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This is a true story.

Back in 1979 I dropped out of high school in my senior year. I was eighteen and it was November. Finding a job wasn't easy in 1979, especially if you were an eighteen year old drop out without much work experience.

I talked with my older brother ( Sid ) on the telephone and he told me to come to Wyoming and work with him in the oilfield drilling wells. I was living in Ohio and had never really been away from home. I was eager to see another part of the world.

I packed a bag and took a Greyhound west. Three days later I met my brother at a small bus stop in a little town of 600 people called Lyman.

A couple of days later I was working on a triple-stick drilling rig up in the snow covered mountains with Sid. He taught me a lot. It was hard work but I could handle it. I wasn't a big person but I was stout and strong. Everything was going well for me. I had gotten a couple of paychecks and I thought I had found my calling to be a roughneck. ( yeah right )

After about a month another older brother ( Tim ) showed up. Tim couldn't find a job right away. Then us brothers heard about a drilling rig rigging up about 300 miles away in Douglas that needed a full crew. Sid knew a couple of other guys looking for work and we formed a crew. Ron had drilling experience so he was to be our driller. So... me and my two brothers, Ron, his wife and their little baby boy and some big, stupid Mexican ( no offence to Mexicans. Unless you're a big, stupid Mexican ) went to meet the rig in Douglas. We found a small cabin to rent and we all lived together.

Our new job turned out to be a joke. The rig was old and fucked up. We worked two days and quite. Not knowing what else to do we went on a three day drunk. We fought, and I mean we scraped more then once. One evening my brothers, me and the big, stupid Mexican went to town to get more liquor. To make a long story short we had been shooting signs and shit in town from our car. ( Not me. I was just along for the ride )Tim was driving and T-Boned another car at an intersection. We split the scene and raced to get back to the cabin. Tim slid the car over a hillside around a turn which left us stranded and we had to walk about six miles to get home. On the way we saw a shit-load of Sherriff cars coming up the road from off in a distance. It looked like a fucking Christmas parade with their lights-a-flashing and sirens screaming. We split up in different directions and took off through the brush and fields. It was cold as fuck! To make a short story shorter, Sid and Tim had paper hanging over their heads and split town, leaving their little brother ( Me ) stranded with Ron and his wife and baby. The dumb-ass Mexican went with my brothers to California.

There came a big snow storm and we were really stranded then. We had plenty to eat and drink and we had plenty of fire wood. Ron had an interest in Alaska. He had books about Alaska and we read a lot. Ron was trying to learn Morse Code. He had a Morse Code toy he had bought from Radio Shack.

One evening Ron and I sat opposite each other in the small living room of the cabin playing the Morse Code game.

Ron I guess was in his early thirties. He had black, shoulder-length hair and a goatee. He was about the same size as myself, five and a half feet tall only he had more muscles than I did. His wife was like a few years younger than him. She was a small woman. I guess she might have weighted one hundred lbs. She had long brown hair. She wasn't a beauty-queen but she wasn't a dog either.

Anyways... as Ron and I sent short messages to each other by Morse Code he sent me a message I couldn't believe. I was thinking I had de-coded the message wrong. It spelt: ...lets-gang-bang-sherry... ( his wife )

I looked up from the game I held in my hands. Ron had a shit-eating grin on his face. I then knew I had read the letters right. I coded him back, ...will-she-go-for-it...

He coded me back, ...we-talked-she-wants-you...

Needless to say... our Morse Code game was over. We started to talk about it. He told me he and his wife wanted to have a 3-way with me. I had never fucked a girl or woman up to this time. And I had only had sex with other boys as a kid and I was up for it!

Ron stood up and walked into the kitchen and talked with his wife. He came back to me with a bottle of booze. We had a few drinks and then he took my hand and lead me into their bedroom where his wife was laying naked on the bed. There was some light that came into the room from the kitchen. I stood and watched as Ron started to undress. I couldn't believe how fast all of this was happening. He looked over at me and said, "Come on stud... let's see what you've go to work with." I started to take off my shirt while I watched Ron strip off his jeans. He was starting to bone-up. I could tell that we were both packing about the same amount of meat. As I finished taking off my shirt Ron walked up to me and started to unbuckle my belt. I had never been undress by a man before. He popped the button of my jeans open and pulled down my zipper. I was very nervous. His wife laid on her side and watched us. He reached into the Y of my jeans to find that I wasn't wearing underwear. ( I quit wearing underwear when I was fifteen ) He worked my hardening cock out and squeezed my girth. He smiled then knelt down onto the floor and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. He reached out to feel my near hairless, teen balls and stroke my boner. She had put a pan of warm water and wash cloth on top of the dresser. He told me to wash my privets. I stepped out of my jeans and did as he told me. Then he did too.

My heart was racing like a mother-fucker as Ron and I joined his wife on the bed. Ron directed me to lay down on my back in the middle of the bed. They both started feeling me up. I had had lots of sex with boys growing up. Most of the time it was just wham-bam, blow each other and then off to play a different game. I had never experienced anything like this. Two adults molesting my young body. I closed my eyes and fell into nirvana. Their lips, tongues and fingers were touching me everywhere, sending little tingles throughout my entire body.

I know it was her that first started to suck my hard, young, teen dick. She sucked my dick for a couple of minutes. Then she moved up to straddled my shoulders and shoved her pussy against my mouth. I started to lap at her pussy as she humped into my face. Then I felt Ron sucking my cock. This was awesome! Having sex with a guy and a girl at the same time. There wasn't much said. We just did it.

Ron stopped sucking my dick and she backed up over my hard cock. She reached under her ass and guided my hard, boy-meat into her hole. She started to work her wet cunt up and down my rod fucking me. I wasn't impressed with my first piece of pussy, she was pretty sloppy. Ron had used it well.

We fucked each other for a few minutes when I felt Ron playing with my balls and rubbing the inside of my smooth legs. She leaned down to lay on my chest while she worked her cunt up and down on my cock. I took notice that he rose up from his knees and was climbing on top of his wife with me still on bottom.

I felt Ron's dick enter his wife's body just above me. I really have no idea if he slipped his dick into her ass or into her pussy along with my dick. Her box was sloppy enough I know she could take us both. I could feel the size of his cock rubbing against mine as we both fucked her. With his cock in her also tightened the gap and made it tighter. Other then the first time I cum in another boys mouth, this was the best thing my dick had ever felt!

I just kind of laid there on my back with her riding my cock and Ron drilling her from behind. I'll never forget the feeling of his cock sliding against mine as we filled his wife. I must have cum 4 times that night.

After we fucked and sucked each other for about three hours, I went to the couch to go to sleep. The next morning, it was like nothing had happened. We didn't even talk about it.

A couple of days later the roads cleared and she went to work in the morning leaving me, Ron and their baby there alone.

As I stirred around in the kitchen making coffee Ron called to me from his bedroom. I went to him. He had his baby boy in bed with him, cuddled asleep under the covers.

As I stood beside his bed with him laying facing me he told me. "Show me that muscle of your's."

I knew he wanted to suck my dick again, so I undid my jeans and pushed my dick right in his face. He leaned over and took my flaccid meat into his mouth. He sucked my dick hard and I liked it. His little boy started to stir. He told me he would put the boy in his crib and that I should get naked and wait for him to come back.

I stripped and got onto the bed to wait. Within seconds Ron was back getting in the bed with me. We both knew what we wanted. We went straight-a-way into a 69. He was a good cock-sucker! He didn't have a big dick. Maybe five and a half or six inches, about the same size as me. We sucked and ate each other's cum about three times that morning.

That evening Ron and I drove to town for more supplies. On our way, he started to ask me questions about what all kind of sex I had had. He asked me, "How many girls have you fucked?" I told him his wife was my first. He started to grin. He then asked me, "You've never had sex before?"

I told him about sucking with my boy-friends when I was a boy and young teenager. He nodded as if he understood what I meant.

He asked me, "You guys ever fuck each other?"

I told him about how me and my one boy cousin used to blow each other and that we had fucked each other several times over the years. He was interested in my story. He asked me, "Did you like fucking him? Did you like him fucking you?"

I told him, "Yeah... I liked it both ways."

He started rubbing his cock through his jeans. He said, "God damn man... that's hot! I want to try that."

I asked, "What... fucking someone in the ass?"

"No man... I've fucked Sherry in the ass a lot of times. I want to feel what it's like to have a cock in my ass."

The next morning his wife went to work leaving us alone again. I was sitting at the dining room table drinking coffee reading a book when he walked out of his bedroom naked. He walked over to me rubbing his cock. With a shit-eating grin he asked, "Want some breakfast?" I've always been up to sucking dick. It would be more fun than reading a fucked up book.

He held his hardening dick in his hand and pushed his hips towards my face. I opened my lips, dropped my jaw and took his cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around his meat and started sucking him. He put his hands on top of my head and started to face-fuck me. I easily took all of his cock. After all, I was an experienced cock-sucker. After about a minute he pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"Stand up and take your clothes off. I want some of your dick too." he directed.

I did as he told me. I shed my clothes and he grabbed my boner pulling me over to the gas space-heater against the wall. We laid down in front of the heater on the carpeted floor and fell into a 69. We slowly sucked and fondled each other for several minutes when he lifted himself off of me.

"I want you to fuck me." he said. "I want to feel your cock in my ass."

I really wasn't interested in fucking him. I was more into sucking and being sucked. The idea of sticking my dick in his ass kind of turned me off. I had done it with my cousin and enjoyed it, but that was different. Ron was just using me as a sex object. But the filthy, dirty side of my brain kicked in and I agreed.

He went into the kitchen and came back with some butter. "What's the best way to do it?" he asked.

I told him, "You can either lay on your back or get on all fours."

He took a dollop of butter and smeared it on his ass-hole. He handed me the plate of butter then laid on his back. I coated my cock with the yellow substance. He pulled his legs back to his chest and I got down on my knees in front of him. I held myself up with my left hand and arm and guided my dick toward his hairy hole with my right hand. I pushed a little. He told me, "Oh... go easy." Hell?... I hadn't even started yet.

I pushed a little harder. "Oh... God damn." he grunted.

"Just relax." I told him. After a few moments I pushed again and the crown of my gland passed through his sphincter.

"Oh... Gad damn... Stop. That hurts like a mother-fucker. Pull it out!" he growled. I knew he should just be still and wait. I giggled to myself knowing it would hurt just as bad coming out as it did going in but I did as he told me. He let out a loud gasp.

He let his legs down and laid there. His boner had shrunk to a little nub. Again I giggled to myself, thinking... What a pussy!

"How the hell can you tell me you like that shit?" he cried.

"I told you to just relax."

I don't know why I did it, I think to prove to him I could take his cock into my ass. "You can fuck me but you do as I tell you." I said sternly.

He started to get excited again. I knew he wanted to fuck my tight teen ass.

I got some more butter and rubbed it onto my butt-hole. I was feeling very naughty by now, even excited about letting him do something so filthy to me. He put butter on his now re-boned dick. I got down on all fours. He squatted behind me guiding his man-meat to find my boy-pussy. I totally relaxed my ass-hole as he pushed forward. His cock-head slipped through and I told him to stop. After a moment I told him to go ahead. He slowly pushed all the way into me. My guts felt full and uncomfortable.

He started to slowly fuck me in and out. "God damn... you're tight as hell." he told me. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder and faster.

I fell forward unto the floor onto my forearms with my forehead resting in my hands. I really wasn't enjoying this but I felt I had to let him finish to prove my point. Maybe... call it self-abuse.

He fucked me for several minutes, a few minutes too long as far as I was concerned. I just kept thinking... hurry up and cum and get the fuck off of me!

He started grunting and shot his load into my bowels. I told him to get off of me and to pull his dick out of my ass. As he did, I helped him by pushing like I was trying to pass a big turd. His dick went out without any pain but I could feel my hole had been violated.

My guts felt full, like I hadn't shit in a week. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. His cum ran out of me like water, followed my a mess of shit. He came into the bathroom and asked me if I was alright. ( That was nice of him I thought... Not! ) I told him, "Yeah. I just have to shit real bad." He left me to myself and I finished what I had to do.

Even though I had went along with it, I felt guilty and filthy and ashamed of myself for being such a dirty, little slut-boy. Even though my emotions and guts were fucked up, I still had a full-blown boner. I got into the shower. As I tried to wash the sin from my body while I jacked off just to relieve the pressure in my balls.

When I finished my shower I put on clean clothes. I found Ron sitting in the living room. I told him to drive me to town, that I wanted to call my folks back in Ohio. He looked at me kind of funny.

I told him, "Look... my brothers abandoned me here and split to California... I'm going home." He nodded and took me to town. I called home and my dad wired me money for bus fare. Four days later I was home, sleeping in my own bed again.

There's no place like home.