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    Devon stood up, bowed to the audience, waved at them, went to Amanda and together they bowed to the audience and walked off stage.  The audience was going nuts want an encore.  Devon and Amanda stood with Paul while a big burly man picked up Sebastian and headed towards the helo pad.  Devon left go of Amanda's hand while she joined Paul and together they walked off towards the pad.  Devon was longing for the audience, he felt deep down that he wanted to do just one more.  Reuben's band was leaving for the pad also but Reuben noticed Devon standing there and saw the old look he used to have.

    Reuben went over to him.

    "Wanna do another, eh?"

    "I'm thinking I do"

    Reuben waved to the stage manager who was nearby.  He said something to the man into his ear that didn't have the headphone on.  The manager said something into his microphone.

    Devon was still watching the crowd.  They were loud and holding lighters up.

    Devon heard something behind him between the stage manager and Reuben.   All he heard was Amanda's keyboard was still live.  Devon keyed his mike and heard a thump, thump in return--he was live and the stage was dark.

    Reuben and the stage manager quickly turned in shock as they heard a keyboard 'twirling' as Devon tinkered on the keys searching for the middle C.  He'd never played on her keyboard but knew the instrument.  

    Erie silence quickly ran thru the crowd as Devon finally found what he wanted.  He noticed the additional keys at the top of the keyboard.  He pushed a couple that he quickly scanned.  a bass reverb started thumping and a single, bright white light hit Devon and the crowd went nuts again.  Devon quickly closed his eyes thinking of something to play, anything and his tribute to Rosie started.  He completed the song with a smile on his face as he picked up the keyboard, waved to the crowd and sprinted for the helicopter.  The big bird rose over the stage as Devon just sat back in the seat next to Reuben with a large smile on his face.  He was hugging the keyboard all the way back to the farm.  The pad was dark as the big bird landed in dark.  The engine shut off and everybody got out of the helicopter except for Sebastian and Devon.  Sebastian looked at Devon.  He'd woken up during the ride back.

    "That was fucking awesome Dev.  I was so touched"

    "Is that why you fainted?  It was that bad?"

    "Bad hell?  shit no dude, you blew me out of the water.  I didn't know that old machine was capable of playing like that and your words were just fantastic"


    "Something wrong?"

    "no, just lost in thought.  Wanna walk back with me?"


    The two boys excited the chopper.  The others were waiting for them in the limo.

    "We're gonna walk back"

    "Can't do it!  Too risky" said the security person.

    "Sorry dudes" Dev said as he handed the keyboard to the man and both boys fled.

    The team spread out but the boys couldn't be found.  Paul was almost shaken from the team's not being able to find them.  Reuben put his hand on Paul and told him to relax.  They should go to the house and give them about 30 minutes.  He thought they'd return by then and he was right.  The boys walked in together and the security team surrounded them.  Paul stepped between them and whispered something in the lead man's ear.  He nodded and they all separated.

    Devon spent the next couple hours visiting with Reuben and his friends before calling it a night.  Devon was flattered by all the comments but they didn't go to his head.  The next morning he arose as usual around 7 oclock, made his bed and went to the bathroom.  He showered after finishing his morning jublations, put on a pair of shorts and went to eat.

    Entering the kitchen all conversation between Paul and some other people he didn't know was there stopped.  Devon heard the comment "Well it is right here.  We can't make out which one it is but the magazine..."

    Devon got a bowl from the cupboard and set it on the table.  The men were watching him.  He felt funny in his stomach.  He got the cereal and milk, sat down and mixed them in the bowl.  He put the spoon in it and picked up a spoonful.

    "Magazine wouldn't what?"

    the two men looked at each other, then to Paul and back to Devon.

    "uh, uh" was all the one man said.

    Paul put his newspaper down on the table folding it to the entertainment section.

    "Apparently, some bad guys were taking pictures of either you or Sebastian and trying to sell them to a magazine.  The magazine wouldn't publish them but did forward the pictures to the head of security here"

    "Anything good?" he said shoveling another spoonful in.

    "Show him" was all Paul said.

    The man picked up a piece of paper and showed it to Devon.  Devon paused in mid-air for a brief moment and then into his mouth.  He crunched it some and swallowed it.

    "Poor picture wasn't it?  Least Sebastian had his shorts on"

    "How do you know it was Sebastian?"

    "Easy, I got blond hair and he has darker hair.  How'd they get the picture?"

    "From a sattellite I guess.  They don't have much resolution from that height"

    "Thought you guys could stop things like that from happening?"

    "Well, uh"

    "What if a fast moving airplane like on the discovery channel came across our space really fast.  They have high speed camera just for that kind of thing.  They used it in the war I think.  What about that?"

    The two men looked at each other then to Paul.

    "He has a good point gentlemen.  What about it?"

    "Well, I guess it could happen.  They could broadcast it before we could stop it"

    "So it could happen?"

    "yes, son it could and we might not be able to stop it"

    "mmmm, what did the paper say about the concert last night?"

    "Positive things all the way Devon.  Your grandmother called and said that Peewee would be available in an hour to talk to you via the computer if you want"

    "And what is aunt Iris saying about the money aspect?"

    "I haven't asked about it yet?"    

    "mmmmm, I'd really like to talk with her when I speak to peewee"

    "I'll see to that Mr. Shire" as the head of security got up immediately leaving with the other man.

    Alone, DEvon finished his cereal.  He put his bowl in the sink and immediately washed it putting it in the strainer to dry.

    "Paul, why don't you ever spank me?"

    Paul blew coffee all over his paper.

    "What?  Why would you ask me that?"

    "Sebastian and I were talking about that last night.  WE figured that you'd spank us or something since we broke the rules" Devon said leaning against the counter.

    "Well, uh, I don't know.  Do you want to be spanked?  Did you dad ever spank you or Sebastian?"

    "no sir"

    "Why do you want to be spanked anyways?"

    "I was curious why you never did"

    "I guess I figured you were old enough to know better about some things.  As for last night, I thought you wanted the time to wind down, was I wrong?"

    "no, I guess not.  I was just curious is all.  May I go to the media room and watch the video again?"

    "Certainly.  I'll call you when peewee is available"

    "Thanks" and he left.

    A short time later, Paul got Devon into his study alone.  He showed him how to operate the webcam and then left.  He was looking at a room when he heard peewee's voice.  The sound brought chills to his bones and he was a little freightened.  He knew he was looking at his grandmother's house.

    Then peewee was looking at him and him looking at peewee.

    "Hi" Peewee said tentatively.


    "What ya doing?"

    "talking to you, what else."

    "Heard your concert went really great last night.  I didn't get to see it though but it was supposed to be good.  Guess your really rich now, huh?"

    "Don't know, don't care"

    "Sorry about your parents"

    "It happens I guess.  You really getting money from your song?"

    "uh, who told you that?"

    "doesn't matter, is it true?"

    "well, yeah.  I don't know how much but I guess it is a lot.  I won't see any of it until I turn 18.  They say I'll be broke before I'm 18 and a month"


    "They think I'm gonna spend it all up"

    "They tell you how much?"

    "They think it should be around a million or so.  That's several years off though.  I guess I'm glad your doing good with it and I'm sorry for all those things I did to you.  I feel bad about that"

    "Do you really?"
    "course.  I had some doctors talk to me about it and I can see why it is wrong now.  Are you ok from it?"

    "Well, I almost couldn't do the show last night"


    "It was the beginning of the show"

    "So can't you change it?"

    "I dunno.  It was playing when I was supposed to go on"

    "Devon, you can change anything.  Your the star so change it to what you want.  People might complain, but dude, your the one the people are wanting to see, so control it all!"

    "Oh" was all Devon was thinking.

    "Don't worry about me.  I'm just glad I helped you get started.  Look I gotta jet, someone else wants to talk to ya, so see you around sometime"

    "k" and devon watched the screen go back to a room as peewee left the camera area.

    A short while later, Iris was sitting there looking at him.

    "Well, Devon, how are you doing?"

    Devon could only cry into the camera.  Iris flipped something in front of her.

    "Child, what's wrong?"

    No reponse.  Just more tears.

    "Are you ok Devon?  Is anyone hurting you?"

    "I'm so so sorry.  Are we alone?  I am on my end"

    "Child, no one is around here.  Tell aunt iris what's wrong?"

    "I'm worried"

    "About what?"


    "Money?  Why in God's name are you worried about money?"

    "I don't know how much I got to work with?"

    "Oh child, you don't have any worries about that.  It's almost endless and growing by the day"

    "Did the concert go well last night?  I mean moneywise?"

    "Oh yes, about $15 million worth and that is only a drop in the bucket"

    "$15 Million, is that good?"

    "Yes child plenty good.  Invest it well and you can be comfortable"

    "Good.  Is the church going well?"

    "My gosh child, is that what is worrying you?"

    Devon nodded sniffing and drying his eyes the best he could.

    "The church has been fixed and is starting to expand.  They want to name an area for you, the DevonShire room."

    "I don't want that, can you stop it?  for me?  please?"

    "I can and will if you really want me too"

    "And the priest, I spoke to him last night.  Will he be seen to for the rest of his life, Auntie?"

    "I can see to that child.  Rest assure, I'll do whatever I need to.  I've already set in motion  a set of actions that will help you the rest of your life if I should become, uh"

    "Dead?" he offered "your gonna live forever you know"

    "Oh child I wish, but when God calls me up, I'm going"

    They smiled at each other.  In the past few weeks, Devon had grown close to the wise old lady.

    "How can I make things better?"

    "Son, you just have to do what you feel you want in your heart is all"

    "Peewee said I can control anything I want on the concert, can I do that aunty?"

    "Peewee is right son.  Ever since he had that many visits with his shrinks, he has changed quite a lot"

    "So I can make some changes and no one will challenge it?"

    "Well son, let me say that you might have someone like Paul who will ask you questions"

    "So he'll stop me?"

    "I don't think he'll stop you, but he'll question why you might want something just so he can get it right"

    "he never spanks me"

    "Should he?  Have you been bad?"

    "No, but I don't know what my limitations are"

    "I see.  I'll speak to him about that then"

    "Thanks auntie"

    "your welcome child, anything else?  When is the next concert?"

    "I'm thinking in two weeks, is that too soon?"

    "I doubt it.  You could probably have it in 3 days if you wanted"

    "Kewl then.  Bye"

    "bye, take care" Devon heard as he clicked off the computer, leaned back thinking.

    After a few minutes, Devon stood up and walked to the kitchen.  Paul was just finishing up his morning coffee.

    "Everything ok, Devon?"

    "Yep, I wanna have a concert on a lake or ocean in two weeks"

    "I see"

    "and I think I should have an interview with a magazine or something"

    "I see what I can arrange"

    "Tomorrow is good"    

    "I'll check on it"

    "yeah, see to it.  I'm off to the lake with Sonny" he said strolling out the door.  Paul saw him from the window out near his concrete bench.  Devon removed his shorts and threw them on the bench and walked off.  Paul didn't think much of the change in his attitude.  He made the money, let him figure out how to make more.

    Paul set about making some calls when Sebastian came down with Amanda.  He ate quickly and left for the lake which was really a small pond.  Paul saw him also remove his shorts at the bench and sprint off with Cher behind.  The freedom of youth.  Amanda was busy reading a book after everyone left.  

    Rueben and rosie arrived with some of his friends to discuss more of the concert. Paul had called and mentioned it to him.  Rosie was waiting in the music room when she heard the boys enter.  The 4 men were sitting around a table when Devon strolled in with Sebastian.  Paul did a double take as he noticed that the boys were both nude.  

    Paul suggested that they get dressed in something appropriate since Rosie was there.

    "Aw what the hell Paul.  I'm sure she wants to see me, all of me" he said turning around with a semi-hard starting.  

    Sebastian had other thoughts though.  he quickly went to stand behind a chair.  Paul saw that he got a full blown hard.

    "Well, I don't want her to see you"

    "Well, it is my home so leave" Devon said sitting down on a chair watching for some kind of a response.

    "Rosie, we are leaving then"

    "Yes uncle Reuben" she said taking quick glances at Devon who was sitting there all spread eagle for her to see.  He played with his dick a couple of times but stopped at that.

    Rueben, Rosie and the two friends left quickly after that.

    "That was kinda rude wasn't it Devon?" Paul said.

    "nah, she wants to see me.  Everyone does, don't they Basty?"

    Sebastian said nothing.  He was still embarrassed at letting the grownups see him erect.  He quickly ran out of the room and retrieved his shorts from the bench.  He brought Devon's in and handed them to him.  Devon just put them on the table and continued to play with himself until he was fairly erect.

    "I don't think everyone wants to see you.  I'd like you to think on that some"

    "I have" as he stood and walked out the room staying just on the otherside of the door to hear what was said.  His hardon immediately went down.

    He was disappointed when Paul said nothing more.  Thru the rest of the day he tried to get a response out of Paul but couldn't.  He tried to pick a fight with Sebastian but that was defused when Sebastian just went to his room.  Devon went to bed that night frustrated.  His aunt said that she would talk to Paul about all of that.

    The next day started as a repeat of the day before.  Devon left for the pond around 9 telling Paul where he was going.  Paul told him to be back by 10:30 as he was getting company.

    At 11 Devon came into the house still nude.  Amanda heard him and told him in the kitchen that he'd better get dressed since some magazine was here.  Devon was happy at the interview but decided to push the button a little more.  He waited until Amanda went back into the music room.  A few minutes later he strolled in still nude holding a glass of ice water.  He came to an abrupt stop when he noticed a young lady probably 23, good looking sitting there talking to the other three.  Worse was a photographer just settign his stuff up.

    "Hey guys" he offered

    "Oh my god!" the lady said.

    "Yeah, get a good look, its what everyone wants to see!"

    "I don't think so boy, into my study now!" Paul said in his authoritive voice.

    Devon stood there drinking the water glaring at the man.  His attention was diverted when he noticed the room light up as the photographer take a picture.

    "You can't print that" the lady said.

    "I don't intend too.  Its for my own personal use.  I'll have something to masturbate too when you don't wanna give me anything.  That boy's hot!  No wonder all the girls wanna go nuts over him"

    Paul physically grabbed Devon and pushed a button on his desk walking Devon to his study.  He pushed him inside and shut the door.

    "I don't know what the hell has gotten into you boy!"

    "What do you care.  You got all the money you want"

    "I could really give a fuck about your money.  I haven't taken any of you fucking precious money boy"

    "Well, your getting all the glory of having us around" he shouted back inwardly losing his nerve.

    "Why in the hell would you walk into a room where your bare assed naked?  You knew there was an interview coming up"

    "why not give 'em what they want?  You don't care"

    "I don't care?"

    "no, you don't.  You just let us do as we want!" he shouted as loud as he could almost in tears.

    Paul went to the closet and pulled out a leather belt.  He pulled the two ends together and came over to Devon.  Devon's eyes bulged out some but things happened quickly.  He felt Paul pull his left arm  high, saw the belt go his and then his ass was instantly on fire.  He started dancing around after the third strike.  He started putting his hand out to stop the belt but it only hurt more.  He was crying, screaming and fighting at the same time.  He later found out 5 hits was all he had.  He couldn't sit down either.  His ass was on fire.  Much to his embarassement was his full blown hard.  He kept rubbing his butt though and left the other alone.

    Paul returned the belt to the closet and turned around to face Devon.

    "I've probably blown my chances of keeping you now.  I don't blame you if you want to leave to go somewhere else but you can't keep doing what you want when you want.  If anything 'I' have got a code of ethics that I thought you'd respect but apparently not.  I'm sorry I did this Devon, but you fianlly broke my restrant"

    Paul about crapped his pants when Devon ran to him hugging him, crying into his waist.  Paul could heard a commotion outside but stayed inside.  

    Sobbing "you do care!"

    "Of course I care"

    "You care!" was all he kept saying ending later with "I'm sorry Paul.  Please forgive me!"  and Devon would hug him more, then look up at him thru blurry eyes.

    "Why Devon, whY is all I want to know?"

    "I had to feel it, feel loved by you.  Maybe it isn't love to you but you care"

    "Of course I care.  I wouldn't let you do anything to hurt yourself or others or the two others"

    "I know that now <sniff sniff>"

    "Now what do you want to do?"

    "I'd like to do the interview another time soon, sir"

    "of course.  Just stand over there and I'll see what I can do"

    "I'm sorry, sir, really I am"

    Paul patted him on his head and left the room.  Outside he saw one of his security team had the photographer on the floor handcuffed.

    "He won't give up the photo sir"

    "he won't?  Ok.  Well, we'll get the local sheriff, I think he can be here in a few minutes.  Lets see, I have two grownups and three children that will witness the illegal picture of child nudity, especially a male child and a starlett in his own home.  I think that can bring some time in the local pen and lose your photographic union card.  That sound about right, Miss?"

    "Oh yeah.  He's done in this business for sure" the ex-girl friend said.

    "Wait a mintue, wait a minute.  You pulling my leg ain't ya?"

    Sebastian came around to his face, stood defiant with crossed arms so the man could see him clearly.

    "Paul, may I make the call to 911?" pulling a cell phone out of nowhere.

    "You can"

    Sebastian started to dial and set the phone down on the floor.  He knew that the police would be there in a matter of minutes.  the man started to sweat when he heard the sirens approaching fast.

    "Look, I'll erase the picture.  No problem, I wasn't gonna do anything with it anyways" he offered.  

    Amanda let the cops into the room.  Paul explained the situation and the man was arrested and removed from the grounds.  The security team stood near waiting further instructions.

    "Miss, I'm awful sorry about all of this.  If you say no, I understand, but can we do this tomorrow at this time.  I think Devon will be ready by then"

    "is he ok?"

    "uh, lets say he is adjusting, we are all adjusting to a new situation today"

    "Then we'll forget today happened and I'll be here tomorrow promptly at 11 am"

    "10:30 am was the original time and I'll be ready ma'am.  I promise" Devon shouted from the study.

    "ok, 1030 it is" and the lady left.

    Paul looked at the others, indecisive what to do.  he threw his hands up and walked out.  Devon peaked around the corner.

    "Is she gone?"

    "yes and what the heck were you thinking?  Didn't you know you were going to have this interview?  Why did you come in naked anyways?"

    "Well, I, uh..."

    "You wanted to test Paul some more?  Is that it Devon?" Amanda said unemotional.

    "wELL Yeah"

    "And did you get what you wanted Devon Shire?" 

    Sebastian just looked at her and back to Devon.

    "uh, yes ma'am"

    "And how's the ass now?  Turn around now" she demanded.

    Devon slowly turned around and Sebastian gasped.  Amanda reached out and pushed on two of the welts that were still there.  Devon flinched and moved out of her reach.

    "ya know, for my older brother, you sure are pretty stupid" she said turning her head back and forth.

    "Well, how'd I know he'd do that"

    "How'd I know he'd do that, well listen up dumbbutt, he cares about us, he really cares about us.  He gave up his own practice where he was making more money than he needed and you go and do something stupid like this.  He didn't do it for the money.  He doesn't care if you even give him any money.  He doesn't need it and doesn't want it.  All he cares about is seeing that we are taken care of and the best possible raising he can give us since our parents are gone.  Geesh, what a waste" and she walked off leaving Sebastian and Devon looking at her leaving.  

    "Pretty dumb huh?" 

    "well, I guess so.  You got the worse of it though.  How's it feel?"

    "I dunno, I guess I am kinda of numb now.  I'll have to think on it some and then I'll apologize to Paul.  I'm sorry if I embarassed you this morning Basty"

    "hmmm, I'll have to think on it and get back to you"

    "Thanks. I'm going to my room for a little bit"

    "Don't go to sleep, Paul wouldn't want that"

    "He doesn't?"

    "no sir.  Find something to do"

    "uh, k thanks" 

    Try as he might, the days events wore greatly on his mental ability.  He laid in bed thinking about all that'd happened in the past 24 hours.  He then realized what his Aunt Iris was trying to tell him about Paul caring for him and the others.  He was thinking of his parents when the lights turned off inside his head.  He found out later that his brother had found him sleeping but couldn't  wake him up for lunch.  Two trips back to the kitchen without  Devon upset Paul greatly.  Sebastian said he was gonna try a third time and left the table quickly when he saw the storm brewing in Paul's eyes.

    Paul looked at Amanda and said "this is bullshit.  The food will be cold by the time he gets here".  Amanda just nodded to the statement as Paul left for Devon's room.

    He walked in to the room to find Devon had fallen asleep, a no no in Paul's book.  One should only be in bed at night or unless they were sick.  Paul briefly wondered if Devon was still feeling his 'oats' and would soon find out.  Sebastian tried quickly but stood back when Paul entered the room.  In fact he was across the room when Paul told him to give him his belt.  Removing it, he pleaded with Paul not to do it.  Paul told him very matter of factly that he had already tried three times unsuccessfully and was Devon sick.  Sebastian shook his head no and stood back.  His own butt cheeks pulled together the first 'wack' of his belt on Devon's already welted behind.  

    Devon quickly moved from the bed with is ass on fire.  He felt an hand on his arm pull him, a feeling he'd already experienced when the second 'wack' cracked on his ass.  Devon put his hands out yelling "he was sorry" several times.   Paul stopped but did not release the boy.

    "Are you sick?"

    "NO SIR!"

    "Your sleeping when you should be eating"

    "YES SIR"

    'wack', release of his arm, "downstairs in 5 minutes.  Sebastian downstairs NOW!"

    Sebastian quickly left the room holding his pants up.  Devon collasped on the bed in tears.  Pauls comments quickly registered in his head.  He stood up and left the room immediately.

    Standing inside the kitchen "I'm sorry sir, extremely sorry.  I was thinking about 'us' and fell asleep thinking about mom and dad.  I don't know why but I'll try not to do it again sir.  I can't promise since it might happen again and I don't want to lie to you sir"

    Paul glared at him then gestured for him to sit down.  Devon did the best he could to sit down, the pain from all his welts exploring his burning butt.  Devon began to eat while the others were watching him.

    "I don't know what has gotten into you Devon.  You were so content before this last concert and now this.  I've tried my best to not fill your parents void but to help you adjust to their absence and this is the thanks I get for that.  It isn't satisfactory, not at all.  You know I don't like physical violence but it seems to be the only thing that gets thru to you.  What do you have to say?"

    Devon could only drip tears down his cheeks looking at his plate.

    "Should I sent all three of you to somewhere else, somewhere you can be happier?"

    "Oh great going Devon, you just fucked it up for Amanda and I!  I like it here even if  you might not.  Sir, I want to stay"

    "Me too.  My big wise brother can leave if he wants to, but i'm just happy here.  I don't have to ever play an instrument again"

    Devon ran from the table to the concrete bench outside.  He found Tiger there and picked him up.  He hugged and talked to the cat.  Paul couldn't make out the conversation but knew it was taking place.  

    "Give him time sir.  He'll come around"

    "If I know my brother, he'll use this for some good experience"

    Paul could only nod.