"You will stay were your at and offer yourself to him!" I'd never done it before and yet I had always wanted to be with a dog in this way but could I do it. I mean sure Sable my girl dog had licked my cock and balls a few times till I came but to present my ass and let a dog fuck me and to top it off in front of my master and witnesses. His best friend Tony and wife Gina showed up and master usually has something for me to do but never has he asked for this before.

"Sir please don't I'll do anything else you ask"

"You will do as your told cock sucker!"

I was in a panic but I began to disrobe, "no cum dump... I want you taken with your shirt and tie... it'll remind you that your respectability at work is only make believe" he leered at me as he said that laughing.

At masters instructions I undid my belt and slide my pants and boxers down to the floor. Taking my shoes and socks off I relieved myself of my pants and I stood exposed looking ahead at my master in his easy chair and Gus a brown and black German Shepard laying next to him licking his paws and ignoring me. Tony and Gina was on the couch and Tony already had Gina's tits out and working them over while she looked at me in anticipation of the spectacle she was about to witness.

"You'll notice, Tony, cum dumps pee pee" Master knows how ashamed I am of my growth. I'm in no way a man at all my little cock couldn't be longer then 3 inches and so thin that it's hardly worth looking at. Topping that off is the fact I'm huge at 6ft 4in and 330lbs my belly was massive I practically was draped in a suit of fat.

"It's hardly the size of a cocktail frank alright Trev" short for Trevor who is my master.

"Barely a man really" I was ashamed as I stood their and listened to my master list my deficiencies. "His pee slot doesn't even shot blanks or for that mater get hard even especially with my cock around ... isn't that right cum dump".

"Yes master I only receive pleasure from your cock it's my life and I'll do anything to have it" I said in a resigned tone.

"Oh you'll do anything all right and your about to prove it boy get on your knees here in front of me".

"Yes sir" I move to comply kneeling in front of masters chair knowing before this night was out I will have really proved to my master that I would do anything to have access to his cock.

"Saddle up here boy and start sucking on this" he pulls his cock out and shakes it a few times.

I'd never get tired of looking at that cock its longer then most cocks at 10inches and cut mine looks like a rolled up sausage (uncut) but Masters cock is proud as it juts up from masters bush. It's thick too maybe not can size but its thicker then any I've seen before. I move forward with my hands holding it steady I move my head looking at his piss slit flared out and delicious. I lash out with my tongue wrapping it gently around the stalk and lowered my head over his cock.

"Yes... That's right make love to my cock remind me why I keep you around" Master sighs. He places his strong beefy hands over my head and forces my mouth to take his cock completely holding me down and grinding his crouch into my face.

I almost gag but as always I seem to find room to accept his cock completely in my mouth. He lets up every so often so I can come up for breath and lick his head and balls. After what seemed like only minutes but probably longer Master signals for Tony to come over swatting me on the ass.

"It's time to bring Gus into this I think Tony"

Getting up off the couch leaving Gina with her tits exposed and her panties down while she thrusts a dildo into her slot. Signaling Gus to come over Tony bent down near my ass.

"Come here Gus" Gus got up trotted over and started licking Tony in the face.

"That's a good boy"

"UP!" Master told me slapping me on the ass cheeks. I raise my ass into a doggy position.

"Spread them" Master commanded and I reached back to spread my ass cheeks feeling the hot breath of Gus as he began to sniff around to get used to my scent. Soon his tongue was into my ass lubing me up for the fuck to come. I never felt a tongue go so deep, Tony continued to praise Gus as he reamed my ass.

"Yeah that's it boy bet you like having your ass licked I know I enjoy it when you do it to me" master said laughing at me. "Just think how good it will feel to have Gus inside of you rooting his cock deeper into you tainting you so you're no good for men to take, marking his territory. I know you've been wanting it for a long time haven't you, admit it deep down inside you realize you're only good to be a bitch to a dog isn't that right"

He was saying this stuff mockingly but Gus was doing good work back their and I had to admit deep down I've always felt like I was not good enough for a man and know here I was preparing to take a dog into me. Would I really debase myself this much its not like I have much choice really but the thought of it was both erotic and disgusting at the same time.

"Look at me" I reluctantly let my mouth release his cock and look up at master.

"I want to watch your face as you're penetrated by old Gus their, your manhood stripped away from you with each inch he penetrates into your ass." He sneers and spits on me with disgust as I feel Gus's front paws on my back.

Behind me Tony had been working on Gus getting his cock all horned up so he could fuck me. I felt something damp on my ass like a misting of something probably a female scent to encourage Gus. Whatever it was it got Gus's attention and soon I could feel him thrusting his cock forward missing my hole just barely the first time but Tony made sure the next thrust would go in.

It was strange feeling Gus's cock enter me not at all like being fucked by a guy and it was easy for him to enter me his pre cum making it hard for me to grab a hold of and control the rape of my ass. I started breathing heavy and my cock, as worthless as it was, getting hard also. I knew better then to touch it to work on my own pleasure master wouldn't like that at all.

I could hear Gina behind me laughing as Gus continued to fuck me and I started to feel something hitting my hole I almost looked away from master but he held my face in both hands staring into my eyes. Gus's knot was becoming more insistent battering it's way into my ass and I was beginning to moan then all the sudden I felt the knot enter me and master snickered with triumph knowing full well from my reaction that Gus was tied with me and would be stuck that way for a while.

"Tony I think it's time to take a few pictures of the cum dump in his best dress shirt." I hear the click of a digital camera and soon Tony comes into my field of vision as I am crying from both the pain and the humiliation of being taken by Gus snapping pictures of my total disgrace for evidence to be used against me at another time.

I know those pictures will find their way to the web site master has set up just for my pictures. He enjoys sending links to his friends and some of mine as well I have very little secrets or dignity left.

"I'm enjoying this cum dump... I like seeing you bottom for a dog, even a dog is more of a man then you!" Master starts laughing and Tony starts pointing at me saying "Gus appears to be cumming look at his tongue hanging out as he fucks him."

Tony's right too... I can feel Gus spasm deep in my bowels releasing the entire pint up juices he's been building up into me. Gus yelps a bit and lays his head down on my back a few seconds later he tries to jump down and I realize that Gus is still tied to me.

"AAArgh! Damn stop" I gasp out I know after saying it I'm in trouble I wasn't allowed to speak but I was shocked at the pain of it. Master quickly slaps me hard leaving a red mark on my check but still holding my head between his legs so I won't fall down.

"That was uncalled for little boy!" I hear Gina in the back ground start to orgasm also yelling and screaming as the waves hit her and I hear her say how hot the scene made here and could she have some of the shots for herself to show some friends.

I start crying when master agrees to this knowing full well to disagree or beg would only make it worse. Finally after a while I feel Gus pop out and run next to master's chair and starts licking his self clean.

"Here is your toy, boy ... wouldn't want you closing up that ass after Gus worked it over so well. Besides you want to keep those juices inside of you don't you little boy." I reach out with my hand and take the double headed dildo from him and begin to work it into my ass.

"Yeah just like that get it worked inside of you think what it would be like if a real man fucked you... Maybe you don't miss a guys dick anymore humm maybe you liked being fucked by Gus? Is that right are you only good for a dog to mount know?"

They all laugh at that and with a pop the 9inch dildo works it's way up my ass.

"Yeah fuck your self with that dildo thrust it in deep" I do as I'm told.

"Now get over here and get me off do you think this is all about you."

I rush to lower my face back on his dick swallowing and sucking like it was a straw trying to get master off and soon I'm rewarded with a gush of sperm deep into my gullet. I can feel his 10inch tool spasm and flop around into my mouth hitting against the roof of my mouth and feel the cum slowing slim it's way down my throat I'm trying not to swallow just yet cause I like to savor the taste for as long as possible and love the feel of masters juices warming my stomach.

With that he pushes me down toward Gus and tells me to lay down with my new boyfriend. "You're a bit contaminated for a man know but I'll keep you around for Gus and you do suck cock good so maybe if your good I'll let you have a taste of my cock but I'll never fuck your sorry ass again I got a new slave for that."

He laughs at my misfortune as I realize he means what he says and I'm to be replaced after all even after all I gave up for him what good was I now to any man know that I've been taken by a dog?