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Blonde Angel -- Part 4

I was working late on Monday and was so exhausted when I came home, I sent Paul a text message that I needed to go to bed early so I would catch him on Tuesday. He was OK with this and said he had had a row with his sister and she had stomped off to the bedroom so chatting online would have been an issue anyway. I jokingly told him that he should have left his webcam switched on so I could spy for him, he replied quite seriously that he may well do in the future.

After a mundane day at work on Tuesday, I was eager for some respite and online fun in the evening. I called Paul on his mobile around 7pm and he was rather annoyed. The row with his sister had continued from the day before, his mother was going out that evening so he was going to be stuck with her all night and once again she was probably going to hog the bedroom. I automatically suggested he should come to my house for a couple of hours. I said he should tell his sister that she was pissing him off and that he was going to a school mates or something. He pondered a while and said he would see what he could do. He also suggested logging onto his webcam!

I ended the call and went to my room. Paul had indeed left the webcam switched on but turned his monitor off. Julie never used his computer so it was quite a safe situation. She had her own laptop and I could see her lay face down on her bed and as I zoomed in I could see she was browsing her Facebook and chatting to someone on msn. I adjusted the camera to have a closer look at her delicious little body. She was wearing tight Lycra leggings and a loose white T-shirt, obviously her favoured attire for slobbing around the house after school. Her whole demeanour was of anger, obviously annoyed by her row with Paul (apparently it had been over his borrowing of CDīs and some had been badly scratched, or something along those lines) The picture from the camera was of exceptional quality and I was getting very aroused looking at the wonderful outline of her arse in the trousers and I hoped to get some better views again when she prepared for bed.

Nothing much changed on the screen for a while so I kept the image in the top corner of my screen while I dealt with some emails. I also kept the volume turned up. At around 6:30pm I heard Julie shouting goodbye to her mother as she left for the evening. About 20 minutes later, Paul entered the room and I could tell he purposely started another row with his sister. Within minutes she was screaming abuse at him and threw a handy book from the side of the bed in the general direction of his head. He expertly ducked from the missile and told her very loudly that he was going to Charlieīs house for a few hours to get away from her. She shouted a very loud, `Good' as he left the room and went straight back to stomping the keyboard of her laptop.

As I heard their front door slam shut, I dialled Paul's mobile. He was quite proud of his performance but was smart enough to know that he would have to cycle over to Charlie's place to set up his alibi. Charlie didn't have a mobile phone so this would have to be done in person. Paul said he would be at mine in about 30-40 minutes. I hung up and went back to emails and Julie watching.

Julie was at the window, watching Paul cycle down the street, which again was an idyllic sight as the tight material of the trousers accentuated those sweet tiny cheeks to perfection as she leant over the window ledge to watch her brother depart.

When she returned to the laptop, she seemed immediately more relaxed but I noticed her closing the msn dialogue boxes and the Facebook page and opened a new browser window. She typed something into the search bar (my picture was good but I couldn't see text, just the Google screen). As the results came on screen she clicked on a result and I was amazed to see naked bodies appear on the screen. She clicked on a few more tabs and then a video came on, full screen of a young couple in the act of foreplay. It was obviously an amateur movie site because it was in a normal looking bedroom and the camera was in a fixed location. Julie watched intently as the girl on screen was sucking intently on the large cock on the screen. Then the shot changed to the guy, tenderly at first, licking the teen girl's shaved pussy. As soon as this shot came on, Julie rolled onto her side and slid her hand casually down the front of her leggings. I could see the outline of her fingers making a slow circling motion and she automatically parted her legs to give her exploring fingers better access. She slowly licked her lips as she continued to watch the action on the screen. I could hear her breathing getting heavier as her self-caressing became faster with the occasional moan as she hit a particularly sensitive part.

The screen shot changed again and the lovers were in a 69 position but the camera angle still showed the teenagers silky smooth pussy and even from my position I could see it was a very wet and excited one. Julie was watching even more intensely now and was obviously enjoying her own little bit of pleasure more and more. She stood up from the bed and in one quick movement, removed her Lycra pants and black knickers and then resumed her sideways laying, legs spread position on the bed. I instantly zoomed into her sparsely haired cunt, in the same way as her probing fingers resumed their strumming action on her little clit. I could see the moisture created by her excitement, and my cock was straining at my own trousers and this fantastic sight.

It was increasingly apparent that Julie was quite adept at her own masturbation because within minutes of removing her trousers, I could see her legs beginning to shake a little and her moans became louder and longer and I couldn't believe that I was watching this delightful teenager bringing herself to orgasm right in front of my eyes (well kind of).

Julie rubbed much faster and much firmer now and her attention was no longer on the screen. She was lay on her side, legs spread wide, right hand busily working her pussy to a juicy frenzy. Her eyes were closed tightly, her mind probably imagining herself as the teen in the movie, being serviced by the well hung hunk. Her left hand had disappeared under the t-shirt and I could see movement around her right breast and I could imagine her little puffy nipples had become hard little buds with her horniness and she was tweaking them to heighten her impending orgasm. I had released my cock by this stage and I found myself rubbing at the same increased speed as the horny teen in front of me. I wanted to orgasm with her. I felt we were sharing this experience and I even found my breathing to be in tune with her.

It wasn't too much longer before her gasps and moans increased to little scream-like noises and she rolled onto her back, arched her body as her climax started to take over. The screams became louder and more solid while the finger continued relentlessly. I shot a heavy load all over my bedroom carpet as I watched the bucking girl on her bed. Her finger movements slowing, her back coming down onto the bed as the afterglow took hold of her. I heard her giggling to herself as she reached for a towel from the side of the bed, to clear some of the copious juices which now covered her legs and hands.

As Julie padded the towel on her pussy, her attention went back to another close up on the screen, of the girl's bald cunt. I saw her watch intently and look down at her own patch of hairs. She ran her fingers through the small tuft and I could see her mind turning over. After a few moments thought, she pulled her laptop closed, jumped up and disappeared out of the room. As she didn't come straight back, I cleaned up my own mess and prepared for Paulīs arrival, sometime in the next half hour.

Ten minutes later, Julie appeared back in the room with a towel wrapped around her. Her hair wasn't wet so I guessed she was about to take a shower. I could not have been more wrong. I discovered how wrong as she dropped the towel and jumped back into her sideways position on the bed. My cock sprang immediately to attention as I realised what she had done. I zoomed in to confirm it, but I was right. Julie had shaved the little amount of pubes she had and as soon as she lay down, she began to stroke the new soft skin and when I panned the camera back, she was smiling very contently to herself. I took a few moments to take in the delightful view in front of me. A 13yr old, perfectly proportioned girl, lay naked for me to watch, her small pert boobs with absolutely perfect, slightly puffed nipples, lay watching internet porn, learning from the web, how to perform a blow job and being so impressed by a naked girl's shiny smooth pussy, that she goes and shaves her own. I was truly a lucky guy. I just wanted to be in that room, licking on those sweet tits, stroking that smooth cunt and offering her my cock to practise on. This was divine torture.

She re-opened the laptop and I could see her scrolling through the other videos on the website and eventually she selected one which seemed to be in the same genre as the first. This one began with a couple entering the room fully clothed but before too long, the girl had extracted a massive cock from the lad's trousers and it looked similar in length and girth to Phil's monster from Sunday night.

I expected Julie to start rubbing her newly denuded pussy again and was a little disappointed when she just lay watching the video. The girl on screen was a delightful cock sucker and clearly an expert at deep throating and I could see Julie's face was in awe at the girl's technique. Then, all of a sudden she leapt up from the bed and disappeared again. She hadn't closed the laptop, nor had she picked up the towel, she just ran from the room.

When Julie returned, she threw something on the bed and returned to her, obviously favourite, position. I couldn't see what she had brought back with her, but I didn't have to wait long for her to show me. Her eyes returned to the cock sucking video and she subconsciously licked her lips at the sight. She then picked up the item she had brought into the room. It was a long, fresh cucumber. It was one of those odd shaped ones which one half was quite a bit thinner than the other. She immediately started to treat this like a cock, and started mimicking the girl on the internet and sliding a few inches into her mouth, moaning like the girl too. Then, as the girl took more into her mouth, Julie tried the same, but this ending in my hearing a loud gagging noise and Julie having a coughing fit. OK well at least she tried! Undaunted by the mishap, Julie returned to sucking on her `green' cock and she even started stroking the imaginary phallus and I really believe that her imagination told her that this was the real thing. She looked lost in the moment and didn't let a little bit of choking put her off her game.

The guy in the movie then stripped the girl and bent her over a settee. Unusually for a porn movie, he didn't start to lick her pussy, he just lined up his monster cock and slid it deep into her. She gave the usual porn squeals and shrieks and Julie watched intently, still giving the cucumber a blow job to remember. But her sucking stopped. She was so engrossed in the film, I think she actually felt that she was the girl for that moment and without taking her eyes off the monitor, she moved the cucumber, still wet from her saliva, down to her pussy and slowly slid the first couple of inches into herself. She gasped a little and only then did she look down to her pussy, stretched a little around her imaginary cock and as she looked she smiled a little contented smile and started gently fucking herself with it. Slowly at first but with each thrust, she moved slightly more of the cucumber into her petite body. The girl on screen was screaming loudly at the nine inch invasion but Julie sighed softly as she fucked herself with about five inches of salad ingredient.

As she continued her gentle sexual treat, the screen changed to the guy lining his cock up with the girl's arsehole. I smiled to myself thinking that Julie would not try that. I was wrong for the second time that day and it was then that I realised that this was not the first time this girl had tried these tricks. Julie reached to her nightstand and took a tube of cream. She applied some to her finger and reached down to her own bottom. She then moved onto all fours and I saw her move the cucumber to line up with her own rosebud. The guy on screen was hammering the poor girl with his huge meat, but Julie pushed slowly. I heard her yell an `Ouch!' as she pushed past the muscle but then just heavy breathing as she started the same slow fucking of her other hole. She was getting as much up her arse as she was into her pussy and as the rhythm increased, she buried her head into the duvet and her spare hand disappeared between her legs and she obviously startled to play with her clit for the 2nd time inside half an hour.

Her pussy rubbing was immediately at a fever pitch and she fucked herself with the cucumber. Her moans getting louder and louder.

Just then the doorbell rang. I ran to the door, knowing who the visitor was. As I opened the door, I told Paul to go to my room quickly for a surprise he could never imagine. We ran together into the room and Paul's jaw dropped wide open as he saw the 60" screen filled with his sister approaching her second orgasm with a large cucumber fucking her tiny arsehole and her hand obviously busy between her legs.

I reached for Paul's cock which was rock hard at the sight. His only word since he entered my room was a WOW. As he watched, I unzipped him and took out his cock, his eyes never leaving the screen. His baby sister's screams reaching a fever pitch and her body beginning to shake violently with a huge orgasm. Paul came almost immediately from my touch and the sight before him and as his sister collapsed on the bed, panting from her climax, cucumber still buried five of six inches inside her, I looked into Paul's eyes and said, `We have got to get her involved in our games'

Paul said nothing

He just nodded and smiled a cute, but still slightly evil smile.

End of Part four



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