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    A few days later Devon joined Paul at the dinner table in the kitchen.  Another hot Louisiana night left Devon in his usual birthday suit.  He wasn't bothered much by his sister seeing him but he was very careful to listen in a doorway for strange voices.  His nutritious eating showed on his stomach becoming bigger and losing the malnutrition look he experienced.  He was eating cereal again with a glass of orange juice.

    "Paul, I've got a grandma! Isn't that great?" 

    "Yes it is.  I'm so glad that you have accepted her.  I found her thru her detective agency when they came around asking some strange questions.  The administrator asked me to come down to his office.  I got to the heart of the situation pretty quick"

    "And I am so thankful"

    Sebastian came running into the room.

    "Come on Devon, are you ready?"

    "Chill out dude, I'll be finished up quite soon"

    "OK" he said just standing there.

    "Where are you guys heading too?"

    "Back towards the mountains.  We found a neat place to hang out, talk, you know--the usual"

    "i see, well have fun then" Paul said leaving the kitchen.

    The boys left the kitchen and went to the cement bench.  Sebastian was checking out the back yard.

    "Come on, lets go!"

    "OK, OK" 

    As they walked down the lane past the tree line and down a small path.


    "Well, dude, I'm kinda already 'ready'"

    "oh yeah, right" Sebastian said as he began to remove his clothes.

    Once he was all done, he put his clothes in a pile, rubbed his peter a couple of times that started it growing as usual, and walked with Devon.

    "I don't know why your so afraid to do this at the house.  Amanda has seen you naked  a couple of times before you know"

    "I dunno, its just different I guess, but your right it feels really strange at first but you get used to it.  What do you think Paul would say if he saw me like this?"


    "oh" as they walked on.

    They arrived at the small pond some 20 minutes later. Both were hot and sweaty therefore a swim was in order.  they played in the water for an hour before deciding to head back.  Strolling along talking about nothing in particular except for their newly found grandmother, they suddenly rounded a corner and there coming at them was Rose.  Devon saw her first and quickly covered himself up best as he could.  his brother stopped immediately in his tracks wondering why his brother suddenly got quiet and then noticed the quick hand movements.  He looked down the lane at there 10 feet away was Rose.

    "it's YOU!" Sebastian shouted.

    Rose stopped about 5 feet away from them.

    "oh man" was all she muttered as she looked at the two of them stopped before her.  Two naked boys, Devon and his brother who looked like a miniature Devon.  Not much below but he was still young.

    "What are YOU doing here?  Spying on us!" he glared.

    "No, I didn't even know you were here.  Paul just pointed down that lane.  he's back with Reuben so I decided to take a walk and here I am"

    "So you seen us, now go!" he glared again.

    Devon was turning redder.  he knew better than be out like this but he always figured he was safe on the grounds.

    "My my my, you two sure offer something to be looked at.  Wow!"

    "So you've had your look, now go!"

    "no on your life.  I've got to see more of Devon Shire than anyone except you ever has or will and what a sight to behold"

    Devon spoke for the first time "So you caught me, uh, us dead to rights.  Go ahead and get a good look.  I don't give a fuck"

    "What?  Why did you cuss.  I'm only funning you.  Your absolutely perfect" as she walked around and got a good look at his butt.

    "So, are you gonna tell all your girl friends now?  You've embarrassed Devon Shire.  I'll never be able to perform again in public, so get it all over"

    "Oh dude, you got me all wrong.  I'm not gonna tell anyone.  What have I seen anyways?  Your butt? Its cute but I got a butt too and it ain't as cute as yours I bet"

    "Girls!  man!" Sebastian said.

    "Not tell, yeah right"

    "Hey, I think it is a privilege to see you like this.  I mean I'd like to see all of you but I know that isn't gonna happen"

    "well why should I show you?  You ain't gonna show us anything"

    "you want to see all of me?"

    "heck yea before I'd show you all of me"

    "Well" she said as she unbuttoned the t-shirt she had on.  She then removed it and her breasts were on display.  she moved over near Devon and told him to feel it.  he didn't move since he'd have to move one of his hands that was covering his slowly growing erection.  he shook his head.  She then removed her flip flops, unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down.  she stood there in her underwear.

    "Like this?"

    "no" he said breathing heavy.  He was way erect now.

    "OK" she pulled her panties off and stood there on full display.  She looked at Devon who had his eyes popped.  he'd never seen a naked girl before.  She looked to Sebastian and he was looking at her with the same big eyes and a boner at full mast, at least 4 inches pointing up at his belly button.

    "oh shit!" was all Sebastian said pulling on his peter.

    "Now your turn" and Devon removed his hands to reveal his slightly longer peter above his ample balls.  He had a few strands of pubs that'd grown back.  The three of them stood around looking at each other.  It wasn't long before Devon began leaking from the excitement.

    "is that what I think it is?" Rose asked

    "What?" Sebastian said looked from Rose to Devon.  He'd seen him erect before but never with pee dripping from it.

    "Yes" Devon said standing still, he knew not to touch it.


    "I've never seen such a beautiful site before is all" He said breathing heavy.  He had his hormones running full rage thru his system screaming for relief.

    "Can I step closer and look at it?"

    "yeah, just please don't touch it"

    "Yeah, last time you got close he looked like he peed his pants.

    Devon glared at him while turning red.

    "It sure is big, do you, like wanna bury it in me?"

    "Oh sweet thang, I'd love too but not yet"


    "You have to do him first"

    "Him?  Him?" pointing to Sebastian.


    "Why?  Your the one"


    she licked her lips.  Her pussy itched for some reason.


    "What?" Sebastian asked.

    She took her clothes and laid down on them and spread her legs.  She beckoned for Sebastian to come on.  He stood there bewildered.

    Devon took his little brother and led him over to her.  She was already moist and wet there.  Devon's dick twitched.  He made Sebastian get on his knees.  He then told his little brother what to do.  

    Soon Sebastian was buried in the velvety mound.  He'd never felt something so exciting in his life.  A few strokes and he had his first organism ever.  He ended up with 6 straight dry organisms before he went limp inside of her.  His pulse had been going very rapidly and he stood up very tired but sated.  He smiled at his brother.

    "Oh" was all he could say.  His little 2 inch peter was shriveled up.  Devon dropped to his knees and inserted himself into the fold.  He didn't even get in all the way when he climaxed inside her.  He pushed in as far as he could and held himself there.  The feelings on the end of his pecker were strong.  After a few moments he was able to stroke to several more organisms.  One time he felt a sudden rush of liquid that put him over the edge.  he collapsed on top of the girl breathing very heavy.  He could cum no more but his pecker was still semi-hard when he pulled out.

    Rose just laid there in complete exhaustion.  She was tired but very content.

    Slowly she got herself up and looked at the smiling boys.  Sebastian had a full hard on again but the member was very red.  Devon was standing there looking her over as she slowly got dressed.  she gathered up a few dead leaves and put them under her pussy to absorb the liquid that was leaking out from Devon.

    "I suppose I should be getting back"

    "Rose, it was nice and great or great and nice.  I'll always remember it" Devon said to her.

    "Me too Rose.  I don't think of you as a girl but a young woman, a very pretty woman and thanks" Sebastian added.

    Rose actually blushed.

    "I'll always remember it and who knows, I come here a lot"

    "oh man" was all she heard from the two boys as she walked away.

    The boys waited, not saying anything for 15 minutes before they too walked down the lane.  At his clothes, Sebastian picked them up and carried them to Devon.  The both had semi's that probably could harden at a moments notice.  They got to the cement bench.  Devon sat down and picked up his journal and pen from underneath where he'd placed it earlier in the day.

    "Are you going to write a song Devon?" Sebastian asked gently.

    "yeah, well something like it"

    "You've got a lot of good stuff there Devon"

    "You been reading it, Basty?"

    "nah, just sat and heard you singing and putting music to it.  It's neat"

    "oh.  Wanna try it together?  You know write something?"

    "Can we?  If it don't work, I'll leave you then"


    So they sat there talking softly to each other.  Devon explained how he'd usually start at it and work words from there.  So Devon wrote what he was feeling.  Sebastian added a couple of comments verbally to him and Devon wrote them down.

    "This might work, thanks"

    Paul found them later on the bench, heads together with the two dogs thumping their tails.  Paul was surprised to see Sebastian nude but it didn't mean much.  He left them together there.


    A few days later, Devon was dressed and waiting for Paul at the kitchen table.  He was drinking his orange juice slowly looking at the clock.  He was up and dressed much earlier than usual.  He'd eaten his cereal already and that bowl and spoon was in the sink already washed.  The coffee was already done.  Devon had set a cup out for him.

    A little while later Paul stumbled into the kitchen in his pajamas rubbing his eyes.  It was his usual time but he noticed that Devon was sitting at the table already fully dressed.


    "Good morning Paul" 

    "Your up early, and dressed at that" as he came to the table with his coffee cup sitting down.

    "yes sir"

    "I see" as he opened up the newspaper that Devon had placed there.

    While reading the paper, he noticed that Devon was looking all around and figiting in his chair.  Paul said nothing but his 'shrink aurea' was on full alert.  Devon sighed some, then more of the same routine.  Paul drank the rest of his coffee, stood and retrieved some more, then stood behind Devon drinking it.  He observed Devon doing more of the same.  At one point Devon turned around and looked for Paul, seeing him, quickly turned back around and Paul noticed his neck turning red.  Problems?? he wondered.  Paul topped off his cup and came back to the table.  Devon was playing with his hands.

    "ok Devon" he said gently as he could, "what's up?"

    "uh, uh"

    "What is on your mind?  Just take some deep breathes and let it out"

    Devon did but still could say nothing.

    "Something wrong?"

    "no sir"

    "You feel ok?"

    "yes sir, just fine"

    "I see.  hmmm, girls?"

    Devon turned red "no sir" thinking about Rose.

    Sebastian and Amanda came into the room fully dressed also.  All three of them had on their school clothes.  Something is up for sure.  Its the middle of summer and all of them are dressed.

    Paul heard Sebastian ask Devon "did you ask him yet?" softly as Paul filled his cup.  He turned around to see Devon shake his head.

    Sitting down, he stared at the other three.  He looked at them from side to side.  He had no idea what was going on.  So he locked his eyes on Sebastian.  Sebastian stared skirming in his seat like he was on trial.  Devon noticed.

    "Well sir" and Paul looked to him immediately "See, um, my parents are dead and"

    "yes they are deceased, but you still have their memories.  If you want to go and see them, give in an hour and I'll be ready"

    "thank you sir, but that's not it"

    "Oh, ok"

    They bantered back and forth for several minutes.  Amanda got up and got two glasses from the cupboard.  She poured some orange juice in them and gave one to Sebastian who thanked her.

    "For pete's Sake! Paul, Devon wants to sing at a concert again.  He thinks he's strong enough now!" she said exasperated.

    Paul looked at Devon who immediately found his feet very interesting.  Sebastian found his glass was interesting also.

    "Is that it Devon?"

    "yes sir"

    "Well, I've never done this type of thing before.  I'll have to do some checking around on how to do it correctly.  Can you wait a few days?"

    "Oh yes sir, very much sir.  Thank you sir" Devon said smiling.

    "ok" Paul said standing, looked at all three of them and left for the study.  

    Paul did make some important phone calls.  One was to his grandmother and Iris.  Devon had no idea what to think the days before his debut.  he was taken by paul along with the others to a suitmaker.  They were fitted with matching pants and basic shirts but Devon's was just a little different than the others since he was the actual star.  They went home and life went on as normal for a few days.

    Rose came with Rueben the night of the concert.  It was scheduled to take place at the college football stadium just before night fall on a Saturday night.  Rose was all excited about it.  She had told Devon that while she was glad for him, she was going to stay discretely away so not embarasse him.  He had no idea.  Actually none of them did.

    They changed clothes at the house.  Paul drove them to the stadium.  He had them hostage to some degree.  Sebastian was all eyes out of the SUV.

    Paul turned to them.  "now you've got some back up musicians Devon.  Both Amanda and Sebastian will be with you.  I'll take you to the stage manager.  The backup band is pretty good and will just provide some back up music as they pick up on stuff.  I know you haven't had time to put the stuff to music, but we've got some cameras recording hand movements on you three.  I know your nervous but ticket sales have been good I'm told.  There is another warm up band doing right now.  But first I'll introduce you to the stage manager, so follow me and don't stray off--hear me Sebastian?"

    Sebastian nodded and followed. He was still all eyes and ears at all the things happening.  Amanda followed closely keeping a watch on Sebastian.  Devon was unusally quiet.  Paul led them up some stairs and met a man who had an air of 'no bullshit' around him.  He had on one piece headphone with a microphone on his lips.  He was carrying a clipboard.  He shook hands with the three.

    "now, this is what you have" as he held the clip board down.  "Someone will guide each of you to your positiions.  The stage will be dark until you give the introduction or whatever you want to do.  the band is right behind you.  You each have a microphone that you can sing into, paul was really vague on what you actually wanted.  If we do another one of these, Devon--Devon look at me--(and he did) we can figure out something else better, ok?"

    "I feel sick" Devon said "but that's normal for me"

    "You'll do just fine"

    "Ok, I'll be back in a few minutes then, just relax or whatever you do" and he walked off.

    Devon was left with the other two siblings.  They looked at each other.  Paul was standing off just a little ways.  Devon noticed several other people standing around.  There was at least 5 of them all dressed the same.

    "Who are they?" Devon asked paul.

    "Them?  Your grandmother's protection agency, just do as they say if things get harry"

    "oh" as he returned to the others.


    "I sure hope they remember me" was all he could say as two others and the stage manager came to get them.  All devon would remember later that night was following the others.  He was led to the stage in darkness.  There was blue lights on the stage floor.  The stage manager sat Devon down in a seat of some type.  He showed Devon where the microphone was and suggested he begin with his only big hit and the band would kick in later.

    Then it was time.

    The loudspeaker said "Now for the entertainment many of you have waited over 10 months for.  He is joined tonight for the first time with his brother and sister, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, It is my honor to introduce D E V O N   SHIRE" 

    A bright single spotlight suddenly appear on Devon as he was blinded.  He closed his eyes and began singing the song that Peewee had written.  He noticed for the first time the instrument in front of him.  It was the pump organ.  He pulled some knobs and started playing.  The band instantly accompanied him.  He could hear his brother in the background singing in on key phrases now and then.  he looked over at his sister and she was simply playing.  they made eye contact and he smiled, she nodded and then smiled.  Her microphone had been pushed away.  Later he'd find out that the piano she was playing was open at the top and the microphone had been guided by her just above the guts.

    After Devon finished, the lights came on out over the people and for a moment he was devestated at the shear number of people there.  None of the other concerts ever, ever approached this number of people.  Devon was startled out of his almost panic when he heard his brother begin a solo of a song that he'd been working on weeks ago.  He heard Sebastian come over to play near him and for the first time he noticed the guitar was a wireless one.  Sebastian was able to move all over the stage.  After the initial shock of the music, Sebastian began to play the music of the first stanza, Devon did recognize it and began to play the pump organ thru it again as Sebastian quieted down.  Devon began to sing one of his new songs and the crowd went nuts.

    At the end of that song, Devon introduced his brother and his sister and himself.  He thanked everyone for coming and hoped they enjoyed themselves.  Then the piano of his sister began a long introduction that Devon hadn't recognized before.  He could only sit and listen wondering where this was all leading up to.  The band was silent wondering what was going on.

    Then the familiar song that he'd written began and Sebastian joined in.  Devon tried to find the boy but when he did he noticed he was back in front of the band playing.  The band slowly began matching Sebastian and the music began to flow.  Devon began on his organ on an interlude that led into another song he'd recently written.  At the end the crowd went nuts again.

    Devon thanked them again and again.  He got up and walked over to his sister and said something to her.  She hugged him.  Devon went to the band and thanked them.  Again he looked at the organ before he noticed a lone microphone standing just a little ways from him.  Devon walked up to the band leader and asked him something.  he nodded and began to play a song that devon would usually sing the past summer.  Sebastian recognized the melody and played along as well.

    Devon thanked the crowd again and about crapped his pants when he saw Rose bringing him out his requested bass guitar.  She started to leave but he held her hand and stopped her.  He quickly went over and got his chair he'd been sitting on and put it in front of her and asked her to sit down for just this one song.  Amanda had started to play something soft in the background.  Devon looked frantically around the stage for Sebastian who was watching him the whole time.  Devon gestured for him to come over.  he had Sebastian stand on one side of Rose while he took his place near the other side  Rose was embarassed but remained seated like a trooper.  Devon looked at her, then to Sebastian who had no idea what his older brother was up too, then Devon looked back at Rose and started to play the bass in a solo.  After a few keys, Sebastian smiled and began his intro into the song that Devon and him had written together, the only song.

    Rose was crying at the end.  Devon took her hand and led her to Paul and Rueben.  he smiled and returned to the stage.  Sebastian stole the show agian with another hard driving guitar solo that eventually wound up into the third song that Devon had sung last year.  Sebastian went to the microphone and got the audience all geeked up to get Devon to sing.  Devon took his wireless microphone and stood by his brother while they both sang the song.  The papers in the morning cited the two in their song.

    Devon went back over to his organ and played 3 more songs before the stage manager came out on stage and whispered something in his ear.  Devon nodded and played another old song he hadn't written.  The three of them then left the stage and were escourted off the premises by the security squad back to where Paul was waiting.

    Devon showered that night and was later joined in the music room with a freshly showered Sebastian.  Both were geeked up and knew they wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon.  They talked and later ended up writing two songs together fresh from the experience that night.  Amanda had retired to bed being really tired.

    Paul had been in his office most of the night.  He said they'd talk in the morning and good night.  All he saw was two naked boys with wet hair writing together in another journal.