Firstly, may I apologise for the delay in continuing this story, but commitments elsewhere have been overpowering. Hopefully I can continue this one to the end over the next few weeks. I am not going to recap, because I kind of hope you will re-read the stories to remind yourself of where we are up to.


Chapter 6

Early the next day, I received a text from Paul telling asking me if I had enjoyed the show as much as he had enjoyed performing. I responded immediately that I thought the show was one of the most erotic and sexy things that I had ever had the fortune to see. He then asked me to call him at 6pm.

The time dragged longer than ever that day and when the time eventually came, I eagerly rang his phone, but his responses were very cryptic and it was evident that there was someone with him.

`Hi Paul, how's my sexy little man?'

`Hey Mike, great to hear from you, are you OK?' he replied, as cheerful as ever

`That was so fucking hot last night, you looked in heaven' I said eagerly

`Yes I think you are right, very good, but I need to ask a favour' He said, very stiltedly

I knew straight away that he was trying to be discreet with someone so just asked him to say what he wanted.

`Would it be really too odd if I asked someone to join us at your place, but just to watch us?'

My mind was doing summersaults, did he mean his sister? I asked him directly

`Does Julie want to WATCH us?'

`Yes it's a good female friend of mine but you must agree that she is to watch and not be touched'

I got the picture. Julie didn't know that I knew what she looked like and wanted to be anonymous. It all seemed a little bizarre and having an audience was going to be really weird but if it meant the smallest possibility of getting close to Paul's raven headed, stunningly sexy sister, it was worth a go.

`OK Paul, I can go with that' I said, `But we must speak more before you come round. And when were you planning on coming?'

`We are both free on Friday night if that is good with you?' Paul asked casually

`OK, that's good with me but for God's sake, please let me know when I can call you to find out what the hell is going on and how you managed to pull this off'

Paul giggled on the other end, `OK Mike, thanks a lot and we both look forward to seeing you'

With that, the call ended and I was left with a hard on so painful, I had to immediately relieve myself with one of the shortest wanks I have ever had before I covered my shirt with a flood of cum.

At 11pm I received a text message to call Paul. When I called him, he apologised for the weirdness of the call but he had told Julie that he had been experimenting with gay sex and that I was his friend's lover and had been teaching him some things after he had begged his friend to let him join in. He wanted to keep our relationship a bit of a secret still. However, Julie had been so turned on at the thought of watching her brother having sex with another guy that she pleaded with Paul to see if she could watch. Paul told her that she could join in but she was too nervous at that idea. However, Paul had a second part to his plan, he wanted me to invite Phil and Jenny to just `happen' to pop by when we were in full flow. He also wanted me to explain the whole situation to them and for Jenny to pretend to be as innocent as Julie. To be honest, I didn't think this would be believable or even whether Phil and Jenny would be game, but I said I would give them a call and ask. We had 2 days to prepare.

I called Phil straight away and told his of Paul's request. He chuckled at the devious plan of my lover and said he would chat to Jenny about it and would let me know the next day. He said he thought Jenny would jump at the chance of seducing another girl because she has yet to do that, but is very hot on the idea. I was nervously excited as I replaced the receiver, and had a tough time sleeping that evening.

It was nearly lunchtime before Phil returned my call. The answer was good.

We discussed the finer details and between him and Jenny, they had made some great twists and suggestions and later that evening I passed all the ideas over to Paul, who loved the revised plan. We were all on the same page and knew we had to be very convincing so that we didn't scare Julie and made the whole event seem very natural. I was more nervous and more excited than I had ever been in my life. The next night couldn't come quick enough.

Friday evening, I was sat in my living room with Phil when Paul arrived with Julie. I opened the door dressed in baggy t-shirt and shorts and smiled warmly at them. Paul gave a big beaming grin and extended a hand for a handshake which I warmly accepted. He introduced Julie as Rachael, his friend from school and I shook her hand too and invited them in. She was visibly shaking and as I closed the door behind them, I told Paul to go into the front room and asked Julie to stop for a second. Paul disappeared from sight and Julie was shaking even more so I squatted on the floor close to her and whispered softly to her, `Listen, Paul has made it totally clear why you are here, just to watch, and that is cool. But at any point, if you are uncomfortable, just say you need to go, OK? Nobody will think anything about it, nobody will laugh, and nobody will try to stop you OK?'

I could see the visible relief on her face and for the first time, she smiled and her beautiful face lit up and my heart melted. I so wanted this girl but I knew I would have to use every single bit of self control not to sweep her off her feet and take her innocence.

Julie followed me into the living room and was a little startled to see Phil sat on the other side of the room. I introduced him as my friend who would be joining us and made out as if Paul had met him before anyway. Paul acted really cool about it and reassured `Rachael' that all was ok.

For the next 20 minutes, we had a couple of drinks (I made some vodka orange to calm everyone a bit, Julie gulped two down to settle her nerves) and then I suggested we should go upstairs.

We entered the bedroom and I showed `Rachael' to her chair in the corner where she could watch everything that happened on the bed. As I reassured her again that nobody would even approach her, Phil was already disrobing Paul and by the time I turned to the bed, Phil had Paul's cock deep in his mouth, sucking deeply as he removed his own clothing.

I took off my clothes as I watched Paul lay back on the bed, spread like a starfish, revelling in the delights of Phil's expert mouth work.

I glanced over at Julie who was wide eyed and smiling at the sight unfolding before her.

My cock was already at full mast as I climbed onto the bed and put my legs either side of Paul's head and slid my cock into his waiting mouth. We were all very excited and I knew our first orgasms would arrive very quickly. Indeed, Paul was first, bucking wildly as he unloaded his sweet cream into Phil's eager mouth and his writhing brought me over the edge and I pulled my cock from his mouth, directing squirts alternately between his mouth and his face, closely watched by Julie, just a few feet away.

As I kissed him and licked up my mess from his face, I felt Phil attack my exposed arse with his tongue, ploughing deeply into my hole. From the corner of my eye, I saw Julie rise from her chair. I feared she was leaving but instead she had just moved to see this anal assault, her face still one of wide eyed wonderment.

After a few minutes of deep tonguing, Phil lined up his monster cock with my hole and slowly slid his full length into me. I heard Julie gasp as he bottomed out and then gasped again as he started to pump me deep and hard.

Paul spun around beneath me, lining his already hardening cock up with my mouth, and taking my meat into his. With the fucking I was getting and Paul's delicious felatio i was in sensory overload and almost forgot the next part of the plan.

Julie spotted her first and squealed. Jenny was stood in the doorway, mouth wide open. We all froze in place and Phil spoke first.

`Jenny? How long have you been stood there?'

`A while now' she said, sounding a little shocked

`I'm so sorry baby, I really didn't want you to see this' Phil said, sounding quite upset

`Who is she, and why is she watching?' jenny asked, pointing at Julie

Phil said, `This is Rachael, she is learning about sex and is watching'

`But isn't this wrong sex between boys?' Jenny asked innocently

`No honey it's just different, but maybe you should go home and we will talk later. It's like the birds and the bees talk we had, just different'

`Can I watch too Daddy?' Jenny asked

`Well if Rachael doesn't mind?' Phil said, looking at a bemused Rachael

Rachael just wanted things to continue in this, the most bizarre day of her life, so she silently nodded and took Jenny's hand, and then immediately, Phil ploughed his cock deep into my hole again as Paul resumed his sucking of my cock. I also took Paul deep into my throat again.

The moans and the groans from the bed were getting louder and every few minutes I glanced over at the audience.

Jenny was grinning broadly and she had already begun her next role. Her left hand held Julie's hand but her right hand had now found its way down the front of her baggy shorts and was very obviously rubbing herself. It took a while for Julie to notice but when she did, her gaze was torn between watching this 12 yr old rubbing her pussy and the all male action on the bed. Before too long, she let go of Jenny's hand and lifted the front of her skirt and her hand went inside her own knickers. The plan was working.

As all the boys saw what was happening, we changed position.

Phil pulled his monster from my hole, I lay on my back and Paul climbed into a 69 position with me. Phil positioned himself behind Paul, lubed his hole and slowly started to enter his delicious tight anus. Jenny and Julie moved closer to see Paul's tiny hole take the monster cock. From my position I could see Julie's fingers working feverishly on her own pussy and after a few minutes, when I could hear her breathing becoming laboured, I put my hand gently on the inside of her leg. I felt her twitch a little at the shock of the touch and then I felt her relax and push her leg harder against my hand. I continued to gently caress her leg, slowly moving my hand upwards. As I did this, Jenny took my signal and moved her free hand under Julie's skirt and rested it on her tight little bottom. We all heard Julie sigh and then, simutaniously, Jenny took hold of the rear, and I took hold of the front of Julie's now wet knickers and gently pulled them down. Julie didn't resist. In fact, she used her free hand to assist us in removing them completely and then stood with her legs a little wider apart. Jenny resumed the stroking of her soft bum cheeks as I moved up for the golden prize. My middle finger found her soaking wet pussy and slid effortlessly inside.

Julie gasped loudly as I began to finger fuck her tight pussy and my thumb sought out her already hard little clit. Her eyes were tightly closed and she didn't notice Paul extracting himself from Phil's cock and moving behind her. Paul grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head. Julie gave no resistance, even as Paul unclasped her bra and revealed her small, perfectly shaped, puffy nippled breasts to the room.

Phil took her left breast into his mouth and eagerly started to devour her nipple, Paul took her right one, Jenny kept her caressing of her bottom and I now had two fingers squelching deep into her virgin cunt bringing her closer to her first orgasm of the day.

As Julie's legs began to buckle, we lay her onto the bed and I replaced my fingers with my tongue, flicking wildly at her clit and then plunging deep inside her, lapping at the nectar pouring from her. Paul and Jenny now had a nipple each and Phil positioned himself over her face and rubbed his enormous cock on her lips. Her eyes opened at this touch and although they registered a little shock, she opened her mouth wide and took a good few inches deep into her mouth and her hands came up to rub the wide shaft and to stroke his balls as she sucked for all she was worth.

Before long, her whole body began to tremble with the most intense orgasm she had ever had. She began to whimper and yelp and the orgasm swept over her body. The sight of this was enough for Phil to unload his own first orgasm of the day, filling Julie's mouth and causing her to choke a little although she never removed his cock and swallowed most of his milk, spilling just a little down her cheeks.

As the trembling subsided, Julie had four pairs of hands stroking and caressing every inch of her body, four pairs of lips kissing every sweet morsel of her flesh and she smiled contentedly.

Not a word was said, but Julie was now like our queen and we all wanted to taste her, to please her, to satisfy her and as I moved from my position, Paul kissed his sister deeply on the lips and we all watched as her eyes opened widely as Jenny planted her mouth firmly on Julie's pussy.

Phil took Paul to one side, put him on all fours and resumed his fucking from before, I took my place behind Jenny as she enthusiastically lapped at Julie's cunt and slid my cock deep into the 12 yr olds hairless pussy and began pumping hard. Jenny squealed as I impaled her hard on my cock and the vibrations from her squeal sent Julie wild with desire and she grabbed the younger girl's hair and pulled her deeper onto her clit. Just watching the two girls was making me hornier than ever and however good it felt to be balls deep inside Jenny, I wanted Julie so much, so as Jenny got Julie to the brink of her second orgasm, I pulled out of Jenny, lifted her out of the way and lined my cock up with Julie's freshly shaven cunt. She looked me in the eye, then looked down at my hard cock and bit her lip and then nodded ever so slightly.

Still on a high from Jenny's oral pleasure giving, I slid fully into Julie's wet pussy. She cried out with pain a little but instantly started grinding against me. I pounded hard into her as the rest of the room stopped to watch Julie losing her virginity. My cock looked obscenely huge ploughing into her tiny frame. Her hair was stuck to her head with sweat. Jenny had taken Julie's right hand and guided it at her own soaking pussy and Julie hand instantly inserted two fingers inside and was fucking the youngest member of our orgy with them. Paul and Phil were over Julie's head, rubbing their cocks furiously, knowing that I wouldn't last long at this rate. It was a race for who would come first. It was ladies first.

Jenny's legs crumbled as Julie's furious fingering brought her to climax, closely followed by Julie who I think had been riding a wave from her first orgasm into a crescendo which was her second. I pulled out of Julie just as my own orgasm erupted, squirting five thick ropes of cum up her tiny frame, splashing her perfect little titties and her chin with it. Within seconds, Paul and Phil groaned loudly and came together, covering Julie's face and chest with their own offerings, then collapsing back on the bed.

I silently grabbed a towel and went to clean the mess from Julie, but Paul stopped me and signalled everyone to leave the room. As we left I saw him gently start to lick all the cum from her body, her long fingers buried in his hair, a huge smile glued on her face. Myself, Phil and Jenny, walked downstairs and left the siblings to it.

I had taken Julie's virginity, I had tasted the sweetest girl I had ever seen, and I just wanted more. I believed then that she was hooked. I dearly hoped so.


End of Chapter Six, comments, as always, encouraged xxx