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Devon looked up at the pair. What could they do?

"Doctor, I think that if you test Tom Tom, you'll find he is the blood type your seeking. I'll allow him to help"

The doctor's jaw dropped. Devon jumped up.

"Are you serious" he said in English. Everyone looked at him and he repeated it quickly in French.

The doctor rushed Tommy down the hall into another room. Devon stood next to the father who couldn't take it much longer, he also went down the room to his son as Devon followed him there. The doctor had already taken a sample and was testing it in a machine.

"Perfect, perfect" as the nurse hooked up and took two bags of blood from the boy. They rushed it down the hallway and disappeared from view. The dad was very concerned as Tommy smiled weakly at them still lying on the bed. The nurse came back into the room and gave Tommy a glass of juice. He was told to drink it easily and eat a couple of cookies and rest for a few minutes before he tried to move.

Devon was very glad at the change of events but he wanted to see his brother. He tried talking to the nurse who told him that only that Sebastian's guardian could see him. Devon started to get loud for several rooms to hear. He was telling them that he was Sebastian's guardian and the nurse laughed. Before she left, she told them all to go the waiting room for further news.

Sitting in the waiting room, Devon was getting very worried. What if something happened and they wouldn't tell him. Finally about a 1/2 hour later, the doctor came out shaking his head. He went to Devon and told him that he'd better come to the room to see Sebastian as things weren't looking so good for the young boy.

Everyone followed him into the room where Sebastian had tubes in his arms and his leg was red with bloody bandages. Devon almost got sick. The doctor was talking to him telling him all that was going on. Tommy's father just shook his head and stepped back. Tommy was trying to follow the conversation but all the medical words were above his understanding. Devon was just looking at Sebastian. He looked so peaceful.

The nurse came back into the room when the doctor left for a short time.

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to wait until someone came and got you? Now go" she said forcefully.

Devon just stood stock still. Tommy moved a short step but not much. He was following Devon's lead. All Devon was hearing was some talk in his face. It was when the nurse got in front of him and put her hands on his chest.

"You fucking little bitch" and he slapped her hands off of him and then slapped her on her face with his full hand. He remembered what the lawyer had said "I am D E V O N S H I R E. I am not some little stinking kid. I am a free person and that, bitch, is my brother and I am not leaving this fucking room by your directions. Now get the hell out of my face"

The nurse stepped back quickly. She knew the name. She'd heard about the phone call that got the hospital administrator all worried. The doctor came back in and looked at them, then went over to check on the machines.

Tommy stepped up and looked at Devon.

"Your Devon Shire?: You've kept that secret all this time? You little fucking butt head! I thought you were my best friend! My most trusted mate! You got my ass up in front of all those people to make a fool out of my self. Well FUCK YOU! Papa, lets go!" and he started to move off.

The father just stood there. "No We will not leave"

Tommy's mouth dropped. He wanted to say something. Devon was getting this falling feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was about to lose his best friend and his brother. Another "fuck" was forming at his mouth when he heard something behind him.

He jerked around to see Sebastian looking at them both. He heard everything.

"Tommy" as he moved his hand towards him. The father pushed him abruptly towards the boy's hand. Tommy came and took the hand. He looked into his eyes. The younger eyes of his best friend.

"Don't be mad at him. Things you don't know about. Be his best friend. If not for him, then do" and the hand went limp.

Tommy's eyes immediately teared up but he still held the hand. His blood was now pumping thru the boy's veins. The doctor who'd been watching the meters got all excited.

"Keep talking to him. He's responding" So Tommy spent the next hour just babbling about nothing. His life. Devon stood back weeping silently. His brother's only chance of survival was in front of him.

After 90 minutes, the doctor told them to leave the room. Sebastian's signs has steadied off. It was a drastic improvement.

The father led them both off to a private room just off the cafeteria. Devon spent the next 2 hours telling Tommy and his father about what all had happened to him. At the end of it all, he was begging Tommy not to give up on him.

For his part, Tommy had no intentions of that at all. He now was looking at the idol of his dreams and something told him that he needed to be there for him. He looked at his papa who'd been watching them both, somewhat shocked by what he'd heard.

"Papa, I'm sorry, but I must stay here with him"

"I know son. There is more though he hasn't told you"

"Papa, what more could there be"

"Our financial reversal is because of him. All because of him. I did nothing I couldn't I tried all I ever could but nothing helped"

For the next of many times, Tommy's mouth just dropped. "All of it, papa?"

His father nodded "I'll go home now and check back later. Take the mobile" as he handed it to him. As he left and looked back in the window, he saw Tommy holding Devon hard in a hug.

Tommy was weeping into Devon and Devon was weeping into Tommy's shirt. At the end of it all, both boys were drenched. They walked back to the room where Sebastian was. No change there. They stayed until late that night before Tommy called for a taxi to take the boys back to the studio. Devon was too worked up to go right to bed. He was talking to Tommy about his life with Sebastian. Tommy knew at that point and time that Devon was devoted to his brother and sister. He was also acutely aware that Devon also cherished Tommy's friendship. They were on the roof talking until late into the morning where Joan found them in Devon's bed asleep fully clothed.

Previously Joan had done some research into this woman named Iris. She found that she was the financial advisor for Devon's Great Great Grandma who was also a cousin many times removed from herself. She'd fired off an email to test the waters. The response came back within a few hours. Not quite what she expected but it did confirm some fears that Joan had.

After all that had happened she wrote another email to Iris....

"Dear Iris. I find your recent reply disturbing but in light of recent events I feel I must at least share what has happened within the past few hours. Five men had barged into my residence here in Paris. I suspect they are associated with your man called only Paul by Devon and Sebastian. I am not currently aware of how they traced down my residence but the attached movie which was filmed by my security camera and are not in the possession of the Paris Police, I guarantee that this film has not been altered in any way however, it is a picture of two separate cameras. In the film you will see for yourself how each boy protected themselves. Unfortunately, Sebastian is in critical condition in the best hospital that Paris has to offer. Devon and his close friend have been taken into custody. I am unable to see to their status myself but have engaged an attorney to attend to this. As soon as I hear any status, and if you explicitly tell me that you want to be notified, I'll forward this data to you.

Sincerely, J"

Iris had received the film and was shocked beyond her imagination. She knew she must at once, inform the grandmother but something wasn't right. She was glad that Devon was alive, Sebastian was with him, but the circumstances were not right. Iris decided to do a little investigating herself. The information that she'd uncovered made her extremely upset. She took her information and went to her employers room.

Closing the door and starting some background noise, Iris played the tapes and revealed the information to the grandmother. The grandmother took it in stride. She was a little set back from the tape, but her hardened life also made such viewing possible. She leaned back and looked out the windows.

"It seems we have a problem Iris"

"yes ma'am"

"I need to help the boys and ensure all possible protection is taken"

"yes ma'am"

Grandma didn't say much for awhile before she turned around.

Iris was her most trusted source. She instructed her to wire or make available $1 billion for Joan to ensure the boys are OK. As soon as she can (Joan) arrange it, the boys must be brought back here. All this would be kept in secret until they return. At that time, Devon will take the appropriate action.

Iris wired the instructions along with the request for the attorney's name. When Joan got the email, she just laughed. The woman must be daffy. She called the attorney who checked on the wire information. Joan was shocked to her core to find it was all as written.

Iris received the attorney's name. Her checking revealed that he was extremely well connected in France.

Back in Paris, Devon awoke the next morning eager to get back to Sebastian. Tommy was still sleeping. Devon slipped out of the room and took care of his morning routine. He found Joan sitting on the roof in full view of everyone.

Devon was concerned.

"Are you OK Ms. Joan?"

"Yes, quite so Devon"

"But everyone can see you"

"Let them Devon. It is now time in your life, Devon, to become the man I know you to be"

"Ma'am? What's wrong? Has something happened to Sebastian? Oh Fuck! I should have stayed" he shouted getting up.

"Sit down Devon, please and eat"

Devon did so. Tommy came out about then and walked around Joan. He looked at her for a few minutes.

"They can fix that ma'am if you want it" he said quietly.

"I know and I will have it fixed in the United States soon"

"yes ma'am. I'll try not to stare, ma'am"

"Stare at me Tommy, get used to it. I'm for real. I know what the neighborhood kids think. I listened to you tell Devon about it" as Tommy turned very red with embarrassment.

"I am truly sorry. I didn't know that you existed like this, ma'am. My apologies"

"Taken, noted. Now eat"

"Is there any word on Sebastian?" Devon inquired as he at his cereal.

"He is doing much better thanks to Tommy. I hear it was quite a session. The doctors would like you both to return as soon as your done eating"

"yes ma'am"

"Here is a cell phone for each of you. It is the latest top of the line. Be careful of them"

Each of the boys took them, Devon simply set his down on the table. Tommy did too following Devon's lead.

"Now, Devon, what I'm about to say to you might rock you, but I have my reasons, much like I've had them before, OK?"

"Yes ma'am. Your usually right on, ma'am"

"I've contacted Iris and your Great Great Grandmother"

Devon turned white and started to hyperventilate until Tommy put his hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you, Tommy. She wants to see you, Sebastian and Tommy as soon as Sebastian can visit. Tommy, I've already called your father, met with your father personally and he is attending to your passport as we speak. All this is to be kept on the qt, uh, secret. Your grandmother has something in mind Devon. Do you trust her? My gut instinct is too also"

"Hmm, she was with Paul on the camp situation"

"I see. Is there any chance she could have been given the wrong information?"

"Well, um <chomp chomp> I guess there is that possibility, why?"

"Maybe she was acting on it, ever thought of that?"

"I'd have to ask her, Ms. Joan, even before we went to the United States"

"Very well, I'll arrange that conversation as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, I have arranged for strict security for you, Tommy and his entire family. Pierre is heading it up"

"That could be expensive, can we afford it ma'am?"

"You'd be surprised what we can do"

"Why?" <chomp chomp> from both boys.

"Well, Iris has made $1 billion to you" and Tommy blew his cereal across the table.

"Damn!" was all Devon said.

So the days went when Tommy's friendship grew stronger with Sebastian and Devon. He cherished the closeness of the boys. Sebastian's wound healed at an amazing rate. The best doctors were being consulted. Devon began to assume a more assertive leadership now that he was emancipated. The lawyer began to explain several important options that Devon didn't even knew he possessed. Joan began to appear outside of the house. Everyone was accompanied by security personnel everywhere they went.

Sebastian's homecoming was a big event. The security team actually checked everyone as they passed thru the door. Joan was there in full force guiding everything that was happening in the event. The media room was full of drink, food, and finger food. Not all that many people attended as they were carefully screened close to 50. All of Tommy's family was there, even his mother. Sebastian was wheeled into the room that had also been opened up to a full studio that even Devon didn't know could be done. Joan had told him that back in the day, when the full orchestra would play, the additional room was needed to house them all.

The party was a success. Tommy was in all his glory as he would go from his parents, to Joan, to the Shire brothers. Tommy's dad had told the family what had happened with Devon's blessing.

At one point mid-way in the party, Devon got every body's attention by thumping into the microphone he found live thanks to Joan. The room quieted appreciatively immediately.

"Thanks all for coming" he said in French. "This day is very special for me since my brother can come home"

Sebastian beamed and everyone clapped.

"I am here to announce several things so please hold any applause, if any, to the end. First off, I've set up college accounts for all of Tommy's siblings including him when he decides to attend"

Silence thru the crowd except a murmuring in the back from Tommy's parents. Devon could see the cancer ridden mother begin crying some.

"Secondly, our attorney has provided and acquired the appropriate paperwork and passports for Miss Joan, Pierre, Sebastian, Tommy and a sibling of his choice and myself will be leaving for a tour in the United States and other business in one week"

Joan, who'd been passing out drinks, almost dropped them as she turned around abruptly, sat the tray down and rubbed her face. She made eye contact with Devon who had paused. He rubbed his face and said "It is time to take care of that" in English. Joan turned red and ran from the room in tears when she realized that her dream was about to come true and it was due to this young man.

Devon smiled as he looked the room over. Everyone was stunned at the news.

"Now, if Tommy and Sebastian would come to me here"

Tommy looked at his family stunned again as his sister came up to him. She put her hands on his shoulders and said in English to him. He understood her perfectly as he had been getting a crash course in English since the accident "You star is call you again my brother, go and make us proud" and she pushed him towards the stage. No one else in the family could understand what she said. Tommy looked back at her, she clapped for him as he turned around for the stage no knowing what was happening.

Sebastian had rolled to the stage and got out of his chair and slowly walked up the stairs. Anyone helping him was shooed away. He reached the stage where the other two were waiting. Devon came to him and hugged him fiercely. The room erupted in cheers and clapping. Devon whispered something to him and Sebastian nodded. Sebastian looked around the stage for something. Devon yelled at him for something and both of them waited.

Devon went to the microphone again.

"Since Sebastian has been gone for awhile, many things have changed in all of our lives. Mostly for the positive I believe. For Tommy, he has been receiving a intensive course in English in preparation for the trip, he just didn't know that though and Maria, will you come now" as he gestured for her to come up. She left her parents happily since she was "in" on the show that was about to begin.

"Now, Pierre will you push that button on the wall please"

The wall slide back when another stage slid on top of the one they were on. There were a set of drums on it, a huge chair and small chair before the keyboards. Everyone gasped still not grasping the situation.

Sebastian was sat down in the chair. He wasn't happy about it since his leg was lifted up on the recliner. Devon said over the air to embarrass him some to submission: "my brother thinks he can strut around the stage. the doctors said he'd be able to strut like before in 10 days, just before the concert <Looking at Sebastian straight in his eyes> at New York Jets stadium in 11 days. Tickets have already sold the stadium out and approximately <looking at Tommy in his eyes> 150,000 tickets have been sold already"

Tommy's mouth opened as he stood there. Sebastian's smile returned as he made himself comfortable on the chair. He knew his brother was already looking after him. "Our backup singers are still being formed but we have a couple of other members to my little group to pick up if they want to join us. Now, Tommy, if you will sit at the drums for a moment"

Tommy closed his mouth and sat at the drums adjusting the seat. He didn't see any sticks to pick up.

"Now, for a special treat for Tommy, he has never heard us play as Devon and Sebastian Shire. So, Tommy, please enjoy and Miss Joan, if you around, I could use your assistance" and the lights dimmed. Devon didn't know if she'd even realize what was going on. For something that he didn't even expect, a disco ball and strobe lights began.

"Cool!" he said as he sat his organ. He adjusted some of the knobs and levers and closed his eyes. His microphone along with Sebastian's was live. Sebastian just watched his brother. The room got quiet. Devon just sat there with his hands on his laps.

"I'm sorry, but I have to focus my thoughts before I can do anything. <and he began to slowly just make noise on his organ> things for the past 2 years have been rough. Our parents were killed, a new love came into our lives which was the outcome of me ending up here. So, Rosie, to you, this ballad is dedicated."

And his hands moved over the keys in such assuredness that even Sebastian took notice. This was a new brother he was seeing. The music was much like an interlude that his sister, Amanda would play. Then Sebastian recognized it as the same one she played. He hadn't heard it in so long that he didn't realize it. Sebastian's microphone was adjusted by someone he didn't know as he was watching Devon.

Devon was playing and finally said "I'm ready Basty" and on into the song they played. The room was so tuned to the music, that all of it just moved everyone in the room. Tommy was just mystified as everyone else. He'd never seen the two of them, the same ones that had appeared before, perform for him. He slowly began to realize all that Devon had done for him as the music unfolded.

At the end of the song, Tommy was given a set of sticks by someone he didn't know before. He held them, looked at them. They were engraved with his name. Another shock when Sebastian hammered out one of Tommy's favorite songs. Devon was watching Tommy and Tommy finally began to hit out a beat. Devon matched along with the song as Sebastian sang the lyrics he'd written along with his brother some 2 years ago. The room was in awe when Tommy, Devon and Maria sang harmony along with Sebastian. Sebastian, later it was learned that he closed his eyes during the song he could visualize seeing Rosie and experiencing the who reason for the song.

Everyone clapped and cheered after the song was over. Devon thanked everybody and wished them to enjoy the rest of the evening. The others on the stage had left when Pierre came up to Devon on stage before he could leave and whispered something in his ear. Devon straightened up his back and looked to the back near Tommy's parents. He could see the pleading in the father's eyes.

Devon nodded and went back to the organ. He pushed some buttons and knobs until he had his stuff set. Some handed him a headset which he put on. He was surprised hear Joan in his ear. She told him that back in her father's days the whole orchestra would be accompanying him. Devon nodded not knowing if the microphone was live or not. She told him to get ready for the best she could offer during a live recording..

Previously the crowd had gotten louder but when the lights dimmed and a soft red silhouette appeared all around the room, it quieted immediately. Devon plunked a few keys here and there.

"Is this thing on?" came over the whole music system "I guess so. I've been asked to sing a special song that I wrote shortly after my parents death. I hope you enjoy it"

He began a long introduction to the song, he could hear changes to the music here and there. A background sounding orchestra was beginning to fill in here and there. Finally he began to sing the song. It wasn't that he didn't like singing it but it left him emotionally drained. Here and there he could hear some background singing that he'd have to find out who it was.

He was started to find Tommy and a standing Sebastian putting their hands on each of his shoulders. By the end of the song, most of the room was in tears especially Tommy who told Devon in his ear in English "Thank you. It is my mother's special song she cherishes it and says she will remember it until the day she dies"

Devon was profoundly moved at that moment. The song was very special. The party ended that night with Tommy staying the night at the studio. Joan had the caterer's clean up.

Over the next week, Tommy was spoken to in nothing by English. It was difficult at first but he slowly got into the swing of things. Soon the day was upon them when they were going to leave for the states.

Pierre got all of them a limo, secured the studio with live-in security guards. Tommy and his sister were all excited. Joan entered the airport with her shroud over her faCE Citing religious reasons. Devon and his brother were excited as well. For Devon it was over a year since he'd been back to the states.

the plane ride to the states was uneventful. When they arrived at New York City, however, it was quite different. The plane was met by many fans. The group was escorted off the plane quickly and into a small room. The escorting group was functional but separated Devon and Sebastian from the rest.

Quite a controversy stirred in the airport when Pierre and Joan could not find the others. The guards later got Devon and Sebastian into a small waiting room. Devon had an eerie feeling that things were not going as planned. He had asked repeatedly politely to rejoin the others.

Alone in the room Sebastian was talking excitedly with his brother. He told him that he couldn't defend him and he was sorry about that. Devon smiled and held his brother. He reached into his pants and pulled out a cell phone. He reached in his shoe and pulled out a battery. He joined the two of them. He got signal and dialed a number.

"It is as I thought it was. I am trapped with Sebastian and need help as soon as possible. We are trapped at the airport"

He took things apart and put them back.

"Don't worry, time is on our side I think. Sit"

Sebastian sat unsure what to think. They heard a big commotion just outside the door. It wasn't long before the door was slammed open and there stood a smiling defiant Paul.

"I finally got your little punk ass back. I knew you'd be back eventually. Now your mine dickwad!" he said moving to strike Devon across the face.

"I wouldn't do that If I were you" was all Devon said.

Paul hesitated. Something about the kid was different. Paul jumped as he heard a gun go off just outside the door. immediately a Pierre and some police security person moved into the room quickly. Pierre put his pistol in the middle of Paul's eyes.

Quietly he said "Make the wrong move and your a dead man. I promise that on my mother's grave. Devon, are you and Sebastian OK?"

"Yes sir. We are quite so now. Will you please take care of this situation"

"Yes sir. You have orders to remain here at the airport for another 3 hours. I believe your getting an important visitor"

"yes sir" he said making no attempt to move.

Pierre took Paul back to the wall. Paul tried to say something but another security person showed three men into the room. They immediately handcuffed Paul and read him his rights. He was charged with kidnapping and assorted other felonies. Devon knew at that point who his visitor would be and Paul would never enter into his life again.

Everyone left the room except Sebastian and Devon. Devon broke down crying into Sebastian's arms. He had no idea why but had some suspicions. Devon eventually got himself together and opened the door. Right outside was everyone else waiting comfortably.

"Sorry about all that" Devon said to no one in particular.

Joan came to him and hugged him. He hugged her back.

Ninety minutes later a big commotion was being made just outside the waiting room. Devon stood up immediately. He walked over and stood in front of Joan. Sebastian quickly stood in front of Tommy and Maria. Pierre watched from the side, his hand on his pistol but probably not needed.

When Devon saw his grandmother he quickly ran and fell in front of her crying, begging forgiveness. The others stood where they were.

"For what?"

"My sinful ways"

"My child, you are only exploring your youth. It was I who was led astray by that, that son-of a uh man! For that, we've lost 2 years of your life"

Devon looked up and saw her concern in her eyes. He hugged her next for several minutes. He then introduced her to the others in the room.

"I believe you are giving a concert tomorrow night?"

"Yes ma'am. Will you be there?"

"I'll be there in person BUT I've brought some others who want to either be in the group with you or see you if you will"

"Certainly, Grandma" he said confused.

"Bring them now!" she yelled.

Out from the waiting hallway came his sister, Iris and Peewee. Devon didn't know who to hug first but did Iris, Amanda and then shook hands with Peewee Peewee hugged him instead.

Sebastian was almost in tears from seeing this but Tommy put his arm around him telling him that everything was right with the world.

The night concluded several hours later with a drained Devon. He couldn't sing even if he wanted too.