Arlie (Part 2 )


(Part 2)

Arlie stepped out of the elevator into the foyer of the penthouse suite with Cora following closely behind. They both wore fashionable black cocktail dresses that ended half way up their thighs with slits that went even further and showed enough cleavage to turn most heads.

Hi Sally...Curt,” Arlie said cheerfully to the two people standing there in dark business suits that made no effort to disguise the bulge of their weapons. Sally was a short brunette with big tits while Curt was a very large black man with a shaved head.

Nice to see you again, Arlie,” Sally murmured as she stepped forward and extended her hand, “and who's this with you?”

Arlie handed over her purse and stood with her arms straight out from both sides. She nodded for Cora to do the same and hand the shoulder bag she was carrying to Curt.

An associate of mine, special occasion tonight,” Arlie smiled

Sally quickly looked through Arlie's bag before putting it down on a table behind her while Curt rummaged through Cora's. He looked up in surprise when he saw what was inside then put it on the table as well. Her stepped over to the door and knocked softly.

The yelling on the other side of the door stopped and the door flew open. Bella stood with a phone to her ear in one of those hotel bathrobes half way open in the front enough that her left tit flopped out.

Well, what the fuck is it?” she bellowed right in Curt's face. “Can't you hear I'm busy?”

He leaned forward and spoke softly, pointing to the shoulder bag.

Is that the fuck all?” Bella hollered again, “It's Arlie for crissakes, so don't be such a damn fool. Feel her up all you need to and then let her in. I don't give a shit if she's wearing a suicide vest and has a stick of dynamite stuffed up her twat!”

With that, Bella turned back to the suite, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Very special occasion,” Arlie grinned, “and are the wife and kids anyway?”

Sally began running her hands slowly over Arlie's shoulders, down one arm and then the other. She stepped behind her and brushed her hands all over Arlie's ass and back, even all the way down her bare legs before coming around in front.

How's the girlfriend, Sally?” Arlie murmured as Sally very slowly fondled both of Arlie's tits and patted her way down Arlie's belly before sliding a hand up between her legs, lingering with her fingers pressing through silky thong into Arlie's slit.

Do I have to check and make sure...about the dynamite, that is?” Sally asked with a wicked grin.

Five more seconds and I'm going to have to start the clock. That probably means at least a month's pay for you,” Arlie laughed and Sally removed her hand at the count of one.

Next to them, Curt was unabashedly patting and groping every inch of Cora's body as well.

Oh that tickles,” Cora giggled as he ran a large hand up the inside of her thigh, the tenor of her voice changing to a low moan when his fingers pressed against her pussy, “mmm...but that doesn't.”

One of these days you'll have to convince Bella you need a special bonus,” Arlie cooed into Sally's ear as she stepped to the door and reached up to give one of Sally's nipples a gentle pinch. “I'll even give her an employee discount if she wants to watch.”

Sally smiled back weakly, her lower lip trembling ever so slightly. Arlie would have bet her night's fee that Sally's panties were already damp and she would excuse herself to masturbate within the next ten minutes.

Even before the door fully opened, they could hear Bella's voice booming again from the other side. The volume only increased when they entered. Whoever she had on the phone was getting a serious ass chewing.

....and I don't give two shits what that ass wipe boss of yours says. My answer is no, hell no and no fucking way. He can crawl all the way over here and kiss my ass and the answer is still...No...Fucking...Way. And one more thing, you worthless piece of dog shit, tell that shithead moron that if anyone bothers me for the next twelve hours, I'll personally come over, cut his balls off and stuff them up his Secret Service guy's ass. The only exception would be a nuclear attack so I have enough time to bend over and kiss my ass goodbye.”

With that Bella turned off the phone, threw it on a nearby table and turned to Arlie and Cora.

A total fucking moron,” she muttered, more to herself than to them.

I see you are in diplomatic mode tonight,” Arlie laughed and stepped up to Bella, leaning in to kiss her passionately.

Bella grabbed Arlie's head, holding her tightly while ramming her tongue into Arlie's mouth. For her part, Arlie took Bella's exposed left tit in two fingers, pulled out hard and dug her thumbnail into the erect nipple. She pulled her other hand up between the older woman's legs, spreading her pussy lips and plunging two fingers into her gummy cunt.

Don't tell me you were fucking Curt,” Arlie said as she pulled back from the kiss to look at her sticky fingers, keeping her thumbnail buried in Bella's erect nipple.

Oh hell no, his wife would fucking kill me, cut my tits off and jam them up his ass, probably after cutting off his balls and stuffing them up my cunt,” Bella laughed, taking Arlie's jism covered fingers and sucking them into her mouth.

At that point she noticed Cora standing behind Arlie, looking a little apprehensive after such a greeting.

And who's this?” Bella asked, stepping around Arlie to stand in front of Cora. “You know fucking well a threesome will hardly be something new or particularly interesting.”

Arlie slapped Bella on her ass as she walked behind her mother, wrapping her arms around Cora and cupping both of her tits in her hands. Cora groaned lowly and ground her ass back against her daughter's pussy.

Oh hell no, if that's all we wanted we could just call Sally in. You do know she's probably fingering her pussy right now she's so hot to get in my panties,” Arlie laughed and slipped a hand inside the top of Cora's dress to fondle her right tit. “We have something much nastier in mind, something you may really like and I'm pretty sure you haven't done or at least never told me about.”

Bella stepped closer and pushed Arlie's hand out of the way so she could touch Cora's tit with one hand while brushing her hand down over her ass with the other. Cora reached over and pulled the belt open so the robe fell free, barely draped on Bella's shoulders. Then she brought both her hands up to cup the older woman's drooping tits and thumb the stiffening nipples.

Bella, this is Cora,” Arlie said huskily, “one of the best pussy lickers I every met, the one who taught me everything I know, the one who always gets me off after a long night's work, someone who is possibly kinkier than even you...and above all else... my mother!”

With that last, Bell's mouth fell open and she just looked at them for a few seconds before breaking into a raucous laugh. She leaned forward and gave Cora a deep, tongue lashing kiss as Cora brought one hand down and rubbed it in Bella's now much wetter pussy.

I knew I could count on you, Arlie, to come up with a perversion even I hadn't tried yet...mmm, fucking and pussy licking with your own mother...I like it,” Bella exclaimed breaking off the kiss and dropping the robe to the floor, giving Cora a good look at her body.

At one time, Bella was probably quite the stunner. Time, the stresses of her position and years on the rubber chicken and county fair ground circuits had taken their toll. Her “D” cup tits drooped down toward the roll of flesh on her stomach. Her entire body, from her face to her thighs were wrinkled and even the thick unkempt thatch of hair over her pussy was not the deep lustrous brown it once was. Nevertheless, her appetites for ever more perverse kink continued unabated.

She led them into the living room of the suite and walked toward the bar. Arlie stopped up so short, her mother bumped into her back.

Really?” Arlie said raising a questioning eyebrow and nodding her head toward the couch.

Two young men and a young girl sat there naked and glassy eyed, barely noticing that they entered the room. Both boys had what looked like average sized, completely flaccid dicks. The girl's tits were little more than the bumps of her nipples and there was not a single strand of hair between her splayed open legs.

Oh don't worry about them,” Bella stated looking up for a moment before going back to pouring three glasses of wine, “Sally checked them out, said the girl and one boy are nineteen and the other boy eighteen and they have credible school IDs. Besides, I got in early and had some time to kill before you were due to get here.”

Arlie just shook her head and accepted the proffered glass of wine. It wasn't any of her business but at least she now knew where the cum that filled Bella's pussy came from earlier. Besides, the girl was pretty cute.

Now get more comfortable and fill me in with what you have in mind for the rest of the evening,” Bella exclaimed heartily and drained her wine glass before walking behind Cora and pulling the zipper of her dress all the way down.

Within a minute or two, Arlie and Cora were as naked as Bella who went to the bar and came back with another bottle of wine and a small bowl filled with little white pills. The girl seemed to perk up seeing the bowl and nudge both of the boys with her elbows. Bella put down the wine and offered the bowl Arlie and her mother.

What is it?” Arlie asked skeptically. “You know I don't like drugs or even a lot of booze.”

Molly,” Bella said simply taking two of the pills and popping them into her mouth, “makes me lose my inhibitions.”

Jesus, Bella, if you had any fewer inhibitions, you'd get arrested walking down the street,” Arlie gasped, choking on a sip of wine at that statement.

Before Arlie could say anything, Cora grabbed a couple of the pills and washed them down with a gulp of wine.

Mother!” Arlie shouted as she watched Cora swallow the pills.

Oh hush, we're here to have some fun, so let your hair down and do just that,” Cora murmured and sat back with her thighs spread wide.

Aw shit, why the hell not,” Arlie muttered and downed one of the little pills.

Bella put the bowl down on the table between the couches and the girl reached over and grabbed a couple of the pills. The boys quickly followed, the three of them downing the pills without a drink of anything.

Now what?” Arlie asked turning to Bella as the older woman began fondling her own tits, “you know I rarely do anything like this.”

Just sit back and relax for a few minutes, you'll know when the pills start kicking in,” Bella said softly and began pinching and pulling her nipples hard.

Arlie did just that, closing her eyes and letting her mind wander. Just as she started to feel a growing warmth between her legs, she heard a low moan. One of the boys had crawled over between her mother's thighs, his now rock hard dick swinging wildly beneath him while he buried his face in Cora's pussy.

Somehow, that seemed to Arlie like exactly the right thing to be happening. Next to her, Bella was furiously fingering her own pussy while continuing to pull on one nipple hard. Across the table, the other boy was stoking his rigid cock frantically. The girl stood and unsteadily walked over to stand in front of Arlie.

Bella says your the best whore and pussy licker in town, maybe anywhere,” she murmured while twirling her tiny tits in her fingers.

Normally, such a statement would have really pissed Arlie off. Instead, she just smiled up foggily at the girl, feeling the first hint of her own juices seeping from her pussy.

Damn, she's so cute, those tiny tits, that smooth bare pussy, her small round ass,” Arlie thought to herself as she spread her thighs enough to give the girl a good look at her pussy slit.

I suppose I am,” Arlie laughed, “I never quite thought of it that way.”

Don't let her fool you, girl,” Bella said struggling to her feet and walking around to the other couch and sitting down next to the other boy, “she's the best pussy licker there is and a lot more.”

With that Bella bent forward and took the boy's dick into her mouth. At the other end of the couch, Cora let out a sharp yelp and began thrashing around wildly, spraying the young boy's face with her pussy juices. The young girl looked that way for a moment and then back at Arlie.

I think she likes my brother,” the girl muttered.

Cora stopped flailing around and rolled over, spreading her ass cheeks and pussy lips for the young guy. He hesitated a moment and then plunged his rigid dick deep into Cora's pussy, fucking her fast and hard as she played with her own clit and almost immediately shrieked another orgasm.

You may be right,” Arlie cooed hazily and reached for the girl, pulling her close with a hand on her taut ass. “I think I like you too.”

The girl did not resist at all, stepping between Arlie's thighs and reaching down to caress one of Arlie's tits. That touch sent a twinge directly to Arlie's pussy unlike any she could recall.

Can you lick me, teach me how to lick a pussy good,?” the girl said pulling Arlie's hand up between her legs until Arlie's fingers split the folds of the girl's tight hairless slit.

By then, Arlie's pussy was on fire, an unaccustomed passion engulfing her body. The girl rotated her hips a little and Arlie's fingertip found the small hard stub of the girl's clit. She groaned and rocked back and forth on Arlie's finger, her slit getting slicker with each push.

Arlie just had to have a taste.

She pulled the girl close to lick each of those tiny nipples while continuing to finger the girl's pussy. Then she slowly lowered her to the sofa, spreading her thighs wide apart while pushing the girl's legs up until her calves rested on Arlie's shoulders.

Arlie couldn't believe how beautiful that smooth, bare pussy was, the folds of her slit slightly gaped and glistening with her wetness, her tight asshole pink and puckered. Arlie started at the tight anus, using her tongue to swirl around and probe that tight hole. The girl gasped at the first touch, pushing her hips up so Arlie's nose momentarily split the girl's pussy lips.

With her own cunt throbbing, Arlie licked her way up the girl's tight slit until the tip of her tongue found the girl's tiny hard clit. The girl groaned and thrashed as Arlie strummed that pulsing clit faster and faster with her tongue.

Arlie dragged a finger up through the slit beneath her chin until she found the tight hole leading into the girl's vagina. She pressed in slowly, the tight walls of the girl's pussy clenching that finger while she thrashed about wildly.

It took a moment, but Arlie found the small spongy surface of the girl's g-spot and began massaging it with her finger tip. The girl looked down at her with a surprised expression on her face then let out a shriek as a massive orgasm surged through her body. Arlie didn't let up, knowing that one orgasm would follow the next like one wave after another crashing on a beach.

What Arlie didn't know yet was that the drug they took worked to extend and intensify all of their orgasms and kept the boys hard through multiple climaxes.

Her mother slumped down after a while breathing raggedly, a rivulet of cum and her own juices drizzling out of her pussy and down her thighs. The boy fucking her pulled his still hard dick out of Cora's cunt and turned to the girl and Arlie.

The girl didn't even notice, her eyes closed and her hands grasping both of Arlie's ears as yet another orgasm surged through her body. Arlie looked up at him, eyeing that hard dick and trying to remember the last time she was fucked by a real cock.

It was ten years before, by her father, the day before he was killed in a car accident. Arlie's pussy clenched again remembering the feel of her father's hard dick, pounding into her before his warm sticky cum flooded into her sixteen year old cunt while her mother fucked him from behind with her strap-on.

Arlie's throbbing pussy made her mind up for her.

Fuck my pussy...fill me up...cum in me...fuck me,” she pleaded with the boy before returning her mouth and tongue to the young girl's thrashing crotch.

Her pussy was so wet, his hard dick slid into her easily. He wasn't really very big, but just the right length to hit her g-spot with the tip on every thrust as he mounted her from behind.

She started to cum after only a few thrusts while she fingered her own clit. Her second orgasm began as she felt his cum gush into her. The third and last one when he slipped his thumb into her asshole and shot another load of cum deep inside her.

Arlie slumped down with her face still buried between the girl's legs. Cora had gotten up and gone off somewhere while Arlie was cumming.

Bravo, that may be your best ever around me,” Bella laughed and clapped from the other couch, the boy who was fucking her slumping next to her, his flaccid dick drooping between his legs. “But as much fun as this has been, it's not exactly the perversion you promised me.”

Who said anything about the party being over,” Cora called out impishly as she walked back into the room, the seven inch strap-on flopping back and forth between her legs with every step.


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