Arlie (Part 3)

(Part 3)

Do you remember the first time you touched yourself and you had a real orgasm?” Arlie asked Bella as she secured the last restraint holding the older woman spread eagle in a chair about four feet from the side of the king sized bed.

Not really,” Bella answered trying unsuccessfully to squirm into a more comfortable position.

Oh I do, quite vividly,” Arlie added, snapping first one, then the other, nipple clamp on Bella's tits and giving the chain a good tug.

Bella's entire body tensed and she shriek a string of obscenities while Arlie just stood quietly waiting, watching the first hints of the cunt cream ooze from Bella's pussy.

I wasn't quite twelve and just finished my first period,” Arlie continued, dragging a finger through Bella's pussy slit then sucking it into her mouth just inches from Bella's face. “I was in my bed and my pussy just itched so much. I didn't know then what it meant to be horny. I started touching myself and the more I did the better it felt until suddenly a wonderful feeling engulfed my whole body and I rubbed myself harder and harder.”

It was a beautiful thing to see,” Cora chimed in from the bed where she looked up from stroking both boys hard again while the girl played with herself next to them, all clearly visible to Bella.

You watched your daughter masturbate?” Bella asked softly, the lust in her eyes matched by the increasing stream of juices seeping from her cunt.

I heard her moans and stood in the doorway, watching her touch herself. Made me touch myself too right there,” Cora murmured and took one of the boy's cocks into her mouth.

And you know what else she did?” Arlie added, pinching her own nipples right in front of Bella, “she came in, sat on the bed when I was done and touched me herself, fingering my tingling pussy until I started to cum again. It was even better than the first time.”

You fucking slut, let me loose,” Bella shouted struggling against the restraints.

Your pussy itching a little, Senator?” Arlie asked sarcastically and again scooped some of Bella's cunt cream up with a finger, this time offering it to the young girl who came over and stood next to her.

Arlie let the girl suck her finger clean then took her in her arms, reaching around to swirl the girl's nipples in her fingers while the girl began fingering her own clit. Bella looked like she was going to explode.

On the bed, the boy Cora was sucking started thrashing wildly. Cora pulled his dick from her lips just as he started to cum, spraying his watery jism on her face and tits. Without a word being said, the other boy crawled over to Cora and slowly began licking up the other's spunk as Cora stoked his hard dick.

So anyway, to continue our story,” Arlie went on as the girl trembled in her arms and groaned an orgasm standing right there, “Mom taught me all about making myself feel good touching my clit and pussy and ass. We took turns getting each other off every day when I came home from school and before long she was fucking me with a vibrator and I was licking her cunt and asshole.”

The second boy finished licking up the spent cum on Cora's face. She spread her legs and pulled him on top of her, directing his rigid cock into her wet pussy. Cora grinned over at Bella and pulled him even deeper by wrapping her legs around his waist.

By then Bella was on the verge of begging to be let free, if only just to touch her own throbbing cunt. There was no way Arlie was letting her off so easily. The girl slumped down as her orgasm faded and Arlie gently directed her to the bed next to Cora.

As Bella looked on screaming to be released, Arlie sat, pulled the girl up to sit between her legs, spreading the girls thighs wide as she slowly starting fingering the girl's already dripping pussy. The girl twitched at the first touch then began thrashing her hips as Arlie plunged two fingers into her smooth bare cunt, finger fucking the girl to yet another shrieking climax.

And you know, it got even better after that,” Arlie continue the story as the girl lay panting heavily between her legs. “I'm not sure how long it was after that first time but one night I heard some strange sounds coming from my parent's bedroom.”

It was about two weeks later, sweetie,” Cora chimed in as she fucked the second boy furiously.

Anyway, I went to look and my father was on top of my mother, plowing his big dick into her hard and fast while she moaned loudly. I didn't know why then but my pussy itched watching them, so I started playing with myself standing in the doorway to their room. My mother looked over, saw me and beckoned me to come closer just as my father grunted loudly and shot his cum into her.”

Yeah, it turned me on so much seeing my little girl playing with herself while standing there watching her father fuck me,” Cora added as the boy filled her cunt with his sperm, “I started to cum again keeping him hard and inside me for several more minutes. He was even still half hard when his cock slipped out of my sticky cunt, the first time Arlie saw her daddy's dick up close.”

Did...did you fuck your father then...when you were twelve?” Bella gasped as Arlie stepped back to her and tugged the nipple clamp chain a couple of times.

I was not quite twelve. Mother showed me how to suck him hard so it was probably another thirty minutes until he slipped his hard dick into my tight pussy the first time,” Arlie giggled, fully enjoying the obvious discomfort and arousal she was causing Bella to experience.

That's quite the story,” Bella gasped, “now let me loose so I can enjoy a good orgasm too, even if I have to finger fuck myself.”

Oh no, not yet, that was just to set the stage for you,” Arlie grinned and walked back over to her mother, dragging a fingertip up through the cum dripping form Cora's cunt.

You know that you are practically my only client that I actually cum with,” Arlie continued, “but that doesn't mean I don't get aroused with some of the others. Fortunately, mother is always waiting for me after I come home with this.”

Arlie picked up the strap-on from the floor and waved it in front of Bella's face before lightly rubbing the tip over her drooping tits and the drooling slit of her cunt. Bella squirmed even harder, her face flushed and the cream oozing from her pussy starting to puddle on the seat of the chair.

I'm gonna tear your tits off and stuff them up you cunt,” Bella bellowed as Arlie tugged the nipple clamps again.

Arlie just laughed and called the girl over and had her kneel between Bella's spread thighs. Arlie spread Bella's pussy lips until her engorged clit popped out. Bella tensed, her legs beginning to quiver.

Oh not yet, not by a long shot,” Arlie cooed into Bella's ear and pulled the nipple clamp chain so hard Bella screamed.

Now honey,” Arlie said turning to the girl, “I want you to play with Bella's clit but not so much that she actually cums. Yeah...finger her like that...oh yeah...and slide a couple of fingers inside her...even lick her if you want. But...when her legs start to tremble like this, take your hand away and pull on the chain as hard as you can.”

The girl looked on intently as Arlie demonstrated, bringing Bella right to the edge of an orgasm before stopping and pulling the chain until the older woman's legs stopped quivering. Bella screamed threats and obscenities the entire time, much to Arlie's amusement. She watched the girl do the same thing twice while fingering her own pussy just inches from Bella's face until she was satisfied. She kissed the girl on the top of her head, whispered something in her ear and gently fondled a little tit before returning to the bed.

Now you know the first thing I do after my mother and I masturbate together after work?” Arlie said sweetly, climbing up between Cora's thighs, pushing the knees apart so Bella had a good look of the watery cum leaking from Cora's pussy. “I go down on her and lick my mother's cunt until she screams for me to stop. Tonight, thanks to you Bella, she tastes even sweeter with all this young boy cum oozing out of her.”

Arlie proceeded to lick Cora's pussy slit, then take her throbbing clit in her teeth and strum the tip with her tongue. She could barely hear Bella's shouts when her mother started cumming on her face, clamping her thighs around Arlie's head as she screamed her orgasms. She finally looked up with her mother's cunt cream and some of the boy's jism coating her face.

As Cora recovered her composure, Arlie crawled over to the two boys and whispered something to them. They both grinned and got off the bed and walked over to stand on either side of Bella, their flaccid dicks slowly stiffening in their hands. Cora got up, found the bowl of pills and passed them around to everyone, including stuffing two into Bela's mouth. Arlie slowly let hers dissolve in her mouth then got on her hands and knees near the edge of the bed, just a few feet away from the squirming Bella.

And you know what we do after my mother cums all over my face,” Arlie continued talking even as the warm hazy glow from the pills started to spread all through her body. “She puts on her big, thick strap-on and fucks me...fucks my pussy...fucks my ass...fucks me until I can't cum any more. You want my mommy to fuck you like she's about to fuck me, Senator?”

You goddamn fucking slut,” Bella screamed, “you want me to beg...OK...I'll beg, you bitch...make me cum...let me cum....oh fuck...please...I'm begging....”

Cora climbed up behind Arlie and rubbed the tip of the strap-on up and down in her dripping pussy. Arlie groaned and lowered her head to the bed, keeping her eyes locked on Bella's as Cora slowly pushed the strap-on all the way into her cunt. Her first orgasm built slowly before exploding in a spray of pussy juices on her mother's thighs.

Next to Bella, both boys' dicks were rock hard and they kept stroking themselves furiously. A second orgasm built in Arlie's pussy even before the first completely receded. She just let it flood through her, clamping her cunt around the fake dick steadily pounding in and out of her.

The boy to Bella's right tensed and groaned loudly, his cum spraying the side of her face and her sagging tit. The other boy joined him almost immediately, even more spunk splashing on the squirming, screaming Senator. The girl looked at Arlie over her shoulder, smiling brightly.

Through the haze of the drugs and her ongoing orgasms, Arlie grinned back and nodded her head. The girl turned back to Bella and rammed her entire hand half way to her elbow into Bella's cunt with a single stroke.

Bella's face contorted as her entire body tensed and her shouts turned to groans. She frantically flailed her hips on the girl's arm, cumming over and over as she soaked the girl with spurt after spurt of her creamy juices.

Arlie smiled blissfully and looked back at her mother over her shoulder.

Do my ass now, please,” she moaned.


That was fucking amazing,” Bella declared loudly as she slumped back in the chair, the restraints piled off to the side on the floor, “I just knew you could come up with something special and as usual you didn't disappoint, Arlie.”

Well having them here certainly helped,” Arlie responded, nodding toward the girl and two boys getting dressed across the room.

A stroke of fucking perverse slutty genius having that girl ram her whole arm into my cunt when I need to get fucked so badly,” Bella smiled.

She stood with some of the boys' cum still caked on her cheeks and tits, as well as her own pussy juices soaking her cunt hair and coating her inner thighs. The girl came over to stand in front of Arlie as Bella searched around for the robe she wore earlier.

Arlie reached out and tenderly brushed her hand down the girl's back to the top of her taut little ass. There was just something about the girl that touched Arlie in a way she hadn't known before, seeing an awful lot of herself when she was that age.

Can you teach me more?” the girl asked softly, the bare bumps of her nipples pressing out against the tight tank top she was wearing. “I want to learn to do what you do, as good as you do.”

What's your name, honey?” Arlie asked softly, brushing a finger over the girl's cheek.

Marcy...Marcella...but I prefer Marcy,” the girl responded.

Arlie pulled Marcy's head down to whisper in her ear, the scent of the girl's sex mixed with that of the boys' cum and Bella's pussy juice filling her nostrils. She shivered slightly then flicked her tongue in Marcy's ear.

And how old are you...really?” Arlie whispered.

Marcy smiled at Arlie and hurriedly looked around to see if anyone else could hear before fondling Arlie's right tit and huskily whispering in her ear. three weeks.”

Arlie's pussy clenched and she hugged Marcy even tighter, overwhelmed by a flood of memories of herself at that age.

And them?” Arlie asked, nodding to the two boys hugging Bella a few feet away.

My brothers are fifteen and sixteen,” Marcy answered, “can you teach them too?”

Without even asking, Arlie knew her mother would just love the idea and, despite all her own rational reservations, the way her nipples stiffened and her pussy started drooling juices, Arlie knew she wanted to as well.

OK, I think we can arrange something,” Arlie stated, wishing she could bury her face in Marcy's smooth, bare pussy right then.

Marcy grinned and fished a cell phone out of her pocket. Arlie found hers and they exchanged numbers quickly, just before Bella called out it was time for Marcy and her brothers to leave.

As they marched to the door, Arlie found a spot on the sofa with an unobstructed view of the door, sprawled out with her legs spread wide on the coffee table and started pinching both of her tits. Cora came over and sat next to her, doing the same thing.

As soon as Sally stepped to the open door, she had a clear view of Arlie and her mother over Bella's shoulder. Her eyes widened noticeably as Bella instructed her to have someone take the girl and two boys home. Arlie grinned and waved, imagining that Sally's panties were getting very wet again...very quickly.

Bella turned and walked back to Arlie with a wicked grin on her face. She looked around until she found the strap-on, picked it up and grinned down at them both.

OK, now it's my turn. Who wants to get fucked first?”


Arlie stepped up to the hotel room door and lightly brushed her hands down over the peasant blouse and fashionably frayed jeans she was wearing. She hesitated a moment to make sure she remembered the name of the woman on the other side of the door before she knocked loudly.

After a brief moment, a statuesque woman with caramel colored skin opened the door and grinned brightly. She had blonde streaked hair that almost reached her shoulders. The halter top she wore barely contained her more than ample tits nor the hint of massive erect nipples pressing out. Her tight lacy white hiphugger panties just accented the color of her skin and barely contained the enormous puff promising a full thick bush of pussy hair, coal black by the tell of the few wayward strands escaping from the sides.

Arlie smiled back at the woman, her pussy already clenching in anticipation, stepped close for a quick hug and kiss on the woman's cheek.

Hi, I'm Arlie....”


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