Arlie (Part 1)


(Part 1)

Arlie stopped for a moment to brush back a wayward strand of her mid back length black hair before knocking on the door. It was more a nervous tic than a need to improve her appearance. She was nearly perfect and she knew it. Soon so would the person waiting on the other side of that door.

She knocked twice and within only a few seconds the door opened.

Hi, I'm Arlie.” she announced to the woman about her age who stood looking at her apprehensively before stepping aside, inviting her to enter.

Walking confidently into the lavish high end suite located in one of the highest end hotels in town, Arlie turned and looked the other woman over carefully. She was clearly a bottle blonde, at least three inches shorter than Arlie even without her heels, wearing an expensive silk robe tied loosely around her waist and bare foot.

She was also very, very nervous.

First time?” Arlie asked soothingly.

The woman only nodded, declining to make direct eye contact.

No problem,” Arlie continued, “the fee you agreed to covers the entire night so we can relax and take our time but first, there is the business of the fee.”

Arlie reached into the elegant clutch she carried and fished out her phone, attaching a card reader to one end. The woman rummaged around in her own purse and produced a credit card, the color alone telling Arlie it was one with no upper limit. Nevertheless, she entered just the agreed upon amount, swiped the card and handed it back to the woman.

Now, with that out of the way, perhaps we can enjoy a glass of wine and get comfortable,” she said with a sultry smile, kicked off her heels and sat on a plush nearby chair with her skirt hitched up almost far enough for the other woman to see she wasn't wearing any panties.

The other woman, who said her name was Marie, poured them both a glass of wine and sat across from Arlie. Ever so slowly she loosened up, helped along by the three glasses of wine she downed while Arlie carefully nursed her first. Her story was a familiar one, one that Arlie heard again and again in one form or another from her very special and exclusive clientele.

Marie was the twenty nine year old trophy wife of a prominent business and civic leader. Had he been a politician or athlete or other type of celebrity, Arlie knew, the story would be pretty much the same. Marie had come to learn the only two purposes she served in that man's be eye candy when he so needed such on his arm and the object of whatever whim or lust crossed his mind when they were alone.

The initial exhilaration at being attached to someone that prominent wore off eventually, not satisfactorily replaced by an unlimited credit card. Nor was she immune from, or unaware of, the constant buzz of rumors about his multiple dalliances. Seeing thirty inexorably approaching on the horizon didn't help either.

Marie was both lonely and frustrated. Arlie was one, albeit temporary, answer to both of those needs.

As she took the first sip of her fourth glass of wine, the robe Marie wore slipped open a little. Even without that glimpse, Arlie knew Marie had a perfect pair of carefully sculpted “C” cup tits, a taut body and a shaved pussy or, at most, a closely trimmed runway patch of dark cunt hair.

They all did.

Arlie shifted in her seat, making sure Marie caught a short, but not too brief, glimpse of her own pantie-less pussy. Marie's eyes locked on Arlie's crotch with a hand unconsciously rubbing the inside of her thigh half way to her own groin.

So...uh...what” Marie croaked, taking another sip of wine.

Whatever you want,” Arlie responded softly, “I'm here for you.”

I don't know what I want,” she cried, “just not what I have now.”

Arlie got up and walked over to sit on the armrest next to Marie, deftly loosening two buttons on her blouse as she moved. The other woman would clearly be able to see the sides of Arlie's own perfectly sculpted tits swaying gently.

Have you ever been with a woman before,” Arlie asked soothingly, brushing her hand lightly over Marie's shoulder length hair.

Marie looked up with her sad eyes, the expensive perfume she was wearing causing Arlie to shudder slightly.

A few know...and when...when...he...,” Marie stammered and reached for Arlie's cheek.

Yes, I know,” Arlie whispered and leaned forward to give Marie a tender kiss on the forehead, letting her hand fall to the belt holding the silky robe partially closed.

She pulled the belt loose, allowing the robe to fall to Marie's sides then softly brushed her fingers over one erect nipple. Marie gasped lowly and pulled Arlie down for a deep passionate kiss. After a moment, Arlie straightened up and extending her hand to the young woman.

Why don't we go get more comfortable,” she cooed as Marie rose, her legs wobbling slightly as she let the robe slide to her feet.

Of course, Arlie had been correct. Marie's perfect dark brown quarter sized nipples stood proudly erect on her perfect tits. No hint of hair protruded out from around the small damp stain in the crotch of her lacy thong.

Arlie pulled her close, this time kissing her deeply as Marie pawed at Arlie's ass and tits. They stumbled together into the bedroom and Arlie gently pushed Marie down on
the bed.

Marie lay on her back propped up on her elbows as Arlie slowly stripped naked. Not that there was all that much to take off, just a silk blouse and tight skirt but Arlie still made a production of it. Finally she stood over Marie totally naked, one hand pinching one of her own hard nipples, the other lazily rubbing through the small patch of black hair right above her pussy.

Even before Arlie was completely undressed, Marie's hand moved down between her own legs and was touching her pussy through the sheer fabric of her thong. Arlie watched her for a moment before leaning over to give Marie another passionate kiss after her tits brushed across Marie's face.

Marie gasped and hungrily returned the kiss, even as Arlie reached down and hooked her fingers in Marie's panties and slowly pulled them down below her knees. The scent of Marie's sex wafted to Arlie's nose as she pushed those toned thighs apart, causing Marie's ideally trimmed labia to gape open.

Show me how you like to touch yourself,” Arlie murmured, as always fascinated with such a close up view of another woman's cunt and the way she masturbated to gratify herself.

Her hand crawled down over her stomach as Marie spread the folds of her pussy lips wide. A surprisingly large clit, practically the size of an infant boy's cock, popped up between her fingers. She held that clit in two fingers and swirled her thumb around the tip, moaning lowly as a few drops of creamy juices oozed down between her pussy lips.

Oh my god,” Arlie exclaimed softly pushing Marie's thighs even further apart, “you have the most beautiful clit...and absolutely the biggest...I've ever seen.”

Arlie scooped some of the silky cream leaking from Marie on a fingertip and brought it to her mouth. The musky taste mixed with just a hint of the other woman's piss caused Arlie's own pussy to clench.

When I'm alone,” Marie gasped, “I like to rub my clit just like it's a little cock. Even better, though, is when somebody sucks it and fingers my pussy and ass at the same time.”

Play with it for me for a moment,” Arlie cooed, drawing a finger up through Marie's dripping pussy slit, spreading the opening into her vagina wide, “that sounds incredibly hot.”

Marie pinched a nipple hard as she began thumbing her enormous clit. Arlie slowly slipped a finger into her pussy, easily finding the growing rough patch of Marie's g-spot. Then she used some of Marie's own wetness to swirl a finger around her puckered asshole. Marie's sphincter stretched easily, immediately telling Arlie about one of his whims.

Oh god, this one is really going to be fun,” Arlie thought to herself as Marie let out a loud shriek that she almost immediately muffled by clamping her thighs around Arlie's head.

Can I call you again?” Marie asked meekly standing at the door with her opened down the front silk robe draped over her shoulders.

Of course,” Arlie answered with a bright smile as she fished a business card out of her purse that only had a telephone number written on it. “Just call and leave a message about what days you will be back in town and I'll get back to you about scheduling another...visit. Make sure to include it is 'Big Clit' calling so I can definitely make sure to fit you in.”

Marie blushed at that, her perfect nipples already erect. Arlie gave her a final kiss and left the suite, smiling to herself knowing Marie was most likely madly masturbating again right then.


On the elevator down to the lobby, Arlie checked her messages. Three requests for appointments needed to wait until she got back to the upcoming schedule on her computer. The four messages from Bella were another matter.

Bella was the exception to Arlie's fact pretty much every one of her rules. She wasn't a trophy wife like all of Arlie's other clients, she was the principal, an accomplished and prominent sixty something year old Senator with a mostly invisible, but very wealthy, husband who clearly didn't come close to fulfilling Bella's many and increasingly perverse appetites.

Arlie waited until she was in her car and heading home before she called the number she knew would ring but once and be answered by a curt “Leave a message!” She also knew the call would be returned within minutes so was not surprised when her phone buzzed with a blocked number almost as soon as she put it down.

Where have you been?” Bella bellowed from the car's speakers after Arlie answered.

Working,” Arlie responded.

I've been trying to get hold of you since yesterday evening.”

You know I don't leave my phone on when I'm working.”

Hell, it's almost noon, that must have been some sweetie,” Bella continued in a somewhat reduced volume.

Only a little past nine here. Besides my contracts are always for twelve hours and this one was worth a few extra minutes.”

Oh and how is that?”

You'd have loved it, she had a clit as big as a little boy's dick...right up your alley.”

Mmm, you have to tell me all about it. I'll be at the usual hotel tomorrow by eight in the evening.”

I'm not at my computer so I don't know if I have anything scheduled.”

If you do, just change it around...and come up with something really interesting and different. I'm in a very adventurous, kinky mood and will triple your fee if you can surprise me.”

The girl with a clit like a dick will be gone by then.”

An interesting idea but I'm sure you can figure out something that will give even me least for a minute or two.”

With that the call disconnected.


Arlie walked into her condo to find her mother, Cora, drinking coffee and watching one of the shopping networks on her TV.

You know that stuff is nothing but junk,” she said without introduction, kicked off her heels and grabbed a cup of coffee for herself.

I know but I never buy anything, just look, anyway,” her mother answered without taking her eyes off the TV. “So was it a good job?”

Pretty much the usual,” Arlie said and leaned back against the counter top to finish her coffee, “although this one had a clit the size of my thumb, like a little boy's dick.”

You branching out into cocks?” her mother asked sitting up straighter on the sofa.

No, not really, it's just I never saw a clit that big before,” Arlie answered and put her cup down on the counter. “Anyway, I need to check the schedule and take a bath.”

She walked into the extra bedroom she used as an office and turned on her computer. While it was booting up, she stripped off the blouse and skirt and put them in the hamper to go to the dry cleaners.

Then she sat naked at the computer, adding and confirming the new dates from her phone and rearranging her schedule for the next night to appease Bella. Fortunately, she could move the one scheduled for then to that evening. She added a fee for Bella for the change and, after confirming with the basketball player's girlfriend for the evening, headed into her luxurious bathroom and filled the water jets equipped tub.

Her body was barely submerged in the warm water when her mother walked in wearing one of Arlie's fluffy robes. Cora sat down on the edge of the tub and looked down at her daughter. The robe flopped open enough that Arlie saw her mother was naked underneath it.

So tell me more about the clit like a dick,” Cora murmured.

I've never seen anything like it,” Arlie said softly, her own pussy twitching as she remembered the way Marie's huge clit felt...and tasted. “And she had a way of touching herself, not quite like a guy jerking off.”

Without even thinking about it, Arlie reached down between her legs and split the folds of her own pussy, feeling the nub of her clit tingle and throb. Cora saw the way her daughter's nipples stiffened just above the water and shrugged the robe off her shoulders.

Oh that's nice...and what else...tell me everything,” Cora gasped and twirled one of her own nipples in her fingers while reaching for her neatly trimmed pussy with her other hand. Arlie grinned and began slowly rubbing her own clit. Her mother always got aroused hearing about Arlie's escapades and Arlie loved to watch her mother touch herself.

For a woman in her early forties, Cora still maintained a taut slim body with only slightly drooping tits capped by dark quarter size areolae, a firm ass that still nicely filled a pair of jeans and a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair directly above her pussy.

Arlie turned off the jets, spread her legs wide and pulled up her knees so her mother had a better view as she played with her pussy. Cora moaned and smiled her approval, leaning forward so she could tweak one of her daughter's erect nipples.

Now don't leave anything out,” Cora groaned again, spreading her own legs so Arlie could see the way her fingers massaged the wet pink flesh of her cunt.

Arlie started recalling every detail of the previous evening, stopping at one point when she described the aroma of Marie's cumming pussy for a quick, sharp orgasm of her own. She stopped again when Cora began breathing raggedly, her legs quivering as a climax surged through her body.

As the water cooled, Arlie climbed out of the tub and her mother gently dried her body before they walked together into Arlie's bedroom. Arlie lowered Cora down on the bed and gently pushed her thighs apart, admiring for a moment, as she always did, the way the folds of her mother's pussy lips gaped open to reveal the wet pink inner flesh of her cunt.

She licked her way up one inner thigh and drew the tip of her tongue through that dripping slit until she found the throbbing kernel of her mother's clit. She sucked it into her mouth, clamped the base gently in her teeth before strumming the tip with her tongue.

Cora screamed and flailed about wildly, this orgasm encompassing her entire body. Arlie slipped two fingers into her mother's slit, finding her spongy g-spot and massaged it hard while it swelled until her mother's pussy juices flooded Arlie's face.

When her orgasms finally faded away, Cora rolled to her side and kissed Arlie deeply.

My turn,” she grinned, slipped off the bed and reached into the nightstand drawer. She turned back in a moment, the rigid fake seven inch dick of the strap-on flopping from her waist.

On your knees, little girl, mommy's got something just for you!”

Arlie howled three ever increasingly intense orgasms before she slumped to the bed and begged her mother to stop fucking her.

Over lunch later that afternoon at a nearby bistro, Arlie and her mother sipped wine and discussed nothing in particular. Then Arlie had a thought that brought a smile to her face.

Mother, I have a proposition for you....”


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