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    Joan had grown weary of her dull existence.  She wanted something different.  Yearned for it in a big way.  What?  She didn't know.  The boy hadn't done anything since she left him instructions.  Now he was gone from her life.  Scared for life, not fit for any man to look on her since the disfigurement.  Surgeon said there was hope but it was costly and the best surgeons were in the states.  Far out of her means.  Her studio was used now and then by third rate musicians.  She didn't owe anything on it, just used it.  The meager stipend that Adrien provided covered her food and utilities.  It adjusted every year for inflation.  

    She ventured to the roof top.  Unlocking it to look upon the city.  Excitement once upon a time for her.  The fat man's rejection was a lot for her to bear.  She knew that for sure.  But it wasn't her fault.  The cruise wasn't long enough for her.  She'd saved for years to be able to take the short 3 days.  The use of her studio for the boy was a surprise.  But she got another $200 for the week.  It paid for another bill.

    Ah, the city of romance.  Not for her though.  She looked on one side of the city drinking her ice tea.  Then she wondered to the other side.  The roof top was viewable on two sides.  It was on the third side she found him.  Tucked inside a blue sleeping bag was the boy.  The city lights barely illuminated his face but it was clearly him.  His hair was the same.  

    She adjusted her smock to cover the sides of her face.  Then she bent down to shake him a little.  He stirred and turned over.  She shook him again and he shook her hand off of him.

    "A little longer momma, just a little longer" 

    She froze.  He was certainly having a dream.  He must be homesick but how did he get up here?  She was sure every avenue was impossible.  She paid good money for someone to ensure that they couldn't get up there on the roof.  Sure, she kept the door locked inside to her place, but still?      

    She shook him hard this time.  Hard enough to awaken him.  Devon stared back at the cloaked veil.

    "Please don't hurt me!  I've no where else to go.  Just let me sleep tonight and I'll be gone in the morning, I promise.  Please!"

    "How did you get up here Devon?"     

    She knew his name.  Was it her?  How did she know he was here?

    "How did you get up here Devon" she repeated in french.

    "I...I  came up the fire escape.  Please let me sleep here tonight, please!" he said in his French.

    "It is OK, Devon.  The fire escape was supposed to be impossible to use though" she said in English

    "I stood on a barrel and jumped.  This is the only place I got to go" he said in French.

    "It is enough.  Why is this the only place little one?" she said in English

    "The fat man" he said in French, then covered his face awaiting a slap--but none came.  He slowly looked thru his fingers at the veil.  She was staring at him only.  "You aren't going to hit me?" he said in English.

    "No, Adrien?" she said in French.

    Devon nodded.

    "The fucking bastard" she said in English, "Shit for brains dumb fuck" she said in French looking out to the city standing up.

    "I'm sorry I said that.  I really am"

    "Don't be Devon.  he care for no one but himself"

    "How do you know him?"

    "It is a long story but why are you here and not there?"

    "He threw me out"


    "I didn't give him anything to work with for using this studio"

    "I see now.  The circle now closes" she said in English.

    "I'm sorry.  I tried, I really did but I couldn't do it"

    "What do you really want to do?"

    "I don't know.  Sing I guess.  It is the only thing that I can do.  Pierre was looking after me but he is stuck in the states doing something to take the pressure off of me"

    "I know.  They are looking for you desperately."

    "I got money, lots of it ya know"

    "You keep it kid.  You'll need it someday."

    "but I can use it now"

    "You probably can't get any of it until you turn 21 or something like that.  Americans are so strange about that"


    "you hungry kid?"

    "Uh, no"

    "you are.   You can't even lie good.  I'll get you something"

    "I'll come with you"

    "no" she said with a finality.

    "Oh, yes ma'am"

    "you wait here and I'll bring you back something" and she left.  he heard the lock click, so he knew he wasn't going anywhere.  

    The hot sultry night had been making him sweat.  He had to piss anyways.  He got out of the sleeping bag.  It was wet from his sweat.  he was thirsty.  France was hot at night.  It was a different kind of hot though.  He went to the one end of the roof that looked over an alley.  He pissed over the side into the deserted street below.  He couldn't hear anything.  He remembered the building during the day.  The neighborhood wasn't rich but wasn't poor.  Just looked deserted like it had been commercial at some point in time.  He didn't know for sure.  

    He heard the door unclick and the nice lady came back thru with a bowl of something.  he learned shortly it was bread with some broth.  She told him that it wasn't much, but it was what she had handy.  she stood looking over the side at the city as he ate.  The broth was good, he dipped the broth in it.  His stomach burped several times.  he was glad it was dark out since she couldn't see him turn red.

    He put the bowl over by the door and thanked her.  She told him it was no problem.  they stood together and looked over the city.  She told him what some of the highlights were.  Then she pulled something out of her pocket and gave it to him.

    "This is a recorder Devon.  I don't know if this will work, but pick one of your songs and, well record it or talk it.  whatever you want to do is fine.  Just stop now and then and tell me why it means so much to you.  When your done, put it back by the door.  Can  you do that for me Devon?"

    "Yes ma'am.  I can try"

    "Good.  I'm going in now, it'll be daylight after while.  You stay here or go down the ladder.  I'll check back with you later.  I have to get some sleep" and she left abruptly.  

    Devon heard the door click again.  It was a strange situation whatever was going on.  She knew more about him than he thought.  He was kinda of comforted but also disturbed by that at the same time if it were possible.  He looked over the city from the different sides of the roof before returning to his sleeping bag.  It was drying now but still wet in spots.  He decided to go for broke and stripped in the heat all the way down.  He didnt' care.  What did he have to lose.  If someone caught him, he guessed they'd just beat him up.  Besides, the nice lady said that the place was supposed to be isolated but somehow he'd found his way up.  He held the recorder in his hand.  He was trying to decide which song he should work on.  He thought of Rosie and that other girl.  he couldn't remember the other girl's name, time had gone by too long.  He tried to remember how he'd done both of them but it was hard to even remember.  He hadn't been close to seeing a girl for over 8 months.  Sure he'd seen Camille, but she was two years younger.  He'd finally boned up some since the Estrogen had worn off.  He'd even gotten hard enough to cum but the offerings were very clear and not as white as before.  He boned up even now stroking idly but the heat of the night got the better of him to where he fell off to sleep.

    In the heat of the day, Joan came up to check on Devon.  She found him asleep on the sleeping bag naked as the day he was born.  He still had his hand on himself although limp.  She looked him over.  He had all the necessary equipment to grow into a beautiful man.  She picked up the digital recorder and saw the counter was still on zero.  she put it back down by his head where she found it, left the pitcher of water and set a plate of cookies down in the shade.  She then exited the roof. 

    Devon awoke when the door was shut and locked.  He looked around and saw the pitcher, glass and a plate of something.  He got around and sat up looking around.  The sun was out already and it was humid.  He had a glean of sweat on him.  He knew he'd had to shower or something soon.  He didn't blame the woman for not letting him inside.  He wondered briefly as he ate a cookie what he'd do when he had to go take a crap.  He looked himself over.  Since coming there weeks ago, he'd managed to keep his tan that he got last summer.  His hair had grown back near his peter and his hair on his head had grown longer. 

    He looked at the city and started to feel bad again.  He picked up the recorder and sang a song into it.  He then spoke the song into it.  Then he would speak a line of the song and explain what he was feeling when he wrote the particular line.  Sometimes he would go on and on just talking until he got enough off track.  He put the recorder over by the door and returned to the sleeping bag.  He took another piss after awhile.  He never noticed the security camera sitting on top of the roof top entrance where Joan was watching him. 

    She found it secretly erotic as he would pop boners off and on, then masturbate.  He couldn't cum in great quantities like Adrien could, but he did do it job.  At some point after he'd gotten tired enough, he laid back down on the sleeping bag and fell asleep.  He didn't hear Joan retrieve the digital recorder but found more food awaiting him.  He was also surprised a little bit to find a 5 gallon plastic bucket and some toilet paper next to it.  It didn't take long to figure out what it was for.  He spent the rest of the night looking out over the city, singing to himself, sweating some more and sleeping some more. 

    He awoke the next day to find the recorder next to him.  He knew he'd put it next to the roof top door.  He'd sat down and played it.  Joan had taken his song, his words and a phrase in French for him to learn.  He spent the entire next day memorizing the phrases next to each of the lyrics he'd written.  They phrases were erotic to him since they contained words he'd never heard before.  He was hard most of the day learning them.

    That night, he was looking over the city singing the song to himself silently.  He had his feet over the sides of the wall railing that came up about 3 feet.  He about shit when he felt some hand go around his middle and hold him close.

    "You've been practicing little one.  Are you ready to go into the studio?"

    "Oui Oui!"

    "You'll have to do it my way or not come at all is the only condition so far"

    "Oui Oui" he said trying to scoot off the wall but she held him for a moment squeezing him.  

    Turning around to look at her, "why do you wear the cloak?"

    "it is for our mutual protection and benefit.  Some day, perhaps I'll explain it to you"

    "Oui Oui" he said again.

    "now put your arms down"

    Devon did and she put a blindfold over his eyes.

    "Now put your arms and hands together over your head.  You must stay that way until I tell you differently"

    "Oui Oui" he said compliantly putting his arms over his head.

    "Simply stay with me and everything will be ok.  Don't try to go faster or slower.  Just keep up.  It is a short walk"

    "yes ma'am" he said.

    He wasn't expecting his willy to be pulled up.  She stroked it until it was hard, then she put a firm fist over it and gently led him to the roof exit, they stepped inside and walked down the steps slowly.  Every step of the way she was explaining things to him until they were in a room.  She instructed him to remain as he was until she returned.
    A little while later she did return. 
    "Lower your hands Devon but keep the blindfold on"
    Devon did as he was told.  

She placed the guitar in his hands then.
    "The song you want to record, little one, can you play it thru for me?"
    "I can sing it too"
    "Not yet, just play it. If you have to sing it, then sing it in English in your head.  Its important to not say anything yet, ok?"
    "yes ma'am"
    So he began to play around with the instrument.  He was still blindfolded but he found this strange and calming at the same time.  He strummed and strummed until he found where he wanted to put the instrument.  he did two quick strokes, and then began singing it in his head.  He got all the way thru it and played it once more beginning again where stroked it twice.  At the end he just sat there waiting for further instruction.  He'd put his hands on the strings.
    Thru the speakers inside the recording studio he heard her voice in French "Done?"
    "Oui" he said quietly
    "Ok, give me a second then" he heard again in French.
    After a few moments he heard the instrumentation again he'd just played.  It played all the way thru and then at a lower level.  Still he waited.
    "Place the instrument on the floor Devon" which devon did immediately.  He sat waiting.
    "Can you feel the music thru you Devon?  Does it tingle in your backbone yet?" she asked in French. 
    Devon didn't fully understand what she was saying but he thought he caught the meaning of what she was saying.  The music came up a little louder that time. Something was different though.  It was like the music was vibrating thru his skin.  It played all the way thru one time.
    From behind him, he felt her arms and hands enclose on his shoulders.
    "Can you feel it now Dev?  Relax and let it come into your body" as it got a little bit louder.
    "This is a very special song, Devon, special to you and your family.  I've got a box that will control the music.  Just in front of you is a very, very sensitive microphone.  It'll pick up everything you say.  I can't talk during the song.  We're going to record it several times and I'll make notes along the way.  Ready?"
    And Devon nodded.  The music bass vibrated thru his body.  He could feel himself relaxing some.  Then the double strum stared and he began singing in French the words.  He got all the way thru it.  SHe made him do it again and again.  Sometimes she'd relax him, the more emotional times she'd play with his crank to relax him.  At one point she even sucked on his pecker until he almost came.  She did it several times but he never did cum.  He had the blindfold on the whole time though.
    After 15 times, she left him.  She told him that he could remove the blindfold.  He did so and found the room darken as it was before.  He looked to the control room to find her gone.  He heard thru the speakers for him to shower, down the hallway and sleep in room #7.  He'd find food there and all he needed.  He was supposed to go there now.  He did and showered.  After he left to the mainhall, he went into the room #7.  As soon as the door shut, he heard it lock.  He wasn't frightened for some reason, just found it strange.  He laid down after eating some fruit promptly falling asleep.

    He awoke late in the afternoon the next day.  He felt refreshed and better than he had for quite a long time.  He got out of bed and relieved himself in the bathroom attached to the room.  He tried the door and found it unlocked.  He opened the door and yelled 'hello' down the door ways.  He heard nothing in response.  He put a waste paper basket in the door way to keep the door from shutting while he wondered off slowly down to the hallway.  He took another quick shower.  He returned to the room and ate some more fruit looking the room over.  He grew bored of that, blocked the door again and shouted down the hallway again, still no response.  

    Devon began exploring the rooms attached the the hallway.  He looked in rooms where there was nothing except a sofa and makeup stand in front of a big mirror.  He began to get the idea that they were in use at some point by singers and performers.  Several rooms.  Eventually he returned to his room and grabbed some more fruit before exploring down the opposite way.  He found the recording studio he had been the night before.  He stopped there briefly before heading into the control room.  Inside there, he found many of the controls labeled in French.  He couldn't really read all that much french but tried his best.  He saw the guitar thru the windows still laying on the floor.  

    Scared of messing things up and having the strange lady get mad at him, he went into the music room.  He picked up the guitar and started playing around with it.  Soon he was engrossed in memories of Sebastian playing with him.  He wondered how his brother and sister was doing.  He had no idea that they'd been told that he was dead as a bad reaction to the treatment he had been getting.  

    He'd been alone for many hours strumming, singing a little here and there.  He was deep in thought when he sensed he was being watched.  He turned towards the windows to the control room where the lights were once again dim and he could see the cloaked lady.

    "Good day Devon.  I've been enjoying your show for the past 45 minutes"

    "Oh my gosh" he said turning red with embarrassment

    "Nothing to be embarrassed about.  I'm about ready for you to finish somethings for your song.  I've been up most of the night working on it.  I think it will be good when it is done" she said in English to him.

    "OK.  What do you need me to do?"

    "I'll be playing some tracks for you.  You will simply be singing like backup or a courus.  I'll add them in later"

    "yes ma'am" he said in his best French.

    "your french is not good Devon.  It is good for American french but you need to blend in more with the country.  I can help you with perhaps"

    "Oui, oui, mademoiselle" he said turning red.

    "Now sit in the chair and pick up the headphones I put there for you.  Adjust them the best you can.  Your ears should be fully within them"

    "oui" he said putting them on.  He'd never experienced anything like this, especially at Paul's house.  He thought he had a good system.  

    "Can  you hear me" he heard in one ear.  Devon simply nodded.  "good, there is a knob on the side to adjust your volume, it will not be the same on the recording.  Now, I just need to have you sing along"

    Devon again nodded.  He heard some music on his ear and then it was in both ears, he was blown away, but he did as he was told.  It took several times and hours until it was done.  Devon was shimming from sweat again.

    "It is hard work, no?" she said in French to him in his ear.

       Devon nodded as he saw the lights do down low.

    "We will work on the ending now.  You'll have a chance to listen to all of it in a few minutes"

    He nodded and the music filled his ears and head.  He was listening to all of it when he felt her arms come around him caressing him.  she was rubbing all over him, getting him excited.  He was having difficulty focusing on the music in a mounting manner.  Soon his erection was full on.  The song was almost nearing the end when he felt her lips on his organ.  Almost in time with the ending cords, he blew into her mouth.  At that point he was hanging on to her head.  

    She shook his hands off and turned around quickly, leaving him sprawled on the chair with a limp pecker.  She went into the room and was pushing some buttons.  He heard the machines making noises.  

    "It is done I think.  I will make a couple of adjustments yet.  You will have it here in the memory banks if you wish to play it again.  I will be transferring it to tape to make the disk a little later.  I hope you enjoy it"

    The lites in the control room went off entirely.  The disco ball he never noticed on the wall was hit by beams making the entire studio glow.  Slowly he removed the headphones and looked around in the chair.  All around and a slow thumping, thumping began until a deafening guitar strum went twice.  It was his, and heard heard for the first time in his life his breathing picking up faster and faster.  The lites changed in response to the music but the words were never as he'd imagined it could be.  Although he didn't exactly know the meaning of each word, it was mind shattering to hear it all like that.      

    Devon simply passed out from all the emotion it invoked.

    Joan found Devon on the floor passed out.  He was not wearing the headphones.  She'd come back to check on the recording they'd done the few hours before.  She killed most of the lights in the room and all of them in the control room.  She started the recording much lower than she'd left.  

    Shaking him "are you ok Devon?"

    "Mommy, is that  you?"

    "Devon, wake up!" she shook him more.  

    This time he looked at her and smiled.

    "Mommy, I knew you'd come"

    "Devon, It's me" she said in French and then repeated it in English.

    Devon smiled at her, "Isn't it beautiful?"

    "Yes, child it is very beautiful.  Your english version must be fabulous"

    "I wrote it for my parents.  I miss them so much, I can't begin to describe how much I miss all of them"

    "I know little one.  One day you'll see your parents again in heaven.  You'll see your siblings soon also"

    "How?  If I show up there again, I'll be under his rule and he'll send me off again"

    "Why'd they send you off anyways?" she asked now holding him in her arms.

    "I was bad"

    "Is this the sex thing?"

    "Oh, you know" he said sadly.

    "Do you think that boys never have desire for new experiences?"

    "They said it was bad.  They were giving me shots"

    "I heard about that.  I'm more surprised your grandmother let them"

    "Me too.  She was so sweet about it all.  I really miss my brother and sister"

    "I imagine so"

    "Do you have any brothers and sisters?"

    "I am an only child Devon"
    "Do you have a husband?"

    "I did, but now no one would want me" she sighed.


    "It has been a long time since anyone asked me.  I was involved in an automobile accident" she said switiching to French.

    "I see" he said in French

    "No you can't see.  I take great pains to hide my disfigurment" in French.

    "What is that word?  I don't know that word" in English.

    "I had something happen to my face, something terrible"

    "Can't they operate on it?"

    "It would cost lots of money to do so.  I don't have that"

    "I have, well, will have someday"

    "It is good.  I have this" she said expanding her arms.

    "You have enough then to make it and get fixed.  How bad is it?" he said in French turning around to look at her.

    "Too bad to show even you"

    "Why?  You've done so much for me, more than Adrien"

    "Ah, Adrein" she said in French again "he is a goat"

    "A goat?  ha ha, that's funny.  all he worries about is himself.  Never he takes Camille anywhere.  He sits at the pool, drinking or eating.  They say he is a lawyer and business person"

    "A lawyer yes, he is wealthy.  A business person?  Not that well I think.  He brothers do better than him.  His older brother the doctor is a good man.  It is too bad he is gay."

    "Gay?  I never knew"

    "yes, their younger brother, Pierre is quite the lady's man"

    "How do you know so much?"

    "I was married to Adrien one time"

    "Married?  To him?  The goat?  I'm sorry I called him that"

    "He is a fat asshole.  You have described him quite accurately"

    "And Camille?  Is she related to you?"

    "She is my daughter"

    "Do you see her?"

    "I haven't been able to see her since she was a baby.  The divorce was ugly.  Of course Adrien got everything he wanted but I got this recording studio building.  It was in my family for a long time"

    "Were they famous?"

    "They were the leading studio at one time just after the war.  Then Grandfather died and my papa didn't want anything to do with it.  Since he was an only child, he was stuck with it.  He died 10 years ago in the accident.  I got it now.  I live in the back where no one can see me. Not even you"

    "Why?  You must go out sometime"

    "I have everything delivered.  I live by the internet"

    "Is it that bad?"

    "It is"

    "When I get my money, we'll fix you.  Then you can go out"

    "The recording, you like?"

    "Oh my yes.  You did an excellent job on it.  Paul's recording stuff can't even match this"

    "Then my college did pay off"

    "You went to college?"

    "Of course.  Do you think I am nothing?" she said getting louder.    

    "I didn't know and of course not.  I know nothing of you except what you just told me"

    "I am sorry for the outburst.  Please don't think bad of me"

    "That'll never happen ma'am"

    "Call me Joan"

    "yes ma'am, uh Miss Joan"

    "So formal"

    "Yes ma'am"

    "How'd you learn french?"

    "our tutor would come everyday.  Basty and I learned it, well learned to speak it well, quickly"

    "I see.  You speak American French.  Over here, it isn't liked.  This is why I had to translate it into our common language to record it.  I've sent it via email to a couple of larger stations.  They'll play it and we'll see what happens from there"

    "yes Miss Joan"

    "How did you learn to sing like that anyways?"

    "I won a talent contest once.  That summer I recorded a record that was very popular.  I even sang at some concerts.  After momma and daddy died, Paul let me have 2 concerts before he stopped me.  Now, I'm just a thought"

    "I see.  Well, to protect you, we'll have to stay hidden for awhile.  Since no one knows me, that will be no problem.  You, on the other hand, is another problem but we'll pass that once we come to it.  You must be tired.  You go to bed and we'll talk soon enough"

    Standing up, Devon turned and hugged her.

    "Thank you Miss Joan, thank you for everything" and walked off out of the room.

    Joan sat on the floor in the same room weeping.  Never had she had the luxury of a child next to her.  She ached for her own daughter.  she retired to her room for the night.

    The next day, Devon awoke feeling better than he had in ages.  He took care of his morning rituals, showered and went to the music room.  He found his music playing in the background low for a change.  He sat at a table where some pop tarts had been set out with a glass of water.  he wasn't paying a lot of attention when he heard the music turn to something else by him.  However he stopped in mid-movement when he picked up the guitar rift by his brother.  He slowly looked around for him to say something to him, but he never appeared.  Devon finshed the movement of the pop-tart to his mouth. 

    He almost jumped when her hands were placed on his shoulders.  He tried to turn but she held him there.

    "Not yet little one.  I found this running around the internet on some of the torrent sites.  I don't know much but it is from a Devon Shire concert almost a year ago"

    "yes, my last one.  The last time I saw my brother and sister"

    "Your brother must be very talented"

    "For someone whose never been trained and is 10, he is very talented.  He completes me.  Amanda is too but she's different"

    "I see.  the family talent still runs"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Some day I'll tell you.  But good news"

    "Which is ma'am?"

    "The music I sent via email to two of the most popular stations are requesting more information about you.  They've been playing your music and the lines to the studio's are burning up"

    "Is that good?"

    "Good?  Little one, your hotter than a firecracker!  Everyone wants to know more about you"

    "Oh" he said dismayed.  He knew the trouble there.

    "I thought you'd be excited"

    "I am, but I can't let anyone know who I am.  You know that better than anyone"

    "I do, but at least your still desireable"

    "What now?"

    "I don't know.  If we think on it enough, it'll come to us I'm sure.  I'll leave you alone to your thoughts" as he felt her hands leave. 

    The next day, Joan approached Devon in the dark on top of the building.  Devon wondered up there after finding a note inside the recording studio. 

    "Les salutations Devon. Comment êtes-vous ce soir ? " <Greetings Devon.  How are you this evening?>

    "I am fine" Devon responded baffled at her use of French when they were previously communicating in French.

    "J'ai médité sur votre situation longuement. J'ai parlé quelque acquaintenaces mutuel vous et je sais. Pas Adrien. Les demandes pour plus des entreprises de musique montent. Etes-vous préparé embarquer sur que lequel est exigé ceci atteindre mon jeune homme ? " <I have pondered upon your situation at length.  I have spoken to some mutual acquaintenaces you and I know.  Not Adrien.  The demands for more from the music companies are mounting.  Are you prepared to embark upon that which is required to achieve this my young man?>

    "Why do you speak to me like this?  I don't understand all that you are saying" he asked urgently. "I thought we could speak in English since you understand both?"

    "Je vois. Vous voulez seulement la façon facile pour faire des choses ? Cela l'est Devon ? " <I see.  You only want the easy way to do things?  Is that it Devon?  >

    Stunned he said "Non ! Je veux survivre. Je veux faire quelque chose avec ma vie. " <No!  I want to survive.  I want to do something with my life.>

    "Bon. Analyser votre situation. Qu'arriverait si vous êtes retourné aux états ? " <Good.  Analyze your situation.  What would happen if you went back to the states?>

    "Je pense que je comprends que vous avez dit mais je ne suis pas sûr. Mon français est faible que je sais. Si que vous avez dit étiez que je pense que vous avez dit, alors je serais stérile dans un chômage partiel même. Personne dans l'autorité me fie me permets de vit assez ma vie. Si je serais en danger. " <I think I understand what you said but I'm not sure.  My french is weak I know.  If what you said was what I think you said, then I'd be sterile in a very short time.  No one in authority trusts me enough to let me live my life.  So I'd be in danger.>

    Devon just stared at her waiting.  She said nothing right off.  She'd been looking out over the city.  She turned to him and smiled.

    "Vous admettez votre français est faible. Vous l'avenir vous attend ici en France. La chanson que vous avez chantée s'étale comme le feu grégeois par hors France et au-del . Pour réussir, vous avez besoin de changer. Changer physiquement et mentalement. Etes-vous préparés ce changement, Peter Pecker ? " <You admit your french is weak.  You future awaits you here in France.  The song you sang is spreading like wildfire through out France and beyond.  To succeed, you need to change.  Change physically and mentally.  Are you prepared for that change, Peter Pecker?>

    "I do not like that last name.  It is so fucked up.  I'll do what I need to do.  I'll do what you think I should do, ma'am Joan"

    "Good" was all she said leaving him on the roof to comptemplate his future.

    The next day he found out exactly what she had in mind for him.  He found clothes that fit him.  Shoes his size although it was strange clothes.  He found that he'd been enrolled in several youth programs in the area and that his name was now Phillip Petakros.  He asked her why?  all he got was 'you need to expand your language skills for a pupil of France.  participating with kids your own age, being made fun of for bad french will teach you, and teach you quicker than I can the slang language of the youth.  Once you achieve that level, Devon, we will make you succeed.

    He thought on it for some time that day, checking his clothing for fitting and scanning the area for other children to meet.  He found one that caught his eye.  He seemed to attract others where ever he went.  Others, both sexes came to him before he was even near them.  Devon watched him from the roof longer than the afternoon.

    The next day he went outside, dressed to the place where the boy seemed to hang out alot.  Some other kids were there.  Joan had given him some currency as a fence to do something.  As he walked along, some of the other kids whistled at him.  They said somethings to him that he caught about half of.  He went to a deli and bought some milk.  Problem was it was goats milk and he wasn't expecting it.  As he sat outside on the bench, he saw the boy admist others.  some of them were watching him as he took his first drink.  Devon snorted the warm goat's milk all over his shirt and shorts.  Since he wasn't wearing socks, it got on his sandals too.  He had it all over his face as he wiped it off with his hands getting them milky too.  He started snorting and to his embarassement, he heard them all starting to laugh at him.  He turned red.

    The boy who he wanted to try to meet spoke some rapid fire French to all of them before coming to Devon.  As  such the  beginning of a life long friendship with a boy who was Devon's age named Tom Tom.  Devon found out that he was a Tom Junior but everyone called him Tom Tom.  The other kids yelled something at them but went off to do their own thing.   Devon found out quickly just how much his french was lacking. 

    Tom Tom looked at him funny after Devon said to him 'this was so humilating'


    'I blew the milk all over myself' he said again.

    'You talk funny.  Are you from the states?'

    Devon only nodded this time completely embarassed while he pulled his shirt out from his stomach.

    'the taste of goat milk is an acquired taste.  If you stay, you'll get used to it'

    Devon nodded again with tears beginning in his eyes.

    'now you cry like a baby?  Why?  It happens to most people who aren't used to it'

    Devon only looked to his feet.

    'come, I'll walk you home and you can change'

    Devon stood only understanding about half of what the boy said.  Devon actually took off running towards the studio.  tom tom kept up with him with ease.  Finally Devon slowed to a walk with tears running down his face.  He quickly wiped at them but more came.

    "why you cry?'

    Devon could only look ahead.  Out of his side vision he could see the boy that everyone looked up too.

    'why don't you talk to me?  Fuckin' Americans always say we're so rude but I think the shoes on the other foot!' as he started to turn around.

    Devon blurted out 'my french sucks and you'll make fun of me!'

    Tom Tom stopped and turned around.  'so you can speak, not well, but you'll learn.  come, lets go' as they started away towards the studio.

    Tom tom kept up some conversation that Devon finally got nerve enough to say that he didn't understand.  Then tom tom would repeat it in other language.  As they approached the studio, Devon fished a key out of his neck.

    'You live here?'


    'but the crazy lady lives here.  Are you hers?'

    'why is she crazy?'
    'They say she only comes out at night.  No one has seen her for a long long time.  Once, she was the daughter of a very successful studio


    'she was in a bad accident and is scarred.  I haven't seen her even in the broad daylight.  She is the grand daughter of the man who ran the studio when it was successful.  Now it sits idle'

    'but how does she survive?  
    'she orders from the internet'

    as tehy went to the studio to change clothes, TOm tom looked around the studio briefly following him to his room.   He stripped off his shirt and shorts.  Since he wore no underwear, Tom Tom got a good look at his ass.

    "nice.  The girls will love you"

    "once upon a time perhaps.  Now I have nothing to offer them' as he slipped on the new shorts and turned around.  He adjusted himself from being nude in front of another stranger.

    "so you've sampled the other sex?  Nice, I have yet too and look forward to that day"

    'a virgin, eh?  I wouldn't have figured that?"

    "Why is that?  I've not had the time.  The want is there but the opportunity hasn't availed it self to me yet"

    "everyone goes to you"
    "and how do you know this?"

    "I just know" he said turning red.

    "and how is this my friend?"

    Devon was lost for words.  He'd gotten himself backed into a corner.  "come" he said going out of the room.  Tom Tom followed him out the door and into the studio thru the hallway to the roof. 

    "I spied I guess"

    "why do you spy?"

    "ma'am Joan said I should learn better French, so I was checking out the neighborhood on all 4 sides.  I noticed you a lot in them"

    "you have a lot of area to spy on I guess.  I have nothing to hide from anyone"

    "no do I"

    "what do you do?  Why are you here?"

    "I am, er, um,"

    "you'd rather not say?"

    "I'm sorry I guess.  It is a long story and I guess I'll tell you someday if you want to be my friend"

    "well, I DO have to teach you proper French" he said going to the corner.

    "Thank you.  I'm to play sports shortly"

    "Oh, which ones?"

    "soccer.  a local team I think"

    "cool. We'll be on the same team then.  I can show you around"


    and the frendship grew from there.  In the coming weeks, Devon learned that Tom Tom was the youngest of 8 children.  He was very popular with the girls.  But his freedom was greatly curtailed due to his siblings always watching him.  Sports was the only outlet he had for energy.  Devon was greatly surprised to learn that he knew how to play chess.  Devon went to his house one time to play.  There he came upon a huge house where one whole floor was dedicated to various musical instruments.  Devon asked him if he played any of them.  Tom Tom made no fairy tales about it, he detested all kinds of music.  Unfortunately, his sister told Devon that Tom Tom knew how to play many of the instruments fundamentally, but his biggest desire was the drums.  To Tom Tom's embarassement, she told him that Tom Tom liked to sing all kinds of songs and his biggest desire in life <a point where Tom Tom told his sister to stop, shut up, be quiet> was to meet the singer of the record that was sweeping all of France during the past several weeks. 

    Devon asked which one it was and was surprised to learn it was his own song.  Joan had told him it was quite popular with the local youth of the country.  At this point Tom Tom went on to say that no much was known about the singer / author.  Little pieces of information was released here and there but everyone was just wondering what the real story was that was going on.  Devon said nothing more but kept it too himself. 

    He asked what Tom Tom liked about the song when they were alone.  Tom Tom turned red with embarasement for the first time.

    "I know nothing of the singer,but his song hits many cords with the local youth.  To me, it is quite personal since I too, am greatly attached to my family that I'd never allow anything to happen to them if I could help them" he said sadly.

    "is there a problem I should know about?"

    "no, no.  don't worry about them.  everything will work out"

    But Devon did worry about it.  He asked here and there behind Tom Tom's back until one of his other close friends spilled the beans.  Tom TOm's family was almost destitute from raising all the children,the father had recently lost his job when they learned that his mother had the cancer and was draining the money of the small busienss his father was employed at.  They were almost to lose the house.

    Devon did worry about it though, severly worried himself sick.