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    The next morning Paul walked thru the house in his blue jeans and t-shirt heading towards the kitchen.  He could hear a distinct hum coming from the media room.  He checked in there to see both boys asleep in the two chairs.  Each of them had on a pair of earphones.  Paul walked over to them and found the guitars carefully put away on their stands with covers over them.  While pleased with this, he never noticed that they'd done that before.  He looked at them and noticed the journal opened up.  He could see three types of inks on the page with arrows pointed here.  He picked it up to inspect it a little more.  He noticed two different sets of handwriting on the page.  Paul knew it was one of Sebastians and the other being that of Devon's.  He put the journal down without reading the material.  

    He looked at the boys.  Noticing for the first time that Sebastian was getting an all over tan that wasn't as deep in color as Devon's was but definitely a tan.  He made a mental note to get some additional security since it was now obvious that the boys were outside naked somewhere.  Probably the pond that he used to skinny dip as a tween into his teen years.  Sebastian was a carbon copy of his older brother.  Not as well endowed but definitely showing signs of growing up.  

    Paul wondered off to the kitchen where he found the automatic coffee maker had perked itself as usual.  He got the morning paper, let the dogs outside, returened to the table with the paper.  He opened it up to the entertainment section where he found over half the page dedicated to the concert.  He was quite pleased with the article.  He knew that the concert had grossed over $100K but no knowledge of the net.  he figured it probably wouldn't be much this time since paying of the band, staff, cleanup for the stadium and such.  He knew eventually that Iris would tell him since she handled much of the money aspect.  He'd already gotten calls from various record labels to get the three kids to sign with them.  He was going to have them submit paperwork for his review and then it would be sent over to the kids grandmother.  he was glad for that.  Some of the record labels wanted immediate answers but Paul told them quite bluntly that this would be the procedure with no exceptions.

    Paul knew that the newspapers and gossip columns would be searching for his house.  The trip back to the ranch was secure for now, Paul knew he'd have to set in place some procedures for the protection of the kids.  He'd explain that to the private detectives soon enough.  He could hear noise coming from the hallway.  He figured it was one of the boys.

    Amanda came into the kitchen.  For once she was wearing her pajamas, usually she was dressed before coming to the table.  She yawned and plopped into a chair.  She rubbed her eyes, yawned and put her arms on the table.

    "Morning Mr. Paul"

    "Good morning Amanda.  Sleep well?"

    "Oh gosh yes.  Wasn't it fun last night?"

    "Very entertaining.  The papers are even saying so"

    "I think it was dreamy.  I hope Devon wants to do it again some time"

    "I am probably sure he might.  We'll see what his plans are though"

    "Did you see them?"

    "yeah, Sebastian was all passed out in the chair.  Devon was in the shower"

    "I see" paul said sipping on his coffee more.

    Amanda got some breakfast.  She was sitting down in her chair when Devon walked in.  Even Paul noticed for once that Devon was fully dressed in long pants.  He seemed figity for some reason.

    Devon sat in a chair and was playing with his hands.  Paul studied him.  Devon was looking around, out the door, all around not the normal thigns that Devon normally does.

    "Devon, would you join me in my study for a few seconds?  amanda will you excuse us?"

    "Sure, go on Dev" as she had noticed it too.

    Devon followed Paul closely into his study.  Paul closed the door and turned around.  Devon grabbed the man around the waist and cried profusely into his belt.  Devon pulled tighter and Paul had to put his arms around the boy's shoulders to stay upright.  Then Devon began to heave great breathes between sobs.

    "Whoa, whoa boy, what's wrong?"

    " I had a really really bad dream.  I can't shake it"

    "ooookkkkkkay, now pull yourself together and we'll talk about it, ok?"

    "Paul, I really really need to go a church for some reason.  Paul, please take me to one, I hafta to go there now, soon, please?" he sobbed.

    "Ok, We'll go right now.  let me make a phone call first"

    "Thank you" was all he said as he let go.  Devon went to the window and looked out half listening to the phone call.  Once it was finished Paul grabbed his car keys and they left.  Devon went ahead to wait in the car.

    "Somethign is wrong Amanda, I don't know what it is but someone will be here soon.  Wake up Sebastian and tell him to get dressed--fully dressed"

    "yes sir" she said rising "take care of him"

    "I will" as the door slammed shut as he left.

    He found Devon waiting in the car seat.  He had tears coming down his face as he looked around outside.  Paul slide in, started the car and was at a local catholic church in the area.  It was big and ornate.  Paul came around and Devon joined him.  Paul guided him into the front door of the church.  The priest was standing just inside arranging some things when he saw the two of them.  Devon left Paul immediately and went to the front of the church sanctuary.  He fell on his knees before this big cross at the railing, put his arms down on them and bent his head over his hands.

    "Hello, that's quite an entrance"

    "Hello, I am Paul and this is Devon.  He has had a bad nightmare and for some reason had to come to a church for some reason.  Yours was the first one I came too that I remembered.  I used to attend here years ago"

    "Oh I see.  That'd make you the infamous Paul Filmore"

    "Guilty but I don't know what is bothering Devon"

    "I see, should I go and talk to him?  You can wait here if you wish"

    "I think that'd be good"

    "Very well" as the old priest walked up to Devon.  At 83 he'd seen a lot thru his years.  This was the first time someone just walked into his church and went to the front.  he knew it happened from time to time but never had it happen to him.

    Paul observed from the back.  The priest stood beside Devon.  Then he saw Devon look up.  He saw the priest take Devon by his shoulders and sit down in the front pews.  Paul knew that church would be starting soon but he was powerless to do anything about it.  He looked around the church.  It was showing signs of wear here and there.  It'd been several decades since he'd come here.  Paul watched the two upfront as others started coming in.  Paul got engaged into conversation with a few people he hadn't seen for years.  By the time he'd looked back, he noticed that the priest and Devon had moved out of the main santuary.  Paul just sat where he was. 

    Soon the service began and the assitant to the old priest was conducting services.  Paul didn't know what to do for a bit but the old priest came into the santuary not wearing his regular church clothes.  He came to the pulpit where he normally spoke years ago.

    "It isn't everyday that my day that God has given me starts off with a bang.  This morning I had the honor of talking to a young man who was at the cornerstone of his young life.  While I cannot discuss anything that we have talked about, I am honored to have him in our church for this service.  Our discussion was so disturbing and eye opening, I have not had time to prepare like normal for this service.  For that I apologize.  I will let my assitants continue" and he sat down.

    Paul then noticed that Devon had sat down beside him.  They made eye contact and Devon smiled at him for the first time that day.  He seemed relaxed.