Hey all this is my first attempt of writing a story to post. Well it involves first person point of view of a 12-yr-old boy. This first part just with his older cousin.

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Chapter One

"What the hell are you doing?" My older cousin asked as he came into his bedroom finding me still up looking at a folder on his desktop. I had found pictures of him and my aunt and uncle doing things, couldn't tell which combination of the pictures turned me on the most excited me wasn't clear but I was rubbing my crotch through my boxers.

"I um ur um. . ." I said blushing beat red.

"You liking watching that?" He asked seeing the small tent in my boxers. I blushed a couple more shades of red.

"Uh um ah." Was all I managed to saw before I saw he was hard being a monstrous size of five inches. My mouth watered as it did whenever I smelled steak grilling.

"Go ahead touch it and I'll help you with yours." My fourteen-yr-old cousin said. I timidly as any twelve-yr-old would reached slowly to reach out, half afraid what it might feel like, what if someone else came in, what if I liked touching other boys. "OH man that's it Bubbha," He half groaned as I felt every inch of the shaft. I looked up proudly as he said that and gave him one of my smiles. "Here do it like this," He said and corrected the hold and moved my hands.

I watched as my big cousin leaned back against the computer desk, one downward movement the tip found his fly. All except the opening that pee came out looked like a big Lolly pop. Since Dillon had his head back I decided that I'd try to taste it. As I leaned forward I also pushed the back of fly of his boxers back exposing the entire thing. As my face was right in front I could smell Ivory Soap, sweat and a new smell that sent a tingle down low. At some point Dillon felt my breath start making it and looked don in aw, so far only Aunt Deana had put his shaft into a mouth. He gasped as I took the head of it into my mouth, just lick trying to suck a sucker off the stick I began the dead. I didn't know what I was doing but from the moans and grunts and back rubs I received I was doing good.

"AGGGHHHH BUBBHA . . . HERE ..." He said before he jerked his hips forward stabbing the head into the back of my throat just as the shaft flared and I got my first taste of boy juice. Despite being so grossed that he just pissed in my mouth I eagerly drank all I could down, some coming out and running down my neck and chest. I continued my efforts till he pushed back on my head until I was looking up and his fingers on my cum covered chin. To my surprise he bent down and kissed me, first just on my lips then ran his tongue over my lips. I suddenly done the same missing his lips and followed his retreating tongue into his mouth. "Bubbha you are good jacker, sucker, and kisser but I said I'd take care of you. But I'm going to let you do it in style come on."

My older cousin took me over to his bed where we would sleep and quickly jerked his boxers off, first time in four years I seen him totally nude. My small `pricket' jerked with excitement as I walked closer to him. "Um ur uh, what are you going to do?" I asked blushing redder as he laid back on the bed spreading his legs open.

"We're going to put this stuff on your thing and your going to put it into my butt and fuck me till you can't go anymore." My older cousin said using his abs to sit back up after grabbing a jar of Vaseline. Slowly I lowered my briefs down and the barely 3 inch prick pulsing with my quick heart beat made my cousin gasp. "Oh man I'd love to suck you instead of let you do that."

I just shrugged my small shoulders, long as the slight pain between my legs stopped I didn't care what he done. He looked happy as he pulled my four-five 85 pound body towards him and started sucking. "MMMM AH UH." Came from my mouth, along with groans and grunts. Within the two minutes that it took he laid back me crawling onto the bed as he done finally me sitting up on his chest. "PLEASE STOP!" I shouted as it became to much and I started shaking. Thirty seconds later I fell over to the side as my aunt and uncle arrived to find their half hard smiling 15-yr-old son rubbing my side as I breathed hard, taking a power nap from the orgasm.

"You guys alright?" My aunt asked walking over, seeing that the half inch soft prick was still wet.

"I just gave Bubbha his first orgasm. I think I done it to much and it was a little over the top for him." He said as I came back to at least a light sleep. The `snuggle bug' in me made me move around to get in close to him as I settled in for the night.

"I don't think you hurt his feelings to bad though, I thought you were rapping him." Uncle Rick said rubbing my reddish blond long hair before each of the adults bent down to kiss both. "You taking care of your's?"

"I probably just have a little bit left the little man took care of it. Looks like everything was catch on webcam too." He said finally seeing the little blue light on top of his computer screen. Uncle Rick had made sure that the webcam could pick up action on the bed, same for close to the computer. I had accidentally clicked on the button to turn both of the cameras on.

"Um hot looking forward to watching it, you two get some sleep now." Both parents said.

I awoke the following morning with my head laying on his left shoulder and my right leg thrown over his waist covering his privates, my arm thrown across his chest hand in his right armpit. His left hand laying behind my bare butt. Outside an late snow storm letting the southeast have hell, so I loved snuggling as we laid under the thick blanket. Finally as he started moving around I felt the need to pee which lost all heat. Luckily I wasn't the only one as I felt Charlie moving around under me and I looked up.

"Oh you're up Bubbha, I gotta pee." He said.

"I'll race ya." I replied already pushing up and headed running flying off the bed.

"Whoa there skippy better get dressed at least in underwear first." He said as I disappeared through the bedroom door. Made it to the bathroom and without using my hands let it start flowing as he waked up beside. "I love you bud."