6 - Locked in the Stable

by Araddion

© 2015 R. Keith Peck


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Thor. One sexy fucker. And he knows it. Always strutting, tail high, showing off those spunk-filled balls. Sheathing and unsheathing his cock. Pissing a flood. Watching me, bestiality incandescent in his eyes. That horse likes this boy. That horse knows this boy needs what's sprouting between hind legs.

But Thor is only one of a small herd of stallions. Most have turned on to bestiality. Turned on to me, that day after I came back, an ocean of horse spunk bubbling from my butthole. Stallions aren't gay or straight. They're breeders. Built to fuck. Find it. Fuck it. Fill it. Forget it. Best thing about getting it on with horses? They don't want your love. Your affection. Their looking for tight, hot hole. And when they're done it to you, they're ready to do it again.

I never knew God till I knew stallion cock.

I'll blame that white stallion who prances through my dreams, tail swishing, balls swaying, cock dripping, his shaft long as a baseball bat but thankfully thicker, the head flaring as big as a dinner plate. Yeah, that sexy bastard. He made it happen. I know it.

After me and Sultan got to know each other biblically, I'd been pretty sure Forest would join in. Though he's always had a harder time facing it, he's always hankered after big cock. Otherwise I wouldn't be slipping in his damn bed. Heh. I remember, after climbing over the gate into Thor's stall -- how he'd watched as I tried as hard as I could to blow that dumb, arrogant god of a stallion. How hunger shone in Forest's eyes as he watched me give up on the blowjob, turn round, bend over, and let Thor's cock sink into my spunk-sloppy ass. How drool ran out of Forest's as Thor's haunches roared into action. How Forest face had shone with awe and envy when, after absorbing Thor's load, I bent over, pulled open my buttcheeks, and showed him the gaping crater of my butthole. Bubbling with horse cum like lava.

Thor would've done Forest. I swear I saw the stallion pawing the floor, snorting, eyes heavily lidded, cock twitching between his hind legs, limp but not finished. All Forest had to do was hop the gate. I'd have lubed him up. Loosened him a bit, slipping my hand into his rectum. I could tell by the look in Forest's eyes he knew it could happen. But fear prevailed. Forest sighed, turned, and walked out of the barn. When I hopped back out of the horse's stall into the human part of the stable, I found Forest's jism streaking the stable door. I grinned. Yeah, I guess Thor and me had put on one hell of a porn show.

Taking different tactics, I tried again that night in bed. After fucking him -- I swear I juiced Forest's ass with half a gallon of patented Horseboy spunk -- I murmured, "You know if you do it right, it won't be like it was over there in Enumclaw."

Forest didn't say a damn thing. His eyes went incandescent. He went down on me. Sucked me hard. Rolled off, meaty ass in the air. I bred him again. When I invited him out to the sling in the stables, he just shook his head. And moaned in dreamland, and left out sheets soaked with torrents of jizz.

So. For a while, I had the run of the stables to myself. That didn't last long. The transformation starts, of course, in the stable. Starts with Thor. Starts on a sunny afternoon. Starts with chores.

I now wear either nothing, or a jockstrap. Ah, yes, good rich funky jockstraps, crusty with dry horse jizz that's leaked from my cunt. I made it clear to Forest that hat, jockstrap, nudity, and boots were me, now. Who I was. Don't ask me to change. So, all off-farm duties have devolved onto him.

Forest seems resigned to my addiction to horsecock. Wistful. Without shame I let the stallions breed me. Strut for 'em. Beg for what they got in those bulging sheaths. Forest has caught me time after time in one stall or another, neglecting my chores, helpless, moaning and whoring myself out for arm-sized animal dick. A horseboy's gotta do what a horseboy's gotta do.

Where was I? Chores. Afternoon sunlight. Jockstrapped horseboy. Stables. Horses. Chores.

Thor eats like a god. Not surprisingly. Something's gotta fuel the creation of all that luscious horse semen. Keep them muscles primed and ready to pump. So the day this transformation happens, I tote a bag of feed on my shoulders, emptying it into his feeder. I've left the stall door open in case I need another.

Thor's frisky. Think of a horny, dumb, blond, stoned teenaged surfer with balls the size of cantaloupes. Bobbing on his hind legs, he wants to mount up, drive it home, and ride me to mutual bliss. I grin to myself. The sight of my pucker turns on Thor. He's behind me. Watching. I feel his thoughts crackling in his mind. Yeah, monkey, I wanna open that hole up again. Yeah, monkey, you smell sexy, but I don't smell my colt in you. Yeah, money, just bend over a little more and I'll give that hungry little cunt the best a stallion's got. Thor keeps sticking his tongue in my hair. Nibbling on my neck. Slithering his tongue down my spine. Nipping at my buttocks. He wants me spread wide, looking back at him, hunger blazing in my eyes. That's a moment every stud lives for.

The horse's naked lust always puts me in the mood. Heh. Like I'm ever not in the mood. When I finish emptying the feed I reach for my bottle of lube. I always carry lube with me now. I'm going through this stuff like George W. Bush does cocaine. You need a lot of lube to grease up horse dong. I wonder if they sell it in 55-gallon drums. Yeah. Not a bad idea. Set it by the sling. Stick a hang pump down the bung. I grin, picturing my solemn face as I pump out handfuls of lube, a line of stallions waiting, cocks extended, tails twitching, grunting impatiently. Needing service.

I step out of my slimy jock. It reeks of Shaka Rex's jism. I've been straining to keep that beasts load where it belongs, but I've leaked plenty of it anyway. Still, it feels like I still got a thousand dollars of stallion spunk in my rectum. The scent of stallions drowns out my own natural crotch funk. This is right. I wanna be a horse.

Turning to Thor, I grin.

"Let's party."

Thor tosses his head. A stud eager to breed, he struts towards me. His huge, fat dong slaps twice against his belly and begins stiffening. I'm about to pour a dollop of lube out when his teeth close on my left nipple. I let out a groan they must've heard all the way in town. Thor's bite is way over the line, well into painful territory.

"Christ, Thor!" I growl. But a moan escapes me. This isn't a bad excursion into something beyond. Thor -- hell, all the stallions -- knows my vulnerability. I'm sure Sultan told every one of 'em. I've seen them congregate in the pastures, heard them whicker as they look at me, and watched their cocks drop. A team of breeders, exchanging pointers on how to get that horny Horseboy to do what they want.

I ride the pain until, like butter, it melts into pleasure.

"Oh, that's nice, buddy." I pull back, stretching flesh. Yeah, you make it with stallions, it's all about being stretched.


What the fuck?

I shake my head. Christ, I swear I hear cartoon birds twittering as they orbit my ringing head. As soon as I realize I've backpedaled into the wall, I start thinking Thor's ripped my nipple off. The pain's that exquisite. Quick check. No blood. Whew. Above me Thor's head looms. He sneers at me, twisting his head, shaking his mane. His lips curl. Then he whirls. His hooves clatter as he dashes through the stall gate. He gallops down the stables.

"You teasing son of a bitch!"

It must've been a ridiculous spectacle. Me running after Thor. Wearing nothing but boots, a hardon, and carrying a bottle of lube. When they finally make sitcoms about bestiality (Mr. Ed, dumb but sexy, was just a tease) there'll be a scene just like this. If HBO ever contacts me about this idea, I'll let you know when it's scheduled to be broadcast.

Shit! Dammit! Shit! Here I am, all primed for horsecock, ready to get bred, and my studfucker's playing games. I just know I'm gonna run out of the stallions' stables and see Thor, tail streaming like a knight's gonfalon, darting through the gate, kicking up dust, horse dong surging as he charges off to rape the world.

Can't blame Thor. Hell, if I was a horse, that's what I'd do. Or maybe I'd be kicking my hooves at the door to the mares' stables. I grin to myself. Yeah, buddy, there's some fine pussy in their too. Can't say that I blame you for wanting a change of pace.

Chest heaving, I dart out of the stables, pause, sweeping my gaze around the farm.

I chuckle. The breeding corral. Thor must've jumped the fence. I chuckle. Well, I guess we all got our fantasies. He's cantering in a circle, cracking his tail like a whip, ears laid back. Impatient motherfucker.

Question is -- should I?

What a stupid fucking question. Of course I must! I run for the fence.

One foot on a rail, and I freeze, hearing a phantom admonition.

"If you're going to fuck my horses," Forest told me while I was wiping stallion juice off my face, "you do it inside. Don't play that game you played with Sultan. The hills have eyes. You never know when some damn camper or Mormons on a hike will be out there. And if they see you with horsecock up your ass -- they'll freak and the cops'll swoop in and tear this place apart. I'm not gonna let you destroy my life because you've got a hankering for horsecock."

Good point. It's happened before. And now that I've started, how can I live without big throbbing horse dick?

I look at Thor. Wild. Free. Powerful. Those flashes of balls he shows makes my mouth water.

Fuck it. That damn stallion wants to breed me, and goddammit I wanna feel his cock doing something unnatural to me.

I hop the fence and trot after Thor. He wheels. He's ready. Impatient. Bucking up just a bit. Showing off rippling muscles. His sleek coat. Powerful haunches. That cock. Goddamn. When he breeds me that motherfucker's going to blast me into the next county. His cock's so swollen from excitement his sheath looks overstuffed. Thor's almost flaring. A fat warm of equine precum shimmers on the end of his twitching dong. This is gonna by a rough, brutal fuck.

The way we both like it.

Thor settles down enough for me to grease up his shaft. He loves it, thrusting his haunches forward as my fist slides over his superheated skin. No need to anoint my butthole. There's plenty of lube there, refreshed by the sweat that's bloomed between my buttcheeks during my chase. A handful of Shaka Rex's sperm dribbles from my hole. I giggle. Hell. My butthole's winking like a mare.

I bend forward. I ease under Thor. Immediately his cockhead begins stabbing at my butt. Missing the mark. This is always the hard part. Thor can sense but not see the hole he wants. His instincts are gauged more to serving a mare.

"Settle down, dammit!"

I brace one hand against Thor's left foreleg. With my right, I guide his cockhead against my cunt. For a brief moment it feels like someone's trying to shove a watermelon up my ass. Thor cries out, thrusts, and skewers me.

"Fuck yeah!"

From zero percent horsecock to one hundred percent horsecock in less than a second. Man, that's a transformation that'll make you feel like a god.

Thor ain't gonna wait for me to adjust. Let the fucking begin! The horse's huge cock churns lube and sloppy cum into froth. I brace my right hand against Thor other foreleg. Shut my hunch back into his thrusts.

The only disappointing thing about being sodomized by a stallion is that I can't feel his big balls bouncing off my buttcheeks. That's one advantage getting manfucked will always have. The damn sheath is awesome. It reminds you that an animals' fucking you. Something perverse. Something alien. But fuck, I'd love to hear the smacking sound of horse balls against human ass. Feel those sizzling hot orbs brand me.

Thor dishes out maybe ten long fuckstrokes, full stallion length. I think he's getting in the groove. Savoring the tight tube that's worshipping his horsecock. But no. Thor's horny as shit. Ten strokes and the damn bursts. He erupts in me, displacing the remains of Shaka Rex's hot slime. Giant dollops of horsejism fart from my asshole, painting Thor's sheath and our thighs. His cock, fully embedded, throbs in me with each jet. I swear the head flares somewhere just behind my sternum. My humanity seems to be crushed out of me, leaving just a horse-hungry void in its place.

I want more. Fuck, I need more!

"You can't be serious, stud!" I groan. "We're just getting started."

Thor whickers. A warning sound. Don't talk back, mare. His hardon quivers in the bubble of horsespunk sizzling inside me.

"You ain't done, are you?" I yell. "Shit, boy, I barely even felt that!"

Thor's derisive snort resonates through his cock into me. A hind hoof stamps in irritation. Clearly he's feeling a little shame. Embarrassed, maybe, that he blew a load so quickly in my ass. Hmm. Wonder why. Dumb, stoned, surfer teen mentality? Possibly. Could it be because he's never gotten sloppy seconds off Shaka Rex? Heh. Sexual tension between the stallions. I'll have to keep this in mind, when the next batch of mares lifts their tails for their allowance of equine jizz.

I feel Thor's hardon slithering down my guts. My ring strains to constrain his flared cockhead. Jets of semen burst from my butthole.

"Come on, Thor! Fuck me!"


"Oof!" My guts blaze with pain.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Thor's back in the saddle, hammering away. My butthole bubbles like boiling stew.

Fuck, yeah, man, this is what life's about. Making it with equines. Damn fine beasts. Perfectly proportioned. Those noble heads. Those sleek bodies. Shapely legs. And their raison d'Ítre: giant cocks. I don't want mere dogcock. I don't want to camelcock. I want horsecock!

I squeeze my ring on Thor's shaft and skewer my tender flesh on his bestial thrusts.

Man, I gotta wonder what some dude working in a shadowy room in the National Reconnaissance Office thinks when his photo recon satellite cruises by a hundred miles overhead.

Commander, looks like we have suspicious activity going on out west. May be terrorism. Can't tell. Looks like a horse having a fit.

Side scan, lieutenant. Magnify and enhance. My God! What the hell is going on?

Looks like a horse fucking a dude. Holy shit! He's taking the whole motherfucking thing!

Jesus H. Christ, this is so fucking wrong, I dunna, alert somebody!

Fine. Umm. who?

One damn minute, soldier. Christ, I gotta think! An avuncular hand claps a uniformed shoulder. A horse. It's a form of transportation. Call TSA and let them handle this.

Holy Mammoth Cave, commander, they'll need a goddamn searchlight for the cavity search!

They got 'em. The US Government's ready for anything.

You, uh, mind, Colonel, if I run to the bathroom? I gotta take care of some ... business.

Keep your pants on, soldier.

We're grunting so loud -- bullshit, I'm too wrapped up in the feeling of horsecock up my butt -- that I don't hear the roar of Forest's pickup coming up the lane. Don't hear the brakes squeal. Don't hear the door slam. But goddamned if we don't hear Forest yell.

"Goddammit, Horseboy!"

Thor doesn't give a fuck. He saws on, slicing his big cock through the tightest hole he's ever drilled. He's a stallion. He's doing what comes naturally. He keeps churning away. I think I hear him chortling above me. But me? I jump. Squeeze down with my rectum. That gets a reaction from Thor. More furious pounding. That makes me forget Forest. My back arches 'cause I'm Thor's mare and he's fucking me. My hardon snaps against my belly. What a sight we must've made. Thor's foam-flecked balls, swaying as he saws away. His body, surging with power. My own balls, barely contained in a jockstrap slimy with a cup of horse jism. Neither of us giving a fuck. Stallion and slut Horseboy, too wrapped up in giving the other what he wants to worry about some bitching, screaming farmer.

"Horseboy!" Forest sounds like a drill sergeant.

"Just a minute!" I yell from beneath the stallion's belly. "I'm kinda busy!"

Thor's really the drill sergeant here. Expert at it, too. He's working so hard at pumping my butthole sweat's frothing his coat.


"Dammit, Forest, I'm fucking a horse. I can just tell him 'scuse me' and walk away!"

After a few more minutes of hard equine pounding, Thor empties his balls into me, roaring like a blast furnace. When his fat cock stops filling me he doesn't move. Doesn't take it out. I sense his head turning to stare contemptuously at Forest. I feel his heart hammering against my back. Attaboy. Thor's not about to give up. He's still got plenty of ammunition in his balls.


"Goddammit," I mutter. "Sorry, Thor." I start to ease forward. Cum gurgles inside.

Thor neighs, forbidding me to move. He stuffs him in deep. Damn. That's sweet. I writhe against his back.

"C'mon, Forest, let us have another round!"

"Horseboy!" His roar echoes like thunder.

Playtime's over.

I ease forward, ignoring Thor's warning rumbles. Pop. Half a gallon of Thor's jism blusters out of my asshole. I feel like Old Faithful must feel when it empties itself. Groaning, stretching, I stand up. Thor awards me a light love nip on the back of my neck. As I walk towards Forest -- who's standing with his folded arms resting on the fence -- I brush horse hair off my back. Not easy, given it's plastered to my body with sweat.

"What did I tell you, Horseboy?"

Imitating Dennis the Menace handling Mr. Wilson, I hang my head. "Not to fuck the horses outside."

"Climb over the fence. Get over here. Christ. I think he's gonna rape you."

I glance back. Yep. Thor trots after me, rearing, bouncing, cock still hard and draped with jism. He's gonna fuck me. I stick my butt out. I too can be a tease. Wanna fuck this cunt, stud? Before Thor can mount up again, I shakily climb over the fence. A tail of spunk dribbles from my crater. It plasters to my thigh as I jump to the ground.

"Turn around."

I sigh. I turn. I brace myself against the fence. Forest really lets loose on my ass. A two handed spanking. It doesn't do a damn thing to cure my hardon. But it does seem to fascinate Thor. He trots close, still sporting a slimy horse boner. He watches Forest beat me raw, snickering, whickering, grunting approval when Forest lands a good blow. How dare I leave him unsatisfied.

I'm about to spew a river of my own slime across my belly when Forest decides I've had enough.

"Did I make my point clear?" he growls in my ear.

"Yeah." I rise up on the balls of my feet. Crank myself over the fence. "Take a look what the horse has been doing to me." I wink. "I got molestered by an animal, Forest. Can you believe it?"

"I know what he's been doing to you. And you're the molester."

I look at Forest over my shoulder. Flex my buttocks at him. "You want to fuck me? Get sloppy seconds off one of your studs?"

"What's the point? I wouldn't feel anything. Come on. I got you a present."


"It's in the back of the pickup."

Forest makes me fetch it for him. It's obvious what it's for. The contraption's basically built like a tall sawhorse. One end is taller than the other. The crossbar supports a long, black leather pad, firm as any barber chair. There are leather sockets where you can place your knees. Strong wooden platforms snap down near the high end. They rest on fold-down supports.

"What is it?"

Forest grins. "Your breeding station. I get tired of seeing all your spunk ruining my hay," Forest says.

"It doesn't ruin it. Besides. It wasn't all my spunk."

"That may be, but when the vet shows up, how am I supposed to explain it?"

"Where'd you get this?" Someone built this contraption. Someone built it in accord with Forest's specifications.

Forest grins. "I ordered it off Amazon. The bestiality section." He palms his groin. "Take it in the stables. We're gonna try it out."

Hot damn. Grinning, I call over my shoulder, "Hey, Thor!"

The stallion's ears perk up.

"Playtime's not over. We're gonna --"

Forest chucks me on my buttcheeks. "When you're in my breeding station, Horseboy, I pick the damn stallion. Now. Hurry up. I'll stable Thor."

"Be careful. He might fuck you."

Forest chuckles.

"You want him, don't you?" I ask.

"Why isn't your present in my stable?"

"Your wish is my command, Mr. Boss Man!"

This motherfucking breeding station isn't light. It's also bulky as hell. Good thing I've kinda gotten use to shouldering a horse on my back. Forest leads Thor into the stables while I'm still wrestling my new toy towards the door. Thor, his dong hanging in a long, sweet arc between his hind legs, looks wistfully over his shoulder at me. He kicks as he vanishes through the door. I hear Forest telling him to settle down. Thor farts derisively.

I set the damn breeding station down near our slings. The stallions watch with bright-eyed interest. Sultan nods his head, seeming right away to guess the thing's purpose. Shaka Rex stares at it with eyes slitted with suspicion. Red Peril, our ornery bastard, kicks at his stall door, staring at it, neighing, whirling away, and returning to stare at it again.

Forest claps my ass. His fingers roam towards my crater. Pulling them away, he grins.. Spaghetti strands of horse jism stretch and stretch.

"Damn, Horseboy. Which of 'em's fucked you today?"

"I started with Shaka Rex. Then Thor. Then Thor wants to do it some more. He's a nice horsie. I think I'm his bitch."

Thor whickers at us over his stall door.

Forest pulls my face to him. Kisses me with a lewd, wet tongue. He grins. "It's hot watching you with the horses. But I'm gonna show you who's boss here. Climb on board."

I shrug. What the hell. Sling for horses. So long as I get the meat I crave, what does it matter? I plant my knees in the cups and ben forward. The leather feels cools against my chest. That won't last long. The thing elevates me a bit. Which'll make it easier for the taller stallions, which have to squat a bit to cram their cock in my hole.

"Hey, you know," I say, "if this thing had a cover, you know, a support to take his weight ... they could really lay into me."

"Thanks for the suggestion, Doctor of Horsefucking," Forest says. "Ready for your first customer?"

"Bring 'em on!"

Forest, chuckling, heads to Red Peril's stall. That feisty son of a bitch comes out bouncing. Ready to screw. It quivers like an iron beam between his legs. Flared -- damn, these studs are doing a number on my poor anus -- and drooling. He lets out a fierce trumpet and surges against Forest's. Forest manages to keep him under control.

"Horseboy," Forest growls, "he's gonna fuck you. There ain't nothing I can do to stop him."

I laugh. "That's what I'm here for."

For a moment the stallion stops and stares. His ears shift. Red Peril picks up the purpose of the breeding station real quick. He shakes his head, freeing himself of Forest's grasp. He trots up. His eyes are manic. He sniffs between my buttcheeks. Snorts. He's getting sloppy seconds again, and I can tell he's getting tired of this. Red Peril wants a fresh butthole to breed. Too bad, buddy. You got too many sexy stallmates.

Is Red Peril going to say no to my tight hole? Fuck no. He's no idiot. Maybe a cumsloppy human butthole isn't his fantasy, but it's a hell of a lot tighter than a mare's cunt. And he knows I love to milk stallion cock.

Hmm. Wonder what Red Peril's fantasy is? Betcha it's him and a herd of mares. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Red Peril really likes the mare. Sure, he'll service me, but he'd love to spend his hours sawing away at a mare's cunt. Having done the deed myself, can't say that I blame him.

Red Peril hops up. His hooves thud onto the supporting platform. He hunches forward. His cock skewers up my back.

"Hey, Forest," I call from beneath the grunting stallion, "help this dumb bastard."

Forest grasps Red Peril's cock and realigns it. That fat cockhead burrows between my cheeks. Sensing a soft ring, he jabs two feet of it inside. His hot breath explodes from him. His bristly fur scours my back.

"Oh, yeah, baby!" I holler. "Come on, do it!"

Shuddering, the stallion lunges forward. The lips of his sheath kiss my ring. He convulses. He whimpers as if this is the best thing he's ever felt. Goddamn, that means something, coming from studs like this, which spend their entire lives fucking. Red Peril's thrusts come like a tank brigade. Metallic. Unstoppable. Brutal. Thundering.

Forest watches, palming his crotch. "Goddammit, Horseboy, that's hot as shit."

"Cant ... talk," I grunt. "Breeding ... time."

An earthquake spasms through Red Peril. His cock lurches. His whinnying brings dust down from the rafters. Red Peril floods my guts with cum. His tail thrashes. He whips his dong out of me. Damn. I've been used as a jackoff toy. I feel sordid. Heh. That's a great feeling.

"Fetch another one," I say, propping my cheek on my fist. "I barely felt that!"

There's a gleam in Forest's eye I like a lot. "Tell ya what," he says. "I'll let 'em all out. Let them decide!"

Forest moves as faster as I've ever seen him, running down the aisles, undoing the latches on the doors. The stallions emerge. Heads turn. Whickers rumble. A throng of hardons comes towards me. It'd be a sinister sight, if you weren't crazy for horsecock. Like me.

"Bring 'em on!" I breathe. I arch my back. "Come on!"

The gangbang begins. Shaka Rex is first to mount up. He works me, snorting, puffing, his black coat glistening over his muscles like liquid obsidian. Having emptied his balls earlier he takes his time. But the time he juices me I'm almost sore. But that's not the end. Next in the saddle is Steely Dan, an older stallion, father of many colts, some of whom have won races. Man, the old guys still got it. Two in a row from him. After him, I kind of loose track. A horde of horsecocks assaults me. I dissolve into bliss and ecstasy.

Sultan hangs back, watching the show. There's an evil, glittering look in his eyes that makes me horny.

Finally I call a halt. Forest seizes Red Peril's bridle. Yep. He was back from another sloppy fuck. Forest hauls him away.

I stand. My cock is soaked with sweat and precum. Ropes of horsejism hang from my balls. I brush bits of horse fur off my back and butt. Stallions swarm around the breeding station. One or two lift a hind leg, making sure I get a good look at their cocks. There's plenty of rape in the air. I feel like the new guy in the prison shower.

But. I gotta show appreciation for my new toy.

"All right," I growl, pumping my hips at Forest. "Horseboy wants to do some breeding."

He grins. "'Bout time. Hardest thing in the world is getting you to top."

"Once you go horse," I say, slipping out of my jockstrap, "everything else seems trite." My cock smacks my belly. "Come on. Let Horseboy teach you how to get bred."

Forest starts to undo his belt. Shaking my head, I stop him. I take him by the shoulder, and guide him into place on the breeding station. He fits his knees into position and leans forward on the support. I take two good handfuls of his jeans and rip. The waist doesn't yield, but I don't give a fuck. His beefy butt's right in front of my hardon, ready for breeding. I pound my chest and let out a Tarzan yell.


"Hold on," Forest says. "Lube."

I wink. "Gotcha."

I think my innovation really gets Forest going. When Forest sees my hand reaching towards the horsespunk-dripping cunt I got behind my balls, his eyes get real wide. They way yours might when you see a hot piece of male flesh strutting down the beach. My butthole sucks up my hand inside. I'm that loose. My fist emerges coated with rich, creamy semen. I smear the amoeba of cum all along my shaft.

"Damn," Forest breathes.

"You gotta get to know your beast."

I smear the remainder of the stallions' jism on Forest's asshole. His cunt slurps that stuff up. I line up. And I ram home.

"Shit!" A big puff of air escapes him.

"Sorry, man," I grunt, churning in his guts, "but I ain't in the mood to be kind and loving?" I spit on the back of his neck. "You fuck animals and you start going crazy, you know, Forest!" I jab so hard my balls crack like a whip against his. "You know you like it."

"Take it easy! Damn! Let me adjust. Christ, Horseboy, it's been weeks since you --"

I snarl, "This is gonna be rough, Forest. Gonna be the roughest you've ever had!"

I seize his hips. Growing, I fuck crazily at his butthole. Forest writhes beneath me. Jizz is really too thick to make good lube. Maybe I should spit in this stuff, but fuck it. I like the sensation of sliding on horsespunk.

Man. I really wish I had a bigger cock. Forest's just not as tight as I'd wish. Even after going some time without fisting him, he's still got a loose hole. Not a complaint. Fuck. It's awesome to be on top. To be in charge. To look down and see some weak, helpless creature, writhing on your cock, hands clenching, clawing at the leather, so eager for your cum. For you to hose down those guts with your hot sauce. For him to feel your life entering him, invading him, taking him over, and repurposing his existence to serve you.

I look over at Sultan, who's watching me. His big head nods. So does mine. We know what the other one's thinking. His cock twitches. Is he asking me for permission to climb aboard next?

Sweat dribbles down my nose. I lean forward over Forest, jabbing and stabbing at him. His grunts turn to pleas for mercy. Fuck that shit! Horseboy's breeding the boss man. No one's getting any mercy!

A potent, funky fog surrounds us. Man, the smell is heady. Trippy. Quivery. Unreal. Most of it is due to me. I stink of horse. Forest might pungent as any high school quarterback's jockstrap, but the musk of horses overpowers what dregs of humanity still cling to me. Horseboy is my true name -- finally. Horse first, human second. I seem hypersensitive to odors. I recognize fragments of Thor and Shaka Rex. Remnants of their sweat -- worked up while buttfucking me -- wrap me like a second skin. Even Sultan who, I guess, since he was the first stallion who took my cherry, retains some claim on ownership.

From my jism-soaked jockstrap a vortex rises. Pure equine. Horsepowered poppers. What feeble scent my own sweaty balls might emit is masked.

Suddenly things get very, very, very weird.

One moment: I'm looking down at Forest's butt. My cock, shiny with horse juice, slices in. My nostrils, filled with stallion musk. My body, sopping with sweat and crispy with horse fur. My brain, dissolved into a stew of mindless lust.

The next moment: I'm somewhere else.

Damn. My old bedroom. When I was a kid. When touching myself where they warned me not to touch felt so damn good. Things I haven't smelled in years surround me. Clean cottony sheets. Crisp white underwear. Fresh white socks. Soap. Goodness. Home. Classic American vision of sane life. Damn. I even remember my own crotch, fresh from the bath. Getting adolescent funky, since I'm frigging myself.

My bedroom door creaks open.

It's a bizarre image. That white stallion trots through the door to my room. Erect, too. He's always erect. Fucks everything with a hole. He looks right through me. He whickers. I hear his command, and I obey. I shuck off my tighty whities. My smooth, skinny legs rise. My feet plant themselves beside my head. This beast wants my hole. Wants to fill me. Possess me.

The next moment: I'm looking at my scrawny self from across the room. Gallons of blood surge into my cock. My hooves make a muffled sound on the carpet as I strut towards the bed. I swish my tail. I straddle my own bed. I see the look of recognition in my teenaged self's eyes. I nestle my unbelievably huge cockhead against that impossibly tiny pucker. I whinny and ram home.

The next moment: the stables. Something so tight squirms on my cock. Goddamn. I want to fucking breed the rest of my goddamned life!

But something's wrong. No. Different. I'm not looking at the back of Forest's head. I'm looking right down at flecks of hay strewn on the stable floor. Something warm and tiny writhes against my belly. I churn my cock forward. Foot after foot after foot --

Holy shit.

I shift. Hooves clomp on the supports --

Hooves. I freeze, my giant cock throbbing in Forest's guts. I stare. Fucking horse hooves. No shit.

I crane my head to look under my belly.

Forest stares directly at me. His eyes are wide as diner plates. Shocked. Stunned.

My body's black-and-white fur grinds against Forest's sweaty back.

No wonder his damn cunt's never felt so tight.

"Horseboy," I hear him say. "What the hell just happened?"

I emit a neigh. A whiff of Forest's funk tickles my nose. Fuck yeah. Aw man. That's nice. This cunt's more breeding. My upper lip curls.

Fuck this mare!

I really start to churn my big dong. Pure fucking heaven resonates through my body, from withers to haunches. Yeah. I'll show him. Fucker's been begging for it. Telling me I can't do this. Telling me I can't do that. Goddamn, if I wanna breed with a horse in the goddamned open, I will! Who the hell does this mare think he is? He lives only to service my cock!

"Goddamn, Horseboy! You're killing me! Take it out!"

My head cranes back and I send a trumpet that echoes through the stall.

I churn. I fuck. My balls feel the size of watermelons. Fuck! They are the size of watermelons! My cocks as long as an arm!

Shit yeah! I'm a stallion!

Orgasm roars through me like a hurricane. I breed that fucking tight asseed faggot. I pour gallon after gallon of juice up his fucking goddamned sweet monkey butt. I juice for five minutes straight. It's awesome, man. Feeling my own cum back flushing from his butthole. Twitching as red-hot worms of jism pain my thighs. Smelling the sizzling stench of my own damn horsespunk!

I dismount from Forest with the lewdest squelch you can imagine. Forest doesn't move. Just reclines on the support, panting, trying to regain his wits. I trot behind him, edging Sultan out of the way. Yeah. Look at that hole. So deep, so wide that if my mare had opened his mouth light would've shot out his ass. Heh. Wrong. Look at that cum, man, crawling out of him like an albino anaconda. Fuck! Forest is Horseboy's spunk from his goddamned asshole up to his damn lungs!

I stomp a fore hoof and roar in triumph. The other stallions begin to cavort around me.

Forest rolls off the breeding station, collapsing to the floor. He stares at me as I trot towards him.

I brandish my big cock, still solid as a fence post. Wanna fuck, puny human? Come on, let me do you again! I don't think you're pregnant enough.

"I don't know what the hell's going on," Forest gasps, staggering to his feet. "But this is fucking crazy shit!"

He turns and races towards the stables door.

Come back! I got something to give you! Heh. Fine. You wanna play that game, I'll play too. But I'm not going to go easy on you this time! I'm really gonna dish it out. I'm gonna fuck you so hard my cockhead pushes all the way through you and comes out your mouth!

I charge after Forest. My cock slaps against my belly. Is that my cockhead, pushing between my forelegs? My balls are almost too damn big to stay tucked between my thighs. My tail kisses them.

Framed in the door, Forest looks back at this new stallion -- the stallion named Horseboy -- cantering towards him. I skid to a halt ten feet away. I trumpet to Forest, stomping my hoof. Come back here, you hot assed mare! I got a couple yards of horsecock that wants to seed you! Make you the mother of my colts. Come here, Forest! Horseboy wants to breed!

"You're goddamned crazy!"

He slams the door. The lock clinks shut.


You're gonna give me up? For what? A dildo? Bucky? You're the one who's crazy, Forest. Me? I'm blessed. Some god favors me.

I'm a motherfucking stallion.

I wheel. My hooves clop on the floor. My giant hardon feels a mile long. A stable full of stallions stares at me. I think they're as shocked as Forest. Smell 'em. Yes. The hay makes me hungry, but there's some damn sexy beasts locked in here with me. I neigh. Those horny bastards want it. Crave sex. Find their equine god in the pleasure they blast from their balls.

Well, boys. Let your new stallion Horseboy teach you a new kind of pleasure.

Neighing, I trot towards them. Sort of the tremble Nervous. Yeah. They'll be the bottoms. I squat. Let loose an ocean of pee. Smell me, boys. This is Horseboy. Then I trumpet loud enough to shatter the rafters.

Red Peril. I'm gonna buttfuck Red Peril. Hotassed son of a mare needs Horseboy's stallionfucker.


- keep those palms and cunts greased for -

- "The Stallion Rides - 7 Busting Cherry" -