David and Goliath

Note: Read the story as though you are in each person's mind, the thoughts that pop in as the situation occurs. At least for the beginning of the story, a narrator adds comments and storyline as necessary.

This is work of fiction, if you shouldn't read it then don't.



(G) Damn that kid is cute, easy dude, you might get a lucky peek but you don't want to scare him off or him start screaming 'stranger stranger'.

(D) Jeez that guy is big his arms are bigger than my legs I want him to notice me, maybe if I do something stupid he would be willing to help me. But what can I do. Mom is going to be waiting for me outside.

(G) Quit staring at the boy, he is going to freak on you and you're going to jail. There is no way he is going to show you his stuff. Kids just don't do that anymore. Just head for the shower if you're lucky than he might rinse off in the shower close by.

(D) Dang he just took off his shirt, his whole chest is one big muscle and look at how much hair he has on his chest. He's going to take shower that's it, tie a knot in you suit and ask him for help to untie it. Just turn around so it isn't obvious what you are doing.

(G) Your going to get caught staring at the boy's ass. It is a very nice ass; well it looks like it would be nice. Too bad the Speedo is in way. Drop your shorts and grab your soap.

(D) Oh man there he goes, he's taking his shorts off, don't get caught staring at him. Damn he's turning toward you. Oh my god, look at the size of his dick, don't stare. His dick is huge. Come on its now or never. Open your mouth and ask him for help.

(D) "Uhm excuse me mister, can you help me I got a knot in my suit and I can't untie it?"

(G) Oh man did you just step in it the boy is talking to you and wants your help. Don't screw up "Sure no problem" don't scare him, just approach him and help him.

(D) Jeez, here he comes, look at the size of his hands, jeez don't stare at his dick, I can't help it, its big and not even hard. He is reaching for you don't panic. Look at yourself your knees are starting to shake.

(G) "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you". You're scaring the boy look his knees are shaking now. Damn so are your hands man, your only two inches away from his Speedo and your hands are starting to shake.

(D) "It's alright, just a little cold that's all" that was a stupid thing to say.

(G) You idiot, you can't get the knot out of his Speedo what the hell is wrong with you. "You sure have a tough knot there, here let my try again" still no good. Well maybe this is your shot "I am going to pull on your suit a little so I can get to the knot better okay?"

(D) "Okay". He's doing it he is pulling my suit away if he pulls any further he is going to look right down your suit.

(G) "Wow that knot is tight, I think the only way to get it undone is to pull the suit off of you, that way you're not in the way"

(D) Wow his big hands are on my waist. Just go for it, let him pull your suit off "Yeah okay mister, I appreciate your help I don't know how I got the knot so tight".

(G) Bingo you did it you get to see his package. Just hook his suit and push it down. Oh man there it is. Fuck me he is gorgeous. Oh yes even better, he is starting to pop a boner. You better keep control of yours though.

(D) He did it, now just fall forward and catch yourself on him.

(G) "Sorry little man I didn't mean to knock you over" Oh the feeling, his small hands on your chest this is nirvana.

(D) "Its okay it's my fault, just clumsy I guess". I just want to keep my hands on his hairy chest. Man he has hair all around his dick and balls. Whoa his dick is starting to swell. He keeps looking at your dick, your popping a boner and he is watching you. Cool, well you have nothing to lose. "Thanks for getting me out of my suit, are you going to take a shower?" That was stupid question, of course he is he has a bar of soap with him. Wait you can recover.

(G) Well that was good for a laugh, "Yes I am"

(D) "Uhm I forgot my soap, can I borrow yours?"

(G) God you did step in it didn't you. Not only did you touch his waist and his hairless legs to get the Speedo off of him, your staring at his hairless crotch and watching his erection growing sticking out from his body, but now he needs to borrow your soap as well. You might as well give it a try all he can say is no. "Sure you can, do you need help I wouldn't want a good looking boy to slip and fall in the shower the tile floor is slippery".

(D) Yeesss. "Yeah that sounds like a good idea, I am kind of clumsy"

(G) OH MY GOD! THIS IS OUTRAGOUS. I better get his cute little ass in the shower before he changes his mind or someone else comes in the locker room. "Okay no problem. Do you have a name or should I just call you clumsy?"

(D) "Tehe that's funny my name is David what's yours?"

(G) He's adorable "Greg Goalith nice to meet you David" jeez his hand is so soft, so small.

(D) His hand is huge, mine is like gone in his, strong too "That's funny is sounds like Goliath"

(G) Oh yeah, you can slay me anytime you want little boy "I know my friends call me that because of my size. Shall we get a shower?"

(D) This is going to be fun "Why don't you lead me I don't want to fall" I don't want to let go of your big hand either.

(G) Is he for real. Fuck it go for it. "I can carry you if you want?" Please say yes I want that little cock of yours against my body, but you're probably pushing your luck man.

(D) Oh yes this is even better me touching him, holding on for safety "Okay". Oh man here come his big hands to pick me up, this is awesome.

(G) Unreal, he wants to be carried works for me. Oh my god this is fantastic, the feel of his cock on my side is amazing. "Since you don't want to fall and I am carrying you I guess one shower stall will work. With me holding you, you will have to help me get soapy"

(D) This is too cool. I am weightless his big arms around me, the feeling of the hair of his arms I'm gonna get the tingles for sure "Okay, do you come to the Y a lot?"

(G) Fucking right I'm going to come to the Y from now on. One day's workout and I'm carrying a naked horny boy to the showers. I wonder if he had this planned the whole time. I don't give a fuck if he did, enjoy as much of this as you can while you have the chance. "Today was my first time here, but I like it I think I will get a full time membership. What about you?"

(D) Excellent. "I come here three days a week for swim lessons. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday sometimes on Saturday as well for free swim".

(G) Oh man I can make this work "Always at the same time?"

(D) "Yeah, four o'clock except for Saturdays then its eleven o'clock"

(G) "That's amazing those are the same days that I work out and usually the same times". They are now. [Shower running, curtain closed] "Where would you like me to start?" I know where I want to finish.

(D) EVERYWHERE, Oh shit that came out loud "Sorry anywhere you want" but everywhere is true. "You can put me down if you want I'll just hold on to you so I don't slip". I can't see your dick from up here, but it sure feels good holding your thick neck.

(G) Note to self remember to bring liquid soap next time the bar of soap isn't going to work, you have to put him down. "Alright but be careful" Oh yeah I like that too.

(D) Nice move wrap yourself around his thick leg now I can see that huge cock of his. You've gone this far touch it. Whoa I can't even get my hand around it. "Is this okay?"

(G) Oh my god is it okay. "Davey you can touch me anywhere you like" He's humping your leg like a dog and has your cock in his small hand what's not to like. You're already close to dropping a nut if he does anything else to your cock your done.

(D) "Don't call me Davey I like David instead" I hate Davey "But I do like touching you and I want you to touch me"

(G) "I'm sorry it won't happen again. But David I have to warn you, you keep doing what you are doing right now something either very bad or very good is going to happen to me and might scare you"

(D) Cool. "I'll give you the tingles if you give me the tingles. I don't have much time my mom is waiting for me outside".

(G) Oh shit his mother is waiting for him, now what the fuck do you do asshole, you're in a gym shower getting jerked off by, shit I don't even know how old he is, a pre pubescent cute as hell, brown haired, hazel eyed boy with a 3 inch cut cock and he has his small hand around your meat. You better think quick asshole "We should stop then David, if your mom is waiting and waits to long she will have someone come check on you. I don't think they would take kindly to finding you in the shower with a complete stranger, even if it is for your safety because of the slippery floor in here, especially in our condition".

(D) I've gone this far pump him harder, mom knows I take long showers after swim. I want to see what his huge dick can do.

(G) "Oh my god David you are going to make me cum".

(D) That's the idea "Do it".

(G) Oh fuck me all I wanted was a peek and now I'm going to cum all over him.

(G) I'm never going to get to sleep I can't get David out of my mind. He is so fucking cute. I want to fuck his tight little ass, and suck his little cock and balls. I want to see if he can take my cock in his mouth and his ass. I want every inch of his body to be mine. Today is a day I'll never forget. I got a 10 year old boy, four foot tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, three and a half inch completely hairless cut cock, skinny arms and legs, small hands and feet to shower with me at the Y and I blew my load all over him. Holding him in my arms his cock rubbing against my side, my hand on his small ass, and his arms around my neck hanging on as if I saved him from drowning in a raging river.

Well picking him up and holding him in the cradle position was a good idea when we heard the voices of the others coming into the showers, his arms wrapped around my neck, my right hand on his ass my finger in his crack, my left hand pulling his cock until he moaned in my ear that he made it to climax. Thank god we made it out of the showers before the other two men got out. I'll never forget that smile of his as he ran out the locker room door.

"Davey it's time for bed, brush your teeth and go to bed"

(D) "Yes mom". I hate that name. What's the point I can't sleep anyway but don't get in trouble. Today was awesome Goliath holding me in the shower his hand is bigger than my butt it's like being a baby again. His warmth against me, I feel safe in his huge arms. The tingles were the best I've ever had. That was so cool when we heard the two men coming into the shower he just picked me up with one hand. I'm not sure his finger in my butt was intentional but that felt great he can do it again. I can't wait until the next swim lesson I hope Goliath is there, at least I don't have to tie a knot in my suit again.

(G) Shit where is he? I've been here every day this week and he's still not here I wonder what happened to him.

(D) "Mom please let me go back to swimming"

"Honey I don't have time to take you and I can't afford to lose this job. Maybe later you can go back to swimming lessons just not right now I'm sorry but no".

(D) Shit now what do I do, maybe, just maybe, it's worth a shot "Mom if I can get a ride from school to the Y and get a ride home can I keep going to swim class?"

"What do you have in mind young man I don't want you hitching a ride with strangers".

(D) "Mom, Brian Hills is in the same swim class I can get a ride to swimming with him from school. If you trust me then I want you to meet someone. He works out at the Y. He's big but gentle, I was in a bind last week he helped me out of a jam. If you like him then maybe I can get a ride home with him. I know you're going to say he's a stranger, but if you take a little time to meet him and get to know him then he won't be".

"What kind of bind?" "I had a knot in my suit, he helped me untie it. Then I slipped and fell in the shower stall so he picked me up and made sure I wasn't hurt. His name is Greg. He is like a teddy bear just the size of a grizzly. I think you will like him I do. After I fell he stayed close by me but not in a creepy way, just in a caring way".

"Alright David, I will meet your big friend and we will see what happens. I want you to be happy". Boy was I happy when I was with Goliath.

(D) "So I can go swimming tomorrow? If you pick me up I will introduce you to Greg". "Okay dear, you can go tomorrow". YEEESSS!

(G) Let's go ten more reps, nine, eight, push `em out seven...

"Davey where are you going, don't run"

(D) "There he is mom, come on, jeez there you are I have been looking all over the place for you" Oh shit what if his story doesn't match mine, didn't think of that yesterday but here goes "Hi I wanted you to meet my mom. I told her how you helped me out last week in the lockers".

(G) The voice, the sweet voice is talking again. "Hello David how are you. Hi I'm Greg Goalith, excuse my sweaty condition ma'am"

(D) "Tehe, his friends call him `Goliath' mom. I told you he was big".

"Davey that is not nice, do not make fun of someone especially someone that can squash you like a bug. Excuse me I'm Marie Taylor, Davey's mother".

(G) "Nice to meet you. I thought you preferred to be called David not Davey"

(D) "I do, mom still thinks I'm a baby. I hate the name Davey but she still calls me it. At least everyone else calls me David"

(M) "I'm sorry David. Mr. Goalith do you have some time that we can speak. David has a question for you but I would like to ask a few questions of my own do you mind?"

(G) "Please call me Greg I will answer any questions as best I can Mrs. Taylor" Where the hell is this going, but oh to see him again, just to see his smile is worth the Spanish inquisition.

(M) "Please Marie. David seems to be fond of you. He said you helped him last week. David be quiet I would like to hear Greg's version of the story. Can you please tell me how you helped him?"

(D) Oh shit.

(G) Oh shit. "Well he had a knot in his suit. He asked me to help him untie it. I couldn't get it untied with the suit still on him so I forced the suit off of him. He followed me to the showers. The tile floor is very slippery. I have spoken to the management about it. I said they should have traction pads or something so people don't fall in the shower area. The locker room is an accident waiting to happen". God I hope I got it right.

(D) Give him a sign.

(M) "Thank you Greg, did anything else happen?"

(G) "Your son is like my son at his age, growing too fast for his body and is awkward and clumsy. He should also not run in the shower area".

(M) "So you did pick him up?"

(G) "Yes I did"

(D) Oh my god he got it right.

(M) "You have children. Can I ask you what you do for a living?"

(G) "Two questions, two answers, I have a son Jamie who is fourteen and a daughter Jackie who is twelve. They live with their mother in the Cleveland area with their step father. I have been divorced for six years. What I do for a living is teaching the hearing impaired. I teach sign language and speech therapy to all ages. It is a state funded program. I work at different schools with kids or colleges for adults. The youngest start about one year old I teach the parents and the child to say mommy or daddy with sign just like a normal baby would do. I teach my students to understand vibrations like you and I would have a conversation or recognize a sound. Do you know that a car horn can be felt as much as heard if you are taught what it feels like?"

(M) "I had no idea. And I am sorry. Davey, sorry David can be a handful sometimes and comes up with bull stories. He is all I have so I have to make sure he is safe".

(G) "I understand completely, but I am confused as well".

(M) "I work long hours for the Sheriff's department. David wants to continue his swim lessons, but I cannot drop him off or pick him up. Go ahead and ask your question"

(D) Here goes. "I was hoping that you can drive me home from swim. I think I can get a ride to the Y from school with Brian Hills' mom but they live on the other side of town on a farm. I want to stay in swimming but I need a way home. I told mom about you, the knot in the suit and falling in the shower. You're right I shouldn't run on the wet tiles. If I can get to swim lessons can you take me home?" This is going to work he will do anything and mom is buying it.

(G) Oh my god. "Sure no problem, I work out almost every day about this time. Marie since you work for the Sheriff's office I will even give you a copy of my driver's license or anything else you need. Run a background check on me I have nothing to hide. David is a good kid, like I said he reminds me of my son Jamie. We can get a copy of my application from the front desk it should have everything you need to check me out. I know they made a copy of my license and it has my cell phone and current address on it" Hide in plain sight.

(M) "I like that idea and I will do that. David trusts you and what you just said makes me trust you a little more around my son. I need to get back to work come on Davey, sorry David, how about I call you after the background check works out".

(D) "Can't I stay mom?"

(G) "Let your mom find out about me first. I wouldn't let my son or daughter stay with a complete stranger. Would it be inappropriate to ask if I might call upon you Marie for a social visit once the background check is complete? Give us some time to talk without me being totally sweaty, I can clean up I promise".

(M) "No it wouldn't be inappropriate Greg I would like to find out more about you, I do not have to work Sunday or Monday next week. I consider myself a half way decent cook. If the background checks come up clean why don't you bring David home from the Y on Monday and plan on staying for dinner"

(D) No way mom's got the hots for him the last guy was a total dweeb. I want to be with him and now he's going after my mother that's not right. You're an idiot he's using her to get to me, he's a flipping genius. Anything is better than Stanley the bug eyed, four eyed accountant. Talk about the creeps I would rather have mom with a muscle man than a balding short and fat accountant. "Mom can I learn sign language from Goliath uhm I mean Greg?"

(G) "Before you say anything it's not a problem. To answer the forthcoming question I am use to it and I am six foot eleven, two hundred fifty pounds and try to stay physically fit and yes my friends call me Goliath. If David wishes to call me that I don't have a problem with that. If things work out then I will call him sprout. I know I am mixing stories and metaphors if he wishes to learn sign language then I will teach him with your permission when he can tell the difference between the green giant and goliath in sign I will enroll him in a class. There is no tuition just hard work. It is best to learn with multiple percipients in the room to work with"

(D) "Mom I want to"

(M) "Very well. Let's get your paperwork so I can run a check on you. I need to use the ladies room can you keep an eye on David for a few minutes please?"

(D) "Oh my god it worked, you were perfect I thought for sure my ass was grass when she asked about last week can you really teach sign language."

(G) Oh this is going to be too much fun. "Tell me what I say when I say it in sign".

(D) "I don't know your mother wears combat boots?"

(G) "No I just repeated what you said `Oh my god it worked, you were perfect I thought for sure my ass was grass when she asked about last week can you really teach sign language. Let's try something simple for when you mom comes back. Just make your hands in the same position as mine. There she is I will help you just follow my lead".

(M) "What are you doing?"

(D) "Learning to sign mom, I'm not sure what it means yet".

(G) "It means I love you mom and you're the greatest"

(D) "Do it again, teach me to say I love you".

(G) "Simple, your hand on your heart and move it forward it is also a gesture of thanks or caring it really depends on what else is being said sign is an unusually simple and complex language at the same time. Think of the English language as you know it, and how many words sound the same with different meanings; there, their, they're, with sign you have to take the whole statement into context whether it comes from someone with bad spelling or doesn't know how to sign or someone that is so good with sign even I get lost because they talk to fast. Their hands are the only way they can communicate. Body language comes into play as well."

"In hand language you make letters out of your fingers to spell the words, do as I do and you will learn the letters I, L, O, V, E, Y, O, and U"

(M) "I've been gone five minutes and you taught my son to say I love you in sign?"

(G) "You asked me to watch him and I am now cooled down from my work out, besides he asked, I hope to see you two soon I need a shower good day to you both".

(D) "I told you, you would like him"

(M) "I'm late lets go".

(G) Jeez how long does a background check take it's been two days. "Hello".

(M) "Greg its Marie. I ran your information through the databases and it appears you have no criminal record. David is allowed to see you and you can drive him home after swimming. I have to go don't forget about dinner".

(G) "Yeah thanks see you soon".

(D) "Hi what are you doing here?"

(G) "I finished my workout early, I figured I would watch your swim lessons if that is alright with you. Then I can take you home afterwards".

(D) "This is my friend Brian his mom dropped us off for swimming but had to leave. He has to wait for his dad to pick him up. Would you mind if he hangs with us? Brian this is Greg or Goliath".

(G) "I don't mind, actually I can drive you both home if you want".

(D) "We live on opposite sides of town we are just friends from school and here at swimming".

(G) "Do you want to call your dad and ask him or we can stay with you until he gets here". Damn he is cute too.

(B) "Yeah that would be great, if you don't mind driving me home dad won't have to leave early or I have to sit here and wait for him".

(G) Man this is the longest hour there is waiting for them to get out of the pool, but the eye candy is worth it. There finally here they come. "You ready for the showers?"

(B) "Uhm showers?"

(G) "Yeah water you bathe with, get the chlorine off of you from the pool. You are familiar with the concept of bathing right?"

(D) "Brian it's alright, Goliath is cool. He will make sure we don't slip and fall in the showers".

(G) "You can do what you want I need a shower. David does your mom drink wine or something I don't want to show up empty handed tonight".

(D) "Yeah she will have a glass of wine, maybe two sometimes".

(G) I don't think Brian is going to give me much of a show. He's too shy to undress, and there are too many people in the lockers to get your hands on David. Hmm, maybe this will work to your advantage. "Since you guys don't seem to want to shower here, let's get Brian home first. David we can stop by my place and I can shower and change there before taking you home".

(D) "Okay, I would like to see your place". I want to see Brian naked but he doesn't seem to want to. Maybe if he gets use to Greg more he will lighten up.

(B) "Uhm thanks for the ride I'll see you tomorrow David"

(D) "Yeah see you Brian". "I really wanted to take a shower with him and you at the Y. I guess I'll just have to settle for taking one with you".

(G) "Brian is probably shy, but look at the bright side; there were too many people in the lockers today. This way I get you to myself. And if you'll let me I promise to give you the tingles even more than last time".

(D) "Tehe, what are you going to do?"

(G) "Strip you naked and suck on that cute little body of yours until you get the tingles, once your done I will start all over and do it again. I think I will start with your ears, move to your lips then your neck and down your smooth hairless chest and stopping at your nipples to drive you crazy then down to your belly button. I will bypass your little manhood until you beg me to take your hard little cocklet into my mouth and give you the best orgasm your little body has ever had. While I suck your cock I will play with your testicles and your butt giving you fits of pleasure, how does that sound?"

(D) "Tehe, its sounds crazy, but okay".

Greg did exactly what he said he was going to do to the boy. He stripped the boy and carried him to his bed. Sucked the boy's earlobes making the boy squirm on the bed. Kissing the boys lips pushing his tongue to part the boy's soft lips. David responded to Greg's every move with fits of giggles and laughter as Greg moved down the boy's body sucking each nipple into his mouth. Greg licked the boy's belly button causing more fits of laughter. His tongue moving all around the three and a half inch hairless circumcised boy cock without touching it. He licked the inside of the boy's thighs and down to behind his knees driving the child insane. Greg moved down to the boy's feet and toes sucking each small digit into his mouth.

(D) "Oh my god Greg, your driving me crazy, please.

Greg took the boy's cocklet into his mouth licking the entire shaft and the piss slit. Greg licked the boy's hairless testicles and licked the boy's ass crack. He pushed his tongue into the sphincter muscle making the boy go wild on the bed. Greg returned to the boy's cock. David held Greg's hair and lifted his hips to push more of himself into the big mans face. He arched his back as his dry climax shot through his entire body. David collapsed on the bed completely out of breath from the orgasm.

(G) "I said I would do it again but we are running out of time. Let's get in the shower so we are not late to get you home or for dinner".

(D) "That was awesome Greg".

Greg picked the naked boy up from the bed. David hung around his neck. Greg put him down in the shower with him and soaped the boy and himself. Greg shaved, dressed in casual slacks, button down shirt and a sport coat.

(D) "You look nice, mom will be impressed".

(G) "I hope so". I'm still horny as hell but I guess that will have to wait.

(G) "Good evening Marie, you look nice".

(M) "Thank you Greg, you do as well".

The three made small talk during and after dinner. A few glasses of wine for the adults and Marie started to relax more around Greg. David was sitting on his lap Greg had his big hand under the boy's shirt rubbing his belly and chest.

(G) "Marie if I may ask since David wants to learn sign language would it be alright for him to come to my place after swim lessons?" That way I can molest your son at my leisure in the privacy of my own apartment.

(M) "I guess that is alright, won't that mean more driving for you, the YMCA, your place, then here and then back, wouldn't it be easier on you just to teach him here?" I wouldn't mind to come home to a big strong man teaching my son. I might get something out of it as well and I don't mean sign language although it probably could be useful.

(G) "No big deal really, actually I took him there today. His friend Brian is on the shy side and didn't want to shower at the Y so I gave him a lift home, then I took David to my place so I could clean up".

(M) "Then I will leave that up to you".

Tuesday at the Y was the same as Monday, Brian refused to get undressed. Thursday was different.

(D) "Are you going to watch us swim again today?"

(G) "Not today. I will meet you in the locker room as soon as you're done".

(G) Good no one is in the lockers today. I'll wait for Brian and David to come in then pull my shorts off. Good here they come now.

Brian's eyes went wide when he saw Greg's big dick in front of him.

(D) "It's big isn't it Brian? Can you keep a secret?"

(B) "I guess so".

(D) "It's even more fun when it's hard. I like to play with it. I like when Goliath plays with mine too. You can join us if you want. If you don't want to that's okay too. Just don't say anything to anyone okay. I don't want to get him in trouble".

(G) Well I didn't see that one coming at me. "David is right Brian, please don't say anything".

David pulled his suit off and put it in his locker. His cock started to grow immediately. Brian watched as his friend got a boner. The front of Brian's suit started to grow as well.

(D) "The floor is slippery. Last week Greg carried me to the showers. If we just hold his hands we won't fall. Just don't run in the showers".

Brian untied his suit and lowered it revealing his three inch uncut hairless cock for his young friend and now his new friend to see.

(G) "Come on. David why don't you carry the soap give me your hands so you don't fall. Why don't you two share a stall, I'll be in the one next to you so we can share the liquid soap".

Both pre teens put their small hands into a huge hand and walked with the giant to the showers. Goliath pulled the curtain back and turned the water on for the boys. He poured handfuls of soap into the open hands and started the shower next to them.

(D) "I'll wash you Brian if you will wash me?"

(B) "What if we slip?"

(D) "Do you want Greg in here with us, we can all fit. If you slip Greg will catch you or do what I did and hang on to him".

(B) "Okay I will wash you but Greg should be close by just in case".

(G) Oh my god to watch two four foot tall ten year olds soaping each other up head to toe. I'm glad I got the sensitive skin liquid soap. Each had the others boner in a hand rubbing away. I definitely need to drop a nut soon, but don't scare Brian, he is coming out of his shell, just let them be. You will have time with David later after all he does want to learn to sign; maybe someday he will be ready to do something else.

(B) "This feels really good David"

(D) "I've wanted to do this with you since we met"

(B) "I think I have to pee I have a really strange feeling".

(G) "That isn't pee Brian you are about to have an orgasm. Just go with the feeling and enjoy it"

(B) "My knees are going to buckle"

(G) "I have you both, I won't let you fall. Just enjoy your first real orgasm". Oh the feeling of both their soapy little asses in my hands, this is true bliss watching each try to fuck the others hand. I just wish it was my mouth instead. Oh there they go, both climaxing at the same time, knees wobbling.

Goliath picked both boys up in one easy motion and put them under the water stream to rinse them off. When their breathing returned to normal he put the boys down leaning against the wall. They watched him soap himself and rinse. David reached for the engorged cock in front of him.

(G) "Later, we won't be alone for much longer, get dried and get dressed. Brian is one of your parents picking you up or do you need a ride?"

(B) "Dad should be here soon. Thanks David and you Greg that was awesome. I promise I will never tell anyone. You're my best friend David, you're my friend too. I was always afraid, now I'm not afraid anymore. I don't think I want to do that with a man but with David I would do that again".

(D) "Greg can you teach me that thing you did to me on Monday. I don't think I can do it to you because of your size, but I know I could do it to Brian. I just want to do it right like you did".

(B) "What are you talking about?"

(D) "You'll see that is if you will let me".

(G) Oh to be a fly on the wall for that one. Well you could let them use your apartment, no that's suicide. Maybe the boys would like to do a sleep over, not at your place fool at David's. The boys get to play with each other and maybe Marie will warm up to you some more, just keep feeding her wine. Goliath the six foot eleven father figure with a ten inch cock, David is warming up that way. A Friday night maybe you can take them to free swim on Saturday then take them home. Keep that idea in your back pocket, for now get them out of here and dressed before someone else comes in. "Come on out of the showers and get ready".

David and Goliath waited with Brian until his father arrived to pick him up. The usual introductions made, Goliath explaining that he is a friend of the family to the inquisitive Mr. Hills. The boys boasted how well they did in swimming lessons today. If a guess had to be made the smiles on the boys faces was not from the swimming lesson, but obviously Mr. Hills didn't need that piece of information at that particular time. Mr. Hills did inquire as to his son's lack of chlorine smell from the pool.

(B) "I took a shower here dad, so I don't need to take a bath later. Bye David I'll see you tomorrow, goodbye Mr. Greg".

(G) "Come on let's get you home too, and David the only real important lesson is keep your teeth out of the way just use your lips and tongue. I think you will figure out the rest on your own. I hope for your sake Brian wants to return the favor. My first time with another boy was oh I guess we were about nine, his name was Ronny and he slept over at my house. I had to take a bath so he just got undressed with me, said he should take a bath as well and we were in the tub together. Things just started to happen and soon we were rubbing our dicks together, rubbing a dick to a butt crack and eventually we figured out our mouths worked even better. I remember my dad making us put on our pajamas before going to bed but we didn't stay in them very long, we slept naked together in my bed messing around all night long. We put our pajamas back on in the morning after sneaking across the hallway naked to take a leak".

(D) "Wow, you just gave me an idea and a boner again. I wonder if Brian would like to sleep over at my house or I could sleep over at his".

(G) A seed well planted. "Would you like for me to take care of that boner of yours for you, we can work on your signing lessons for a while".

(D) "Yeah but mom is going to be home early tonight, I was suppose to tell you that earlier sorry Goliath we still can work on my sign language at my house, maybe you can stay for dinner".

(G) "Here call your mom and tell her we are on the way". So much for dropping a nut with David.

(D) "Mom said you are welcome for dinner".

(M) "David get off Greg's lap and help with the dishes".

(D) "Okay, but I am learning to sign, Mom can I invite Brian Hills for a sleep over sometime?"

(M) "Sure honey how about next weekend"

(D) "Tehe, Mom can we invite Greg to sleep over too?"

Goliath was biding his time gaining trust with the boys but getting frustrated that he could not get any relief for himself. Brian would only mess around with David, even if Goliath was around to make sure they didn't fall in the slippery showers. Another problem was someone else was always around in the lockers. Sure is perfectly normal for a couple of ten year olds to shower together and make a lot of noise in the process so the other men in the lockers would just look on with the amazement of childhood fun, or was it something else. The fact that the guy closest to the boys on a regular basis could rip your arms off and beat you to death with your own limb might keep the other predators at bay away from the boys. The problem was the protector was also a predator.

The following Thursday after David's swim lessons and Goliath's workout.

(G) "To bad there were too many people in the locker room, your mom is working late tonight right, why don't we go to my apartment to work on your signing and have some fun".

(D) "Okay"

(G) "David you are driving me wild, you are so hot I want your naked body next to mine"

Goliath spoke with his hands at the same time to teach David what he just said, David signed back to Goliath with a smile on his face. `I am all yours'. Goliath undressed the boy and then himself. Goliath kissed the boy with passion, he moved to the boy's smooth chest and sucked the boy's nipples into his mouth. Goliath was nothing but lust for the boy, he took the boy's small cock and balls in his mouth sucking the boy to pleasure. Goliath spread the boy's legs to gain access to his crack and his hole.

(G) "I know you are afraid and don't want my dick in you but is my tongue allowed in your bum?"

(D) "Yes, even your finger is okay but your dick is too big for me. I want to please you Goliath but your right I am afraid of the size of your dick"

Goliath nodded his acknowledgement and buried his tongue into the boy's freshly cleaned and rinsed sphincter sending the boy into spasms of pleasure waves as his young body was being assaulted by his adult lover. Goliath returned to the boy's balls and shaft in time to send him over the edge, Goliaths thick finger replaced the tongue in the boy's ass, when he touched the prostate gland the boy lost all control and climaxed a dry orgasm, his little cock twitching like mad in the giant's mouth, his small hands tugging at the man's hair.

(D) "That is so awesome Goliath I love the way you make me feel".

(G) "Let me get off humping you. I will not try to put my dick in your butt, but I want to rub myself between your legs my dick touching your dick and balls, maybe rub my dick in your ass crack, I will not hurt you I promise"

(D) "I know you won't hurt me".

Goliath took the boy to the couch and sat the boy on top of him with his ten inch cut cock sticking up between the boy's legs. David leaned back against the man's chest. The boy closed his legs around the large shaft and started to move his hips up and down so his ass crack and his tiny cock and balls rubbed against Goliath creating friction for Goliath and ecstasy at the same time.

(G) "God you feel wonderful David, keep doing that for me".

David took his pleasure to a new level. He continued to hump himself up and down pleasing his man; he wrapped his small hands around the large crown of the dick and pumped it in rhythm with his gyrations. Goliath had his big hands wrapped around the boy's waist helping him lift up and down. David used his thumbs to stimulate the crown right at the piss slit. Goliath lasted fifteen minutes before he exploded sending spurt after spurt of ropes of cum all over the boy. He hit the boy in the chin with the first volley of cum. The rest landed on his chest his cock and balls.

(D) "Look at me I'm a mess I guess we need showers again".

(G) "That was awesome David".

Brian's sleepover Friday evening at Marie and David's house.

(M) "Greg can I ask you something?"

(G) "Sure"

(M) "Well it's kind of personal. You have been bringing David home from swimming for what two weeks now. And you have come over for dinner a couple of times and I think we have enjoyed each others company. I know David looks up to you and is quite fond of you"

(G) "Here comes the but"

(M) "Well I don't know if you are gay or just not interested in me sexually? You haven't made any advances on me"

(G) I didn't see that one coming either. "Okay are we going to be completely honest with each other and not go screaming into the night or grab the boys and running for your life. I have had homosexual encounters in my life. The first time I was a boy just about the age of David and Brian. It was a sleep over very much like tonight is and we well one thing led to another. After the divorce I also experimented with a man. It didn't work out as I planned. As for you I do find you attractive but I was trying to take things slowly, let you make the first move. I have a tendency to scare people away one because of my size. Anything you would like to confess?"

(M) Well you started this. "Okay I have also had bi-sexual relations. To be completely honest with you and myself the thoughts are still in my head. For me it was high school and college. In high school it was strictly girl on girl. My roommate in college went both ways and introduced me to two girls and one guy action. What do you mean a sleep over like tonight do you know something that I don't know? And you said for one because of your size what else?"

(G) You got that right. Oh well here goes. "Before I can answer that I have to ask are you an open minded person and are you going to call the cops?"

(M) What is he trying to or not trying to tell me. You know David is in love with him. "Okay yes and no. I am and will be open minded and no I will not call the cops".

(G) "Alright if David and Brian are not already experimenting in the tub then they will be later on when they go to bed. They mess around with each other in the showers at the Y. I know because I am the body guard for them. I don't let anyone get near them. There are plenty of roaming eyes not to mention the drool factor for naked boys with hard ons. Brian is coming around to the fooling around factor with David. David is much more outgoing and even conniving in his efforts. Remember when we first met and you asked about the suit and the showers?"

(M) "Yes go on, and I promise not to call the cops".

(G) "He planned the whole thing. I saw him tie his suit so he needed my help. I was more than happy to oblige his little game I still am. They hang on me for safety, its bogus and just a game. If I had to guess the whole thing of asking me to drive him home so he can stay in swimming lessons is because your son wants to be with me". Your fucked the cops will be here in ten seconds. Worse, you just ratted David out to his mom.

(M) "I'm glad you are honest with me, I had my suspicions about David. You didn't answer the other question though what else makes people shy away from you?"

(G) "Well you have heard of the big hands big feet theory, yes? Well it's true. My cock is ten inches long and quite thick men can't take it, some women can't take it. David is fascinated with it, now Brian is too. They like looking at it when they mess around in the showers. The first guy I experimented with, well he was eighteen I almost ripped him in half. He wanted rough sex I gave him what he wanted, it was a mistake. Even my ex wife couldn't handle it, she was better after Jamie was born but before that well there wasn't much pleasure for either of us, after Jackie was born that was the end of our sex life. We stayed together for the kids' sake as long as we could and then just moved on".

(M) Wow this I have to see. "You haven't tried anything with Davey have you?"

(G) "David knows my cock is too big, he does enjoy the pleasures of sex. The idea of the sleep over was to try different things with his best friend I hope you understand that and let the boys be unless you want them out of the tub before they prune up. If you want me to leave I will do so now and never see them again. I will find another gym with adults only membership. I can also transfer to a different location. David is special and I would like to continue to be part of his life but that is entirely up to you".

(M) "Wow you're honest and vague at the same time. Excuse me for one moment".

Marie knocked on the bathroom door.

(M) "Boys you have been in there long enough, get dry, brush your teeth and get ready for bed, come say good night and then lights out".

The boys were wriggling around in the tub like a couple of horny eels, one on top then the other, rubbing little boy cocks together to get that tingly feeling then rolling in the water for the other to take his turn. David was on the bottom and rolled over so Brian could slide his wet cocklet in David's ass. A few minutes later then Brian took the same position rubbing his cocklet on the floor of the tub and David could rub his boy hood in Brian's butt. The boys were not trying to penetrate each other just enjoying the feelings and the actions.

(D) Shit my mom. "Uhm we will be right out mom give us a couple of minutes to get dry" and lose our boners. I wonder if this is what Goliath was talking about when his dad almost caught him and his friend.

(B) "My mom and dad will kill me".

(D) "Shhhh lets go"

(M) "As for you Mr. Goalith, David trusts you and I trust David as I said I will not call the cops on you. Once the boys come out to say goodnight then we shall pour some more wine and see if you are telling the truth. I have also gone through child birth twice. David's father was non existent in his life, more like a one hit wonder and the second child I gave up for adoption because I was raped. If I feel I am being raped by you then your life is over. Otherwise I would like you to make love to me tonight".

(G) "I guess that is one way to take the initiative, the direct approach".

(M) "I am not looking for a long term relationship or asking you to marry me. I was very young when I got pregnant with David, I just haven't had much luck with men lately and to be honest I am horny. I assure you that you don't have to worry about getting me pregnant".

(G) "I appreciate that condoms are uncomfortable for me".

The boys came out of the bathroom dressed in pajamas ready to say goodnight and get to bed. Well sort of anyway, the bottoms of their pjs were still tented in the front.

(D) "Goodnight mom, goodnight Mr. Greg. Mom are you going to take us swimming tomorrow?" Boy I hope they don't see my boner.

(B) "Goodnight Mrs. Taylor, Goodnight Mr. Greg". Boy I hope they don't see my boner.

(M) "Good night boys. Greg can take you if he wishes he will be here in the morning. From what I see from your pajama bottoms would you like Mr. Greg to tuck you in bed tonight? It's okay boys I understand and give my permission. Greg don't take to long to tuck the boys in, I will have the wine".

(G) "I promise not to be to long. Come on boys, I'll get you started on those tents of yours, did you enjoy your bath?"

(D/B) "Yes".

Greg led the boys to David's room and put them on David's bed next to each other with their feet hanging off the bed.

(G) "Brian, would it be alright if we put your penis in our mouths? I'll start with David to show you since I have done it to him before".

(D) "Brian it is the greatest feeling that is what I want to do to you, Goliath pull your dick out for us"

Greg knelt in front of David and pulled the pajama top over his head then lowered the bottoms and spread the boy's knees to gain access to his boy cock and balls. Greg moved to Brian and repeated the process. Greg picked the pajamas up and folded them and put them on the chair.

(G) "I don't think you boys will be needing these tonight. I explained everything to your mom David. We will see you boys in the morning goodnight".

(D/B) "Goodnight Mr. Greg".

(M) "Whoa you aren't kidding, no wonder the boys are fascinated with your penis I am too".

(G) "You're not a screamer are you? The boys are right next door".

David took his friends cock into his mouth remembering not to use his teeth.

(B) "David if we turn around I can try to sucks yours as well".

(D) "Don't use your teeth".

The boys clumsily managed to 69 each other and gave their best friend a blow job until they both got the tingles. They got under the covers of David's bed still naked. Brian's sleeping bag was empty for the night.

The boys woke up around 9:30 on Saturday, put their pajamas back on and headed for the kitchen with smiles on their small cute faces. They decided that Goliath's lap seemed like a good place to sit while Marie made pancakes for everyone. Goliath figured the best place for his hands was inside the boys' pajama bottoms.

(M) "Did you boys sleep alright? And Goliath do you really think it is appropriate to have your hands in the boys' pajamas fondling them in front of me?"

(G/D/B) "Yes".

(M) "David, well this might go for you too Brian, Goliath, now you have me calling him that, Greg explained a lot last night while you boys were uhm bathing. I said I would be open minded and I will be. I understand your feelings for Greg and now for Brian. Greg was very honest with me, as I was. I want you to have the same quality, be honest with me and I will let you do what you want. With that said I know you are fascinated with the size of his penis. I don't think Greg will but if he or any other man for that matter tries to put a penis in your behind you must say no and then you must tell me. I slept with Greg last night and his penis is even large for me and I am a woman okay?"

(D) "Yes mom. I know he would like to but we both know it's too big for me. We did find a way that works though".

(M) "Oh what's that?"

(D) "Well I sit on him and close my legs around his penis. I used my hands on the top part, tehe, we could show you if you want".

(B) "I would like to see it. I use to be afraid but not anymore. Mr. Greg you can do to me what you do to David. I promise I will never tell anyone, well now except for Ms. Marie that is".

(M) "After breakfast, now quit fondling the boys and wash your hands, which goes for you two as well, no telling where they have been all night. Pancakes are ready". Why am I turned on with the thought I should be disgusted but I'm not, I'm just as bad as he is and I like it.

(D/B) "Tehe, okay".

After the breakfast dishes were cleaned up.

(G) "Can I borrow a towel I don't want to make a mess on your couch".

(M) "Do you have anything left to make a mess with? You did a wonderful job last night, thank you". Jesus he made me cum three times and twice himself. David is right he is a teddy bear just the size of a grizzly bear. Very nimble fingers too.

(G) "Do you guys want to help undress me, I want to take your pajamas off of you again it gets me hot undressing boys in pajamas"

(M) "Again? You have done this before?"

(G) "Last night, I let the boys sleep naked in the bed. I use to get a hard on undressing my son Jamie when he was younger. I never did anything with him just enjoyed putting on the pajamas after his bath and taking them off of him in the morning. He always seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, he always had a woody when he got on the bus for school".

(M) "I hope he isn't built like you that would be embarrassing trying to hide a hard on. These two couldn't even hide it last night after their bath".

(G) "No but he is above average, he has a good six inches at fourteen and growing. His is much thinner; he will probably top out around eight inches but nowhere near the girth"

(M) "This is inappropriate in front of the boys but what about your daughter?"

(G) "Petite like her mother, blond hair, blue eyes, wears braces for now but they should come off soon. If you want to see paintings and sketches I did of them come over to my apartment."

(M) "Paintings? You paint as well?"

(G) "Yes, I have painted and sketched them many times along with many other subjects. Actually I would like to paint David to add to my collection, with your permission of course. Brian I am not including you because I don't think your father would approve, I don't know about how your mother would react either. Many of my subjects are either partially or completely nude. I don't just use my hands for sign language".

(M) "Come again you paint nude subjects even your own kids?"

(G) "Yes, haven't you ever taken an art class and a nude model or student was the subject. In most college art studies the human body is a basic requirement. Don't go twisted on me, the models of my work are all adults with the exception of my own children and my ex wife knows and consented to it. I even did a few of her. I did do a nude sketch of a friend's son who is a minor but Jim Riley was in the room as I did it".

(M) "Now I'm getting upset has David seen these paintings?"

(G) "No, I have a few around the apartment that are seductive and tasteful at the same time, nothing that you wouldn't find in an art gallery. The nudes of Jamie and Jackie are hanging in the second bedroom that I use as a work space which is locked. The sketches are in a portfolio that I also keep in the work space. The others have been sold or are in a temperature controlled storage unit. If I sell something I have written permission to do so with a royalty fee paid to the subject".

(D) "I had no idea you painted those, mom I want to see the rest of them".

(M) "Okay now I'm not so upset. David you cannot see them until I see them first. You can see what I let you see".

(G) "I think show and tell is over for this morning, we can save it for later. Why don't you boys get ready for swimming and why don't you come with us or meet us later I will be happy to show you my collection". I need to rest up anyway I think this is going to be an interesting afternoon.

(M) "Alright, I told Pat Hills that Brian would be home by five, you take them to swimming I have a few errands to run, I'll meet you at the YMCA and we can take the rest of the day from there". Remember to bring the K-Y Sensations with you.

(B) "Ms. Marie, can I sleep over again sometime? I would ask David to sleep over my house but I don't think we will have as much fun".

(M) "Yes you can dear as long as your parents agree to it".

(M) "This is a nice apartment and you're right the artwork is tasteful but I would give it more eroticism then just seductive well at least to me I guess it is the way you captured the look of desire in her eyes and mouth with the tongue out the body language shows lust for the beholder. This one is nice too he seems happy. Obviously David has seen these since they are out here".

(G) "Thanks David has seen them, let me show you my work area. This is my son Jamie when he was twelve, and this is Jackie, I did this last year when she was eleven. My portfolio is over here help yourself".

(M) WOW his daughter is delicious I shouldn't have such thoughts about a girl but I would love to spend hours with her young nude body. "Greg these are fantastic, your children are quite beautiful your son looks like you, and your daughter is stunning to say the least".

(G) "Thanks".

(M) "These are good too, boys you can come in and look with me".

(D) "Whoa that is your son and daughter? Brian look at his wiener it's bigger than both of ours together and he doesn't even have a boner".

(B) "I'm going to have one soon, she is beautiful".

The three continued to go through the artwork going from nude to nude and back again. Marie and Brian were fixated on Jackie, where David had more interest in the nude painting of Jamie and another nude male done in pencil. The boys had to adjust themselves.

(D) "Who is this?"

(G) "His name is Charlie, he was eighteen and the first man, well almost man that I put my dick into. I ended up hurting him. He was a college student and made a couple of bucks modeling for the art department".

(M) "Well these are very nice, you can use David as a model; I have to admit you could be a professional, when will you see your kids again, do they come here?"

(G) "If I tried to make a living at this I would starve to death, I will see Jamie and Jackie when school is out for a couple of weeks. David you really like that one don't you, you can have it if you want. That goes for all of you, if you find one you like please take it".

(D) "Cool, he's cute, not as cute as you or your son but he comes close".

(M) "Do you have another one of your daughter I have to admit how striking she is, if she is anything like her father I would like to meet her maybe do things to your daughter that you do to my son".

(G) "I can arrange for you to meet her, but she is very much like her mother and prudish, so you might have a tough time getting into her panties. Your son on the other hand seems quite conniving and content that I can get into his panties anytime I please, which is right now".

(D) "Tehe I don't wear panties, panties are for girls".

David smiled at Goliath. Goliath picked the boy up easily and carried him to the bedroom and tossed the giggling boy on the bed with a thud. The boy's shoes and socks came off very quickly then the t-shirt over the head. The large fingers quickly undid the button of the jeans and the zipper.

(G) "We will see about that won't we, even if you don't wear them now I bet you would if I asked you to".

(D) "Tehe your right I would wear them for you".

Brian and Marie came and stood at the doorway to watch the onslaught of Goliath attacking David. The boy's pants and underwear came off in one motion. Goliath lowered his face to the boy's face and pressed his lips to the boy's lips. David parted his lips waiting for the tongue to enter his mouth and touch his own tongue. Goliath licked the boy's ears and kissed his neck moving his way down the boy's body. Goliath stopped at the boy's tiny nipples. David was helpless and in heaven with Goliath tending to his body.

(M) "You might as well join them".

Marie lifted the shirt over Brian's head and tossed it to the pile. Brian gave no resistance to his best friend's mother stripping him as they watched Goliath suck on David's nipples causing ecstasy in the boy's young smooth body.

Goliath left the nipples behind to advance to the belly button and the waiting stiff little three and a half inch pole pointing at the ceiling fan.

Marie knelt behind Brian to remove his shoes and socks. Brian's pants and underwear soon joined David's on the floor. Marie wrapped one arm around Brian's torso holding him close to her and took his three inches of uncut boy cock in her hand playing with the foreskin exciting the boy further.

Goliath continued with the boy on the bed, spreading the boy's legs apart so his big head could access his cock, his tiny tight balls and David's forbidden fruit his asshole, forbidden from his huge cock but not so for his tongue and his finger as he sucked the boy to a climax. David laid on the bed slain by the monster Goliath.

(M) "Go to him, if you want him to stop just say so".

Brian laid down next to his heavily breathing best friend waiting for his turn to begin. Goliath repeated the process spending extra time playing with the boy's foreskin to reveal the crown and piss slit it was hiding.

Marie left the boys to return to the work area, she leaned against the desk staring at the blond girl on the wall. She admired the artwork as it depicted a young preteen girl completely naked and hairless with the small breasts starting to form, one arm outstretched, and the other bent at the elbow with a hand on her just developing hips. The girl was lying on her side, one leg straight, the other leg spread and bent displaying her soft mounds of her pussy with the clitoris barely visible but there. Marie's hand found its way to her own pussy to stimulate herself as she fantasized about the blond girl in front of her.

Brian's climax mimicked David's arched back trying to push more of himself into Goliath's mouth with the huge finger buried in his butt teasing and tormenting the boy's prostate gland at the same time.

Marie could not help herself and moved from the desk to the painting on the wall and pressed her own lips to the painted pussy lips as she reached her own climax, her juice dripping on her finger and in her panties. She pulled away from the painting, removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips.

(M) "I wish it could have been with you in the flesh sweet Jackie".

Marie returned to the bedroom.

(M) "Boys its time to slay Goliath, get him undressed".

The boys tag teamed the giant to get him stripped. The ten inch long, three plus inch thick circumcised cock continued to fill with blood, the large hairy balls hanging heavily below. Goliath propped himself up with pillows against the headboard so he was in a semi-upright position. Goliath had a boy on each side of him, they on their knees facing each other over top of him.

(D) "Brian do you want do it with him first, or do you want me to show you how first. When he shoots his sperm whoever is on top of him is going to be a mess".

(B) "Show me then I'll take over".

(D) "Straddle him like this, then close your legs around his dick, hump up and down like this, I use my hands up on top".

(M) "Oh baby that is great but hold on one second I can make it even better".

Marie went to her purse and pulled the K-Y Sensations oil out.

(M) "Spread your legs we will lube you and his dick up it will feel like a warm wet pussy for him, here you too Brian".

Marie lubed up both boys inner thighs and the base of Goliath's cock. David closed his legs and resumed his humping. Marie leaned in to the big cock and licked all around the tip then took the tip into her mouth leaving saliva behind.

(B) "Okay I got it, I'll do it".

David got off and Brian took his place and closed his thighs around the cock and rubbed his own cock and balls against the monster as he humped it with the help of Goliath's huge hands. David saw his mom lick the tip so he figured he could do it too so his face was close to his big and little best friends. Marie undid her pants and her hand returned to her pussy as the boys fucked Goliath.

(G) "Oh my god you boys are fantastic, keep going, make me cum, that's it make me cum, yeesss you boys are great, that's it make me shoot all over you, UHHHHHHHHHHH"

David took the first volley right in the face which stunned him and he flinched backwards. His hands replaced where his face was and he pumped the monster, the second shot got Brian in the chin, the remaining shots of cum dripped down his chest and covered David's hands. David kept rubbing the cum onto Goliath's cock head hitting all the nerve endings sending the giant into orgasm ecstasy driving the savage beast wild.

Marie leaned in between her son's fingers and extended her tongue and flicked the piss slit as the monster roared from being slayed, Marie climaxed again and fell onto Brian, and David fell forward to add to the pile of spent bodies on the monster of a man known as Goliath.

Hope you enjoyed it.