Once a cheater

By: Cassie White

My name is Cassie and i'm 37 years old. I'm 5'6" and 120 lbs. I have long brown hair down to about my ass and blue eyes. My measurements are 34b-24-36. I've been married for 10 years. I am a compulsive sex addict and adultress.

Before I tell my tale, let me tell a bit more about myself. I'm pretty slender for my size. I work out 3 times a week and maintain a flat tummy (on the verge of some sexy six pack action), a big firm ass and muscular thighs. I have basically no tits. They are tear drop shaped and there is a bit to grab onto, but by no means anything terribly noticable. What is noticable is that I have dime sized nipples that seem to stay hard all the time. My breasts are firm and perky and I hardly ever wear a bra.

I maintain my bush but I don't shave it. I have hair on my outer labia and a perfect rectangle section above my pussy and I keep it trimmed to about an inch long. Everything else I've had electrolysis done so it won't grow back. I also don't own any panties at all. I love the feeling of the breeze on my pussy from a very short schoolgirl style plaid skirt.

I have always been a cheating girl. Even back in junior high and high school. I lost my virginity when I was 11 years old. The guy wasn't my boyfriend or anything. Was just a guy in the neighborhood. My mom was at work (parents are divorced) and I was horny. We started dating (well as much dating as an 11 y/o can. It was basically mom taking us to the movies). I would often pick movies that had been on for a long time and would pick a movie that started the latest that mom would let me go to. Most of the time I would suck his dick in the movie and he would finger me. A few times when the theater was completely empty, I'd take my pants off or hike my skirt up and we'd fuck in the theater.

My boyfriend was 13 and since he was getting pussy he bragged to all his friends. It didn't bother me at all. I liked doing it and wasn't ashamed at all. Well, I got a couple offers from guys he knew. One guy was his best friend. He came over on a day mom had to work all day until 6pm. Another was someone he had gymn class with. We went to the movies a few times. First couple I gave him a blowjob. Nearly every time after that we had sex in the theater (probably 4 times).

Word got around that I was easy so I had to actually turn people down. My boyfriend found out about me having sex with other guys and we broke up. I told him I couldn't help it. He wasn't home so I got some elsewhere.

In high school it was pretty much common knowledge that If I got taken to a dance, my date would get laid. I would do it in school between classes, during class (not in the actual classroom) and after school while still in the building. I only got caught once. I was in the choirroom bathroom. I didn't know that the lock didn't work and the choir director walked in.

I got to explore my lesbian side in college. My roommate and I became very comfortable with each other. Even to the point where we were able to switch rooms to a room with 1 bed instead of 2 twins. I slept naked and Terisa was ok with that because she sleeps naked as well. What I didn't know was that Terisa was a lesbian and single.

One night we were both horny so Terisa suggested we help each other get off.

I said, "Well, I haven't done that before."

She said, "Oh i have. It's great. You know how when you're with a guy he cums and stops but you could get off 4 or 5 more times?"

I said, "God I hate that. I end up masturbating while he's in the shower."

She said, 'Well, when you're with another girl you can just fuck all night if you want to."

I said, "God Damn, that sounds hot. I have never been fucked like that before."

We were already both naked and we were in bed together. That wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Terisa then went under the covers and started eating my pussy out. God it felt so good. She was 10 times better than any guy that had done it. I was so horny and she was doing everything right. She inserted 2 fingers and was thrusting them in and out as her tongue worked over my clit. I felt a rush come over me. I knew I was gonna cum. Then all of a sudden, terisa pulled her fingers out and I started squirting. It was like a normal orgasm but magnified by 10. I thought I would never stop squirting. That was the night terisa introduced me to the mind blowing orgasm.

I wanted to eat her pussy but I didn't want her to stop so we 69ed. Now, you can't exactly describe the taste of pussy but her's was fantastic. I remember shouting, "I should've done this a long time ago." We 69'd each other 2 several orgasms. I had to stop at about 2am because my pussy and legs were all shaking from the ordeal. Terisa agreed that was enough for one night and we went to sleep holding each other.

Well, Terisa and I became girlfriends. I didn't even look at guys anymore. Okay, some things can't be avoided. The dorm I was in had coed bathrooms. Guys would walk in with morning wood. I couldn't help but notice a rock hard 8 inch cock in the shower area. Anyway, I even identified myself as a lesbian on questionnaires and applications that I had to fill out.

Even though, I was in love with Terisa and we had the perfect relationship I still cheated on her. It was usually tied to morning showers. Terisa liked to take her showers at night where I took mine in the morning. The first time it was because all the shower stalls were full. Sandra, a girl I have a few classes with said, "You can share my shower."

Now, Sandra is simply amazing. Her body is similar to mine. She has slightly bigger boobs and she actually has a six pack. She's well tanned accept for a ivory white tan line from a thong she must wear when she tans. She keeps her pussy nearly completely shaven. She only has a thin inch wide strip above her pussy. Her pussy lips are long and prominent and hang between her legs slightly.

I get in and she takes her loofa and starts soaping my breasts and tummy. She then tells me to turn around. She grabs some shampoo and soaps up my hair. Then, she grabs the loofa and does my back and ass. While she's soaping my ass she runs her finger between my legs and into my pussy. For a split second, I forgot about Terisa. I moaned softly. I snapped to and realized the situation I was in.

I said, "You should know i'm dating someone."

She said, "Yeah, I know. Terisa right? Isn't she asleep?"

I said, "Yeah she is."

She said, "She doesn't have to know about it. We'll go back to my room and when we get done if she's awake don't say anything. If she asks just tell her you woke up late."

I said, "Ok then."

We went back to her room. She was the resident advisor so she got a room to herself. We went inside and she locked the door. We got in bed and started making out furiously. We were groping and grabbing. It was shear lust. I ate her pussy first while I masturbated myself. She quickly had an orgasm. She then lustfully begged me to 69 so she could taste me. I flipped sides and we ate each other out. Sandra had another orgasm. This one was more intense and her body quivered afterwards. I had been holding back and building a big one up. We had been going at it for 20 minutes and I couldn't hold it back anymore. Basically anything she did nearly sent me over the top. I had a screaming orgasm which left my body limp and my thighs shaking.

Afterwards, Sandra and I were laying in bed together and I looked over at the clock. It was 9:45! Terisa was surely up and wondering where I was. It was a good thing it was saturday or i'd be in trouble with one of my professors for skipping class again. I thanked Sandra for the morning romp, we kissed and then I left. I had no need to get dressed because I went to the shower room naked.

I got back and Terisa said, "Where have you been? I called your cell when i woke up and you weren't here. I was worried."

I said, "I was taking a shower."

She said, "For an hour and a half?"

I said, "I got to rubbing myself and jacked off in the shower."

She said, "Ok, well that surely explains it. Especially the way you masturbate. Hell, if you were that horny you should've woken me up. I could've used a morning fuck."

I said, "Well, you looked so peaceful and sleepy. I couldn't wake you up."

Terisa and I were together all four years of undergraduate school. During that time I cheated on her with Sandra more times than I can count. We had a weekly fling in the morning in her room. I suspect it would have gone longer if she hadn't been a senior and moved away at the end of the year.

As far as I know, Terisa never did cheat on me except for a week during our senior year. I didn't feel like doing anything for spring break that year so she went to cancun without me. I just chilled at the dorms. Basically stayed naked the whole week. I'd throw on barely enough clothes so I wouldn't get arrested and then immediately take them back off once I got home.

I didn't cheat on her that week but not because I didn't want to. A girl I had a fling with had the flu all that week. Terisa seemed different when she got home. We didn't have sex as often. About 3 weeks after spring break, she confessed that she went to cancun with her ex-girlfriend and the 2 of them spent nearly the entire week in bed together. It was then that I confessed my year long weekly affair with Sandra. We both knew we wouldn't make it through the summer. I was going to graduate school for my cpa and she was going to a different college for graduate school. We broke up at the end of our senior year on good terms. We still talk to this day but things would never be the same.

I met the guy who would be my husband during graduate school. I didn't really date anyone seriously. I was sorta seeing a girl but it was basically sex 3 nights a week. We never did connect on a deeper lvl and I was actually happier with it that way.

I was at a party during spring break. It was at a guy's house and he lived in a secluded area. It was a weekend long thing. I was there and nearly spent the whole weekend nude. I had worn a pair of ripped jean shorts and a baby tee shirt but I never did find either of them. I guess I was cock depraved because me and Jake hooked up the first night.

He brought me a beer. He introduced himself and said, "Wanna go somewhere and talk?"

I said, "Only if we can talk while i'm riding your dick."

We didn't fuck the whole weekend but only because his cock had to have time to recover. We probably had sex 5 times over the weekend.

We got married after graduate school. Jake and I had sex nightly and it was hot. That would last about 2 years. Then our schedules conflicted and when we did get a night together we were too tired to do anything. After only 2 years of marriage our sex life dwindled down to sex one day a week. I have never been a girl that could deal with sex only once a week.

So, it was June. Jake and I had been married for about 5 years. We were having a pool party and a barbeque. Jake had a few of his buddies over and I had a few girls over. I wasn't too sure about the guys but the girls I invited were all bisexual and were looking to hook up at the party. I personally wasn't looking for anything in particular. I was just there having fun, drinking and showing off myself by the pool.

I went inside to take an inventory of the beer and see how the ribs were doing since Jake had them sitting overnight in a dry spice rub. I wasn't wearing much. I had on a tie-off thong bottom and nothing else. Jake's friends were already used to seeing me topless. During the warmer months I would normally be nude pretty much all the time but since we had company I tried to compensate and at least cover up my pussy.

Anyway, I was bent over in the refrigerator and felt a semi-hard cock press up against me. I thought it was Jake.

I reached behind and started rubbing his cock. I said, "We need to behave baby. We have guests."

He untied my bikini and it fell to the floor. He grabbed my hips and I felt his big cock slide into my pussy. I started to turn around and said, "Let's at least go into the bedroom."

When I got all the way turned around, I noticed that it wasn't Jake at all. It was one of his friends Mike. I said, "Now, you aren't my husband. You sure are being a naughty boy."

He said, "I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have done that. You are a married woman."

I said, "I'm not gonna allow you to get away with this."

He said, "Nobody has to know. I won't tell anyone if you don't."

I cut him off and said, "You didn't let me finish. I was saying I won't let you get away with teasing me with that cock and not finishing me off. Now, why don't we go somewhere a bit more private."

I took him by the hand and we went into the basement. Our basement is set up to be a guest bedroom. Neither Jake, nor I ever go down there so we'd be free to do whatever we wanted.

I took off his speedo and he sat down on the bed. With his legs spread out, I got on my knees and started to suck his dick. I cradled his balls in my hand and took deep strokes. I would take all of his long cock into my throat. I would stop once my lips touched his crotch and then back up to his head. I sucked him for about 10 minutes but didn't want him to get off. I do like to swallow when I give head but would much rather save that load for my pussy.

He then picked me up and put me on the bed. He layed me down and went between my legs. He ate my pussy pretty good but no where near as good as any woman that I've been with. He fingered and licked my clit till I came. I then got on top of him and started riding his cock. He held onto my ass and pumped me. My firm tits gently bounced each time he would thrust his cock deeper into my pussy. After a bit, we switched to doggystyle. I was on all fours and he held my hips as he pounded my pussy. During my second orgasm he started to moan. His rhythm changed and I could feel his cock throb. He thrust his cock deep inside me and I felt him release and shoot his load inside me.

Once we were done we put our clothes back on and went upstairs. I had him go back into the back through the driveway and I would wait 10 minutes and go through the back door. Once we both got back the food was already done and everyone was eating. About an hour or so passed and we were out of beer.

I said, "I should probably get another case of beer."

Jake said, "You gonna change first?"

I said, "Nah. I'll just go to the liquor store and go through the drive-thru. I know the girl that runs the place and she's seen me naked before. You guys enjoy yourselves."

Jake's friend Robert said, "I'll go with you. I need to get a pack of smokes anyway."

So Robert and I got in my car and drove off. As we were driving Robert said, "You know you are hot as hell. I never did tell you this, but since we are alone I figured I would."

I said, "Well, you are pretty damn cute yourself."

He said, "If things were different, you think we could've gotten together?"

I said, "Why would things have to be different?"

He said, "Well, you ARE married."

I said, "What Jake doesn't know won't hurt him."

He said, "You sure about this?"

I said, "Yeah, I'm sure. We've got time. We're supposed to be getting beer anyway and none of them will realize we're gone."

He said, "Ok then. We can go to my place then."

We detoured to Robert's house. We went inside and went upstairs to his bedroom. I untied my thong and let it fall to the carpet. He pulled off his shorts and tossed them. We started to make out. He slid a finger in between my pussy lips and started massaging my clit. He then started to kiss his way south. He stopped and suckled my nipples. He kissed lower licking my navel and then stopping at my pussy. He was much better than his buddy at eating pussy. He started off sucking my pussy lips into his mouth. He then ran his tongue all the way down my pussy lips and plunged his tongue into my pussy. He swirled his tongue around and then went to work on my clit. He slid 2 fingers into my pussy as he licked and sucked my clit. I tried to hold back to save for a big orgasm but I just couldn't. He sucked down real good and I exploded. I started moaning loud and shaking.

I then got on top of him and started riding his cock. It only took him about 10 minutes of some hard fucking and he emptied a nice load into my pussy. However, he wasn't done. He kept on going. He fucked my pussy to 2 more orgasms and kept going. 15 minutes after his first orgasm and he started to moan loud. He picked me up and flipped me over. He grabbed ahold of my thighs and started fucking me hard. I felt his cock throb and he emptied a second load into my pussy.

We were laying in bed afterwards and looked at the clock and 2 hours had passed. We decided we should probably get the stuff we needed and head back. We went to the liquor store got somem beer and some smokes and head back to the house. If Jake wondered where we were so long I would just say that we ran into a friend of mine from college and got talking. He knows how much of a chatter box I am so it would work.

We got back to the house but the party had damn near broken up. 2 of the girls I invited were in the hot tub going at it.

I said, "We're did the boys go?"

Stacy said, "Well, Mike had to leave. He has to work early. I have no idea where Jake and Jimmy are. I guess they are inside watching the game or something."

I went inside to make sure Jake wasn't pissed at me. I went into the den but he wasn't there. I checked everywhere but didn't see him. I finally decided to just chill outside with the ppl still here but had to go pee first. Since I was close to the bedroom, I just went in there to use the bathroom.

I walked into the bedroom and found Jake and Jimmy. They were in bed together. Jake was on all fours and Jimmy was fucking him doggystyle. Jake was moaning and sounded just like I do when i'm cumming.

I said, "So here you two are."

Jake looked back and saw me. He said, "Honey, now....I can explain."

I said, "You and Jimmy are having sex. Nothing to explain."

He said, "You aren't mad?"

I said, "Mad? No. Surprised? Yeah. That's ok. I've already gotten laid twice tonight."

He said, "Twice? With who?"

I said, "Once with Mike before dinner and Robert and I just got back from his house. Well, you boy have a nice evening. I'm gonna go be a bad girl downstairs."

It turns out the reason why Jake wasn't having sex with me as often was because him and jimmy have been having sex pretty often. Was no skin off my nose. I figured something was going on. I couldn't complain after all I've been cheating since I was a teenager.

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