The Quiet Lad and Benji



Part Three



Ben and Andy stared at Jake and the young girl, their cocks had softened now, they stood up and stood in front of Jake, "Ermm hello Jake, whose your friend?" said Ben "this is my sister Janice, she's almost 14, and that's her dog Rascal" Jake said fixing Ben with a stare.

"Seems like you started without me Ben" Jake went on Andy stood staring at the naked Janice, she had pert breasts that interested him, he looked down at her crotch to see her pussy lips showing, with a small bush of trimmed pubic hair above them, his cock started to firm up and wave about and Janice started at it.

"I'm sorry Jake, we just sort of got carried away" Ben replied and looked a bit embarrassed "yeah it looked like it Ben" and smiled at him, they sat down on the grass and Ben drew his legs up, Andy and Janice sat down by them and grinned at each other as Jake leaned over and pulled Ben's head towards his lips and kissed him deeply, Ben responded and opened his mouth and Jake's tongue slipped inside and they twirled tongues.

Janice stroked Andy's bare tanned leg and then he leaned in and kissed her and felt at her pert small breasts, she moaned gently as his hand left her breast and felt at her pussy, he pushed his finger into her pussy and she shivered as he found her clit.

"You happy with that Jake?" said Ben after they stopping kissing and Ben looked over at Andy "yeah, it's okay, they already know each other, she has rebuked him before, guess she wants it now" Jake replied and then laughed "she's on the pill now and old enough, makes a change from Rascal fucking her" Jake went on.

"Rascal's fucked her?" asked Ben and looked surprised "yeah, Benji's fucked you, so why not let Janice have some fun with her dog" Jake explained, by now Andy and Janice were laying on the grass and kissing as Andy fingered her pussy and Janice was stroking his stiff cut cock and fondling his balls, his bare knob had swollen and was leaking precum and he was moaning and groaning as she wanked him, the testosterone smells were wafting around and the dogs were interested in the sex smells, Benji was trying to lick at Ben's cock head as Rascal was licking at Andy's boy hole, licking at the residue of Ben's sperm.

Janice then lay on her back on the grass and opened her legs, exposing her swollen pussy lips and Rascal quickly latched on and licked at her pussy "argghh yeah ohh fuck yeah" she moaned and then Andy scooted over to her and held her head and pushed his swollen bare cock head into her mouth and she sucked him as Rascal lapped at her swollen pussy lips.

"Oh come and mount me Andy, fuck me hard" Janice growled Andy needed no second bidding and pushed Rascal out of the way and climbed on top of her and inserted his swollen knob into Janice's cunt, he thrust in and started to fuck her deeply "arghh ohh fuck yeah, ram me deep Andy, fuck me hard" she moaned as Andy's cock went into her, Rascal not to be outdone, mounted Andy and rammed hard at him, his aim wasn't good and Jake got up and guided Rascal's stiff dog cock against Andy's boy hole, a few stabs and Andy cried out as Rascal's cock slid into him "argghh fuck nooo arghh ohh fucking hell he is too big, get him off" Andy screamed

Rascal's cock was at least two inches bigger than Benji's and now it was right in Andy's bum hole, he had his paws wrapped around Andy's bare chest as he fucked him hard, Andy managed to get in a rhythm with Rascal as Janice lifted up slightly to get all of Andy's cock in her, his knob was brushing over her swollen clit and she was moaning and groaning and close to an orgasm, Ben found this such a turn on and with Jake on all fours watching the proceedings he mounted Jake and wrapped his arms around his lover's deeply tanned chest and probed at his arse hole with his swollen erect cock and then found his puckered hole.

Jake cried out softly as Ben entered him and Ben's ball sack slapped against Jake's low hanging ball sack as he rammed his cock in deep "arghh fuck yeah, fuck me hard Ben, do me good " Jake moaned " I intend to Jake" Ben whispered in Jake's ear as he thrust deep into Jake's arse, Jake's cock was rock hard underneath him and leaking precum and he wanked himself as Ben hit his prostate time after time "arghh fuck ohh god, I will cum soon Jake" Ben moaned as he looked over and saw Rascal and Andy coupled together as Andy rammed his cock into Janice's battered and bruised cunt "argghh fuck here I cum Janice, take my seed in your belly baby!" Andy moaned and he squirted his searing hot teen sperm into her womb, he squeezed his bum cheeks and Rascal squirted his dog sperm into Andy's bum hole, it to was red hot and splashed the 14 year olds insides with his thin sperm, luckily his knot hadn't penetrated Andy and he climbed off after depositing his seed into him.

Andy collapsed onto Janice, still with his swollen cock buried in her pussy, they both moaned as they lay there, Ben jerked his head back as he rammed into Jake's arse hole and squealed "arghh fuck yeah take my spunk!!"  And shot his teen sperm deep into Jake's bowels, that set off Jake and he shot his sperm over the grass underneath him, Benji had come over and was licking up the residue and then leaned underneath Jake and licked at his master's swollen cut cock head, cleaning off the sperm still dripping.

Ben uncoupled from Jake's bum and lay on his back with his swollen spunk covered cock laying limply on his bare chest, Benji came over to him and licked at his bare cock head, that caused Ben to try and push the dog off his still sensitive knob, but he hadn't the strength, so had to let the strong animal lick his cock clean, Benji was agitated and was trying to mount Ben, so Jake came over and lifted up Ben's slim tanned legs and let Benji have access, Benji climbed on him and his cock was stabbing at the 14 year olds bum hole "nooo don't let him Jake, don't let him fuck me!" Ben moaned.

Jake just grinned wickedly and lifted his legs further back and Benji found the boy's hole and his knob entered Ben "argghh fuck no, he's in me Jake, at least promise me you won't let him knot in me" squealed Ben and was resigned to having his boy bum full of dog cock, "okay I promise not to let him get his knot in you" Jake answered as he watched his boyfriend get fucked by Benji, Benji's tongue was hanging out and his head was lolling about from side to side and he was making little growling noises and Jake knew it wouldn't be long before Benji would sperm in Ben's bum.

Janice and Andy had recovered now and were laying watching the proceedings, Jake slipped his hand down to Benji's cock and felt the knot forming so made a barrier against Ben's bum hole, Benji rammed in faster and gave out a low growl and Jake knew he was spurting his dog spunk into Ben's bum, Ben had his head to one side with his tongue out and his eyes rolled back and he squirted a few shots of his boy sperm onto his bare chest as Benji finished spurting inside him and pulled out and amble off and lay down and licked his swollen cock clean.

Ben lay there and Jake leaned in and kissed his lover and then they all decided to wash off the drying sperm and sweat and then eat, they all climbed in the pool and washed off and then swam to the other side and went and dried off and Ben spread out the blanket and they lay down and opened the sandwiches up, Ben threw some food scraps he had for Benji, he had to share with Rascal and then they loped off to lie in the shade of a tree.

Having finished their food and drinks they lay chatting and dozing in the hot sun, topping up their already good tans. Andy and Janice fell asleep and shortly after Ben and Jake did as well.

They awoke with a start and saw that the tree tops were swaying a bit and Jake said a storm was getting up and they would have to go, they packed away the blanket and Ben came over to Jake "shall I see you again tomorrow Jake?" he asked the older boy "not tomorrow, its market day and we have to go and sell some of our vegetables there, me and Janice man the stall there from 9am and don't get home until after 6pm" replied Jake.

"Oh okay I will ring you after you get home and maybe set something up for the day after" said Ben, feeling a little disappointed that he couldn't see his boyfriend for a couple of days, he slipped on his socks and trainers and joined Andy on the path, he was dressed in just his socks and trainers and kissing Janice passionately, she was feeling his cock and it had gotten hard and he was moaning softly, Jake told her to let go off Andy and come home with him, she reluctantly let him go and we waved them goodbye and we set off through the forest and to our homes.

Andy's cock was still hard as we walked and it waggled from side to side, Ben laughed at him and Andy chased him and tried to rub it up his crack, but Ben avoided him easily, they got to the part where they had to take different paths, Andy was still hard and he grabbed Ben and kissed him deeply as he groped Ben's cock, the two of them twirled tongues and Ben reached down and wanked Andy's cock, Andy wanked Ben and they soon were close to cumming, Andy shot first, his thick cum splattering against a tree, he was quickly followed by Ben, who arched his back and shot his sperm onto Andy's soften cock "argghh fuck, why you do that?" moaned Andy.

Ben found some wipes in his back pack and gave them to Andy to clean up and then he slipped on his underpants and shorts and tee shirt, as did Andy and they kissed each other goodbye and set off to their respective homes, when Ben got home the rain was just starting and he rushed into the kitchen "there's a letter there for you from your new school Ben" said his gran as she busied herself preparing their dinner.

Ben opened it and read it, "it's telling me that school starts in 3 weeks and because I am a new starter I have to have a sports medical check up gran" Ben said "well you have to register with a new doctor anyway, go and give them a ring right now, the number is on the pad by the phone Ben" replied his gran from the kitchen.

Ben went to the phone and dialled the local doctors surgery and explained his predicament, the receptionist asked him to hold while she had a word with one of the doctors, after a couple of minutes she was back on the line "hello!" the woman's voice asked "I am here" Ben replied "well young man could you come tomorrow at 11 am after morning surgery and Dr Ash who does the medical exams will see you, you can also register while you are here?" she went on "yes that will be fine, I will be there at 11 am then" said Ben and thanked her and rang off.

Ben went to the kitchen and told his gran what had transpired, "you can catch the 10:30 am bus at the end of the lane Ben, it will get you there in plenty of time as it only takes 15 minutes to town and the doctors surgery is right by the bus station" she said.

Ben went upstairs and stripped off and went and had a nice shower, he decided he didn't want to wank and just stroked himself steadily as he thought about Jake, he couldn't get the older boy out of his thoughts, he dried off and went and dressed in clean white underpants and socks and pulled on his blue PE shorts and a white PE shirt and went downstairs, he had a cola as he waited on his gran finishing off their meal, he fired up his laptop and got off an email to Jake telling him his plans for tomorrow and would come and see him in the market after his sports medical.

Ben and his gran had a lovely meal of cold beef and salad, followed by fresh fruit salad and cream, Ben had 2 helpings, his gran asked him to get a few things for her while he was in town, he said he would and she said she would give him a list.

Ben washed up the dishes and made his gran a cup of tea and then excused himself and went to his room with his laptop and checked his emails, he had a couple off Andy, with pictures attached, they were of him and Jason naked and erect, another one was of Jason fucking Andy and then showing his sperm all over Andy's back.

Ben decided to transfer them onto a memory stick for safe keeping and then securely deleted them on his laptop, another email was from Jake, saying he would see him tomorrow in town and have good luck at the doctors, he accompanied this with a winking smiley and Ben thought that odd.

He surfed the net a bit and then wrote a long email to his parents telling them all about his exploits and how he was getting a good tan as the weather was great in the UK, he obviously left out the sexual side, he accompanied the email with a quick snapshot taken wit the webcam of him topless and showing off his deep tanned chest, slipping on his tee shirt he went downstairs and sat with his gran sipping a hot bedtime drink and watching television, soon tiredness overcame both of them and he went and checked the house was locked up and he and his gran went off to bed.

Ben awoke next morning to the shrill of his alarm, it was 9am and he blearily slipped on his PE shorts and shirt and set off to the bathroom to pee, he heard his gran up and about downstairs so he joined her after having washed his face to help him wake up, he sat in the kitchen listening to the local radio and sipping tea as she made his bacon and eggs, his favourite, with toast and homemade marmalade for after.

Noticing the time was getting on he said he was going to take a quick shower and get ready for the doctors, he skipped upstairs and headed into his room and stripped off his PE shirt and shorts and underpants and walked naked to the bathroom next door, he had a quick shower and decided not to wank off as he had very little time, however he did make sure he was clean down below and around his bum hole, spraying himself with deodorant and then combed his hair and wrapped the towel around his waist and went back to his room.

He decided on a pair of new white trunk underpants and a pair of grey short socks and his clean cargo shorts and a new blue polo shirt, he slipped on a pair of new leather sandals his mum had bought him before she set off to the USA and then skipped downstairs as it was after 10am now, his gran gave him some money and a list of stuff she wanted from the market, he kissed his gran goodbye and sent off to the end of the lane some 200 yards away to await the bus, it was a warm sunny morning again and he longed to get back and go and frolic naked by the pool again, this time on his own.

The bus arrived and he was soon in town at the bus station and after a few minutes he found the doctors surgery, he went in and told the receptionist whom he was, she asked him to sit down and wait a few minutes while Dr Ash finished with his last mornings surgery patient, she gave him a registration form and asked him to fill it in, on it, it asked for the name and address of his previous doctor, Ben said he didn't know the full address, but his name was a Dr Ashraf and he gave the town he lived in and the receptionist said she would look up the name and ask for his records of Ben.

After sitting for about 10 minutes a door opened and a young guy in his mid twenties came out "Ben Johnson?" the man asked and looked at Ben "yes Dr, I am Ben Johnson" answered Ben and stood up "can you come this way then please" the Dr went on, he took the forms off his receptionist and let Ben pass him into his consulting room.

He waved Ben to a seat opposite his desk and sat down himself on the other side, Ben sat down and looked at Dr Ash, "my names Dr Ash and I will be your GP now Ben, I specialise in adolescent health and believe me when I say I have seen it all and heard it all Ben" Dr Ash said "and anything you tell me or ask is in strict confidence, nothing and I mean nothing is let out of this room okay?"

Ben smiled weakly and said he understood, Dr Ash read Ben's registration form and looked up at Ben "I think I will have to do a full examination of you Ben and do a full health questionnaire beforehand, is that alright? You will be here about an hour or so," Dr Ash said.

Ben looked surprised, but in a way excited as he sort of fancied the young handsome doctor "yes doctor, I only have to do a couple of errands for my gran and have plenty of time" answered Ben and shifted slightly in his chair "good lets crack on then" replied the doctor and got a new folder out of a drawer and some forms, then he made himself comfortable and started to ask Ben questions of his health, Ben answered to the best of his knowledge and Dr Ash said that when his old doctor sent over Ben's records he could fill in the blanks..

All this had taken about 40 minutes and the doctor looked at the wall clock and said he would go and tell his receptionist to take an early lunch as the exam would take a lot longer than he had planned, he excused himself a few minutes and told his receptionist to take her lunch and be back around 1:30 pm, she thanked him and grabbed her bag and the doctor locked the door after her and turned the sign to closed.

He came back to Ben in his consulting room and went into a cabinet and gave Ben a small plastic container, "I will need a urine sample please Ben, I will show you the toilet and if you can fill it to the line and bring it back to me" the Dr said, he showed Ben where it was and left him to give a sample, Ben was back after a few minutes with the container almost full of his slightly yellowy urine, Dr Ash did a test and pronounced it clear and normal.

"Okay Ben I need you to undress now, down to your underpants and socks please, you can put your clothes over there on that chair" the doctor said as he grabbed his stethoscope and other stuff he would need for Ben's physical exam.

Ben went over to the chair and took off his sandals and undid his shorts and slipped them off and pulled his cargo shirt over his head, he stood just in his white trunk underpants and grey short school socks by the chair, the doctor bid him over to the side of his desk and Ben went over and stood to attention "relax Ben, it won't take long, you have a good tan by the way, I do hope your tanning responsibly and using lots of high factor cream" said the doctor.

"I do doctor, I cover myself well" replied Ben as he relaxed a bit, the doctor felt at his neck and then his eyes and ears and ran his hands down Ben's deeply tanned arms and looked at Ben's hands front and back, he lifted his stethoscope to his ears and pressed it against Ben's bare chest "just breathe normally Ben" the doctor told him and listened to Ben's breathing at various places on Ben's chest "now take a deep breathe and hold it in a few seconds and then let it out Ben please" the doctor went on, Ben nodded and did as he was told, that over he turned Ben slightly to his left and repeated the same on Ben's deeply tanned back, he then tapped his back with his fingers in several places.

"Okay that's fine Ben, no problems there, over to the exam table now please and climb onto the table via the small steps and lay on you back please" the doctor stated, again Ben did as he was told and lay down on the table and the doctor raised the headrest up a bit "I need to press slightly on your chest and stomach in different places Ben, just let me know if you get any pain or discomfort okay?" the doctor asked, Ben nodded and tensed up slightly, first the doctor tapped again in several places and then pressed on his chest and side and his lower stomach, Ben didn't say anything at all.

The doctor checked down Ben's tanned legs and slipped his grey school socks off and threw them by the chair where his clothes were, examining his tanned feet, he checked Ben's reflexes and found they were normal. "Lift your bottom please Ben?" the doctor asked, Ben duly lifted up his bottom and the doctor surprised him by pulling his trunk underpants down and off his legs, leaving him totally naked now, Ben relaxed his bottom back on the table, his hands were by his side, but he felt like he wanted to cover up his crotch.

"Mmm all over tan then" said the doctor observing Ben's naked bum and cock, because Ben had been laying naked in the sun and he had a start of a tan before he lay in the sun, his bum and cock area was slightly lighter in colour, Ben coloured up, but it was hard to see as his face was dark brown anyway, the doctor felt and pressed above Ben's cock at the base of his stomach, Ben was taken by surprise and just groaned slightly "okay there Ben?" asked the doctor "yes Dr, no problem" Ben replied "cough please Ben" as the doctor felt at the  left side of Ben's testicles, Ben coughed, "again please" asked the Dr and Ben obliged, he was trying not to erect, but he found laying there naked with a sexy Dr feeling at his balls such a turn on.

The Dr repeated the test on the right side of Ben's testicles and then felt at each of Ben's testicles, rolling them around with his fingers "do you self examine Ben?" asked the Dr "what do you mean Dr?" Ben replied and he was trying hard and failing as his cock began to inflate "feel your balls in the bath or shower Ben, you should do regularly, at least once a week, to see if you have any irregular lumps" replied the Dr,  "well I will do from now on Dr" said Ben and smiled weakly.

All the time they were chatting the Dr was feeling at Ben's balls and watching his cock erect "don't worry about getting hard Ben, it's normal and I would be surprised if a fit and healthy 14 year old like you didn't get an erection, given you are naked" the Dr said and smiled at Ben, he took hold of Ben's cock and pulled the foreskin right back and exposed his shiny cock head, it was a dark purple colour and Ben gave out a slight moan as his foreskin was pulled back tightly and a glob of precum came out of the tip.

"You have a very long foreskin Ben, make sure you keep it clean as it could get an infection and maybe you will need to be circumcised if it gets too bad, I have circumcised a few boys your age because of problems with bad infections" the Dr commented, Ben just smiled again shyly as his cock was manipulated, he was enjoying it and was now fully hard, the Dr got a ruler "Mmm a good length Ben, almost 6 inches now it's fully erect, and your still growing" the Dr went on, Ben groaned slightly again as the Dr pulled his foreskin up and down over his knob.

Ben was aching to be wanked off, he so wanted to shoot his cum as he felt his balls were full of teen sperm, "okay off the table please Ben and then will you bend over" said the Dr, Ben looked horrified, but he climbed off and stood for a few seconds, his hard cock pointing to the ceiling, he ben over and gripped his ankles as the Dr came behind him with a latex gloved hand and parted his bum cheeks  "arghh, ohh" Ben moaned as his bum cheeks were parted to their full extent "Mmmm some signs of bruising here Ben, can you tell me how this has happened?" the Dr enquired, Ben almost felt sick, but said nothing "Ben it's okay, remember I said what is said in here stays in here" the Dr went on "have you been penetrated in your bottom?" the Dr asked, Ben felt awful now, "yes Dr" Ben quietly answered, "was it forceful Ben?" the Dr asked next "no Dr, it wasn't" Ben answered.

"Well I am going to do a prostate exam Ben, just relax and take a deep breath" the Dr said Ben did as he asked and felt the Dr's fingers lubricate him up and then slide in and wiggle around "arghh oohh" Ben moaned as the fingers touched his teenage prostate and his cock jerked and a load of precum dripped off his knob, "well that's alright Ben, no problems there" commented the Dr and wiped Ben's bum hole clean with paper towels and that caused Ben to moan again, he guided Ben up and saw his cock was throbbing and leaking precum and handed him a few tissues and Ben wiped his knob clean.

"Sit down a minute Ben, we need to talk" said the Dr and let Ben sit down on the chair, still naked though "Ben I want you to answer my questions honestly okay?" the Dr said "I'll try Dr" Ben replied and gulped slightly.

"Are you gay Ben?" again Ben coloured up and he felt a tear forming up, he looked down slightly and mumbled, "I think I am Dr" "you have been having anal sex haven't you Ben?"  The Dr went on, Ben nodded and now the tears did fall, and he nodded again, the Dr handed him some more tissues and he wiped his eyes "you won't tell anyone with you Dr?" Ben said through his sobs.

"As I said earlier Ben, what is said in here, stays in here, I will let you into a secret, I am gay as well" the Dr answered "so I know what is going on in your head, I have been sexually active since my teenage years" He went on, that seemed to calm Ben a bit and he slightly smiled "I will give you condoms Ben and some lube and cream to put on your anus after being penetrated, have you been doing bareback sex Ben?" the Dr went on, Ben nodded.

"Well I will have to swab your anus and your urethra and send them off to the lab for testing, I will call you when I have the results so I need your mobile number" the Dr explained.

He bid Ben to stand up and he got some swabs and a container and first he took a swab from Ben's anus and marked the container and then he took another and asked Ben to pull back his foreskin on his still hard cock and then open the piss slit and he swabbed it quickly, it made Ben wince slightly, next he took Ben over to the scales and weighed him and then to a height measurement pole and checked his height.

"I think I will need a sample of your sperm Ben" the Dr said and turned and got another container and stood in front of a nervous Ben, "would you like me to help you Ben?" asked the Dr "Ben looked at him and nodded "well hold the plastic cup by your knob and I will wank you" the Dr went on.

Ben did this and the Dr took hold of Ben's cock and wanked his foreskin up and down, given that Ben was already turned on, it wasn't going to be long before he shot his load "arghh oohh umm ohh yeah" Ben moaned as he was wanked, the Dr was also enjoying it, judging by the tent in his trousers, Ben groaned and he shot 3 good spurts of his teen sperm into the container and let a few more lesser ones dribble in.

The Dr thanked him and marked the container after he had sealed it and told Ben he would get it to the Lab this afternoon, he gave Ben some more tissues and told him he could get dressed, Ben cleaned his softening cock off and then went and slipped on his socks and underpants, followed by his polo shirt and shorts, finally his sandals and sat waiting for the Dr to finish up writing his notes, he told the Dr his mobile number and the Dr sorted him out with a small package containing a load of condoms and lube and the anal cream and they got up so the Dr could see him out.

"You are fit and well Ben, and I will send the school a letter to confirm your okay for sports, but I would like to see you again soon to check if everything is okay, I will txt you a private appointment if that is okay" said the Dr as he unlocked the door "yes Dr that will be okay, I have school starting soon though, so you will have to fit it in with that" answered Ben and then said goodbye and set off into the town and the market.

Ben seemed a bit bemused by all that had gone on at the doctors, he had come out to him and accepted that the doctor couldn't tell anyone about his homosexuality, it scared him that they would find out at school, he thought back to what some of his schoolmates did to a boy who "came out", the boy ended up committing suicide, such a sad waste of a young life.

Ben saw Jake at a market stall, fruit and veg surrounded him and he was shouting his wares "hey Jake, how's it going?" asked Ben, Jake beamed at Ben "hey Ben, I'm good, how are you and how did the docs go?" Jake replied

"Ermmm it was okay I guess, Dr Ash is real nice" Ben said and looked at Jake who was grinning from ear to ear "so he gave you a good exam then" went on Jake, who had come from behind the stall "yeah he did, you know him don't you?" asked Ben "well yes I see him from time to time as he looks after the teen boys who are registered at his practice" Jake replied.

Ben gave Jake the order for fruit and veg his gran had given him and Jake went and made the order up for him and Ben paid him. "Shall I see you tomorrow in the woods Jake, I need to talk to you?" asked Ben "yeah I will be there Ben same time I guess unless something comes up and then I will txt you okay, is everything okay with you?" Jake answered and looked concerned at Ben.

"Yes everything's fine, just wanted to talk about something that went on today that's all" Ben said, a customer came up and Jake had to serve him "okay I will see you usual place, usual time, bye for now" said Ben and set off to the butchers to finish off the shopping trip and then catch the next bus home.

Ben got back home and his gran greeted him and she put away the shopping and asked Ben how the exam had gone and he said fine, she made him a sandwich for his late lunch and then Ben said he was going for a walk in the woods, he needed to think without distraction, so he went upstairs and stripped off his polo shirts and cargo shorts and put on his PE shorts and loaded up his back pack with his blanket, and then slipped on an old PE shirt and set off to walk in the woods, he got to the pool they all used, it was deserted as it should be and he stripped naked and sprayed himself with sun tan spray and lay on the blanket, taking the late afternoon sun which was still quite hot, he dozed off as he thought about what had gone on at the doctors.

End of Part Three

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