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By the end of the song, Tommy was very emotional. Joan had been weeping some tears. Pierre had to put his hands on her shoulders. Sebastian was always moved by the song also. He had slowly moved back by Tommy but he hadn't noticed him there until Sebastian came up beside him.

He shouted in French "Fucking awesome, eh?" as he moved away towards the middle of the musicians.

Tommy jumped being caught off guard like that. In the process he hit the foot pedal to the big bass drum. All the musicians turned towards him. They failed to notice Sebastian in their midst. Devon hadn't moved except to take a drink from the organ. The only thing that was going thru his mind was what the next song was. Everything had come all of the sudden to him.

Memories of Tommy and his family followed by Sebastian's sudden appearance. Devon was lost in thought when he heard in French from Tommy behind him, "One, Two, Three" in a beat as the drums exploded into some tempo. For his part, Tommy was so embarrassed, he did the only thing that he could think of and that was to crank out some beats.

He was crimson with embarrassment when everyone turned towards him except for Sebastian and Devon. Tommy briefly noticed that Devon hadn't moved yet but what was Sebastian doing?

About that time, three of the musicians literally moved or jumped when they heard Sebastian begin a long series of guitar riffs. The bass guitar slowly strummed along until he could figure out what was happening. Even Devon didn't know. He looked up at the camera, over to Joan who flashed a big smile and thumbs up to him. He felt a warm shimmer of satisfaction run thru him. He started flipping buttons and pushing levers on his keyboard waiting to see what Sebastian was doing.

Sebastian for his part had strutted out to the stage, intent on his guitar. He was working the side lever and sound switch with his foot. Something that Devon hadn't noticed before. Tommy quickly adjusted his beat to match that of Sebastian. The audience was swaying and began clapping in beat to the drum. Tommy was elated again.

Devon thought he might know what Sebastian was working up too. It was. A song he hadn't heard from a group called Heart in over 3 years. He didn't know that this was Sebastian's favorite song. Devon just began playing in the background. He knew the words in English, but couldn't translate them quick enough to French to match Sebastian. He was almost shocked to hear another voice chime in when he needed too. It was--it had to be Tommy. He was the only other one who had a microphone.

Devon got up, grabbed his bass guitar and kept time with them. He walked back to Tommy and stood in front of him bouncing his head in time to the beat. Tommy was listening, noticed Devon but had to close his eyes to keep the beat. Those eyes were pulling his thoughts. Tommy looked up to see Devon had moved out front to stand beside his brother. Tommy could see the resemblance between the two of them. They had to be related somehow.

At the end of the song, Devon then took the stage with another song he'd converted. They concluded the concert at the end with both of the brothers patting Tommy on the back as they left. They told him that they'd see him soon. Tommy was mystified. He watched the boys get into a big elevator that lifted them from the stage and stayed up high.

The stage manager then concluded the show and everyone began leaving. Tommy was just sitting at the drums wondering what just happened. He'd played the drums for his favorite singer. It was sooo kewl! He thought to himself.

Joan left with Sebastian, Pierre and Devon via a skywalk down to a hidden stairway concealed in the big girders of the stadium. Once down to the floor they quickly left in a car that was waiting for them.

Back at the studio, they went inside quickly not to be seen from the street. Since it was dead night out, they didn't see anyone nor were they seen. They quickly took off all the costumes, wigs, took a quick shower and then got their contacts out. Joan showed them how to do that since she already wore them. Both boys were amazed at how their appearance had been changed. All 4 of them went to the roof to cool off in the night breeze.

Sebastian and Devon went to one end while the others stayed and talked at the other end.

"Man, that was totally fucking awesome concert wasn't it!" Sebastian offered.

"Yeah, I about dropped the whole thing though" Devon said dejectedly.

"Why? I thought that YOU of all people would never stumble?"

"Aw, you probably wouldn't understand all the stress I've been thru" Devon mumbled looking out to the dark city lite up by lights.

"Try me, dude! Paul said you were dead. Everyone except me and Peewee thought different"

"He did? He, that fucker"

"Yes. He was so adamant about it" Sebastian continued "Everything I did, and I mean everything, was watched"


"Ya, ever jackoff for a camera? Or take a good shit for someone? My dink is probably in someones computer just so they can have a good time jacking it to me. He's a real sick dude"

"I knew there were cameras when I left. Sounds like more"

"Hell yeah! He's monitoring everything. He thinks somehow someone knew where you were"

"I did kind of disappear ya know"

"Yeah and I searched everywhere for you. If it weren't for my tutor, I'd never have found you. I sure missed you"

"And Peewee too?"

"Well, I think so. He sure asks a lot about you. No one there talks about you. The security team just couldn't believe you vanished without a trace"

"Yeah, but I'm here, I'm lucky to still be alive and a boy"

"What happened to you?"

Devon went on to tell him what had happened during the camp, Pierre's rescue for him and how he found Joan by luck. He told him about his close bond to Tommy and why the concert meant so much to him, just for him. By the end of the three hours, they noticed they were alone on the roof top as the adults had left.

Sebastian slept in Devon's room that night, not wanting to leave him alone any more. He was afraid that he'd lose him again. Devon had tried to explain to him that he was now without parents in the eyes of the law.

The next day, Sebastian awoke to find Devon just sitting on the side of the bed drinking some orange juice watching him.

"How long you been watching me?"

"Long enough"

"Why? Have I changed a lot?"

"Never the day went by when I didn't think about you Sebastian. I cannot begin to describe how much you mean to me, you and Amanda. You two are all I have. Grandma and Iris have joined with Paul to be against me. Joan verified that this morning since Pierre had told her that. So I have to start a new and hope for the best"

"I've never given up on you, Dev. You should know that!"

Tears streaming from his eyes "I didn't know. I had no idea. Everyone told me to just wait it out and see what happens"

"Well, I'm here now so now you know"

"Ya <sniff sniff>, want some juice?"

"After I piss and lose this" he said flicking his hard.

"Even that looks bigger"

"Yeah, you should see how much I can shoot now"

"Your bald, how can you shoot any?"

"Didn't say I was a baby maker yet, just I could shoot. Been doing that for a month now. Been real careful not to let Paul know. I imagine he'd ship me off too. Haven't been alone with any girls since you left"

Devon didn't say anything as they went to the roof with two new glasses of OJ.

"I don't think I can return to another life like I did before, Basty. I'm sorry if that disappoints you"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, since I've been here with Ma'am Joan, my thinking has been down a whole another road and she's guiding me the right way, like mom would have"

"Oh. No more songs like before?"

"Well, I guess I haven't thought much about them. I can sing them, the one's I recorded, but not sure if I can write any more like that. I'm sorry"

"So what kind can you write?"


"It's ok Dev., tell me. It's just you and me here. You can see I'm not wired or anything. Miss Joan will know what to do to get me here with you permanently. She sounds like a really really intelligent person"

"You don't know the half of it"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh dude, for example, the recording that was made on those two records"


"She had me record about 4 times. I did the guitar stuff and audio, but SHE did the rest"

"Oh man, you kidding me?"

"No, that's just an example"

"But I listened to them songs. I took it apart on my computer; they were awesome as far as I could tell from the tracks. I could not look into the music though"

"Well, that's what i mean. She went to some college to learn that stuff. She's exceptionally interesting--far more than any girl I've ever known, including Grandma, mom and Iris"

<Joan was listening to all of this and was in tears at this point>


"The second record was mostly me. I pushed myself for Tommy's sake. I needed the money for him"

"I know, you told me Dev. He's a lucky kid"

"I dunno about all that. His life is much better now"

"And miss Joan?"

"Well, she needs an operation to fix her face"

"Is there something wrong with her face?"

"You know Basty, you saw it"

"I'm sorry but I didn't notice anything about her face. I'll look the next time but I truly didn't notice anything"

"The scar?"

"A scar? That line on her face? I didn't notice that much didn't think much of it. Does it bother her?"

"It cost her her marriage"

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that but she seems happy"

"She is and I'm gonna see she gets her face fixed"

"Cool, does she know?"

"I think so but don't believe it. The concert had to make some money last night"

Meanwhile Joan who'd been listening had to make the physical effort to disable the speaker she was listening too. The news between the boys had rocked her world. She'd never imagined that here were two boys who hardly knew her-were so willing to help her world become a better place. The lawyer husband was never willing to help her, not at all.

After she'd calmed down, she tried to think of what that one name was the two had mentioned. She needed to know more about that woman....hmmmm, she thought....ah, Iris. She must be something to do with the Grandmother. She started inquiring thru her proxy server with the investigative division.

Back on the roof Dev was explaining in detail what had happened to him since the last time they saw each other. Sebastian was devastated to hear about the shots. He unconsciously drew his hand up to his nuts in a protective mode. At the end Sebastian was extremely pissed at Paul and his crew for all the pain they had inflicted on Devon.

Sebastian had told Devon most all he'd been involved in since Devon was taken away. Devon was truly appreciative of what Sebastian's efforts had resulted in.

They went back down to his room since both were still tired from the previous night. Sebastian awoke when Devon was getting up. Devon pulled on his shorts over his hard and was about out of the room when he heard Sebastian ask him what time it was.

"About 11. Time to get up if you want but definitely by noon ok? I gotta use the john" Devon said as he left the room. He was sore from yesterday. He hadn't worked out that much lately. He finished his business up and was headed to find Joan when he heard the doorbell ring.

Answering it was Tommy standing there in his sandals, shorts and shirt. He was sweating a little already.

"Dude, how's it hanging to day?" in French Devon asked.

"MAN! It was fucking awesome dude, you don't know what you missed, I'm telling you!"

"Good then eh? Wanna coke? I was just gonna get one and go to the roof to cool off some. You can tell me all about it" in French again.

So on the roof a little while later, Tommy was going over everything in detail. Devon was secretly happy for Tommy and wanted so much to tell him who he was. Tommy was telling him about the other smaller kid who was on stage all of the sudden. He went on and on about how much this dude could play the electric guitar.

About this time, Sebastian made his appearance. He'd been searching for Devon and figured he must be on the roof. That and a little help from Joan who'd been in her rooms monitoring all. Devon did a double sip when he saw Sebastian com on the room in his birthday suit. He figured it didn't matter since the room was pretty discreet. Tommy, who'd be involved in his animated conversation, saw Devon eyes shift off him, drink, stop, and drink again. Tommy turned around and saw a carbon copy of Devon stepping thru the door towards the two boys.

"Mother Fucker! It's like you again, except this time I get to see all of you--uh him" Tommy said in French.

"So is this the famous Tommy?" Sebastian asked in English.

Tommy whipped his head around since he knew hardly any English. He made out his name though.

"Yes and he is totally oblivious to us. He was telling me in detail about the concert"

"Really. Did he like it?"

"He thinks you're fucking awesome, like dude"

"Well, hell I am, ya know" as he chuckled.

"What the fuck you talking about?" Tommy asked quickly in French. He was starting to get mad as Sebastian was chuckling.

"He can cuss pretty well. Not bad looking either. You into guys now Dev?"


"Calm down, I was just busting your balls"

"Well, he was the closest thing to replacing you I could fucking find if you really wanna know. I missed you that much" Devon said turning around to hide his tears.

"No shit? Fuck me then and I am sorry Bro, very much. I had no idea"

Thru tears "Well you fucking did you little asshole. Now you've got the upper hand, so rip on my heart more!" <Sniffling more and more>

"Oh gosh damn dude, calm down. I reached a subject I shouldn't have gone into. I'll leave the two of you alone" as he started to walk away.

Tommy was mystified as to what was happening. He looked from the nude boy walking away to Devon who turned around quickly. Tommy was concerned when he saw tears in Devon's eyes.

"You ok man?" Tommy asked in French.

"Sebastian--wait, please"

Sebastian turned around and looked at the two boys.

"I'm sorry, but you gotta understand I didn't have you. I hadn't seen you for over a year and I was going fucking nuts. No friends, none close though"

"It's ok, really, I understand. Now you know what I was going thru looking for you. They had the placed fricking bugged to the max. Everything was being watched"

"I know, Paul is such a prick"

"You know it"

"What the fuck is going on? What are you two talking about" Tommy said quite loudly and urgently.

"Fucking chill dude, we're talking about some personal stuff" Sebastian said in quick French. Tommy's eyes got wide and he backed up a step.

"Look, I'm sorry for being so rude, but we are brothers. I just had a moment to be told where you fit into my brother's life. He says you're his best friend. Any friend of his is a friend of mine" he said moving to shake Tommy's hand.

Tommy didn't know what to think but he shook the hand to be polite.

<All French from here out>

"Is he for real?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, you are my best friend. Actually, if you wanna know you're..."

"Quite a guy he says. You went to a concert last night he said" Sebastian threw in quickly.

"Oh man yeah. He's like my favorite person, uh, singer in the world. All of France is talking about him"

"Yeah?" Sebastian coaxed him.

"Oh yeah, he even let me come up on stage and play the drums for him."

"So you play instruments?"

"Ah, some. I fool around on the drums mainly"

"Any good?"

"I was last night, good enough for the biggest star to hit France in years"

"Show was sold out?"

"Hell yeah. Couldn't get any more tickets. He sent me a limo too. My sister and dad went"

"What'd they think?"

"My dad couldn't believe my luck. He was proud. Sis was blown away"

"So the place was pretty packed and good"

"Hell yeah! I mean I could only see from behind the drums"

Meanwhile, the doorbell had rang. Joan had turned on the monitor to see who it was. There were several people standing outside the door acting strange. Joan was concerned. She keyed the microphone and asked who it was. The man looked up and saw the camera. Another man took out a revolver with a silencer and shot the camera apart. Joan heard shots as the door was being blown apart.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, two men came over the side from the fire escape quietly. They saw the three boys and approached them. Tommy's eyes grew wide as he saw two revolvers come out and point towards them. Devon's eyes closed seeing them.

Sebastian heard an "oh shit, not again", "What the fuck (in French)" as he turned towards the sound since they men were approaching from behind him.

"We finally found your little ass! Paul will pay us handsomely for your return you little asshole" one man said still moving towards them.

Devon would later say everything happened in slow motion. Sebastian didn't even think but he moved towards the first man and kicked him in the balls. The man crouched down holding his balls, while Sebastian kicked the man's head with his foot. The gun fell to the ground moving towards the boys. Sebastian did a back flip towards the other man.

"Horse shit kid, stop or I'll stop you" the man said.

Sebastian kept coming towards him.

"Not again, mother fucker!" Sebastian hurled at the man. Devon heard the shot from the gun discharge. He saw Sebastian's right femur burst into blood. Devon took the gun in one swoop and shot the man right in his head. Sebastian fell to the ground in front of Devon holding his broken leg.

Devon went to him quickly as Tommy was standing shocked looking at everything. Devon quickly pulled his shirt off making a cinch to hold off the blood. Sebastian looked at him.

"hey bro, I fucking tried, I fucking tried to stop them, keep us toge...ther...." as he fainted. Devon held on to the cinch as he heard the roof door open. He could see three men step on to the roof.

Devon yelled at Tommy in French "Fucking help me!" as he picked up the gun in one hand still holding the cinch in the other hand. Devon fired and nailed the first man in his head too. He fired at the other man as he heard the other gun from Tommy start firing. The three men fell dead immediately. Devon held his brother, weeping as he heard sirens in the distance.

Soon, the roof was filled with medical personnel, police and firemen. Joan was there covered in her face nettings trying to answer questions to the lead investigator. Devon stood away from Tommy. Both were handcuffed. Devon watched Sebastian being taken away. He stood shocked. The officers took Devon and Tommy away where they were locked up in separate rooms waiting for their lawyers.

After the place was cleared off, Joan had to relax again. She didn't know what to do. The door had been fixed with replacement of a stronger steel door. The fire escape had been permanently damaged on purpose to prevent further use. The camera had been replaced in short order. The doorbell rang. It was Devon's lawyer with his emancipation paperwork. Joan explained the situation to him. He asked what she was going to do. She could only shake her head.

He picked up his cell phone and made a call. She watched him leave. He told her that he'd return soon with the boys in tow. At the station, Tommy's dad was going nuts. He had no money for a lawyer. He wasn't permitted to talk to the boy. Devon simply sat on his floor wondering how Sebastian was doing. Was he ok? He didn't know. He needed to know. For once, the feelings of suicide returned stronger than he'd felt since leaving Peewee.

Meanwhile Devon's lawyer entered the station. He demanded to see the captain of the watch. The flunky tried to dissuade this. The man once again demanded. The lawyer made a phone call and not more than 10 minutes went by when the captain appeared rather nervous for the lawyer. They exchanged pleasantries. The lawyer wasn't demanding but simply asked for the investigative facts of the case. 5 men were dead, one boy shot and two boys were holding guns. The lawyer asked whose bullet was on the hurt boy's leg. Once of the guns the boys were holding. The lawyer asked if that mean the boys were shooting the injured boy? The captain agreed probably not. The lawyer asked for a motive? The captain could offer none. The Lawyer suggested self-defense? The captain was not very quick to agree but it was possible. During all this discussion, Tommy's father had found the captain talking with the lawyer. He inquired what was happening to his son. The captain stalled. He stood up not knowing what to think. He told the lawyer he'd have to think about it and he could come back in a short time for his decision. The captain walked away from the two men.

Tommy's father looked at the lawyer. He didn't recognize him at all.

"So, what is going on?"

"Your son is being held for murder"

"What? You can't be sure? It must be a mistake"

"It is no mistake Mr. Penhead"

"How do you know my name? I don't even know who you are?" he demanded.

"Indeed, I know more than you think" the lawyer stated watching Tommy's father.

After a few minutes, the lawyer got up and got a drink of water. Tommy's father had sat down. He didn't know what to think. It couldn't be.

"I am going to tell you Mr. Penhead, but you must not repeat or reveal anything until the proper time it is widely known"

"What? What could you possibly tell me that I don't know? I don't even know who you are?"

"Mr. Penhead, were you about to lose your house a few weeks ago?"

Mr. Penhead nodded his head in wonderment. The man knew more than he let on.

"In fact your wife has incurable cancer and Tommy has many siblings even though he is the youngest."

Mr. Penhead's face turned white as the lawyer talked.

"Mr. Penhead, you, Tommy and his sister attended a concert last night. I believe it is a very widely known concert is it not?"

"Yes sir" he said very serious. The lawyer has his very attention.

"Tommy has been charged but will be released very shortly. You should take him home and employ a shrink as soon as you can."

"But how can this be? How can you know so much about me?"

"Sir, suffice it to say, I know everything about your family. My client is very rich and powerful. You must never ever reveal any of our conversation until the time is right and you will know when that is. Do you understand?"

"And if?"

"I'll do what I need to, to make you poor as church mice"

"Yes sir" as his face paled.

"Now, when the boys are released, Tommy will be first. You should take him immediately home. Don't wait for the other boy"

"He's in much more trouble?"

"He's more trouble than you, sir, can imagine"

"Yes sir" the man said staring at the floor. It wasn't more than 15 minutes later that everything that the lawyer had told the man happened. Mr. Penhead and Tommy left abruptly for the house. The whole neighborhood was buzzing with talk.

Devon was surprised when his cell door was opened up. He figured it was for food.

"Yes?" he asked.

A uniformed guard came in. Told him to get up and follow him. Devon did without question. He actually had no other options to consider. Out thru the doors where eventually he was given all his personal assets like his comb. He stood there without question. Finally the guard turned around and presented him a clipboard with a piece of paper for him to sign. Devon began to worry about just what he was signing.

"I'm sorry, but I speak some of your language but I don't understand any of the written stuff. Um, ..."

"Ok, please come with me then" and the guard led him into a small room with a table and two chairs. "Please wait here for a few minutes. The door will lock but please do not be alarmed" as he waited for Devon to acknowledge something.

After getting it, the guard shut the door, stood there for a second to make sure that Devon didn't freak. For his part, Devon was expecting something worse. After all, he didn't sign the document. The guard returned with his lawyer in tow. Devon was surprised. The door opened and the lawyer stepped inside and greeted Devon.

Devon said nothing but had stood up immediately. He was in bigger trouble then he thought. He had to be to have this lawyer there.

"You did wise not to sign any documents Devon. I am here of my own doings though. The document you can sign though. It simply states you have your personal possessions, you do don't you?"

"Yes sir" came the immediate answer. Devon signed the document quickly. The officer left showing the lawyer where the buzzer was to request to leave the room.

"Am I in big trouble sir?"

"Devon, you are free. You have no one to answer too except yourself. Always remember that. As for being in trouble, I think not based upon what I heard. I know a little of your past. You were protecting yourself in self-defense. Your brother and friend will be the same thing"

"How is Tommy?"

"His dad has him. He has been advised to keep quiet until such time you decide what you are going to do. Joan, however, is going nuts. I'd like you to call her as soon as you can."

"And my brother?"

"Well, your brother is another story. He is in the best hospital that Paris has to offer. His leg is in pretty bad shape. He is still unconscious"

"I would like very much to go see him sir but I don't have any money"

"I'll provide a taxi to that location and give you some money to spend as you see fit. You can pay me back as soon as you desire. Any questions?"

"I I I guess not sir. I thank you sir"

"It is what I do for big stars like you. I'd further advise you to invest in a wallet of your choice, keep it always near you with your id. You should be getting that as soon as possible, and here are two very important cards with telephone numbers on them. I'd also advise you to get a mobile"

"But sir, I appreciate it, but I have no money"

"Young man, don't toy with me. You have more money at your disposal than you can imagine. Miss Joan has it, all you have to do is ask for it or some of it"

Turned red from embarrassment, he was properly chastised. "Yes sir" he said meekly.

"Don't be embarrassed. People out there will eat you up Devon. You're an important person whether or not you are aware of it"

"Yes sir"


"Yes sir" he said louder.


"Yes sir!"

"Good, now let's go"

After leaving the building, Devon found himself in a taxi for the next 20 minutes. He went to the hospital desk where he could get no one to help him. After all, he was just a little kid and the grownups had more important things to do. He tried desperately for the next 15 minutes to get someone's attention. He was getting extremely upset.

"Hey asshole! Some help for my friend!" made Devon turn to see Tommy standing there with his father.

An intake person turned towards them "What do you want?"

Devon spoke that he wanted to see his brother. The intake person turned around and ignored him. "Fuck" he said low to himself.

"I expect some answers and quickly" Tommy said asserting himself.

Still no response. The father had gone over and sat down to wait. In desperation, Devon walked over to the father and asked him if he had a mobile that he could use. The father promptly produced one and gave it to him. Devon took two steps away and dialed the number on the card that the lawyer had given him. After a brief conversation that told Devon to wait a few minutes and they'd see what could be done and rang off. Devon gave the phone back to the father who smiled weakly at the young boy. Tommy was getting steamed watching the situation before him.

It wasn't more than 5 minutes before a much stressed looking suit came up to the three of them asking if they were here for the bullet case. Devon responded that they were and he was the brother of the victim. The man quickly guided them down a hall into a waiting room.

"Your brother is very bad off. The bullet has damaged much of his muscle but it can be repaired. We are trying to stop the bleeding but his blood needs replenished. We have done some blood typing and he has a rare blood type. Are you O- by chance?" he asked Devon. Devon shook his head, he was O+, he knew that much.

"What are you waiting for then?"

"Blood to come from another town a little ways off. Rest assured that every effort is being made to get it here as rapidly as possible. Without it here, we cannot do much for him"

"Fuck" was what Devon said in English. He was going to lose his brother. He thought of calling that number again but knew it probably wouldn't do much for him.

"What are his chances then if you can't stop the bleeding?"

"Not good, I'm sorry but we are doing everything possible"

Devon sat down instantly beginning to tear up.

"What town?" the father asked.

Hearing the name the father moaned for Devon's sake. He didn't know who this other boy was but suspected it was his brother.

Tommy came up to his father and tugged on his arm.

"What is is Tom Tom?"

"I can help papa. You have to let me"

"Your too young little one"

"I am not!"

"What is it he can do? Anyone can do? God himself can't even help me here. I've lost my parents 2 years ago and now my brother" he said to no one in particular but Tommy's father heard him.

It was enough. He'd allow at least something.