was the only thing Candy considered worse than being John's caged animal. Sally's words, “Baby girl, you just get yourself here, and I'll take care of this,” weren't going to remove the security camera footage from John's hard drive, but they were the only thing that gave Candy any sense of hope.

On the way home from the mall, Deana got a text from Candy. She told Evan, “Mom says we're on our own for dinner tonight. We can get whatever we want. She'll pay you back.”

Really,” Evan said. “Where's she gonna be?”

Her sister's,” Deana said.

Is she coming home?”

Nope,” Deana said and put her feet in his lap.

He rubbed them, thinking for a minute. Other than only seeing Candy for a couple of minutes all day, nothing seemed out of whack, but he had a bad feeling. It was probably his guilty conscience, but he asked, “Is there anything going on that I don't know about?”

Ah, no, nothing that I know of,” Deana said. “We can't have anyone over or burn down the house. Gloria is staying at Jayda's.”

The second that passed before Deana said no was enough to confirm Evan's suspicion. His sister knew something she didn't want to tell him. He'd get it out of her later, one way or another. “Whose room are we spending the night in, mine or yours?”

Deana wiggled her toes and said, “Those aren't our only choices.”

You're bad.”

It was too late for Candy to worry about the security camera, yet she still stopped on the screen porch, looked at the overnight bag in her hand and tried to figure out how to make it to her car without being recorded. Her stomach constricted and churned. It wasn't possible. The only way in or out without detection was through a window on the opposite side of the house. Then she'd have to walk. Cindy hadn't come in through a window.

John wouldn't know they had been fucking all afternoon, but he'd know Cindy had stopped by while Evan and Deana weren't home, and she stayed for hours. Thank God, Candy thought. If not for Cindy's unexpected visit, she might never have remembered the surveillance system. That's what it was, surveillance, not security, as her husband had called it. John wanted to know who came and went, and when. Even if Sally couldn't fix this, at least she wouldn't be blindsided when he returned. How could I have been so stupid, Candy wondered?

When he got back, John would see that she had twice already left and not come home for the night. He would know Evan hadn't been grounded, and it wouldn't be hard to figure out that they had all been to the races. Candy walked down the porch steps and stopped, fighting the urge to look up as if she were a fugitive checking for big brother's spying eye. Maybe it was karma? No, she dismissed that thought. John's camera wasn't hidden. He had it put right there and told her about it. All she had to do was be the woman who cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, and had no life of her own.

She walked to the softball mom SUV, threw her bag across to the passenger seat and climbed in. What else would he see on those recordings, Candy asked the camera as she backed out of the driveway?