"Where is Devon Shire?" the tabloid headline read.  "Gone mysteriously for 8 weeks now is 12 year old Devon Shire.  His manager states the young man is on a hiatus relieving the strain of losing his parents.  After the live televised summer concert back in late June where the young preteen paraded around in skimpy attire, the young boy has disappeared.  Rumors....."

    Paul just smiled as he sat down.  He had accomplished so much the days after the concert.  He had managed to work this his security company to release juicy gossip about the boy.  His popularity rose abruptly and more and more requests for his appearances were growing by the week.  With that was also additional money.  He would force the boy to grow up and face the challenges of his life and career. 

    Paul sipped another cup of coffee recalling the next morning.  He got the tapes from the security team that collaborated Devon's behavior with the two young girls.  Although no voice could be heard, it was very apparent what had happened.  Devon got up the next day and showered.  He put on a pair of loose pants with a belt and went down to eat.  Paul wasn't there for once.  Devon heard the girls giggling a short time later as they came into the kitchen.  Paul entered before they could embarrass Devon anymore. 

    Silence as they ate breakfast.  Reuben arrived a little while later looking worried and not talking much.  At least 4 members of the security team also arrived.  Paul told everyone to go into the media room and he'd be there shortly.  Paul led Sebastian and Amanda off to his office where he told them to just sit and watch the TV and all questions would be answered.

    Paul entered the room where everyone was seated except for the security members.  They stood by the doors and windows.  Paul told Devon to come and stand before him at the desk.  Devon did quickly remembering his spanking especially since Paul used his authoritative tone of voice.  Paul told him that he'd spoken with his grandmother and aunt earlier that morning and had a tape to play for him.  Devon turned around to see both of them speaking to him telling him that they were shocked at recent developments and fully supported Paul in his actions.  Devon didn't quite know what to think as he turned back around.  He asked him if he had anything to say.  Devon shook his head still bewildered.  Paul said very well and opened up a drawer.  Devon's heart began to sink as he was shown 4 of his briefs and his speedo from the show.  Devon knew he was in deep shit then.  Paul instructed him to face the monitor again.  Devon watched as the intercourse sessions from last night were presented in all their glory, every time.  No sound.  Then he was shown the masturbation from the sky the day of the interview.  He could make everyone out and the camera showed him returning to the cement bench.  Quite shaken Devon made eye contact with Rosie and Sarah who'd turned ashen. 

    Paul then told him to drop his pants and bend over.  Devon complied immediately expecting a strapping as he cried into his arms.  He dropped over the side of the desk expecting the worse.  When he felt two people holding him down he really got worried but all he felt was a needle being injected into the crack of his ass just below his tailbone.  the men let go and returned to the doors and windows.  Paul told him to pull his pants back up.  Devon did so immediately.

    Paul told him that everyone was so disappointed in him but apparently he has no respect for the female fans or friends.  As such he would be placed in a position where he could think it out for himself.  Devon was crying at that point as the security team put him in restraints and walked him out of the room.  Reuben took the girls off to the doctor for testing which came out negative. 

    Paul joined the other shire children in the study for questions.  The usual where is he and when will he be back.  Paul assured them that they were fine and would be fully informed of what was happening.  Paul felt bad that he couldn't tell them where he was.

    The head security man took no pity on the boy.  He was taken to a discreet location in the foothills of Tennessee.  He was stripped and placed into a cell and assigned two guards.  Thru the next several weeks, he was still given injections of the female estrogen shots every day by a medical expert who was monitoring his reactions.


    From the day after his summer concert, Devon felt his world falling apart.  He was assured that he was a hit after the concert.  Then Paul sends him off to some place he's never been before.  Some place remote.  He felt terrible being forcibly restrained and led from the room.  He remembers the 4 security guards leaving him off the property into a waiting chopper.  One of them said 'let him get his shoes' and the other guy who appeared to be in charge said 'nah, he'll not need anything soon enough.  Just more baggage' while leading him faster down the path.  The ride in the chopper wasn't a cake walk either.  He had to stand most of it.  He looked out the window but couldn't see anything that meant anything to him.  The pilots said that they were at 8,000 feet at 150 mph.  He arrived at the station where 3 of the security guards left and one stayed.  He was the one who wanted to get him his shoes and stuff.  Devon didn't know what to think especially after his pants were cut off of him and he was led out the door into a central area between a lot of buildings.  He immediately noticed that everyone was nude like him and especially mixed sex.  Devon spent several minutes staring at all the girls.  He never boned up though.  He didn't think much about that at the time.  He was led down the steps to a room where all of his hair was shaved and his pubic hair also.  He stood especially still when the bare razor was used on his all ready hairless nuts.  He was led to another room where he was in a dormitory with 20 other beds.  He'd find out later that they were mixed company of boys and girls.  the lights were kept dim but well enough to see.  He was told that his name was now Peter unless he wanted everyone to know exactly who he was.  He was uncuffed long enough to take a shower and then taken to the food center where he ate with everyone else. 

    The staff was fully clothed as was his security guard.  Devon sat among the people who were nude like him.  Devon kept his eyes averted the best he could.  Some of the others noticed a new person and tried to talk to him. He was polite but brief.  One girl who was a red heat with big breasts talked to him a lot.  She was hot he thought but nothing happened down where he though he should.  He was bewildered for a time.  That night he was led to his bed where he was restrained and told not to try to escape, it'd only make things worse for him.

    He awoke the next day, had to pee but no hard on again.  He was led to the bathroom where he went and then to the medical center where he was given another shot of something.  He then ate and was led to a room where he was finally given one on one instruction.  His security gurard stayed within hearing range though, but he never said anything.  This procedure went on for over 6 weeks.  Devon was slowly given into the program although he wanted to resist more.  He was slowly being brainwashed that he would jump a female any chance he got.
    The program in its 7th week was so intense that Devon would sit and stare out the window.  This went on for several days as his security guard grew more concerned.  He checked with the superiors who told him not to interfere, all was supposed to be this way.  The guard, Peer, disagreed but said nothing at that time.  His job was to stand near enough to fend off trouble but not interfere in any actions by others.  He noticed that Devon would be approached by many others but no trouble never ensued.  All the others there were convinced that this was Peter.

    On the 7th week day 5, Devon was at the bottom of his long travels.  He felt lower than when Peewee had violated him. He'd sit on benches just out of the way from most everyone, stare at nothing while tears fell down his face.  His security guard came just within earshot of the boy.  Devon knew he was there, he was always there.  He never said anything to the boy though.  Devon figured it was Paul's directions.

    In a tone so low Devon barely heard it.  "Mon enfant, mon bel enfant, qu'ils vous ont fait ? " (my child, what have they done to you?)

    Devon froze.  He stopped weeping.  He wasn't sure what he had heard but it rocked his soul.  He looked up from his feet.

    "Vous avez été si plein de vie et maintenant ils vous ont réduit à cette merde totale ! " (you used to be so full of life and now they doing this crap?)

    Devon shook his head.  He actually took his hand and slapped his head.  To a casual viewer, it might have been comical.

"    Ne faire pas l'enfant de dispair. Je vous ai compris au concert, donc je sais que vous me comprenez" (do not despair child.  I understood you at the concert, so i know you understand me)
    Devon slowly looked around.  No one was near him except for the guard and he never spoke to him.  But what if he did?
    "Vous parlez la langue qui mon frère et j'ai appris ?
" (
you speak the language that my brother and I learned?)
    "Bien sûr. Pensez-vous avec un nom comme Piere je ne pourrais pas comprendre mon propre patrimoine ? Vous lui parlez assez être bien compris. Maintenant pourquoi vous faire dispair pour tout ceci ?
" (of course.  Do you think with a name like Piere I might not understand my own heritage?  You speak it well enough to be understood.  Now why do you despair for all this?)
    "Il n'y a pas d'espoir pour moi. Même ma famille m'a desserted. Mon gouverneur a estimé que je suis violeur pour toutes les femelles. Vous avez vu les vidéos. Je suis mauvais et sans espoir. J'ai pensé j'ai eu une chance à une carrière mais qui est pris de moi !
" (There is no hope for me. Even my family has deserted me.  My governor has deemed that I am a rapist for all females.  You saw the videos.  I am bad and hopeless.  I thought I had a chance at a career but that's taken from me!)
    "Je n'ai rien vu. J'ai vu des visages qui ont été appauled à ce qu'ils ont vu. Que regardaient-ils ?
" (I saw nothing.  I saw faces that were appauled at what they saw.  What were they all looking at?)
"C'était de la nuit du concert. Je portais ce speedo baigne le procès. J'ai eu un tube en bas le devant pour me garder à sa place. Je l'ai enlevé. J'ai marché les filles à leur pièce, et bien les choses sont allées de là. Il a été filmé mais je n'ai pas su cela. Qui et masturbant devant ma soeur. J'ai dû faire qui il pour obtenir partir juste avant l'entretien. Mon gouverneur a eu tous mes sous-vêtements que je portais du battement il m'a donné. ....
" (It was from the night of the concert.  I was wearing that speedo bathing suit.  I had a tube down the front to keep me in place.  I removed it.  I walked the girls to their room and, well, things went from there.  It was filmed but I didn't know that.  That and masturbating in front of my sister.  I had to do that to get it to go away just before the interview.  My governor had all my underwear I was wearing from the beating he gave me.....)
    "Il a flanqué une correction à vous parce que vous vous masturbiez ? Cela est une petite extrémité n'est pas il ?
   " (he gave you a beating because you were masturbating?  That's a little extreme isn't it?)
    "Non no. Il traînait nu devant l'entreprise" (No no.  It was walking around naked in front of company) he said turning red from embarasement.
    "Je vois. Dans mon pays, nous ne réagissons pas comme ça. La nudité est une chose et les relations communes sont observées mais descreet. Les mâles sont fournis des préservatifs. Ces Américains sont si primitifs. Si ce que maintenant ?
" (I see.  In my country, we don't react like that.  Nudity is a common thing and intercourse is observed but descreet.  The males are provided condoms.   These americans are so primitive.  So what now?)
    "Je ne sais pas. Je suis pris au piège ici. Je, er, euh, mon corps n'agit pas même à droite" (I don't know.  I'm trapped here.  I, er, uh, my body isn't even acting right)
    "Votre corps agit comme ce devrait être puisque ils donnent vous dope pour battre les fonctions de corps normales. Avez-vous appris n'importe quoi puisque vous avez été ici ? N'importe quoi constructif ?
" (Your body is acting like it should be since they are giving you drugs to defeat normal body functions.  Have you learned anything since you've been here?  Anything constructive?)
    "Euh, je ne sais pas. ...
" (Uh, I dunno....) he said looking down and then around
    "Peu l'un, je suis de vous protéger mais il casse mon coeur pour voir que vous obtenant l'arbre" (Little one, I'm to protect you but it breaks my heart to see you getting the shaft)
    "Quel drogue donnent-ils me Piere ?
" (what drug are they giving me Piere?)
    "Le drogue femelle a appelé de l'oestrogène. Il tournera vos jeunes balles dans les parties des femmes.
" (the female drug called estrogen.  It will turn your young balls into women's parts.) he said smiling.
    Devon stood up quickly in panic.  He started to go to him but Piere quickly turned around and walked a short ways off.  Devon suddenly understood why he wasn't talking to him.  He wasn't allowed too.  Devon went back over and sat where he was.  He looked around worried, very worried wondering what was gonna happen.  He thought he had a friend in Pierre.
    Soon he heard "Le garçon, je ne peux pas vous parler ou est vu de la conversation à vous. Je perdrai mon travail et vous serez dans le grand péril mais le drogue fera de mauvaises choses à votre corps. Vous avez besoin de partir ici et bientôt.
" (boy, I can't talk to you or be seen talking to you.  I'll lose my job and you will be in great peril but the drug will do bad things to your body.  You need to leave here and soon.)
    Devon started tearing again. 
    "great, how the hell do I do that?" he muttered.
    "Avez-vous n'importe qui, n'importe qui à tous qui peut vous donner l'argent comme $500 pour un billet à la sécurité ?
" (Do you have anyone, anyone at all who can give to you money like $500 for a ticket to safety?)
    "Personne je peux penser à. Je le sais qui pourrait mais je ne suis pas sûr. Comment pouvez-vous m'aider ? Je suis sans tout ici. Je n'a pas de vêtement, aucun argent, non rien vous offrir ou n'importe qui.
" (No one I can think of.  I know someone who might but I'm not sure.  How can you help me?  I'm without everything here.  I have no clothes, no money, no nothing to offer you or anyone.)
    "Mon garçon, vous avez un grand cadeau dans votre chanter. Il y a des choses que les garçons peuvent faire gagner de l'argent. La question ultime qu'est VOUS faites faites pour faire pour échapper cette torture ? Il ne sera pas facile mais il peut être fait. Je ne suis pas votre garde pour rien. Je suis bien versé dans les arts martiaux et peut parler des langues différentes. C'est VOUS qui doit prendre cette décision. Je crains pour votre vie si vous continuez ce cours. Mon frère nous aidera une fois vous êtes dans saftey.
" (My boy, you have a great gift in your singing.  There are things that boys can do to make money.  The ultimate question is what are YOU willing do to do to escape this torture?  It will not be easy but it can be done.  I am not your security guard for nothing.  I am well versed in the martial arts and can speak different languages.  It is YOU who must make this decision.  I fear for your life if you continue this course.  My brother will help us once you are in saftey.)
    "Save me Piere, just save me please" he said standing and walking past the man who ended up following him a little ways.
    "Deme un día entonces." was what Devon heard.  He wasn't sure if he heard correctly but thought he got the gist of it.  His hopes were raised immediately.

    Nothing happened for the rest of the day and night.  Devon went to sleep on his cot in his dorm room as normal.  He did notice that his security assistant was missing for some time.  Devon didn't bring any attention to himself and kept to himself as usual.  He'd sit and stare off at nothing as usual.  He'd look around from time to time and  notice where Pierre was.  Devon would walk towards him with the intention of speaking to him but Pierre would move off rapidly away from the boy.   

    Devon gave up after 5 days.  He was getting more and more frustrated.  he was sitting on his spot, tears weeping down his face again when he heard the voice again.

    "Il est tout réglé peu l'un. Se coucher, ne pas dort ce soir. Je peux vous réveiller seulement à sens unique et ce n'être pas agréable et je n'aime pas le faire mais je ferai si vous voulez. Vous vous lèverez comme vous va à la salle de bains. Marcher au vestibule. Il y aura garde là. Ne pas lui parler mais signe le livre devant lui. Laisser le portail de devant à l'aire de stationnement. Vous trouverez une camionnette noire de panneau dans l'aire de stationnement. Dans le compartiment de bouchon de gaz, vous trouverez une clé. Ouvrir les portes et aller au dos. Vous trouverez un sac de couchage et un short. Les mettre et le sommeil. Je serai là plus tard dans le jour. Si vous entendez n'importe quoi, ne pas sortir de la camionnette et est sûr de verrouiller les portes. L'aire de stationnement sera sombre. Faire ceci si vous aimez pour votre liberté. "

 (It is all set little one. Tonight go to bed, do not sleep. I can only wake you one way and it is not pleasant and I do not like to do it but I will if you want. You will get up like you are going to the bathroom. Walk to the lobby. There will be a guard there. Do not speak to him but sign the book in front of him. Leave out the front gate to the parking lot. You will find a black panel van in the parking lot. Inside the gas cap compartment, you will find a key. Unlock the doors and go to the back. You will find a sleeping bag and shorts. Put them on and sleep. I will be there later in the day. If you hear anything, do not come out of the van and be sure to lock the doors. The parking lot will be dark. Do this if you like for your freedom)

    Devon nodded as he walked past him.  Later that night, Devon did exactly what the man suggested.  He had some difficulties find the van but checking the gas caps finally helped.  He slept secure and safe for one in several months.  Later that morning, he heard the door open up.  Devon about peed his shorts but he kept quiet and out of site.  He felt the van creep forward and pass thru the gate.  He said nothing for a long time.

    "It is safe for a little while little one"

    "Is that you Pierre?"

    "Yes it is I.  I have had many times of anxiety during the past several days.  This van is rented.  We will be going to the airport directly.  We will board a plane for Paris, France shortly.  I trust rested you are?"

    Giggling for the first time in a long time, "You speak funny English, but I am rested enough"

    "This is good.  Stay down for a while though"

    "How are we leaving on the plane?  Won't they stop you?"

    "It was the passport is what took several days"

    "I thought you had gave up on me"

    "No Devon, not on your face"


    "uh, you know, you live"

    "oh, my life"  he said giggling again.  

    Pierre waved his hand at him in the air.  "In a bag in the back, put on shirt, socks, and sandals quietly.  We are getting near the airport"

    Devon quickly kicked off the sleeping bag.  he found the bag and ripped it open.  He put on a shirt that was big on him, then the socks and the sandals were a little big but he didn't care.  


    "this is good.  Now put everything in the bag so we can throw it away"

    "But the sleeping bag is good. You shouldn't throw that away"

    "no, no, we take bag with us, the other stuff but be quick" as Devon felt the van sway all around.  

    The van squeaked to a abrupt halt.  Devon looked around wondering what to do when all the sudden the back door opened and Pierre was big as life right there.  He pulled his shirt off.  Underneath was a tight t-shirt with ripping muscles.  Devon gasped and put his hand over his mouth in embarrassment.  Pierre looked up at him.  He put the shirt in the bag Devon was holding.  then he grabbed the sleeping bag and tied it together in short order.  He then reached in and easily grabbed Devon by the ankles and pulled him to the ground.

    Reaching forward he said lowly and forcibly "You name now Peter Pecker.  You 11 from Cleveland, Ohio.  You my nephew.  You got?" pressing his passport into his hands.

    "yes sir"

    "Good, sir is good, I like sir.  Sir me everything, it good!  Now come" as he pulled back, picked up both  bags and they left.  

    After depositing trash, they cleared customs without a problem.  Pierre only spoke French to any one who asked him anything.  Frustrated, they passed them through customs.  After getting on the plane, sitting in coach where it was very tight seating, Devon finally relaxed enough to fall off to sleep again.  

    He awoke sometime later to find a blanket on him that was over Pierre also.


Devon looked around the plane. It looked pretty full to him. He snuggled into Pierre feeling safer than he had in a long time. He wondered what would happen next but didn't dwell on it.   He liked Pierre. At least he knew some French so at least he could talk to him.


Pierre woke Devon up about 20 minutes before the plane was supposed to land. He told Devon to go to the bathroom and wait for him. He told him about a secret knock.


"little one, we will be landing soon. We should be met by brother but maybe not. Your still Peter until we get through customs. We can catch a cab if he doesn't show up. Do not speak to anyone unless your spoken too. OK?"


Devon nodded. They returned to their seats just before the airplane landed. Customs was very east to get thru. They caught a taxi just outside the airport. Devon was surprised at the things he saw. Not shocked.


Arriving at a house after a slow 30 minute drive, both of them got out. Pierre paid the cab driver and then went to the house and rang the doorbell. A small speaker asked who it was and they were to to wait.


After 10 more minutes, the door opened by a man who looked like Pierre in the face. Devon got next to Pierre as close ad he could. The man scared him some. He had a really big gut on him.


"so you got him here, bring him in so we can get a good look at him" he said roughly in French.


Pierre put his hand on Devon's neck and guided him inside. In to a study they all went. Pierre left Devon in the middle of the room where the fat man in only shorts came over near him.


"stay here so I can see what I got for my money" he said to Devon in poor English.


Devon looked at Pierre with a scared look.


Pierre just shrugged his shoulders.

"you said you'd protect me!  What is this about?  Did you sell me like a common slave to this fat slob?  I trusted you!" he shouted to Pierre in French.


"ah, so they little  one knows French. Good!  I am poor I. English. ". Said the fat man in french.


"I did not sell you Devon. You must be patient" Pierre said while the fat man was poking and proofing on Devon.


Devon just glared back at the man.   The man stood in front of him and when Devon looked menacingly at Pierre, Devon felt a full handed hard slap to his face causing him to grab his face and step back a couple of steps.


They stared at each other.   Pierre watched from the seat noncommittal.


"I will NOT tolerate disrespect here. Not by any one. You got that?" fat man said in French to Devon.


All Devon could do was nod his head still holding his face.   He didn't look at Pierre after that.   The fat man noticed after Devon stood up again and put his hands to his side.


"I am sorry to both of you." he said in his French.


The fat man looked at him and smiled for once.  Devon lowered his eyes in shame. 


    "There are some rules that must be followed.  First, you must obey all rules and laws that are ethically observed.  This might mean something as minor as No arguing in public with your guardian, whomever it might be.  Go with the flow, something bothers you, you can ask discuss it when you are alone.  Pierre has told me that you were being punished for something that is normal for the youth of this country--but, you must not do it in public, masturbation or fucking <devon turned red> and if you are to fuck another, you must use a condom.  There are no excuses.  If you violate these simple rules, you will be publicly disciplined no matter who or whom you are.  Any questions?" he said in french to the boy.


Devon shook his head.


Pierre stood and came over to Devon.


    "This is my brother Adrien.  He is a successful lawyer and business person.  Tomorrow you will meet Johan.  Johan is a doctor.  He will look at your, he will check you out" Pierre said in English to Devon.


"Yes sir" Devon said meekly.


"Good" Adrien said as he stood back from the boy and turned around.  He dropped his shorts that were under his belly.  Devon couldn't help but to open his mouth as the man put his shorts on the table and turned around.  Now Devon had seen many naked people in his short time, but never seen a man with such a big belly.  He was hairy also.  His balls were quite big to Devon and his dick shook as the man moved.


"Here we observe natural dress.  If this offends you, you will have to just get used to it.  I put the shorts on for your benefit.  I do wear regular clothes outside of my home but here I am king of my castle"  Adrien said as he scratched his butt in French to Devon.


"Yes sir" Devon said closing his mouth but still staring. 


That was when he noticed that Pierre was also removing his shirt and shoes.


"Come, we will go to our rooms"  Pierre said in French to him.


Devon simply picked up the sleeping bag and stared at the hairy fat man as they exited the room.  Once they were alone in a room on the third floor of the huge house, Pierre told him to remove all of his clothes. 
    Devon assumed that he was going to get some other clothes, so he walked over to the windows and removed his shoes, shirt, socks and dropped shorts.  He heard noise from Pierre so he assumed that he was also changing his clothes from the flight.
    "Man, I can't believe how fat your brother is.  Can you believe the size of his belly?  I've never seen anyone with so much hair but the size of his gut..." was all he got out about the same time he got his shorts off. 
    At that point he felt his hair being pulled and pulled hard.  He was being led to a small desk by a pissed off Pierre.  The next thing he felt was his buttocks on fire from at least 4 quick swats from a narrow belt that Devon knew Pierre was wearing.  Devon started screaming after the third hit and put his hands behind his butt trying to catch the belt that was inflicting fire on his ass.  The smacks on his hands were worse than his buttocks.  He finally collasped on the desk as Pierre administered at least 4 more.  Devon was crying loudly and profusely into his arms while his ass was on fire.  He managed to let go a stream of urine on to the desk.
    "Vous le petit connard ingrat ! Vous avez eu m'a trompé dans penser que vous étiez vraiment impuissant ! Je peux voir maintenant pourquoi votre gouverneur vous a puni. Vous êtes s'impoli, donc irrespectueux et je dois vous partir avant que je vous blesse vraiment ! " <You ungrateful little asshole!  You had me fooled into thinking you were really helpless!  I can see now why your governor punished you.  You are so rude, so disrespectful and I must leave you before I really hurt you!>
 and Pierre left the room abruptly. 
    Devon was collasped on the desk for several more minutes until he tried to stand up.  His butt hurt worse than when Paul had taken his wider belt to him several months ago.  As he stood shifting his weight from leg to leg, his buttock muscles on those cheeks would hurt more.  He realized thru teary eyes that he was standing in urine.  He looked around and got his clothes from the floor where they had fallen and got on his knees and mopped up the urine slowly.  He used every piece of clothing he had to get it from the floor boards.  He heard the door open behind him and he quickly turned around.  There stood Pierre in the door way looking at him.  Devon quickly as best he could scooted dispite all the pain his rear end was experiencing to the far wall away from the man who he thought was his friend.
    Pierre was a man in his mid-twenties, very fit, not as hairy as his brother but well endowed Devon noticed before flashing fear in his eyes at the man.
    "S'il vous plaît monsieur ! Non plus ! Je mendie de vous ! Je ferai je vous sucerai de ou vous pouvez faire que vous me voulez mais s'il vous plaît monsieur, non plus ! " <Please sir!  No more!  I beg of you!  I'll I'll suck you off or you can do what you want to me but please sir, no more!  > scooting back against the wall.
    "Vous n'a pas d'idée que j'ai dite à vous ? Je devrais vous envoyer de retour à ce lieu. Vous êtes le garçon le plus irrespectueux. Vous avez eu m'a trompé bon. Mon frère avait raison. J'aurais dû vous partir là laisser votre chute de balles de vous l'ingrat ! " <you have no idea what I said to you?  I should send you back to that place.  You are the most disrespectful boy.  You had me fooled good.  My brother was right.  I should have left you there to let your balls fall off you ingrate!> he shouted back at Devon.
    "S'il vous plaît, que j'ai fait ? " <Please, what did I do?> Devon asked thru teary eyes, starting to shake violently.
    "Pourquoi vous faire disrepect quelqu'un qui vous aiderait ? " <Why do you disrepect someone who would help you?"
    Devon digested what he heard.  Slowly it dawned on him what he said.  He was immediately sorry for saying it.  He knew he was wrong and he wasn't brought up that way.
        "Le maître, je suis désolé. Je ne peux pas vous commencer à dire que je suis désolé. Je n'ai pas été élevé pour dire des choses comme ça et je mérite que vous avez fait et plus. " <Master, I am sorry.  I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am.  I was not raised to say things like that and I deserve what you did and more." Devon said quietly.  He painfully got up and went to the desk and leaned over it.  He put his arms in front of him awaiting for the coming pain.
    It came.  Thack!  Devon jumped but bit his hand. 
    "I'm sorry master!" he shouted after a moment.
    "I wasn't raised that way" THACK    
    Devon just fainted then.  Pierre left him bent over the desk and left the room.  He joined his brother on the deck by the small pool.  He didn't say anything to Adrien but his brother knew something was wrong as his brother was very quiet.
    Camille  who was watching from the pool side  didn't say much.  At 11, she knew that someone was coming to visit but unsure who.  She hadn't met him yet.  She decided to go and look for him.
    She found the door to her uncles room still open.  Laying over a small desk was a naked boy.  He had many welts on him from the belt that was thrown on the floor.  She got a good view of his asshole since his legs were spread.  She could tell his testicles probably were of good size but not sure.  She put some cream that she'd found on a table in the bathroom on his welts. 
    As she rubbed them, the boy began to stir.  the more she rubbed the more he moaned probably from the pain. 
    He raised his head from his arms and looked at who was putting something on his welts.
    "Vous devez avoir pissé vraiment de Pierre pour obtenir tant. "<You must have really pissed off Pierre to get so many.>
    "but I deserved it" he moaned and winced.  He didn't care who or what anyone saw he was in so much pain.
    "oh you inglieeeeeeeeeeeeesh.  I speak little inglieeh.  You bad boy"
    Devon would only nod.  She continued for a few minutes.
    He stood up with a little help from here.  He finally turned around and looked at her.  She had little nubs for boobs, hairless private area but the right equipment under a pretty head of brown hair.  Her face was very pretty too he decided.
    She looked at him all over.  His pubic hair was scant and he wasn't very big where he should be.
    "You little boy" she said pointing at his dick.
    Normally he'd be erect in a second but the estrogen shots were still in his system pretty strong.  All he could do was shrug his shoulders.
    "Come, you get sun.  Feel better" as she led him from the room. 
    While she could go down the stairs quite easily, he had to go down them one by one very slowly until he got to the ground floor.  Normally he'd feel funny at being naked near a girl but the nudist camp desenstized him he thought as she slowly led him to the pool area.  Outside was Pierre and Adrien talking.
    "Alors, jeune Devon. Je comprends que vous avez eu un goût de français guidence. Très bon et je suis désolé que je suis si gros. Vous êtes pauvre, a cassé, ne pas avoir d'argent et me doit environ $500. Je pourrais vous prendre et vous baise bête et pas pense n'importe quoi de lui. " <So, young Devon.  I understand that you have had a taste of French guidence.  Very good and I'm sorry I am so fat.  You are poor, broke, have no money and owe me about $500.  I could take you and fuck you silly and not think anything of it.>
    Devon could only shake at the comment.
    "Je suis à votre maître de disposition. Je tous suis le vôtre. " <I am at your disposal master.  I am all yours.> he said looking at his feet.
    "Peut-être vous êtes bizarre ? Vous ne trouvez pas ma fille attrayante ? Préférez-vous seulement des garçons ? " <Perhaps you are queer?  You do not find my daughter appealing?  Do you prefer only boys?>
    "Papa ! S'il vous plaît ! " <papa!  Please!>
    "I do not sir" was all he could offer.
    Adrien looked at Pierre for clarification.  Pierre told of his treatment and suggested that for lack of response for Devon.
    "Very well.  tomorrow you will attend what is done for adlosecents who do not follow the ethical code I spoke to you of earlier tonight.  You will do best to remember today tomorrow.  The both of you" he said in French to Devon.
    Devon nodded and said "yes sir.  Of course sir"
    The rest of the afternoon, Devon spent on the side of the pool, sometimes in and sometimes out.  He was constantly watching for anything, any directiosn from the adults.
    Pierre finally stood and told Devon it was time for bed.  Devon immediately stood and came over to the man.  Together they walked up the three flights of stairs.  Devon got a little worried when Pierre told him to lean over the bed as he began stroking his dick.  Pierre then put some of the creme on his welts and told him to sleep on floor like a dog in the sleeping bag until he deserved to be in the bed.
    Devon nodded his head and did as he was told.