This is the second part of my story, once again has sexual relations between a 12-yr whom is the main character, his male cousin, and also a new addition, a female cousin.

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Bubbha, Christen me, 12 at this time

Dillon, Bub 14-yr-old male cousin

Daisy, Sis 13-yr-old female cousin

Aunt Deanna 29

Uncle Rick 35


Soon as I finished peeing I headed back to the bedroom to get dressed, just putting on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs. Daisy was laying on the couch on her tummy wearing a pair of boys boxers and a button up t-shirt. Watching a cartoon show while reading some kind of magazine. Her right leg being head up into the air so I sat down at the other end of the couch. As I'm sitting there she glances over he shoulder to see whom was sitting at her feet.

"Hey Bubbha you sleep good?" She asked, lowering her foot down to rub my chest.

I done the classic shit eating grin that only a kid who is doing something wrong would do. "Yeah," I replied sheepishly.

"Cool," She said dragging her toes over my chest, Ah god here comes the bone, I thought to myself as in my shorts it hardened up. Just before she made it to my crotch I grabbed her foot and started rubbing it. "Oh bubbha that feels so good." She said loosing the support of her arms crashing onto the couch cushions.

By the time the cartoon ended I had laid on top of her after she turned around and we had started kissing. I gasped as I felt her hands grab my crotch. My had found her crotch as well, nothing there but flatness beneath the fabric.

"UMM, that's it Bubbha." She moaned into my mouth, we still had yet to French kiss, just two preteens finding themselves out. My hand had found its way to the forbidden spot inside her sleeping boxers.


"You think we should stop them?" Uncle Rick asked Aunt Deanna as they watched from the kitchen doorway.

"Naw they can't hurt each other to bad. He is a hot little devil." Aunt Deanna said as her daughter's shirt came off and tongue darted into my mouth. Groan from both of us as my finger found it's target going into the little pouch, her fingers found the smoothness of my skin.

"Well if we're not going to stop them then let's leave them in peace then." Uncle Rick said.

"Oh man that's hot." Dillon gasped as he looked into the living room where his parents were watching.

"SHH we don't want to scare them." Aunt Deanna whispered checking out her handsome son. "You two had your fun last night it's his time with your sister."

"Cool, so you guys going to adopt him too?" He asked.


On the couch I was slightly scared when I felt her fingers hook around the waist bands in front of our bodies and pulled them down. The three and a half inch pencil tool came loose and slapped the pouch of skin I had been fingering on her the head disappearing slightly inside.

"UM AH" She said as I lifted up lowering my hips lower pushing the small shaft into her. It was only slightly bigger than my finger.

"Does it um uh hurt?" I asked.

"No come on." She barely said. Slightly pulling on my butt, pushing the small tool inside of her. "UMM AH YEAH!" She said before I could dive back down onto her lips.

Ten minutes later both of us shuddered to a stop, yet another painful feeling as my body shook. Both of us lay there breathing harder than if we had just ran instead of whatever we just done. As I calmed back down I used my small arms to lift my body up looking into her eyes, grins on both of our faces.

"Can we do that again?" I asked doing my small little devilish grin.

"Yep," She said pulling me down for another kiss. "So you like it here with us?"

"Hell yeah," I replied blushing.

"Hey love birds time to get showered and dressed for breakfast." Dillon said coming into the room, she scrambled to get both of us covered. "Relax Sis I've seen the Lil-man already too." He said coming over and kissing me on the lips and feeling of my firm butt.

"So you too done stuff?" She asked with her face messed up.

"Last night,"

"Can I watch next??" She asked blushing now.

"Well see but ma wants you two to shower and get dressed." He said and both of us blushed.

"She know we done this?" We both asked suddenly panic stricken looks.





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