The Quiet Lad and Benji



This is pure fiction, a product of my furtive sexual mind and in no way are the characters real or even have I done the things portrayed in the story, well not all of them anyway.

Part One

Ben Johnson was a quiet lad, 14 years of age, reasonably popular at his school, but kept himself to himself and had few friends, and now on his summer school holidays and staying at his gran's, a nice old lady of 80 years of age and quite sprightly for her age. The reason he was there was because his dad was working in the USA and they hoped to set up home there so his mum had gone as well to help find a home, so that left Ben staying with his gran in her cottage on the edge of a large forest in the middle of the UK, for at least a month of the school summer holiday.

Not a lot that a 14 year old fit and healthy boy can do you might think without his mates, truth was he didn't have many and what he had were also on holiday, so he was happy to stay here and ramble around the forest.

Ben had a secret though, he liked to wander around the forest naked, oh he would go out with his clothes on, usually cargo shorts and a tee polo shirt and his walking shoes and a rucksack with his lunch in and a few other snacks to keep him going, but when he got deep in the forest he liked to strip naked and load his clothes in his rucksack and just wander around with his shoes and socks on, he had started doing this the year before when he stayed there for a couple of weeks to give his mum and dad time to modernize the house.

Today was no different, he arose about 9am after a good sleep and gran had his breakfast ready of porridge and a fried breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast, washed down with orange juice and tea, he had already told her the night before that he intended on doing a longer walk today and she had packed extra food for him, after sorting out his rucksack he said goodbye to his gran and set off on his hike, as she lived right by the forest he was soon following well trod paths, as the weather was unusually hot he had on his blue school PE shorts, and his white PE vest with some thicker clothes in his rucksack in case it went cooler and a towel and a small blanket for him to sit on whilst he had his food.

Ben walked for some 20 minutes or so into the forest, at this time of the week he had never saw anyone about and if he did he usually heard them before he saw them and was able to hide away somewhere if he was naked and let them pass, he liked the thrill of being naked anyway, he stopped and found a small clearing off the main track and stood and listened awhile, he strained and heard nothing but the usual forest noises of the light breeze in the trees and the bird calls, he quickly took off his rucksack and stood again and listened, satisfied he was totally alone he stripped off his PE vest and then stood a few minutes half naked, the excitement of his anticipation he would be naked in a few minutes had given him and erection and it was pushing out the front of his PE shorts, he rubbed it and groaned slightly, he slipped them down and off and stood now in his white cotton boxer type underpants, his cock obscenely pushing them at the front.

Ben looked around and cocked his head to one side to listen if anyone was approaching and on hearing nothing he quickly slipped his underpants down and off and stood naked and erect in the sunshine, his cock was twitching to the rapid beat of his young heart and he stroked it and moaned softly to himself, his cock was sticking up at a slight angle to the rest of his naked body as it had a slight upward bend in it, a lovely piece of flesh at just over 5 inches when fully erect and growing nicely as last year just after his 13th birthday he had measured it when erect and it was around 4 inches, so in a year it had grown an inch, his foreskin still stayed over his cock head even when erect, but he was able to pull it back and easily wank, something he did with increasing regularity.

He pulled back the soft foreskin and bared his bulbous cockhead and smoothed the precum he was leaking over the purple head "oohh mmm ohh yeah" he moaned, he needed to take a pee and he turned to a tree at the side of him and started to pee up it, this helped to quell his erection somewhat and he bent down and packed his clothes away in his rucksack afterwards and slipped it over his bare back and just taking a quick listen he set off down a narrow path with his semi hard cock leading the way. 

After about an hour's steady walk he decided he needed a drink so he stopped by a tree and took off his rucksack and grabbed a bottle of water and took a good swig and looked around, he had come to rising ground and he wondered what was over the top as he had never been this way, he gave his soft cock a tug and had a feel of his soft ball sac, not much hair yet, but a bit above his cock, swung his rucksack over his shoulder and carried on up the rising ground and began to sweat a little, he could feel a trickle down his bare back as he reached the top and looked down at a small valley below, with a small stream snaking its way along it and some grassy areas to sunbathe naked on and not be seen.

Ben descended into the small valley and over to the stream, he looked around and saw that there were no obvious signs that anyone had ever been there and that brought a smile to his face, he dropped his rucksack and walked over to some bushes and peered through them and found them thick and somewhat impenetrable, he walked around the perimeter of the clearing and decided it was safe here and went back to where he had dropped his rucksack and opened it and took out his blanket and towel, he spread them out on the grass and then sat down and undid his walking shoes and took them off, next he took off his socks and put them in his shoes, he was now fully naked and his cock was semi hard.

Ben felt all sticky and hot and decided to take a dip in the small stream, he wet over to it and although it wasn't deep enough to swim in, it was perfectly deep enough to cover his body and cool off, he gently slipped into the gurgling water and grimaced slightly as he felt the coolness of the water on his hot bare body, he lay on his back in the water and let it flow over his bare body "mmm ohh yeah that feels good" Ben thought, he lay there a few minutes and then turned over on his stomach and let the water wash over his bare bum, the pertness of his bum made it stick above the water unless he pushed himself into the sandy bed of the stream so Ben stood up and then turned around and stooped down and the water washed between the crack of his bum and he washed his sweaty bum hole and he hummed and arghhed as he fingered the cold water into his puckered boy hole.

After a few minutes washing and laying in the water Ben decided he wanted to lay down on his towel and blanket, he climbed out and looked down at his shrivelled cock, it looked about 2 inches long with a wrinkled ball sac and his foreskin also wrinkled over his small cock head, he lay down on the blanket and dried himself off with the towel and then lay back on the blanket and warmed up, he dozed a bit and just fondled his cock and balls a bit as they warmed up, soon his cock responded to his fondling and it started to erect and stick up in the air, Ben slowly wanked his cock and then got in a rhythm and was soon squirming and moaning as he sped up, flashing images of his fellow pupils in school as they stripped off in the changing rooms went through his mind and he groaned and a big spurt of his boy sperm shot out of his cock and onto his bare chest, this was quickly followed by at least 4 more good spurts and then a few smaller ones, Ben's chest was heaving now after that good wank, he reached into his rucksack and grabbed some kitchen towel and wiped the residue of the cool sperm off his body and cock, he decided to go and wash the rest off as it would smell and attract flies as he lazed naked in the sun.

Ben stooped at the stream and his cock and balls hung down between his legs and swung free, Ben heard a noise and he swivelled his head this way and that to see where it came from, he couldn't see anything and then at the corner of his eye he saw something move in the short grass over by the bushes and a dog appeared and Ben's heart calmed down, but a thought entered his head and with dogs came owners and Ben quickly stood up without washing himself and went back to his towel and grabbed his PE shorts and slipped them on, he strained to listen if the dog was being called and heard nothing, the dog a mongrel type one sat watching Ben as he had slipped on his shorts, for what seemed ages they both sat looking at each other and Ben decided that the dog was on his own and opened his rucksack and took out the sandwiches his gran had packed, potted meat and the scent of them was picked up by the dog and he licked his lips and slowly padded over to where Ben was sitting.

"You want a bite boy?" said Ben to the dog, the dog sat with his eyes as big as saucers and just licked his lips, Ben threw a sandwich over and the dog smelled at it and then wolfed it down so fast that Ben hardly saw it go, the dog came and lay by Ben and Ben ruffled his ears and stroked his head, the dog licked his fingers that smelled of potted meat and boy sperm, Ben gave him another sandwich and then ate one himself as the dog watched him intently and Ben pulled off bits and threw the dog ate then quickly, Ben decided it was safe to take off his shorts so he slipped them down his slim tanned legs and off and he was naked again and loving it.

Ben fed the dog some biscuits and ate some himself and sipped on some juice as the dog went to the stream and lapped at the cool clear water, lipping his lips he came back to Ben who was now propped up on his elbows laying totally naked on the blanket and towel, the dog started sniffing at Ben and that tickled Ben and he tried to push the dogs nose away as he giggled, his legs opened and the dog started to sniff at Ben's cock and balls, smelling the residue of the sperm he had shot earlier, he licked at Ben's foreskin covered cockhead and that tickled Ben again and he tried to push the dog's nose away again, but the roughness of his tongue turned Ben on and his cock rose to full mast and the dog licked at Ben's cock and balls "ohh fuck yeah, ohh god that's good" Ben moaned softly as his balls were lapped at.

Ben pulled his foreskin right back and exposed his purple plum shaped cock head and the dog eagerly lapped at it and Ben squirmed and moaned, what he hadn't seem was that the dogs cock was peeping out of its sheath and he too was getting turned on, he went between Ben's legs as Ben had drawn them up and given full access of his cock and balls to the dog to lick at, Ben was so turned on he decided to lift his legs up and have the dog lap at his puckered sweaty boy hole, he quickly lifted his legs up and put his hands behind his knees and joined hands and that exposed his virgin boy hole to the dog, he quickly dove in and licked at Ben's bum hole and his rough tongue lapped at his boy hole and that sent Ben into raptures and he softly moaned and groaned.

This went on for some minutes and all the time the dog was getting hornier until he could probably stand it no longer and he mounted Ben and gripped the boy's naked torso with his paws and he blindly tried to fuck his cock into Ben's boy bum hole "oh fuck, oh no, oh hell!" Ben thought "he's trying to fuck me, oh god no, I don't want that" Ben started to panic and tried to push the dog off, but with his hands in a hold and the dog pressed up against them he had no movement and so therefore unable to push the dog off, coupled with that was as he tried to push the dog off, the dog emitted a low growl and that scared Ben, the dog was wildly stabbing his hard cock between Ben's legs trying to get into his boy hole, squirts of the dogs precum was all over Ben's puckered hole and then bingo!, the dog pushed in and slid his red tipped knob into Ben's unwilling hole "arghh ohh fuck no argggh ohh god that hurts" moaned Ben.

Now his thrusting became more earnest and his cock pushed ever deeper into Ben's bum and tears rolled down the boy's cheeks as the searing pain went through him, he was trapped and had to let it go to its inevitable conclusion and his virginity taken away, the pain began to subside as he got used to the dog ramming hard into him, his own cock was hard as a ramrod and leaking precum as it lay on his bare chest between him and the dog, now Ben began to enjoy the dog's cock ramming into his bowels and began to actively coerce the dog to fuck him faster "yes boy, oh god yes fuck me boy, fuck me hard oohh yeah ohh mmm argghh grrr" Ben moaned as he felt the dogs cock hit something inside him, his cock twitched and his knob throbbed and went even more coloured and Ben groaned and shot a good few squirts of his sperm between them "arghh fuck ohh god I'm cumming" Ben moaned as he shot more spurts of his hot teen sperm on his bare chest and the dogs fur.

He felt the dog quicken up and give a little whine and he felt searing hot dog semen squirt into his bowels and thrust ever deeper into Ben's battered boy hole, Ben breathed a sigh of relief as he thought it was over now, but he was wrong, he didn't know a lot of how dog sex is done and soon felt more pain as the dog's knot swelled up trapping the dogs cock in Ben's bum hole, it felt like a big tennis ball to Ben, this was an aid to help dogs breed an tarp the sperm in the bitch, well Ben was the dogs bitch now and the dog tried to pull out but only succeeded in giving Ben more pain and he moaned and tears again flowed as they were now arse to arse and coupled.

Both of them lay there panting and Ben was sobbing when he heard a noise and looked up and saw a boy of about his age standing by the bushes, he was naked to the waist and wore faded cargo shorts and a baseball cap and had a lovely dark tan, he came over to where Ben and the dog lay coupled on the blanket and Ben thought "god I am really screwed now" he tried to get up and the boy said "no stay put, there's nothing you can do, you will hurt yourself and my dog Benji" at the mention of his name Benji wagged his tale, "he's knotted with you and it will subside on its own, it happens when dogs have sex, so had to make sure the bitch gets all his spunk inside her to get pregnant" the boy went on.

"My names Jake by the way and it looks like Benji really gave you a good fucking" the boy said and grinned "my names Ben and I am sorry I let him do this to me, please don't report me to the police, I won't do it again" said Ben and started to sob again "hey I aren't going to report anyone, I'll let you into a little secret, I have been fucked by Benji as well, I love it" Jake replied

"You do?" asked Ben as he shuffled to get a little more comfortable and to tried and hide his cock and balls, all very futile given his predicament he thought after, "yeah a few times, I have been watching you a few times when you have been walking naked through the forest, you certainly have a sexy body and given me a good few wanks, I can tell you" Jake replied and grinned at Ben, Benji wriggled a bit and his cock came out of Ben's arse with an audible plop and Ben groaned, Benji got up shakily and loped off to the stream and took a drink and then flopped down and licked his cock which was still flopped out of his sheath, Ben opened his legs and he had a feel of his battered and bruised bum hole, Jake stared as well "sheesh he really fucked you good Ben, there's no blood but its very red and puffy and leaking his spunk like mad" Jake observed.

Ben looked up at him and saw that Jake's shorts were tented "have I done that to you?" Ben said and pointed to Jake's bulging shorts "yep and the show you and Benji put on, I nearly shot my load in my pants when you moaned and shot your cum and he fucked you harder and knotted with you" Jake replied and grinned at Ben who meekly grinned back he got up and gingerly went over to the stream and splashed water over his bum hole as he stooped over the babbling stream, Benji watched him and wagged his tale as he saw his sperm leak out of Ben's bruised hole and drip into the stream.

"Let me help you" said Jake and came over to Ben "come out and lay on the grass and lift your legs again" Jake instructed, like a lamb Ben did as he was told and lay and lifted up his legs and exposed his bum hole as Jake splashed cool water over his bum hole, then Jake leaned into the stream and sucked up some water and turned and brought his lips to Ben's bum hole and then squirted the water in his mouth into Ben's still open hole "arghh fuck!!" Ben groaned "that's gross!!!" he went on and felt the water wash inside his bum and then leak out taking the residue of Benji's sperm "it's no more grosser than you taking my dog's cock up your arse" replied Jake as he had a feel of Ben's soft cock and balls.

Ben looked at him sheepishly and felt he was right and he was trying to help anyway and now he was feeling at his cock and balls "this okay Ben?" asked Jake as he stroked Ben's hardening cock, Ben just nodded and lay back as he was wanked by Jake, he hadn't the energy to stop him anyway "how old are you by the way?" asked Jake "I'm 14, how old are you?" replied Ben "15, just had my birthday last week, I live in a farm not far away down the lane at the end of the forest, opposite end to where your gran lives" Jake replied and rubbed at his own cock in his cargo shorts, Ben was watching him intently.

"Take you shorts off if you want to?" said Ben and he really wanted to see Jakes older boy cock "okay I will" said Jake and stood up and undid his belt and slid his shorts down and stepped out of them, he was wearing faded white briefs, they where actually a grey colour really, and old looking, he slid those down as well and his hard boy cock slapped up his bare tanned chest and Ben saw there was no tan line so Jake obviously liked nude sunbathing, his cock stuck up to the sun, a lovely cock of about 6 inches of tanned boy flesh and neatly circumcised with a lighter coloured plum shaped  bare knob, he had sparse hairs above it and a few dark ones on his low hanging balls "you like?" asked Jake as he stood just in a pair of tatty tennis shoes, "mmm I like very much, you have a nice looking cock Jake" said Ben and patted the grass by his side and Jake flopped down and let Ben get a better view of his cock and balls.

"Yours is nice too Ben, I love your foreskin" replied Jake and he reached over and pulled Ben's foreskin up and down his throbbing boy cock, Ben grinned and grabbed hold of Jake's cock and tried to wank him, Jake had to show him how to wank a circumcised cock, using a bit of spit and just his thumb and forefingers, Jake moved in for a kiss and they swapped tongues as well and that left Ben out of breath and Jake said "breath through your nose Ben and we can lip lock a long time" Ben and Jake kissed again and held the kiss for ages before pulling apart.

"Oh wow, where did you learn to kiss like that?" asked Ben. Jake smiled, "from a boy at my school, we had a relationship until he went to live in London last year, he taught me other things as well" replied Jake, "like what?" asked Ben "this!" Jake replied quickly and scooted down and took Ben's hard boy cock in his mouth and started to suck on his knob "holy fuck!" exclaimed Ben "fucking hell, that's fantastic" he went on.

Jake continued to suck on Ben's cock head and fondle his balls and Ben was moaning and groaning, then Ben pushed Jake's head off his cock "what's the matter?" said Jake looking alarmed "nothing, I am just close to cumming that's all" Ben explained "let's 69 then" said Jake "what's that then?" asked Ben "well I will scoot down to suck your cock and my cock will be by your head so you suck me, it's a sort of a number 69 shape" replied Jake "oh I get it, yeah that sounds great" said Ben and grinned.

Jake stretched out and started to suck on Ben's cock again and Ben leaned over and started to suck on Jake's bare cock head "mmm urggh mmm" both boys moaned as they avidly sucked each other, and each boy fondled each other's balls as well, then Jake felt at Ben's bum hole and pushed his fingers in and they went in easily as it was still enlarged from Benji's hard fucking of it, Jake felt Ben's hard button of his prostate and the lad flinched and made a groaning sound . Ben pulled off Jake's cock and groaned "ohh I'm going to cum again" and then went back to sucking on Jake's knob "argghh ohh yeah ohh fuck!" Ben moaned again after he had pulled off again and shot his teen sperm into Jake's mouth, 4 big spurts of his sweet sperm hit the back of Jake's throat and he swallowed every drop, he started to shoot as Ben resumed on his cock head and his purple cock head expanded in Ben's mouth and he shot 5 good spurts of his teen sperm, but Ben wasn't ready and he choked on it and it went up his nose, he tried to breathe and pulled off Jake's cock and the last spurt went over his face , Benji had by now recovered and was sniffing around them and licked at Ben's face and cleaned off his masters cum, much to the amusement of both boy's.

Both of them laid back and rested after their respective ejaculations and Ben suggest they finish eating the food Ben had left, they sat eating and chatting and feeding Benji titbits and then Ben said it was time for him to set off back, Jake suggested they boy take a wash in the stream to wash off the sperm and sweat smells and him and Ben went totally naked into the stream and splashed each other gleefully and even Benji joined in and then then got down to the serious business of cleaning themselves up, Jake had Ben bend over and he examined his bum and pronounced it none the worse for Benji having fucked it hard, just that it may be a little sore tonight so to put on some antiseptic soothing cream when he had had a hot bath or shower.

They got out the stream and lay in the late afternoon sun and dried off on the blanket, they kissed and fondled each other and then Ben said he had better get ready to leave so as he put on his socks and shoes Jake packed up his rucksack for him and put his underpants and shorts and tee shirt on the top so as to be readily accessible if he needed to dress quick, they kissed and fondled each other again and Ben said "can I see you again tomorrow Jake?".

"Yeah I guess so; I can be here after my morning chores on the farm, I will show you a place where there is a small secluded pool and we can go swimming in the nude there, it's totally of the beaten track" Jake replied "wow! That would be cool, I haven't swum in ages, nude or otherwise" said Ben excitedly. They fondled each other's cocks again and they soon became erect, but decided not to pursue any more with them and Ben said goodbye to Jake and gave Benji a stroke and said goodbye to him and got a wag of his tail as a reply and then went off naked as usual with his hard cock swinging from side to side, after about an hour's walk his hard cock has softened enough for him to get dressed and take a short cut along a lane, so he stopped and got out his underpants and shorts and vest and reluctantly dressed and carried on his way.

Soon Ben was home and greeted by his gran who said she had prepared his favourite meal of steak and kidney pie and vegetables and to go and get a shower and change and it would be ready soon, Ben emptied his rucksack of empty food containers and made his way upstairs and went to his room and stripped off his dirty white vest and pulled off his shorts and took off his dirty socks and went to the bathroom and deposited his dirty socks and pants in the laundry basket and ran the shower, he climbed into the shower and had a lovely hot one first and cleaned off and then had a cooler one and rubbed his cock again and thought about seeing Jake naked again and sucking on his cock again, soon he was wanking hard and he climaxed quickly and shot a few good spurts of his cum onto the tiled shower wall, he quickly washed that off and washed his softening cock clean and climbed out and dried off, he wrapped the towel around his waist and went back to his room and found some cream in his drawer and proceeded to finger some into his bum hole, he groaned as he did it as his bum hole was still sore, he heard his gran call him from the bottom of the stairs and he replied he would be right down.

He dressed in some clean white cotton boxers again and slipped a pair of white PE shorts over them and a white tee shirt and put on his slippers and went down and sat in the kitchen table as his gran served up a delicious steak and kidney pie and fresh vegetables followed by home-made apple pie and fresh cream, all washed down with his gran's home-made lemonade, as usual he volunteered to wash up the dishes whilst his gran sat in the lounge with a nice cup of tea and the local evening paper, then they sat together watching some television for about an hour and all through it Ben could hardly keep his eyes open so eventually he gave in and said his goodnights to his gran and told her he would go off walking again tomorrow, he kissed her goodnight and made his way upstairs to his room and stripped off his clothes and got into bed naked, he lay thinking about Jake and Benji and his adventures today and soon sleep overtook him and he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

End of Part One

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