...The Downhill Run...(Part 4)

...The Downhill Run...
(Part 4)

After about a month, Jerry was getting antsy to move on. We were in no particular hurry but for some reason he just didn't want to stay put.

So we set out south again, every week or so stopping at another resort and made the same deal about taking out guests in return for a room and meals. All in all, it was a pretty sweet way to go. Although there was always plenty of tits and pussies, cocks and asses, we never did find another situation quite like the first with Henri and Yvette.

We were a few days out of the fourth stop when Jerry called us all together again on deck. As usual his timing was impeccable. I was just about three strokes away from cumming in Amy's mouth. So as soon as we got settled up there, she went back to working on my dick while Jerry talked.

By mid day tomorrow, we should get to Jacó,” he explained, “Mel told me I need to talk to somebody there before we sail for Hawaii.”      

What the fuck is a Jacó?” Trish asked, huffing on a joint and fingering herself while watching my cock pound out against the side of Amy's throat.

A fishing village on the west coast of Costa Rica, “Jerry answered. “Mel said there's a guy there who can fill us in on what we need to do next.”

Do they have bars with lots of booze and plenty of whores?” Trish laughed. “I still haven't gotten a chance to do my 'sailor on shore leave' trick yet.”

Oh for chrissakes, Trish, haven't you fucked every guy you laid eyes on the last few months, not to mention get wasted almost every day?” Jerry groaned in exasperation as the inside of Trish's thighs began to tremble.

She had a quick, hard orgasm that sprayed Amy's face and the side of my thigh. When she finished she took another deep drag on the joint, grinned and handed it to Jerry.

A little after lunch the next day, we sailed into Jacó. It wasn't much of a town but did have a pretty spectacular looking beach and a harbor deep enough we could tie up at a public dock. After securing the boat, we went off to locate a guy named Nico who Jerry kept saying Mel insisted we really needed to contact.

It didn't help much that between the four of us, that's exactly the number of words we knew in Spanish, three for Trish...por favor...banos...gracias...and for me just the one I ever needed...cerveza. What did help is that, as usual, Amy and Trish wore barely enough to keep them out of jail and were always happy to flagrantly flaunt their “assets”.

After a few minutes, we found a kid who probably should have been in school but at least spoke English pretty much as well as any of us. He agreed, for a small price, to take us to Nico's place and translate if necessary.

After Jerry handed him ten bucks, the kid turned around, walked down the dock to the next building and knocked on a brightly painted blue door. Amy and Trish practically pissed themselves they were laughing so hard.

A few moments later, an older woman with long black hair streaked with gray opened the door. She apparently knew the kid because she proceeded to give him holy hell and, although I couldn't understand a word she was saying, the meaning was crystal clear.

So it took a minute or two before she even noticed the four of us standing there. When she did, the atmosphere changed instantly.

Gerald?...How?” she gasped and stepped in front of Jerry, looking like she saw a ghost or was going to burst into tears or both and then smacked him hard across the face with an open hand.

Jerry staggered back a couple of steps, totally shocked by the slap. Amy and Trish stopped laughing and I wished I had taken a couple of more hits on a joint before we came here. This wasn't exactly the welcome I figured we would get and started having real doubts about the hospitality in Costa Rica.

Whoa, lady, what the hell did I do?” Jerry exclaimed, holding his hands up to deflect the second slap.

With that, she did burst into tears and rushed back into the house, slamming the door behind her. We all looked at each other totally perplexed. The kid just shrugged his shoulders and took off.

As we stood there trying to decide what to do next, the door opened again and a young woman about our age walked out. She too had the same mid back length coal black hair as the older woman.

What the hell did you do to my grandmother?” she demanded angrily but at least in a language we could understand.

Us? We didn't do anything. She walked out, took one look at me and smacked me in the face,” Jerry responded while keeping his distance from the girl.

As she spoke, her visage softened and she looked at Jerry curiously.

Who are you?” she finally asked, all hints of her initial anger gone from her face.

My name is Jerry, Mel told me to come to Jacó and find Nico. That kid took us here,” Jerry spit out as fast as he could while maintaining a three step distance from the woman.

You've got to be fucking kidding me,” she exclaimed putting both her hands on her hips and looking Jerry over very carefully. “No fucking way...all this time...no fucking way.”

I just looked over at Amy and Trish and shrugged. I had no idea what the woman was a babbling about, but clearly she was familiar with some of our worst vernacular. Besides, she pretty damn good looking.

She paced back and forth in front of us for a few minutes mumbling under her breath, stopping a few times to look at Jerry. She finally stopped, seemingly coming to some sort of decision.,

My grandfather is not here right now. He and my father and brother should be back from fishing in a couple of hours. Come back at 4:00.”

With that she turned and walked back into the building, the loud clang of the bolt slamming shut letting us know in no uncertain terms that the conversation was over for the moment.

Now Jacó was a pretty sleepy little place and we were in the part of town that probably wasn't frequented by many tourists. Amy and I opted to go back to the boat and do a joint or two and probably each other while Trish dragged Jerry off in the other direction to look for a bar with whores.

By my second drag, Amy had my shorts down around my ankles and pushed me on to the bed in the cabin. She stripped naked and climbed up on top of me, her tiny tits swaying as she ground her pussy against my stiffening dick. This was our favorite position since I could play with her tits and she could strum her clit while we fucked. Most importantly, we could keep passing the joint back and forth the entire time.

Amy could always cum a lot faster than me when we were stoned, so it was no surprise to me when she climaxed almost immediately and then just kept grinding on my dick. I was getting pretty close to shooting my jism into her when there was a crashing sound from the cabin and then a man neither of us knew was standing in the doorway.

Where is he?” the man angrily demanded before he realized we were fucking.

Amy just kept grinding her pussy against my cock, a dreamy smile on her face. Hell she probably would have given him a blow job as I was cumming inside her if he stepped close enough.

Who the hell are you?” I yelled back at him, feeling a perfectly good orgasm slipping away as by dick deflated inside Amy.

Amy rolled off me to one side as I sat up and dangled my feet of the bed. The guy just looked past me as he attempted to speak. I knew without turning Amy lay with her legs spread wide as she fingered herself for him to see. She was always so damn cute when she did that.

I'm...I'm Nico,” the guy stammered his face beginning to flush and a small bulge growing in his crotch.

I heard Amy let out a low moan, the kind that always signaled the start of one of her sloppy orgasms, followed by the squishy sounds of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

Jerry's not here,” I said wanting very much to get back to fucking Amy, “we're supposed to meet at your place at 4:00.”

Amy groaned again, a bit louder and my dick was getting hard again. So was Nico's, clearly pressing out against the front of his shorts.

You're...welcome to...wait here...with us,” Amy gasped with her hips beginning to flail around, “I always take care of strangers...very good care.”

With that she let out a low cry and sprayed my back and Nico's shorts with her pussy juices. As he stood their dumbfounded, she recovered and crawled over to him.

Oh look what a mess I made, let me fix this since you can't go home this way, looking like you pissed your pants,” she cooed and deftly undid his belt and pulled down his shorts.

Nico's hard uncut dick popped out into Amy's hand. She looked up at him coyly as her tongue darted out to lick the purple head of his cock that slowly emerged from the fleshy sheath. He started to protest but Amy swallowed him more than half way down, cupped his balls and pulled him down on the bed with us.

Get yourself hard again,” she said looking over at me, “I want you to fuck me after I'm done fucking him.”

With that she climbed on top of Nico and reached back behind her back to direct his cock into her dripping cunt. I knelt next to them stroking myself watching him paw her tiny tits while she rode his dick. Before I even realized it, I felt a hand cup my balls. I looked down and Nico grinned back at me while pulling me closer until he bent his head forward and wrapped his lips around the head of my throbbing dick.

Amy just grinned and pulled my face to her for a tongue lashing kiss. She moaned her next orgasm into my mouth, as turned on seeing my cock in his mouth as she was feeling his dick in her pussy.

I felt Nico's lips tighten on my dick as he began cumming in Amy's tight cunt. That was good enough for me and I shot my own spunk into his mouth. When his deflating cock slipped out of her pussy, Amy bent forward and kissed him deeply, sharing my semen with him until it was all dissolved in their mouths.

My opinion of Costa Rican hospitality went up several notches.

After we untangled, I grabbed a couple of joints and the three of us headed for Nico's place. Along the way, he explained that Bonita, his wife and the older woman we met earlier, at first thought she saw a ghost. It turned out Jerry was a dead ringer for his grandfather Gerald at that age.

Apparently when old Gerald left them years ago, Bonita was really pissed off at him, thus the slap. Nico rushed off to the boat thinking the old man himself was there and got really aroused finding Amy and me fucking.

With all that straightened out, we arrived at Nico's place, walked in the brightly painted blue door and down a short hallway that ended in a spacious and colorful interior courtyard filled with various pieces of furniture and lots of plants. We were greeted by boisterous laughter and loud conversation before even getting to the courtyard.

Jerry was sitting on a couch between Bonita and the young woman who spoke to us earlier. Across from them, Trish sat between two men, each of whom had a hand on one of her thighs. A half empty bottle of tequila, along with an array of glasses, covered the table between the couches.

The young woman noticed us first. She rose and rushed over to Nico, giving him a decidedly warm kiss. After a moment, they turned to Amy and me.

This is my granddaughter, Celia,” Nico said by way of introduction with his arm around the young woman's waist and his hand resting lightly on her ass.

I'm sorry about the way I acted earlier,” Celia said with an enticing smile, “I didn't know what was going on. Come, have a drink and meet everyone else.”

She took my hand and pulled me into the courtyard, with Amy and Nico following closely behind. The guys sitting with Trish were her father, Nico's son, Humberto, and her brother, Manny. They rose, shook my hand and immediately turned their attention to Amy.

Celia grinned and led me over to formally meet her grandmother who was sitting with one hand on Jerry's thigh as they animatedly chatted. As I exchanged some pleasantries with her, Celia stepped away and returned in a few seconds with a glass of tequila for each of us.

She smiled coyly, clinked her glass against mine and downed the entire thing in a single swallow. Not to be outdone, I naturally followed her lead and did the same thing. The tequila felt like molten lava going down my throat and after a moment my head felt like I was kicked by the donkey on the bottle label. I could really get to like this girl.

Over the next hour or so, we drank a lot more tequila and the conversation covered a lot of ground about how we came to be there. When we started detailing some of the fun we had along the way, all their interest intensified noticeably.

I found myself sitting next to Celia with her hip pressed very firmly against mine and my arm loosely draped over her shoulder as Trish and Amy recalled some of the guys they encountered and more in recent weeks.

It was only when Celia came back from a bathroom break with another bottle of tequila did I notice Jerry and Bonita were nowhere to be seen. Celia just grinned impishly at me as I looked around questioningly and handed me another glass. She bent forward far enough I could see her fair sized tits swaying freely down the front of her t-shirt.

Naturally, my dick responded and she clearly noticed. She kept hovering over me with one hand holding her weight by resting on my thigh.

Did you have as much fun as your girlfriends?” she cooed.

I was mesmerized by the way her tits flopped back and forth, her hard brown nipples barely touching the fabric on the inside of her shirt. When I reached up and put my hand on her back, she lowered herself down and straddled my right thigh, with those nipples practically rubbing me in the face.

Uh...yeah...we had... a lot...of fun,” I managed to stammer as one nipple lightly touched my cheek.

Celia squirmed a little on my leg and I was sure I could feel some warm wetness leaking from her. Since my head was already spinning from the tequila, I figured why not and buried my face between her soft ample tits. Her back arched slightly and she pulled me even closer as she wiggled on my thigh with one kneecap pushed against the head of my now throbbing cock.

I can be a lot of fun too,” she cooed into my ear before flicking her tongue around my earlobe and then ramming it into my mouth.

Naturally, I returned the kiss and immediately began feeling her tits and ass as she feverishly humped my leg. Without even thinking about being in the courtyard with her family, we ripped at each others clothing until we were both naked. I leaned back enough for a brief moment to admire her round, ample tits with quarter sized dark brown nipples before burying my face in the thick thatch of coarse black hair topping her pussy.

Her groans grew louder as her pussy juices soaked my face. She thrashed around so hard I had a tough time keeping her clit locked between my lips.

Fuck me...oh yes...now...fuck me...now,” she shrieked after a few moments.

Being a gentleman, I obviously couldn't deny such a fervent request from a lady. So I pushed her legs up and apart and slammed my dick into her very wet and very welcoming pussy, pounding her hard as she continued screaming until my cum exploded deep inside her. She kept humping me furiously until my deflating dick slid out of her, followed by a rivulet of cum and pussy juices.

Welcome to Costa Rica,” she cooed into my ear as we lay cuddling on the sofa in a post coital haze.

That's when it dawned on me we just fucked in front of her family. I looked around in a near panic only to see that no one else was in the courtyard.

Where did everybody go?” I managed to stutter as Celia wrapped her arms around my chest from behind.

Damn, her tits felt so good pressing into my back. She nibbled the back of my neck and twisted one of my nipples, making my dick still sticky with her juices twitch a little.

Upstairs, I imagine,” she cooed, “everyone in my family is very...uh..shall we say...very welcoming. Let's go look.”

She got up, walked a couple of steps to the table and poured us both another drink. When she bent forward, her tits hung freely while her puckered asshole and still dripping pussy stared right back at me. She wasn't particularly skinny, but soft and curvy in all the right places. When she turned back to me, handing me the refilled glass, I could see a few specks of my cum still clinging to her thick black bush.

Noticing my already half hard again cock, she giggled and grabbed my hand, pulling me to a part of the house I had yet to be in. I followed behind her as we mounted a set of stairs, happily admiring the way her ass swerved back and forth with every step.

At the top, she took my hand again and started down a rather long hall. There were a some open doors on each side and we stopped outside the first. Celia put a finger to her lips, signaling me to be quiet.

Some low moans and the distinctive squeak of bed springs told me some one was getting fucked in there. As my eyes got accustomed to the dim light, I could see it was more than one.

Trish lay on her back on the bed, her legs splayed wide open, thrashing her hips and pinching and pulling her own nipples. Celia's father Humberto had his face buried in Trish's pussy and his ass in the air. From the way his arm was moving, he clearly was very vigorously finger fucking her while sucking her clit. Manny stood behind his father, furiously pumping his cock in and out of the older man's ass.

I looked down at Celia with a newfound sense of awe and lust. I felt her finger curl up between my ass cheeks and swirl around my anus as she grinned devilishly at me. She stood on tiptoe and flicked her tongue in my ear.

Papa is really good at that,” she murmured, “and so is Manny if you want to try.”

My dick dripped a small string of precum to the floor as I pulled her close for a deep tongue lashing kiss. Her body melted against mine and I could feel a fresh round of wetness seeping from between her legs. Before I could do more, she stepped back and took my hand, pulling me further down the hall.

That's my room,” she said softly as we passed another open door.

She stopped and I thought we would go in. I was certainly ready, my cock practically aching I had to cum so badly. Instead she turned to the door across the hall and again signaled for me to be quiet.

Amy was riding Nico's cock, thrashing about wildly as he pulled and pinched her tiny tits. She spied us standing in the doorway, smiled impishly and motioned us in to join them. Celia took my cock in her hand and we walked up to the side of the bed, waiting a few seconds as Nico gasped, his cum gushing into Amy's tight pussy.

Having a good time, Poppy?” Celia laughed as she bent forward and kissed her grandfather deeply and passionately.

His hand brushed up the inside of Celia's thighs until he cupped her hairy crotch, his fingers splitting the folds of her pussy lips. Celia spread her legs a little wider so his fingers could slip inside her. As he slowly slid two fingers into her cunt, Celia turned to Amy, placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward until she could jam her tongue in Amy's mouth.

Immediately getting with the program, Amy reached out and twirled one of Celia's nipples between two fingers and eagerly returned the kiss. Then she began grinding her cunt against Nico's crotch even though I was pretty sure his dick was pretty limp. With their free hands, both Celia and Amy reached over and wrapped their fingers around my dick, pulling me closer until the tip of my cock brushed against Nico's thigh.

I groaned as the two of them proceeded to give me a hand job together while continuing the kiss. Nico reached up with his other hand and swirled a fingertip around Amy's clit until she groaned again and climaxed about the same time Celia began to cum on her grandfather's hand. My warm jism spurted on Nico's leg and dribbled all over both of the girls' hands.

Amy collapsed on top of Nico, snuggling her head under his chin and wrapping her arms around his neck. Celia stepped back as her grandfather's hand slipped out of her pussy, took my hand and led me out of the room without saying another word.

One more stop,” she whispered and took me down the hall to a room at the very end, “and then I will fuck you again.”

Jerry lay on the bed with his arms up over his head. Bonita knelt between his legs with her ass in the air, sucking his cock while fingering his ass. I could clearly see some creamy cum leaking from her hairy pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

She looked up and smiled as we walked in then went back to working on Jerry's dick. Celia walked up beside her and very tenderly ran her hand over her grandmother's back and down over her ass. Bonita squirmed a little, spreading her legs a little wider. I could clearly see the moist pink flesh of the inside of her pussy lips peeking out from her thin black cunt hair.

Celia motioned me closer and I had to admit Bonita looked pretty damn good for a woman my own grandmother's age. Her tits hung down, a bit flabby but with firm half dollar sized dark brown nipples. Her ass was plump and firm and even the little roll of flesh over her belly seemed just right. She stopped sucking Jerry's dick for a moment and looked up at Celia before turning her head to look at me.

My cock was stiffening again when Celia took my right hand in hers and gently placed it on one of Bonita's dangling tits. Then she took my other hand and pulled it up between her grandmother's legs until my fingers touched Bonita's warm moist mound.

Does that feel good, Nanny?” Celia murmured as Bonita rotated her hips slightly, causing one of my fingers to slide between her pussy lips.

Bonita moaned softly and I could feel my fingers growing much wetter. I moved the finger around slightly and found the hard nub of her clit. She groaned even louder, rolled off Jerry and on to her back with her legs spread wide. My cock was throbbing by then as Celia pushed me down on top of her grandmother.

She likes getting fucked hard and deep,” Celia muttered into my ear and directed my dick toward the gaping pink opening of her grandmother's cunt.

Trust me, dude, her pussy is just about as good as it gets,” Jerry chuckled as he propped himself up on one elbow to watch.

Celia climbed up next to us on the other side and leaned forward to kiss Bonita as the head of my dick made contact with the warm flesh of her grandmother's pussy. Bonita shuddered and pushed her hips up and I slammed my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could manage.

Jerry was right. Bonita did something with her pussy to clamp tightly around my dick as I pumped her, making her cunt feel like a teenage virgin and not a sixty something woman. Celia stuffed a finger in my ass and slobbered all over my ear as I began to fill Bonita's pussy with my sticky sperm. Then her body tensed and she flailed around uncontrollably, her orgasm triggered by my cum gushing into her.

I collapsed on top of her then rolled off to one side as my orgasm faded away. Bonita sat up and bent forward to kiss me tenderly before going back to work on Jerry's dick. As hard as he got watching me fuck her while Celia fingered my asshole, I had no doubt he would be filling the old woman's mouth very quickly.

Celia led me out of the room and down the hall to her bed. There was no way I was getting hard again any time soon, so I buried my face in her pussy, sucked her clit in my mouth and strummed it with my tongue as she shrieked and thrashed, stopping only after she climaxed twice and clamped her thighs around my head. We fell asleep cuddled together and my hand cupping one of her soft warm tits.


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