The Quiet Lad and Benji


Part Two


Ben was awoken by his gran, she said she needed to go into town to do some shopping and needed Ben to help her carry the shopping, she could still drive and does often, but only around the quiet roads of the village and gets a taxi to take her into town.

Ben rubbed his eyes and pulled the bedclothes up tight around his neck with his grandma there as he was totally naked and he didn't want her to see him like that "I am going hiking again grandma, had you forgotten?" he asked after listening to her "well you can do that when we get back can't you, I have booked the taxi to come in an hour and we will be back just after 11am, I have baking to do for the WI" she replied "okay I just need to have a quick shower and I will be right down" Ben answered as she left the room.

He gave her a couple of minutes then slipped out of bed and slipped into his PE shorts and headed for the bathroom, he was hard as usual as he was every morning and had a hard time peeing so decided to run the shower and he peed in there, his cock wouldn't go down as he kept thinking of a naked Jake and maybe Benji fucking him later that day, he quickly wanked and soon was groaning and his balls tightened and he shot a load up the shower wall. Drying off his cock had now subsided and he wrapped the towel around him and made his way to his room and took it off, he stared at his reflection in the full length mirror and noticed how he was getting a lovely all over tan, his upper body already had a fair one but his tan line was fast disappearing and his upper legs had the beginnings of one as well.

He quickly pulled on a pair of white cotton boxers out of the drawer and noticed they were his last good ones, all he had left were some older ones and some pairs of briefs, he would buy himself some more whilst in town he thought, he found a new pair of light grey short socks and slipped them on and his clean khaki cargo shorts and a nice blue Nike polo shirt he liked so much and his new trainers and he was good to go, he went downstairs and his gran was on the phone, she motioned him over and whispered "it's your parents, it's just past midnight in California" and handed over the receiver to him, "hi mum, hi dad, how's it going over there?" he said "fine Ben, how are you son?" replied his mum, he could hear both his mum and dad and reckoned they were on speaker or something.

"I am well thanks, missing you both though" Ben replied "well I will cut to the chase Ben" said his dad "this job here is going even better than I expected and I have been offered a five year contract with a further option of another five years and bonuses you wouldn't believe, I am going to take it son and of course we need to talk as it means we will have to live here, but your mother and I have been talking and we feel its not fair to drag you out of school right now" his dad went on.

"What do you mean dad?" queried Ben and looked at his gran 

"Well we will have to sell our home to be able to buy something here and that will take time no doubt in the economic climate, in the meantime we are renting an apartment here, but it's not very big but is convenient for my work" his dad explained

"So we thought you could live with your gran until your at least 16 and go to that school that is close to her, hopefully if you do well in your exams you can get into a college, what we will have to discuss then whether you want to go into a college in England or the USA, I am not sure whether you can here, we have only a few weeks to set this up, I have put in a call to the head teacher of that school near to gran, Grange Road High school it is, I explained the situation and he thinks there will be no problem in you transferring, he even knows the head teacher of your old school and will sort things out" his dad said

For a few minutes Ben said nothing and then he chimed up "well dad it has come as a shock to hear that you want to stay in the USA and mum of course, I understand and would be happy to move schools and come to live here with gran until I am 16, which is only a couple of years or so, I guess I can look after gran as well and help her around the cottage"

"We thought that as well Ben, it will be nice for gran to have a strapping young lad like you to help her around the cottage and in the garden, I am going to put some money in her account on a regular basis for your keep and also as she has no internet there I am going to get a company to come in and set that up and I want you to get a laptop with a webcam so at least we can keep in touch okay" his dad went on

"Thanks dad that would be great, we are going into town after finishing here, may I look then?" asked Ben

"Yes son I am transferring money today over the internet into gran's account for you, it should be in by the time you get to town, I have a number for a company in town that sorts out all internet problems and I will give them a call and all being well you should be able to access the net in a couple of days" his dad went on

Ben seemed happy at this as they were on the internet at home, but he was restricted on how long he could be online and what he could look at when online, apparently a work colleague of his dad found his son naked in front of his laptop and wanking himself on cam in an internet chat room, since then strict guidelines had been drawn up and a blocker put on the home computer and it was in full view of his parents, Ben only really went on when he needed to look for something related to his school work.

"Okay son I am going to let you chat to your mum a bit as I need to get to bed now, I love you Ben" his dad said finishing up "love you to dad, goodnight" replied Ben and thought it felt weird saying that as he stared out the cottage window at a bright sunny warm summers day in the UK.

Ben's mother came on the line and they chatted briefly and he felt a lump come into his throat when he thought he wasn't going to see them for awhile, she seemed a bit choked up as well and said her goodbyes and asked for Ben to put his gran on the line and they chatted for a bit while Ben went and had his breakfast and thought about the bombshell that had been dropped in his lap.

Ben thought that at least now he could see Jake a lot more given that he was going to go to the same school as him and it wouldn't really be a big wrench leaving his old school as he hadn't really got any friends there, just boys he chatted to now and again, and the thought of getting a laptop was a bonus as well as he was really excited about that.

His gran came into the kitchen as he put the dishes in the sink to be washed, she seemed a bit weepy and he went over to her and gave her a cuddle "its alright gran, don't worry they will be okay, mum will look after dad, he will look after mum and I will look after you" Ben said and felt a tear well up in his eyes "you're a fine grandson Ben, I couldn't wish for a finer one, now let's get ready and go to town, the taxi will be here in a few minutes" she said and wiped her eyes, just then a car horn sounded and the taxi was here, Ben grabbed he shopping bags and they set off.

The arrived in town just after the shops opened and first they went to the bank to check at the cash machine whether Ben's dad had transferred any money and sure enough he had deposited 2000 in her account, Ben looked wide eyed at the amount on the screen "well Ben looks like your dad did come through, we need to get you kitted out ready for your new school in Sept so we will go to the school outfitter's first and get the uniform for Grange Road High School" Ben's gran said.

Ben nodded and they set off down the high street, they entered the store and his gran spoke to a young sales assistant who eyed up Ben "I think we can sort out what you need madam" he said "I will need the young gentleman's measurements though, so if he can come this way to the changing rooms I will take them and sort out the trousers and school blazers for Grange Road" he went on.

She turned to Ben and he nodded and went with the assistant to the back of the store whilst his gran was shown to a seat and asked if she would like a tea or coffee whilst she waited, the assistant showed Ben into a room with a big mirror in and coat hooks and a couple of chairs, he closed the door behind them.

"Now sir, I have to take your measurements then need you to undress to your underwear and try on several shirts and trousers and blazers please, is that okay?" "My name is Jason by the way," the young lad said

"Okay, my name is Ben by the way," answered Ben and stood and let Jason take his chest measurement, he wasn't much taller than Ben and had blond hair and was in a nice suit and Ben saw he had a nice bubble bum in his trousers, to his horror Ben started to erect in his underpants and tried to will it to go down, but next Jason took his waist measurement and then dropped down to take his inside leg measurement and Ben felt his cock harden as Jason pushed the measure up under his crotch.

Ben seemed agitated as he was measured and he felt Jason must have seen he had an erection in his shorts "Jason looked up and Ben as he measured his inside leg and smiled "its alright Ben, not to worry, we all get like that when measurements are taken, I went to Grange Road as well, I left last year and got a job here, I wanted to go on to college, but my dad died and money is a bit tight in our house, so I help support my 13 year old brother and 11 year old sister " Jason said

"Oh I am sorry to hear that Jason, but hope you will let me know what it's like at Grange Road then" said Ben nervously as Jason pushed his hand up and it nudged Ben's erection "ohh god!" thought Ben as a surge went through his crotch, he felt Jason was taking his time with the measuring "there all done Ben, now can you undress and I will go and get a range of sizes in the school uniform for you to try on?" Jason said

Jason left the changing room as Ben started to undress, he had taken off his trainers and pulled off his polo shirt and dropped his shorts and put them on a chair when Jason came back "mmm nice tan Ben" Jason commented as he hung up three sets of school uniform for Ben to try on "I have three of the school shirts here Ben, they are samples we use for boys to try on" Jason said as he saw Ben was nervously covering his bulge in his white underpants with his hands.

Ben took the first shirt and put it on, the collar was a bit too tight so Jason handed him the next and that seemed a good fit, so Jason noted the neck size, next he handed Ben a pair of grey trousers, he climbed into them and found the leg was too long so Jason handed him the next pair and they were too short, the next pair was the right length but the waist was a little tight so Jason noted the length and suggested he go get a bigger waist size.

Jason was back in a minute or so with another pair of grey trousers and Ben tried those on and they fitted perfectly, Jason handed him a Grange Road red and grey striped tie and helped him tie it, next Ben tried on a school blazer and to his amazement it fitted okay so Jason noted the size "what's your shoe size Ben?" asked Jason as he wrote down the sizes "ermm I am a six Jason, why?"  Ben answered, "well you will need some school socks, how old are you Ben?"Jason asked "I am 14" Ben answered again.

"Your year wears long grey socks Ben, when you get to 15 they wear short ones, funny rule I know, bit of a throwback from when boys up to 14 had to wear shorts I think" Jason told him.

"You had to wear shorts until you were 14 then at one time?" asked Ben astonished "yes summer and winter grey short trousers and long grey socks with a blue stripe on the top was compulsory right up to the early 1980's"replied Jason

"I will go get you the socks for you to try on if you want" said Jason, Ben nodded and Jason skipped out and came back with a packet of socks that were Ben's size and handed him a pair, Ben took his own socks off and put on the long ones, he actually quite liked them when he looked at himself in the mirror, Jason passed him a school tie and he quickly tied it, then went out and stood so his gran could see him, "oh very nice Ben, you look very handsome" his gran remarked "the uniform fits good doesn't it Mrs Johnson?" asked Jason and beamed at Ben, who blushed, they went back into the changing room and Jason shut the door as Ben undressed out of the uniform, he stood in his underpants as Jason folded up the clothes.

"You look very fit Ben, they do a lot of sports at Grange Road, so you will fit in well" remarked Jason, Ben blushed again and grabbed his shorts and slipped them on and his short grey socks and his trainers and then lastly his polo shirt "you will need some new PE kit Ben, we have PE shorts and vests you will need for the gym and soccer shorts and rugby shorts" Jason said.

"Well my old stuff at home is not worth anything now, I was supposed to get some new stuff anyway before the start, I need some new underwear as well, the pants I am wearing are my last new pair" replied Ben "I will sort you out then, we have some nice underpants for boys here, may I recommend some boxers for general wear and briefs when you have PE, although some classes in PE require you to not wear underwear" said Jason

They left the changing room and went to the counter and Jason got some PE shorts in Ben's size white and blue and then called him over to the racks of boys underwear and helped him select pairs of white briefs and white boxers, his gran paid for the purchases and Jason said "we can deliver the purchases for you, I live not far from you and the delivery van takes me home after we close, so I can drop them off later if that is okay"

Ben and his gran thanked him and said that would be great as they had some more shopping to do, Jason slipped Ben a card "that's my number, if you need anything else, just ring me" and winked at Ben, Ben grinned and said he would later and then he followed his gran out the shop and they went on to finishing their shopping, they got meat and fresh fruit and vegetables and they some bread and cakes and then called into a computer store and Ben picked out a nice laptop, they got a taxi home and Ben helped his gran put away the food and he took his laptop up to his room and changed into his PE shorts for walking and a tee shirt and his old trainers.

He went back downstairs and his gran had packed his lunch in his small rucksack with his towel and small blanket and he kissed her and said he would be home around 6pm, he set off into the forest and walked about 20 minutes and looked around and listened for any sounds of people and heard none and stripped off his tee shirt and stuffed it in his rucksack and then took off his blue PE shorts and white pants and felt good now he was naked except for his shoes and socks.

He stood against a tree and had a pee and his cock started to thicken as he pulled his foreskin back as he watched his stream of pee hit the bark, his cock head glistened in the sunlight that was streaming through the branches, he shook the last drops and let go of his cock and the foreskin slowly rolled back over his cock head until just a bit of the head peeped through, he grabbed his rucksack and swung it over his back and set off to the four oaks where he was supposed to meet Jake and Benji.

It took him a good three quarters of an hour to reach the four oaks, they were four big oak trees in a line at the edge of the forest with a long gap either side of them, he swung off his rucksack and stood by the fence looking over the field "hey you, what are you doing naked?" a voice chimed up and it made Ben nearly jump out of his skin, it was Jake who appeared from behind the last oak tree "fucking hell, you scared the shit out of me!" said Ben. Jake was naked as well except for his old trainers and Benji standing at his side, who wagged his tail when he saw Ben and came running over to him and jumped up and pushed his nose into Ben's ball sack and sniffed his boy smell "seems like Benji has smelled his bitch" said Jake and grinned and laughed.

"I'm not his bitch" growled Ben and looked down and scowled at Benji, who just woofed and wagged his tail "well he thinks you are Ben and a sexy bitch you are too" went on Jake and giggled out loud, Benji broke free from Ben stroking him and went to Jake as he came up to Ben, Ben and Jake embraced and kissed and Jake fondled Ben's swelling cock as Ben fondled Jakes already hard cut cock, "oh god I have missed you sexy Ben" moaned Jake as he nuzzled Ben's neck "I've missed you as well" replied Ben and they kissed deep and long and sank to the grass.

They lay side by side kissing and fondling each other and their boy cocks were throbbing as they lay flat against their bare stomachs, both boys were leaking precum and Benji got in the act by going from cock to cock licking the offering "arghh ohh fuck oohh" both boys moaned as Benji's rough tongue lapped over each boy's bare cock head "I think Benji wants his bitch" said Jake and motioned his head to Benji and Ben looked over and saw Benji's cock starting to harden and his dark pink cock come out of it furry sheath "well I don't mind him fucking me as long as you don't let him get his knot in me" stated Ben defiantly.

"I promise I won't, when I see his knot I will put my hand on his cock so it doesn't go inside your bum Ben, now lift up your legs and let him lick at you hole and get it nice and wet for his cock" answered Jake. Ben swung his legs up and exposed his boy hole and Jake held his legs up whilst Benji lapped at Ben's puckered boy hole "arghh oohh ummm ohh fuck, ohh fucking hell that feels great" groaned Ben as his hole was lapped by Benji's rough tongue, his tongue also lapped at his smooth boy balls and Ben's cock leaked precum onto his bare chest.

Soon Benji had had enough at lapping at Ben's bum hole and mounted him, quickly getting between the boy's legs and stabbing at his hole with his dog cock, it took several stabs before he found his mark and ben was penetrated "arghh ohh god nooo, argghh oohh fuck, that hurts" Ben moaned, "relax, let him in, just push out and let Benji's cock enter you Ben" said Jake soothingly.

Ben grimaced and then looked at Jake who was still holding back Ben's legs as Benji thrust further and further into Ben's bowels, Jake smiled and leaned down and kissed Ben, Benji was now getting extremely agitated and thrusting harder and his knot was beginning to swell up so Jake reached down and put his hand around Benji's cock and stopped the knot entering Ben "arghh fuck! Oh god he's cumming" screamed Ben as Benji wildly thrust into Ben's bum, spraying his dog sperm into the 14 year olds bowels, that started Ben shooting his sperm and it spurted onto his bare sweaty chest.

Although Benji was still stabbing away into Ben, he had stopped shooting his sperm into him and eventually he gave up and extricated himself from between Ben's thighs, he limped over to a tree and flopped down, his cock still out of his sheath with the bulge of the knot in his cock still showing, he licked at and lay glassy eyed and exhausted as Jake leaned in and kissed Ben deeply, Ben had his eyes closed and his chest was heaving and covered in sweat and sperm, Jakes cock was rock hard and he decided to mount Ben, Ben's eyes opened quickly as he felt another cock slide into his bruised and battered hole "arghh ohh yeah ohh god Jake" Ben moaned as Jake easily slid his cock into Ben's gaping bum hole and started to thrust into the teen boy "ohh yeah ohh god ohh yeah fuck me hard Jake" Ben moaned again.

Jake's thrusting got into a rhythm and a sheen of sweat appeared on the 15 year olds naked deeply tanned body, he couldn't keep this up for long and he felt his ball sack tighten up as it banged against Ben's smaller sack and he growled "oohh argggh ohh yeah I'm cumming" and Jake shot spurt after spurt of his hot thick cum into Ben and Ben's cock jerked and 4 good spurts of his cum shot out and onto his bare chest, Jake collapsed onto Ben and both boy's gasped for air, they lay chest to chest and Ben dropped his tanned legs and the sperm between them spread on each other's chest.

Ben and Jake gathered themselves together, Jake rolled off Ben his chest covered in Ben's sticky sperm "come on Ben let's got and take a swim, the pool is only a few minutes walk away, we need to clean up as the flies are having a birthday on our naked bodies" said Jake, Ben grinned and got up and helped Jake up and grabbed his rucksack and the two naked boys set off along the path followed by Benji.

They soon reached the small stream fed pool and found a nice patch of grass to spread the blanket and towel on, they took off their shoes and socks and waded naked into the cool clear water and swam leisurely to the other side, even Benji got into the swim and came over to them and swam around in circles, much to the joy of both boys, they frolicked for about 15 minutes in the pool and then swam over to the blanket and towel and dried off and lay in the sun to warm up a bit.

"Let's eat I'm starving" said Ben and opened the food pack and sorted out some ham and cheese sandwiches for both of them with a can of drink each and not forgetting Benji who was sitting at the side of them patiently waiting for any scraps, Ben unwrapped a foil pack and inside was a nice bone, he handed it to Benji, who wagged his tail in gratitude and loped off to a spot under a tree and began to chew on it, Ben and Jake were eating the sandwiches and Ben told Jake about his parents phone call earlier in the day and what had been decided "wow Ben, that's great, we will get to see each other a lot then at school, I only have a year left though" Jake said.

Ben told Jake about going into town to get his new school uniform and about the lad in the outfitters, Jason "hehe, that Jason is quite sexy isn't he?" giggled Jake "you know him then?" queried Ben, "oh yeah I know him and his brother Andy, he is your age and you will see him a bit as well, hehe" went on Jake.

"What do you mean by that Jake?" queried Ben "well its common knowledge at school that Andy is into boys, although nobody says it out loud as his brother Jason is quite a hard lad, even though he has left school now, and my guess is that Jason will tell Andy about the "new" boy in town, hehe" Jake explained

They carried on eating and drinking, both Ben and Jake felt tired and they decided to take a nap, naked of course, they watched Benji go and take a quick drink in the pool and then lope back and park himself under a bush and stretch out and join them.

They dozed off under the tree and lay spooned up against each other and dozed off, they awoke about an hour later, with Ben spooned up against Jakes back and his cock erect and poking into his crack "mmm that feels good" moaned Jake with his eyes closed, he stroked his own erect cock and shifted position to allow Ben to push his cock further into his bum crack.

"You want to fuck me Ben?" asked Jake " I have never fucked anybody before Jake, I don't know if I will be any good" Ben replied "its not rocket science Ben, just do what comes naturally" said Jake and rolled away slightly from Ben and lay on his back and lifted his legs and exposed his 15 year old boy hole, it was smeared by Ben's precum "come on Ben, mount me before Benji decides he wants me" said Jake.

Ben got up and led by his hard cock he knelt down between Jake's legs and lined his hard cock up at Jake's boy hole, he pulled his foreskin back and positioned his cock head at Jake's hole and nudged it gently against it "argggh yeah, oohh push in Ben, you got your knob in, now go for it!" moaned Jake.

Ben pushed further in Jake's bum hole and then started a fucking motion as his cock slid in Jake's moist hole "ohh yeah ohh fuck that's great, yeah I'm your bitch now Ben" Jake carried on moaning, Ben grinned at that and sped up his fucking.

Jake could feel Ben's cock head flare inside him and hit his boy prostate, causing his cock to twitch and leak more precum onto his deeply tanned bare chest "arrghh fuck! Oh yeah give it to me Ben, fuck me hard boy! Give me your baby! I want to feel your seed breed me" Jake moaned and groaned, Ben gritted his teeth and put more effort into his fucking of Jake "argghh ohh god! Ohh fuck yeah I'm cumming" groaned Ben and thrust into Jake harder and shot his hot sperm into the boy's bowels, that set off Jake and he shot his big load of teen boy sperm all over his bare chest between them.

Ben collapsed onto Jake and both boy's panted, the sperm of Jake cooled between them, Ben rolled off Jake and lay at his side, Benji got up and loped over and licked the sperm off his masters bare chest and then his cock head and then went to Ben and licked his softening cock clean. Then he lapped at the cold sticky sperm on Ben's chest causing him to lapse in a fit of giggles, in doing so he lifted up his legs and quick as a flash Benji jumped up between his legs and started to wildly stab his grown dog cock into Ben's crack.

Ben tried to push him off but his previous exertions had weakened him and he was unable to do it "help me Jake, help me get Benji off me" he pleaded at Jake, Jake just looked at him with a devious grin "sorry bud, no can do, your Benji's bitch now and it's more than my life's worth to drag him off when he wants to breed you" Jake said as Benji found his target and his throbbing pointed cock went into Ben's bum hole "arghh fuck! Oohh god fucking hell!!!" Ben cried as Benji's cock thrust into his 14 year old bum.

Benji quickly got into a ramming motion and Ben groaned and growled as the dog fucked his teen boy bottom, at least a good six inches of Benji's cock was in Ben's bowels now and more was to follow as Benji's knot appeared and he rammed in harder as his dog sperm was injected into ben's bottom "arghh oohh fuck no ohh god he's knotting" Ben shouted and within seconds Benji's knot the size of a cricket ball had penetrated Ben's arse "argghh oohh arghh oohh fuck, it hurts like hell" Ben moaned as he felt the hot sperm of Benji squirt into him.

Now Benji stopped his fucking and both boy and dog were panting as Benji tried to turn round, his knot buried deep in Ben's bum, Jake helped them both turn around so they were more comfortable and they settled down to let Benji's knot subside, every now and then Benji squirted more of his seed into Ben and he moaned as he felt the red hot sperm squirt ever deeper.

Jake kissed Ben on the lips and said "its okay now Ben, Benji has had his fill of you today" Ben smiled weakly and closed his eyes and wished the pain away, it took about twenty minutes for Benji's knot to subside and then with a gruff growl Benji was free of Ben and he got up and left and went under a tree again and licked at his sore cock, Jake examined Ben's bum hole and saw it was still wide open and leaking out Benji's sperm, he helped the naked boy up and together they went into the small pool and swam over to where the stream ran in and Jake helped Ben sit in the small swift flowing stream and he had Ben lift up his legs as he bathed his battered bum hole, it was closing now and the sperm had stopped leaking.

He let Ben's slim tanned legs down and sat next to him and they kissed deeply and fondled each other's naked bodies, Ben was feeling better now in the cool fresh water, Jake licked at his pert boy nipples sticking out with the coolness "mmm ohh that's nice Jake" Ben cooed as Jake teased and nibbled at them with his tongue, he looked up at Ben and then he took his mouth off Ben's right nipple and up to Ben's lips and kissed him deeply "I am falling for you so badly Ben Johnson" said Jake when he broke the lip lock "please don't hurt me Ben" Jake went on quickly before Ben could answer.

"I would never hurt you Jake, I feel so much for you also, I am so in love with you, I wasn't sure about my sexuality for a good while, but I know I like boys better than girls now" Ben answered.

Jake hugged the naked Ben to him and then both naked boys left the stream and went and lay down on the towel, they dried off and lay in the sun gazing at each other, their soft cocks lay over their tanned thighs "If I didn't know you liked Benji fucking you, I would stop him doing it, it hurts you but you still let him" said Jake looking at Ben with a questioning look.

"Well I like the feel of him inside me, I know some people would say its dirty to have a dog do you up the bum, but I do like cock up there and Benji's and yours in particular" Ben said "well lets see how it goes Ben, you got me know to bum you, I know I let Benji bum me and liked it of course, but I mostly like boys cocks in me and as soon as I had my first, I sort of toned down my involvement with Benji" answered Jake.

"Who did you Jake?" asked Ben "I have had several boys do me, but yours is the best" replied Jake and that made Ben smile "would you let a man bum you Jake?" asked Ben "I dunno, if the man was sexy and I liked him, maybe I would" Jake said and looked at Ben "what about you? Would you let a man do you up the bum?" countered Jake.

"I don't know really, I only just got into it with you, maybe I guess if I fancied the guy" answered Ben. It was getting late now as the sun was low on the horizon, so they gathered their stuff together and pulled on their socks and shoes and Jake walked with Ben to where they usually went their different ways, they kissed and cuddled a few minutes and both boys cocks responded by getting erect, with both boys liking naked hiking it now showed, Jake had of course been doing it longer than Ben and he was a nut brown colour, Ben was getting there, his bum now matched the rest of his body colour in being a very good brown colour and also his cock had taken on a nice tan as well, the contrast between his pinkish knob and the shaft was obvious, when his foreskin was peeled back.

Jake on the other hand had a dark coloured knob, given that he was circumcised was probably no surprise then, they said their goodbyes and Ben walked off down the path to his grans cottage and Jake set of home to the small holding where he liked with Benji tagging along at his side, after about 10 minutes walking Ben stopped to take a pee behind a tree and he thought about slipping on his underpants and shorts as he stood and peed up the tree, he heard a sound like a branch breaking and looked horrified behind him, he saw nothing at first and then a voice from the side startled him "well if it isn't young master Johnson, all naked as well" the voice said.

It was Jason form the boys outfitters and he had another boy with him, Andy his younger brother and the same age as Ben "I was just out walking" mumbled Ben and tried in vain to hide his cock and balls, "walking in the nude I see then" said Jason "oh and this is my brother Andy, he goes to Grange Road school, so you and him may well see a lot of each other" Jason went on and grinned "I am seeing a lot of him now bro" said Andy and laughed "and what I see I like" he went on.

"I like to get a tan as I walk" Ben said very cautiously "most lads do Ben, but not in the altogether" said Jason and smirked at him Jason and Andy were wearing shorts and a tee shirt and in some old trainers with no socks, Andy moved over to the naked Ben and stood behind him as Jason moved to the front of Ben, "he sure has a nice tanned bum Jason" said Andy and stroked Ben's naked bottom, "he has a nice cock as well" remarked Jason as he pulled Ben's hands away from his cock and balls and proceeded to rub Ben's foreskin up and down, Ben was scared at first, but was so turned on by the two boys sexually assaulting him, he erected quickly and Jason sped up his wanking of Ben's cock.

Andy was fingering Ben's boy hole and making the boy moan as he slid two fingers into him " I think young Mr Johnson is ready for some cock, don't you Andy?" said Jason and grinned at his younger brother, Andy nodded and was soon stripping off and in a couple of minutes was standing naked and erect save for his trainers and socks, Ben looked at Andy's cock, it stood straight up and was about 6 inches and cut, he had a nice bush of brown pubic hair and a pair of low hanging balls, meanwhile Jason had also stripped off to his trainers and socks and his cock was also cut and around 7 inches with his pubes trimmed back and a pair of similarly low hanging balls.

Jason led Ben over to a tree and had him bend down as he leaned against the tree and pushed his cock into Ben's face as Andy came up behind Ben and parted Ben's bum cheeks and dove in with his tongue and licked at Ben's boy hole "Mmmm oohh mmm oohh argghh" Ben managed to mumble as Andy licked at his recently fucked hole as he had Jason's big cock in his mouth, Andy lathered his hole up and then came behind him and inserted his bare cock head into Ben's bum "argggh ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah" groaned Ben as he pulled off Jason's cock as Andy entered him.

Andy grabbed his hips and fucked his throbbing cut cock into Ben's willing bum, his balls slapped against Ben's bum as he rapidly fucked the 14 year old, Ben sucked on Jason's cock as Jason held Ben's head tightly and Andy fucked his bum, soon both boy's were reaching climaxes, Andy was the first to cry out "argghh yeah oohh yeah I'm cumming" and shot four good spurts of his hot teen sperm into Ben's swollen bum hole, that set Jason off and he shot his teen sperm down Ben's throat and gripped his head tightly so he would swallow all his seed.

Andy pulled out of Ben's bum and lay down on the grass with his swollen red cock laying over his bare leg, he was exhausted and covered in sweat, Jason pushed Ben off his sensitive cock head and stood against the tree with his still swollen teen cock sticking out obscenely "ohh fuck that was great Ben" groaned Jason "I'm a great cock sucker" replied Ben grinning from ear to ear "and you have a great bum as well" quipped Andy.

Ben gathered his stuff together,  "I have to be going now lads" said Ben "well I hope we can do this again Ben" replied Jason "I know Andy wants some more of it and maybe next time you will fuck the both of us, but wait a minute, you haven't cummed at all yet?" Jason went on.

"Yeah lets get you off Ben, your cock definitely wants some attention" Andy put in, Ben's cock was sticking up to the sky and he as leaking precum, "I really don't have time boys, my gran is expecting me soon and I still have about 20 minutes walk and have to dress for when I reach the edge of the forest, anyway I will take care of it later in the shower" Andy explained.

Jason came over to him and kissed him gently and had a feel of Ben's erection "you sure we can't help you out Ben?" Jason said softly much as he wanted to Ben knew he had to get going and thanking them again he set off home, he got to the edge of the forest and slipped his underpants and shorts on and his tee shirt, much as it pained him to dress, he knew he had to and longed for the time when he could be naked 24/7.

He got home and kissed his gran and she asked him if he had had a good day and he grinned and said he had, she told him his school clothes had arrived and he needed to take them to his room and get cleaned up as dinner would be in about 30 minutes, Ben was starving after all his exercise and the sex of course, he grabbed the parcels and took them to his room and unpacked them and hung the clothes up and put the rest in drawers and then stripped off and headed to the bathroom and ran the shower.

He took time to look at himself in the mirror as he was naked and admired his physique, he was well tanned now all over, the spray tanning lotion he was using was more than doing its job, even his cock and balls were tanned, he stepped into the warm shower and ran the days events through his mind as he washed himself, his cock of course rose up to its full extent and he grabbed it and drew back the foreskin and wanked himself to climax, spurting three good squirts of his thick boy cream onto the shower wall, coming down he waited until his erection had subsided and then exited the shower and dried off, he wrapped the towel around his slim waist and went back to his room and got some clean underpants out of his drawer and a pair of clean white soccer shorts and slipped them on, getting some clean socks out and a tee shirt he dressed in them and went to join his gran downstairs.

They had chicken salad followed by fruit salad and homemade ice cream for dessert, Ben hadn't realised he was so hungry and had seconds, his gran said that she needed him to be in tomorrow to wait for the man who was installing the broadband internet, he was supposed to be here by 10 am, she had to go and see a sick friend she said, Ben said he had arranged to meet Jake again, but would ring him and tell him he would be late, after washing up for his gran Ben excused himself to go upstairs to ring Jake on his mobile, Ben explained about waiting in tomorrow, and Jake said it was no problem, just to text him when he was setting out, he also told him about meeting Jason and Andy, although left out he part of the sex they had, they chatted a bit more about this and that and then he called Jason's mobile and chatted to him, he heard dogs barking in the background and Jason told him they had two dogs and he was just about to feed them, he passed the phone over to Andy, Ben chatted to him a bit, he felt he needed to get to know Andy a bit more as he would be in his class he reckoned.

Andy couldn't shut up about the sex they had and said he wanted more of the same, Ben teased him and said he would have to wait a bit until his bum had recovered from the fucking he had had, he told Andy he would he in the forest again tomorrow, but didn't know when as he had to stay I and wait for the guy to set up the new broadband internet connection his dad had ordered, Andy gave him his mobile number and told him to text him when he was going out and he would walk with him.

Ben thought for a minute "I am going to meet a boy named Jake" said Ben "oh yeah I know Jake Yardley" replied Andy "has he fucked you as well?" Andy went on and giggled. Judging by the silence at the other end Andy knew he had "he has hasn't he?" Andy carried on "yeah he has, for a couple of days now" Ben replied and wondered what he had got himself into.

"Well that's okay, he has done me as well" went on Andy "he's done you?" replied Ben sounding incredulous, "yeah a couple of times at his small farm where he lives, and that dog of his Benji" Andy countered "he likes shagging boy's arse's, and I like being shagged" Andy said with a laugh.

Both boy's laughed now, then Ben heard his gran come up the stairs so he said he had to go and he said his goodbyes and his gran popped her head in his room "who was you chatting to Ben?" she asked "oh just a couple of boy's I met who go to the school I am going to in Sept, the brother of the lad in the clothing store gran, you remember" Ben replied "oh yes that nice boy Jason, he said his brother would probably be in your class, glad your making friends anyway, I'm off to bed now, goodnight Ben" she said

Ben said his goodnights and stripped naked and climbed into bed himself, he resisted wanking his cock, his bum hole still felt a little sore, which was to be expected after the pounding it had taken today, so he slipped out of bed and grabbed some soothing antiseptic cream out the drawer and squirted some onto his boy hole as he bent over and then rubbed it in, it felt soothing to him, standing a few minutes admiring himself in the long mirror, he thought about all the sexual exploits he had had over past few days and waited for the ointment to take effect, then he climbed into bed and was soon fast asleep.

Ben's alarm went off at 8am and he yawned and stretched and heard his gran get up, he jumped out of bed and slipped on his white underpants and sports shorts and a tee shirt, he opened the door and went downstairs and put on the kettle and made his gran a nice cup of tea to start the day, she came down and was grateful to Ben that he had made her a nice drink, they sat chatting in the kitchen and then she set about making breakfast for both of them, Ben offered to wash up while she got herself ready for her journey and she thanked him again.

She left to see her sick friend just after 9 am, just as a van pulled up and the guy who was putting in the broadband jumped out, he briefly chatted to her and then Ben let him in and the guy set about installing the broadband, within 40 minutes it was up and running and Ben was able access the net wirelessly on his new laptop, he fired off a few emails, one to his parents of course thanking them for the money they wired over and how they sorted out his new uniform and how he had met a couple of boys who go to his school.

He then rang Jake and told him they had Internet now, so Jake sent him his MSN address and they started to cam, soon Ben was naked in his bedroom and showing Jake his rock hard cock and Jake showed him his and said he couldn't wait to see him later in the woods, Ben told Jake about Andy coming as well and the conversation they had last night, Jake said that was okay as him and Andy had had sex before and was looking forward to doing both of them, that amused Ben and he told Jake he was setting off in about 30 mins when he had sorted his packed lunch out, they said their goodbyes and logged off and Ben closed the laptop.

He grabbed his packed lunch and sorted out his back pack with towel and spray tanning cream and just before he went he stripped naked in the bathroom and sprayed himself all over with the sun cream, it didn't take long to dry so he dressed in his underpants and PE shorts he liked wearing and his tee shirt and put on his old trainers and was good to go, he txt Andy telling he was on his way and Andy txt back saying he was by the edge of the woods.

Once he had gotten at the edge of the woods Ben looked for Andy and found him sitting under a tree listening to his IPod, Andy put it away and they set off into the woods chatting about this and that until they had walked about 20 mins and then they stopped by a tree and stood looking and listening for anyone around, for a few minutes they did this then Ben said to Andy "right lets strip off" Andy grinned and was soon out of his shirt and shorts, standing just in his underpants and trainers and socks, he waited for Ben to get the same way and then they looked around again and slipped down their underpants and put then with the rest of their clothes in their back packs, both boys were naked now except for their trainers and socks, each of them were erect and Andy came close to Ben and had a feel of Ben's throbbing cock.

He rubbed his foreskin up and down and Ben groaned "Mmm Ben, you have a lovely soft foreskin" said Andy as he played with the 14 year olds cock "wish I had one, being circumcised is okay, but I do miss pulling a foreskin up and down" Andy went on, Ben had grabbed Andy's cut cock and was gently rolling the palm of his hand over Andy's bare cock head "oohh mmm yeah oohh Ben" Andy moaned "if you carry on like this I am going to spurt my sperm all over you" said Andy rolling his eyes.

"The we had better stop this and crack on to where we are meeting Jake" Ben said and stopped fondling Andy's cock, Andy reluctantly stopped wanking Ben and both boys set off up the path with their erect cocks leading the way, both of their cocks waggled from side to side as they walked and they looked at each other and burst out laughing, they continued their walk and their cocks eventually softened, after another 20 mins or so they arrived where the small pool was, Ben and Andy took off their trainers and socks and waded into the pool  and had a nice cooling swim and then went over to where there was a grassy area and lifted themselves out of the small pool and lay on the grass in the sun to dry off.

They looked at each other and their boy cocks rose up and Andy reached over and took Ben's cock in his hand and slowly wanked him, Ben took Andy's in his hand and wanked his cut cock, Andy then scooted down and took Ben's cock in his mouth and started to suck him "Mmmm ohh yeah" Ben moaned "I want you to fuck me Ben" said Andy after he had pulled off Ben's throbbing cock "okay then lie on your stomach" replied Ben.

Andy lay on his stomach and Ben climbed on top of him and parted his bum cheeks, his bum hole was still wet with the pool water, Ben pulled his foreskin back and bared his bulbous knob and pushed it against Andy's boy hole, it took a few seconds and then Andy's puckered hole gave way and his knob entered "argghh ohh yeah oh fuck yeah" Andy moaned and arched his back as he was penetrated, Ben started to thrust hard into Andy's bum "ohh fuck your tight, ohhh god I love fucking your arse Andy" Ben growled into Andy's ear "yeah fuck me hard Ben, hurt my arse, I want to feel your big cock fuck me and spurt your hot cum in me" Andy moaned as Ben gripped his bare shoulders and rammed ever harder into the 14 year old boy's bum hole.


"Argghh yeah, oh fuck I'm cumming" groaned Ben and gripped Andy tighter as his balls let loose his teen boy sperm into Andy's guts, spurt after spurt of his seed spurted into Andy, he lay panting on top of Andy and then rolled off and lay on his stomach next to Andy, "well what have we here?" a voice said, both Andy and ben looked up and saw it was Jake, naked except for his old trainers and a young girl of about 13 and also naked except for a pair of flip flops, then Benji and another dog joined them and they stared at naked Ben and Andy.


End Of Part Two



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