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The story: A teenage boy's normal struggles with growing up are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story.

This chapter does actually have bestiality.


by Bistander

Chapter 8: Ground Hog Day

Evan found his house surprisingly quiet, and that was a relief because he didn't want to see or speak to anybody. He went straight to his room, got naked and got in his bed. He was exhausted, yet his mind was buzzing with excitement. He'd finally gotten laid. What a rush, he thought, and started replaying it in his head.

It had been incredible. Spontaneous, dangerous sex was amazing. Sex with Stacey was great, but they usually had to plan it, pick a time and a spot, then hurry up. That morning, he hadn't planned it, expected it or even imagined it could have happened the way it did. He'd been fucked by Jason's sister while their mother was home, and as it turned out, she hadn't even been asleep.

He had walked into the kitchen, and there she was sipping coffee . It scared him, but he stood there talking to Becky's mother, knowing he'd just had sex with her daughter. How close had they been to getting caught in the act?

As he got more comfortable in Ms. Mary's presence, a strange boldness started to manifest. He deliberately conjured up images of Becky's crotch lowering on his erection, challenging Ms. Mary to read his mind. The only way he could explain what it was like would be to say, it was like the moment in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray realized it didn't matter what he did because tomorrow morning it wouldn't have happened. He could have said, “I just fucked Becky,” and it wouldn't have mattered what her mother said. He thought he was going to get a hard on right there in front of Ms. Mary.

Evan had gotten away with a major impropriety. He should have been satisfied, relaxed and ready to rest, but he lay there on his back, reliving the moment his dick finally broke through the tight ring at the mouth of Becky's pussy and slid up into her body. He gasped when her hot body surrounded his cock head. Sex is addictive, he thought, especially risky, dangerous sex with someone you shouldn't be having sex with. That's probably why people have affairs.

He wasn't a better person because of what he'd done, but for the moment, he didn't care. He closed his eyes and ignored his morals for now, anyway. There would be plenty more opportunities to “do the right thing”, as his father always told him.

He was really going to have to focus on the tumbler now because Becky was off limits for him. Once was enough, wasn't it?

Jason held his face in both hands and squeezed. My sinuses are probably filled with all that dirt I breathed in last night, he thought. He rubbed his itchy eyes and looked over at the empty cot. Evan wasn't there, and he was glad because he needed a few minutes alone to gather his thoughts. Once should have been enough.

The thing that happened in the kitchen with Becky wasn't supposed to happen again. He knew if it did, they'd end up falling back into their old ways. If that happened, eventually they would get careless and busted. Hadn't that already happened?

Becky caught him totally off guard; he was weak and horny when he came out of the shower. She came out of her room and walked right into him. He was wearing a towel; she had her hair in pigtails. In that instant, Becky reminded him of Billy Joe. If he could just date Becky's blonde doppelganger, then he wouldn't be tempted by Becky. Fuckin' ticket girl! He hadn't even been able to get Billy Joe's phone number.

After what Becky had done in the kitchen, he should have recognized it as one of her staged, “Oops, I didn't know you were up,” moments. Hadn't he? That's probably why he didn't give himself time to think. They hadn't even closed her door, and she was on her knees sucking him off; it was amazing. His sister gave head like her initials should be BJ. She seemed to get off on doing a great job, and taking a ridiculous amount of cock down her throat. He came quickly and hurried to his room. He was grateful he hadn't fucked her. He wouldn't do that. Thank God mom is home today.

Today is Sunday and tomorrow is Memorial Day, he thought. He wished school ended after Memorial day so they could get an extra holiday, like his Yankee cousins. They were still out of school in August. Stay focused, he told himself. Becky is dangerous, and Tuesday, when their mother went back to work, he wouldn't be safe. He wondered if that really mattered to him as much as he thought.

"Evan!" His body was jolted by the sound of Deana's voice, "Evan!"

Evan opened his eyes and tried to understand what was happening, but he didn't even know what day it was and hardly knew where he was. Deana's tone wasn't friendly, that was clear. Could she know he had been fucking her best friend in his dream? Why was she sitting on him with that look on her face? "Dammit, Evan," she said, and waved something.

He waited a few more seconds and took it all in. Her knees were against his sides, spurring him. His sister was wearing a button up flannel shirt, unbuttoned at the top, but secured from her breast to her crotch, thankfully hiding everything he didn't want to see. What was she waving at him? “Deana, why are you sitting on me?”

Because,” she said, and held a Seventeen magazine in front of his face. "I know boys have to do gross things, but oh my god, don't you have something better to look at when you do it?"

Somehow his brain instantly knew what she was talking about and his cheeks flushed. "Dee, I can explain." He couldn't, but he needed to say something. Really, he needed to make her move because what was happening would be far more embarrassing than what happened to her magazine.

"Go on, explain," she said. "This ought to be good."

"I wasn't looking at it," he said. Shit, if she gets up now she's gonna see it and know for sure what a pervert I am.

"Pervert!" She straightened up and put more weight on his groin. "Lucky I found it and not Gloria or mom."

"Would that be more embarrassing?” he said. “Could it be?"

"Um, not sure, I've never had anything this embarrassing happen to me."

"Thanks," he said. "I swear, I didn't do what you think."

She looked at the magazine, then back at him. "I'm sure you did do...what I think."

"But not––"

"Don't let it happen again,” his sister said.

After another painful second, Deana lifted her left leg and rotated on her right knee so her back was to him, then she was on her feet. There were less acrobatic maneuvers she could have used to get off the bed, but he hadn't been paying attention. He had more important things to worry about. He quickly rolled on his side before she turn towards him. "Dee, you wouldn't tell anyone, would you?"

"And give up the best leverage you've ever given me? No, definitely not. One day I'll need something from you."


Deana walked to the door, turned back, and said, "See yah."

After the door closed, he carefully returned to his previous position and looked at the sheet where his cock bulged. Even with the evidence right there in front of his eyes, he found it hard to believe his sister could have intentionally sat on his dick. The discolored circle was halfway down his shaft. He smelled it, then tasted it. Deana had been wet! What was she wearing under that shirt, or not wearing? His brain swirled with all the possibilities. He expected to be seeking, “Immediate medical attention,” in four hours.

Just when he thought his mother's red panties, Miss Tonya and Becky were the height of ridiculously bizarre, Deana had doubled-down. Why wasn't she reading him like she always seemed to? Didn't she understand how much he wanted to break the rule that he swore he'd never break? It was dangerous to play with fire.

Maybe one evil thought did open the door to worse? Deana closed her bedroom door and leaned her back against it, like she could hold the demons outside. It was the same position she'd taken after listening outside the bathroom door while her brother jerked off, except the evil forces had gained strength. Her breathing was too fast and she shook, trembled really, envisioning the hard bulge. When she sat up straight, it crushed her sensitive pussy and her lips spread. Her brother's stiff cock had touched the inside of her body.

Curiosity, that's all it was, she told herself. It wasn't like it really touched me, there was a sheet between us. She threw herself on the bed and started crying. Who was she kidding?

When she barged into Evan's room, she was disgusted by the crusty deposit on her magazine, but before she could unload on him, a movement caught her attention. She moved to the edge of the bed and stared. Her brother's penis was growing, lifting the sheet, like he sensed her presence and wanted her the way she needed him. Her mind betrayed her and told her what to do. Her heart started racing as she removed her shorts and underwear. She was soaked before she was on him. When she sat, he felt bigger than he had under her foot. Why didn't her body know Evan was flesh and blood, and dry up like a desert?

What if he finds my shorts and panties under his bed? Her body jerked with a sob as she hugged her pillow. Evan loved her the way she loved him, she could feel that. She could also feel how much he wanted her, and how hard he was fighting it. He was scared of what would happen if he let himself go. She was scared of that too, but a greater fear motivated her.

At the mall, Darlene spotted Becky sitting on a bench, her eyes going in every direction except the one Darlene was approaching from. It was easy to see how excited she was. Darlene was excited, too. She had seen a lot of things, and done more, but never seen somebody fuck their brother. Mm, that's so taboo, she thought, and her pussy started getting warm.

Becky got up and started towards her. "What took you so long?" Becky asked. "I've been sitting on this bench for ––" she looked at her phone–– "like forever."

"You know the bus hardly runs near my house, especially on weekends. I can't stay long because the next bus is the last one and I don't feel like thumbing a ride."

"That sucks!" Becky said.

"It does, but I'm here, so let's see it," she said. "You did it, right?"

"I did…ah, sort of," Becky said. "I wish we had a monitor or something bigger than this screen. Maybe we can go into a store and hooked the camera to one of the TVs? This tiny viewer doesn't do it justice. We need a big screen, HD for this. Hard Dick." She giggled.

Darlene knew something was amiss because Becky was talking without taking a breath. "Sit," she said. "You want to get arrested? I told you you have to be extremely careful with that. Nobody can ever see it or one or both of you will end up in jail."

I know, I know, but still—”

"You are seriously jacked up, Becky. How many times have you watched it?"

"Only twice…ah, since I've been here."

"No wonder," Darlene said shaking her head. "You must be horny enough to screw that mannequin over there."

Becky glanced to her right and said, "Or worse."

Darlene didn't want to know what worse could be, so she said, "Give me. Let me see it. You're cut off. Watch that fat guy or something."

"Shut up," Becky said.

Darlene took the camera from Becky and pressed play, then adjusted the angle so there wasn't a glare. Her chest muscles knotted.

"It's already at the place things really get started," Becky said.

The picture was small but it was crystal clear, and it wasn't Jason. She stared at Evan's muscled, dark body. He had just the right amount of black hair on his chest in that sexy line of hair running from below his belly button into his shorts. "What happened? This isn't Jason," she said without looking away from the screen.

"I told you, sort of," Becky said. She sounded disappointed.

"I thought you needed the camera to video Jason and you?"

"I did, Becky said. "I still do. There was a problem. Evan stayed over."

"Looks like you solved that problem, sort of." Darlene tried not to let her face show that Evan's dick had just popped out of his shorts. Her juices started flowing. He was a hunk, she already knew that, but she didn't want him to have a beautiful cock, too. She loved dicks that got so hard the veins throbbed against the stretched skin, and curved back towards the guy's stomach. They were designed to slide right in and hit spots a straight dick missed. She could almost feel those bulging veins snapping across the narrow ring at the entrance of her cunt hole.

"That's Evan," Becky said. "I've wanted that to happen ever since I've known him. Well, at least since I knew what that was. I gave Jason head, but I couldn't do him while Evan was there. Not the way I need it to happen. It has to happen a certain way. I've dreamed of it a certain way forever. Evan's a stud, and look at that thing. It killed me. In a good way, but man."

That kind of cock might have been designed to slide right in her, but it didn't look like it was going to fit in Becky. Darlene wished the camera had been directly behind Becky's ass so she could watch Evan entering Becky's sweet little hole. "Did you record it? Where is Jason and––"

"I didn't get it," Becky said. "I'm sorry it just didn't happen right. I opened my door to go get him, but he was right there and I had to do it fast. You know, before he chickened out or Evan came. I couldn't turn the camera on."

"You gonna do it tonight?"

"Tomorrow night, it'll have to happen tomorrow night."

"What's wrong with tonight?" Darlene said.

"Aren't you watching that?" Becky said. "I'm sore, plus, my mother is off tomorrow so she'll stay up too late."

"Why did you fuck him so hard?" Darlene knew Becky was annoyed that she wasn't sharing her excitement, but she was more annoyed that Evan was such a good fuck.

"I couldn't help it. It was so good and you know how I am. I've never gotten off so many times having sex. You know, regular sex with a dick." Becky glanced impatiently at the camera. "What's wrong with Evan?"

"Doesn't look like anything is wrong with him," Darlene said knowing she couldn't get into it with Becky or anyone else, except Ms. Style. "This is amazing. I was expecting Jason, that's all. You talk so much about it, I was excited to see it. To see you doing your brother for the first time. That's the most exciting thing I could ever imagine." It wasn't, but it was definitely on her list of must-see's.

"It's gonna happen," Becky said, "But that was on my bucket list too, and it was the best sex I've ever had."

"I know," Darlene said. "I'm sorry, I should be happy with you. This is incredible. I wish I had time to take you someplace and––"

"We can go where the bedroom sets are in Dillard's?" Becky perked up. "That's on my bucket list, too."

"You sure are fun to have around," Darlene said as Evan started shooting inside Becky. "How did that feel? He just came in you."

"How did you know?" Becky said.

"I've seen a lot of guys cum; it's obvious."

"I came so hard I saw spots. That's when I really started punishing myself."

"I can see that." Darlene pushed the stop button and handed the camera back to Becky. "I told you it was amazing when they pop off inside you. Keep that until you're done. It will be okay with Ms. Style."

"Thanks," Becky said. "You won't be disappointed next time."

"I can't wait. Come on, let's go get your skirt before I have to catch my bus.”

A thunder storm had ended twenty minutes earlier, but there were still ominous, purple clouds out in front of Evan's car. They were quickly moving to the northeast and the sun was starting to shine. Both of his windows were down and the thick air was buffeting his hair. It smelled crisp and clean. He watched the steam rising from the pavement as it dried. He loved how it felt after a quick summer storm. It reminded him of simpler times.

When he finally got out of bed that morning, he thought he'd find his sister and ask her why she did it. Face her; get it over with like a book report, and clear the air the way they had after the thing in the bathroom, then he could enjoy the rest of the summer.

That's what he thought he would do, but when he saw Deana, she acted like nothing happened. If she hadn't even noticed, and he brought it up, then he'd be admitting he got a hard-on because his sister was sitting on him. He chose not to say anything because it didn't matter if she knew, if she planned it, if she was just being funny or if she wanted to have sex with him. If he said nothing and did nothing, then it would all go away, but he had to stop thinking about it.

He had finally gotten laid; and it had made him forget all about Deana and his mother. Fucking was the answer to all his problems, except the problem he was going to have getting Rebecca alone and keeping the secret from his all knowing sister. Wait a minute, he thought. Why doesn't Deana know how I feel about her?

He decided it was probably hormones or some girl thing related to her period. Or, maybe she didn't really read him the way he always thought she did? It didn't matter now, he was going to that spot on the creek behind Doc Davey's farm. He was hoping it would be as exciting as the last time. Of course, he was three years older and he would be alone this time, so it wouldn't be a life altering event. Would it?

The bus was almost empty, but Darlene went to the back and slid in next to the window. Evan's body and erection were still on her mind. She wished she had handled it better. Poor Becky had been overwhelmed with excitement and she acted like it wasn't a big thing. It was unfortunate that Becky couldn't know how she felt about Evan. Becky did know how much she wanted to see her and Jason. It wasn't normal to want to see incest, but neither was wanting to do it. Becky might be less normal than I am, she mused.

Darlene thought about what Becky did in the store, and wondered how she got the way she was. Darlene knew she acted the way she did because she had been through things that turned her into a freak, but Becky had a mother, the same mother who gave birth to her. She had a father, too. Even if he left and Becky never got to see him anymore, he sent birthday and Christmas presents. He supported them and she knew where he was, and most of all, who he was.

It wasn't that Darlene wanted a mother, it was too late for that, but she did want to find her mother. At least meet the woman once, so she could ask her why she had abandoned her. Darlene had heard the reason from people who were just supposing and from the woman who was supposed to be her mother's sister, but she wanted to hear it directly from the person who had caused her life to turn out the way it had. What kind of person gives up their daughter and leaves her sister not knowing where she is?

Darlene thought about Becky and Jason and wondered what it would be like to have a brother. If she had a real brother would she have sex with him? Maybe she already had and didn't know it was her brother?

The closest thing to a brother Darlene ever had was a foster brother, and she stabbed him with a pair of scissors. That was unfortunate for her because she had been with the best foster parents she ever had. They didn't fiddle with her and they were upper-middle-class. Everything was finally looking up, that was until Junior came home from college. She was thirteen then. Junior had always treated her like Cinderella. He tried to make her think she owed him something because his parents had taken her in. After a semester in college, he came home and thought she should be grateful, and show it.

She already knew about sex; she had learned at an early age in group homes. She wasn't a virgin at the time and she didn't have an issue with fucking an older guy, even if it was her foster brother, but she wouldn't let him take something from her because he thought she owed him. He ripped her shirt off and she rammed her scissors into his thigh.

Nobody believed her, just like with her first foster father. "Junior would never do that," her foster mother said. "Why don't you want to be here? Haven't we done everything for you? How could you say that about Junior?"

That time she didn't get shipped back to the state foster home; it was off to juvie hall. She really got an education there. That's where she learned how to eat pussy, and how to make other girls eat hers. She learned about fighting; and she met girls who told her about stealing, selling yourself and surviving, no matter what. She wasn't a better person when her year ended.

The trail from behind Doc Davey's barn was more overgrown than he remembered it. The woods were dark and the trees' leaves were still giving up large drops of water. The smell reminded him of the last day of school on the dirt road. It was a shame that his smell association had been reprogrammed to remind him of the day he French kissed his sister.

When he reached the sandbar where the river curved, he looked across to the island. It seemed more like a strip of dirt with trees and underbrush. Everything seemed smaller, especially the level of excitement he had. What he'd seen Jason doing had overshadowed the thrill of getting naked in a somewhat public place, but it had been a thrill. He focused his thoughts on how he felt taking his clothes off that day; the nervous energy and the erection he'd gotten even though his best friend was there. He pictured himself beating off on the island, then he realized he just couldn't make himself relive one of the most monumental days of his life. Only one thing left to do.

Evan looked in both direction and listened for any sounds that might accompany other humans. The storm must have sent all the boaters back to the dock. It wouldn't be long before people were fishing, water skiing, and enjoying the river again. He took his shoes and his shirt off and stared back into the woods behind him. His nerves started to buzz when his hands reached for his shorts. Did being old enough to know better make him more fearful, or had he been this scared last time?

Once his clothes were piled out of sight, he was terrified. He needed to get into the water fast. It was cold at first, but then he was warm and more excited than scared. It was dangerous being naked and not near his clothes. If somebody showed up, he'd have to stay in the water until they left. His dick was hard, but there was no way he could beat off while treading water. The island would be the best place if he didn't want to get caught, and if he was lucky, a boat load of naked women might float past.

The distance to the island had shrunk like everything else. He looked back when he was standing in waist deep water, then he hurried the rest of the way. When he was completely out of the water, he turned around. He looked down at his cock, then at the spot where someone would come out of the trail. More of that nervous energy came. It was like thinking about Becky on his cock while talking to her mother. I dare you to see my boner, he thought.

Not being as daring as he imagined, Evan walked into the woods. The chance of seeing a boat full of naked women was nil, but he tortured his feet anyway, and made his way across the island.

After not seeing a boat for too long, Evan stepped out into the open. If a boat came he'd hear it long before they saw him, but he still felt like a pressed spring ready to uncoil and fly back into the bushes. Standing anywhere outside without clothes and a hard cock was amazing. Fear and lust were having a tug-of-war in his mind, but his throbbing erection suggested lust was winning. He spit on his hand and started stroking his dick. Part of his brain said, if a boat comes now I won't even hide, the other part pumped adrenaline through his veins and heightened all of his senses. He'd run like a zebra at the sight of a lion if a boat motor hummed in the distance.

His ears picked up the slightest sound and he froze. It could have been a critter rustling bushes, but he couldn't chance it, so he started back through the woods. Before he reached the other side, fear without lust gripped him. It wasn't a critter. Suddenly his exhibition seemed like the stupidest idea he'd ever had.

At the edge of the brush, from behind a tree, Evan watched the sandbank across the water. Whoever owned the voice he'd heard wasn't visible. Less than twenty-five yards separated him from his clothes, but could he get to them before someone appeared on the bank? Should I wait it out over here, or chance getting stuck in the water until I'm wrinkled up like an old prune? Or even worse, he could be on land, halfway to his clothes and some ten year old girls could pop out of the woods.

Before he made a dash for the water, a girl came out of the trail onto the bank. He ducked. He thought he knew her from school, but he wasn't sure. Maybe she was alone and she'd get naked, too. They could meet in the water and who knows. She had been talking to someone, though.

He watched carefully. She grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and started lifting. He was expecting a bikini, and that would have at least made being trapped naked in the bushes worthwhile. Wouldn't it?

As her shirt rose, he stuck his head out to get a good look. She got one arm out, then her tits bounced back to their position resting on her body. They were the most incredible tits he had ever seen in real life. Her head popped out of the shirt and he realized he did know her. It was Rhina White, the incredibly-sexy girl on Deana's volleyball team. Those tight black volleyball shorts made most butts look good, but Rhina's ass was the best part of going to Deana's games. It tightened, flexed and jiggled like it had a life of its own. His dick started to stiffen again. It wasn't just seeing a topless girl, it was seeing a topless girl who played volleyball with his sister that was getting to him. The image of her black tits would be burned into his brain forever.

Rhina continued undressing and he found it almost completely unbelievable that someone would get naked down at the creek. The girl had guts, not to mention an incredible curvy black figure. He'd never seen a black girl nude in the real world. She walked out until the water was just below her crotch, then she dipped down and stood up again. She looked like liquid chocolate. Water glistened as it ran down her body. Her tits were brown chocolate and her nipples were giant, dark chocolate Hershey kisses. She had a thick forest of pitch black pubic hair that droplets of water clung to. What kind of girl comes to the creek and gets naked? Probably the kind he could swim over to and not have to worry that he was naked, too.

There was another voice and a guy came out of the woods. He was white and at least twenty, Evan thought. He was already undressed. What kind of a high school girl comes to the creek and gets naked with a twenty-year-old guy?

The guy walked in until the water reached his knees and Rhina met him there. He handled both of her tits while kissing her. Evan thought his heart might explode. Rhina knelt down in the water. Her head tilted back and her lips shined in the sun. The guy's dick was standing straight up in front of her face. He reached for the back of her head and stepped forward. She tilted her head back further and put her face between his legs. Her big sexy lips touched his balls, then her mouth opened and she took them in. Evan stroked his own cock while the guy tea bagged Deana's teammate and jerked his dick. Evan wished he could be so lucky.

Evan came while Rhina was being face-fucked, but he was still stroking. His own cum made a much better lubricant than his spit. Rhina got on her hands and knees in the water. Her tits hung down and swung, dipping her swollen nipples in and out of the water. The guy straddled her, squatted until his balls rested on her fabulous round ass. Evan was pumping his hips, driving his cock into his slamming fist. The guy lowered up and down, dragging his balls through the gap that separated the two orbs of Rhina's ass. He dipped lower and forced his dick down. Rhina whimpered and stiffened when he rammed into her, but she quickly proved she wasn't new to being fucked. The high school girl started shoving back against his forward thrusts, loudly asking to be fucked harder. Evan didn't know girls really had a potty mouth during sex. He figured that was just in porn. Although, Becky probably would have been shouting if she hadn't been worried about waking up her mother.

Even though it was the second time, Evan didn't last as long as the guy pile-driving Rhina. She was moaning and crying out and demanding he make her cum. The water was splashing and their bodys made a slapping sound. Evan was still pulling on his dick even though he didn't expect to cum again. Secretly watching someone get fucked was a thousand times better than porn and almost as good as fucking Becky.

The guy let out a loud groan, stood up and covered Rhina's back and ass with cum. Evan was almost too weak to stand, but he still hoped they'd do it again. He knew he would if he was with Rhina. She was one of the sexiest girls he had ever seen naked in real life.

After a short swim, probably to cool off and clean off, Rhina and her boyfriend, or whatever he was, got dressed and disappeared back into the woods. Evan was grateful because he was tired of crouching behind the bushes. He hoped they hadn't forgotten anything because he was swimming back, regardless.

The sunny part of the Sunny Haven trailer park, was surrounded by dense forest on two sides and mostly shadowed by sprawling live oaks. The Haven part was boxed in on the other two sides by the interstate and a cement manufacturing plant. Darlene got off the bus and faced the dilapidated, moss-covered sign, Welcome to a Sunny Haven. It always made her want to stab Junior harder.

She started walking and replaying the video of Becky and Evan in her head. Becky sure has the potential to turn into a sexaholic, she thought, if she wasn't already. Darlene should warn her about the downsides, but Becky would insist on finding out for herself. Besides, who am I to be giving advice, she thought, and turned off the sidewalk towards the woods. These were the times she was supposed to go home and call her counselor. “Anytime you have that type of urge...”

Darlene's need had to be satisfied now and not the right way, or even in any conventional way. At least I didn't get hooked on drugs, she told herself, and veered off the trail. The thick underbrush attacked her bare calves, but she trudged on over layers of rotting leaves and sticks. The air was noticeably cooler and moisture surrounded her. The sounds, smell and the atmosphere in the woods were all getting to her. She was charged with lust and a primal desire. She paused and unhooked her bra. Her ballooning nipples ached with need. She reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear down. The wet forest floor greeted her naked sex with a cool updraft that touched off a shiver.

"Too bad you're not a horny big foot," she said to a scurrying squirrel.

Bra and panties in hand, Darlene walked on, each step moving her closer and increasing her expectancy. Deep inside a powder keg of girl cum waited to explode on her lover's face. He would drink it with great joy.

When she reached the fence, Darlene scanned the Anderson's double wide trailer. It was impossible to see inside, but she put her foot on the bottom rung of the split rail fence and lifted her other leg over the top rail anyway. If there had ever been a time to turn back, to come to her senses and go call her counselor, it had passed.

The potential of being caught only added to the pressure building in the center of her body. Darlene crept along the back of the trailer looking for an open window. It probably didn't have to be open, but she was glad when she found one. Squatting below the window she held her panties up at the edge until she heard the sounds she expected. She retreated to the fence where she would be shielded by the Anderson's shed. Darlene waited hoping he would come so she could cum. She needed to be fucked.

In less than two minutes a big smile stretched across her face. "Boy George, I knew you'd come." She pressed her panties to the Irish setter snout. Boy George's tail wagged his whole body. "Look at you, you got a bath." She held both sides of his face and sniffed the top of his head. "You smell wonderful."

Darlene turned and faced the fence, then leaned over on the top rail. She flipped her skirt up on her back. "Oh, Boy, you always know what I need." The dog's tongue devoured her soaked pussy. "Oh fuck, Boy you're so good." She reached between her legs and spread her swollen outer flaps. Boy's tongue feverishly licked her exposed inner folds of flesh. "Shit, oh, shit. Have you been practicing?" The idea that she might have taught him something that he was trying on Jordan, made her worry.

Darlene reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Boy George gladly took the offering. His long tongue covered the deep ass groove with one lick, then he went for the tasty, puckered anus, licking it until it was bright red. If everyone had a tongue like his, she mused, and started to turn around.

Boy George was already doing his impatient prancing, so she knew she wouldn't have much time. She leaned back on the fence, bent her knees, opened them and guided his head in. "Get ready Boy, it's coming." She reached for her bald mound and pulled up with both hands. Her lips pulled apart and her giant bud popped out in the air. The dog's ravenous tongue shot into her gaping pussy. He was hungry for his reward and licked fervently.

Darlene felt the tremor start in the center of her body. She lowered her pussy to get the forceful strokes of the dog's tongue on her engorged clit. She loved having such a huge, sensitive clit. Her pulsing pussy hole overflowed from the orgasm and Boy George wanted all of it. She groaned and shook violently while he lapped it up, then she held the fence to keep from falling to the wet ground. "Oh, god, you are the best." She always told him that, even though Brutus was better.

Boy George started poking his snout and dancing with his pointy prick bobbing between his legs. He wanted his bitch and he wasn't going to wait. Darlene rubbed his belly and let his throbbing fuck stick hit her hand. "You're so big," she told him, like he cared.

This is so much easier inside,” she told Boy, even though it didn't matter to him. There was no way she was getting on down in the dirt, and without socks for his feet, she'd have to give him something to hold on to. She leaned backwards, arching her body until she was leaning on the fence, then she bent her knees and opened her legs, trying to recreate the position they used on the Anderson's couch.

When she was in position, she pulled her shirt up to her armpits and let her milky-white tits and throbbing red nipples point towards the sky. "Come on, come on, Boy George." She caught the dog's front legs as he jumped up. "Time to service your bitch." She hooked his paws on the fence rail so he would have leverage without ripping her flesh. She'd learned that the hard way.

His hot breath fanned her chest while she adjusted the height of her fuck hole. The first two times his stabbing prick missed low and slid through her ass cheeks. The third time he slid across her bald pussy mound. Boy George yelped and her guts tightened. He was easy on her and that's how she liked it. He slammed all of his prick into her at once, then immediately his powerful body hunched, driving his K-9 cock into her cunt, over and over again. Nobody could fuck as fast as a dog, and the call of nature was unstoppable.

Darlene slurred her words, "Oh, yes, yes, you fuck me so good."

Boy George looked back in the direction of the trailer before Darlene heard it. He kept one ear up, but never let up on the merciless pounding he was giving her. She should have made him stop, but she encouraged him,"Hurry, Boy, hurry."

Mrs. Anderson yelled his name again, and Darlene thought about the woman catching her dog fucking the neighborhood girl who babysat her daughter. "Fuck, oh mother fucker."

Darlene pulled the dog close to her as his ballooning cock-knot stretched her tunnel. His boiling dog cum was blasting deep inside her while his fist sized knot made sure all their combined juices stayed there. Her final flooding climax shook her. "Easy, Boy, easy." His drool ran over her heaving breasts. She needed to do something quick, but her mind was drunk with pleasure hormones.

A second after Boy's shrinking knot pulled out with a splash, and while Darlene was still straightening her clothes, Mrs. Anderson came around the shed. "There you are," she said.

Darlene smiled, hoping her well-fucked pussy wouldn't visibly leak down her thighs. "Ma'am," she said holding Boy's head away from her crotch. "I'm sorry, I was walking through the woods and I got confused which trail I was on. Can I cut through your yard?"

"Sure, Honey." Mrs. Anderson motioned with a wave. "Come on."

"He is the prettiest dog," Darlene said. "Aren't you, Boy George?"

They started across the yard, Boy George prancing around them with his flaming point still poking from its sheath. Ms. Anderson either didn't notice or was pretending she didn't.

He sure does love you,” Ms. Anderson said. “Always has."

Darlene smiled and looked at the thirty-five-year-old woman. "He's the best. Anytime you need me to dog sit for you, I'd be happy to do it. Babysit too. You know how summer is, not much to do around here."

"Thanks, Sweetie," Ms. Anderson said. “You know Jordan thinks she's old enough to take care of herself now, and she is, but only if we're out during the day and close to home. If we're going to be out late, we'll definitely call you.”