David and Goliath2

This is the continuation of the tale of David and Goliath. Greg Goalith (Goliath) will tell most of the story from the first persona. RJT10000@Gmail.com

(M) "Oh my god look what you did to them they are both covered in cum, and you filled me up twice last night you're a monster".

(G) "Yeah but it sure felt good"


My apartment isn't that big and certainly not the bathroom so a four way shower wasn't going to work to clean up from our cum fest, well my cum fest but I knew Marie made her own mess in her panties. Marie said she could wait so I put the boys in the tub and knelt on the mat to clean up the boys. Young boys are awesome and amazing as how many times they can get or be able to keep a hard on. You can't please them enough although I certainly do try. I left the bathroom door open so Marie could keep an eye on us but she had more interest in my artwork than two naked boys in a bathtub getting the cum washed off of them and another give me the feeling session from me.


David is a sneaky, horny boy and cute as hell. Just over four foot tall, brown hair that is halfway over his ears, hazel eyes that twinkle when he gets that I'm looking for trouble and know how to find it look. His eyes are the windows to his soul and his mischief's ways; you can read him like a book. If I could read brail like I can sign then his lightly tanned smooth hairless body would be the bible. Thin framed small arms and hands, his legs are in a growing spurt which are thin almost skinny and are too long for the rest of him. When he runs he is awkward and almost kicks his cute little behind doing so. He has a great smile that will melt your heart when he throws one at you. His two little oval shaped globes that make up his ass are to die for and any boy lover's dream, soft well shaped and closed tight when he walks. He has small feet that are ticklish and so are his ribs, belly and under his arms will drive him crazy. His boy cock is average for his age, an inch and a quarter soft, which it never is, and three and a half at full mast sticking straight out from his body. It is as thick as my pinky but that isn't a fair scale to judge by, the size of an average man's middle finger would do it justice. The pinkish purple head sitting on the top of his cock shows no signs of scarring from when he was circumcised. His balls are small and his nut sac is smooth and still close to his body with no signs of changing anytime soon. He weighs sixty to sixty-five pounds. David is a boy lover's wet dream, well at least to this one. My nickname for him is sprout, he can sign the difference between green giant and goliath but he likes the name I gave him.

I feel sorry for Brian because his parents are so strict and tight asses he is paranoid, reclusive and shy about almost everything, well until now anyway before David put his plan into action to stay in swimming lessons. Now the two are inseparable. Brian is about a half an inch shorter than David with reddish brown hair cut close and over his ears. He has a few freckles on his face and his arms, fair skinned and burns easily in the sun, light brownish gray eyes that don't show much emotion unless he is with David, then they light up with thrill, excitement and joy. There is a wonder or curiosity factor to his eyes, always trying to figure something out, not sure about something but afraid to ask the question about what he sees or feels, maybe he's trying to figure out what's right and wrong in his little world. Brian also is slim built very much like David. The outstanding difference is his boy cock is smaller, uncut and hooks to the right with a snorkel for a foreskin covering his crown. One other major difference between them is Brian is not ticklish, if he is he buries that emotional response to physical contact deep within him. He does make noise for other types of physical contact usually in the Ooh, Aah and Please categories. Brian is still in his tortoise shell but is willing to stick his neck and his boy cock out further and further every day.

Marie, Hum how to describe Marie. A loaded pistol comes to mind. Five foot four, brown hair past her shoulder blades with a natural curl at the ends, she could afford to lose a few pounds around the middle section but not unattractive or over weight by any means. Hazel eyes like her son, small nose and pink lips. She has a tendency to overdo the makeup factor trying to be something or someone she is not. If she admitted to herself that there is nothing wrong with being average she would be more attractive. Her breasts are large, too large for her size, but soft with large nipples. Her tits are just as fuckable wrapped around my cock as her pussy, just like David's thighs and his ass crack are.

Jamie is my fourteen year old son is five foot seven inches tall, one hundred twenty pounds, short blond hair with blue eyes, his chest is hairless, and he shows a few blond hairs under his arm pits, he has a patch of blond pubes over his three inch flaccid circumcised cock which stretches to six inches hard and about an inch thick. Jamie is lucky that his boy hood is more normal sized than mine is or ever was.

Jackie is my twelve year old daughter, five foot three inches tall, long blond hair past her shoulder blades, ninety two pounds, blue eyes, braces on her teeth but not the real ugly ones, the ones that are practically invisible to make her still attractive while her teeth straighten. Her breasts are just forming her nipples the size of quarters, she is still hairless around her small pussy.


Spring Break

(Greg) "I have a surprise for both of you; Jamie and Jackie are coming to town next week." I thought for sure Marie was going to faint. "I pick them up at the airport Friday evening".

I picked my son and daughter up at the airport, and told them about Marie, David and Brian. Well not everything but my children know who and what I am so they got the idea of what happens. Jamie is more open about things than Jackie but both like the sensual nature of my artwork and enjoy posing nude as my models.

David was awestruck with my son Jamie as soon as we walked in the door. Marie was just as infatuated with Jackie.

(Marie) "Greg, are you sure you and the kids don't want to stay here at the house, I know it's no castle but it is bigger than your apartment, the couch pulls out as a bed and we do have the spare bedroom, David can sleep on the couch and Jamie and Jackie can have the two bedrooms".

(Greg) "Well I appreciate the offer; I have a large class to teach tomorrow I was going to take them with me to help out. I don't get to see them very often anymore. What do you guys think, stay here with Marie and David in a bed of your own to sleep in or share the pullout at my apartment with me. By the way I am surprised Brian isn't here, it is Friday night I figured he would be sleeping over with you sprout".

(David) "Brian got grounded, he threw a dodge ball that ricocheted of the school wall and hit Mrs. Tanner in the back of the head almost knocked her over. He started to laugh and didn't apologize fast enough so the witch dragged him to the principal's office for a time out and a tongue lashing".

(Marie) "Young man would you like to tell the rest of the story truthfully".

(David) "Okay Brian threw the ball but didn't mean to hit her it was an accident. He started to laugh and I busted out laughing with him and started to sing `Ding Dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead'. We both got dragged to the principal's office and got chewed out. Brian couldn't keep a straight face anymore and that made her even madder. Then the principal chewed us out and he called mom first to tell her all about the disrespect to a teacher. Well she is a witch we have seen her land in the parking lot, she keeps it in the closet. Anyway Brian started to hum the stupid song again and the witch went ballistic on us. Brian isn't the only one that is grounded, so am I but mom isn't as bad with punishment as Brian's parents are. He should get out of home jail tomorrow afternoon or maybe Sunday. At least we are off from school all next week".

(Marie) "What else young man".

(David) "Okay, okay I am to receive corporal punishment for my actions. It was my idea in the first place but the ball was only suppose to go past her head, not hit her in the back of it. I didn't think Brian could hit anything or anyone with the ball. He never does when playing the game, he always throws a wide shot when aiming at someone, who knew the wide shot would take the perfect bounce off the wall and bean the witch in the back of the head".

(Marie) "David you have to stop calling her a witch".

(David) "Mom you went to parent teacher night, you talked to her what do you think of her? If I have to be honest than so do you".

Marie started to laugh (Marie) "If a spinning house fell on her the school system would be better off without her. So would the education of our children in her care. Now finish the story and pose your options of punishment".

(David) "I don't know how to say this because Jamie and Jackie are here but I convinced mom after school that I would rather be spanked by you than her method of the wooden spoon, so my options are a wooden spoon or your big hand, mom agreed to let you make the choice".

(Greg) Jackie and Jamie were definitely interested in what I would say, looking on with eyes of wonder what dad would do. I thought of my options with David and what I did with my kids. I have spanked my kids when necessary, the only time that I have tanned them making their butts red and couldn't sit for a day was when Jamie was eight and Jackie six. They saw a clown across the street trying to get attention yelling `Come on kids, come on over', big city and lots of traffic. They both ran against the red light for the clown almost getting killed by the traffic. The clown is lucky to still be alive, he doesn't need to wear a red ball on his nose anymore, my fist took care of his looks permanently. Even though we live in the burbs now, trust me my kids will never cross a street again without looking both ways or going the few extra steps to the crosswalk and waiting for the light to change. When they do cross a major intersection they hold hands looking both ways and move as quickly as they can.

(Jamie) "Dad's got that look again, you hit a nerve David but trust me he won't hit you that hard, you were having fun and that teacher doesn't understand what fun is supposed to be, it's called recess for a reason. How can you get in trouble when it is the Friday before spring break, no kid wants to be in school today our mom pulled us out early so we could get to the airport to come see dad".

(Greg) "Well I don't think your crime deserves corporal punishment, maybe private punishment instead, if the witch died it would be different story and you are an accomplice or the instigator to what the school considers a crime. Do you know anything about military life sprout?"

(David) "No, well yes, when you see someone in a military uniform you say thank you but not about military life".

(Greg) "Good answer, well there is nothing private about a private's life in the army, they get marched around, told what to do, when to do it and if they do it wrong they get yelled at, punished and are made to do it again until they get it right, not just once but get it right every time. Since your crime seems to be of a minor insolence I will let a minor carry out your punishment Private Sprout, you can have your choice of Corporal Jackie or Sergeant Jamie to give you your spanking. I say ten whacks is sufficient but for each whack you must use sign language to sign `I will not sing a stupid song like ding dong the witch is dead when the witch is too close to hear me'. Does that sound like fair punishment Major Mom?"

(Marie) "Yes but with an added stipulation General as you said there is no privacy in a privates life, when I spank him he is bare assed, and well you have to be the judge on the sign language but if he gets it wrong then he must do it again, the spanking continues until he can sign the message ten times in a row".

(Greg) "Five times in a row varying from finger sign to full sign with some leniency for spelling errors, so who is going to be your punisher sprout?"

(Jackie) "I'll do it we have a teacher that is almost the same at school".

(David) "I'll take Sergeant Jamie for the spanking, Goliath uhm Greg uhm your dad said you sign very well, maybe you can help me if I get stuck, if I can ask in sign for a clue would that be alright?"

(Greg) "Then shut your mouth and use your hands Jamie can sign as well". Well Marie said bare assed so I pulled his shirt up and undid his pants and pulled them and his looms down to his ankles.

(D in sign) `Don't hit me too hard Jamie'.

Jamie sat on the couch and David waddled over to his punisher, leaned over his lap to receive the first slap. Jamie reached under the 10 year old private to adjust his stuff in his lap. Jamie gave him the first slap.

(D in sign) `I will not sing ding dong the witch is dead when the witch is too close'

(Greg) "Not exact but that was very good David next time do it in full sign".

Slap. (David in sign) `I will not sing ding dong the witch is dead when the witch is too close to hear'

(Greg) "Getting better, help him out Jackie his missing a couple of words but the message is coming out correctly"

(Jamie) "Uhm miss Marie can you read sign language?"

(Marie) "No but I am trying to pick some things up why?"

(Jamie in sign) `Dad he is getting an erection in my lap' "Just wondering".

(Greg in sign) `He gets them all the time ignore it for now, you use to do the same thing'.

(Marie) "What did he say to you?"

(Greg) "David is getting aroused I said to ignore it and he use to do the same thing"

(Jamie) "Dad".

(Greg) "Dad nothing he is a boy and so are you keep going so we can get this over with. I don't know about you but I am hungry and have a very busy day tomorrow. What about Marie's offer do you guys want to stay here or at my apartment?"

(Jackie) "I kind of like it here dad".

The spanking continued and David did well enough that I wasn't going to keep him getting spanked by Jamie. Marie couldn't tell if his sign language was correct or not so it didn't really matter. David stood up showing everyone in the room his 3 inch woody before he pulled his pants up. I don't think David was the only one with an erection Jamie adjusted his package a few times during dinner. Jamie finally made a command decision and decided to stay at Marie's and David's house instead of the apartment.

I had busy day scheduled so I left the four of them and went back to the apartment.

(David) "Mom I don't really want to sleep on the couch, if Jamie takes the spare bedroom and Jackie takes mine then Jamie and I can sleep in the queen size, it's not like they haven't already seen me naked. That is if it is okay with you two".

(Marie) "Well since your father left it doesn't make any difference to me, but it is getting late so you two decide which bed you want, Jamie if you want David to share that is fine, then take the spare bedroom otherwise he can sleep out here".

(Jamie) "I don't mind sharing the bed with David after all it is his house we should be the ones sleeping on the couch not him".

(Jackie) "Jamie is right I don't want to kick David out of his own bed".

(Marie) I want you in my bed sweetheart but your dad said you might not play that way "No dear, you're the guests David will give up his room".

(Jackie) "Is it alright if I take a shower before I go to bed?"

(Marie) "Of course there are towels in the closet if you need anything then just ask". Oh I wonder if I can get a peak of her in real life, she is fantastic in the painting. I would really love to touch her body in person.

(Jackie) "Mom usually brushes my hair out you can help if you want to. I've had it in this pony tail all day".

(Marie) Oh my god she wants my help, maybe Goliath is wrong about her, maybe she isn't such a prude. "I'll be happy to help you dear anything you need".

Jackie went to David's room with her suitcase and unpacked her nightie, a clean pair of panties and her personal hygiene items including her hair and tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo and body fragrance.

At the same time Jamie and David went into the spare bedroom and closed the door. (David) "Thanks for not spanking me too hard Jamie, since you sister is in my room I don't have any pajamas in here to wear to bed I'll sleep in my underwear. I'm sorry about the boner thing too".

(Jamie) "Don't worry about it, dad was right I always got a boner, still do dad calls me a walking hard on, ever since I was little, bing instant boner. I have to be honest dad was easy on you with the sign language thing but your mom couldn't tell the difference, you never said the same thing twice, but getting spanked for something that stupid is wrong to begin with. I haven't worn pajamas since I was nine dad probably doesn't know it but most of the time I sleep naked but I will keep my underwear on".

(David) "Don't, I will sleep naked with you. Your dad has taught me a lot. I kind of wish he was my dad too. You know that painting of you in the apartment, well it always gives me a woody, I would like to see and maybe touch the real thing if you'll let me. I liked your hand on my butt that is why I got a boner, you were actually touching me. I love the way your dad touches me, I will do anything he asks me to do, and I will do anything you ask me to do, just be like your dad and be a gentle giant. He is huge in every aspect of the word I think mom is in love with him, I know I am".

(Jamie) "Well then that makes four of us that are here tonight. You weren't the only one getting a boner for the spanking, my hand on your butt you had to have felt my dick under you?"

(Jackie) "Miss Marie, I'm having a little trouble can you come in here and help me".

(Marie) "What is it honey?"

(Jackie) "It's the stupid bra I can't get it unhooked".

Marie opened the bathroom door Jackie couldn't get the training bra strap undone. Jackie was in her bra and panties, Marie came behind the blond girl and unhooked the clasp of the small bra to help the girl. Marie was looking in the mirror as the device was freed to see her small breasts come into view.

(Marie) "You know Jackie you are a beautiful young girl I don't know if your dad has said much about David or I and I don't want to scare you but I find you very attractive. I had a baby girl once but I gave her up for adoption and I miss the fact of having a girl that I can brush her hair, or talk to her about things in life that happen to girls as they become adolescents. Maybe you and your mom talk about such things but if you have questions I will be happy to try to answer them if you want to talk".

(Jackie) "I would like that. Mom tries to talk to me but she seems afraid or changes the subject. My step dad is even worse, when I had my first period the only one that could explain it to me was my dad and that was over the phone. I know my body is changing and I have feelings that I don't understand or can't explain. Dad said he likes you and David and I think I know why but I'm not sure. Do you and David have sex with my dad?"

(Marie) "Yes honey, your dad has sex with both of us Brian as well. He does not hurt the boys and he is the best thing that ever happened to David, probably Brian as well. He is loving and caring to all of us. I would like to be loving and caring with you as well".

Marie put her hands on Jackie's young breasts rubbing the small breasts and nipples. The two of them looking in the mirror at each other. Jackie didn't fight the intrusion or mind someone touching her body. Jackie leaned back into Marie's breasts enjoying the feeling. Jackie hooked her fingers into her panties and pushed them down not caring that a woman was about to see her naked. Marie pushed the panties to the floor and Jackie stepped out of them. Marie's hand returned to the soft mounds of the girl's pussy with one finger caressing the small opening, the other hand continued with her small tits.

(David) "Can I see your dick your dad said it's not as big as his maybe yours will fit in my butt, his is too big and he won't hurt me. I just close my legs around his dick and he just shoots his sperm all over my body. I love his big finger in my butt".

Jamie pulled his briefs down showing David his semi hard dick. Jamie reached for David's and both boys looked at each other admiring the naked body in front of them. David got an instant woody and Jamie was right behind him.

(Jamie) "David you are beautiful, let's get in bed. I would like to suck your dick if you will let me".

(David) "Your dad does it all the time I have to warn you I'm ticklish. Your dad's dick is too big for me to suck; yours I think will fit in my mouth but don't shoot in my mouth okay".

(Jamie) "I'll warn you before I cum".

Jackie turned to face Marie and reached out for her breasts (Jackie) "Will you take a shower with me?"

Jamie pulled David to him and sucked his nipples.

Marie pulled her blouse over her head and undid the bra strap.

Jamie fell on the bed with David.

Jackie undid the button of Marie's pants.

David grabbed Jamie's six inch cock and put his lips around the crown keeping his teeth out of the way.

Marie lowered her pants and panties in one motion revealing her bush and pussy to the blond girl.

Jamie reached for David's dick rubbing the crown with his fingers.

Marie started the shower leading Jackie.

David turned so Jamie could suck his dick at the same time.

(Greg) "So how was everyone's day, I could have used your help today. I had twenty-eight people in the class today. Two sets of parents with deaf infants, fourteen kids and their parents. I am wiped. Why are you all smiling like that?"

(Marie) "We have been waiting for you, why don't you get comfortable, open a bottle of wine for us, we will be right back".

(Greg) What the hell is going on, it doesn't matter I could use a glass of wine or two.

Jamie and David came out of the bedroom first completely naked with hard ons. Marie and Jackie came out of the other room also naked. David lay across the coffee table face up and spread his legs wide apart, Jamie aimed his six inch teen cock at David's ass.

(David) "I can do it now, I can take a dick in my butt, we want to show you".

(Jamie) "David is fantastic dad, we did this last night".

Jamie's cock went right into the boy. My son is fucking the boy I want to fuck but can't. Marie started to eat Jackie's pussy right next to me on the couch. I couldn't take much more so I got up and undressed. I got behind Marie and pushed my big cock into her cunt watching her lick Jackie's bald pussy and Jamie fucking David's ass at the same time. Jamie was the first to cum. He pulled out of David and shot his load on the boy's stomach.

(Jackie) "Dad don't cum in Marie we all want to see it".

(Marie) "Fuck my tits Greg".

Marie released Jackie and pulled away from me she laid on the carpet and I knelt over her, she closed her tits around my cock as I fucked her tits. Jackie squatted on her face so Marie could continue to lick her pussy. Jackie had her hands on Marie's nipples squeezing them as my cock rubbed between the over sized tits. Jamie didn't care about his cum on David as he took the boy's cock into his mouth to please the boy. Jamie sucked the boy's cock and balls until David started to quiver from his orgasm. Jackie had hers on Marie's face. I reached back and put two fingers in Marie's pussy to finish her off. I exploded covering Marie's face and tits and Jackie on her pussy and belly with my cum. David and Jamie also watched me explode over them.


I took Jamie to the YMCA with me and David for his swim lessons on Monday. Marie and Jackie decided to go shopping since Marie didn't have to work. I was to pick Brian up after swim to sleep over at David's house. Jamie did my full workout routine, just with less weight, sweating and grunting to push the last set of reps out, not bad for a fourteen year old.

(David) "There they are Brian, Jamie this is my best friend Brian, this is Goliath's uhm Mr. Greg's son Jamie you'll get to meet Jackie later".

(Brian) "Wow you're even better in person I bet Jackie is too I can't wait to meet her".

(Greg) "Come on you guys let's hit the showers, I want to stop by the apartment on the way I need to pick a few things up".

David and Brian shared a shower as usual but without the horse play saving it for later. Jamie was in the shower stall across from them and I was next to Jamie keeping an eye on the boys, when we got back to the locker room to dress. (Jamie) "Dad that guy keeps looking at us, he's creepy".

I walked over to the guy that kept eyeballing the boys "So which one do you want? The small brunette with the circumcised cock? the sort of red head or the tall blond that is packing six inches? No not one of the boy's then maybe it's my cock you want, should I bend you over and dry fuck you with my ten inch dick? I won't mind I won't hurt me a bit, but the last guy that tried to take my cock I almost ripped in half. I felt sorry for him I won't feel sorry for you, you fat fuck, look at you, you remind me of `Deliverance' your Ned Beatty and Burt Reynolds is not around to save your fat ass. I bet I can make you squeal like a pig with my cock in your ass since you're eyeing my children, trust me you can't touch them, so take your fat ass and little dick and get out, my son has more to offer than you have". Well I got my point across because he pissed down his own leg and his hands covered his face so I didn't punch him. Being six eleven doesn't have many benefits like trying to walk through doorways but to intimidate some fat old and balding jack off looking at your naked son or the two boys that are your lovers it does come in handy.

(Jamie) "Dad what did you say to him he pissed all over himself".

(Greg) "I said I was going to make him squeal like a pig if he kept looking at my boys".

I drove to the apartment to pick up my art supplies. I figured that I could either sketch or paint everyone since we were staying at Marie's place. Brian's face lit up like a kid at Christmas when he saw Jackie in person. Considering she is only twelve, granted tall for her age with long legs like her brother, but the outfit or the lack of outfit she was wearing would turn any perverts head. She had a red laced teddy and red panties on when we came in the door.

(Brian) "Uhm Jackie would it be wrong if I said you are the prettiest girl in the world?"

(Jackie) "No Brian I like complements like that, you're not bad looking either for a boy, you're just on the young and small side".

(Marie) "I thought she looked fantastic in the store so I bought the teddy for her".

(Greg) "Wow baby you look great, I was going to do a new painting of you this week, but I think I may have you model in the teddy instead, it certainly brings out your looks. If you weren't my daughter I might ravage you myself, but I will leave that up to Marie, well David or Brian if you wish".

(Jamie) "Dad's right sis, you look fantastic in that, are you going to paint us all together dad or one at a time?"

(Greg) "I guess I will leave that up to you, I can do a group of your faces or a bust view, I can't get you all in a full view. Since Jackie is dressed to the nines I can start with her".

I opened up my paint supplies and Jackie laid on her side with the teddy open at the top so her nipple was visible and the panties opened at her pussy to show the small mounds behind the thin lacey material. I worked on the painting for an hour and a half. Marie made dinner for the crew and then came out in her own new black laced teddy; hers also had the crotch less panties which Jamie found fascinating so he started to eat Marie's pussy while I painted Jackie. Brian and David were intrigued by my painting so they just sat next to me as I painted.

Marie undressed Jamie in front of the group and his six inch cut cock disappeared into the woman. His hands under the lace top of the teddy playing with her nipples. When I took a break from the easel I stripped the boys playing with David's cut and Brian's uncut boy cocks. My cock replaced Jamie's inside Marie and David and Brian each took a clumsy attempt with their boyhoods inside of Jackie, with her coaching the younger boys on what makes her feel good.

Jamie shared the bed with David and Brian, Brian was not ready for Jamie's dick in his butt but his dick, and my dick between his ass cheeks and thighs was more than acceptable for the boy.

The six of us climaxed at least twice before the house fell silent for the night.

In the morning Marie got up early for work. Two sleepy eyed ten year olds joined me in Marie's bed. Brian was on one side of me and David on the other.

(David) "We talked about what we want last night. We know your dick is too big for us, but if we just use our tongues then maybe we can suck you together".

They both grabbed my cock and their tongues danced around the tennis ball size head of my cock. David and Brian tongues danced together as they licked my cock I was in heaven. I licked my middle fingers so I had some lubrication for them and slid my finger into each boy's ass. They pumped my cock and kept licking the shaft and the large crown. David would lick the piss slit then Brian would. The boys openly tongued each other then returned to me. Jamie walked into the bedroom sporting his six in hard on.

(Jamie) "They are so cute dad, if you're going to cum all over them then I will too".

(David) "Okay".

Jackie came in and sat at the edge of the bed in her crotch less red teddy. Her fingers found her own pussy and watched as David and Brian pumped and licked my meat. Jamie shot his load onto both boys' faces, and my dick, David and Brian used Jamie's cum to rub it into my cock and I blew my load in both boys' faces.

Jamie took David's cock in his mouth and Jackie took Brian's in hers. I kept my finger in each boy's butt until they had their first dry climaxes for the morning.

After cleaning up all the kids and myself I returned to the paintings. I did David and Brian together, as nudes both with hard ons and Brian with his snorkel curved foreskin.

I took David, Jamie and Jackie with me to my sign language class at the high school, I had two new students in my sign language class who are completely deaf from birth. They sign very well and David couldn't keep up with them but Jamie and Jackie could. The boy Ronny is thirteen, brown hair, hazel eyes, five foot one and about ninety pounds. His sister Anne is fifteen, short brown hair and hazel eyes like her brother, five foot three inches tall and about a hundred pounds.

The two teens stayed after class and talked with Jamie and Jackie. I was working with David with his signing.

(David) "What are they saying? I can't understand them they are going to fast".

(Jackie) "Anne has been flirting with us all day, she said her brother is bi-sexual and so is she. They like us very much and would like to find a place that we can mess around with them. Jamie told them that we are very much into messing around, with you Brian and your mom and our dad".

(Jamie) "Ronny said that if we can ask their mom then they will come with us for a while, it seems their mom is a lot like yours, also bi-sexual, she is deaf as well but has some speech capability"

(Greg in sign) `If you are planning on having sex then the boys must wear a condom. I know how big Jamie is, how big is your penis Ronny?'

The boy looked around the now empty classroom and undid the button of his jeans and the zipper; he pulled his pants and underwear down revealing a hard four inch circumcised cock with a few strands of wispy brown hairs over his cock. `Very nice Ronny'.

(Ronny in sign) `Thank you. Jamie said that you like boys as well is that true?'

(Greg in sign) `You could say I don't discriminate when it comes to physical pleasures of life. You have a nice package and I would like to play with it. It looks like it needs some attention right away, you have had a boner for most of the day, and I know Jamie has as well'.

(Ronny in sign) `Was it that obvious?'

(Greg in sign) `When is your mother coming to get you, I have an office just down the hall no one will disturb us'.

(Ronny) `Anne I will be back in a little while, if mom comes early tell her Mr. Greg is teaching me something new and we will be back soon, then ask her about our plan'

(David) "Where are you going?"

(Greg) "My office for a few minutes, keep working on your sign language with the others ask them to slow down so you can understand them, Anne can read lips if you can't figure out the sign properly. Ronny please come with me".

I led Ronny down the empty hallway to my office. As soon as the door was closed the boy pushed his pants and underwear to his ankles showing off his four inch cut dick with just a few hairs above. His balls have started to drop but are hairless. I picked the boy up and put him on the corner of the desk. I sat down in my chair and spun the boy toward me. I sucked his thin dick and his balls, the boy only lasted a couple of minutes of my sucking before he gave me his sweet little boy juice.

(Ronny in sign) `Can I see yours?'

(Greg) "Not now, we need to get back before your mother shows up".

(Anne in sign) `Who's Goliath?' David started to giggle and pointed to me when we walked in the classroom door. David sat on my lap as soon as I sat down. Five minutes later an attractive woman in her late thirties came in the class room.

(Anne in sign) `Mom this is Mr. Greg our instructor, these are his kids Jamie, Jackie and David'. David's smile lit up the room he caught that reference he looked up at me and beamed. I squeezed his little torso with a loving hug.

(Jamie in sign and said) "David I don't think either of us would mind having you as a little brother". David's smile only got brighter.

(Anne in sign) `Mr. Greg this is our mom Kate, would you mind giving us a few minutes?'

(Greg) "Come on guys give them some time, we will be in my office Ronny knows where it is".

I called Marie to see if she was interested or not in the proposal that was taking place in sign language just a few doors down between a couple of teens and their deaf mother. If Marie said yes then I don't think her not knowing sign language would make much difference.

Ronny opened the office door.

(Kate said and signed) "It seems your family and mine have a lot in common, my husband passed away a few years ago he has an uncle that has a large piece of property that has a horse barn with a dozen horses on it. We have an old work hand that helps out but he has his own living quarters near the barn. You are welcome to come out to the ranch with your family for a couple of days, maybe we can find things of interest to share".

(Greg said and signed) "Your kids and mine, well these two anyhow, David is not my son but I do treat him as such, have been putting a plan together all day in class. My kids are only here for the rest of the week and return to the Cleveland area with their mother and step father. I have interests in what is in the offering but I also do not want to burn bridges if you get my understanding, David's mother has reservations".

(Kate said) "Bring her along with anyone else you wish, you already sucked my son's cock today, I believe your son wishes the same opportunity, they also told me that you said the boys' would be required to wear condoms with I think is an excellent and responsible thing to do. Anne and I are both on birth control if that makes any difference. I also would like to know why the small boy calls you Goliath."

(Greg) "Marie we all have been invited to a horse ranch for a couple of days, yes, actually I think all of our fantasies may play out any way we wish. Instead of four kids now it will be six if Brian comes along; yes they are cute, thirteen and fifteen. You might appreciate Kate as well. Good".

"Your offer has been accepted ma'am".

(Kate) "You didn't answer the other question".

(Greg said and in sign) "First off my height, second my last name is G-O-A-L-I-T-H so my friends call me Goliath. Well the third thing is something to be seen rather than spoken of".

Ronny pounded his fist into his hand to get the attention of the group. (In sign) `Jamie said his dick is huge, show us'. I undid my belt, button and zipper and pulled my semi-hard cock out of my boxers.

(Anne) `Mom his is bigger than some of the horses'.

When they pulled up to the ranch Jamie, Jackie and Greg all acted as sign language translators so everything was signed and spoken.

Ronny led everyone upstairs of the estate indicating all rooms were available except for his, Anne's and Kate's but with a huge smile on his face and has hands as his voice he managed to get the message across loud and clear that he had all intentions of sharing his room with anyone and everyone he could. His sister and mother also agreed with the boys intensions.

(Jamie) "You're right Ronny I think there will be plenty of fooling around, this house is huge, look at the size of the fireplace and the bear skin rug it looks so soft".

(Greg) "Kate I don't know about your beliefs but as for Jackie and Jamie anyone else is open game for sexual adventures if all parties agree to them that is with the exception of each other I will not tolerate fornication between brother and sister. And as I said before Ronny if you have consensual sex with Jackie then you will wear a fresh condom each time. I got a few sizes would you like to try one on for size?"

(Kate) "I agree with Goliath, Ronny Jackie should be plenty of girl for you, do not try to have sex with your sister".

(Marie) "I am not a blood relative of either of the teenage boys, so if Jackie and Anne can't please you enough with their pussies then you can come and get some of mine. I certainly expect to have both of their pussies in my bed or in front of one of the fireplaces at some point. Of course that goes for you as well Kate. As for you, you big monster of a man, do you think you can satisfy two women with your monster meat and can we satisfy you?"

(Ronny) "I think we can live with those rules, Jackie you are a beautiful girl, and I am looking forward to being with you. I am also looking forward to being with Jamie, David, Brian and Goliath as well. Miss Marie if there is anything left of me after the weekend I will take you up on your offer as well".

(Greg) "Well if any of you need a break from you sexual encounters I would like to finish the paintings and do Ronny and Anne as well. The paintings are nudes of course unless that bothers you. And speaking of which we keep talking so I would like the honor to undress each of you and do as I please to you before releasing you to your other adventures any objections?"

"We are all yours Goliath, do as you please to us".

(Greg) "I think I will start with the little deviant that started this whole thing in the first place".

(David) "No you can strip me and have my body but you have to get undressed first".

Goliath rose up to his six foot eleven inches height and pulled the polo shirt off his huge hairy chest and bulging arm muscles flexing them for the awestruck audience waiting to be selected to please the giant. Goliath held out his foot and the small boy at four foot one inches tall understood and removed the shoe and the sock and waited for the other massive foot to appear to remove the shoe and the other sock. Goliath undid his belt, trousers button and zipper in one motion. The trousers and the boxers hit the floor. He took one step forward raised his arms over his head and flexed his massive arms, his ten inch long, three and a half inch thick circumcised man cock filled with blood pointing the tool to those in front of him.


Of course that broke out fits of laughter and sign language of awe from the deaf semi-mute teens and a wide eyed deaf mother.

Goliath sat in a high backed chair near the huge fireplace and next to the bearskin rug, which would act as his throne at least for now.

"I am David; I am your servant and slave to Goliath".

Goliath stripped the giggling boy with all the others watching. Goliath picked the small boy up with ease and kissed him on the lips, David opened his mouth to gladly receive the tongue. Goliath raised the boy further in the air to suck on his nipples causing fits of laughter from the boy. Goliath stood the boy on his lap, grabbed the boy's small orbs of his ass and brought the three and a half inches of cut boy cock to his mouth. David fucked the face in front of him holding on to the giant's hair. David was moaning loudly getting close to getting the tingles for the first time of the weekend. Goliath turned the boy around on his lap and the boy backed his ass into the face of the monster, Goliath held the boy steady as David opened his ass to receive the tongue in his ass. Just before David lost control of his body Goliath turned him once again to finish the boy off with his cock in his mouth. David twitched and tingled until knees started to wobble. The giant put the boy down to the floor. David wrapped his small hands around the large cock and licked all around the crown. David stood and moved next to Goliath to watch who or what was next.

"I am Brian; I am your servant and slave to Goliath".

Brian was stripped his clothes added to David's. The boy's three inch snorkel cock also became the subject to please the giant. Brian also wrapped his hands around the big dick and licked the crown then took his place on the other side of the chair.

"I am James; son of Goliath, my body is yours to do as you please Father".

Jamie's clothes were added to the growing pile on the floor. Goliath turned the standing boy and reached around him, grabbed his growing cock and his balls slowly stroking the boy to full erection of six inches and an inch thick. Goliath ran his thick finger from the boy's balls to his ass crack. "Select your mate my son and please me and yourself on the bearskin in front of the fire".

Jamie signed what the man said and reached his hand out to Anne. Anne came forward to Goliath. Anne signed, Jamie spoke "I am Anne Margaret Hayes, daughter of Kate and Michael Hayes; I am a willing servant of Goliath or of his son".

Goliath pulled the deaf teen's shirt over her head and released her small breasts from the restraints of the bra; he turned the girl to face her mother watching. His huge hands went to her small breasts and found the hard nipples. He played with them for a few moments before moving to her thin waist. Jamie knelt to remove the shoes and socks so Goliath could remove her pants showing pink and white laced panties still left behind. The monster sized hand slipped into the front of the panties running his finger up along her vagina and into her bush. The hand came out and then the panties hit the floor showing a well trimmed brown patch of pubic hair around her soft moist mounds of her pussy. His hands took another pass at the girl's pussy and her tits before he said "Please my son and yourself young Anne". Jackie took over the sign since Jamie's hands had replaced his father's on the cute and willing fifteen year old deaf girl. Goliath opened a condom that would fit his son and rolled it down the boy's straining shaft of love.

Jamie and Anne lay on the rug exploring each other's bodies in a fit of passion. The two rolled around and tried to feel every possible inch of each other's young teenage bodies.

In sign and aloud "I am Jaclyn; daughter of Goliath and I choose Ronny, that is Ronald Michael Hayes to be my first mate in the great Hayes castle".

"Explore each other's bodies, undress each other, caress each other and protect each other".

The blond haired tween and the brown haired teen started with a kiss, each one's hands roaming freely on the other's young body. A blouse button undone, a tug at the t-shirt to free it from the restraints of his jeans, another button undone on the blouse, the button of his jeans released so the tee could come free. The third button of her blouse so his hand could slip inside to find the training bra beneath, the zipper opened on his jeans so the tee was no longer confined. The fourth and fifth buttons undone, the tee came over his head and dropped to the pile, the rose colored blouse was the next to fall. Jackie's hand went into the opening of the jeans to feel what was still covered by the cloth of the briefs, Ronny managed to get the strap undone to reveal Jackie's very small blooming breasts. David and Brian assisted with the shoes and socks again and returned to Goliath's side waiting for the next act of service to the giant.

Jackie and Ronny joined their siblings on the bearskin to remove the rest of their clothing. Ronny almost choked himself when he removed Jackie's pants to find the bottom part of the red teddy with the crotch less panties. Jackie pulled his jeans and underwear off in one quick move.

One loud clap from Goliath got the deaf boy's attention. He could not hear it but he could feel the vibration. "Ronny do you want to get fitted for a condom now?"

"Please not yet father, I want to explore him first. I want him to explore me I promise you he will not penetrate me without protection on"

Ronny was fascinated with the panties and his fingers and soon his tongue found the opening to her small hairless vagina.

(Goliath) "Well ladies that leaves you two, how would you like to start this party?"

(Kate said) "We can torment him, let's get naked in front of him an then go to my bedroom the rug is kind of full right now, leave the king to his throne and his big cock"

(Marie) "You are mean but David and Brian will take care of each other and him. You should see what a mess he makes on the two boys. Boys use the KY between your legs. There will be plenty of him for both of us later".

(Greg) "Marie, remember to look at Kate when you talk so she can read your lips to know what you are saying".

(Marie) "I think she can read lips just fine and there won't be much conversation with the lips we will be kissing".

Marie and Kate added their clothes to pile. Marie showing off her big tits and a full bush around her pussy. Kate showed her smaller sized tits and a clean shaven pussy.

(Kate) "Dinner is at seven thirty, no need for the clothes but clean hands is a requirement at my table. Towels are in the bathrooms. Anne or Ronny can help if you need anything".

(Marie) "Mine too; do you know where he puts those big hands of his?"

(Kate) "I do now anywhere they fit and anyone that will let him. Sorry Goliath but I am looking forward to this right now".

Kate led Marie to the other end of the big house.

Goliath watched as the young love match unfolded at his feet. Ronny brought Jackie to climax with his fingers and his tongue through the slit of the crotch less panties. Jackie pulled at Ronny's few sparse pubes and took his four inch circumcised cock into her mouth licking and tonguing the thin shaft. Jamie wasted no time putting his six inch cock inside the pussy of Anne, who was moaning and cooing trying to say his name, Jamie rubbed her small tits and sucked on her nipples as he fucked her. Goliath pushed the two smaller boys towards the bearskin rug in front of the fire. David and Brian went right for the other's dick with a wet mouth remembering to keep their teeth from harm's way. Ronny wasn't going to last long and offered Jackie a signed warning that he was about to cum she smiled and increased her sucking of the boy. Jamie and Anne climaxed about the same time, David and Brian gave each other the tingles and laid back on the rug enjoying the softness and the warmth of the fire.

When the heavy breathing had finally ceased on the bearskin for all the young ones a new partner was found to continue the orgy. Jackie and Anne, Jamie with Brian and Ronny with David.

They continued to find new positions and partners. They lined up three facing to the left, three facing to the right, all on their sides with a part of an anatomy in their mouths, pussy or ass, it didn't make a difference what that anatomy was as long as it made the person feel good, the only rule was the siblings could not be with one another.

Goliath couldn't take any more; he had to find relief before the giant exploded. He went from one child to the next feeling or fingering an ass, if a pussy or an ass was available then his finger or his tongue entered the cavity, the circle of children gave way for Goliath to take the middle of the bearskin his large cock became the center of attention. Hands pulling on it, tongues licking the shaft, the crown, and his big balls.

Marie and Kate returned to the big fireplace room to witness the monster being attacked by all the kids, each pulling or trying to suck the huge cock including his son and daughter all caught up in the act of pleasing Goliath. Kate left and came back with lubricating oil and poured some on Goliath's chest, his cock his balls then on each child's hands. Goliath's whole body became the target of rubbing hands giving him a massage and sexual pleasure at the same time.

The eight of them had Goliath spayed out legs and arms out, a child rubbing his legs from his ankles to his inner thigh and back down again, a child on each arm from his wrists to his massive shoulders, hands on his chest and rubbing his neck, and always at least one set of hands rubbing and pumping his cock and his balls, a oily finger running the length of his ass crack or pushing a finger into his ass.

Goliath let out a roar of relief when his cock and balls finally gave way and the explosion of cum that came out of his dick had everyone covered by some amount of his cum. The hands and attention did not stop, the massage continued now with a combination of lube oil and monster man cum.

They continued to work the defeat of Goliath until the monster laid still on the cum soaked bearskin rug completely slain.

Everyone got cleaned up for dinner. Marie and Kate worked as a team to feed the small army of kids that were ravenous after all of the sex plays upstairs.

When the children were all tucked in beds and sound asleep either dreaming of what had occurred today in their young lives or maybe dreaming about what was still to come. The six sleeping angels all with smiles that looked like Greg painted them on their faces.

The MILF's (Kate and Marie) were not done with Goliath yet. Both women wanted his huge cock inside there wet pussies but were willing to share the large man. The two bi's kissed and sucked each others tits as the huge cock was pressed into one mother and then the other. The two women shared his cum inside their bodies as well as outside their bodies just like the kids did.

At the Airport.

(Jackie) "Dad if you married Marie or Kate then you might get a shot of getting more custody time with us. Kate is rich after all. I know I had the greatest spring break vacation ever. I can't wait to come back here and see everyone again".

(Jamie) "Yeah dad, I don't know if the marriage thing would work out, but if my vote counts for anything having David as a little brother works for me".

(Greg) "Well I guess I have things to think about. I really like having Sprout around, and I like Marie but I don't really think I could live with her everyday. The same might be true of Kate, Ronny and Anne. The ranch is great, the horses, all the fresh air I could live that type of life, but I work with the deaf everyday do I want an instant family of the deaf".

(Jamie) "Jackie is just thinking of herself dad; if you marry Kate then Jackie gets two pussies and a dick to play with if you marry Marie then she only gets one of each".

(Jackie) "Shut up Jamie, you didn't seem to mind having that much dick and pussy going on for a week. There they just called for us to board the plane. I love you dad, thanks for a great week I'll call you soon".

(Jamie) "I love you too dad, that was the best".

(Greg) "Bye guys I love you and will see you soon".

Goliath decided it was best not to tell them about the job offer as Headmaster of the deaf school that Kate is on the board of directors, and Ronny and Anne attend. Maybe Goliath can have the best of both worlds but that would be another story.

David and Goliath 2

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