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     The next day a very dressed Devon approached Paul in his study afraid.

    "Sir, might I have a brief word with you?"

    Looking up, Paul removed is glasses and stared at Devon standing in the doorway.

    "Of course Devon. I was going to send for you anyways.  Come have a seat" Paul said going to close the door.

    "Sir, about my behavior yesterday..."

    "Ah, that, I'll put it down to adolescent foolishness"

    "But sir, it wasn't appropriate at all"

    "no, Devon, actually nudity isn't always accepted by society.  Ethics requires individuals to always be on the alert for when it is appropriate"

    "I know that sir, but I still want to apologize for it"

    "Well, it's over now.  There are somethings I need to discuss with you since you are directing things now a days"

    "uh, uh, yes sir" Devon said still upset.  He felt like Paul was brushing him aside.  He had to wear 4 pairs of briefs and his pants to keep his butt from hurting when he sat down.

    "Now, your requested tutor will be here this afternoon.  He is 43 years old, outed homosexual as you requested and is highly recommended.  He'll be here for 3 hours a day per your request.  He also realizes that his duties are temporary thru the rest of the summer.  Is this satisfactory?"

    "uh, yes sir, I suppose so"

    "Well, Devon, I was told, among other things by your Aunt Iris that this is what you requested, not me"

    "uh um, yes sir I did"

    "OK then, this afternoon.  You should also recognize that this is like school work.  I expect you to take it serious as such.  It would be a waste of time and experience of this man's talents for you not too.  He will be here at 1 pm.  You will have the upstairs room 4 to use.  I'll ensure that Amanda and Sebastian leave you alone"

    "but they were supposed to be here also"

    "ah, but that wasn't requested to me.  I believe your grandmother wanted you to try this by yourself and see the outcome of it before including the others"

    "oh, OK sir"

    "Very good.  Now your concert will be in 13 days per your request and instructions.  I'll arrange for you to meet with the stage manager this time prior to just arriving on stage.  We'll work that into your schedule towards 7 days out, say a week from today should be satisfactory.  That's all"

    And Paul sat down.  Devon quickly went out of the room before the tears started.  He ran to the bench but no one was there.  He took off down the lane where Rosie found him resting under a tree.  She knew something was bothering him since he still had tears streaming down his already dirty face.

    "What's wrong Dev?"

    "Oh, lo, nothing I guess"

    "Something's got you upset.  Spill it!"

    "Nothing.  I'll be OK" he said turning a little and wincing.

    "Bullshit DEVON SHIRE!  Something's wrong, now spill it!" she almost shouted.

    "Nothing to concern you is all"

    "If it concerns you, then I care enough to concern me.  Now why are you wincing?"

    "uh, nothing"

    "Devon, is someone doing something sexual to your butt?"

    "NO!"  he shouted at her once again wincing as he adjusted his butt.

    "They why are you wincing?"

    "I'm not"

    Not satisfied, she got up and pulled his legs out causing him more pain.  then she sat down on his knees immediately while he was trying to ease the pain in his burning ass.  She beat his hands away as she undid the belt, snap and zipper.  She stood up again and pulled him a little more causing his arms to go out to his sides.  She slide his shoes and socks off and then pulled his pants loose and off of him.

    He was spread eagle trying to ease the pain in his rear.  She looked him over, sitting there with his legs spread, she saw his shirt pulled up and what looked like several layers of underwear on him.

    "What the hell?" as she once again pulled him on his bottom.  His hands went out while he lifted his butt again.  quick as a wink, she pulled all four pair of underwear off of him and he plopped down when his legs were pulled out again.  he quickly lifted up again and then just stood glaring at her.  

    She stared at him.  His tee shirt now covered to his pubes, his 2 inches just lay across his nut sack.  The rest of him looked fine.

    "Still say no one sexual to you?" she insisted.


    "Nope, just had his ass tanned" she heard behind her from Sebastian.

    "What?  Ass tanned?  as in spanked?" she looked from Sebastian to Devon.

    "yep.  Seems he likes to go nude in front of magazine writers.  I'm sure they are gonna mention his little pecker to the world, won't they bro?" he chuckled.

    Devon turned beat red and looked at his feet.

    'go to hell' he muttered at Sebastian.

    "Aw, I'll tell Paul and he'll give you a couple more" Sebastian leered back.

    Devon quickly looked up "You wouldn't, would you Basty?" he said pleadingly.

    "what the hell is going on?"

    "well would you, please?  No!!"

    "Course not bro"

    "What's going on!?" she shouted.

    Devon looked at her, then Sebastian did.

    "Turn around for her brother before I turn you"

    Devon slowly turned around and there on his rear was two welts on each cheek of his butt.

    "Oh my god!" Rosie said going forward and rubbing them.  Devon tried to move away but she held him by reaching her hand round his waist.

    "What happened?" she said quieter rubbing the welts.  

    Devon looked down.

    "Seems my brother was having some trust issues with Paul after the concert.  Amanda and I tried to talk him out of the issue but he didn't' believe us.  He went into an interview naked as a jaybird.  The photographer guy got a good picture, nice and clear but he's in jail now.  Paul took him into the study and got him there.  Then Devon fell asleep later in bed when he wasn't supposed too and got it again."

    "Is that true Dev?"

    Devon turned red and could only nod.

    "And now he acts like he still doesn't care" he started to sniff.  

    "oh Dev, I don't believe that for a minute" 

    "yea me either, but he don't listen to us 'younger' people"

    "it isn't that Basty, but..."

    "but bullshit.  You goofed up.  Face it like a man and it'll go away"

    "Most likely" Rosie added.

    "You think he'll ever trust me again?"

    "Well yeah, why wouldn't he?"

    "Actually he said you looked like you had a pant load of shit when you left the house today"

    "he did?  OH" he said turning redder.

    "Well, you'd better get dressed, it's about time for the interview and that's why I came out to get you"

    "I can't go like this" he said as he turned around.  He was fully aroused from Rosie rubbing his butt.

    "You'd better do something about that"

    "OK, here Rosie?"

    "WHAT?  Hell no, I'm all dressed up for this interview. My uncle is here with his two friends.  Everyone is waiting for you"

    "Oh shit.  I can't go like this, I'll have, I will be totally embarrassed"

    "Well, you better do something about it"

    "yeah, we'll wait till you finish and we'll all walk back together"

    "What?  Do it here with you two watching?  Your nuts"

    "up to you or get dressed in one underwear and go back like that"

    "oh shit!" he said as he started to turn away.

    "No no no, I wanna watch this.  It isn't everyday I get to see my big brother 'get off' especially a superstar"

     "I can't do it with you watching"

    "no choice...better get dressed or get started.  I'd hate to see Paul take another belt to you"    

    "yeah, no shit" he said beginning to move his hand rapidly.

    after a minute he heard "watch is upper thighs stiffen when he gets near.  Mine do but then again I can't shoot.  You'll notice his ball sack pull up tighter than it is now"

    Devon stopped for a minute and looked at them.  then he closed his eyes and worked his shaft.

    Amidst the grunts and moaning emitting from him, he jerked his eyes open when he heard "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

    He saw his sister of 7 standing there watching him with her mouth open.  His balls were pulling up tight against him as he worked the 4" shaft faster.

    "Can't....stop....now...." and he spurted 5 times before he stopped.  He look his hands off of his shrinking erection.

    "That, little one, is how BOYS get off"

    "That's so gross!  Why did he do it in front of you two?  Paul won't like this"

    Devon quickly shrank then.   "Oh PLEASE DON'T TELL HIM.  I CAN'T STAND ANOTHER SPANKING AMANDA, PLEASE PLEASE, i BEG OF YOU!" and he shrank to his knees in front of her.

    She'd never seen him like this and it scared her a little.  She took a step back.

    "Amanda, walk with me back while the boys get dressed and catch up with us, right?"

    "yes ma'am" Devon said quickly picking up a pair of underwear.  He cleaned himself quickly.  He then realized that he'd picked up all of the underwear and now they were all wet.

    "SHIT SHIT SHIT!  Now what am I gonna do?"

    "Just pull your pants on and we'll handle the rest"

    Devon pulled his pants on carefully.  He zipped them, then put his shoes on and picked up the other stuff.  They quickly ran and caught up the girls just as they got to the concrete bench.  Devon threw his stuff there and walked with the rest of them into the house.  He adjusted his member quickly and got into the room slightly out of breath.  

    There was the same reporter as before.  Devon got very red with embarrassment as she shook his hand.

    "Your looking better today Devon"

    "ah, yes ma'am, about yesterday, I'm sorry about that ma'am"

    "You were looking well though from what I saw and the microphone is live at this point" she pointed to a machine.

    'oh fuck' went thru his mind "yes ma'am, thank you ma'am" he said.

    She gestured to the chair beside hers.  It was a chair from the kitchen with no padding.  He almost sat there when Sebastian rose quickly.

    "Devon, please introduce everyone to the nice lady before your sit down why not?" he wiggled his eyebrows.  Paul smiled.

    "oh, certainly, I'm very sorry ma'am.  This is my brother Sebastian <who shook her hand> and this is my sister Amanda"

    Amanda nodded.

    "Amanda plays the keyboards.  She has never been formally trained but picks up things quickly, ma'am."

    The reporter smiled  and shook Amanda's hand.

    "This is Reuben and his two friends.  I'm sorry Mr. Reuben, but I've never been told your last name. I'm quite sorry"

    The reporter shook all their hands.  

    "Reuben and his friends are the extensions to our little band.  This young lady here <he went to stand by her> is Rosie.  As you might know, one of the songs that Sebastian and I sing are based on, uh"

    "A wonderful experience with them"

    "Yes Miss Rosie and thank you"  Rosie then rubbed Devon's butt without everyone noticing it.  Devon quickly moved away and tried not to wince.  Paul noticed the wincing.  

    "And finally, ma'am, this is my true friend and governor, Paul.  He pretty much looks after all of us to make sure that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing ma'am"

    "yes, I've met Paul before.  Now, shall we get formally started?" she said gesturing to the chair.

    Like a deer in the headlights, Devon now had to sit in the chair.  He did so very gingerly.

    "Are you OK Devon?"

    Devon just sat there frozen.  He didn't actually know what to say.

    Finally Paul said "Devon got a little correction yesterday and he'll be recoving from it for a couple of days"

    "Thank you sir"

    "a little correction?  So is the rising superstar not above any punishment?" she directed more at Paul.

    "NO Ma'am, not at all.  I deserve to know where I stand on things.  I did some foolish things yesterday and I got what I deserve.  Plain and simple and even now have things to atone for which I hope I can do soon"

    "Oh, and what is that?" Paul inquired coming to his side.

    Devon's butt clinched together, he winced.

    "Oh sir, he was worried about not getting here on time.  hee hee, all of us kids had to go and find him.  We did and that's why he was a little out of breath"

    "Oh, what were you doing?" the reporter asked.

    'damn it to hell, this isn't what I wanted to do' he quickly thought.

    "He was swimming in the pond again and time got away from him" Sebastian added coming up to his side.  he was shooting Paul daggers for encouraging this.

    "Well boys do like to swim.  is swimming a favorite pastime Devon?"

    "It is for both of us ma'am.  We feel free to explore all of this property that Paul has allowed us to do.  Since our parents died, it has been quite a change of pace for each of us"

    "I see and was that were you were yesterday?"

    "Yes ma'am"

    "so, off the record, you like to swim nude?" she inquired.

    Sebastian and Devon turned quite red with embarrassment.

    "oh my, the readers would love to hear that" she said as their mouths opened "but won't.  So tell me about the song you sang solo the other night."

    Devon had to think quickly to figure out what she was talking about.    

    "You know the song you played on the pump organ Dev!" Amanda said.

    "Oh, right"

    "Do we need a moment here Devon?" she said reaching for the machine.

    "No Ma'am.  I mean I'm sorry ma'am.  I have a lot on my mind lately.  We are having another concert in 13 days.  The location will be announced soon I'm hoping"

    "Another one so soon, well that will be special"

    "I'm hoping so ma'am.  The song was and is a tribute to my parents.  It is very intimidate and special to me.  I'll not allow others to sing it with me but I won't be playing it again on the pump organ I'm afraid"

    "Why is that?  The papers said it was very, uh, special to the song"

    "Well the pump organ belongs to my governor and has been in his family for several generations.  I can't allow it to be hauled everywhere I go just for a song or two.  I'll make other arrangements"

    "Well, I can see to it..."

    "No sir, I'll not allow that sir.  I'm sorry.  You can, uh, um, discipline me again but that will not occur again"

    "Oh, well we can discuss that"

    "There is nothing to discuss.  The machine is too dear to me to have it possibly ruined by anyone or anything else.  It might be just an old piece of equipment to you but to me it was very, uh, special during my, my"


    "yes sir.  I'm sorry sir"

    "k" was all Paul said.


    "How are you all coping with the loss of your parents?"    

    "You'd have to ask our governor, Paul, ma'am.  He is a successful shrink who watches over all of us.  He does a good job at it also"

    "I see" she said.

    "Now the concert coming up?"

    "yes ma'am, please watch for coming news feeds about it"

    "So you don't have much information about it at the moment?"

    "My manager is seeing to all of the requirements I've set forth" was all he offered.

    They stared at each other for a few more minutes.  What Devon didn't know is that Paul and the others had already conducted a brief interview for the magazine earlier.  They made small talk and the interview ended with some pictures.  Devon was glad for the lose pants.  he went outside to get his stained clothing, but found that they were missing.  All of his underwear he owned was gone.  he was too embarrassed to ask Paul for anymore so he figured he'd have to go without until he had a chance to get more.

    The time with the tutor paid off quite handsomely.  it turned out that Sebastian and Devon wanted to learn some French.  Both were in the class for over 4 hours a day for the next 8 working days.  The tutor never offered any information to Paul but then again Paul never asked for it.  The stage manager met with Devon alone that next morning.  Devon explained what he wanted and the stage manager  listened, took notes and left.  Devon had to leave with a security team for the concert venue to review what the stage manager had set up.  The stage manager was upset when Devon insisted on the other computer man he'd previously hired and let go from the last concert.  Devon was very insistent however.

    Devon had to explain to his sister the ins and outs of sex to his chagrin.  Rosie had already clued her in on it and how to further gain an upper hand on Devon.  He wore shorts for the next 13 days.  The security team had confiscated his underwear and socks.  Paul had them in his desk and was waiting for Devon to approach him.  Devon never did though.

    The day of the concert arrived.  The Shire family felt 'ready' for this one though.  Although Sebastian and Amanda had no idea what was going to take place that night, both had some surprises.  Devon had gone to extremely great lengths to ensure those surprises were kept from the two and even Paul. Devon had insisted thru his grandmother that the security team was to keep quiet also.  

    The family, paul, Rueben, his two raiders, Rosie and a friend left for the concert around 6 that night from the helo pad.  They landed off shore about 1/2 mile out and a boat brought them in.  The sky was hinting at turning dark.  For once all three kids went to their changing room.  Amanda got into her costume and left for the stage to join Paul.  

    "You really think we can do this?" Sebastian asked.

    "Sure, it'll be neat and not as near sweaty in this southern heat.  Must be 95 out there yet"

    "I suppose" he said as he slid into his brown speedo.  He pulled on his outer costume and his flip flops.  His shirt was also lose fitting.  He stood there looking at himself.  

    "Heck, I don't know if this will do for me?"


    "Well, uh, this revealing I could develop a hardon.  If it is aimed down, I could embarrass myself"

    "So aim it up"

    "Well, what if it slips down like sideways.  I could really have a problem then"

    The door opened up then and the stage manager walked in to check on them.

    "We got a problem" Sebastian said immediately.

    "oh, what's that?"

    "Well, glory boy here is worried about his dick"

    "Oh?  Every boy had a dick son"

    "but" he said turning red "if it gets hard, it'll stick out"

    "ah, trouble with speedos I've heard.  I have a suggestion though.  Rather primitive but it does work or has in the past"

    "Hey, I'm game for anything" and the bands started up outside.

    "I'll be right back"

    "Devon, if you don't do this..."

    "I will, just give me a chance please" he said pulling his lose shirt on.

    The stage manager returned with a tube.

    "Now don't take this the wrong way, but is your penis hard larger than this?" he held the tube up.

    "uh, I don't think so" he said turning red again.

    "OK, just put your pecker in the tube and run it up towards the belly button"

    Devon did and his dick got hard right away and made the tube stick away from his pubes.  He held his arms out as for 'help me'

    "K, no big deal but usually we have to tape them to your skin"


    "Well, it'll not stick as well over your pubes.  Some of the stars keep their pubes chopped low or just off.  It'll always grow back"

    "oh, well then shave it" he said pulling his speedos down under his bent down dick.  The stage manager quickly used a razor and trimmed the straggly pubes just down some but left some.  Devon let the tube go back up and the stage manager taped it to his skin with some small strips of duct tape.  Devon carefully pulled his speedos back up.  It didn't look as bad then.  

    "It looks like you got a really big dick, Dev"

    "as long as it isn't lewd.  Is it?" he asked the stage manager.

    "Well, it makes you look like your are packing but not really all that much different when you'd be erect but just don't pull on it any and no one will know.  If you get hard, no one will know either way"

    "Cool" as he pulled his pants on.  Put his flip flops on.

    The stage manager's earpiece started making noises.

    "Seems like we are pretty much ready gentlemen.  Sebastian come with me and Devon, you know where to go" as he walked to the door.

    "See ya on stage bro!" as he left.  

    Now that everyone was gone, he dropped to his knees and said a short prayer for his parents, his crew and his God.  He got up and walked out the door.  He visually checked for everyone was where they were supposed to be.  That was when he noticed that there was a TV truck near the entrance.  That upset him.  The band was cranking up, winding up to show time or what was supposed to be.

    the stage manager saw he wasn't into position and walked quickly back stage to find Devon.  Devon was staring at the truck.

    "What's up dude?"

    "What.....is....that.....doing.....here?" he asked rather upset.

    "That, my little friend, was Paul's idea.  It was gonna bring another 25 million into the pot"

    "Oh" was all he said.  He put two ear pieces in.  They matched his skin tone.  $25 million was a lot for a concert.  He'd leave Aunt Iris to figure out what to do with all that.  Devon climbed into the machine that would raise him above the stage.  He arrived above the noise to join 3 other people.  One was the computer man and another was a tech specialist.  Devon did a thumbs up to the computer guy.  

    From the audience, they had been watching these big bubbles going up into rafters of the stage all night.  Devon looked below him, Reuben and his 'raiders' were below him playing as normal.  Amanda was sitting on her seat playing along on her keyboard on the side of the stage where Paul was wondering where his eldest charge was.

    High above the stage, all Devon had to do was step on the small platform, he'd ascend to the stage slowly.  He reached behind his left ear and pushed a small button.  He heard a click.  He 'clicked' his tongue and looked to the computer dude who nodded along with a thumbs up.   Devon once again went to his knees in a small prayer.  He stood up and faced the audience, took a deep breath and clicked the button again.

    The audience heard above the music "Nous sommes prêts quand vous êtes prêt"

    Suddenly the temp changed.  Reuben and his 'raiders' stopped playing.  Amanda stopped too.  They all heard what they thought was Devon's voice.

    "Nous sommes prêts quand vous êtes prêt" and Sebastian began his signature entrance tune to the song that Peewee had written but Devon had wrote the music too.  Amanda slowly caught on as Reuben and his raiders and Paul stood open mouthed as Devon ascended from the rafters.  Behind him was a series of pictures from their childhood as Devon sang the song that made him a heart throb.  Devon heard the raiders kick in soon there after.  Paul was in total amazement as the show unfolded.

    As the song ended Devon thanked the crowd.  He welcomed them to the summer concert by the water and wished everyone was keeping as cool as they could.  Sebastian joined him near center stage with Devon's guitar.  Devon introduced everyone again to the crowd.

    Devon took his guitar and put the strap over his shoulder with the guitar behind him.  Sebastian did the same thing.

    "C'est le temps pour obtenir le frère plus frais" and like identical twins they both pulled their shirts off as well as their pants.  They walked to the end of the stage and threw them into the audience.  A lot of young girls were yelling their heads off and trying to get close to both boys.  Devon smiled at Sebastian as they stood there in their flip flops and speedos.  Paul was stunned to say the least.  They hadn't spoken to him about this.

    "Amanda--a little summer music please"

    Amanda quickly began to play a beach boy song while the boys got their guitars into playing position.  thru the next 5 songs, Devon didn't have to use the short cut to the computer man on top.  The lasers were working great like he wanted them too.  The computer guy knew two songs were going to be sung, but he didn't know when.  He heard his ear piece tell him about his parents song was next.

    he told Sebastian to take a break along with Reuben and his raiders.  Devon told the computer man to kill every feed except for Amanda and his microphone.  

    "Tonight, I'm going to try something a little different.  I'm hoping it works for all of us.  Amanda?"

    The stage went dark except for a small light over Amanda's keyboard.  Not that she needed it.  She studied Devon's tape for hours during the past 13 days since he told her what he had planned.  Amanda played the piece beautifully.  Sebastian tried to strum but nothing was coming from the amps.  He just stood there open mouthed with Paul as scenes of his parents flashed on the screen, then the little church he was helping to fix up, the song became more popular that night than before.  Devon had to go to a studio to record it but it took all day until he was satisfied it was perfect.  At the songs end, he had to turn around and get some Kleenex's from a stage hand.  He apologized to everyone again as Basty's and the rest's instruments was turned on.  

    They did one more song before Devon keyed the computer dude uptop for the tribute to Paul.  The computer guy killed all power to the amps from the instruments except for a new instrument.

    "And now I have a new song for you I wrote just a few days ago.  It's another solo and might be expanded another time but for the time being, it will be a special song"

    From the back rolled out a 'sounder' that the country music uses fairly regularly.  Devon played some of the strings using the silver bar he found on top of it.  The computer dude talked into his ear that he was all ready.

    "And now for a special tribute" as he began to play.  All lights went off on the stage except for a pale blue one on top of Devon.  He was seated behind the instrument when the red laser slowly began to trace a figure out.  No one could figure it out as it was playing on the floor of the stage.  Devon began the lyrics that were very slow and easily understood by the audience who was totally supportive and silent all thru the song.  The laser figure slowly began to creep towards the back of the stage climbing higher and higher during the song.  At a predestined moment that Devon and the computer dude had worked out, the laser figure disappears and behind Devon in blazing light was a picture of Paul.  

    Devon didn't know it at the time but Paul actually fell to his knees as he suddenly put two and two together.  Never one to show his feelings, he began to weep tears of joy from the teen, so touching was the melody of a little over 3:45 seconds.  At the end, the lights all went out.  Applause went over big time and Devon was happy the song was so well received.

    Devon moved the instrument a little to the left of the stage while he signaled the computer man to restablish all instrument inputs to the amps.  Devon began a song that he and Sebastian had written.  Sebastian quickly noticed that his guitar was live.  A microphone was coming out of the floor infront of him caught him by surprise.  Devon smiled and nodded at him.  Sebastian sang the song all the way thru.  At the end everyone was estatic.  After 5 more songs, they concluded the concert, bowed and went back stage.  Devon and Sebastian did do one more encore and left the stage.  

    Everybody went back to the boat and returned the way they had arrived.  Devon was quite content with the concert.  He rested his head against Paul who put his arm around the boy.  They talked briefly about the concert especially the tribute to Paul.  Paul told him that he was pleased with him although his dress was questionable.  Devon told him that he'd taken long pains to ensure that he and Sebastian would embarass themselves.  He even showed Paul the tube which he removed after turning away from the girls.  However when he turned back around, both girls immediately noticed the difference.  Devon caught they eye movement and blushed.  He was glad it was dark in the chopper so no one noticed him.

    They arrived back at the house and the phone immediately began to ring.  Paul answered it before summing Devon to the phone.  

    "Hello?" Devon said tentatively.

    "Greetings grandson!  You were a big hit tonight" said his Grandma

    "Thank you ma'am.  I didn't know that it was going to be shown on tv though"

    "What difference, son, would that have made?"

    "Well, I might have chosen a different outfit"

    "And not drive all those little girls crazy?  My, your little friend showed up quite nicely"

    "Oh Grandma" he said turning really red with embarassment.  He unconsciously covered himself up.

    "Well, anyways your aunt wants to speak to you for some reason"

    "yes ma'am"


    "Yes ma'am, how are you?"

    "Quite well actually.  Your show was a big result and I wanted you to know before Paul even found out that the songs you sang need to be recorded as soon as you can.  The record companies are calling already"

    "Calling?  How?"

    "Well, Paul and I have managed to set up a LLC to handle your business.  They are calling the LLC.  Paul can make the final 3 selections, but it will be up to you to decide who you want to record thru."

    "yes ma'am.  I'll wait"

    "And has your button healed?"

    "Yes ma'am" he said still red 

    "That's good boy.  I can't imagine why anyone would want to inflict pain on themselves like you youth of today do"

    "yes ma'am but it was for a reason.  Did you see the show tonight?"

    "Of course.  You'll have to see it played yourself.   They had several camera going at the time so several angles were available for all to see"

    "yes ma'am.  I couldn't see anything except for the lights"

    "That's what I figured"

    "And the money?" Devon asked.

    "Oh child, don't worry about the money now.  I don't have a figure for you but it will be good. I want you to concentrate on recording"

    "yes ma'am"

    "ok, bye" and she hung up.  

    Devon stood there holding the phone looking at the phone.  A brief feeling of loneliness flooded him before he looked up.  Several people were looking at him.  He hung the phone up.


    "Everything ok bro?  what'd she say about the money?" Sebastian asked.

    "uh, we'll talk about it later"


    "Can you play that song for us on the pump organ?" Rosie asked.

    "If it is ok with sir"

    "Of course it is.  I'd like to hear it again anyways"

     They departed for the media room where everyone took a chair.  Devon was self conscious sitting down at the pump organ.  He thought he knew what song they wanted to hear but he didn't really want to play it.

              "Now, exactly which song do you want to hear.  We have quite a few"

              "you know which one Dev, the tribute to our parents"

              "I was afraid that was the one you wanted" he said slowly adjusting some knobs and pressing some of the keys.

              "Why do you want to hear it so much?" he asked no one in particular.

              "I think it is a good song"

              "I like the song myself." Amanda added.

              "The song touches a lot of familiar feelings in me" one of the raoders added.

              "Why did you compose I?" Paul asked him.

              "Well, I guess I miss them a lot and well even though I'm not really all that old, the stuff my dad believed in means a lot to me" he said.

              "So you should sing it as a ballad Devon.  I listened to Amanda play it, but it just doesn't have that special touch that only you can add"  Rueben offered

              Devon played around some thinking about what was just said.  A ballad, he heard the word but didn't know what it meant.  He had an idea now but was unsure. 

              He looked around at all of the expectant faces until he settled on Rueben.

              "What's a ballad?"

              "Oh son, it is a special song about something.  It is usally played a certain way the author wants it to be remembered"

              "Oh" he played some more.  Confirmed and he had indeed written a ballad for his parents.  He hadn't given it a name yet but had an idea.  Yeah a Ballad for the Shires.  A warm feeling came over him, yes, definitely a ballad.  Devon finished pulling out some additional knobs and pushed a couple in and then sang the song with his eyes closed.  He pretended he was the only one in the room.  When he finished, he looked down at his feet then out to the people.  Sebastian was openly crying as was Rosie and her friend.

              "I think that was the best you've sang it so far Devon" Paul offered.

              "Thank you sir"

              He adjusted some of the other knobs and played another song that he and Sebastian had co-written but not sang that night.  At the end he got a request for the Rosie song.  So he played that.  At the end, him and Sebastian had ended up singing a verse together. 

              "That was great" Rosie's friend said and she stood clapping.  Devon stayed on the chair.  He had a problem. 

              "Come on and get a drink, Dev, you gotta be thirsty by now"

              "I'll just stay here"

              "Why?" Rosie asked.

              "Cause his dick is hard!" Sebastian said laughing at Devon.

              The adults had left the room already. 

              "Really?" Rosie's friend said quickly looking at Devon's groin before he put his hands covering it up.  The speedo's didn't help anything since his dick had slipped at an angle and he protrudered pretty much.  He turned red with embarrassment and  could only star at his bare feet.  He wanted to leave but was powerless to do without embarrassing himself.

              "I've seen it before" Rosie offered.

              "maybe, but she hasn't"

              "Oh.  She won't say anything I don't think. I bet your pretty horny after the concert anyways"

              "Doesn't matter" as they sat there talking around the organ.  Devon made a quick adjustment to his dick to bring it upwards. It made the front of his speedo's gap at the front and rosie's friend wanted to see all of it but didn't make a scene.

              Eventually everyone lost interest in him and he finally went down enough to standup.  The friend checked him out as close as she could w/o being too obvious.  The adults had gone to bed along with Amanda and Sebastian.  Actually Sebastian passed out in a chair while Devon and the two girls were talking.

              Devon said he was going to bed and both girls stood to leave with him.  They were also spending the night on the forth floor next to the church room.  Devon put his glass in the sink in the kitchen.  Both girls were on each side of him as he slowly walked up the stairs.  Rosie rubbed his butt cheek.

              "Nice and firm Sarah, you should try it as he walks"

              She quickly put her hand on his butt cheek as he took another step. 

              "Sure is and the rest of him is good too"

              Devon stopped and sat down on a step.

              "Rest of me?"

              "Oh yeah.  You really stuck out at the concert!" she added

              "Yeah, Paul was pretty upset at it"

              "I guess I shouldn't have worn this suit then."

              "It isn't sticking out so far now" Rosie offered.

              "Nah, but it's the real thing here" she said sitting beside him and patting his knee.

              "Yeah, for sure" rosie said as she started to rub his calf and feet. 

              Sarah did the same thing to his other foot.  He had to put his arms down on the steps beside him as his legs were pulled off of the step to balance himself.

              Rosie put her hands on his knee and started to slowly move it up towards his groin.

              "And so muscular, isn't it Sarah?"

              Sarah never missed a beat and did the same thing.  Devon began to bone up immediately.  He made no effort to cover himself just balanced himself.

              Sarah put her fingers just over his balls and slowly rubbed in circles.

              "A nice hard muscle I think" Devon gulped at the sensations.  Sarah gently pulled down the front of his speedo to expose the already wet head.

              "am I making you do that Devon?"

              Devon nodded still balancing himself.  Rosie rubbed the outline of his hard dick thru the material.

              "Come on Devon, everyone is sleeping and we're all horny" as she pulled his material down gently.

              "I can't, not here.  We'll get caught"

              "Nah" Sarah said as she stood up and pulled her shorts and underwear off.  Her shirt went down past her waist about mid-thigh.  "I'm cool and  your right here" as she pulled more of his speedo down eventually past his feet so he was completely naked on the stairstep.  His 4" was standing proud just out away from his body.  He watched Rosie remove all of her clothes and Sarah carefully put her feet on each side of his thigh.  She leaned forward and kissed Devon on his lips as Rosie guided his member inside the virgin preteen.  Devon felt her slowly lower herself on his member until she was fully on him.  She just sat there until she broke off the kiss.

              "Oh my god Rosie, I'm fucking him.  The teen throb that every girl dreams of at that concert tonight.  And gosh does he fill me up good.  I think I'm gonna cum without even trying much"

              Devon watched Rosie reach around and play with the girls clit.  He watched her as she moved up and down on it.  The girl never moved until she moved against him from her organism.  Devon felt the warm liquid move on his balls.  He did nothing but started to shoot inside the girl.  Two, three, four bursts came out.  He just stayed spread out on the step.  The girl never moved until 2 minutes later.

              "Oh my gosh.  I've never had that much of an organism before.  I lost my virginity and came at the same time" she said as she moved off of his still hard member.  They both heard a plop as it hit his shaved pubes.

              Amazed as Rosie then mounted him.  She moved his member into her love canal.  Rosie played with her own clit as Devon just sat there.  She started moving up and odwn on him slightly for 15 seconds until she too had an organism.  Devon didn't that time though.  Rosie sat on him still inside of her. 

              "My god Devon, you looked so fucking hot up on that stage.  You looked like you had a hardon for 2 hours.  I was dripping wet when you pulled your clothes off.  Paul about shit when he saw you do that on the monitor"

              "Did it look that big?"

              "Oh hell yeah.  At least 5 inches straight up.  Your two balls moved now and then but it was fucking hot" as she started moving up and down again on him.  The more she talked about it, the faster she moved even though it was just a couple of inches.  Devon got into the story as he came a second time in that short time.

              Rosie lifted herself off of him slowly.  She was sated but Sarah was raring to go again.  Devon had yet to go down.  Sarah mounted him once again.  This time she rode him like a bronco.  Devon's butt actually fell off of the step he'd been trying to stay on.  He almost fel down a couple of stairs but Sarah pushed him down into a step kissing him all over.  It took longer to get his nut the third time but he made it.  Sarah was still hot to go.  In her mind, she was fucking the teen heart throb of the decade.

              "God damn, that was fucking hot Devon" she hissed at him.  She'd gotten off of him by then.  His pecker was about half hard by then and he was wide awake.  He wanted to do it some more but knew he had to wait some.

              "Man, I gotta rest a little bit" He said quietly.

              "With that dick I can't get enough" sarah said as she went between his legs and started sucking it like a lolly pop.  Devon got hard again immediately.  He felt her licking on his nuts and that drove him crazy.  Eventually he had to push her away and stood up.  His hard was leading the way up the stairs up to the forth floor. 

              "I can't go in there"

              "Why not?"


              "Oh.  We can do it out here though" as they pushed him on the floor.  He flipped both girls over and had his way with them before he told them goodnight.  They promised to come to his room in the middle of the night.  They tried but he had enough sense to lock his doors since learning of camera in the rooms.  He slept like a baby getting his nuts off 7 times.  The only thing he neglected to get was his speedo that was still on the stair steps that Paul found the next morning. 

              He smiled and took it to his study and locked it in a desk drawer.  He'd have his say later if the security camera confirmed what he thought.