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    Sebastian couldn't, wouldn't believe that Devon was dead.  Paul told him and Amanda several months before but he didn't believe it.  Sebastian tried to talk to anyone about it, but no one was listening to him.  Paul allowed him to keep the private tutor lessons although he expanded it to include more accepted subjects other than just french.  It now included Math and Science.

    Months had passed that turned into a year.  Sebastian was now 11 and was quickly turning into the spitting image of his brother.  He'd withdrawn into himself.  Although he was sociable, he resisted any attempts by Paul to get him to record a record.  He wasn't his brother.  He watched tapes upon tapes to remember Devon.  He studied everything he had, his journal, his movies, his interviews just to find that one clue but nothing helped.  

    His conversations with his Grandmother were social also.  He knew that she was quite old and very rich.  Extremely well off but the only one who'd even try to speak to him was his cousin Peewee.  He knew that Peewee had done something to Devon a long time ago.  He also knew that it'd be covered up by the family since.  But, Peewee would call and ask about general stuff and just before, he'd ask if Sebastian had heard anything about Devon.  Sebastian knew the phone lines were being  monitored also, so he had to play it off.

    Amanda, much to Sebastian's dismay, had carried on much like Devon wasn't even around.  She'd made many friends at school.  They wanted her to join the school band but she was not interested for some reason.  Sebastian was the same was, they wanted him to play but he told them no.  Paul was upset at this and all attempts to get them to generate another record without Devon.

    Paul was also extremely upset.  His money had been locked up to only allow for close scrutiny from Iris for the children.  Paul also knew he was being watched by many people.  The authorities thought that Devon had been kidnapped and that Paul had something to do with it.      

    Of course Paul also kept the tabloids hot by filling them with bogus leads like 'Devon Shire was sited at ....' which wasn't true.  Paul had his sources also looking for him, sources like the old security chief.  He thought that the Grandmother and Iris wasn't aware of his activities, he was in for a hellva surprise someday.

    Sebastian had run of the grounds.  He kept Sonny & Cher close by always.  His activities were also screened closely.  Sebastian knew that his wear abouts was being recorded all the time.  He knew he'd be damned if Paul was going to ship him off.  He didn't like Paul, not at all.  The only time Sebastian could be himself was when the tutor was there and they were practicing the language.  In actuality, Sebastian had completed as much of the language as he could.  The tutor knew that but they kept up the farce--Sebastian was desperate for it, it was some freedom for him, the tutor didn't care since it was easy money for him.

    Well over a year since Devon had been hauled off and Sebastian was getting antsy.

    Back in France, Devon was deeply depressed over Tom Tom's situation.  Joan knew something was up.  She'd tried to talk to him about it but he was unresponsive.  he only looked over one side of the building on the roof.  He brightened up when Tom Tom was visiting.  Joan was getting concerned.  Her plan for helping Devon's language skills become more in line with the youth had worked.  

    The conversations between the two of them which Joan listened in via a remote speaker and microphone indicated that they could talk and kid quite easily now.  She became more alarmed when she'd heard them talking about Tom Tom's time with him was coming to an end.


    "I am moving with a relative soon"

    "Why?  Oh, Tommy can't you tell me anything?"

    "Anything?  I am telling  you everything.  I think it is time for me to leave"

    "No, not yet!  Please?  I'll, uh, lets talk about anything else"

    "Okay, then do not mention this to me again.  I don't want to leave anymore than you want me too, but I have no control over it"

    "OK" Devon said sounding more depressed.

    Joan began making small inquiries within the community.  She had to reach out to Pierre who'd recently returned to the country on a vacation.  He knew that Devon had been kicked out of Adrien's house and also had a very vague idea where he was.  He was more assured when, of all people, his former sister-in-law contacted him to find out about Tom Tom's situation.

    Joan was devastated to find out the truth.  She paid Pierre some money, but he refused to take it.  He told her to use it wisely and invest in some one's future.  Joan would only smile at the email.  

    Her thoughts were how to deal with the situation.  She knew that the radio stations had offered quite a hunk of money to meet Devon in person.  She knew the danger of that also.  

    Later that night, she'd found Devon on the roof weeping softly.  She went to him unveiled.  She put her arms on his shoulders and felt him rack with silent sobs.

    "He means that much to you, Devon?"

    "<sniff sniff> More than you know, ma'am.  You've been good to me but he, he's like a brother to me.  I miss my family so much" he said breaking down in tears and falling to his knees.

    "Your french has improved, I know"    

    He nodded standing back up.  He wanted to turn around and cry into her, to feel a human again, a female grown up.  It'd been over two years since the accident.  

    "You want to turn, but Devon, I am so ugly.  You will feel so repulsed by it"

    "I know but I don't know.  It's been so long since I've felt any compassion by another woman, not girls who just want, stuff  ya know?"

    "you can look upon me, but don't say I did not tell you this.  Even after you see all the ugliness, I am still the same person"

    "Then, I don't want to look just yet"

    "You are in pain, I can see.  I know about Tommy.  I know it all"


    "It doesn't matter does it.  His family needs money.  Money to stay, money to exist.  People die all the time.  His mother will die eventually and the family will be torn apart.  I can see it coming and I think you can too if you look and think on it long enough"    

    Devon said nothing for awhile.  He stopped weeping and did a deep sigh.

    "I can do nothing for him"    

    "nothing?  Nothing at all Phillip Petrakos?"

    Devon looked out into the night atop the roof.

    "I <pause> I <pause longer> don't know.  I have money but it is in the states and not here.  If I tell them I am alive, I'll be taken back"

    "So don't"

    Devon stared into the night. He felt her arms leave him and she walked off aways.  He stood there trying to figure out what she was trying to tell him.  His best friend, his only friend was leaving shortly.  She said "I" could help him, but how?

    It hit him like a freight train.  He almost fell off the roof.  He turned and looked at her.  There she was in the light.  Her face was scared from ear to her chin.  A deep ugly scar.  He remembered she said it could be fixed. Not here, but in the states.  He had to get her to the states.

    Tommy--he had to help Tommy.

    He came to stand before her and she turned around.

    "You are not repulsed?  You don't feel pity for me?"

    "It is only a scar.  It is the person inside I've come to love and respect.  I know you'll never be my mother, but you'll be the closest thing to it.  You have given me hope, opportunities and guidance.  I am only 13 soon to be 14.  I am young and foolish.  I admit that freely.  but what is it <switching to french> you would have me to do to help my friend?"

    "Only what you want to do.  I exist here, not well off but good enough.  I have some money, but not alot of it.  Devon, you have it within yourself and your grasp to help Tommy, you just have to decide how much you want to do it?"

    "Then, ma'am Joan, I am ready to do whatever is needed but I need to do it very soon"

    "Is that what you feel?"

    "I think so.  I have a short time to do something"


    At a tutoring session between Sebastian and his teacher, the teacher had asked Sebastian if he listened to other types of music?  Sebastian said not really but he was open to it.  The tutor had Sebastian listen to a song that he'd heard recently from a person called Peter Petrakos from France.  Sebastian listened, the words were in French, but it was the song of Devon's.  

    Sebastian said nothing but smiled.  Something was afoot but he kept it to himself.  Internet searches came up with nothing on the singer.

    Joan and Devon had talked well into the night.  Devon admited that he needed something to protect his identity until some money could be put up.  He told Joan if she could rent or buy him a Casio keyboard, leave him to it for a short while, they could record another record and see what happens.

    Joan did just that.  She took the money that Pierre had refused and purchased a second hand keyboard thru some of the sources she was connected to.  It was delivered to the warehouse.  Devon signed for it.  He signed some name other than his.  He carried it up to the recording room and set it on a table since it didn't have a stand.  He changed the lighting, got a chair and began playing around with it.  

    Joan was concerned since Devon had stayed in the room alone for over two days straight.  Tommy had come to visit but Joan told him thru speakers that Devon had been sick and would probably be better in a few days.

    On the eve of the third day, Joan went to the roof top to find a nude Devon.  He was looking towards Tommy's house wondering.

    "He came to see you again today"

    "Is he wanting to see me or leave me, I wonder?"

    "His house is being auctioned off in two weeks unless something happens"

    Devon turned towards her, his erection strong, "Then it is time to make something happen"

    "And what is that?  Play your flute" 

    "My 'flute' will be fine in a little while.  I need you to record a song I've been working on.  The keyboard isn't perfect but I think we can do something with it, fill in here and there with the guitar if your willing?"

    "I am"

    Devon led the way.  together, they went to the studio.  Devon went to the keyboard and sat opposite from the room.  Joan went to the control room and watched Devon.

    "Can you hear me ma'am?"

    "yes, quite well"

    "I have envisioned how I want it to sound, just not how to make it.  I need to do what we did with the other record.  Record first, then fill in in places I think.  Can we do that?"

    "Yes.  Just talk to me"

    "OK, give me about a minute.  I'll wave my finger in the air"

    "Oui"  Devon smiled.  That was his phrase usually.


    Devon began playing a long instrumental.  Joan had already begun to record.  The prelude  ran almost 45 seconds before Devon began to attack the main song.  Devon could hear the feedback thru the walls.  It vibrated thru his spine encouraging him to greater heights than he'd known before.  He began singing then after a long intro.  

    Joan recognized the changing of his voice immediately.  Although it'd been almost 4 months since the last recording, his voice had begun to change.  It now was raspy, erotic and lusty.  His French was right on the money.  

    When he finished the verse, he stopped, leaned down over the instrument.  He turned towards her.  His erection was hard and firm.  His balls, still hairless, were tight on his sack.  He didn't touch it though.  He had a sweat gleam about his upper torso.  He looked at her for the first time with full light.  

    "Please play it back and record separately for me please ma'am Joan"

    "oui, son"

    Devon smiled as he picked up the guitar.  He played to make sure it was in tune with what he wanted.  He waved his hand and the sound invigorated the studio again.  This time with a driving bass rhythm.  He hadn't expected that but didn't question it.  He played here and there, singing here and there.  At the end he'd been openly sweating.

    "It is done.  Please make some adjustments you need and release it"

    "Oui.  I will do my duty, Phillip Devon Petrakos Shire"

    "I want to fuck you some day, ma'am Joan.  It has been so long and I am so very ready"

    "I am not ready yet.  Someday, perhaps but not this day.  You can relieve yourself if you need too.  I'd like that" she said giggling at the end.  She didn't expect him to do that but he did just that.  Three strokes was all it took to shoot a large load, well large for him.  She stood there open mouthed.  

    Devon left the room exhausted and satisfied.  The next day Devon awoke to find someone in his room watching him.  He rolled over under his thin sheet and saw Tommy standing there.

    "about time you woke up sleepy head"

    "how'd you get in here?"

    "Miss Joan let me in and told me where to go.  Are you feeling better?  I heard you were under the weather and it's been several days now since I saw you"

    "Uh, I'm better.  If you turn around I'll get up and dressed"

    "Why?  I've seen your butt before.  The girls love you I'm sure"

    "Dude, your wierd you know.  Now turn around or leave for a few minutes"


    Devon watched him turn around.  He leaned over the side of the bed and got out a thin pair of shorts that were laying there.  Devon turned a deep red when he heard Tommy whistling at him.

    "Wierdo!" as he slide them on under the sheet.  He adjusted his hard up and threw the sheet off.  "Lets go eat you fruit cake"

    "Am not!  Hey did you hear?  Of course not, you were sleeping.  That singer just released another record.  It's burning up the airwaves.  You outta hear it.  Its not as good as his other one but its really pretty swell"

    Devon paused just momentarily.

    "Why are you so hip on that guy?"

    "oh man, he's like my dream!  I wished I could sound like him"

    "How's he sound?"

    Tommy turned red that time.

    "You sweet on him?"

    "NO!  He just, uh, sounds good is all"

    "ok" as they ate some cereal.  they talked about remote stuff while Tommy was carefully avoiding making Devon upset by talking about his problems.  Tommy left a short while later telling him he'd be back soon.  Devon went in search of Joan.  He'd never been in parts of the studio building and figured she'd be there.  He finally ended up back in the studio and yelled her name.

    she answered him in short order.

    "You did it already?"

    "Of course my singer"

    "Now what?"

    "Now we wait for record requests.  They are already starting to filter in as we speak"

    "And then what?"

    "If it makes money, you can help young Tommy out"

    "But it has to be discreet you know"

    "Of course.  I have my connections to do that"


    "Yes my little stud" as Devon turned red.  "


    And by supper time, they had several requests already.  Over dinner, they discussed how best to market the songs.  Tommy opted for releasing the two songs together on one cd.  She'd never seen or heard of anything like that but was willing to try.

    Together, they made about 100 CD's and shipped the via a local mail pickup to a main distribution point.  The next day, Joan woke up Devon to tell him that they already had requests for several more of the cds and would have to make them ready for shipment.  Devon didn't know that she'd already contacted an outside cd manufacturer who'd make the cd's, market them and ship them to the stores.  Two days later, they were sitting on the roof when Devon saw Tommy waving frantically at them from the street.  Joan left the roof while Devon went to the door to see what Tommy had.  It was one of the cds.  Devon was shocked to find out that they were being bought up and sold for over $25 each.  Joan told him later that night that they had over 2 million us dollars (which was alot of French money) and she'd already began to help Tommy's family out.   Devon was worried about being found out.

    Tommy came over very quiet the next day.  He didn't say much to Devon though.  They retired to the roof where Devon had to pry information out of Tommy.  tommy started weeping openly which was unusual for him. 

    "What's wrong?" Devon asked.

    "Nothing now.  We aren't moving after all"

    "That's good then isn't it?"

    "yes, but papa doesn't know why or how it happened"

    "What happened.  Tell me?"

    "Oh Phillip (as Devon hadn't told him his true name yet) Momma has been so sick.  Papa lost his job cause of it.  We were going to lose the building I was born in.  Papa doesn't know what happened but he's glad what ever it is"

    "So now what?"

    "I don't know.  It all came so sudden like.  Momma can get some medicine she needs.  It won't cure her but it'll help her thru the pain.  I don't know who to thank but I sure am glad, Phillip, It's like a small mericle."

    "I see"

    Tommy cried for a bit and pulled himself together.  He left soon after.  Devon sat on the roof thinking after he saw Tommy out the door.


    Joan came to the roof later with a smile on her face.

    "Good news then little one?"

    "ya" was all he said thinking.

    Joan was mystified at the attitude.    

    "is it not what you wanted, Devon?"


    "then why the long face?  I thought you'd be happy?"

    "I am" turning to face her, "you know he was really really worried about me when I was recording that song?"

    "Yes, he came to the studio at least twice a day to check on you Devon.  I told you all of that"

    "and even now, he's thankful for his run of good luck.  He knows his mama is gonna die.  He only wants to see her not in pain"

    "He is a good son, Devon, you know all of that deep down"

    "But I want to do something for him not his family this time"

    "And what would that be?  You know I'll help you all I can"

    "then Ma'am Joan, I need to do a concert for him.  All he ever wants is to meet the idol of his dreams.  He wants to live that dream.  Can you do that for him?  Pull that out of your bag of tricks"

    Joan looked out over the city as night fall was coming fast.  Devon turned and looked out over the city also.  His heart ached for Tommy's situation.

    "Well, it could be arranged"

    "What could be arranged?"

    "It'd take some planning on your part, changing around on your part, but it could be done.  Yes, I'm sure it could be done to some degree"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "You could do a concert for a couple of your songs"
    "I can do a bunch of songs"

     "but you only have two of those songs"

    "I have a bunch of songs, Ma'am Joan, I just need to translate them to french.  The music being played by others is the hard part"

    "I have some musicians who are also gifted.  Studio musicians who come and lay down tracks for films"

    "I didn't know that"

    "Well you do now.  So you must do as I tell you or your future will be in jeopardy"

    "i'll do whatever needs to be done"

    "Let me work on a few things"


    Meanwhile back in the states, Sebastian was scouring the internet for new about Devon.  He remembered his tutor telling him about a new song a short while ago.  Sebastian was sure it was Devon, he just knew it was him. He had to figure out a way to contact him, to find out about him.  He knew his internet activities was always being monitored, so was his phone calls and such.  It was a real pain in the ass.  He felt like a prisioner there.  The only thing he enjoyed was his tutoring.  he was doing better in school, he had too to keep Paul off his butt.

    He was deep in the middle of his search and didn't hear the tutor come into the room and quietly shut the door.  He jumped when the tutor put his hand on his shoulder gently but firmly.  He quickly turned off the monitor until he realized who it was.  Sebastian looked over the room and noticed the door shut.

    "Qu'est-ce que cherchez-vous ? " <What are you searching for?>

    "Qu'est-ce que cherchez-vous ? " <You wouldn't believe me if I told you.>

    "M'essayer. Je suis toujours curieux pour vous aider. Il garde mon jour s'intéresse. " <try me.  I'm always curious to help you.  It keeps my day interesting.>

    "Je sais que mon frère est vivant. Ce chanteur dans la chanson vous me permets d'écoutez -- je sais que cela l'est. Il doit l'être. J'essaie de le trouver. " <I know my brother is alive.  That singer in the song you let me listen to--I know that's him.  It has to be him.  I'm trying to find him.>

    "Et si c'est lui. Que feriez-vous ? Vous savez que votre mentor ne le permettra pas. " <And if it is him. What would you do?  You know your mentor won't allow it.>    

    "Well I just know is all" surprising his tutor.

    "Me permettre de voir si je peux faire n'importe quoi. Me permettre d'avoir le clavier. " <Let me see if I can do anything.  Let me have the keyboard.>

    Sebastian stood up then and let the man sit.  He clicked around some on the different web sites.  He found a proxy server somewhere in Africa and began searching.  He hummed a lot now and then eventually stopping a page.  He printed it and closed the brower up.  He took the page and put it in his brief case and cleared the history within the brower.

    "Je dois aller m'occuper de quelques choses. Je vous verrai demain. " <I have to go to take care of a few things.  I'll see you tomorrow.> and he left the room in a hurry.  Sebastian went to the door with him and waved as he left the primeses. 

    Sebastian was curious for some information.  It wasn't like him to do that at all, his tutor.  He piddled around with the guitar all day.  Later that afternoon he got called into Paul's office.  Paul told him that he was taking a field trip with his tutor to visit a local art gallery where some french paintings were being displayed. 

    Sebastian went and changed his clothes.  His tutor arrived a short time later and Sebastian was escorted to the car.  Sebastian's guard was also set to go.  The tutor told him that Sebastian was safe and would be returning in an hour.  He gave the guard a few phone numbers and told him that he could call anytime he wanted too to check on Sebastian.  The guard wasn't too thrilled but it had been cleared thru Paul.

    Sebastian tried to talk to the tutor along the way, but all he wanted to talk about was the weather.  They finally arrived some 20 minutes later.  Sebastian didn't see any french exhibits as they entered the studio.  Sebastian was getting alarmed when the tutor looked all around and pulled him into a room just off the main room.  antoher man was there and left soon after they entered.

    "I can talk freely now.  Our time is limited so listen close.  My car is bugged.  Your whole facility is being watched, screened.  I think you know that.  I sent an email to a studio yesterday after I left.  That boy has released another song and this time a studio was listed as a contact.  I inquired quite a few places but the email came back heavily suggesting that you are to be viewed on a web cam for some reason.  Are you willing?  Otherwise we'll go back"

    "Hell yes!  lets do it!"

    "Good, over here.  If someone comes, Patrick will let us know.  Now sit in that chair"

    Sebastian did exactly as he was told.  He saw a web cam facing a chair against a white wall.  the tutor pulled up a chat room. Sebastian could see thru an external monitor what was taking place.  The tutor went into a french chat room where he talked in French for a short bit.  Sebastian could pick out phrases here and there until the whole screen changed.

    "This is a private chat room.  You will not be able to see me" some woman's voice said.

    "Oui, ma'am"

    "Where is the boy?"

    "Here he is" as he flicked a few keys and Sebastian pulled up on the upper right of the screen.

    "Who are you boy?"

    "I am Sebastian Shire and..."

    "I see this and your searching for your brother?"

    "yes I am"


    "Because I want to see him or know he's alright"

    "How do I know your not out to hurt him again"

    Sebastian could only sit there. He was hurt himself at that statement. The tutor started to say something as Sebastian rubbed is eyes which had started to tear up.


    The tutor sat there.  He'd never heard such a strong language out of the boy.

    "S'il vous plaît asseoir Sebastian. Votre frère est fin et vous manque férocement et les besoins pour vous voir. Je suis seulement son protecteur et son ami. " <Please sit down Sebastian.  Your brother is fine and misses you fiercely and wants to see you.  I am only his protector and friend.>

    Sebstian froze.  Did he hear what he thought he heard.

    "Il vous aime et Amanda. Il essaie de chiffrer comment obtenir vous sur maintenant mais a ici besoin de l'argent. Pour chanter est le seul moyen il peut faire cela. Il a le côté d'état de beaucoup d'argent mais lui ce n'être pas disponible. S'il vous plaît comprendre. Au moins pour le bien de Devon. S'il vous plaît. " <He loves you and Amanda.  He is trying to figure out how to get you over here now but needs money.  Singing is the only way he can do that.  He has lots of money state side but it isn't available to him.  Please understand.  At least for Devon's sake.  Please.>

    Sebastian quickly sat down.

    "How is he?  Is he ok?  Is he hurt?  What happened to him?" Sebastian asked earnestly "can she hear me?"

    "The little one understands the language quite well.  Good job teacher"

    "Thank you ma'am"

    "He is fine now.  He was, uh, um, "

    "What?  What?  Tell me!"

    "Il a été enlevé et a été dopé. Il a perdu presque son age d'homme mais est fin maintenant. Comment êtes-vous ? " <he was kidnapped and drugged.  How are you doing?>

    "Je suis mieux maintenant. Peux-je le voir ? " <Can I see him?>

    "not at the moment.  He is doing a concert soon though"

    "That's good"

    "It will generate money for his causes.  Can you stand up for me?"

    and Sebastian promptly stood up.

    "You look just like him.  He says you play very good"

    "Oui.  Muy bueno!  Oh sorry"

    "Sebastian, faites attention. Est préparé venir une notification de moments bientôt. Expliquer votre soeur pour rester du silence si vous partez tout le soudain. Je serai de retour en communication bientôt bien que. Etre courageux, Basty ! " <pack, be patient and I will be back in touch>

    and the screen went blank.  Sebastian teared up looked at the screen.

    "He's alive, he's alive!" and he got up to hug the tutor, something he'd never done before.

    The tutor hid his growing problem from Sebastian quickly as he exited the program.  They left for the house.  On the way to the car, he told Sebastian to keep all this to himself, trust no one and he'd be back in contact with him as soon as he knew something.  Sebastian nodded his head.  They talked about cars in Europe on the way back.  The guard was waiting at the door surprised that they had returned within 48 minutes.

    Back in France, Joan sat back comptemplating the situations.  She knew that from talking to a fellow lawyer, that Devon's best move would be for emancipation and to be his own adult.  She also knew the costs involved which was going to be a bit since they were in France.  She discussed this with Devon who told her to do what ever she needed done.      

    She moved ahead with the concert scheduling.  The demand was so overwhelming that they had to move it to an outside venue.  Joan was concerned about that also.  She arranged for a fellow college student she knew from way back to visit the house.  Joan also arranged for the studio musicians to play for 4 hours for $100 a piece.  She knew if it went over well, that she'd pay them more.  She waited then for feedback.

    The next day arrived with the costome lady, Margaret.  Joan met her with a veil over her face.  She also wore a gown.  Margaret asked her about things and wondered if she'd changed religions.  Joan had to explain to her about the accident.  Margaret told her that she could do a make over that'd last for 48 hours, at least she could make an appearance.  Joan was happy for that.  They discussed Devon and his situation.  Margaret was a close friend and understood the complete situation.

    Devon was called to come to them.

    "Yes ma'am" he said in French.

    "Devon, this ma'am Margaret"

    "Nice to meet you ma'am"

    "Please strip to your underwear for us"

    "Ma'am?" he said turning red.

    "For your costume design.  Margaret is a specialist I've known from way back in College"

    "uh, ma'am, I don't have any underwear on is all"

    Margaret said that he could just cover up with his hands.  Devon complied but was red all over when he stood before them with his hands covering his growing hard.  Margaret never touched him nor Joan.  They walked around him and simply sat in two hard back chairs and looked him in the face.

    "What is it you want to be or do in your concert, young man?" Margaret asked him directly in French.

    "I need to protect my image, my personal life is the main thing"

    "I can arrange for a full radical look if you desire"

    "If that is what is needed, then it is what I need to do ma'am.  I've learned to trust fellow professionals to help me" and with that he put his hands on his hips.  His hard stuck out proudly all 4.5".  In recent weeks it'd begun to hang straight out vice pointing to the ceiling.  His nuts weren't tight.

    Margaret never looked there, she kept looking at his face and hair.

    "When is this?" she asked Joan.

    "In 1 week I'm told.  The ticket sales are already nearing sold out status.  We might need to move to another venue"

      "I can do him, Devon, I need to make a couple of measurements.  I will have to touch you, um, all over pretty much"

    "Yes ma'am.  I'm sorry for my, protrusion but with two beautiful women, I cannot help it" he said turning red again.

    "He's a lady killer isn't he?" Margaret said to Joan.  She performed the measurements and discussed Devon's desires.  She assured him that he'd be quite protected.  He told her of previous designs and that he wasn't going to hide his penis.  He didn't want it to become obvious to everyone though.  She said she'd take care of that.

    Devon dressed and left for the studio.  Tommy had come to visit.  They went to the roof.  It was a hot and humid day and the roof wasn't much cooler except for a breeze.  Tommy was very excited.  He told Devon that he'd won a contest over the radio to see his favorite artist in concert.  In fact, he and 2 others were going to be picked up in a limo.  He wanted Devon to go but Devon declined.  He told Tommy that he had other plans for that particular night, plans he couldn't get out of.  Tommy was highly disappointed but accepted it.

    After a disappoited Tommy left, Devon went back to the studio and started playing around with his guitar.  He didn't mind playing it, but if he had to play a guitar it would be a bass guitar.  He always liked that.  He thought that he could concentrate more on the song and less on the music.  He remembered the keyboard Casio that Joan had brought him.  It was pretty basic, but he remembered the one that Amanda had and all the stuff it could do.

    Amanda, gosh he missed them.  He was getting pretty meloncoly when Joan found him.  He was almost weeping.  She watched him from the control room as much as she could.  She thought she could hear him softly weeping some.

    "Are you ok Devon?"

    "ya, just remembering my family" he said with his back to the control room.  He hated to cry in front of her.  He was a young man and should act like one.

    "It's ok to remember, sometimes it is all we have to go by.  In your case, I think that you should focus it into something positive.  Your doing something positive for someone your very fond of"

    <sniff sniff> "I know, thanks" he mumbled. 

    She watched him strum a few bars.  She clicked off the lites in the control room and started a music that she'd gotten off of a website.  It was him with his siblings at their last concert.  She played it very low. 

    She saw him listening very intently.  He heard the door click.  He knew he was all alone then and he broke down crying completely.