Julie was truly on another planet. We watched as she pulled the cucumber from her stretch teen arse and dropped it to the floor. She was still cooing to herself, basking in the aftershocks of her wonderful orgasm. She was lay with her back to our camera, her smooth milky skin almost glowing from her self induced Utopia. I could grow hard now, from just thinking about her deliciously sexy bum cheeks but it was even better to watch them squirming gently in her post climactic condition. Both Paul and I watched the 13yr old goddess, amazed at the sight we had witnessed.

'Did you record it?' Paul asked hopeful of seeing the lead up to Julie's current condition.

'Too bloody right' I replied

We watched Julie turn off her laptop, hide the cucumber under some clothes and climb beneath her duvet. After such a workout, she was exhausted, so we closed the webcam and turned our attention to the recording.

Before I pressed play, I took Paul in my arms and kissed him deeply with the passion that one only feels for someone you truly love. Our tongues met with a frenzy and our hands caressed each other with an intensity which was growing daily. However turned on I got by the sight and thought of Julie, I wanted Paul to know that my unquestioning love for him came first and was more important than anything else.

As Paul had arrived, I had only been wearing a bath robe and as we kissed he quickly removed it and hands stroked my back and my bum. I also deftly removed his clothing and explored his divine smooth body. I stopped him as he made his move towards my rapidly stiffening member, telling him that I had my own agenda to follow but I was sure he would enjoy it.

I positioned him on all fours facing the screen and set the movie of Julie running from the point where her hands went inside her leggings for the first time. I then took position behind his sweet cheeks cupping his revived cock and balls and gently kissing and nibbling the smooth soft skin of his bottom. I then pulled his cock so my tongue could attack all of his jewels from behind and he began purring as my saliva drenched them. Paul's eyes were now riveted to the screen as julie had removed her trousers and was massaging her clit and he was now breathing quite heavily, so I then plunged my tongue deeply into his boy cunt. He yelped with delight, all the time with his eyes fixed upon his writhing sibling, and wiggled his hole deeper onto my face, bucking as my probing hit more sensitive parts.

I continued my slippery assault until the part with the cucumber began and all the time I could feel Paul was on the brink of an orgasm but I avoided touching his throbbing meat to prolong his agony. Only as I saw Julie begin to handle her salad prick did I repositiin myself and I lined up my cock with Paul's gaping hole, now stretched and relaxed by my attentions. As Julie slid her green monster into her soft sweet pussy, I slid myself into Paul's. The moans from my boy lover on the bed and hid sexy sister on the screen were in perfect harmony. I made one long sliding motion and was quickly in to the hilt. I allowed him time to accept me and then began a teasingly slow fuck of his tight arse, watching my fat cock stretching him in a grotesque yet still awesome to watch way. I continued to slowly pump him until Julie moved the home made dildo into her arse. I then increased my pace to match her completely. The only difference being that she was using about five inches of vegetable whereas Paul was getting eight inches of hot fat meat.

Our mutual tempos increased and as we watched Julie approach her orgasm, I could feel my own rising and I took Paul's painful boner in hand and rubbed him with the same rhythm abd pace. Our timing was perfect. As we saw the 13yr old collapsing with ecstacy, Paul screamed as he ejaculated his biggest load yet, all over my hand and I unleashed blast after blast of hot cream deep into my lover's bowels.

Again, like a mirror image of the large screen, we collapsed onto the bed, Paul's sphincter pulsing on my cock

still buried deep in his tight hole, both of our minds consumed by contentment and love, basking in the afterglow of our climax.

We lay for a while, in silence, watching Julie float down from her high and my last act of mimicking the illicit spying video, was to extract my still hard prick at the same time as Julie removed her green lover from her own rear end.

As I rolled onto my back, Paul moved his sweet contented face over my semi hard meat, still covered in our mutual mess and plunged it deep into his mouth, cleaning it vigorously with his eager tongue. I held his head and ruffled his scruffy blonde hair, while he moved to my balls to conclude his determined cleaning process. When he was satisfied that his work was done, he clambered on top of me to resume our tongue tangling from before.

We lay kissing and holding each other for the next half an hour before we broke to get some drinks.

We sat naked on my settee, a thin blanket to keep off any chill. We were cuddled together after a feast of Coke and biscuits to get back some energy. Kissing and caressing soon resumed and Paul, laying on top of me, started to slide down my body, kissing my hard nipples, while grinding his cock into my balls, with me holding his bubble butt, helping him grind harder. Then he slid further, doing butterfly kisses all over my smooth belly and then taking my hard cock, and lapping at the precum already oozing from the slit. Then, in one swift movement, took half of my meat to the back of his mouth. I inhaled sharply. To this day, the mere thought of seeing my wide prick slipping into his angelic mouth still makes my cock turn rock solid. He then adjusted himself and I felt my cock head push hard at the back of his throat and slide a little deeper. Paul instantly retched a little and backed off, and I felt a surge of extra saliva dripping onto my ball sac. He tried again and retched more and pulled off me coughing, drool pouring from his sweet lips. I tried to get him to stop as I felt that he imagined he MUST do this for me. He ignored me and tried again, and this time I saw a full six inches disappear into him and he held it there, snorting heavily through his nose, all the time, his tongue working magic on the shaft and then, with no warning, his head slid further and his nose pushed hard into my freshly shaved pubic bone and his magical tongue wascircling my balls. He held there for quite few seconds and, gagging a little he lifted off to just holding the tip in his mouth and then plunged fully down again and then again and again. The sensation was beyond incredible and the view was phenomenal. His tiny mouth making this comparatively enormous prick disappear completely. Saliva was pouring from his totally stretched mouth and this totally breathtaking experience brought me to the edge very very quickly and in a painfully short time I shouted that I was coming. Upon hearing this, he seemed to get my cock even deeper, slid two fingers through the slime covering my balls and pushed them deep into my hole, bringing me to an enormous orgasm and I shot my load straight into his gullet. He then slowly pulled off me and I felt his pulsing throat muscles contracting ang milking my cock of every last creamy drop, all the time, his two probing digits working deeper into me. I thought my pleasurable torment was over but no. Paul pushed my legs back, removed his fingers and plunged his wet face at the hole he had vacated. It was my turn to yelp as he returned the tonguing I had given him earlier, but just as I was beginning to really get into it, and my overworked prick had come to life again, pressing into my belly, he stopped. My eyes were closed and I didn't feel him move, but I did feel a familiar sensation on my hole. Paul lined up his five inches of chubby hardness and pressed home. Finally, my boy lover was fucking me. actually, that is wrong. My boy was making love to me. It was tender, we looked into each other's eyes and we spoke loving words. It lasted too short a time but when he came, I could feel his juices squirting in me and I knew I was officially the luckiest man alive.

As we both came down from our clouds, we held each other tenderly, kissing at every opportunity. We then started to throw ideas around for how we could include Julie in our sex games. Initially we drew a blank, simply because Paul and Julie were so close and neither had ever been fazed by seeing the other naked, however Paul now confessed that he now saw his sister in a whole new light. I started to work on this theory, wondering whether Julie could be made to see her brother in a new light too, but how could we get her to see her sexy stud of a brother performing with his delicious little body?

We were no closer to an answer when Paul left for the evening and as we kissed at the door I promised I would think of something. Little did I know that Paul had hatched a scheme on his cycle ride home. A plan that would definitely set the ball rolling!

I took a drink up to my room and lay back on my bed. Julie was still fast asleep from her earlier exercise and almost immediately after I settled on the bed, Paul opened the door to his bedroom very quietly and entered the room. He walked straight up to the camera and said softly, `Watch and learn!'

He walked across the room and with a very loud crash, he deliberately tripped over the pile of clothing on the floor, tumbling into his sister's bedside table, knocking a glass and the lamp to the carpeted floor. Julie woke with a start, calling Paul all the names under the sun at the top of her voice. Paul replied telling her that she was a scruffy cow for leaving her clothes all over the floor. As he said that, he grabbed at the clothes and threw them at her. I instantly saw where he was going with this as the cucumber from earlier was suddenly revealed. Paul immediately picked up Julie's makeshift cock and had a surprised and questioning look on his face as he looked into his sister's eyes. Julie immediately began to stutter and could not find any words to spit at Paul. Instead, she lunged for the cucumber but Paul just pulled it away from her and said, `What have you been doing with a cucumber in your room Sis?'

Again, Julie grabbed for it, `Give it here squirt, it's got nothing to do with you'

Saying nothing, Paul put his nose to the cucumber and sniffed deeply and then did a fake wrinkling of his nose. All the time, Julie was cursing and grabbing for the green cock substitute, oblivious and uncaring of the fact that she was naked in front of her older brother. Paul then started to stroke it like he was playing with a cock and he commented that it was still slippery. Julie was getting hysterical but Paul silenced her immediately with just four words. At a gap in her shouting, Paul asked, in his beautiful effeminate way, `Can I try it?'

`What did you say?' Julie asked with her jaw dropped to the floor

`I said can I try it? It was a simple question he said simply

`Try what exactly?' Julie pushed, not quite grasping the question, or rather grasping it fully but just not believing it. Julie always knew her brother was a bit girly and camp but she never really thought of him as any way gay

`I wanna try this up my bum, cos it smells like it has been in your bum. Was it good?'

Julie stuttered again, `Err ... well ... Yeah it was nice, but why do you wanna try it?'

`I like things going in there and this looks fun, so can I?'

Julie just nodded and for the second time, in as many minutes, Paul threw her mind into disarray as he dropped his shorts to reveal his delicious five inches of boy cock at full mast and he then dived into one of his own drawers and pulled out a new tube of KY Jelly. A liberal coating was squirted quickly onto the vegetable dildo and Paul lay back onto his own bed and immediately placed the tip of the narrow end against his sweet little rosebud and slid it effortlessly inside himself. He groaned loudly, mainly for his sister's benefit and her expression of amazement was priceless. I don't think she was even aware that she sat on the bed next to her brother, watching intently as he expertly started to fuck himself. His eyes were tightly closed, safe in the knowledge that he could watch this later at my place.

Julie was drawn into the situation so automatically at the erotic sight of her brother's self fucking. Subconsciously, her hand moved to her brother's raised knee and she stroked him gently as he built up speed on his stretched hole. He was ramming a good seven inches deep inside him and he was twitching each time the invader was flicking his prostate. Meanwhile, Julie just watched, mouth open, amazed, enthralled and most importantly, hooked on this scene. Paul saw that she was in a very suggestible state, so he laid his free hand on hers and slowly slid it up his thigh. She glanced briefly into his eyes. He smiled at her and closed his again, continuing the movement of her hand towards his crotch, his cock bouncing angrily which each thrust of the cucumber. As their hands reached the warmth of his cock, Paul took his away, praying Julie would continue. She did. Instinctively, she took his cock in her hand and began a slow stroking motion, never once looking at it, her eyes still too preoccupied by over half of this cucumber impaling the sweet hole of her brother. She looked bewildered and slightly confused but she was sliding into Paul's seducing trap and her free hand found its way to her own sweet shaved pussy and immediately began a rhythm to match Paul's thrusting cucumber, both teens now moaning softly of their pleasure. I was in heaven by this point with my wall filled with the sight of my 14yr old lover, spread-eagle on his bed, fat cucumber up his pussy, his sister naked on the side of the bed, stroking Paul's cock and fingering her own cunt. Could life really get any better? Simple answer? Oh yes it could!

Paul then took advantage of Julie's shell shocked condition with just two words, `Suck me'

Julie heard him clearly, said nothing but moved her stare to the cock she had been rubbing gently for several minutes. She continued her same slow stroking and softly licked her lips, then, she very very slowly, lowered her head and took the tip of her head into her mouth. Again, her practice with the cucumber phallus had prepared her well and she immediately started bobbing up and down on Paul's prick. He was now panting quite loudly and Julie was beginning to squeal a little too, obviously her rubbing and the bizarre situation were proving to be enough to bring her to another orgasm. To add to the fantastic sight, I noticed Julie had now taken control of the cucumber and was pulling it completely out and now ramming a good eight inches into the boy's bowel. Her cock sucking was taking most of Paul's cock into her mouth and I could see his familiar tensing which told me he was about to shoot his sweet cream and he craftily put his hand on the back of his sister's head at the very same second as her orgasm visibly exploded with her screams and violent shaking, Paul bucked his hips and blasted his milk into Julie's mouth. I could clearly see some of his come leaking down his beautiful smooth cock onto his hairless sac and equally I could see Julie gulping at the squirts she managed to capture. As the two lay shaking still, Julie, still slowly sucking and cleaning Paul's deflating meat, pulled the cucumber from his abused hole and then moved up his body and lay with her head on his chest and her arm around his waist. Paul gently caressed her back and bottom and they both lay there with their eyes closed, half smiling but both fully aware, that things had changed between them, forever.

During all the action, yes I had shot my load, but for this story, my actions and feelings were irrelevant. I had just witnessed two gorgeous teens enjoying their bodies and now watched as they drifted into a very relaxed state. I knew these siblings loved each other dearly before tonight, but now they had shared so much more. The animal in me watched their delightful little bodies, lay in repose, and imagined myself within that equation. They both now had hairless genitals and I knew my little lover wanted me to share his tiny titted, puffy nippled sister with him. I guess Paul was now also discovering his own sexuality, but for now, he was definitely enjoying his bisexual and incestuous liaisons and I was happy to help him do so much more, but for now, the idyllic sight before me was just that. I decided to turn off the camera and let the angels sleep. My blonde angel and his milky skinned, raven headed, stunner of a sister. I turned off the camera, cleaned the copious amounts of semen off my leg and arm, and went to bed.

End of Part Five

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